Petr Cech an incredible signing of intent

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Best thing about wearing suit jackets to work is when you don’t wear one for months, you have presents in your pockets. This morning, a packet of gum, a £5 note and a Panini sticker from last summer.

What a hoard!

Surprise and delight yourself today by leaving gifts for yourself. Just make sure they’re not milk based.

Anyway, a gift you’ve all been waiting for…


PETR CECH HAS LANDED (it’s not on yet)

This people, is already the signing of the summer. Kind of on the way Coquelin was the find of last season. This guy feels like a missing piece.

We’ve not had an experienced keeper since Jens. We’ve tried to be cute (ALMUNIA FOR THREE YEARS WAS NOT CUTE) for too long instead of just jumping in hard and buying what the team needed. It’s very hard to grow great #1s, especially when you’re purposefully scouting average keepers in the hope of making them better (Viviano). Well, we don’t need wince at the latest shocker Wenger has found in the butchers bin of Ligue One. Petr was easily the best keeper in the world in his early years in West London. When Chelsea were first winning the league, he was unbeatable. Like nothing I’d seen before.

The nasty head injury killed his form a bit. But let’s be fair, even out of form he’s twice what we have. He’s 33, so heading into keeping prime. He’s an organiser and is used to marshalling brilliant back lines. He’s also a monster. Absolutely huge by contrast. He’ll be hungry as well. Well, that’s my hope. He’ll want to show Jose he still has it in locker.

John Terry was very complimentary of his pals abilities…

“There is obviously talk of Arsenal signing Petr and if they do get Pete, that will strengthen them for sure. He will save them 12 to 15 points a season.

“I am sure if he does leave the club, which nobody wants to see, but we understand he wants to play football, he is going to be sorely missed. He will improve whatever side he goes to.”

THAT’S THE SWING WE NEED TO WIN THE LEAGUE! Probably over egged a bit, but as James said yesterday, we don’t have a keeper that wins you points. We’ve had keepers that, over the course of a season, generally lose us more than they win.

It’s just a brilliant signing. Stunningly smart. Outrageously ruthless. Title winning move through and through.

It’s quite interesting that people talk about the major change at Arsenal is the expense of the players we’re now signing. Now, I can’t deny that players like Ozil and Sanchez are part of the elite we couldn’t sign before and they’ve made a major impact on some of our play.

However, that’s only two names that were out of our league in years gone by. I think the big improvement is simply better judgement. Monreal, Koscielny, Per, Cazorla, Bellerin, Welbz and Chambo weren’t expensive… they were just better, more well thought out (<bad English) purchases than the hugely expensive Chamakh, Podolski, Squillaci, Almunia and Gervinho.

We didn’t just get a bigger CECH book… we made smarter buys. Remember, at one point, we were removing £400k pw deadwood from the wage bill. That’s a staggering amount of money for a club that were pleading poverty.

As I always said back in the day. If you have a wage bill of £150m and no transfer budget. Why not trim your wage bill to £120m, then use the spare cash for new players? Instead, we put all our cash into the socialist wage system… essentially, living outside our means if you believe buying players is important to success.

… which amusingly, for a lot of fans, wasn’t the most important thing. Remember those days?

‘People always think the solution is to buy’

Well, we do… and maybe too much so. The improvements we need to win the league are 60% the right players, the rest divided up between prep, tactics, coaching and title winning good luck.

Don’t hold me to those numbers. Real gut feel stuff.

My point is, players are important, money isn’t necessarily. One our best players was playing at Valley Parade last September. Our best left back was being chastised as the worst Arsene signing of all time in the centre of defence. What did Aaron cost us? I’m not saying you don’t buy mega players, I’m merely saying that you have a nice mix… the key being to avoid the Chamakhs and bring in more of the Cazorlas… which it looks like we’re getting the hang of after a confidence low with players for a few seasons.

Ultimately, right now, we’re a better run team and a better run club. Things haven’t just clicked because football finally followed the path we were trying to dictate… Arsenal finally fell into line and started to behave like a world class club should do. Part of that has been helped by money, part of it has been helped by Arsene’s acceptance he needs to move with the times to succeed… and I don’t have a third part. So I’ll leave it at that.

So, before I go, let’s have a think about what we need next?

Marco Reus and Morgan Schneiderlin. Then we’re genuine contenders. Am I right?

Yes I am.

See you in the comments!

P.S. Some of the Fathers Day stories in the comments section the other day were very touching, nice to read the human side of some of the brilliant people we have in the comments.

P.P.S. Three season tickets in the West Stand, £4k (season loan). Tweet me or e-mail for more deets.

P.P.P.S. Essential reading for season review.

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  1. bob

    peter cech in wilshere and £16mil crap chambers who cant even get a start for english u21 lol both out plz

  2. relieable sauce


    Nothing in principle but when its used to discredit the judgement of a fan who wants a new manager I find it disingenuous.

    The decision itself has nothing to do with fans as they are completely unqualified to make that call, all they have is an opinion, informed or not. I just dont think its relevant in the AW in/out debate. Its a topic that interests us all as fans so I dont mind the discussion when its not being used to score points.

    sorry for the late reply, I fell off my high horse.

  3. N5

    NM, I’d welcome that pattern to continue and to be honest I’m not even complaining about the high prices, it was the fact Rosicky acts as if Wenger was the one who kept the stadium afloat. He may have been instrumental in making the move a reality, but “genius” Wenger keeping it going in lean times is silly.

    Transfer funds were lean maybe, but I’ve seen the figures from the gate receipts and what they go on and a huge chunk of it goes on the wages and ground.

  4. underrated Coq

    Rosicky@ Arsenal

    Just ignore the posters’ who can’t remain civil.

    Some people on here don’t seem to realize that not everyone who posts on here is from the UK or US, not everyone will have as good a grasp of the English language as them.

    For me atleast, it was pretty obvious that you were not actually implying that Wenger built the stadium with his own money in your original comment.

    But yeah, probably didn’t help yourself with that ” support another team” comment. Still, I don’t think you deserved the foul-mouthed replies that you got.

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    @relieable sauce

    I think there’s a section of fans (smaller now than 6 months ago) who would kick him out tomorrow without a thought for the replacement.

    I’d keep him for ever unless a better option became available.

  6. underrated Coq


    “I love the fact that people are painting Chelsea (and Roman) as being some type of saintly benefactors in allowing Cech to leave.”

    I was thinking the same. But you get the feeling they’re desperate to find something good they can finally sing about Chelsea and its shady owner 😉

  7. qna

    Sky sources – most reliable indicator yet. next please. Very exciting. I remember years ago Cech dominating some random match. Absolutely bossing it. Looked like a giant covering a hockey net. More solid than anyone I have ever seen including Neur now. I was just wishing he was ours.

    He is not the same man, but in a way it is a dream come true if it happens. 33 is not too old for a keeper either.

  8. Nasri's Mouth


    goes to sleep every night, saying ‘tomorrow, maybe tomorrow…’

    no idea what she means…

  9. tunnygriffboy

    Would love Dick Law to turn around after all the papers have been signed just as he’s going out of the door and say

    ” Sorry guys, didn’t like to tell you before but we’ve signed Schneiderlin and Reus as well ” 🙂 🙂

    Mourinho would have a coronary !

  10. Johnty79

    No disrespect but you are all deluded. Begovic is the player we should of sighed for the same price. At this moment in time begovic is better than Cech. I’ll even put a crazy prediction in there. Peter Cech won’t even finish the season as number 1. Ill come back in 11 months time to prove u all right.

  11. Dissenter

    10.9 million GBP for a goal keeper with one year left on his contract!!!

    Top money for a top goal keeper
    Its a great dat to be a gooner.

    Do you still hate Chelsea so much?

    There’s some goodness in a club that will do good to a loyal servant. I find Abrahimovic’s fidelity to his verbal pledge to be noble.
    I cannot imagine that the American owners of Liverpool or My Levi at Spuds would have honored a non-written pledge to a player.

    Just saying 🙂

  12. qna

    J79. I dont think som begovic makes nore howlers than Schezeny ever has.

    I would say Lloris would have been better. Leno might be better in hindsight but you cant complain about Cech.

  13. N5

    karim yes mate, we’ve got them all sorted. What I’ll do if you’re on over the weekend I’ll give you my email address on here. I’ve got to speak to a few of the others. I know Alfie is in, but I’ve not seen anything of Benny since he said he wanted to go so I’m a little nervous I’m stuck with some tickets. Anyway, it’ll at least be me you and Alfie and hopefully Carts and Northern are going to meet us there too.

    I’m only saying hold out until the weekend as I want to make sure what’s happening with Benny and that first.

    If you want to email me off here, my email is

  14. Wenger's Plastic Bottle

    He is not the same man, but in a way it is a dream come true if it happens. 33 is not too old for a keeper either.

    N5 I personally think Cech is a better keeper. and at 33 he is the perfect age for a keeper. People don’t mention that he is excellent from crosses better than chesney who loves to punch it.

    still different class

  15. N5

    Sorry Karim I meant I’ll give you my Paypal over the weekend. Not my email. Anyway, you’ve got my email now so we can talk off of here and make arrangements.

  16. karim

    Excellent news, thanks a lot !
    I’ll send you a mail to wish you good night later on lol.

    Benny sounded rather excited about it, so hopefully he logs in soon.


  17. Dissenter

    Surely, one the interested parties would have come out to deny the story if it were bollocks.
    It’s got to be true.

    Knowing Arsenal, we would have worked on the goal-keeper that is leaving for Cech.

    There are media reports that Sczezny has cut short his holiday.

  18. Dusty Kart

    I’m over the moon that Cech is almost a done deal hope we haven’t sacrificed either Walcott or the Ox to get our man.

  19. N5

    Karim that’s why I’m a little nervous he’s had some personal stuff happen as he’s a regular on here. The only reason I’m a little nervous is this will be the 3rd time I’ve been stuck with extra tickets and although it’s never really an issue to get rid of them, I’d rather not be messing about before the game.

  20. qna

    I prefer to keep Ospina and let Schezeny go. In the long term Schezeny may be the better keeper, but he needs to work on his craft and fix his faults at another club. Liability for us. Loan would be preferable.

  21. Joe

    Peter cech. Great signing but he is not going to win us the title.

    Reus, Schenderlin and Benz. Summer done

    I may even flip flop about wenger if he signs the above….well maybe not

  22. N5

    Ha ha Jim, it’s my account that I don’t really care for, when I get an email on it, I’ll give Karim my legit everyday one. It’s highlevel James Bond shit 😀

  23. Dissenter

    Asmir Begovic to Chelsea is being mooted in the tabloids, Victor Moses is being touted at the make-weight.

    I hope he doesn’t go there and waste away his talent as number two.

  24. qna

    “Reus, Schenderlin and Benz. Summer done

    I may even flip flop about wenger if he signs the above….well maybe not”

    Your a hard man to please Joe. That would do it for sure.

    Make that Reus, Benzema and Javi Martinez and the perfect summer done.

  25. underrated Coq


    “There are media reports that Sczezny has cut short his holiday.”

    Aren’t there also reports on Ospina moving to Turkey?

    Personally, I feel Szczesny should be the one that’s sold. Lots of potential but doesn’t look like he’ll ever fulfill it? And then there are his moments of madness during games. Ospina is more solid and assuring IMO.

  26. Joe


    It would be bring me back on to the fence. If wenger could add the quality and we challenge for PL and CL then I’d happily change my tune.

    We need a CF and a DM

  27. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    See pedro

    That’s what’s wrong with the club that people can sub let their season tickets out!

    It’s a fucking disgrace .

    Really is ,

    If they don’t want them give them back this is why arsenal supporters are probably the most hated in London.

  28. N5

    Lee, I run the East Sussex supporters club with my dad and uncle so it’s not an issue to get tickets or quite a few. The bigger matches are really reserved for those that come to the most games with the supporters club, but the Emirates cup and whatnot I couldn’t probably shift as many as I could get from the club.

    Day one is Arsenal vs Lyon and Wolfsburg vs Villareal. There are some great players showcasing that day.

  29. hitman

    The Chavs, Money Launders FC or whatever their called haven’t gifted Cech out the goodness of their heart.

    They’ve got £11m big ones for a 33yr old. Don’t get this Chelsea praise – hardly a charitable act.

  30. salparadisenyc

    Many on here seem to think its Ospina being sent off the Istanbul… i’d be surprised if it wasn’t Szcz. This all started with his bullshit which culminated in his loosing the number 1 spot.

    His Pops didn’t help the cause.

  31. N5

    karim, there are so many still to shift. It’s really easy to get tickets for that type of match. I’m just interested in seeing Lyon and Villareal outside of ECL.

    Pluuuuusssssss added bonus, Postman is going to score 4 again!!

  32. N5

    sal, I’m with you. His old man pissed the club off no doubt and WS1 was nervous hence him taking to Twitter saying I’ve not spoken to my dad in 2 years. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out but one things for sure, he won’t keep Cech, Ospina, WS and Martinez.

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    relieable sauce: Define “better” 🙂

    Well that’s the (8.5) million dollar question isn’t it?

    Somewhere around the beginning of the season, I had a debate with someone on here about Wenger and how he tends to meet his expectations, so that if he was in charge of the team with the most expensive squad.
    Whoever I was arguing with said that was BS, because times had changed, that while he might have done that over 10 years ago, he’s not the same manager anymore, there are better managers around such as Brendan Rodgers.

    Now at the end of the season, Arsenal finished 3rd, behind 2 more expensive sides and ahead of 1 more expensive side, along with an FA Cup, while Rodgers is clinging to his job.

    At the same time, everyone’s last summer favourite (including mine) Klopp is now out of a job. Week in week out ,month in, month out he failed to find a solution to his teams problems.

    So I’m not really sure how many better managers there are out there.
    Undoubtedly there are, Guardiola for one.

    It’s just finding one that’s available and wants to sign for us.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    I’m going to start the West Sussex supporters club, and we will meet you at the boundary between East and West Sussex and have it out Gangs of New York style.

    Though Gangs of Sussex doesn’t sound quite as good, though I suppose it would be Goons of Sussex which sounds like some shit YouTube video put together by students of their drunken shenanigans at Sussex University…I’ve gone way off piste here, good evening sir.

  35. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: It would be bring me back on to the fence

    Signing Benzema, Reus AND Schneiderlin as well as Cech would only bring you back ON the fence ?


  36. Cesc Appeal

    “Signing Benzema, Reus AND Schneiderlin as well as Cech would only bring you back ON the fence ?”

    I’d knock the fence down and use the wood to create a shrine to Arsene Wenger, or I could just borrow Willow’s I suppose 😉

  37. Northbanker

    well personally I hope its Ospina who goes. Chez is 2 years younger and can still massively improve his craft whereas Ospina is a fat little dumpling who is never going to be a top class keeper.

    There is a chance that Chez will mature with age and with Cech and Lollipop or whatever the new coach is called providing better guidance

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    Suggestions that Cech’s coach might also join us, but no confirmation either way so far.

    As for STs, what does it say in the T&Cs when you buy one?

    I guess I can understand both sides

  39. N5

    Ha ha Cesc, let’s liven ourselves up a bit and get a real firm going.

    The West Sussex Hooligans vs the East Sussex Zulu’s!

    The best East vs West since BIG met Pac.

  40. N5

    NM, as far as I’m aware you can’t even give a friend/family member your ticket for the day, you’re supposed to return it to the club who’ll sell it on your behalf. I think it’s disgusting really that if it’s my ticket, I can’t allow my son/wife/father etc have it for the game purely because I’d charge them treble!!!!

  41. N5

    Silly nannys!! lool, Ohhh Reginald, if you give me that dirty look one more time, I’ll jolly well get into a pillow fight with you.

  42. salparadisenyc

    Joe’s a tough man to please.. throw in a Moosehead lager may turn the tide.

    In Jackson Martinez another striker checked off the list….. stay the course Benz, Schneiderlin and Cech.

    That summer of business is like recording Exile on Main Street for Wenger and Gazidas, the Glimmer Twins marauding the market.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    What’s it say in t&c s ?

    I’m pretty sure that the club would allow you to sell on the ticket ?

    I could be wrong I just think it’s outrageous that people do this an they think it’s the norm .

  44. N5

    karim, I think normally it does pretty well, it’s not a sell out but it still has a load in there and the away guys still normally bring the noise. Lyon will whatever happens, they have great away support even in friendlies. People always think of Dortmund and the Greek teams having the best away noise, but Lyon really do bring a great crowd with them.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    N5: I can’t allow my son/wife/father etc have it for the game purely because I’d charge them treble!!!!

    lol, I guess, that the clubs argument. It prevents excessive on selling, but it’d be nice if you were allowed a short ‘friends and family’ list that could use your ticket.

    I’ve regularly borrowed a ST though, its pretty impossible to stop

  46. Wenger's Plastic Bottle

    Does anyone think Courtois will become complacent next season i.e. no decent keeper to fight him for his place?

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    R.S.P.C.: I could be wrong I just think it’s outrageous that people do this an they think it’s the norm .

    I guess I’m ok with it, if there’s a good reason for a single season, not sure I approve if they do it season after season after season.

    But if I’d have been on the waiting list for a decade to get an ST I might feel differently 😀

  48. Joe


    I’m a peroni guy!!!!

    Although Vancouver is huge on the craft beer scene.

    Tongue in cheek with the fence comments but would still see if wenger could get us competing.

    I would have to judge him in May. 2016.

  49. N5

    I know NM, it’s got your name on the card in the front and you scan it then walk through, but unless the steward spot checked which I’ve never seen happen then I’ll never have to explain why my name shows as Mary and I’m 83

  50. karim

    Oh yeah forgot they had been already invited, did you see the Bastos’ free-kick live ? Amazing shot !

    ” karim, I think normally it does pretty well, it’s not a sell out but it still has a load in there ”

    Sorry, I meant the guys who asked you on here.

  51. N5

    Look at people like Up4Grabs who post here. He has his fathers (I believe) season ticket because he’s become too ill to travel, I think that’s a fine reason to have it and at the end of the year if his father doesn’t go again he can transfer it into Grabs’ name.

  52. N5

    Oh sorry karim, now I reread your comment it’s obvious you meant Benny and that. Yeah I’m sure he’s OK, I just know he’s been off work for a while with an injury so hope he’s not got worse.

  53. salparadisenyc


    Agree the craft / IPA beer scene is mental in North America.
    Too much for Sal, give me a Crispy german lager or similar, or a Guinness.

    Nothing in the middle that smells of skunk water.

  54. Joe

    I like a heiferwiezen(sp) and an IPA but 1st choice is always a peroni. Not many pubs sell it here though

  55. Wenger's Wallet

    Finally we look like addressing some of our defensive issues. Peter Cech is a massive improvement. Keep going Wenger, dont stop. You said you will win the Premiership in 3 years. Now is your chance. World class striker next please.

  56. Joe

    Cech signing is wasted without a top striker brought in and another DM. Because as soon as we lose coq it’s back to arteta. God help us

  57. Lee

    N5 yeah I remember you saying before just thought you were a season ticket holder.
    Karim- I work most wknds so no bidding war. And when I’m not working I spend it with my family.
    The day arsenal stop taking the piss with the ticket prices is the day I consider putting money into their pockets again.

  58. Nasri's Mouth

    I know so little about him, that after listening to Andy Townsend commentate, I thought his first name was Not

  59. N5

    Apparently Liverpool are in talks with Rondon, Firmino and Bacca. Ha ha, more players for Rodgers to make look shite.

  60. salparadisenyc

    Poor ole Eagle, at one point he told me he shoot a load of man spray across the Atlantic if we signed Firmino.

    Sad days indeed.

    Playing it smart with Sterling, going to ride it out and make the maximum.

  61. Dan Ahern

    We’ve got to go all “Good Bye, Lenin!” and act like the Firmino move never happened so WE’s heart doesn’t burst. We’ll need to record new Sky stories rubbishing it as a false rumour, we’ll need to restrict his access to transfer websites somehow, and, worst of all, we’ll have to dress up as Liverpool and simulate all their games, sans-Roberto. (I volunteer to plan Brendan. I’m off for a teeth whitening, spray tan, mani-pedi and a portrait.)

  62. Dan Ahern

    “he told me he shoot a load of man spray across the Atlantic if we signed Firmino.”

    Whoa. I wish we’d sign him just so I could see this. You know, for science.

  63. salparadisenyc


    Such an inflated market.

    Read article there going for Firmino at £29m and Benteke, his release is apparently £32.5. Guess thats the Sterling money plus some.

  64. N5

    Eagle don’t worry mate this is all a bad dream, tomorrow when you wake everything will be as it should, Sanogo posting your mail through the door, Firmino flying towards North London and Midwest will be drunk.

    Ahhhh balance is restored.

  65. Kempster

    If you have a ST you can give it to whoever you like for whatever matches. The club facilitates you doing this with the ticket transfer feature on the website. Means you don’t have to give/send them the actual card.

    Chuffed about Cech. Ospina today go for me but not that bothered as we’re talking about number 2 and both adequate.

    Do want to see a beast of a midfielder.

    Like the sound of the Dortmund unpronounceable dude for pace. Not seen much of him though.

  66. N5

    Kempster that’s Gold and Platinum members and it’s a single match not the season which was what RSPCA was asking about.

  67. Dissenter

    The Firmino deal just sucked the breath out of me.
    Liverpool just secured a very good player when we are stuck with two European internationals who collectively earn 200k weekly and account for only 18 league goals between them, last season
    Firmino definitley makes Liverpool better. He’s better that Raheem Sterling for sure.

  68. Wallace

    outside of Wenger Eagle i haven’t seen anyone else excited by Firmino. Liverpool probably his level. crazy price, but then the buyer has previous…

  69. relieable sauce

    A 1 yr season ticket scheme would allow more fans access to the stadium to watch the 1st team in person, all of the big PL games & CL too. Shame more people cant experience it.
    Waiting lists would never get too long so you could just get back on it when the season ends, get a 1yr ST every 4th/5th season. Or scale up the numbers & make it shorter.

    Maybe there should also be a limit on how long you can have one?? seems a bit OTT though.

    Ticketmaster & the like shouldnt be allowed to sell them though & I hope the club have nothing to do with them. £75 a ticket to watch the kids play a league cup game against liverpool, 3 x the face value or close to it, is a blatant rip off.

  70. Wallace

    Chelsea’s Matic back up, Obi Mikel, off to play football in the UAE. bunch of le grove regulars who can’t even begin to conceive of a squad with only one specialist DM lose their minds.

  71. tunnygriffboy

    None of the CL teams in Spain, Uk, Italy or Germany after Firmino ? Seems strange. His stats seem to indicate a super player. Presume it’s replacement for Sterling ? Transfer prices are ridiculous.

  72. GS88

    The first person I though about when I heard Liverpool had agreed a fee For Firmino was Wenger Eagle.

    Man! That signing would considerably strengthen them, as I too highly rate him.

    I had in weeks/months gone by, endorsed any potential Arsenal signing of him.

  73. GS88

    Also heard that a fee for Cech has been agreed, but still no concrete confirmation that he has actually signed.

    Still we need in I reckon 3-4 more players.

    CDM, RM, CF and if I’m being a little picky I also thing our left back could do with some upgrading as Gibbs is naive in defence.

    Come Arsene, Gazidis, and co lets do it.

  74. GS88

    Yes Lacazette is still perhaps a little raw, but considering Wenger has some strong French links, I’m a bit suprised to see us not at least put in a bid for him.

    Someone had said earlier that we should bid for and ‘unsettle’ players not on our radar, I’m all for this.

    Names at the moment, aren’t coming to me. But its an option.

  75. Emiratesstroller

    Before we consider buying new players we need to consider how they would play in the starting X1 with those already on our books.

    GIROUD/ ?

    I have based team choices on either 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formations.

    I have included Cech [*] because I think that acquisition is now likely.

    I have included Arteta [+] because he was offered and has I believe signed a
    new contract. Personally I don’t think that Wenger will bring in new midfielder because of impact on those who are currently on books.

    I have assumed that Walcott will sign a new contract and will compete on right wing with Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    I think that Welbeck will understudy most likely for Sanchez rather than play
    in striker role. He lacks goals to play up front on his own.

    We do need a clinical striker to compete with Giroud. That is in my view the
    one additional signing that Wenger could make this summer.

    I have not included in the squad Rosicky or Flamini neither of whom are likely
    to sit on bench unless we have an injury crisis.

    I have not included in the current squad young players like Chambers, Gnabry
    or Akpom who could make a breakthrough next season.

    The fact that Arsenal has pre-qualified for Champions League makes it less likely that Wenger will buy any other players before season starts preferring
    to assess his squad in pre-season games including Community Shield.

    I could see Arsenal making one additional signing late in August but Wenger might leave that decision late to assess his current resources and potential
    injuries which might occur at start of season.

    The most likely addition to squad will be a striker.

  76. gonsterous

    I do like how Wenger is becoming more ruthless… 3-5 years ago, he’d have stuck with sczny, saying he has big potential and shit.. now he’s making changes.. maybe get an Arteta replacement and I might actually reconsider him completing his full 3 years with us…

  77. Dark Hei


    I will move Walcott up tops. I think given how the midfield is able to dominate and retain possession on their own, Walcott is a lot more useful as a final passing outlet than another cog in the seamless formation.

  78. Al

    I love the player liverpool have definitely spent way over for firmino by at least £14m.

    The benefit of getting these foreign players not at big clubs is that you can get them for a decent price.

    Just think of the level of player you can get for that price..

  79. peanuts&monkeys

    Arteta, Oxlade, Welbeck, Giroud and Ramsey are likely candidates to be sold offloaded with Arteta, Giroud and Welbeck are must-rid ones.

    For Giroud and Welbeck no one needs any justification why they should ne be in a team with title ambitions.

    Ramsey will not be better than 2013-14 season ever. And, if he doesn’t get any better he is not trophy-winning material. Sell.

    Oxlade too cannot improve beyond what Walcott can do. Walcott staying Oxlade should be sold.

    Offloading these 4 will give enough space to WengerStalemateArsene to buy a striker and a left winger. Go for a prolifoc scorer Lacazzette/Austin and Reus/Greizmann. Thats what fans will call ambition!

    For DM: Arsenal shd go for Check Titote/Carvalho to keep our Coquelin on his toes. Sell Arteta.

  80. qna

    So Athletico Madrid have apparently now signed Vietto and Jackson Martinez. They have on their books Torres, Manzukic, Greizmann, Vietto and Martinez.

    No doubt they will be looking to sell Torres and/or Manzukic, but I wonder if there is now an opening for Greizmann to be sold. Personally, I would prefer Fekir. But Greizmann has just come off a pretty great year scoring 25 goals in 46 games. He is 25 years old, so not a bad option. I will add him to my wish list in the following order:

    Cavani, Benzema, Reus, Fekir, Greizmann, Benteke, Lacazette.

  81. Leedsgunner

    Firmino is a good player but no way is he worth £29m.

    They only paid £22.5m for Suarez — and are they telling me he’s better than Suarez? Nah.

    (Sorry Eagle ;))

  82. Nasri's Mouth

    Seem to be a lot of experts on Firminho?

    Has anyone actually watched much of him other than a few games for Brazil ?

    I wonder where Brendan is planning to play him ?

  83. Nasri's Mouth

    Another youngster signs

    Vladimir Dragomir

    Utterly unsurprisingly, he comes from Romania

    Definitely a few coming into the youth set up now