Are we going to ship out two keepers?

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Someone asked me earlier on what my thoughts were on Liverpool’s new signing?

I said, ‘Fir-mi-no’

How about that for some ‘hit for six’ banter in the AM?

You loved it. Don’t pretend you won’t be dropping that joke in your Football Whatsapp group.

Se we had another smattering of ‘CECH DEAL DUN’ yesterday, but still no news on the, and as you know, if you’re a real bore, you’ll constantly be telling people you won’t believe anything until it’s on the main site.


Bask in the unofficialness of it all.

Anyway, I think I raved pretty hard about Petr Cech yesterday. There are few people upset that Chezzer isn’t getting a fair crack. The people who truly believed he’d be the best keeper in the world (and probably told a few people they didn’t get football if they didn’t understand Denilson’s value) and that it was only his attitude keeping him rooted to the bottom of the save percentage league for keepers who have played over 50 games.

On the Pole. He looks like he could be a good keeper, but the reality is, he’s really not. He had the same remarkable skill Almunia had in being able to make ineptness look like bad luck. I think the reality of Chezzer and Ospina is this… the team in front have done a fantastic job two seasons in a row in making Chezzer the golden glove despite not ever really showing for it, and making Ospina look acceptable between the sticks.

Imagine how good we’ll be when we have a keeper than can actually dig us out some points?

Another thing you have to consider is his attitude. The fans aren’t too keen on him and nor are people who work with him at home and internationally. He’s not a hugely popular figure. I was told a few seasons back he and a previous captain had a dust up over his LIFO attitude to training (last in first out). Then you factor in the selfies, the cross bar challenge antics at half time against Monaco, the smoking in the changing room, he’s dad digging out Mertesacker, the smoking at the FA Cup, the smoking on the jeep outside his flat, the average performances… I mean, it’s hard to say he’s not made it extremely difficult to believe we’ve all got it wrong?

I don’t think he’s been helped by having a keeping coach we all know is substandard.

Can’t believe @Arsenal have let @Keepersworld Tony Roberts go!!! #bestcoachbyamilethere!!

— David Seaman (@thedavidseaman) June 18, 2015

Good to see Big Dave saying what we’ve told you for a while here. Gerry Peyton still at the club. Part of the fraternity. Well, at least he’ll be marginalised this season. Writing is on the wall though.

Charity Shield will have a bit of extra spice, wont it?

Yes it will.

What else is going on in the world of ‘OMG that’s hilarious?’… how about Harry Redknapp doing a piece with Guardian?

The only bit worth entertaining is this…

“Unless you’re Arsène Wenger and have real control of the club, agents will go directly above the manager. If they have an issue with one of their players, they’ll go to the chairman: ‘Oh your manager is an idiot because he’s not playing my player’. That’s how it’s gone.”

POWER. I mean, really, it is a sorry state of affairs how it is in the game at the moment. It’s quite clear that Tony Fernandes just wants to manage the team himself. And hey, why not? Stick a stooge in and run things. After all, it’s his money! If you can’t have fun with it, what’s the damn point?

Another interesting story brewing in the background is the Ramos one at Real Madrid. The 29 year old appears to be on the way out of there after falling out of favour with Perez. This read here is interesting because you realise what a total farce it is over there. It’s run more like a defunct political party than a world class football establishment. It’s amazing how they succeed financially by being so groteque.

Anyway, at 29, he’s probably not worth it. It is worth mentioning we went in hard for him a few seasons ago when he was having issues with Jose Mourinho.

One to watch is announcement of the Laporta / Abidal campaign for the presidency. I sincerely hope there aren’t any Arsenal players looped into the major promises they normally dish out during these runs.

You know what is a bit sad, and I’ve written about this before… the race for page views via transfer stories.

Now, I get that publishing houses need views to make money, but for me, that whole approach is totally flawed anyway and marketeers are going to catch onto that soon enough.

Here’s are the things you need to consider as a publisher.

1. If you’re chasing page views, you’re chasing the wrong metric, because anyone can get page views through work that isn’t credible. Publishing is about creating work that is meaningful. Sure, you’re always bring in a certain type of fan with the durge, but the job of content is create a connection. To create a relationship with your audience in some way shape or form… dependent on what your brand is about.

2. The Holy Grail of publishing is to become a destination website. Somewhere people land in their morning run of websites. Buzzfeed is a destination, The Guardian are a destination, Le Grove, on a small scale still manages to be a destination for a lot of people… how many of those shit peddling website earn a direct visit from you? Very few.

3. You can chase a read, but if someone lands on that read and it’s a round up of other nonsense and they’re disappointed, chances are, they’re not going to hang on your destination and visit other pages.

So this desperate chase misguided news sites are involved in generally occurs because in dying business models, the people at the top are looking at the wrong metrics and destroying their brand in the process.

The solution to low traffic can never be to lower your values.

Buzzfeed have it nailed because you don’t buy advertising space around the side of the site, you buy a news story (native advertising) that blends in with the rest of the content (and you buy it up front). The only reason they can do that is because you generally know what you’ll get there. ’10 moments Kim Kardashian at an Apple perfectly’ will deliver on your expectations as a reader. You know that they connect with what you want in that moment, so you’ll explore ten or so pages. So advertisers content blends in, and often does better than normal content because it’s part of the story, not an interrupter around it (banner ads).

Even The Daily Mail get this. They create stories that rile you, but they don’t tend to engage in too much utter drivel with transfers (if it is, at least it feels original), they know, if they want to keep you on that site, they have to rile you… and they do it incredible well and in the process, make themselves a destination.

As archaic advertising models evolve, I’d imagine these pissy sites that peddle increasingly absurd stories will begin to die… because sites like Medium are charging on consumer time on site over page views. Quality over someone just dropping in and out with zero context.

Anyway, there’s my little piece on the state of digital publishing.

P.S. We signed the Romanian under 16 captain. WOO!


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  1. Leedsgunner

    Whether we are pro Wenger or anti Wenger, I would have thought every Gooner would welcome the signing of another keeper of Cech’s pedigree.

    Do we all not want the club to progress?!?!

    I’ve learned something new today.

  2. Keyser

    Bamford10 – I’ve explained it numerous times to you, your stance is idiotic.

    You refuse to accept that we can’t improve on our own, which is fine, but then at the same time refuse to accept that other teams with far greater resources are the ones we need to compete with.

    You mis-represent my point, and others, as it suits you.

  3. Romford Ozil Pele

    OMG, Koscielny is the last player I’d lose at Arsenal, over Özil too and that’s saying something. After Alexis, Kos has been Wenger’s best buy. An amazing defender. That said, at 29 and with Real Madrid sniffing, I wouldn’t turn it down. Any chance to sign Big Benz should not be turned down. A range of CBs on the market.

    Now I’ve said that I feel so dirty. Sorry Kos

  4. MidwestGun

    Chile v Uruguay in the knockouts tonight in the Copa America. Chile has been the only winning team so far playing entertaining flowing football, to the detriment of defending at times and Uruguay has been the anti football. Isolating Cavani.

    Cavani might miss match due to his dad getting arrested.
    So all things pointing Chiles way.

  5. N5

    Keyser, I corrected that word to spite didn’t I, I admitted I used the wrong word, don’t center to much on it because that’s what a troll does. You said you hope Arsenal don’t sign anyone and it was to SPITE others that you don’t like!

    Why would you want a club that you support not to improve? you yourself have admitted they could do better so why want us to remain as we are just to be a shitbag to those you don’t like?

    RE the bannung, you got banned for exactly what you are doing now, causing Le Grove to have 4 or 5 people trapped in your cyclical arguments that go nowhere. You often say “marble ruined you” and the like, yet you know you’re doing exactly the same as what he does, just with more words, many many many more words.

  6. Mo

    Redtruth June 24, 2015 18:05:56
    I’d take 100 managers over Wenger.

    But…you can’t, because, you know, it’s not your club 😆

  7. Ozy

    Ramos isn’t going anywhere. He has a massive release clause. I think it’s just a ploy to get a better contract. I don’t think Wenger would sell either. A non-story.

  8. Keyser

    London_gunner – I fucking love you mate, you’re like a dude wandering round the streets having shat yourself, wondering why everyone else smells like shit.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Ozy: I think it’s just a ploy to get a better contract.

    Most likely, and the ‘bid’ for Kos is just another bluff in response

  10. Willow Wilson

    Some fans obsess on signings and I think that’s Keysers a point. Take Bamford. He wants us to sign Fekir and play him CF because he read somewhere he can play centrally. This is the sort of reasoning that defies all logic.

    You don’t sign players just because you can brag about signing a £35m player. Or because they have a big price tag. You do it because they improve the team/squad.

    Cech is a fantastic signing. Not just because he will be our best keeper but also because of what he adds in other ways.

    So having a transfer budget and spending it all, is not how you improve the team. Spurs spent £100m of the Bale money, Pedro was writing in the Metro about how Sours had shown us how to do transfers. Soldado, Holtby – what happened there?

    You don’t go out every season and spend your maximum. You buy what you need, not what fans have on their ‘wish’ list.

  11. MidwestGun

    If we lose Ozil , I’d probably never be quite the same. I’ll have to change all my Internet passwords too and thats just a pain in the ass. But ya I wouldn’t trade Koscielny for anyone at the moment. Our defense finally seems solid especially if we get Cech.

  12. Keyser

    N5 – Then ask Pedro to ban me again.

    So now it’s spite everyone else ? The point was you called me a Dictator when you think everyone shares your viewpoint.

    If we signed no-one there’s literally nothing about Arsenal you could like ?

  13. Willow Wilson

    In one way I want Chile to win because of Sanchez and expect them too. However, I can’t help thinking it is better for us if Chile go out and Sanchez gets a rest!

    Could be a physical game.

  14. N5

    Willow, the thing is I agree with Keyser, we should not be selling Kos, he’s spot on, my question is why would he rather we signed no one and Cech fell through just because he feels a few on here don’t appreciate the players we have?

  15. London gunner

    “London_gunner – I fucking love you mate, you’re like a dude wandering round the streets having shat yourself, wondering why everyone else smells like shit”

    that only happened once okay ;)!

  16. Honest Bill

    I have it from someone close to the club whose name i can’t tell you for unspecified reasons, that we are signing Lars Bender.

    I know you won’t believe me, i wouldn’t either. And acknowledging how implausible my story sounds will make it clearer to you that i’m telling the truth. What liar would draw attention to that?

    And for those of you who are still undecided, allow me to add an air of confidence to my assertion.

    Watch this space… I am willing to put my professional reputation on the line for this one.

  17. kwik fit

    We have been strongly linked with Moreno so there could be some truth in the Kos rumours. Wenger always likes to offload players at their peak ( just like Bendtner)

  18. salparadisenyc

    Ardan Turan’s agent: “We are currently in talks with 3 teams… I can tell you that they are the best in England and in European football.”

    Ahern, that may eliminate us.

  19. N5

    Keyser, I love Arsenal whatever mate, it’s not a choice it’s in my blood. If we didn’t sign anyone I’d still be there, I’d still be singing their names and cheering the goals. I take exception to you not wanting us to improve because a few annoyed you! fuck the terminology used that’s just slight of hand deflection on your part.

    Just answer this question without evasion! why would you want Arsenal to sign no one, you’ve said it on more than one occasion?

    Also, most do agree with me, in fact you’re the first Gooner I have ever heard say they hope we don’t sign anyone and a current deal falls through.

  20. Keyser

    It’s not even spite really. It’s more sneering contempt.

    Benzema’s over-rated and over-priced, and the same people who disagree will be the ones who wonder if he’ll ever live up to expectation, or start comparing him to whatever the Tottenham equivalent is.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Willow Wilson: Some fans obsess on signings and I think that’s Keysers a point.

    This is very true. Getting more out of what we currently have is just, if not more important as signing new players

    Look at the difference between the levels of our top performances last season and our worst.

    There should be plenty of scope for improvement in what we already have

    (still want signings though!)

  22. London gunner


    Once again bizarre attacks from le grove posters, despite my comment on Keyser being spot on.

    Being muscular and being well versed in many intellectual pursuits are not mutually exclusive.

  23. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    Ya.. selfishly I would be ok with Chile losing but for my boy Sanchez, I think it would be amazing to see him win it,especially in front of the home fans.
    plus Chile is the best side to watch in terms of entertainment value.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    salparadisenyc: My mom would of had the good sense to have me put down at this stage.

    She probably can’t stop laughing long enough to call the doctors

  25. N5

    Right so because gambon and Thomas compared Ozil to Erikson, Arsenal shouldn’t sign anyone!! yep you’re right, you’re not trolling.

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    Honest Bill: Watch this space… I am willing to put my professional reputation on the line for this one.

    Out of interest, what is your professional reputation ?

  27. Keyser

    N5 – Nah ask Pedro to ban me, I’ve noticed your ire slowly raise itself. You take exception because it’s me posting, the same way you treat Rosicky, despite the countless other mentalists on here.

    Why would I want Arsenal to sign no-one ? Because the markets inefficient, it’s unlikely we’ll get value, and I’m tired of the plebs who after us having spent 42.5 million on a player, start to say, ‘Why didn’t we get value’, ‘Why isn’t he dominant, Eriksson’s much better, contradicting the ‘Spend whatever it takes’ stance they had beforehand.

    Lol that’s why I Lol because you did the same you accused Rosicky of the other day, you decided that ‘N5 the Grey’ would decide the standard that other Arsenals fans should be held to.

    Like I said get Pedro to ban me.

  28. MidwestGun

    Hmmm … hard to trust a guy with the name Honest Bill. …

    is your profession divorce attorney? If so. …. wouldn’t worry about your reputation….

  29. Leedsgunner

    “You don’t go out every season and spend your maximum. You buy what you need, not what fans have on their ‘wish’ list.”

    This I agree with wholeheartedly. If Wenger had done that in the years of 2008-2012 we wouldn’t lost the players we did… the problem is Wenger in those years didn’t buy what we needed but tried to fill the gaps with players who were not good enough.

    However since the coming of Özil and Alexis there seems to be a clear change of strategy. In this the club has to be praised. For the most part we’ve been measured sensible and calculated. Cech is a master stroke and he will give us the platform to achieve something spectacular.

    Having said that I wish we would sign him already…. along with a DM!!! Ideally I’d like a striker but I think Theo is going to be the striker now. I just hope his knees are up for it and they don’t blow out on him again.

  30. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol there isn’t anything overrated about Benzema.

    That said, I might have to revise my stance. Don’t think I can be trading/selling Kos under any circumstances. Özil is a non-starter. M to the Ö is the best

  31. N5

    Keyser, why would I ask for your ban? I don’t care that you’re here but don’t start with that N5 the Grey shit when all you do day in and out is decide who is saying something acceptable by your standard!

    You are Rosicky are the same, you both constantly dig out peoples comments whilst never ever offering anything up yourself.

    Tell me one poster on here you have not quoted and made a sarcastic jibe too, I bet you can’t?

    If I’m Gandolf, you’re Gollem, an annoying scrote headed weirdo.

  32. Willow Wilson

    I agree, Chile are a lot easier on the eye. Tough game tonight though for Chile, I can see a few tackles going in.

    Nasris Mouth
    Yes, exactly. Lots of improvement was seen second half. . Cech improves us defensively and we have Gabriel who looks some player, who has hardly played. That’s two new players.

    Ozil had hardly played with Sanchez due to injury. Theo had missed most of the season and Coq played just half of it. Further improvements there.

    So already there are new players and improvements. With everyone fit, lots of competition now and a strong bench.

    Any further additions strengthen us even further but we don’t need this long list some are claiming.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Can we not sign Bender and Schneiderlin?


    It would be worth the ridiculously unbalanced midfield.

  34. MidwestGun

    @Rosicky is a troll tho… it’s not an accusation, it’s a fact.

    He only comes on here to comment on how much everyone isn’t praising Wenger and after victories trolls comments like where is everyone?
    And then he also goes back to Untold to tell them what people here say about them. He never just comes here to discuss football.

  35. Willow Wilson

    With you on Kos, no way I would sell him. The stats just back up what we see with our own eyes. Those days are gone, we don’t need to sell our best players.

    Benzema I would love, he is top class unlike a lot of the names being thrown around .

  36. N5

    Fucking too right Willow, we keep Kos, we keep Jack we tell other clubs to do one. We won’t be bullied like Barca and Manure have done in the past.

    We don’t need to sell, but we can better what we already have. Get in a player but as you say, not if it means trading one of our best players!!

  37. Romford Ozil Pele

    Willow, yes my friend.

    Kos is one of the best CBs in he world. Consistent performer. Even underrated in some parts. For what Wenger paid, he’s more than value for money. Keep him away from the claws of Real and Bayern.

    Also long held the view that Benzema is one of the classiest and underrated strikers in world football. Think it’d be good for him to end his career on a high at a club where he scores loads of goals and is adored. Arsenal would give him that.

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    Willow Wilson: Yes, exactly. Lots of improvement was seen second half. .

    There were games in the 2nd half of the season where we could have played better, could have been more decisive going forward etc.etc.

    Look at the FA Cup game as the benchmark, and aim for every performance to equal that. Obviously we won’t reach those heights (or even get that close) every game but there is definite improvement that is achievable with the existing players.

    Combine that with new signings, improving the fitness levels and we might have a chance

  39. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    Agreed it will be physical and Sanchez has been complaining of a bit of muscle fatigue and cramps. Plus Godin walks the line. He’s kind of a badass.

  40. Honest Bill


    Another thing that adds credibility to my assertion is the fact that he is the same nationality as some of our current players. This makes it a no-brainer…literally.

  41. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Can we not sign Bender and Schneiderlin?

    No need to have both.

    Can’t beat a coq bender midfield

  42. Keyser

    N5 – Because I can explain myself, there’s more reasons if you want and you decided to take it there, let loose you cunt, you build up this passive aggression tension, prodding and poking away until you can’t help yourself.

    You want my precious don’t you, smea.. Don’t you want my precious, err baby.

    Lol I can even tell you why Pedro banned me if you want.

  43. kwik fit

    Jimmy Carr News ‏@JimmyCarrNews 1m1 minute ago
    Morgan Schneiderlin WILL leave Southampton this summer and sign for Arsenal .

    We’ve got him!

  44. Keyser

    Benzema is definitely not under-rated, he just hasn’t really progressed as well as he should have, just like Ozil, Higwin, Di Maria, he is’being used inefficiently and seems happy to roll along as Ronaldo’s sidekick.

  45. Socrates

    “Lol there isn’t anything overrated about Benzema.”

    I would say slightly overrated. Took him a while to get in his stride at Real and even then it wasn’t that impressive. It’s difficult to judge him at Real because of C Ronaldo as he likes to dominate even shoots at goal and demands that the forward players play for/ around him.

    But even then, with the supporting cast at Real he should’ve done much better than he does/has. I would say he is exactly at the same level as Higuain though Hig’s finishing is better.

  46. N5

    “let loose you cunt, you build up this passive aggression tension, prodding and poking away until you can’t help yourself.”

    I can help myself Keyser, I have no want or need to argue with faceless names on a football blog, I just get more and more wound up by the responses I get. Hence the “can’t help myself” responses.

    You do this too, you toy back and fourth with people until it’s not longer funny and then you start the “you must be trolling” or “Dial fucked you” or “Are you stupid” etc responses.

    Please do tell me why Pedro banned you then, if there is more to it than what I am saying.

  47. salparadisenyc

    If Madrid came a knocking and Wenger could work the deal for Benz.

    Emotion aside you take the move, tough decisions need to be made.

    Although Bouldie may go on strike.

  48. Ozy

    I don’t understand why some of you come on here day after day, all day, hours on end, to argue and call each other cunts and fight.

    It’s mind boggling.

  49. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol of course he’s progressed. He’s he’s shown that he’s able to adapt at Madrid unlike at Lyon where he was the main man. Check his assist stats, through the roof. Fantastic at combining play, dropping off, linking play. Does everything L’Oreal does with better end product. Honestly if he played up front for Arsenal people would shut their mouths. It’s like we’ve forgotten what a proper striker looks like

  50. Lee

    Arsenal now 1/2 on to sign Morgan schneiderlin with betfair!!!

    Highest odds.
    Jesus. Is this arsenal?? I don’t remember a summer like this since sol joined in 2001.

    What’s going on? Everyone is still bloody arguing.

  51. MidwestGun

    No….. give them Giroud and a lifetime supply of hair products to appease Ronaldo. Gabriel and Mert in the middle next year wouldn’t just give Bouldie indigestion.

  52. Nasri's Mouth


    The odds are changing because lots of money is being bet on him coming to Arsenal, which isn’t the same thing as him actually being more likely to join

  53. Willow Wilson

    Rop, N5, Nasri

    Exactly. I don’t understand fans who moan about the past then want to sell Jack to City and Kos to Real.

    You need stability. You don’t need to keep trying to build units that take time to gel. Kos is absolute class. In fact, I think he and Gabriel could be a great partnership. Throw Cech in and defensively we look very good. Bellerin and Debuchy. Monreal has improved. Shit, I’m getting turned on, it’s looking great back there.

    Benzema would thrive on the service we provide. Any striker in the world would love to play in our team. He is proper goalscorer and a game changer. Not sure there are any that fit us better.

    As Nasri says, we already have improvements from the start of last season. Kos will be fit, Gabriel can compete, Bellerin and Debuchy compete, Coq starts, Ozil will be fit and can continue working with Sanchez. Theo another option. We don’t need to sign half a bloody team for heavens sake. We have competition and a strong bench. Tweak and improve what we have and if we can just get a Benzema, jobs done for me.

    Whatever happens, we have a great season ahead.

  54. Keyser

    Because he despises criticism, when someone questioned Pedro’s incessant contradictions and hypocrisy, I said that you can’t post everyday, giving people something to talk about without ending up talking shit at some point.

    Pedro took this as someone ‘Doing him doowwn’

    Was there anything else you wanted clearing up ?

  55. N5

    From the matches you have seen Paulista play Willow, what have you thought of him so far?

    I’ve thought that considering he doesn’t speak a lick of English, he’s been very confident, sturdy and a bit of a pain in the ass for attackers. Him and Kos together could be the next Adams/Bould combo could they not?

  56. N5

    Keyser, that’s your opinion of it though isn’t it, so it’s not really clearing it up. I constantly called for your ban to be lifted and said it was unfair with all the cranks that write on here that you got banned for talking Arsenal in the positive.

    But it’s hard to read comments like “I hope we sing no one and Cech falls through” and for me to defend that you’re not a troll. Countless people have said it about you and I’ve always said you weren’t but your comments recently have been to get a rise and you know they have.

  57. Nasri's Mouth

    Willow Wilson: As Nasri says, we already have improvements from the start of last season.

    That’s not quite the point I was making. More that the existing side hasn’t reached it’s full potential.

  58. Nasri's Mouth

    N5: Him and Kos together could be the next Adams/Bould combo could they not?

    Neither seem to be much of an organiser.

    Whereas Mertesacker and Kos are a sum bigger than the parts, I think Gabriel and Kos would be smaller

  59. Keyser

    RP – Do you think Benzema could simply turn up at Arsenal ad play exactly like he does for Madrid ? Are you really saying Benzema’s efficient, it’s everyone else at Madrid that are really the problem.

  60. MidwestGun

    Whatever happens, we have a great season ahead.
    Well, if we don’t I don’t want to hear excuses about nobody was available or Referee conspiracy decisions or grass length or any other b.s.

    just man up and say we aren’t good enough and perhaps need a change.
    And if we finish in the top 2… I’ll change my avatar to a picture of Wenger.

  61. Willow Wilson

    Good question and good point.

    Firstly, I rate Gabriel. Good in the air, reads the game well and has pace. For me, if you are going to press high it’s important you have pace at the back. Bellerin, Kos and Gabriel have that. Don’t get me wrong, Mert has done well but he’s getting on now and can get isolated. We have options though, so that’s good. Chambers too can learn from Kos and Mert.

    Your point about Cech organising is a great one. I alluded to this the other day. The back 5 for me is a unit. The keeper is organising those in front of him. The Cb’s take confidence knowing what the keeper is going to do and his verbal communication. He sees the bigger picture from his position. This is why Cech is such a great signing. He will also be working with Schezzer and Schezzer will learn a lot from him.

  62. Nasri's Mouth


    for set pieces and corners yes, but for open play, no.

    I love Kos as a player, but he’s just not a leader that way. Gabriel might be once he learns more English (French?)

    I hardly watched Gabriel before we signed him, so I have no idea whether he took that role at Villareal.

  63. Willow Wilson

    The team hasn’t reached its true potential, absolutely. It hadn’t really played together, when it did the results from January showed improvement. I agree, nowhere near reached the potential that is there. The Cup Final performance was a very good one, we out Villa to the sword. A decent pre-season and we should hit the ground running. I am excited.

  64. Lee

    Nasri’s mouth

    Thank you for the breakdown mate. I know how it works though but thanks anyway.
    The odds are also slashed if the bookies are made aware of information not yet released to the public.
    If they are running a book on him joining at those odds they don’t stand to win much money now do they?I think he’ll join. Didn’t charlie wyett or someone state that he has information on the transfer being agreed behind the scenes?
    Anyway keys er will be well pissed. Two signings before July?

  65. relieable sauce

    Top entertainment tonight sports fans.

    Signing Cech(+lollipop) potentially helps WS improve his game, as well as being 1st choice for 2/3 + seasons.

    Signing a CM/DM allows us to get more out of all of our MFs just by preventing fatigue alone & competition is a very effective motivator in self improvement. I dont understand this reluctance to add in MF & this sudden faith in injury prone players.
    – Players will get unhappy…? Well then we sell them! it happens in football. We’d be able to chose the best option for us at that time, add a buyback clause if they are prospects, a la chelsea with courtois & matic.

  66. Bamford10


    “You buy what you need …”

    Yes, and what we need is a CF better than Giroud. Indeed we’ve needed this for some two years now. I like Higuain. I like Benzema. I like Lacazette. All of these players would be improvements on Giroud.

    However, whether they are available or available at reasonable prices is another matter. My point re Fekir was that if none of these is feasible, Fekir — IF HE CAN IN FACT PLAY AS A CF — would be a smart signing. Why? Because:
    – he’s a fantastic young talent who can play wide or through the center
    – wouldn’t be all that expensive relatively speaking
    – would be an excellent replacement for Podolski or Campbell, both of whom are moving on anyways

    Thanks for your input, though.

    Whom would you have us sign? Or let me guess, you’re one of those who is happy with Giroud and Theo? Great, these two inadequate players will get us yet another third or fourth place finish.

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    Lee: The odds are also slashed if the bookies are made aware of information not yet released to the public.

    And yet the odds were slashed AFTER it was all over twitter.

    So which do you think it is ? Secret information that none of the journos have got, or because a load of people starting putting a load of cash on it?

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: – wouldn’t be all that expensive relatively speaking

    He probably would be, given that he and his club don’t want him to leave

  69. N5

    Cheers Willow and NM, good points from both. Fingers crossed they develop into quite the duo, but only time will tell.

  70. Bamford10


    “I’ve explained it numerous times to you, your stance is idiotic.”

    My stance is that quality signings are needed for us to improve and compete with the best. This p.o.v. is “idiotic”? No, what’s idiotic is your view, i.e., that we can compete for the title without signings.

    “You refuse to accept that we can’t improve on our own”

    What does this even mean? Do YOU even know?

    If by chance you meant to say “CAN improve on our own,” then this is just another one of your straw-men, as I have many times acknowledged that the team can improve marginally simply via training, tactical instruction and development, but this marginal improvement will not be enough to compete for the title or with the best teams in the world. There must be signings as well. This is not only a reasonable pov, it is the pov of every reasonable observer here or elsewhere.

  71. Romford Ozil Pele

    Keyser – of course. He wouldn’t need to play such a subservient role. Considering what they have, Madrid are a ridiculously inefficient team. The presence of Ronaldo is an obstacle for him. Most times he has to play a Sidedish role because he plays alongside two ball hogs. At Arsenal, he’d still need to do his fair share of working for the team but considering we control most games, he can concentrate on being a music and in the final third. Whether that’s through link-up/creating his own/or getting on the end of chances, he’s more than capable.

  72. Lee

    N5, willow, nasri

    As much as I’d love him to be the real deal, I can’t see Gabriel being the answer to all of our defensive woes totally undetected by anyone else. He does look good, he does look confident. He can grow. But he reminds me a lot of vermaelen when he first arrived. Similar aggression. Hopefully I’m wrong. I’d love nothing more than for paulista to be added to wenger’s list of hidden gems. However on this occasion, for once, I’ll remain pessimistic.

  73. Bamford10

    Honest Bill

    I’d be happy with Bender as well, from what I’ve seen. Athletic, tidy and defensiveminded. Hope you really know something, as he too would be a nice signing.

  74. Bamford10


    “Out of interest, what is your professional reputation?”

    While you can be a real headache at times, NM, you can also be quite funny. Another good one above.

  75. Lee

    And nasri

    A hour no does have it because Charlie Wyett said he knows the transfer is happening.
    Maybe the odds slashed because he said that

  76. Dan Ahern

    “I know a fuck load about psychology and keyser’s arrogance is merely just the symptom of his narcististc sociopathic personality type.

    This isn’t meant as an insult btw just a clinical analysis.”


    “Being muscular and being well versed in many intellectual pursuits are not mutually exclusive.”

    London gunner now has 2 Hall of Fame quotes to his name. I believe that ties him with Keyser??

  77. N5

    Lee, agreed it’s to early with him. I’ve been impressed with what I have seen so far though, he’s settled in so well for a man that can’t even speak the language.

    I always worry that we’ll sign another Reyes when people can speak little English and that within weeks they’ll be homesick.

  78. Bamford10


    Keyser was banned because he bad-mouthed Pedro repeatedly after a couple of warnings. Not because of any of his ordinary trolling.

    If you want him binned again, you need him to really dislike something Pedro has written.

  79. Keyser

    RP – Real Madrid scored 118 league goals last year, even without Ronaldo’s 48 it leaves another 70, they won nothing, I haven’t really seen anything from Benzema that makes me think he’s getting anywhere near the sort of influence he could have.

    Look at Di Maria, with Ozil gone, he moved to the centre or took on a similar role in creating for others and dictating play to an extent, he showed adaptability and Real won the Champions League.

    ..and yet he’s still somewhat struggled at United, what makes you think Benzema will be different ? The only thing I can think of is that we’re starting to show a little more dominance or vesatility in midfield, but Benzema has to exceed what he’s shown at Madrid.

  80. salparadisenyc

    It really would be a bitter pill to take loosing Koz for the betterment of Giroud.

    But its been so long that player wore the #9 and gave it the full respect it’s deserved, i’d go there and think Wenger would to. Definitely take some brass balls to make that call.

  81. Nasri's Mouth


    I think Gabriel might replace Kos long term. Chambers is possibly the Mert replacement, though with Mert dropping international football, I reckon we have a couple of seasons with our current 1st choice pairing, so we have plenty of time to find another replacement if Chambers doesn’t make the grade

  82. N5

    Bamford, he dlslikes everything everyone has written so that shouldn’t be to hard. I think he just ignores what Pedro writes now though and goes straight to the comments.

  83. Willow Wilson

    I don’t think we have defensive woes., as such. Set pieces at time can be a bit scary but Cech will help with that.

    Where we can get caught is when we press high and the full backs push on. Chasing a game. Same for most teams. Mert for all his qualities, gets caught. And Kos can’t cover both positions. My point about Gabriel Paulista is that he has pace in abundance and eliminates this issue. With those two and Coq in front, problem solved. Having said that, this is also team discipline and in game decision making. But I like Paulista based on what I have seen.

  84. N5

    NM, I think you’re probably right and when on form the pairing of Kos and Mert is as solid as any of the top teams, but Merts pace is a real issue when faced with the speedier attackers. As long as Kos is still alert enough to cover his short falls that pairing could easily go another season or 2.

  85. Keyser

    I don’t mean to say Benzema couldn’t adapt or he won’t at some point show real dominance, but I certainly think he’s massive over-rated at the moment, I think he’ll need the time Ozil has had, obviously again, that Ozil now seems to have adapted will in turn help Benzema.

  86. Nasri's Mouth


    I think the odds were slashed because there was a splurge on betting on MS to Arsenal. It makes more sense.
    I’m not even sure how the bookies would find out about it, before the journos do either.

    (That doesn’t mean he’s not coming, I just don’t think there’s a direct connection)

  87. MidwestGun

    Ahern –
    To be fair, Marble/Dial /Redtroll. …. owns the hall of fame. Has his own wing.
    For awhile I thought Johnty was trying to break his record but he has given up as of late.

  88. Bamford10


    Are you asking whom I think is the better CDM, whom should be the starter if they were both in the same squad?

    If so, I probably lean toward Bender, but I would also admit I’ve only seen him play a handful of times, so I probably can’t say for sure. Given what Joachim Loew and other German coaches think of him, though, I think he’s probably an improvement on Coquelin.


  89. Nasri's Mouth

    N5: but Merts pace is a real issue when faced with the speedier attackers.

    It isn’t though really. He rarely gets caught out. Possibly we could play higher up the pitch with Kos and Gabs, but we play quite high with Mert and Kos.

    A higher line means having to press really really well, more than having 2 fast defenders though IMO

  90. Romford Ozil Pele

    Keyser – yes they won nothing. They missed the influence of Modric for a large part in the season then he got injured again at the crucial stage. He was a big part of what knitted everything younger. Kroos couldn’t handle the defensive aspect by himself and neither Isco or James helped much in this regard.

    Where does Benzema come in here? Well you’re only as good as the service you revive. After Xmas the Madrid team was so functional and more reliant on individuals than ever. Nothing was cohesive. Benz as a striker is only gonna do so much. That side is so egotistical it’s unreal. Any player gets spoilt at Madrid. Come and play at a proper club like Arsenal and you’ll remember the day-to-day struggles. Di Maria creating a niche for himself? Well he’s a midfielder and has more versatility. Benz is a striker so is part reliant on service but then he’s not helped by players either side of him who are just intent on playing for themselves.

  91. Dan Ahern

    Middy — Yeah a shame about Johnty, he was a strong competitor.

    The thing about MaReDial, though, is that he’s mentally ill. I’m no london gunner so I can’t actually diagnose him, but let’s just say he’s one sick individual. I don’t think we can in good conscious count his quotes in the HOF.

  92. Lee


    Cor let’s not drag this one out like a dog who’s shitting out digested strands of mop head.

    I just posted what I read.
    A lot of reports from various sources claiming its on.
    Can’t you let a man savour a moment?

  93. N5

    NM, I suppose the odd goal where Mert has been left standing sticks out purely because of his monstrous size, I imagine there are many instances of other defenders being left in the dirt but they’re just not as obvious.

  94. Bamford10

    London’s definitely had some classics. The lines today about how no one [save him] saw the promise/emergence of Coquelin was pretty special.

  95. Marko

    Real tough one (no pun intended) on the one hand if a deal could be worked out for Benzema we’d be crazy not to give it a go considering the severe lack of quality strikers out there atm (even though i’d of taken Jackson Martinez). But on the other hand Koscielny is top level and one of the very best in europe and even at 29 shows no signs of regression in fact i’d say he could play top level football till 33 cause he’s in great physical shape.

  96. Nasri's Mouth

    Dan Ahern: I’m no london gunner so I can’t actually diagnose him, but let’s just say he’s one sick individual.

    I doubt he’s depressed, London Gunner said earlier it doesn’t make sense

  97. Lee

    N5 willow

    Cool. I like the look of him too. Just not convinced by a Brazilian centre half, nobody else noticed, in the premier league.
    Again, hope I’m wrong. Hope he, chambers and kos can become the new bould Adams and keown

  98. Willow Wilson

    Lol. The commentators could have a bit of fun with Bender and Coq in the team:

    “Coq drills it into Bender” or “Bender does his best to find Coq but he ends up having to do it all on his own” No doubt they would get a ‘happy ending’ in there somewhere.

    And the arsenal fans will be singing: “Bender loves it up the Arsenal”

    I can see it coming, pardon the pun.

  99. Marko

    On second thoughts I’d tell Real to go fuck themselves Laurent is ours. First make an enquiry for Benzema and Rihanna then tell Madrid to suck a dick. Thats how you negotiate

  100. N5

    Lol Willow you can see that Bender loves it up the Arsenal one a mile off can’t you!! I couldn’t help laugh every time it was sung either.

    I still now really laugh every time Osssssspiinnaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh is shouted! Are all Gooners big children?

  101. Willow Wilson

    Mert has had some unfair criticism, I think he’s been a huge success. Personally I feel there are times when he can get isolated by a clever striker. But his organisation and partnership with Kos has been a good one.

  102. MidwestGun

    Ahern –
    Oh…. damn so you have to be mentally sane… and drug free to make the hall of fame? Damn…. there goes my shot.

    Might want to test LG for steroids tho. Muscular cunt… touch with his wild manly nature…. sounds like Ped’s to me.

  103. N5

    “First make an enquiry for Benzema and Rihanna then tell Madrid to suck a dick. Thats how you negotiate”

    Lol, that’s the Samuel L Jackson school of negotiations! Imagine Dick Law telling Madrid to “suck a dick….law”

  104. N5

    Willow I agree, you don’t get almost a century of caps for Germany without being a hell of a player. He’s got that unfortunate thing of just standing out which makes any little thing he does magnified.

    I’ve loved him at the Arsenal.

    Big fucking German, we’ve got a Big Fucking German.

  105. Keyser

    RP – Come on dude, even in our darkest times someone steps up, there’s some sort of surprise, Benzema at Lyon survived on scraps, he was the figurehead but was asked to do a fair bit on his own.

    That’s what I mean ‘spoilt’, but some players adapt to that and thrive, someone like Suarez wouldn’t especially drop levels he’d try to exert his influence in any way he could.

    Think about Ozil, Di Maria, even Higwin, if these players haven’t shown them adapting and thriving without time why would Benzema be diffferent, so far all you’ve done is make excuses.

  106. N5

    Dan I think it was tongue in cheek, it was the night me and you were talking about looking like bowling pins in the new shirt and London said not all of us supporters have beer bellies so he’d suit the shirt. I don’t think he meant it as it’s been taken.

  107. Willow Wilson

    I think all fans are normal people who find those sort of things funny. Nothing wrong at all with having a bloody good laugh and acting immature from time to time. Much better than to be one of those prissy, uptight types. I have had some bloody good laughs from the things fans say and the songs they sing, not just Arsenal fans.

    I was at a game once when the opposition fans (may have been Stoke) contained some extremely ‘fat’ man. Obese. He stood up to abuse one of our players taking a throw and the Arsenal fans, almost all at once started singing ‘who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies you .fat bustard you fat etc……………………..” It was very funny and the song kept breaking out. Childish but funny.

  108. Romford Ozil Pele

    Keyser – Benz has done well though. His strike rate remains 1 in 2. Look at the back end of the season which he missed through injury. Otherwise he was scoring goals and setting up assists. He’s not really shirked responsibility. I don’t think he’s been asked to provide it. Ancelotti asked for more from midfield which is why he moved Isco centrally next to Kroos instead of Khedira.

    I’ve never denied that Madrid players are spoilt, they all are. But that’s not really a slight on their ability. If Benz can produce for Madrid, what’s stopping him do the same for Arsenal. I don’t think he’s be overly out of his comfort zone. We wouldn’t exactly be doing anything which is alien to him. The only thing L’Oreal has over him is aerial advantage and even then Benz is more than adept at holding his own.

    Not really sure what you’re moaning at.

  109. Cesc Appeal

    SLJ as our negotiator…

    ‘£10 Million for Benzema.’


    (Shoots wall above Perez’s head.)

    ‘Say what again mother fucker, say it again…’

  110. Nasri's Mouth

    @Dan Ahern

    LG couldn’t understand why someone who was rich / famous etc. could ever be depressed.

    I don’t think he understood that it’s an illness.

    Probably not his fault, psychology course these days are very rigorously defined and they don’t tend to dip into other fields of medicine

  111. N5

    Lol Willow I love moments like that. I must admit I laughed at Brighton when Arsenal sang “we can see you holding hands” but we got in big trouble for that one! shame really as it was only a bit of tongue in cheek fun.

  112. Willow Wilson

    Muscular c.nt?

    I watched a porno once and this woman took the lid off a bottle of beer – not a screw top one either. I kid you not.

  113. Keyser

    RP – It was simply that Benzema is overrated which he is, you’re the one disagreeing.

    Real scored 118 goals, they have Benzema and then two 80 million plus players, the money we spend on Benzema can’t be used simply on a player who reproduces his form at Real, it’s in the hope that he matches or exceeds his value.

    Like Ozil, has Ozil improved as a player, all round, if not especially in one area ? I’d say Yes, now If Ozil hits double figures for goals/assists I’d say he’s matched his value maybe even exceeded it.

    Benzema has bee spoilt at Madrid, and yet because the market is what it is his fee won’t reflect that.

    That’s all really you seem to be saying that he has progressed or that he won’t need to adapt, it’s the difference between him scoring 1 in 2 for us, or actually helping us to win titles, I’d say, using Suarez as an example, Benzema’s way off fulfilling his potential.

  114. Dan Ahern

    NM — Ah, missed that.

    That seems like something incredibly easy to comprehend, actually. I imagine anyone who knows even a little about psychology–never mind a fuck load–wouldn’t blink an eye at that.

  115. Dan Ahern

    “I don’t know. .. I’m a little scared to type muscular cunt into Google search.”

    Hahah you lying fuck, you’re already jerking off to the results aren’t you?

  116. Keyser

    “I don’t know. .. I’m a little scared to type muscular cunt into Google search.”

    He was one of the X-men wasn’t he ? Along with Mingeneto.