One Cech’s in – Two Cech out?

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Oh shut up, you can’t bitch about food festivals then roll up on an Essex day out at Ascot?

F*ck yeah I can.

This people, is what happens when you don’t have football in your life. All those things you’d usually turn your nose up become appealing…

I’ve painted walls…

Bought one pot plant…

Thought about baking something…

Gone to a food festival…

Now I’m going to watch horses run fast…

I don’t even like horses. Back the ones that are red…

Right, how are we doing on this fine Friday? I did a presentation yesterday to over 150 people… and no one laughed at my jokes. Not even a smirk. So I’m pretty cut up right now.


Arsenal are really close to signing Petr Cech. How do we know this? Well. Tony Roberts has left Arsenal to go to Swansea, reunited with Fabianski. He was the good keeping coach apparently. That means that the writing is most likely on the wall for Peyton, who’s overseen classic moments like passing on Joe Hart and working on Manuel Almunia. He’s the one that ain’t the best… but he’s part of the old school. So Cech will bring in his own keeping coach, and we might have a weird dual role situation like we do with Shad and Colbert.

Anyway, good news is that there’s an upgrade coming at #1 and there’s an upgrade in the backroom team. That’s bloody magic if you ask me. This signing is a title winning move.

On the flip side, there’s strong talk that Ospina might be off… the Colombian hasn’t really impressed whilst impressing the stats and the back four. He’s not good enough. He’s a bit like drinking tea lying down… feels like a solid move… until you spill it down your neck and burn yourself.

He started to get found out towards the end of the season, he’s being found out in the Copa America, he’s not going to win you the title. He was bad signing.

So that’d just leave Chezzer. Where’s he going to go? Maybe learn under a better keeping coach and become the best keeper of all time? Fanciful, but a change of coach, some more discipline and a mentor like Cech could be good for him!

Anyway, this is a seriously good move. Also, praise to Abramovich. Chelsea showing a bit of heart. Very sweet of Roman… the big old softy.

Pretty sure that’s the best thing that’s going to happen today.

Also, this is essential reading for anyone who loves data and believes in rested players. It’s basketball, but a great read. Ferguson knew this approach better than anyone.

Right, I’m off now to get trashed in a suit. Good times.



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  1. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Is hunting a part of your background? Don’t think it has much to do with corporations as its been around since the movement West. Gun culture has been romantucized by the Westerns and in music including rap music. But ya Its in the best interests of gun manufacturers to keep it going sure but I don’t think they created the demand in the first place. And now it’s been latched onto by politics to say it’s about citizens right to make choices.

    Like I said it’s complicated. And generally F’d up.

  2. Bamford10

    Just read a WhoScored article on the Colombia-Brazil match, which I didn’t see. A couple of interesting points:

    1. Before headbutting the GK and getting a red, Neymar “lost possession 23 times, including 12 inaccurate passes, the most of any outfield player on the pitch.”

    2. Firmino was the lowest rated outfield player on the pitch, with a 5.33.

    3. Carlos Sanchez — yes, that Carlos Sanchez — was “sensational,” according to the writer, “offering 6 tackles – the most on the pitch. It reflected his dominance of that entire area.” Sanchez earned a 7.92 rating, second highest on the pitch.

    Perhaps I should’ve ACTUALLY championed this guy? Just kidding. 😉

  3. Ozy

    Neymar looked frustrated as fuck during that entire game. The guy’s super talented but his immaturity due to age shows at times. Colombia got in his head, which was unfortunate for Brazil because outside of him, they don’t have many goalscorers. Now that he’s banned from the next match, it should be interesting to see who can take on that load – the group is tied at 3 points each team.

  4. qna

    Isnt the gun laws in America something that is linked to the creation of the US and nothing to do with wild west culture or any other culture. Very crudely sumarised I understand it to be that when the states agreed to join together they did so with reservations of giving up their power and independence. So they put in the basic right for every american to be able to defend itself for all time. Partly so they will also be able to ensure that if the goverment tried to oppress the people in the way they felt the british did that they would also be able to do that.

    I actually admire this basic idea, although clearly it no longer is relevant in modern america. I wonder weather they can outlaw automatic and semi automatic weapons without breaking their constition?

  5. MidwestGun

    As long as they don’t pass Alcohol prohibition again. Y’all don’t want to deal with me sober. 🙂

    Bamford –
    Colombia got in Neymar’s head … it was clearly their plan to frustrate and foul him often. Especially given their history betweem Neymar and Zuniga.
    They rightly decided he was the only one who could beat them. Brazil is a shell of their former self with attacking prowess.

  6. MidwestGun

    Qna –
    It’s a bit of both. You have to remember our country is very young and very large compared to many and was basically a frontier and still is in some areas very wild. So a gun was considered a necessary tool and still is considered that in some parts of our country. It’s difficult to change the constitution due to ratification process.

  7. Blsany

    cheers for reading my comment.I’ve only seen some of the US chatshows and that was the narrative they were running with.Imagine if that guy was a Muslim and did exactly the same thing.He’d be called a terrorist.In my eyes that kid was a terrorist.Terrorism-a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.

  8. Ozy

    Blsany, that’s exactly what it was – terrorism. Racially motivated terrorism. But of course, the American media will not present it that way. No surprise there.

  9. MidwestGun

    Most of the media I saw… said it was racially motivated. So not sure I agree it isn’t being reported that way. They showed the kid with his jacket and patches. They interviewed his friends who said it was.

  10. London gunner

    That crazy white guy shooter is literally going to get himself a new arsehole torn in prison.

    Does he think the violent black criminals are going to let him pass?

    Lol I doubt even the White gangs will defend him to much heat on that figure.

    I hate this psyco priks because this pathetic losers trying to game a moment of fame.

  11. jwl

    I don’t think you can’t eliminate gun violence, unless we can somehow un-invent guns, then there is nothing to be done.

    Just found out that an acquantance of mine was shot and killed last night on his doorstep at 7 pm in evening and I live in quiet town of 120,000 middle class people and guns are strictly controlled here in Canada.

    Can’t believe it, guy was former heroin addict and had some sketchy friends but he was reformed for past decade, contributing to his community, he did not deserve to die in his doorway in front of his horrified wife.

    Guns do kill people but only because mentally ill people are pulling trigger. I think much more should be done for people with mental illnesses, to help them with their demons, society should be focused on them more.

  12. Ozy

    Meanwhile in South Carolina, the American flag is flying at half-mast while the Confederate flag is at full-mast. In the South, they still teach the Civil War as “The War of Northern Agression.” How can you publically denounce this man’s actions and still fly that Confederate flag?

    Lee, really? Are you genuinely asking..?

    Mid, because it’s absolutely impossible not to. In the meantime, Fox News and other media sources are saying it’s an attack on Christianity. There’s a completely different response to these shootings by the media than there was for the Charlie Hebdo shootings, for example. The “bias” is clear.

  13. MadeToLoveMagic

    I don’t think you can’t eliminate gun violence, unless we can somehow un-invent guns, then there is nothing to be done……………………….

    Yes you can, you t least ban them.

    There needs to be an entire shift of cultural philosophy in America regarding the outdated 2nd amendment which is so ingrained throughout.

  14. N5

    Ozy, it’s definitely being reported as a hate crime here and he’s been described as a white supremacist. Fox news is a fucking shambles and should be ashamed of itself.

  15. MadeToLoveMagic

    Yes Obama,

    Obama has responded to a shooting at a church in Charleston, saying the US ”will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries”.
    Six women and three men including the church pastor were killed as they held a Bible study meeting.
    Mr Obama was speaking at the White House, after the suspect was arrested at a traffic stop in Shelby, North Carolina.
    ”Once again, innocent people were killed, in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun,” he said.

  16. jwl

    The charleston shooter was named Dylan Storm Roof, what kind of parents name their kid storm roof? I bet his parents are deeply unpleasant people and their child did not stand a chance to fit in with world. Kid is evil and should be punished but this would be one of few cases where I would not mind if authorities went after the parents as well.

  17. N5

    LG, he’ll be so high profile that he’ll be kept separated mate. They’ll get nowhere near him without at least 4 screws either side of him.

  18. Ozy

    N5, right. I have no idea how it’s reported elsewhere and I’m sure it is being labeled for what it is but not here and that’s very upsetting.

    “The only reason someone would walk into a church and shoot people that were praying is hate,” Charleston Mayor Riley said.”

    Hate? Call it what it is. Racism. People here are so afraid to use that word. We ignore it and avoid using it like the plague. That’s part of the problem.

  19. MidwestGun

    Ozy –
    Well…. now you are getting into Fox news…. lol. Whole nother subject. Wouldn’t call them news as they give opinions on the news. But then again
    They all do now in subtle ways. But in this case I believe most news sources gave all the evidence of his past including interviews with his friends.

  20. N5

    Ozy, it’s completely the opposite over here. England has been an intolerant country in the past, but you very rarely get hate crimes or police killing black me, we’ve had a couple and you only have to see the Tottenham riots to see that the locals just don’t stand for it.

    I don’t pretend to get America, but from what I’ve read your news outlets are like the old Nazi propaganda machines, where you only see what they want you to see so all of America considers it’s right to be invading the Gulf or Afghanistan or more locally a white copper killing a black man was an accident!!

    It’s a shame you’re not treated as adults, if that’s true anyway and able to make up your own minds with what’s what.

    Sorry if I’ve read that wrong and that’s nothing like what your media behaves like.

  21. Ozy

    Mid, unfortunately, Fox News is the highest watched news network for something like 14 years running. You can’t dismiss it. That’s America. CNN isn’t far behind.

    Charlie Hebdo – labeled as Muslim terrorism.

    Charleston shooting – hate-fueled anomaly.

    Very, very different narratives.

  22. salparadisenyc

    Im afraid that kids not going to jail… not playing with a full deck.
    Max security mental facility.

    Becoming seasonal news these mass shootings, sad business that needs to somehow dealt with.

  23. MidwestGun

    Completely different subject but looks like Vidal is gonna play most likely tonight. Chilean manager basically said he’s too good to sanction.

    May have cost himself a big money transfer tho.

  24. MidwestGun

    Why is it that crazy people feel the need to share their craziness on Facebook? See this is why I don’t Facebook, crazy ex’s will try to find me.

  25. Ozy

    “Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Friday that he isn’t sure what motivated a young white man to walk into a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, Wednesday night and kill nine people. ‘I don’t know what was on the mind or the heart of the man who committed these atrocious crimes,’ the former Florida governor said.”

    ” ‘This is pure hate,’ South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said outside the church Friday morning. ‘There’s a very evil kid out there that we need to blame,” Haley said. ‘I talked to my investigators (Thursday) and they looked pure evil in the eye.’ ”

    Fox News ran an entire segment on this being an attack on Christianity and, again, Fox News is the most watched news outlet of this country.

    Very different narratives. Though I do note that most news outlets are now running with this being a racially motivated hate crime yet many still refuse to call it an act of terrorism or ask all white leaders to publically denounce the actions of this man? But anyway.

  26. qna

    On a footballing note….. has everyone written off Falcao? Because I havent and Costa Falcao back together doesnt make me happy.

    I wouldnt mind taking him on loan ourselves with an option to buy. Not for a huge loan fee, but I doubt it will be this year.


    Would win the league if Falcao found his form of old and scored 25 goals for us.

  27. nasri's mouth

    With his comments, Obama seems resigned to the fact that nothing will change.
    A ban on guns simply isn’t feasible, but I would have thought that drip feeding legislation to make guns harder to own might work.

    Forcing people to have a locker, starting with gun owners with young children, then working up to everyone.

    More checks before a gun is sold. Gradually increase them over time

    Making sellers of guns potentially responsible for deaths caused by their weapons.

    Psych testing for new owners

    Make it more expensive, tax guns with the tax being ringfenced for helping vets

    Limit ammo


  28. nasri's mouth


    Falcao is showing no signs of recovering his form though.

    Its not a bad idea, given his lesser wages, but he’s just not worth risking as a first choice

  29. qna

    NM agree. Falcao seems a different player than 3 years ago. Torres never got his magic back after his big move either.

    I would mich rather Benzema, Cavani otlr Reus. But given lack of options and given he is available it may be worth a gamble. One years wages of between £7.5m to £10m will not hurt us.

    Would be 2 United rejects in 2 years though.

  30. Goonergirl

    South Africa’s none the better when it comes to guns and violence. And nothing’s been done about it either.

  31. salparadisenyc

    No chance with Falcao and rightfully so imo. If were going for that quick fix on a season or two at most, Tevez would make more sense if you can convince him to come back to England.

    Nasri has some good points there.

    What some states have done with tobacco is starting to bear fruit… increase price gradually and tax until it becomes unreasonable to by fags. Many simply quitting due to cost.

    Problem with guns is there not consumable, if you bought one in 71 its likely still fully functional.

  32. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Ya… it’s sad. Literally the only way to solve the gun violence problem is outlaw guns and take them away from everyone. And literally sweep the country with a metal detector house to house. And it will never happen in my lifetime as it would take a governmental decision supported by the majority. Also in general the law abiding people who jump through the hoops aren’t the ones shooting people. And as Sal said… a gun from anytime in the last 70 years even WW1. Most likely still works.

    Complicated problem getting worse as every year passes it seems.

  33. jwl

    I generally don’t believe anything I read about Arsenal transfer dealings because we never buy anyone that was rumoured in papers/websites but this Cech transfer seems to be happening.

    I think it is good omen if we sign top quality keeper, maybe Wenger is getting serious again about trying to to win title before he retires (tho I don’t think we will).

    Jeremy Wilson – Daily Telegraph:

    Arsenal are willing to offer Petr Cech a pay rise from his salary at Chelsea and make him the highest paid goalkeeper in the club’s history on around £100,000-a-week.

    Despite Jose Mourinho’s reluctance to sell Cech to Arsenal, a proposed deal is moving closer and it is understood that Arsene Wenger is happy for Cech to join Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez among the select group of Arsenal players on more than £100,000-a-week.

  34. jwl

    My impression, MidwestGun, is that there would be another civil war in America if government banned guns and tried to take them away from their owners.

    I don’t know how you do it but have to keep guns away from the psychopaths. Last I read killer in charleston sat with people for an hour doing bible study and then murdered them. That is particularly cruel, evil. It is not right to be so cool, emotionless.

  35. Goonergirl


    Yeah it really is sad. And you’re right the more time goes by the problem just seems to be worsening. Hopefully something can be done about it soon because too many innocent people have lost their lives because of it.

    On a lighter note have we signed Cech yet? Its about time we make our first signing so that we can concentrate on getting in a DM and hopefully a CF.

  36. MidwestGun

    Jwl –
    No easy answer, I’m afraid. Wish there was. World is F’d up. Seems this kid wanted to achieve some sort of noteriety also. So the age of instant news (internet) plays into it. He was happy to be on camera as part of his plan apparently. Copycat crimes. …. it’s bad.

  37. MidwestGun

    I’m hoping Cech isn’t our only big “marquee” signing but I agree it’s exciting if he can stop some of those silly matches were they have one shot on goal and we lose 1 -0. Help with corner kick defense too and set piece organization hopefully.

  38. Thank you and goodnight

    The world’s nuts end of. Take Russia for instance, 20 million russians died in the Second world war fighting the nazis, yet the nazis are rife in Russia. To me they’re literally pissing on the graves of their ancestors who gave their lives for their country. Fucking madness yet it’s the same in most of Europe. Personally I find it fucking disgusting.

  39. kwik fit

    Chesney’s attitude is all wrong and I.m unsure if he can improve it even with cech to learn from. Ospina is a model pro

  40. MidwestGun

    I’m a little torn myself. Pedro is right Ospina has looked anything but solid in the Copa America. But as a backup, I’d rather have Ospina. But if we are still trying to develop Szczezny then I could see it. But for me, I really don’t trust Szczesny to get over the mind problems.

  41. nasri's mouth


    Yeah, the big problem is the huge amount of guns on the market, hence why you don’t limit the sales directly because initially there is no point and it is going to cause the most resistance.

    Its going to take 20 years before you get yo a point where you’d consider gun amnesties, but otherwise it may never change

  42. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    We have a few. But as a representative of the kind of courses in the US it’s a bad decision. Don’t really get it, weird novelty course you play differently from normally here.

  43. salparadisenyc

    Always associate the Links course with Scotland, not sure why they’ve gone with that style course for the US open.

  44. Dissenter

    Ospina has done little wrong since he joined Arsenal
    He’s played quite well and kept his nose out of trouble.
    His father has stayed away from the microphone.
    He’s kept away from social media and other distractions.

    Why is there such a rush to usher him out?
    Wenger is only going for Cech because he’s sending Sczezny away. He’s had his chances already.
    Wenger is a fair man, he wont ditch Ospina after one season.

  45. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Ya most likely somebody from Scotland or England. Lol. I thought that was why they went to the British Open for the interesting change and the history. . Anyhow, weird, used to seeing green/greens.

  46. Silverhawk

    Need reus in our team.. Can be direct, a playmaker, has a lethal shot, great passing skills, but most importantly, loads of goals and assists.

  47. Dissenter

    Pedro definitely missed the world class save Ospina made last night, stopping Neymar’s point blank header on the line.
    He did botch a clearance from a bad back pass. Firmino should have tapped that in onto the open net.

  48. kwik fit


    Don’t think we stand any chance of getting Reus. Draxler is a more realistic option and if he can stay injury free could be on par with Reus.

  49. Dissenter

    ‘Perhaps Wenger prefers Chesney because he’s ‘home grown’

    That’s not a problem for us. We have more than enough home grown players.

    If anything saves Sczezny, its his 90k weekly pay check.

  50. salparadisenyc

    Di Marzo tweeting Galliani in Monaco with a check for Kongdogbia.
    Wonder if it’s enough? These italian footie tweeters are comedy.

    Dick Law isn’t in the principality, but the who knows where our man of mystery is.

  51. nasri's mouth

    SSzczesny has a higher ceiling than Ospina. He’s a better keeper. If its true that he has no contact with his dad and I guess Wenger would know that, then that’s not a problem either

  52. salparadisenyc

    I like a bar on my golf course…. preferably one with Hawaiian themed drinks. Notably the ‘Suffering Bastard’.

  53. Kiyoshi Ito


    I get your point about the nazis running around in Russia.But during the 2nd World War-Stalin was no saint.In fact, he was just as ruthless as Hitler.The mudering of the Polish soldiers what 20, 000 of them&the cover up thereafter..

    He was supplying Hitler raw materials in the hope he could carve up Europe&potentially the world with Hitler.Only when Hitler blind sided him by violating the non-aggressive pact they both signed, that Stalin turned to the West for help.

    There were so many other known atrocities committed by Stalin, that history shows if you side with the so-called Western powers, certain acts would be overlooked. & it’s still happening to this very day..

  54. Kiyoshi Ito


    I thought the NRA are a powerful group. So much so, any attempt to control and outlaw gun ownership would be subject to a lot of resistance &public outrage..-non??!!

  55. Dissenter

    Nasri’s Mouth,
    Your Sczezny love-dubby is only rivaled by your illogical assertion that Arteta is still good enough for us.

    Wenger Eagle shares the same malady: Sczezny-malitis

  56. jwl


    I prefer Ospina too, and think szcz is off somewhere else this summer.

    Ooooospina looks awkward, doesn’t have commanding presence, but he gets job done. Ooooospina did nothing wrong since becoming number one, Arsenal played well second half season. I wonder what our defenders think, say to wenger.

    Did Wenger buy Ospina last summer to replace szcz? As soon as Ospina was fit and ready to play, he took over from szcz and hasn’t looked back. Wonder if Ospina was supposed to be number one last summer but was injured and tired from world cup so he was unable to start right away.

  57. Silverhawk


    Draxler is good. But if it comes to it, who would you choose between draxler and sterling?. Genuine question

  58. N5

    I just don’t get all these comments about him being dodgy. I watch him week in and out and I’ve never thought he was like having Almunia between the sticks. He’s got quite possibly the quickest reactions I’ve seen on a keeper post Banks and he’s a commanding keeper without the arrogance.

    I like WS1 too, but if we have to lose one, I know which I’d prefer to go.

  59. Kiyoshi Ito

    Poor example to use the Tottenham riots, in describing the intolerance of people to discrimination.

    What started off as a peaceful protest, descended into a grand scale looting spree.A bunch of kids&opportunists seeing an opportunity to snatch and grab hijacked what started out as a peace protest against intolerance, or profiling.

    If you going to use an example to back up your argument. You would be minded to use the Brixton Riots as an example. As that was a direct backlash to the perceived intolerance to a community.

    Or the Broadwater Farm riots.

    Though both old examples, both actually back your argument than the most recent event given by yourself.
    Just saying. ..

  60. MidwestGun

    Ito –
    Powerful…. yes and no. They used to be more powerful when people owned guns for sporting. Now most people say they own guns for protection. So the Nra has shifted there focus somewhat from rifles to 2nd amendment rights. But there membership is not really huge in the scheme of total population, maybe 4 mill out of 350 million people. It’s just that gun supporters tend to be more politically active. So the loud voice of a few is heard more because they are active.

  61. salparadisenyc

    The Ospina out rumors seem like just that.

    Szcz on the other hand if Cech does come in (which is insane with Wenger in mind by the way) I think the Pole is surely off. Good riddance indeed.

    Wenger the ruthless, he needs to carry some Valyrian steel from here on out… bad man in the building!

  62. N5

    Ito, my example if fine for showing how people don’t tolerate racism in our country. Maybe read up on how the looting and that started before correcting me.

    ……. just saying!!

  63. kwik fit


    If I was given the choice I’d have Draxler . Sterling is a loose cannon , who IMO is just a younger version of Theo. Draxler could be got for 20m less and offers greater overall potential.

  64. Dissenter

    How can we be the land of the free and the home of the brave if we are too scared to face up to brazenly self-evident truths

    I find is scary that many of out right winger were making the stupid assertion that people should openly carry in religious houses to deter nutters like storm roof.

  65. N5

    Storm Roof is a horrible little cunt and every time I see his mushroom tip head on the news I want to put my foot through the TV. Without the mass murder he had a slappable face, now I hope it’s cut…. a lot.

  66. Lee

    It wasn’t racist
    He was a no good scum bag dealer who got what he deserved
    Sorry for mbeing white ozy
    Sorry for not knowing your culture inside out
    If we all behaved like you in 38 we’d be speaking German
    The Tottenham riots were dirty little hoodie. Most of whose were, dare I say it? Black. Taking advantage of a period of lawlessness.
    See new orleans
    See Los angeles
    Not a new phenomena

  67. N5

    You realise there were protests/clashes with police all over London, it moved as far as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol, I only mention it as the Tottenham riots as that’s how they’ve since been remembered, however only Tottenham evolved into mindless looting!

  68. kwik fit

    Tottenham evolved into mindless looting!


    A bit like what Levy done with the Bale money 🙂

  69. N5

    Good question CA. I’m a huge Lemon fan but I’d probably always go for Aguero unless Suarez was the other choice.

  70. Dissenter

    Stop posting if you’re intoxicated.
    It’s one thing to disagree about Arsenal and another to talk tash when nine people were cowardly murderd by a racist pig.
    I read Ozy’s post and considered them to be tame. They are the mainstream conversations happening all over America right now.
    There’s no noubt the shooter was a poorly educated racist lone wolf.
    It’s agreed it was a hate crime

    What are you really defending?
    You really should just go to bed right now coz you’re ruining whatever respect I’ve had for you despite our disagreements about Arsenal.
    There are people from all races and backgrounds holding hands across the U.S. , asking ourselves, Why?

    You, it seems have all the answers.

    Off to bed right now.

  71. Cesc Appeal


    Was just amusing myself today with football fantasy keeping it in the semi-realistic realm, like you I thought Aguero but then Lewandowski keeps your physical side as well in terms of height and presence.

    Just interesting, irrelevant but…

    Yeah, Suarez is just perfect I think, bouts of idiocy aside.

  72. MidwestGun

    Lol Lee and you wonder why nobody takes AKB’s seriously.

    Cesc –
    Lewandowski, I think fits us better if we stay with one Cf up top. Was upset we had no chance for him as he seem set on Bayern.

  73. N5

    Lee I’m not sure why you attacked me in your comment though, I was agreeing about us being a tolerant country, I gave an example of people that wouldn’t stand for intolerance and you went bat shit. You’re really giving it to the black people tonight, digging out stats and what not to support your comments.

    Mind you don’t knock your Nick Griffin commemorative plate over with your anger.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    Would be something to see him and Sanchez together.


    That’s what I thought, Aguero is the better striker, but Lewandowski fits us better.

  75. N5

    Don’t get me wrong CA and Mid, I’d take Lemonheadski in a heartbeat, he’s one hell of a player, but I just love the headless chicken!!

  76. northern gooner


    Yeah him and sanchez would be a dream. Think ozil would also improve with someone like that up top.

  77. N5

    Lee you called me a Tony Blair jellyfish for using an example of people in England not standing for racism (whether it was a racist killing isn’t the point, the reaction was). I was even agreeing with you about our tolerant country so I don’t have a clue what part of my comment got you so pissed off.

    You then started all that shit that I should fuck off and live in Africa, WTF man, what on Earth made you overreact like that?

  78. northern gooner


    Calm down. If your sick of apologising then dont.
    There are dickheads all over the world. There are even some on here.
    Doesnt matter what colour people are.
    A dickhead is a dickhead.

  79. Dan Ahern

    I’m with CA, Agüero’s better but Lewa seems like a good pick for us. Let’s offer up Özil and Gnabry for Lewa and Martínez. MAKIN’ BIG MOVES BABY, WOOO.

  80. Kiyoshi Ito


    Someone is having an off day. .

    Did you catch your model wife being rooted, by some gangsta rapper….


  81. Dan Ahern

    Not to dwell on the nonsense, but,
    “Yeah Kanye. Diamonds are forever
    Look at your Mrs”

    Lol, that is literally what the song is about you dunce. I’m not surprised you missed the point though.

    Alright, sorry, couldn’t resist. Back to the football.

  82. N5

    Ozy isn’t anti-white! he’s a black man who’s not going to sit by quietly whilst the world goes by around him.

    What if Rosa Parks had just got up and moved seats, what if MLK didn’t bother telling us about his dream what if Lincoln had thought “you know what, I don’t like slavery, but they don’t half cut my hedges straight”.

    If people do nothing then nothing changes. If Ozy gets a single person to listen to him on here or anywhere else, that’s one person more that understands what he and his have gone through.

    I don’t understand why you are so apposed to him wanting equality?

  83. Kiyoshi Ito


    Getting the TGIF special treatment.
    Lol..Lee found his model wife in bed with a man of colour.

    He has come on le-grove to air his grievances.

  84. MidwestGun

    Haha ha Dan C. Went out gangsta style… told everyone to go F themselves.

    Reminded me of final scene in Scarface. What’s up with irrational love for Wenger turning your brain to mush? Who cares if Ozy wants to comment on racism. He probably has a unique perspective and has every right to be proud of his heritage. And I think the racially motivated murder of black people in a black place of worship. African Methodist Episcopal. Is reason to comment when it was brought up not by him.

  85. Lee

    He doesn’t want equality
    That’s why he constantly makes his little comments. White this white tht

    Dan ahern

    What part of that conveyed that I’ do they what Kanye wests rap is about?? Now look at the diamonds he wears!!! Mong

    And for your information my wife is half black so now tell me I’m racist you clowns

  86. N5

    Ozy isn’t anti white, he might be racially prejudice (I don’t think he is) but even if he is, who the fuck could blame him. Midwest is spot on, he was commenting on a white on Black murder so what’s he to do ignore the elephant in the room and keep saying “you know, the guy that wasn’t as dark as the others that was holding the gun”.

  87. MidwestGun

    Northern –
    It’s actually painful to watch. .. looks like me trying to play. I mean he is historically bad… shooting his worst rounds ever. Actually wish he would quit playing until he can drive a ball straight. Not easy to see.

  88. N5

    Ha ha, Dan has Pedro commented on it yet? I know he was a little shocked when he came one and we all had it, but has he mentioned you still having it?

  89. nasri's mouth


    People rate Ospina because of some really basic stats. He’s honestly not all that. Stick him in the goal of Arsenal sides of a few seasons ago and we’d be howling for him to go.
    He’s decent, he’s definitely worth the money we spent, he might improve, but I seriously doubt he’ll ever be good enough as a first choice for us.
    Szczesny however might be. He was in 13/14, so there’s little reason given his age why he can’t get back to that level and higher

  90. northern gooner


    Your right. It is painful. Im think he might retire within a few months. Its not like he needs the cash and he could still turn out on the senior tour in a few years.

  91. Kiyoshi Ito


    The sheriff in the line of fire..Lol..

    The neanderthal, with his wooden club and resplendent in tattoo’s. .
    “Don’t hate the haterzzzz..Hate the game…”

    Friday night

  92. nasri's mouth

    As for Arteta, my view is he may be good enough to play for us, depending on how the injury that affected him last season has been dealt with, and how much it was affected his game. If you read my posts you’ll see that I want another DM, so that puts Arteta at 3rd choice.

    Don’t really see what’s wrong with that

  93. N5

    Ito, I honestly didn’t mean to be this time? I really try to be as placid as possible now days and I still manage to wind people up! It’s hard because people can’t read my tone so assume I’m being snidey, but unless I end it with an obvious insult, it really wasn’t meant as one

  94. MidwestGun

    Northern –
    Hmmm wonder if his sponsors would be happy tho. He duffed a 3 wood yesterday from the middle of the fairway like 60 yds topped into a bunker.
    I was like. ……. damn…. Nike isn’t paying him for that.. so I kind of expect him to take some time off but of he does I bet his sponsor money will disappear slowly. Just don’t get why the guy is obssessed with changing his swing.