Are we going to ship out two keepers?

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Someone asked me earlier on what my thoughts were on Liverpool’s new signing?

I said, ‘Fir-mi-no’

How about that for some ‘hit for six’ banter in the AM?

You loved it. Don’t pretend you won’t be dropping that joke in your Football Whatsapp group.

Se we had another smattering of ‘CECH DEAL DUN’ yesterday, but still no news on the, and as you know, if you’re a real bore, you’ll constantly be telling people you won’t believe anything until it’s on the main site.


Bask in the unofficialness of it all.

Anyway, I think I raved pretty hard about Petr Cech yesterday. There are few people upset that Chezzer isn’t getting a fair crack. The people who truly believed he’d be the best keeper in the world (and probably told a few people they didn’t get football if they didn’t understand Denilson’s value) and that it was only his attitude keeping him rooted to the bottom of the save percentage league for keepers who have played over 50 games.

On the Pole. He looks like he could be a good keeper, but the reality is, he’s really not. He had the same remarkable skill Almunia had in being able to make ineptness look like bad luck. I think the reality of Chezzer and Ospina is this… the team in front have done a fantastic job two seasons in a row in making Chezzer the golden glove despite not ever really showing for it, and making Ospina look acceptable between the sticks.

Imagine how good we’ll be when we have a keeper than can actually dig us out some points?

Another thing you have to consider is his attitude. The fans aren’t too keen on him and nor are people who work with him at home and internationally. He’s not a hugely popular figure. I was told a few seasons back he and a previous captain had a dust up over his LIFO attitude to training (last in first out). Then you factor in the selfies, the cross bar challenge antics at half time against Monaco, the smoking in the changing room, he’s dad digging out Mertesacker, the smoking at the FA Cup, the smoking on the jeep outside his flat, the average performances… I mean, it’s hard to say he’s not made it extremely difficult to believe we’ve all got it wrong?

I don’t think he’s been helped by having a keeping coach we all know is substandard.

Can’t believe @Arsenal have let @Keepersworld Tony Roberts go!!! #bestcoachbyamilethere!!

— David Seaman (@thedavidseaman) June 18, 2015

Good to see Big Dave saying what we’ve told you for a while here. Gerry Peyton still at the club. Part of the fraternity. Well, at least he’ll be marginalised this season. Writing is on the wall though.

Charity Shield will have a bit of extra spice, wont it?

Yes it will.

What else is going on in the world of ‘OMG that’s hilarious?’… how about Harry Redknapp doing a piece with Guardian?

The only bit worth entertaining is this…

“Unless you’re Arsène Wenger and have real control of the club, agents will go directly above the manager. If they have an issue with one of their players, they’ll go to the chairman: ‘Oh your manager is an idiot because he’s not playing my player’. That’s how it’s gone.”

POWER. I mean, really, it is a sorry state of affairs how it is in the game at the moment. It’s quite clear that Tony Fernandes just wants to manage the team himself. And hey, why not? Stick a stooge in and run things. After all, it’s his money! If you can’t have fun with it, what’s the damn point?

Another interesting story brewing in the background is the Ramos one at Real Madrid. The 29 year old appears to be on the way out of there after falling out of favour with Perez. This read here is interesting because you realise what a total farce it is over there. It’s run more like a defunct political party than a world class football establishment. It’s amazing how they succeed financially by being so groteque.

Anyway, at 29, he’s probably not worth it. It is worth mentioning we went in hard for him a few seasons ago when he was having issues with Jose Mourinho.

One to watch is announcement of the Laporta / Abidal campaign for the presidency. I sincerely hope there aren’t any Arsenal players looped into the major promises they normally dish out during these runs.

You know what is a bit sad, and I’ve written about this before… the race for page views via transfer stories.

Now, I get that publishing houses need views to make money, but for me, that whole approach is totally flawed anyway and marketeers are going to catch onto that soon enough.

Here’s are the things you need to consider as a publisher.

1. If you’re chasing page views, you’re chasing the wrong metric, because anyone can get page views through work that isn’t credible. Publishing is about creating work that is meaningful. Sure, you’re always bring in a certain type of fan with the durge, but the job of content is create a connection. To create a relationship with your audience in some way shape or form… dependent on what your brand is about.

2. The Holy Grail of publishing is to become a destination website. Somewhere people land in their morning run of websites. Buzzfeed is a destination, The Guardian are a destination, Le Grove, on a small scale still manages to be a destination for a lot of people… how many of those shit peddling website earn a direct visit from you? Very few.

3. You can chase a read, but if someone lands on that read and it’s a round up of other nonsense and they’re disappointed, chances are, they’re not going to hang on your destination and visit other pages.

So this desperate chase misguided news sites are involved in generally occurs because in dying business models, the people at the top are looking at the wrong metrics and destroying their brand in the process.

The solution to low traffic can never be to lower your values.

Buzzfeed have it nailed because you don’t buy advertising space around the side of the site, you buy a news story (native advertising) that blends in with the rest of the content (and you buy it up front). The only reason they can do that is because you generally know what you’ll get there. ’10 moments Kim Kardashian at an Apple perfectly’ will deliver on your expectations as a reader. You know that they connect with what you want in that moment, so you’ll explore ten or so pages. So advertisers content blends in, and often does better than normal content because it’s part of the story, not an interrupter around it (banner ads).

Even The Daily Mail get this. They create stories that rile you, but they don’t tend to engage in too much utter drivel with transfers (if it is, at least it feels original), they know, if they want to keep you on that site, they have to rile you… and they do it incredible well and in the process, make themselves a destination.

As archaic advertising models evolve, I’d imagine these pissy sites that peddle increasingly absurd stories will begin to die… because sites like Medium are charging on consumer time on site over page views. Quality over someone just dropping in and out with zero context.

Anyway, there’s my little piece on the state of digital publishing.

P.S. We signed the Romanian under 16 captain. WOO!


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  1. qna

    Sal. But thats the thing about the Coq. He is a very limited player. Purely defensive. Basically a 5th defender that defends high. Often you need more from the DM especially in the transitions. This is Schneiderlins flaw too. His only weapon in the transitions is a long diagonal. He is extremely limited. Arteta is better in this respect, but of course too slow to be effective in general.

  2. Goondawg

    Bamford your fav player Giroud has more starts for Les Bleus than Schneiderlin. Doesnt speak volumes does it?

    Coquelin has only recently come to the fore, if he continues this form, it is inevitable he will get a call up

  3. salparadisenyc

    Deschamps then went onto to say the Coq could be quite useful in ties vs Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. He really has all the attributes to conquer the eastern bloc.

  4. london gunner


    I dunno if limited is an accurate term for Coq, However, I do think you can say he has a limit aka his passing range.

    But in terms of ability and other technical factors he’s actually very well rounded.

    He is athletically superb aka pace, power and strength, brilliant dribbler (for a dm often dribbles out of tight spots when heavily marked) first touch is really slick and of course his tackling, interceptions and reading of the game is right up there elite styley!

    Also important to note that his passing stats have improved through out the season and in terms of one touch quick firing short passes his very good just needs to have more confidence in his long range passing which when on occasion he has executed to a very nice level of quality.

  5. qna

    London. Dont get me wrong. Coquelin is amazing. There are few players in thw world that would be an improvement on him. But I still hope we try to sign one of those. Like I said, I would bw happy with Rabiot having a view to the long term. He could make an inpact now and compete with the coq now.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal and United to fight it out for Schneiderlin, good to hear…but why do the media insist on putting Spurs in there?

    They aren’t in the same bracket, and hasn’t the player already said he wants UCL football…

    Great signing if it comes off, £24 Million is a little high but then you look at te market and it’s about right. Cech and Schneiderlin would be a great start to the window, then to play the game of patience and wild rumour with Benzema.

  7. Bamford10


    They play in different positions, Giroud is three years his elder and France have no quality CFs other than Giroud and Benzema, so I’m not sure you have a point here. If a David Trezeguet were his peer, Giroud wouldn’t have a cap.

    So you have no point, and not for the first time.

    My point to London is simple: if Coquelin is so clearly better than Schneid or Kondogbia — he’s not — then why has he not even been called into camp?

    Not a big deal. We each have our particular views. But at least make a decent argument.

  8. Bamford10


    Rabiot is not a CDM, so I’m a little confused why you continue to bring him up. He’s a CM and is not especially inclined towards tackling or ball-winning. What exactly is your thought here? Do you actually know who RABIOT is?

  9. london gunner


    “My point to London is simple: if Coquelin is so clearly better than Schneid or Kondogbia — he’s not — then why has he not even been called into camp?”

    Possibly one of two factors

    1 He is better then them now and wasn’t before. All players have different growth rates and come into their own/prime at different times.

    2 He was always better as in intrinsic natural quality, but didn’t have the confidence to showcase this.

    3 He was always better, but he didn’t have the right environment to showcase this. If you think about Schniederlin he started from the bottom so didn’t really have much in the way of quality competition so the situation was ripe to showcase his talent and stamp his first team rooster credentials.

    Whilst Coq was some random kid at one of the better teams in the world.

  10. Willow Wilson

    “Yes, because he’s a fantastic player, I’ve read he plays CF as well as he plays CAM or wide, he’d run probably 22m or less, and we need a CF.”

    WTF. Read somewhere?!!

    I ”read somewhere” that Usain Bolt was a decent player – he can run pretty fast too.

    Oh dear, you crack me up Bamford.

    This is what drives me bananas. Everyone pretending they are experts when they haven’t got a clue. Read somewhere?

    You spend most of your time being rude to any person who dares disagree with you, then admit you base your argument on something you ‘read somewhere’.

    Bamford (to Nasri): “And btw, N5 and Paulinho both rate John Terry above Ferdinand (see above), a position of mine you tried to describe as “absurd” the other day”

    Lol. Whenever someone disagrees with your opinion, you start listing other Grovers who agree with you! WTF. Grow a pair mate, your opinion isn’t always right.

    Unless you read it somewhere.

  11. Insomnia

    Schneiderlin wd be a good signing – but he ranks terribly on my puntastic scale. He is unlikely to match Coq’s spurts or come close to Bender.

    I believe Vlad Dragomir is actually Gary Oldman with a lot of cgi – bit of a giveaway was him arriving in London on a sail boat in a coffin.

  12. Willow Wilson

    Great things about Coq:

    He is hard
    He likes to get stuck in
    He’s great in and around the area
    He prefers going deep

    …..and I really don’t want Schneiderlin coming in his place

  13. Cesc Appeal


    I’ve just actually realised the potential for signing Lars Bender and stating…Coq-Bender…on a suggested line up.

    I suppose we could really twist it and have Mor-Coq…reaching though.

  14. vicky

    If we get Cech and Schniderlin early in the window, at least there would not be any mayhem here on LG. People will calmly and happily wait till the deadline day for some last minute excitement.

  15. Insomnia

    Vlad at his signing said he loved being the new blood and is happy to stake his future in the heart of North London. He said his favourite position is midfield “or climbing vertical walls to access the blood of female virgins”. Dick law said this was simply a “translation error”. But Vlad added that as it was London he would probably “have to be flexible on the virgins thing”….

  16. Dan Ahern

    £24m sounds steep, but thanks (again) to Brendan, we’re dealing with a club that got £25m for Lallana and £20m for Lovren.* They probably feel like they’re being ripped off right now.

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    Vicky: People will calmly and happily wait till the deadline day for some last minute excitement.

    Christ, how boring would that be ?

  18. Bamford10


    You’re a fucking moron, mate, so I’m tempted not even to reply. It is no exaggeration to say you’ve never said a single intelligent thing here. Not a one. You’ve pored your dreary heart out to us, yes, and filled the blog with meaningless platitudes, but save that, you’ve added zilch. You’ve addressed not a single argument made against Wenger — see yesterday’s posts, for example — and made nothing but empty, unsupported assertions in his defense.

    That Fekir is an excellent player is not up for debate. The only q was whether he can play as a CF. While I have only seen him play wide and as a CAM, I have read — yes, shocking, some people read a good deal — that he has also played well as a CF for Lyon. To mention this really isn’t that big of a deal.

    As for mentioning other posters, I think I’ve now explained this 3-4 times, so this will be the absolute last. I do so not to say that I am right about this or that, but to say that other reasonable posters have the same view, so it is silly to treat my view as some kind of irrational, beyond-the-pale view. Last time.

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Arsenal and United to fight it out for Schneiderlin, good to hear…but why do the media insist on putting Spurs in there?

    Spurs aren’t being linked with many players so a sense of pity maybe?

  20. Cesc Appeal


    I think it is, it’s like an annoying fly you keep telling to f**k off, but it just keeps flying near your face. Whoever we’re linked with, Spurs surface and you think, really…seriously though.

    Our only rivalry with those tits is geographic, on and off the field we’re way ahead.

    It’s like asking a player would you like a steak dinner and then to have Kate Upton balance on your pole (Arsenal), or this white hot piece of welding wire carefully worked up your urethra (Spurs.)

  21. Strikeforce1

    What folks have failed to point out is that signing Peter Cech not only improves our defense but actually improves our attack. Sanchez n co. have to improve their shooting accuracy and efficiency to be successful against Cech in training. Now when it comes to match day, regular finese shots will beat ordinary keepers. Common u gunners, now two more additions and we are there ( Reus and Schnerderlin)

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Good analogy!

    It’s lazy journalism too, given that he’s already said he want’s CL football

  23. alex cutter

    Bamford — you’re arguing with someone who thinks…

    “He is hard
    He likes to get stuck in
    He’s great in and around the area
    He prefers going deep
    …..and I really don’t want Schneiderlin coming in his place”

    …is clever.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly. It’s a non starter.

    Tends to be the DM, but they do love their old boy clubs like Spurs and Liverpool. Just annoying constantly having to put all my Spurs supporting mates firmly in their places when they start off at the pub, invariably it ends in me exploding into a 5 minute rant involving spreadsheets, video compilations and statistical analysis that result in several uncomfortable minutes of silent beer drinking.

  25. Sam

    All those names being thrown around not impressive at all
    I wonder if Arsene Wenger has Axel Witsel in mind.
    Kondogbia would have flopped here big time, dodged bullet, schneirdellin reminds me of Gylfi Siggursson too much hypes then failed at tottenham. Rather Alex Song, the devil you know

  26. Dan Ahern

    NM — Haha yep, Luke Shaw must’ve been especially exciting for them. Every time announcers called him “the future” it added a pound to his price tag. They banked big time and still had some of the best fullbacks in the league.

  27. Bamford10


    I know, which is why going forward I’ll just say nothing and try to skip over his DREADFUL posts.

  28. Willow Wilson

    “Our only rivalry with those tits is geographic, on and off the field we’re way ahead”

    This is very well put.

  29. Wallace


    “Im not an expert on Kramer, but when I last looked at the end of the season, i remember that Schneiderlin tackled more, intercepted more, scored more, assisted more, passed more and completed more passes.”

    Schneiderlin had one assist all season…you sure Kramer couldn’t match that?

  30. Nasri's Mouth

    Arsene-All ‏@arsenalbarclays 6m6 minutes ago
    Schneiderlin wants to stay in England & he didn’t say which club he is going to join

    Arsene-All ‏@arsenalbarclays 11m11 minutes ago
    Schneiderlin “Negotiations are underway & should lead to a transfer in the coming days before the beginning of the training period next week

    Arsene-All ‏@arsenalbarclays 13m13 minutes ago
    coming up : exclusive News about Morgan Schneiderlin

  31. Willow Wilson


    Just for you being as you are such a bundle of fun!

    I once went to see a psychiatrist wearing nothing but cling film. He took one look at me and said ” Well, I can clearly see you’re nuts”

  32. Willow Wilson

    Nasris Mouth

    I never trust twitter!

    Arsene-All ‏@arsenalbarclays
    “Schneiderlin wants to stay in England & he didn’t say which club he is going to join”

    “Negotiations are underway & should lead to a transfer in the coming days before the beginning of the training period next week


    “According to @francefootball, Real madrid are ready to bid €30m to Bring Laurent Koscielny to Madrid”

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t…getting all excited over here. This would be the first window in, well I don’t know that, provided of course Cech and Schniederlin arrive, I would honestly be totally content with what the club has done.

    Those two in then I think it will be a risky game over the ST, I think Wenger might wait and see on Benzema. But I wouldn’t have any complaints with that, to a point.

  34. jwl

    The Daily Mail is destination site for me because of their sports coverage, and while you reading there is all that boob bait for bubbas on the side so you can have a look at pretty girls in bikinis while you get sports news. And my partner loves female and gossip sections, she’s Canadian, has no idea who she’s reading about really, but she addict to their site.

    Canadian news websites are utter shite and their apps are third rate, at best. I have mostly given up reading Canadian news, I am way more informed about US and UK and a few other countries than I am about Canada. Newspapers and tv are heavily supported by government subsidies and they aren’t shifting from their old models. Internet revolution has not hit Canada yet, that’s for sure.

  35. Nasri's Mouth

    salparadisenyc: My moneys on United.

    It wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

    They can offer him more

  36. alex cutter

    “I once went to see a psychiatrist wearing nothing but cling film. He took one look at me and said ” Well, I can clearly see you’re nuts””

    I just got back from the doctor. He said, I want you to stop masturbating.

    I said, why?

    He said, because I’m trying to examine you.

  37. vicky

    “Would you take Benzema for Koscielny swap deal?”

    There are plenty of quality CBs in the market but hardly any strikers. No brainer really.

  38. jwl

    Is the Cech deal really happening or this Suarez situation again or what?

    Arsenal buying Cech for 11 million, while selling one keeper and demoting another keeper, this does not seem like Wenger at all. Wenger normally moves at pace of molasses, what going on here. Wenger showing ambition or Arsenal planning future without Wenger?

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah good point. As much as I love Kozz that might make me think a bit, if it was a straight swap we’d be getting more than his market value as well I think.

    It would also add weight to all these rumours of us looking at defenders.

    But I can’t see it happening, especially after Wenger’s comments about Kozz’s developments before the FA Cup final. Wenger favourite there.

  40. vicky

    “The odds have been slashed on Southampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin joining Arsenal after a flurry of bets on Wednesday.

    The Gunners remain keen on Schneiderlin but face competition from Tottenham and Manchester United. Spurs’ pursuit of the defensive midfielder is hindered by the fact he wants to join a club playing Champions League football.

    Southampton are causing suitors to hesitate over their valuation of the France international, which is in the region of £25 million, but Betfair saw a huge rush of bets backing Schneiderlin to join Arsenal prompting the suggestion Arsenal’s negotiators have moved discussions forward.

    The Gunners swung from 5/1 to odds-on front-runners and football trader for Betfair, Michael Bowers said: “Schneiderlin has been a wanted man for several transfer windows now and it seems as though Wenger is trying to force a deal through early to fend off other suitors.”

    If you link this with Morgan talking about ongoing negotiations with a club, we look to be a favorite to land him.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Wenger is trying to force a deal through early to fend off other suitors.’

    As in Arsene Wenger… the words ‘force a deal through’ and ‘early,’ he’s having a bout of summer fever again like last year.

  42. Johnty79

    I still maintain I can’t believe we aren’t signing begovic over Cech.

    What people need to realise about Cech is he faces the least amount of shots in the last 11 years of the premiership. For john terry to say he’s worth 12-15 points is a joke. On average Cech has earned Chelsea 2-4 points. Don’t beleive me look at the stats.

    Disagree prove me wrong.

    Ospina didn’t do a lot wrong last season.

  43. underrated Coq

    Wasn’t any top club interested in signing Firmino? Strange that he’s gone to Liverpool. Can’t believe they’re spending nearly as much money on him as Arsenal did on Alexis.

  44. vicky


    Transfer window is a crazy period. I am sure even Wenger did not think signing Ozil would be a possibility at the start of 2013 transfer window. AW loves Kozzer but he has always rated attacking players much highly than defensive players. He would know replacing Kozz would not be a big headache. Probably won’t get a like for like replacement but an okayish CB and a great striker is a better proposition than a top class CB and okayish central forward. It’s all hypothetical though.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    I mean really, you spend £35 Million on Cech and Schneiderlin, if that dela went through you’ve added Benzema, you could then go out and get a guy like Sokratis who I think is underrated for something like £15-20 Million.

    You’d have lost Kozz which is a big blow, but bought in Cech, Sokratis, Schneiderlin and Benzema for £50-55 Million. Then minus Podolski, Campbell etc…might end with all that and a net spend of £45-50 Million.

    Interesting. Bit fanciful, requires a lot to fall into place and I don’t think Wenger will let Kozz go, though I do agree with you he’s always valued the attacking side more.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    I remember last year when we’d just signed Sanchez and the rumours were strong we were about to close a deal for Khedira. People were asking who this imposter claiming to be Arsene Wenger was.

    But, that Khedira thing does show, you never know. I really hope we don’t lose Schneiderlin to United. I think if we’re in for him properly, we will get him.

  47. Redtruth

    Cesc Appeal

    Who cares about number crunching.
    Holding us back worrying about sums and figures.

    Do you think Mourinho cares how much a player costs.

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d take Benzema over Kos if only because of age.

    Benzema probably has longer left at the top than Kos does.

  49. underrated Coq

    Re Schneiderlin, I can’t see Arsenal bringing in any midfielders unless there are players moving the out of the club.

    Ozil is set at CAM. We then have Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, Cazorla, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky to fill the remaining two slots. Wenger’s often commented on how he believes Ox would be best suited to play as CM so you can consider him as well. So you have EIGHT players in the squad now fighting for two spots.

    Can’t see another one being brought in before moving someone out and it doesn’t appear as any of the above players are moving.

  50. Leedsgunner

    ““Would you take Benzema for Koscielny swap deal?”

    Nope, not with Wenger’s track record of defenders. Kos is one of the ones he got right… and even that took a while.

    Nope, he’s coming into his prime now… and it’s striking how many games we win with him in the side. In fact I would go as far as to say if we sell Kos without replacing him with likeminded defender, we nullify the defensive value of having a top keeper.

    As far as Kos goes — he has 3 or 4 years at the top, I want those years to be spent at the Arsenal.

  51. carts

    If Schneiderlin goes to Utd…
    Kondogbia already to Inter…
    Bender twins…??

    My money is probably one of the boring Bender twins tbh. Notwithstanding he’ll probably stick with Coq and breed Bielik through

  52. Nasri's Mouth

    vicky: Btw this guy Murray Groves hinted about Alexis,Chambers and Ospina signing last summer.

    He did ? where ?

  53. vicky

    Murray Groves ‏@MurrayGroves 30 Aug 2013
    I understand Arsenal have submitted an official bid to Real Madrid. The player, unconfirmed as yet, would become Arsenal’s record transfer.

    Murray Groves ‏@MurrayGroves Jan 21
    Arsenal have agreed a fee for defender Gabriel Paulista however the player’s agent is currently looking in to UK work permit conditions #afc

    Not sure how early did he break these stories……..

  54. MidwestGun

    What up y’all?
    I’ve emerged from my vodka induced coma to Regale you with my knowledge.
    Sorry, Willow but I am in fact an expert on everything.
    How do I know this? …. well I believe it was my ex-wife who said…..
    You fuckin know everything don’t you?

    … also seems to me you seem to be a self appointed expert on what it takes to be a fan and a media pundit or a blogger.

  55. Willow Wilson

    Nasris mouth

    Thanks for the link.

    As I said, so many bloody lunatics on Twitter it’s hard to take any of them serious.

  56. zeus

    Dan AhernJune 24, 2015 18:09:09
    Arda Turan says he wants a Premier League move now. Were we genuinely interested in him a year ago or thereabouts?

    My gosh. We are not in need of a player like Turan. And he isn’t an improvement on the players we have in the squad that are similar to him. All these players that we had an interest in way back in 2008 seems to be getting mentioned now. Why not go back in for Hatem ben Arfa and Sebastien frey then.

  57. MidwestGun

    Also, the obssession over getting Wenger his due credit is a bit old news.

    Doesn’t matter what a bunch of bloggers say or don’t say about Aw it doesn’t make the team play any better or worse.

    Put it this way. 60,000 people could be chanting “one Arsene Wenger ” whilst hes getting a bj from that hot Brazilian babe from last summer it doesn’t make Sanogo play any better.

  58. Bamford10

    This Murray Groves does seem to have had inside info on Ozil, given what he posted (see above) on August 31, 2013. The club didn’t confirm till Sep. 2 or 3, and as of the 1st, Sky Sports was saying the following:

    “Sky Sources say Arsenal in advanced talks to sign Real Madrid’s Mesut Ozil.”

    So maybe this guy is reliable?

  59. vicky

    Don’t mind if Ramos joins United. As long as it’s not Benz, it’s fine. Ramos is 29 now, wonder how long will he maintain his standard.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    Turan to United maybe?

    I’ve also come to the decision that if we do sign Benzema, I will buy a copy of the newspaper with the best spread of the story, then hire a ‘lady of the night’ but in the morning, get on a train and have her perform fellatio on me whilst I read the news because for some reason I feel as if that is the only way to properly appreciate such news and spread it with the world.

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    Midwestgun: it doesn’t make Sanogo play any better.

    Dunno, I’d imagine all of that might put the defenders off a bit

  62. Wallace

    if the Schneiderlin rumours are true…i wouldn’t have thought it possible that Arsenal could blow 25m on a player and i’d be completely indifferent at the prospect,

  63. Keyser

    Koscielny is the one player we genuinely have whose value far exceeds the price we paid for him.

    This is now just another reason why I hope Cech falls through and we buy no-one, just utter stupidity.

    Benzema is nowhere near that level of efficiency, is going to cost shedloads and has he same question marks most ex-Real Madrid players have.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Lille want to take Sanogo on loan apparently. Even if I worked for Arsenal I would still have to ask them ‘you’ve seen Sanogo play right, and you know you will have to pay him wages, I know his contribution and potential is pretend but you can’t pay him pretend money. We tried.’

  65. N5

    “This is now just another reason why I hope Cech falls through and we buy no-one, just utter stupidity.”

    Why would any Arsenal fan say this? surely you have enough faith in Wenger to trust he’d make the right call regardless of what people are saying on a blog.

  66. vicky


    Just checked his timeline. I am not saying he gets everything right but overall he has a fairly decent percentages of correct prediction. Mind you,some deals fall off in the last minute as well. Apparently, not a pretender . Ozil deal was done in the dying minutes of transfer window. He told about it fairly early.

  67. salparadisenyc


    Not a bad way to bring in Benzema, do think he’d rather appreciate that.
    In fact he may just cozy up in the adjoining coach and follow suit.

    Up the Arsenal.

    If United want to send De Gea plus a reported £30m to Perez for Ramos, by all means let that one happen.

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: This Murray Groves does seem to have had inside info on Ozil,

    There were plenty of hints that we were looking at a Real Madrid player once everyone realised that Bale was on his way

    More likely is that he read the interview I linked above

  69. Cesc Appeal


    I’d say to him, don’t want to make this awkward…well awkwarder…but can you pay for this.’

  70. zeus

    KeyserJune 24, 2015 18:38:40
    Koscielny is the one player we genuinely have whose value far exceeds the price we paid for him.This is now just another reason why I hope Cech falls through and we buy no-one, just utter stupidity.Benzema is nowhere near that level of efficiency, is going to cost shedloads and has he same question marks most ex-Real Madrid players have.

    Agreed on Benz, but as for the rest………what are you on about Keyser?

  71. N5

    No your right Keyser, hoping Cech falls through and Arsenal sign no one isn’t strange at all.

    You remind me of a mad dictator, a few don’t think like you think so death to everyone.

    Why should every Gooner suffer because someone said lets sell Kos?

    Yeah, that would show them wouldn’t it!!

  72. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I’ve got Karim on the Sanogo loan. .. he’s a silver tongued demon. Probably has Lille convinced Sanago won the FA Cup single handedly.

    Sal –
    Are you trying to convince yourself we are getting Benzema again?lol
    Don’t do it to yourself. Just join Ahern in the Pirlo to NYC effort and be happy with that.

  73. Keyser

    Lol at people looking thinking everyone’s an ITK.

    There’s just millions of bullshitters out there, it’s not exactly hard to find the one, several, hundreds, who worked out Ozil might be leaving.

    I don’t think he played Real’s game that weekend, not sure.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    If anyone can manage it Karim can. And if they don’t buy it stand up, slowly pull off your gloves finger by finger then slap the Lille representative in the face with it and say ‘you call me a liar…I challenge you to a duel.’

    (Obviously sounds much better in a French accent.)

  75. MidwestGun

    Actually if Keyser said anything different I’d be in shock. He should change his name to K-ficency
    Keyser should become an American so he can watch salary cap leagues .. it would make him happier, I think,

  76. vicky


    Fair enough. I am looking at his tweet in conjunction with betting patterns and Morgan’s interview confirming ongoing negotiations. I don’t even follow the ITK guy. Seems there is a lot of hoopla about him on Twitter.

  77. Keyser

    Mid – I’d also know tha you were somewhere in the country, and despite there being 300 million fellow Americans, it’d probably be a Princess and the Pea situation, where I’d end down Walmart stocking up on firearms.

  78. N5

    “Keyser should become an American so he can watch salary cap leagues .. it would make him happier, I think,”

    But would he appreciate it if he’s never had his salary capped?

  79. Bamford10




    Because Keyser hates that people take more interest in and are more excited about players that don’t play for the club than those that do. He also hates that people regard signings as the principal way to improve.

    He’d actually prefer Arsenal sign no one at all and remain also-rans to their signing additional quality players and competing, as in his mind the latter fuels what he hates about what he calls “modern football”.

    On at least two previous recent occasions he has actually expressed the hope that we sign no one at all, simply to spite those who are hopeful that we do sign some quality players.

  80. N5

    Bamford that’s exactly my point, suffer was a silly word to use on my part, spite is better. Why wish such a thing just to annoy a few people that you disagree with?

  81. MidwestGun

    Hahaha Keyser that’s the spirit…. that would make you a Texan. Your gonna need a gun rack and a pickup truck, tho.

    N5 –
    Keyser would be the only one going we don’t need to spend all our cap money, we can develop our 7th round free Draft pick from last season.

  82. Bamford10


    Well, one, because he has very strong feelings about this and is really a bit like Wenger, actually. Thinks football is being ruined by emphasis upon signings, thus for him, it’s more important to thumb one’s nose at the ways of the world — transfer talk, spending money, signings — than it is to compete for and win titles.

    Keyser and Wenger are really made of the same stuff.

    Two, because he is a bit of a troll. Would rather get his way and see Arsenal stagnate or decline than not get his way and see Arsenal improve.

  83. Keyser

    Fuck me, are you really that dense, the whole point in the salary cap is that everyone would have it.

    We already have one at Arsenal, it’s called a ‘budget’, your as bad as 5 now, Dial fucked you to Deliverance style.

  84. Keyser

    Bamford10 – Lol yeah because that’s the choice we’re making Arsenal decline or we compete, that’s as dopey as your Great Divide bullshit.

  85. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d put a lot more money on him being a fake than I would about Schneiderlin joining us at £24m

  86. Bamford10

    Yes, “everyone”. There is one and only one Arsenal supporter on the planet — egats, could there be others? — who would like us to sign no one this summer: you.

    Everyone else will be disappointed if we do not sign some additional quality to the squad.

  87. N5

    Keyser, the only dial around here is you mate. you’ve become worse than he ever was. Every comment has a condescending lol on it, you make silly comments about peoples intelligence because they don’t agree with you and you’ve been banned because of your behavior.

    Turn that mirror on yourself, you’re a troll.

  88. Bamford10

    I said “stagnate or decline,” so you’ve misrepresented me, and my point was you’d prefer those two things without signings to our improving and people getting their “signings-wishes”. You’ve made this abundantly clear.

    Two, did you see the storm on here yesterday? But there is no divide? How silly.

  89. Keyser

    Midwest – Do we have one over here ?

    N5 – I know exactly how much of a cunt I can be, but you said ‘Everyone suffer’ because everyone else thinks like you ? Because everyone else would suffer if that were to happen ?

    This isn’t about intelligence it’s about you getting your knickers in a twist and feeling that you have to wade in.

    Lol why was I banned ? Tell me, and I’ll happily do it again.

  90. Willow Wilson

    Was never an insult mate, I know Mid sets himself up as sheriff. Probably wearers a ten gallon hat too and smokes a cigar! Unlike that other American, who shall remain nameless, Mid has a sense of humour and gets Banter.

    Ps: just watching ‘Only Fools and Horses’ . How bloody funny is that , it doesn’t matter how many times you watch it. Rodney and nervous Nerys in the three wheel van!

  91. kwik fit

    Sorry guys haven’t been posting lately . Have a trapped nerve and Doc says only ‘highly trained athletes’ suffer with it. . It hurts like fuck and the sex drive is at an all time low but hey She(Doc) said it will get better and when it does she wants first go 😉

  92. London gunner

    Keyser wanting to spite people? Are you lot truly surprised?

    I know a fuck load about psychology and keyser’s arrogance is merely just the symptom of his narcististc sociopathic personality type.

    This isn’t meant as an insult btw just a clinical analysis.