One Cech’s in – Two Cech out?

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Oh shut up, you can’t bitch about food festivals then roll up on an Essex day out at Ascot?

F*ck yeah I can.

This people, is what happens when you don’t have football in your life. All those things you’d usually turn your nose up become appealing…

I’ve painted walls…

Bought one pot plant…

Thought about baking something…

Gone to a food festival…

Now I’m going to watch horses run fast…

I don’t even like horses. Back the ones that are red…

Right, how are we doing on this fine Friday? I did a presentation yesterday to over 150 people… and no one laughed at my jokes. Not even a smirk. So I’m pretty cut up right now.


Arsenal are really close to signing Petr Cech. How do we know this? Well. Tony Roberts has left Arsenal to go to Swansea, reunited with Fabianski. He was the good keeping coach apparently. That means that the writing is most likely on the wall for Peyton, who’s overseen classic moments like passing on Joe Hart and working on Manuel Almunia. He’s the one that ain’t the best… but he’s part of the old school. So Cech will bring in his own keeping coach, and we might have a weird dual role situation like we do with Shad and Colbert.

Anyway, good news is that there’s an upgrade coming at #1 and there’s an upgrade in the backroom team. That’s bloody magic if you ask me. This signing is a title winning move.

On the flip side, there’s strong talk that Ospina might be off… the Colombian hasn’t really impressed whilst impressing the stats and the back four. He’s not good enough. He’s a bit like drinking tea lying down… feels like a solid move… until you spill it down your neck and burn yourself.

He started to get found out towards the end of the season, he’s being found out in the Copa America, he’s not going to win you the title. He was bad signing.

So that’d just leave Chezzer. Where’s he going to go? Maybe learn under a better keeping coach and become the best keeper of all time? Fanciful, but a change of coach, some more discipline and a mentor like Cech could be good for him!

Anyway, this is a seriously good move. Also, praise to Abramovich. Chelsea showing a bit of heart. Very sweet of Roman… the big old softy.

Pretty sure that’s the best thing that’s going to happen today.

Also, this is essential reading for anyone who loves data and believes in rested players. It’s basketball, but a great read. Ferguson knew this approach better than anyone.

Right, I’m off now to get trashed in a suit. Good times.



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  1. Marc

    No issue with replacing / upgrading on either Welbeck or Walcott but I just have a feeling that if we let Wilshere go it would come back to bite us in the arse. I’d give him a couple more years – it’s not as if CM or CAM is a position we’re short in.

    I also think we need to get away from selling players to any of ManU, Chelsea or Man City. If we sold Walcott to Liverpool the media might make a big deal of it but the fact is they are no longer even close to us if you look at the level we are beginning to operate on – in fact my prediction for first manager to get the bullet is between Tactic’s Tim and Rogers.

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Wouldn’t sell Wilshere. He’s got potential to be a really good player, he is now in fact. Injuries are the issue. Looked really sharp in the small amount of game time he’s had back. Maybe he’s got no niggles and is trusting his body. Also perhaps he’s realised he’s no longer an automatic pick and will really have to perform to get game time

    Don’t know much about Carvalho only thatthere was a lot of positive praise on here a while ago

    Re striker I think we could be waiting for the Madrid eequation to unfold

    Don’t think we’ll begetting a wide player. Too many in the squad and I don’t see Wenger selling many.

  3. nasri's mouth

    People keep talking about selling Wilshere. It’s not going to happen. ManC are never going to offer enough for us to sell. We want to keep him, he wants to stay

  4. nasri's mouth

    I think the Carvalho rumours are just his club looking for buyers. If they drop the price enough I’d be very tempted

  5. Marko

    IG: Because when you bring somebody in, you’re pushing somebody else down, so you’ve got to be sure that when you add someone, you’re really raising the level of the squad. That’s our challenge this summer and I’m convinced we’ll be up to it, as we have been for the last couple of years.

    This sounds telling. Might be slow building this summer but you get the feeling they’ll be of the highest quality.

    Also hearing how Ian Wright met and talk about Dennis Bergkamp is brilliant

  6. tunnygriffboy


    Ramsey and Wilshere are 24 and 23 respectively. They not at their peak yet. They’ll be in the team for years to come along with the likes of Ox, Bellerin etc.
    Ozil and Sanchez are only 26. We have a pretty balanced squad in terms of age.

  7. Savage

    Van De Sar was the game changer for Ferguson – possibly his most significant signing ever after the disasters of Barthez, Bosnich, etc

  8. steve

    Just read some member from NRA blamed the pastor for the shooting for wanting more liberal gun laws. Fucking unbelievable.

  9. useroz

    Ramsey is not even a very good players with the sort of inconsistency and sometimes lapses in games. To win the PL we can’t afford Ramsey to do well in 5 to 10 games a season. Ditto Wilshere about his injuries.

    If either stays at least they need to be able to play consistently well for 30 or so games for us to have. Ashot at the PL title.

    Why didn’t anyone ask IG on how he’d see our squad as very good when we are (and have been) 10-15 points off the top??

    Other than Cech (assuming he joins) a cover/altenrative for Coq, plus a very good striker would be a mimimum. A 25-26 yo repl for Rosicky would be great.

  10. nasri's mouth


    Ramsey’s problem has been injuries. Keep him fit and he’ll keep giving top performances

  11. Bamford10

    Mouth (& all Ramsey believers)

    Not being snarky at all, but two questions:
    1. did Ramsey deal with injury this season? what/when? (don’t remember this)
    2. in which games this year did he give “top” performances?

    For me, I saw a lot of average-ness from him all year. Maybe that’s just me. Cazorla did pip him for his spot, though, yes?

  12. salparadisenyc

    Looking like Kongdog is heading to Inter, be surprised if we were ever in for him if thats the case.

  13. kenyangunner

    So Cech is a done deal? Won’t believe until I see it on
    Emir Spahic was reportedly a done deal few seasons ago.

  14. Bamford10

    So apparently Ramsey missed twelve weeks this season. How do I not remember this? Guess I don’t pay attention to Ramsey. Not one of my favorites.

  15. tunnygriffboy


    Ramsey like Wilshere is much maligned Neither at their peak and missed a huge chunk of their careers through injury. He struggle with injury first half of the season, hamstring issues.

    Many of the anti Arsenal pundits reognise what a valuable part of the side he’s become. Caragher says he’s one of the best B2b midfielders in the league and Graeme Souness raves about him

    Santi did play in his position when both he and Wilshere was injured. He was the experienced head alongside the rookie Coquelin. He was the passer from midfield. As Coquelin improves his passing range expect Ramsey to go back to his natural B2b role.

    Interesting that Wenger used him on the right at the end of the season to counter balance Alexis.

    28 sterts/7 sub appearances 9 goals 7 assists. Not bad figures when you consider his injuries and the fact he played on the right.

  16. tunnygriffboy

    Kondogbia to Milan ? No CL, struggling side. Something odd there. Thought bigger clubs be after him. Is he not as good as we thought he was ? I don’t know. Interesting.

  17. Bamford10


    No need to explain Ramsey’s role or play to me. Well acquainted with it. I just don’t rate him as highly as some here do.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Similar to Wanyama then, media would have you believe top clubs were falling over themselves to sign him, ended up at Saints with no fight.

    Like I said yesterday, maybe similar with Kondogbia then.

  19. tunnygriffboy


    Wasn’t trying to tell you how to suck eggss re Ramsey. He had a huge season theseason before last even though he missed a chunk after Christmas. He basically did what Alexis did for us this season. With the change in team personel and dynamic it was unlikely he would hit those numbers again. Injury stuffed him as well. He will improve and will always chip in with goals from midfield.

  20. gunnergetyou

    We’re still being linked with Carvalho, the mirror reckon we’ve made a bid. Haven’t seen much of him but they say his release clause is £37m. it’s a non starter if that’s the case

  21. Marko

    Very strange. Are we to believe he’s so good only Milan and Inter were interested in him? If that’s the case spurs probably had a chance then. Maybe there’s something in those rumours of Krychowiak signing up with a British agency

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Rumour has it they will accept less, I think it said something like £28 Million with the potential to rise to the full release clause if certain things happen.

  23. Marko

    New post. Wouldn’t pay more than 22 million for Carvalho considering Krychowiak or Lars Bender would cost that much

  24. Ankit_gooner

    I am sure that arsenal are interested in cech but I still find it hard to believe that roman and mourinho will sell to us.We are the strongest team in the league after them,they aren’t going to make us stronger.If its happening,I guess that’s humane of chelsea

  25. arselicked

    Not Cech please, he is finished. Mourinho will be laughing at us. He is a ‘has been’. Lets not make the same mistake that we made with Silvestere.

    Just work with Ospina. He made a few errors but so did Di Gea. He doesn’t panic on one on ones and has excellent reflexes.

    We should be buying a goal keeping coach, Kondogbia and a striker