Thanks for Arsenal, Dad

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Happy good morning to you today!

It’s a double day today, not only do I head a year further into the twilight of Premier League football careers. It’s also father’s day!


Father’s Day is that time of year when you thank your Dad for making you support Arsenal as a kid. Your Mum might have hooked you into football, and if she did, that’s marvellous, but she had her day like, a month ago or something.

Anyway, my old man helped me make the right choices as a child.

I dabbled with other sides. I considered Glasgow Rangers because I wasn’t very bright, then I thought about Nottingham Forest. This didn’t go down well, and I certainly didn’t live in a home that you could call a democracy… I was soon given the ultimatum and being 4-5, I accepted that Christmas was not something I was prepared to give up in the name of a football club… I was also lucky that my birthday, today, generally coincided with a kit launch.

I remember the excitement of heading down to Finsbury Park to pick up one of our old Adidas away shirts back in the day… so excited I changed on the platform. You could be a full kit wanker as a child, it was acceptable back then.

I also remember my brother telling my dad he wanted Seaman all over his back.

What a pig, pretty sure Jens Lehmann was the #1 at the time.

That was a pretty sick joke, but it’s staying in.

I’d imagine for many of the people reading this based in the UK, dads and Arsenal go hand in hand. That’s how it is for me and I’m thankful everyday for that. All the best times revolved around Arsenal. Lucky I was raised through the incredible years!

I don’t really have much in the way of transfer gossip. We’re apparently going to offer Petr Cech £100k a week to join us. Big deal. Could we just make it happen and bring him into the squad on the ASAP.

Ivan and co ran a supporters Q&A on Friday. I read the write up here and it sounded pretty good to me (read here).

The club are progressing. I’ve had a few people jibing me out for being positive of late, but look, like I’ve always said, when the situation changes, your opinion should follow suit, if you think what’s changed is important and not an accident.

Pretty much everything I’ve banged to drum for over the years is starting to happen or is well under way.

Tactics: We’re approaching each game with a fairly individual plan. We’re playing to our strengths, working on nullifying our opponents best parts and we’re making it work. Behind the scenes, we’re using video analysis, we’re working on how play under certain scenarios in small packs in training and we’re seeing the benefits. We’ve only been doing this since November. Imagine how good we’ll be with a full preseason under our belts?

Squad: We’re starting to make an impact on having a decent squad. Last summer, we brought in pace. During the season, we managed to bolster that as a few players upped their game. We now have the makings of a genuinely exciting squad. Pace, power and a great mix of young and experienced. 2-3 serious additions this summer and we’ll be competing. No doubt in my damn mind ya hear?

Backroom team: We brought in a new youth team coach, we brought in a new scout, we’re utilising the methodology of Shad Forsythe and now we’re bringing in a new keeping coach who is world class. The infrastructure in the backroom team isn’t perfect but it’s improved and it looks like more responsibility and trust is being placed in it.

Analytics: We’re clearly using more data. When I talk about data, specifically, the data we use to keep players fresh. I know there are a lot of people out there who truly believe what’s happened this season has been a result of Wenger not changing and his vision of football coming to fruition, but don’t listen to them, if you think it was a coincidence that our squad was nearly completely fit for the first time in 10 years, then you’re mental. Wenger is listening to the data, taking notice of a fitness coach who knows what he’s doing and we’re reaping the rewards. Big challenge is whether he can do that for a whole season.

Big Games: We’re starting to win them. We beat United and City away. Major points. We were unlucky against Chelsea but we earned a point. These are game we don’t normally do well in. Sure, we ballsed up against Monaco, but in the second half of the season, that was certainly a blip over the norm. This is where we’ll really see next year… if we continue to win the big games and take care of the little ones, we’ll make a big move on the league.

This summer is essential. If we bring in the right defensive midfielder, finish the deal for the keeper and potentially bring in a striker of quality, we’re pretty much there.

A big ask, but you can’t knock the last year. We’re slowly being dragged into the modern era and that’s special.

Next season could be immense. Keep em’ crossed and make sure you thank your dad today for letting you support the mighty Arsenal!

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  1. Ozy

    I’ve actually never seen Illaramendi play but he was highly rated before he moved to Real Madrid (next Alonso?). Not sure of him now or what Liverpool will do with him.

    Liverpool seems to have a weird policy of mostly buying a bunch of talented kids and hoping they come good. It hasn’t worked out. Llori, Ings, Moreno, Manquillo, Allen, Can, Alberto, Markovic, Borini, Gomez, Moses..

    Too early to say for Origi but it doesn’t look good for him either.

  2. MidwestGun

    Troll –
    I’d say in general Club competition is more difficult. But that doesn’t mean International play is easy as basically you only play with those players occasionally and parts of the World have fierce rivalries. South America being one of them.
    But if you only judge players on international goals that would be a silly thing to do no? Or is Robbie Keane better then Messi? Anyhow, the silliness of berating Messi is funny. Could he do better internationally sure.But basically then you are argueing greatness compared to Maradona and the like.

  3. igbo amadi-obi

    Happy birthday Pedro.

    I still think you are speculating on the fitness thing.

    When we have injuries you are quick to accuse Wenger of making Shad redundant.

    When things improve, you quickly credit Shad.

  4. Goonergirl

    Any idea when the Cech deal will be confirmed? These transfer windows are a drag. Or maybe I’m just too impatient

  5. tom

    Lost my dad a couple of months back. 99 years old and a wonderful character, though a hopeless father to his kids and a worse husband to his wives.
    He a major in the Desert Rats in the war and lost his right heel in Italy and walked with a stick ever after. Didn’t stop him kicking a ball around the park with me on our Saturday visits. He was staunch West Ham and did his best to bring me in, but I was angry with him and chose the local team. Arsenal.
    I remember he took me to West Ham Arsenal derby and we stood with his mates in the home end where I ruined his afternoon by cheering every time Arsenal got the ball. I remember him hustling me out at the final whistle and refusing to buy me chips.
    Still in time he forgave me and learned to accept my choice. I think he respected my commitment to what is the world’s greatest team.
    Love my old man.
    Love my team.

  6. mysticleaves

    happy fathers day to everyone and their fathers. heartfelt condolences to those that have lost theirs and I hope there’s enough time for me to make up with mine. cheers

  7. Marko

    Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech appears to be on the verge of signing for Arsenal, according to Sky sources. 

    The 33-year-old has reportedly agreed personal terms on a switch to the Emirates Stadium and we understand all that is left to agree is a fee between the two clubs.

    Seems like any day now it’ll be announced. Also don’t think people realize how big this is and how much easier it’ll make it to convince others to join this summer. Agree or not we’re on the up and an attractive sporting project. Shows we’re looking to improve for me. Expect a midfielder to follow. A striker? Who knows it’ll probably be some time before something happens there

  8. stevegooner

    It wasn’t my dad that took me to Arsenal, he was a Charlton supporter. However My uncle took me as an 8 year old in 1963. I was hooked. Sadly I lost him this year. Thanks Ray.

  9. Spanishdave

    My second grandson was born today. That’s a good Father’s Day present.
    My dad was a spurs supporter then one day he took me to highbury . Jack Kelsey was in goal and we beat Blackpool , the history and Highbury won me over.
    Funny how you never change clubs, funny how many have only supported us since Wenger came.

  10. Romford Ozil Pele

    Evening gents, Happy Fathers Day! Had a smashing one with Romford Snr. Will never forget being on the Highbury terraces as a five year-old. The atmosphere, the adrenaline rush, nothing beats it – and it was all down to the old man. Glad I support the greatest club in the world!

    Happy birthday Pedrito!

  11. Zimbabwean Gunner

    Happy fathers day Gooners.

    My father died in 1991 when I was just 11. A year earlier in 1990 he had brought me a football from one of his in and out days from hospital. He told me that he wanted me to be a footballer.

    At the end of that year I was my Primary school’s player of the year.

    He promised to take me to Zimbabwe’s biggest football club called Dynamos the following year 1991 but he got so ill for the first 6 months of 1991 that instead of being at Dynamos’ juniors, I ended up selling bananas at the hospital he was hospitalized in for 6 months trying to raise my mother’s bus fare to and from hospital daily for 6 months.

    Unfortunately my father died 14 June 1991. Just last Sunday was the 24th year since his death. And with his death, my footballing dream died because my mother didnt want me anywhere near a football.

    My love for Arsenal was around the time Zimbabwean Peter Ndlovu was being compared to George Best by the English media. At that time I used to watch English football highlights on TV and F.A Cup final day was always live on TV down here.

    Around the age of 23 in 2004 I found myself in Leeds. How? Thats a story for another day! A friend of mine from work gave me his away end ticket at Highbury for the Arsenal-Leeds fixture. Leeds were pants those days.

    How I managed to contain myself in that away end in that 5-0 rout of Leeds I will never know.

    Finally I was watching the team I loved as a young guy back in Africa.

    And we are talking the invincibles here!!

    Love you Arsenal.

  12. gary

    Happy bday .. 1st game at lotfus rd 1982 elder sis took Me who had no interest in footie.. had a thought le coq or Delphi

  13. Dissenter

    I’m not sure Cech will improve us as much as a 25 goal a year striker will.

    We won’t have won the league with a hybrid of Cech and Couteou;
    Not when Giroud/Welbeck are 14/4 premier league goal strikers.

    Cech probably helps us recover 3-6 points a season( compared to Szezny/Ospina).

    He doesn’t win us the league and frankly if you had placed Cech in the shit-storm Wenger created in the first 12 games of the season, he won’t have done any better than Sczezny.
    A situation where we start a season with only one fit central defender would not have been saved by Cech.

    We need the same ruthlessness to move on a few attackers and bring in one tested goal scorer. Jackson Martinez would been my choice.

  14. London gunner

    Jackson Martinez isn’t the answer at 29 years of age and costing 30 million.

    May as well put in a bid for lacaZette whose a proven goal scorer and far younger.

  15. Dissenter

    I don’t get the obsession with age, to be honest.
    Imjust want the certainty of 25 goals from a striker for three consecutive seasons. If it works out, the higher CL and league placement money pays for the loss of transfer value when the contract is up.

  16. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle,
    Copa America typically takes off in the knockout stages.
    There are only 12 teams participating in three groups of four, meaning that some third place teams will still qualify for the quarters.
    That format generates the poor group stages.

  17. WengerEagle

    Yeah I appreciate that Dissenter, such a silly format it has to be said, only 4 of 12 teams eliminated in the groups is ridiculous and makes for a bore-fest.

  18. mysticleaves

    Dissenter, you the man! People talk about age with Martinez and then turn a blind eye to the fact that Benzena, who is everybody’s favorite, is less than a year younger.

    I also share your sentiment about Cech. huge signing, if it comes through but not one that was overly needed

  19. gazzap

    Yes agreed, Cech is a good singing but doesn’t make a massive difference from last season. Ospina had a good season. I think in some ways Ospina had a better season than he is a goalkeeper if that makes any sense. Yeah Cech might be worth a few more points than Ospina per season but there’s not a massive gap in quality there. A top striker is what would make the difference to us now. Coq is a fine DM but if he gets injured and we are suddenly weak as hell in that department.

  20. Thank you and goodnight


    Sorry mate I don’t mean to be rude I swear……but your talking rubbish. Even at 33 Cech is still one of the top 6 keepers in the world. At moment ospina and Chesney would struggle to make top 20. Plus he is roughly the age van deep saar was when united signed him and he had 5 years of unrivalled success at United. I’m not a wenger lover but have to say well done Mr Wenger. 8 years in the making but at last a WC keeper…..thank you Mr Wenger.

  21. Thank you and goodnight

    Van der saar…..not van deep saar. As far as I’m aware I’m sure he wasn’t indian. 😀

  22. El Tel 1



    The only player I would have wanted from Chavki these past few years would have been Cech.

    He won them the CL almost single handedly just as Schmeichel did for the shitters back in the day.

    To say he will only give us 3-6 points is crazy.

    The Swansea at home defeat wouldn’t have happened and Monaco at home would also have been different.

    Let’s see next season what a difference he will make. I reckon it will be massive.

  23. El Tel 1

    Why wait for Benzema too.

    Get Martinez in and IF Benzema becomes available buy him too. Can always trade Walcott and Giroud later on if need be.

  24. El Tel 1

    Again. Some on here lauding Kong.

    I saw him in the Monaco home game and he wasn’t great. Sure he got a lucky deflected goal. Cech would have saved. But their best player was the CB. Abdehour I think his name is. Surely Schneiderlin would be a better fit with his PL experience.

  25. El Tel 1

    Hopefully signing Cech will see off Gerry Payton too.

    Chesser will improve big time with a better GK coach.

  26. Dissenter

    I’m not a bid fan of Scezny (ok, I’m understating it cks I dislike him)
    Im not wildly enthusiastic about Cech because Wenger really did serve Sczezny a shit-coated garlic bar last year when he failed to sign coverage for the Center back position, especially when he knew Koschielny had two inflamed Achilles tendons.

    For me, wipe the slate clean for Sczezny, let bygones be bygones.
    Let Sczezny and Ospina compete for that top spot. Sczezny knows that there’s a better keeper competing with him, he won’t fu*k up again.

    I don’t like the motivation of Cech, ” I want to stay in London” doesnt cut if for me. There has to be a better reason for joining the Arsenal.

    He’s won 4 league titles, 4 FA cups, 4 league cups, one CL trophy and one Europa league with the Devils’s club.
    What’s his motivation, the dude has everything except for country honors.
    Is he still hungry?
    I’m not sure because he won’t cross Chelsea and will always play nice to still remain a Chelsea legend.

    Let me go on the record, I’m not for this Cech transfer because we have bigger issues and goal keeping isn’t on the top five.

  27. El Tel 1

    Saw a comment from Red earlier quoting those heavy losses when trying to point out he has seen shit football.

    I think what Myself, Willow and others were getting at is, we saw some awful games back in the 70’s and 80’s week in week out.

    Shit players. Try some of these. Jimmy Carter, Ray Hankin, Pat Howard, Geoff Barnett, Ian Ure, Willie Young, John Kosmina, Siggy Johnson, Glenn Helder, David Hillier, Gus Ceaser., Brian McDermott, David Price. There are so many more I am sure. Dull average players at our great Club

  28. WengerEagle

    Bit of both I reckon Dissenter although there’s a player in Cuadrado, he was brilliant for Fiorentina and for Colombia in the WC last year.

    Chavs have destroyed his confidence.

  29. El Tel 1


    Totally disagree.

    He is still a Chav player so He is not going to say bad shit against them is he. He IS a legend for them too.

    Staying in London will mean He will be settled.

    The motivation will be to show that Twat Moanhinio that he has plenty left to give and he should not have been No. 2 for them.

    He will also see what a great Club we are with our own long History. Have you been to the Arsenal. It is plastered all over the walls.

    He is a much better Keeper than any we have had since Jens got dumped.

    As for filling an important position. I and many others including the media see Keeper as our biggest weakness.

    I don’t like Chesser much either but I think he will grow faster with a Pro like Cech to look up to.

    I steward at Arsenal. I saw Chesser warming up before the game against them.

    He was watching with envy their Keepers and Coach. They looked very professional up against Gerry Peyton. I also noticed Chesser giving Cech a wave. It looked like a wave of respect.

    As I said. We shall see.

    Let’s hope we are in a tight CL game with the score 0-0 and our Keeper keeping us in it. Our new striker scoring the winner near the end.

  30. gazzap

    TYAG – think you slightly misunderstood my point. I agree Cech is a better keeper (As I did say in my comment) but purely on last season there were not that many points cost by our keeper. If you review the season and look at the goals conceded that cost us points, hardly any were down to Ospina. Possibly Spurs was the only one. Szcz probably cost us a few goals early season, but can’t remember how many of them cost points. But my point was only about Ospina and not Szcz. I think over a season Szcz would cost us A LOT of points compared with Cech. Potentially Cech could save us a lot of points compared with Ospina too but just looking back, Cech wouldn’t have saved us many points in the games Ospina played last season.

  31. Dissenter

    When people talk about Cech’s numbers at Chelsea, they always leave put the defensive solidity that’s in front of him.
    They’ve had the best English defender of his generation in fron of him for all the time he’s been in Chelsea.
    Cech’s world class, don’t get me wrong.
    …and I dislike Terry for obvious reasons but won’t hesitate to say he’s Cech all the way. I’ve never seen a player willing to sacrifice his body to block shots.
    Despicable human being but fantastic defender.

  32. El Tel 1


    Swans at home Mate. Ospina who was a favourite of mine was at fault. The Monaco game was the same. There was also an away game just aftert he Swans match where he let in a goal he should have saved too.

    Cech will keep us in those tight matches and the defence will become more organized.

    No trying to dribble out or heading the ball outside the area every game as we have seen these past few years.

  33. El Tel 1


    Funny that. I see Terry as very average. Always with a great CB partner although Cahill is not one of them. Why do you think he is throwing himself at the ball? Could it be that he is getting caught out often.

    Any CB with a packed defence will look good. Yes he may be brave but he is NOT a great defender.

    They had a poor record from free kicks and corners before Moaninhio came back. He was CB then, their FBs were smaller. Now they play with 4 CBs in dead ball situations with their FBs being big also.

  34. El Tel 1

    Hope Brazil get stuffed.

    The most hyped up football team on the planet.

    Showboating is more important to them these days.

    David Luiz is a c..t of the highest order. In fact they all are.

  35. Dissenter

    *and I dislike Terry for obvious reasons but won’t hesitate to say he’s Cech all the way. I’ve never seen a player willing to sacrifice his body to block shots*

    Should have been:
    ** and I dislike Terry for obvious reasons but won’t hesitate to say he’s helped Cech all the way. I’ve never seen a player willing to sacrifice his body to block shots.***

    My point is that the likes of John Terry helped Cech a lot. Is he going to get that defensive consistency at Arsenal?
    If he had been placed in a situation where a major club starts the season with only one fit and experienced central defender, would he have done any better than Szcezny?

  36. Marko

    Chelsea do like their attacking midfielders to be more defensive midfielders. They do love their attackers to curb their natural game for the greater good. It’s kind of disgusting with some because it’s a potential career ender or at the very least stagnates it. Ask Schurrle, Salah, DeBruyne or Cuadrado if they could do it all over would they join Chelsea. Even Willian has curbed his attacking instincts so much you’ll find he doesn’t score or assist nearly as much as he should. Still a fantastic player.

  37. El Tel 1


    When the Chavs won the CL. Did you see the saves Cech made. The opposition also hit the woodWork a few times too. So he could be a lucky keeper.

    There was a semi final v Barca when he single handedly kept them out.

    When was the last game we saw our keeper save our team?

  38. Dissenter

    El Tel1,
    John Terry, average ???

    Hmmm, we will have to disagree on yet another point.
    I think he’s the best defender England has produced since tony Adams.
    It’s not even close for me…and I still passionately dislike him.

  39. El Tel 1


    I know where you are coming from re not having a CB at that time but for me Cech would have done better.

    Look Mate. Time will tell.

    If he flops then I will say I was wrong.

    If he plays like he did for them then we will progress.

  40. Dissenter

    El Tel1,
    Actually the Barca – Chelsea game has nothing to do with Cech.
    It’s was all about fate and luck.

    Chelsea played the perfect defensive game and still needed luck because they were a man down.
    The defensive midfield combination of Ramirez and Mikel Obi was perfect.
    I lost count of the number of times Barca hit the bar in that game.

  41. El Tel 1

    Tony Adams.

    Similar player to Terry. Brave and all that but really got exposed against great strikers.

    Adams was lucky to have the likes of Keown,Bould, OLeary,Sol alongside him with great shields just in front of him.

    England really do struggle with CBs in recent times.

    Not knocking Tony but I saw the likes of McLintock, Simpson and OLeary, so he wasn’t the best defender I have seen at the Arsenal

  42. steve

    “Funny that. I see Terry as very average”


    Lol John Terry is a very good defender no doubt.

  43. Redtruth


    Watch Germany take the lead from a straight down the middle punt v Terry for England

    Watch Ljungberg shrug off Terry n the FA Cup Final

    Watch Terry trip over his feet to allow Van Persie to score.

  44. Dissenter

    There’s a selfish part of me that wants Chile to be knocked out in the quarters so Alexis can start his vacation 7-10 days early and come back sooner, next season.

    Noemi have to find a priest to take my confession.

  45. El Tel 1


    That’s my point Mate.

    Barca hot the woodwork so many times. He is lucky too.

    I also think a striker has to place the ball closer to the woodwork to beat the great Keepers. Almunia and Chesser are a joke. Simply hit the target and the chances of scoring are high.

    Do you see my point.

    I wouldn’t know but how many times has Cech been beaten from outside the area?

    Almunia and Chesser plus Flappy were experts in letting in 30 yarder’s.

    I see it as strikers doing their homework and knowing they are beatable.

  46. Thank you and goodnight


    You bring up a very valid point and I agree in some ways with you. I once read Peter Shiltons autobiography and he once said how a good defense makes a keepers job easier. But he also said a good keeper gives his defence some confidence as well. I’m hoping that Cech instills some confidence in a defence that let’s be honest, have improved over the last few years.

  47. El Tel 1


    Watch Terry miss a penalty in a big final.

    Watch Terry when your missus is not in view.

    He is not a great defender for me.

    Sorry but he had Makele, Carvalhio and many other good players around him.

    Funny how they haven’t won the league more often.

    He is an aggressive shouter like Big Tone. That’s about it.

  48. Dissenter

    Assuming those three instances are Terry errors, does it make him any less of a defender.

    How many times has he bailed out England clearing balls on the line and leading the defence well.

    England’s problem is over-expectation from tabloid hype combined with stage fright when the lights come up.

  49. El Tel 1


    When Cloughie bought Shilton for Forest he said this Guy will save us 10 points a season. Back the. Their was 2 points for a win. He also won the European cup with them.

    We at Arsenal never see a Keeper as being important. A Wenger weakness.

    Van Der Sar was probably Fergies best signing in the past ten years of his reign.

    Graham signed Seaman and we improved too.

    Great keepers are vital. No good scoring 4 if your keeper lets 4 in

  50. El Tel 1


    Why is Terry on the line. As a CB he should be in front of his keeper stopping the forwards.

    Ashley Cole was the king of goal line clearances.

  51. El Tel 1


    Henry made many Keepers look like mugs.

    Our Keepers were Drogba’s bitch and as for Messi. Well his goal tally rocketed when Almunia was the challenge. Chesser not much better either.

  52. El Tel 1

    Shilton got beat by the Germans from a free kick. Shit happens.

    The less it happens though the better.

  53. Dissenter

    El Tel1,
    Ronaldinho speaking about John Terry in 2008: “The toughest opponents for me are the defenders who are tough in the way they play, where you can’t see a way through,” said Ronaldinho. “Paolo Maldini and John Terry are two of the toughest men I have met on the field.

    I agree with you that Terry is not the TOTAL defender and has always played with more technical. Cavallho and now Cahill are more complete fenders because they have speed but Terry’s reading of the game and ability to lead by example trumps all that.

    I feel really dirty defending the scumbag that he is, but I just had to clarify that.

  54. Thank you and goodnight

    @El Tel 1

    For once 😀 I totally agree with you. And yes no doubt he’ll drop a clanger or 2, not even the best in the world are fuck up proof, but he’ll still bring a level of calmness, confidence and authority that will only help the back 4. And out of Ospina, Chesney and Cech, I’d rather have the big czech behind the sticks 100%

  55. izzo

    Arsenal are reportedly lining up a surprise £5million move for Leicester City’s full-back Jeffrey Schlupp. Is Gibbs being sold? Makes no sense but hes young and had a good season

  56. kwik fit

    The word ‘Supergroup’ is banded about much too frequently but I have just returned from a concert featuring exactly that . @ What a fucking group ‘ The Who’ . And Rodger never sang ‘ Highbury highs’ fucking gutted 🙂

  57. tunnygriffboy


    Couple of years ago I saw Roger Daltrey play the whole of Tommy live. He had Pete Townshends brother play guitar in his band. Did a load of solo/Who stuff as well. Pretty excellent. Tickets were dirt cheap and at a pretty small venue as well.

  58. Bamford10

    El Tel

    Sorry, mate, but you have no eye for the game. John Terry not a good defender? Ludicrous. Best CB England have had in decades and at his best, world class. Class in tackling, class in the air, class in positioning, class in distribution.

    And Kondogbia average? For fuck sake that’s nonsense. Just nonsense.

    As for your point about having to watch dross play for Arsenal back in the 70’s, that’s irrelevant. Arsenal are now one of the biggest clubs in the world, have plenty of money, a massive stadium and the highest ticket prices in England. Supporters should demand excellence at every position on the pitch, and in the first five players off the bench. No excuse for anything less.

  59. Dark Hei

    Happy Birthday Peds

    My dad knows zero about football. I was initiated into the sport by Championship Manager. Aston Villa was on the first of the list of clubs you can pick. But I thought that as a newbie I should give myself a bit of an advantage without being “man you”. So I picked Arsenal, and low and behold, we won the double that year.

    Onwards and upwards!

  60. Wallace


    “Sorry, mate, but you have no eye for the game. John Terry not a good defender? Ludicrous. Best CB England have had in decades and at his best, world class.”

    great defender, yeah, but Rio Ferdinand was the best English CB of the last 20yrs. and had to prove it playing in far more attacking teams than Terry.

  61. nasri's mouth

    Terry was a very good defender, still giod, though playing in a side like Chelsea hides his weaknesses, but to say he’s the best English defender in decades is laughable. You only need to go back to Ferdinand to find a better one.

    Stick Terry in Fergies ManU and see how he coped.

  62. Gregg

    It’s all about partnerships for CB’s. The best one England have had in ages was Campbell and Ferdinand without doubt. Ledley King and Jonathon Woodgate were also quality but injuries robbed them of many caps.

    Nowadays Englands CB pairing is probably the worst I can remember.