One Cech’s in – Two Cech out?

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Oh shut up, you can’t bitch about food festivals then roll up on an Essex day out at Ascot?

F*ck yeah I can.

This people, is what happens when you don’t have football in your life. All those things you’d usually turn your nose up become appealing…

I’ve painted walls…

Bought one pot plant…

Thought about baking something…

Gone to a food festival…

Now I’m going to watch horses run fast…

I don’t even like horses. Back the ones that are red…

Right, how are we doing on this fine Friday? I did a presentation yesterday to over 150 people… and no one laughed at my jokes. Not even a smirk. So I’m pretty cut up right now.


Arsenal are really close to signing Petr Cech. How do we know this? Well. Tony Roberts has left Arsenal to go to Swansea, reunited with Fabianski. He was the good keeping coach apparently. That means that the writing is most likely on the wall for Peyton, who’s overseen classic moments like passing on Joe Hart and working on Manuel Almunia. He’s the one that ain’t the best… but he’s part of the old school. So Cech will bring in his own keeping coach, and we might have a weird dual role situation like we do with Shad and Colbert.

Anyway, good news is that there’s an upgrade coming at #1 and there’s an upgrade in the backroom team. That’s bloody magic if you ask me. This signing is a title winning move.

On the flip side, there’s strong talk that Ospina might be off… the Colombian hasn’t really impressed whilst impressing the stats and the back four. He’s not good enough. He’s a bit like drinking tea lying down… feels like a solid move… until you spill it down your neck and burn yourself.

He started to get found out towards the end of the season, he’s being found out in the Copa America, he’s not going to win you the title. He was bad signing.

So that’d just leave Chezzer. Where’s he going to go? Maybe learn under a better keeping coach and become the best keeper of all time? Fanciful, but a change of coach, some more discipline and a mentor like Cech could be good for him!

Anyway, this is a seriously good move. Also, praise to Abramovich. Chelsea showing a bit of heart. Very sweet of Roman… the big old softy.

Pretty sure that’s the best thing that’s going to happen today.

Also, this is essential reading for anyone who loves data and believes in rested players. It’s basketball, but a great read. Ferguson knew this approach better than anyone.

Right, I’m off now to get trashed in a suit. Good times.



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  1. nasri's mouth

    Lens coach has confirmed we’ve signed Adelaide and Fortune

    Looks like we’re targeting a fair few 15-17 yr olds

  2. Kiyoshi Ito


    Serves you right. .I don’t feel sorry for you.

    I recall your snidey comment last week Sunday, when I was having a one-2one with Nasri..

    In fact you have been snidey for the best part of 5 years
    You were formally vozkii back then..

    One minute you were deriding me, the next blowing smoke up my ass, trying to be all nice.

    You are worse than a female dog
    .See saw all over the place.

    Anyway Mr ‘I work for the Civil Service”…
    Euphemism for you are a pen pusher, paper shuffler.

    Good night

  3. N5

    “Looks like we’re targeting a fair few 15-17 yr olds”

    See it’s one rule for a football club a whole different lockupable rule for me!!

  4. N5

    Ito, is this one of your good nights that end up with another 3 or 4 comments before you leave?

    You fascinated with NM it’s unhealthy!

    Wanna talk snidey comments how about you coming here late at night calling Pedro a cunt and digging him out for hours with some guy who’s name escapes me now, only to come back time and time again to post under your new username.

    Banned as SDE and returns as Ito the clown.

  5. northern gooner


    The sponsors are ruthless. They got young Rory as the poster boy now. So they might let tiger have a long break to finally sort the swing.
    What happened to Jason Day? Im flicking between golf and the boxing preview for tomorrow.

  6. N5

    I feel sorry for you Nasri

    Good night

    You’re a wanker Nasri

    Good night

    Nasri “insert some homoerotic name here” mouth I will obsess over you for years!

    Good night

    Good night, oops I didn’t even say anything that time.

    Or that time, in fact I never do, good night. good night, I’m off good night.


    Good night.
    Good night.

  7. N5

    Just go back to Dan, sign in with the email you use here and change the picture there. Reverse Pedroing if you will.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah that’s what I mean, got a new head of the academy now filling it with more talent.

    Good stuff…shouldn’t have any effect on our transfer dealings and a strong academy is always good to have.

  9. MidwestGun

    Lol come on y’all… water under the bridge. Fair to say, most on here have been dickheads at one time or another.

    But if we could refrain from being psychotic that would be good. Lee went all swastika on us.

    Northern –
    They are saying he got dizzy and collapsed. Maybe heatstroke or something not sure.

  10. N5

    NM, he wants to talk bitch, have you read through the archives ever under his name. His obsession with you has gone on for years. Do you remember a couple of years back when you stopped posting for a while and we all thought he’d kidnapped you.

    Ito the clown had you tied up in his basement repeatedly hitting you with his size 24 shoes that made a honk with each blow. Before saying he was off a 1000 times and never actually going!!

    From STD to Clown his obsession makes him the biggest bitch on here. I’d love to dig up the comments from the night he had a meltdown and cried on Midwests shoulder too. Embarrassing stuff.

  11. nasri's mouth


    I used to enjoy our conversations! Quite weird though that he comes back with basically the same modus operandi. Strange lack of logic sometimes.

    But im always up for an argument with a nutter

  12. N5

    I haven’t had a row on here for ages, in fact the last one was with Ito wasn’t it on TDD when he was calling me a voyeur then he apologised and now I’m a cunt again, he’s got more faces then big ben.

  13. N5

    HOLD ON WAIT A MINUTE!! Lee didn’t you say your bird was a redhead model recently and now you’ve added she’s black.

    Are you married to Dennis Rodman?

  14. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    River? Or his alter ego with the foreign language spelling. He likes you too.
    Trying to think of a good Avi for Ahern. Thinking Nacho. Seems to be his new mancrush.

  15. MidwestGun

    … if I may turn the convo back to the football…
    For the love of God, yes please. Lol.

    Interesting Lacazette as one of the headliners. I don’t think him or Fekir are likely either from the articles coming out of Lyon. Unless we make an offer they just can’t refuse. Not sure how much that would be.

  16. Cr0 Gunner

    N5 it’s a weird thing with Lee I remember the day after the racial incident in Paris he and I got into a debate…. instead of acknowledging something genuine took place he started saying why did the black guy try and attempt to get on the carriage! I’m naive sometimes in thinking gooners are a different breed to the rest more tolerant and rounded individuals then you get Lee!

  17. N5

    Sal, it was my mother hours after I was born, later it was the vicar that christened me it, Fuck face of South East London I was known from that day forward.

    Cr0, I was a little shocked tonight as that seemed to come out of nowhere. I knew the moment the shooting came up that someone would do it, but you just hope they don’t.

    I thought it was Chelsea that had the scum fans.

  18. Leedsgunner


    I hope your wife doesn’t nag you very much because you do attract some aggro from the punters on here. Do random strangers go up to you at slag you off in real life? Or do you participate in pub brawls? 😉

  19. London gunner

    So many crazy characters on here, be fascinating to get them all in a room. Mention arsena wenger and record the inevitable chaos.

  20. MidwestGun

    I honestly don’t think we are in for Kondogbia as there would be smoke coming out of France and not the Metro. Actually because the Metro said we are starting negotiations. …I’m saying we haven’t even picked up the phone.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    That Sky Italia agent type bloke though a few on here has said is credible did say Wenger had personally spoken with him though…

    Where he ends up will give you a good clue I think, if it’s somewhere like Milan or worse Spurs it will sort of indicate none of the big boys were as keen on him as the media made out. Like Wanyama.

  22. N5

    Leeds sorry I missed the last bit of your comment about being in pub brawls. I don’t tend too because….. well I’m a right treat in real life! 😀

  23. salparadisenyc

    N5 Loooool Fuck face of southeast London.

    Dipshit and Fuckface… sounds like the panhandle to me… although i’ve only been there in film.

    Middy.. agree on King Kongdog. Although from what i’ve read about Mr. Law rocks up with a piece of paper and number written on it. Donzo… take it or leave it.

    Gazidas is on record stating he did the Ozil deal in Madrid which i’d imagine was a tester.

  24. MidwestGun

    Too bad I can’t get the FBI to tap Wenger’s phone. I could be one of those anonymous ITK dudes.

    apparently Palmeri Tancredi works for Bein sports US now as he was talking about Vidal on there the other day. That dude is never right either.

  25. MidwestGun

    RedTroll –
    I know you could work for the Metro. Maybe give your bended over team of the week. Or most over -rated world class player run down. I should be your agent maybe I can get you a job get you out of your mom’s basement.

  26. Kiyoshi Ito


    Just call N5″I’m a civil servant”,
    euphemism for I’m a fornicating paper shuffler..Watch him explode..

  27. MidwestGun

    The bane of satellite and internet has spawned a new breed of troll.
    There fixed it for you. Just think about how lonely you ‘d be without the internet Redtroll. End of Days type stuff.

  28. Kiyoshi Ito

    What’s actually embarrassing is that you are a grown man with a wife and kids..And you spend your every waking moment on here (at least for the past 5 years), being a snidey, bitch arse licking douchebag..Attempting to put the world to rights and argue you with kids old enough to be your children.

    Now that’s more than embarrassing, it’s excruciatingly painful. And you are more than likely to be on here for another 5 years , whilst paper shuffling at work, pretending to be a man of importance.

    Fucking hey, how you have wasted the best years of your life.

    Really sad…

    Say all you want, feel big, feel tough on here.But in your quiet moments, I bet you wished you could have used your time more wisely and in fact be more of a substantive figure, rather than an ordinary, run of the mill, curtain twitching plebiscite.

  29. Kiyoshi Ito

    I am now…

    See you in a few months. Some of us have meaningful lives.

    Respond all you like..Won’t respond..No doubt this is your life, in it’s entirety. On here all day, everyday..Have a good life..

  30. N5

    Ito, I’m happy with my life mate, sorry that you’re not and to the point that you cried about it on here.

    Did you honestly mock me for having a wife family and a job! ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Go on, write another one of your fake Keyser/Wenger phone calls down and then tell me once more I’m the one wasting my life.

    Ha ha did you also just say goodbye again, let’s see if Boppo sticks to his word once more, like he never does.

  31. N5

    Also wait a minute I’m 36 who on here do I argue with that’s old enough to be my children? Jim and Eagle are the only young ones and I’d have to have been 14 when I had them.

  32. MidwestGun

    Ecuador just sent El Tri packing. Too bad… not sad. Any Mexico loss is a good loss.

    For the record it doesn’t take much time to be on here. It’s on the tablet or phone. Some of you must read very slowly. I’ve probably only wasted like an hour of my life. Mostly any correspondence with Marble but even he has his moments. In fact I’ve built entire houses and still been able to enjoy Le Grove at the same time. I’m a multi-tasking genius and I can mix drinks simultaneously, too. Lol.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    Watching a documentary on Netflix ‘The Fog of War,’ don’t know if any of our American gooners know a lot about this guy, Robert McNamara…the stuff this guy lived through and was a part of…

    His insight into the October 1962 Cuban missile crisis was chilling, makes you think, there are a handful of men in a room somewhere who’s decisions could affect millions, potentially billions of lives…

  34. N5

    Exactly Mid, look throughout the day, yes there is normally about 20 comments but they are done on toilet breaks, or lunch or on the transport to and from work. Its like saying to someone who’s sent you a few texts in the day that they’re never off their phone.

    Ito won’t change though, he’s always got some nasty thing to say to someone. As sal said he was a cunt as STD and he’s still a cunt as Boppo.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Really recommend it, has recorded conversations between him as Secretary of Defence, I think, hard to keep up with the titles this guy has and various Presidents of the US…the lead up to ground troops in Vietnam is fascinating.

    Johnson was terrified of putting ground troops in, just really interesting to see behind the façade…

  36. salparadisenyc


    That documentary is amazing… McNamara a point of reference for any leader.
    One tough Fekir.

  37. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    That’s because basically they do. Read up on the American space defense agency sometime. Satellite warfare, scary stuff and missile defense.

    Just heard Sanchez has been complaining of muscle fatigue and tiredness. But yet starting tonight. Take a game off ffs Alexis.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Incredible man.

    The way he talks about things, you sort of think I want that guy in my government, reasoned, cautious and decisive all at once.

    Don’t pretend to know about him, obviously you will know far more about him from me but from this documentary he comes across as something special.

    Was part of the strategy for aerial raids of Japan, reinvented the Ford Motor Company, was a crucial advisor to JFK in the Cuban crisis, adviser to Johnson, liaised with top world officials…

    Depresses you a bit, just think I will never do an inch of what this guy has done, if you’d done any one of those things you’d be chuffed!

  39. Cesc Appeal


    Well this is what McNamara is saying, there are however many tens of thousands warheads, is it right that one man has the say over their use and the fate of potentially mankind.

  40. Dan Ahern

    Just had a good laugh reading back through the comments. I feel bad for (almost) getting into it with Keyser sometimes, he’s at least got his wits about him. Some real characters on here–make you laugh because you don’t want to cry!

  41. N5

    NM (not sure if you’re still online) but I noticed you had an N5 shaped cloak on tonight. It’s almost as if you were invisible to Bonzo.

  42. Dan Ahern

    You guys watch the series The Americans? I’m in the second season right now, it’s pretty good. It’s a drama about Soviet spies living outside DC in the 80s. All fiction, but they work in historical elements, like them trying to get info on satellite defense, ARPANET, stealth technology, etc.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    It is scary.

    Especially in this modern age you think a war could be triggered by a hacker in a garage basically.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    Well it’s alright for you, some of us are still skulking though the 20’s and have only cling film hats

  45. Dan Ahern

    N5 — Yeah I say go for it, I enjoy it. I’ll be honest I think season two begins to drag a tad, but only because that first season was crazy. It’s a good show.

  46. N5

    Hi le-grove, long time listener, first time caller here.I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of years and have never felt the need to comment, until now. I am 33 years old and have supported Arsenal since I was 6. Never In this whole time have I felt as jaded by the club as I do now.
    Everything you say about Wenger is correct. I feel like I’m watching the fall of some mad dictator and with all dictators, it will end in tears, as it always does.I went to Goodison on Sunday with an Everton supporting friend and watched the game from the Gwladys St. Stand. The most depressing thing about that situation, was not sitting amongst the celebrating Everton fans as they tore us a new one, but was listening to the Everton fans talk about how sure they were they would beat us. Everyone around me had unwavering belief in their team, manager etc. I really believe that energy from the fansfilters through the stadium and is taken on by the players. How can it not? This is something that the majority of Arsenal fans have been lacking for sometime now. That belief has been sucked out of us and I truely believe it has been sucked out the players as well. This is no ones fault but Wengers who has cut this team with a knife of mediocrity and let all passion bleed away. We are but shadows of what we used to be. This man needs to go NOW before we wither away and die.My last thought is on our new manager. I was asked this question by my Everton fan friend on Sunday and I mentioned someone who I have watched for the past few years with envious eyes; Thomas Tuchel. I’m happy that you are onto this now as well, as every time I’ve spoken about him before, no one had a clue who I was talking about. Look like that’s changing now though and I’m sure his name will be cropping up more and more in these discussions.Keep up the good work, let’s all pray that soon this nightmare will be over, and then we will get our club back. I support Arsenal not Arsene.

  47. salparadisenyc


    Its like an alarm clock for sal paradise… deano calling from deep in the middle.

  48. salparadisenyc

    That may of been the funniest day on here, when Oswald popped up…. and Keyser – gambon calling each other fatty’s.

  49. MidwestGun

    Agreed. … I think Oswald was like 4 hours ahead. Read his comment like 20 times. And he never appeared again in real time.

    Sanchez with a wicked free kick. … barely saved by Bolivian keeper.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    Wish Sanchez would stop being such a bitch and drop the restraining order, who knows what he’s carelessly throwing in the rubbish that I could use in my shrine…floss isn’t a use and throw object Alexis!

  51. N5

    Cesc, a restraining order is just a teasers way of saying “I’m playing hard to get, but come get me”. You’re good to go mate.

  52. MidwestGun

    I wish Sanchez would take a day off. Sheeesh. He’s noticeably playing at about half energy and they really don’t need him.

    That said two Ridiculously close freekick s. Lol. Hits the post. Could have 2 goals.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    That’s what I’m saying.

    He tries to hide his affection behind a mask of fearful expressions, mace and court orders, but we all know what he really feels.

  54. N5

    Ha cheers Blsany, it’s embarrassing though isn’t it! I wish I could just do a Keyser and talk them into submission.

  55. Ozy

    Thanks N5, Mid and everybody else who saw called Lee out for being an unapologetic and quite agressive racist. Not sure what exactly sent him over the edge. There was nothing “anti-white” in my comments. It’s hilarious when people tell me to go back to Africa when I’m Ecuadorian. Anyway. Really unsettling comments from Lee. Not sure where all of that aggression came from.

    Solid header from Sanchez against Bolivia, making it 2-0. Mexico crashed out! I have an unhealthy disdain towards the Mexican national team.

  56. MidwestGun

    I have an unhealthy disdain towards the Mexican national team.
    Lol. That just makes you an American. No love lost there in football terms.

  57. N5

    Ozy you’re welcome, also Pedro knows about it so I’m not sure if Lee will be allowed back on again, Pedro has a zero tolerance normally for racism.

  58. Marko

    Holy shit that Lee fella had a god damn meltdown. The grammatical errors alone were worth a ban. Poor chappie

  59. Bamford10

    Yes, I do love the word “fuckface,” but I’m not sure I’ve used it here. I did tell someone here to go fuck his own face, but I can’t even remember whom now.

    Thames water under the London Bridge, as far as I’m concerned.


    “Mention Arsene Wenger and record the inevitable chaos.”

    So true. Loved this image.

    A thought: Pedro should add a feature to the site that is an alphabetized index of posters. Maybe former posters or binned posters. Could be a Hall of Fame/Hall of Shame type thing. Or it could include current posters as well. Regardless, each name would be accompanied by a description perhaps — AKB, AKB with qualification, WOB, dickhead, arrogant prick, sweetheart, whatever — and a number of memorable quotes.

    Anyone remember what Lee (?) signed off with a few weeks back, btw, something about ‘later you cunts, I have models to bang’? I thought I wrote it down, because it might’ve been the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on here. Anyone still remember this?


    What do you think about a Hall of Fame/ Shame or index of posters or binned or memorable posters?

  60. Bamford10


    “Hi le-grove, long time listener, first time caller here.I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of years and have never felt … ”

    What was this? Your first post? Someone who had a meltdown’s first post?

  61. N5

    Bamford about a year ago a poster called Oswald came on and made that comment, but no matter how many times we commented, after everyones post Oswalds would repost under it. So you’d have posters saying what was going to be said before it was said, if that makes sense.

    He became known as Oswald the time traveler. He made that one post that broke Le Grove and he was never heard from again.

  62. Bamford10

    Ito [to N5]

    “a curtain twitching plebiscite”

    This place just gets better and better. A “plebiscite” is a referendum. You must be thinking, Ito, of “plebeian”? Probably.

    But what do you mean by “curtain twitching”? I must know. Can anyone decipher this? Ito?

    It’s amusing how much vitriol N5 foments in certain types who pass through here. Literally the most mild-mannered and harmless voice here. What can explain it, N5?

  63. N5

    Bamford a curtain twitcher is a little old lady that peers from behind her curtains at what the “damn pesky kids” are doing outside. It’s a busy body.

    RE the abuse, Ito isn’t all there like most of the abusive ones. You only have to read his comments towards Nasri’s Mouth for the past 3 years to see how crazy he is.

  64. Bamford10

    Oswald, yes. That may have been one of the few days I WASN’T here. Insane how addictive this place is.

  65. tunnygriffboy

    City mmmmmm. Can’t get Sterling. Tell you Pogba’s good we’ll go for him. Oh dear he won’t come. Never mind we’ll go for Jack , even though he’ll know he ‘s 3rd choice. I hope he and the club tell them to f. Off.

  66. tunnygriffboy

    Jackson Martinez obviously wants to come to us judging by his quotes. Does anyone think we’ve made an enquiry ? It’s possible we have but it’s on thebackburner due to rumours of Benzema leaving and Madrid getting Aguero and Pogba. If we are waiting for Benz it could be a long summer

    Tell him to forget being in Ronaldo and Bale’s shadow. Come and be the main man and king of the Emirates.

  67. El Tel 1

    Anyone remember the great Pat Jennings coming to us back in the 70’s. He was probably older then than Cech is today. We got some great years out of Pat and won a couple of trophies.

    I heard Durham of the Talkshite slagging us off again for wanting as he said “Chelsea’s reserve keeper” and how we are desperate.

    Funny thing is Moaninhio is shitting himself that we could be signing Cech, who is the desperate one.

    Goalkeeper has been our weakest position since Jens left. Apart from a WC striker it is also one of the most important positions on a football pitch.

    You can score goals galore but if the keeper is shit, there will always be goals against you.

    Those high scoring defeats and score draws say a lot.

    I hope we get Cech and I hope he becomes as successful as big Pat was back in the day.

    Although big Pat is a Spuds legend he is also an Arsenal legend too.

    Not many if any will have been able to do this.

    Maybe Cech can.

  68. tunnygriffboy

    El Tel

    33 not that old for akeeper. He’ll bring with him experience and real professional. Be great for Schezzer to work alongside him

    If he comes then we are getting a keeper who will be gagging to play after being on the bench all last season, will have something to prove and a new lease of life coming to a big club. It’s quite exciting

    How much do you know about Carvalho ?

  69. Marko

    After Cech throw in one of Krychowiak, Carvalho, Kondogbia or Lars Bender. Either Benzema or Lacazette and the possibility of a wideman and we’re looking dangerously competitive next season

  70. El Tel 1

    Your Comment HereTuning


    I know nothing about Carvalho. Just reading the rumours and this rumour keeps coming back.

    Just guessing Wenger’s thoughts.

  71. tunnygriffboy


    Cech , Carvalho , Benzema erection

    Wideman as well orgasm

    Seriously if we get the first 3 then that will be an sxcellent summer. This transfer window will see a lot of money spentby a lot of teams. We need less than city, manu and lpool. Amazing considering how much those clubs have spent over the last couple of years.

  72. Cesc Appeal

    If City are actually offering £40 Million for Wilshere take it, all day long.

    See we’re being linked strongly with Carvalho again, hard to say what’s total fabrication and what has some truth to it in transfer season but I did say a few weeks back I thought we might still be sniffing around there, he’s young, chance to develop his game, can play CB as well and he’s off the radar.

    Get rid of the crap, sell Wilshere, Cech, Carvalho, Fekir and Benzema…it will do I suppose, had worse summers.

  73. Cesc Appeal

    As I’m on my own…

    Humidity’s rising
    Barometers getting low
    According to all sources, the streets the place to go
    Cause tonight for the first time
    Just about half past ten
    For the first team in history, it’s going to star raining Lex

    It’s raining Lex, hallelujah, it’s raining Lex

  74. Marko

    Take the 40 you could get Gundogen or someone like Tielemens of Anderlecht for about 20-25 million. The only problem we might be thinking is that HG quota. I know it’s not a problem for us now but could it be a problem later?

  75. Cesc Appeal


    I think we’re set with the quota.

    I was more thinking of pumping any money we got into making sure we got not only a ST but a RM/RW as well. Because right now it feels like if we get one we won’t get the other.

    I like Gundogan, but it feels like replacing one sick note with another, and if Wenger does have his eyes n Carvalho we’d be set in my opinion in the middle.

  76. London gunner

    I don’t think carvalho is worth 20 million. I think He is a significant downgrade on coquelin while at least kondigbia isn’t.

    Also He has the pace of an arteta, so I cant see that translating well to this league.

  77. London gunner


    Yeah I to feel that we need RW.

    Perhaps we could sell welbeck and use those funds to secure a talented player.

  78. Marko

    Nah need a left sided player more so. Walcott, Alexis, Santi, Oxlade, Ozil and Gnabry can all play right side.

  79. vicky

    Read Arseblog IG and IW interviews. Very interesting stuff. Cech is now a certainty as Gazidis did not deny the story. But looks it will be a long transfer window going by Gazidis’ comment. A kind of wait and watch policy.

  80. Cesc Appeal


    But as everyone has said, Sanchez has said he enjoys the left slot.

    Someone like Fekir is left footed as well so…I also wouldn’t consider Gnabry, needs to go out on loan hopefully to someone like Saints, or Cazorla, who is more CM or CAM, same with Ozil.

  81. Marko

    Thing is London Carvalho has a presence in the middle and great passing and reading of the game. He’s faster than Arteta too. He’d be a good signing. But honestly I’d maybe edge more towards Krychowiak and Lars Bender but anyone of Kramer, Carvalho, Kondogbia or Schneiderlin would all be fantastic additions