One Cech’s in – Two Cech out?

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Oh shut up, you can’t bitch about food festivals then roll up on an Essex day out at Ascot?

F*ck yeah I can.

This people, is what happens when you don’t have football in your life. All those things you’d usually turn your nose up become appealing…

I’ve painted walls…

Bought one pot plant…

Thought about baking something…

Gone to a food festival…

Now I’m going to watch horses run fast…

I don’t even like horses. Back the ones that are red…

Right, how are we doing on this fine Friday? I did a presentation yesterday to over 150 people… and no one laughed at my jokes. Not even a smirk. So I’m pretty cut up right now.


Arsenal are really close to signing Petr Cech. How do we know this? Well. Tony Roberts has left Arsenal to go to Swansea, reunited with Fabianski. He was the good keeping coach apparently. That means that the writing is most likely on the wall for Peyton, who’s overseen classic moments like passing on Joe Hart and working on Manuel Almunia. He’s the one that ain’t the best… but he’s part of the old school. So Cech will bring in his own keeping coach, and we might have a weird dual role situation like we do with Shad and Colbert.

Anyway, good news is that there’s an upgrade coming at #1 and there’s an upgrade in the backroom team. That’s bloody magic if you ask me. This signing is a title winning move.

On the flip side, there’s strong talk that Ospina might be off… the Colombian hasn’t really impressed whilst impressing the stats and the back four. He’s not good enough. He’s a bit like drinking tea lying down… feels like a solid move… until you spill it down your neck and burn yourself.

He started to get found out towards the end of the season, he’s being found out in the Copa America, he’s not going to win you the title. He was bad signing.

So that’d just leave Chezzer. Where’s he going to go? Maybe learn under a better keeping coach and become the best keeper of all time? Fanciful, but a change of coach, some more discipline and a mentor like Cech could be good for him!

Anyway, this is a seriously good move. Also, praise to Abramovich. Chelsea showing a bit of heart. Very sweet of Roman… the big old softy.

Pretty sure that’s the best thing that’s going to happen today.

Also, this is essential reading for anyone who loves data and believes in rested players. It’s basketball, but a great read. Ferguson knew this approach better than anyone.

Right, I’m off now to get trashed in a suit. Good times.



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  1. gambon

    I go away for a few days and it seems we really are signing Petr Cech.

    Really, really good signing. Ozil was overpriced, Sanchez is awesome, but this one is every bit as good, and probably more important than any signing we’ve made.

    Its the first time we’ve gone out and signed a top keeper.

  2. Romford Ozil Pele

    The talk with Cech is that he had a gentlemen’s agreement with RA to leave last summer if he didn’t moan about being on the bench this season. Seems like there’s not Mourinho can do about this – for once!

  3. Romford Ozil Pele

    Gambon – looks like the news about the GK coach was spot on. Shame it’s the good one that’s leaving though.

  4. Leedsgunner

    So I hear some people saying on here for a few months now we don’t need the DM position strengthened because we have Coq… and if he needs a rest for two or three games Arteta and or Flamini can fill in.

    Why I don’t get is if Arteta and Flamini were not good enough this past season why are they good enough for this coming season? Provided they are fit of course.

    What if we have an incredibly tight title race (with two or three points separating us from the leaders) or a congestion of important games back to back and Coq is exhausted… would some be content in a stop gap measure there to cover us? Shouldn’t we have the strongest possible squad as possible so we can go for all the honours? Or will the lack of depth mean we have another season of “If only…”? Have we gotten so used to falling away from the leaders we think it is beyond us? Is this ambition?

    I for one am sick of “If only” seasons.

    We know what we need, we should just sensibly address them. Man Utd did with RvP — they won the title. Chelsea did with Costa and Fabregas — they won the title. Whose to say we won’t win the title if we do?

    A top GK for £11m, a good DM for £25m and a striker £25m isn’t really crazy spending especially when you are one of the richest clubs in the world and you have over £20m worth of dead wood to sell.

    We all know what needs strengthening. Just get it done.

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: a good DM for £25m

    If we’re spending that much, we’re buying a 1st choice, not a back up.

    That’s probably the crux of the argument.

    Do we buy a first choice player for that position , (asuming one wants to join us, Gundogan etc.) or do we look for Coq to continue his improvement and buy a back up to cover for him when he needs a rest.

  6. Gregg

    Looks like Cech is a done deal, almost. Like everyone else I thinks its a great signing on two levels.

    Firstly the guys top class, however I think Wenger believes there is a keeper in chezzer. The problem is he has never had anyone to learn from. I’m talking about the good habits, the professionalism required. Cech brings that in abundance and it can only be a good thing for Chezzer as well. Even now the pole at his best is better than Ospina can ever be, although the latter is consistent, albeit not good enough. We shall see on that one.

  7. Leedsgunner


    My argument would be Coquelin’s development would be enhanced by a top DM coming in. He’ll raise his game to keep his place — complacency and the lack of competition has allowed too many of our talented youngsters to stagnate for far too long. Competition is good. Depth is good. We won’t kill Coquelin’s progress we will continue it.

  8. Gregg

    I think our mindset has to change with regards buying cover. It’s about competition for places. Buy top players and let them fight it out. If Coq doesn’t want that challenge then he should step aside. Up to now he hasn’t shirked the responsibility so i’m sure the signing of a £25m player in the same position shouldn’t matter to him. Top players have confidence to back their own ability

  9. Romford Ozil Pele

    “If Coq doesn’t want that challenge then he should step aside. ”

    “Top players have confidence to back their own ability”

    THIS *1000

    Sign Geoffrey Kondogbia.

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: My argument would be Coquelin’s development would be enhanced by a top DM coming in

    He’ll probably only play 10 games in the season, I don’t think that’ll help him.

    It’s not so much about hindering or aiding his development, more about how high his ceiling is.

    If he’s already reached it, then I’d like a better DM in place. If he can continue to improve, I’d be tempted by a decent back up

  11. DUIFG

    Chech was the key move of the summer. Quite happy to sit back and pop off some opportunistic signings then as the summer unfolds.

  12. Highbury4ever

    “It’s 20 years since Dennis Bergkamp joined Arsenal from Internazionale, ”

    A beautiful article on Sly Sport, but nobody gives a fuck about it.
    The new generation of Gooners I guess…

  13. Romford Ozil Pele

    All hail King Dennis – arguably* the greatest player Arsenal had. Never forget that hattrick away to Leicester and that goal against Newcastle (Best ever Arsenal goal IMO).

    *you have fans who would argue Henry too.

  14. Leedsgunner

    I think it is a bit strange and unfair on Ospina if he’s let go after a year. I liked him, no dramatics, a safe pair of hands in every sense of the word.

    Wenger, though, loves his “projects” he loves being proved right. I hope Szcz, if he’s kept, realises what a privilege it is to wear the Red and White again, knuckles down and learns from Cech, one of the best in the business.

    Szczesney can be world class if he wants to be. It’s all up to whether he wants to put away the cigarettes and attitude and put in the work.

  15. Romford Ozil Pele

    “a safe pair of hands in every sense of the word.”

    Not sure he was that safe mate! A steady-eddy i’d say. The consensus is that he’s reached his level whereas many think Chesney still has a couple gears to go up.

  16. Leedsgunner

    “I’d be tempted by a decent back up”

    1. If he was decent — he wouldn’t be a back up. If a player is content to be a back up, he’s in it for the money.

    2. We don’t want players who are content to be back ups. We want hungry players. We want players who want to achieve great things for the club.

    That’s why I LOVED Alexis comment about being disappointed in the season despite the FA Cup. The lad is a winner. He wants to be a success at Arsenal. We need more like him.

  17. vicky

    Any chances of announcement of Cech deal today ?

    How can we sign a DM without offloading Arteta and Flamini ? We can’t have 4 DMs in the side, can we ?

  18. Gregg


    I think that’s it though with Schez. he can be a top player for a top club if he becomes more professional. In Cech he has the mentor.

    It’s similar to RVP when we signed him. He had all sorts of issues in Holland but openly admits to emulating how Bergkamp done things at Arsenal. How he trained, how he prepared and how he conducted himself. I can fully understand Wenger thinking that Cech could have the same impact on Shezz.

  19. DUIFG

    Quite happy ospina moved on, always looked right at the edge of his ability.

    Not sure of u can class it as a bad signing pedro, cost 3 mil as a back up keeper.

    Wengers error was not moving for a top gk sooner and persisting with scez

  20. Leedsgunner

    “I think our mindset has to change with regards buying cover. It’s about competition for places. Buy top players and let them fight it out. If Coq doesn’t want that challenge then he should step aside. Up to now he hasn’t shirked the responsibility so i’m sure the signing of a £25m player in the same position shouldn’t matter to him. Top players have confidence to back their own ability”

    Eloquently said Gregg! 😉

  21. DUIFG

    I agree, buying a clogging DM as cover seems brainless to me, smells of deadwood going forward.

    I would have more truck buying a player who is versatile and can play with ball at feet. Ki from swansea level and above please.

  22. Romford Ozil Pele

    Now reports surfacing that Barca are chasing Kondogbia though I couldn’t envisage he’s what they need.

  23. Nasri's Mouth


    We need 2 players for that position. But if we sign a 1st choice DM, then Coq will be off if he doesn’t get games.

    It’s as simple as that.

  24. DUIFG

    NM, if history is anything to go by we will have 2 pretty big injuries in midfield this season. Any new DM will get games as would coq.

    Our injury record is appaling

  25. Leedsgunner

    It’s going to be a while before any South Korean player unfortunately is deal with us after the way we treated Park Chu Young. Completely destroyed his career and reputation in his homeland.

    Ki is a decent player though… although I suspect many on here would turn their nose up at him as not good enough. Two footed, boundless energy and a rocket of a shot… although he’s already said he’s not interested in being a benchwarmer for us.

  26. Dark Hei


    To push Coquelin you need a Nacho signing, not an Alexis signing.

    Signing Kondogbia is called signing a replacement. If Coquelin wants out because of that, don’t complain. We will end up back in square one; finding “competition” for the big $$ DM we signed which forced Coquelin out.

    If Wenger truly feels that Kondogbia is an upgrade over Coquelin; fine, I can live with that. Kind of like signing Cech to replace Ospina. Just don’t expect to keep both.

  27. Leedsgunner


    “We need 2 players for that position. But if we sign a 1st choice DM, then Coq will be off if he doesn’t get games. It’s as simple as that.”

    Not if, (because we have strengthened where we need to) and we win the EPL trophy he won’t 😉

  28. Dark Hei


    I like Ki, BTW. He is not going to be a risk like Park who basically lost motivation.

    He is comfortable on the ball, positionally disciplined and distribute well.

  29. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol if we sign Ki there’ll be uproar in the Arsenal realms. That said, I do think Ki gets a bit of a bad rep. He’s PL established, plays for a good team and at 6ft 1 is more than combative (aged 26). I think if Coquelin is gonna be first choice, then Wenger will look at that type of player.

    Dark Hei – points taken and they’re valid tbh. Wenger likes to have a settled team and not to rotate too much as you can then lose fluidity.

  30. Leedsgunner

    In tribute to the Dutch Master on this important day — favourite Bergkamp Goal or Memory…

    I’ll start…

    Remember this?

    How wonder what DB10 would be worth in todays’s market £100m? £200m? Sterling’s worth £50m is he? Don’t make me laugh — not compared to Dennis he isn’t!!! 😉

    Thank you Dennis!!!!

  31. Bankz

    What’s this talk about Ospina being a bad signing & getting found out at the Copa America?
    We get that you don’t like him Pedro but if I ain’t wrong, Ospina kept a clean sheet against Brazil & has ONLY conceded once. A header at the corner which would have beaten 99% of goalkeepers.

    Ospina > Szczesny

    I’d me tain this until Szczesny pulls out a world class year and does the Manuel Neuer in Europe for us.

  32. Romford Ozil Pele

    It’s amazing how times change though. The first I knew about the Bergkamp signing in ’95 was when it was on the newspaper back pages. That’s when journalism still had some kudos. Could never happen now. Twitter breaks every story weeks before it happens.

    Perception is an amazing thing though. Like we hold DB10 as one of our top 2 players yet Inter Milan thought he was dog turd/weak mentally/a loser (ring a bell?).

  33. gambon

    Ki is alright, I was inging his praises when Swansea signed him, but come off it.

    This guy wouldnt imrove us at all.

    We need players in pretty much every position that are better than what we have.

  34. Romford Ozil Pele

    Tbh i’m still shocked that this Cech deal is happening. Mourinho obviously didn’t want it to so it’s evident as to who holds all the power in West London. Contrast that to here.

  35. Dream10

    William Carvalho was class against England yesterday at U21 Euros. Great on the ball. The boy is a proper unit. Bernardo Silva of Monaco has fantastic technique. Kondogbia gets a lot of praise, but Silva played well in the few months of the season.
    The Portuguese are quite at producing midfielders and wingers

  36. Jim Lahey

    @Leeds – If Sterling is worth £50m, then Bergkamp would easily be £200m + !!

    Apart from being an absolute master, one of the things I liked about him was his nasty streak, the guy was more than capable of the occasional elbow or stamp, he wasn’t a guy to be messed with!

  37. Bankz

    Juventus are doing some serious business this summer.
    I think it’s safe to say they could dominate the serieA for the next 4yrs.

    Mario mandzukic is a really good signing.
    Khedira & Dybala are really good deals too.

  38. DUIFG

    hes a very handy player. My point was if you are going to sign anybody it has to be a player of his ability and above or not at all.

  39. Rich

    I’d let Debuchy go and they buy Schneiderlin or Kondogbia.
    It’s about keeping players fresh, Coquelin can fight it out with another player and also cover Bellerin at RB with Gabriel and Chambers as other RB options

  40. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Correct me if I’m wrong isn’t that how Juve saw TH14 before he came to Arsenal?”

    Leeds – pretty much. I think a lot of factors need to be considered with players Some just don’t have the right environment to be successful. Some need that love, some need a kick up the backside. You treat every player differently. Don’t think anybody will argue that Wenger was hugely influential for Henry and DB10.

    Remember how badly Forlan flopped in Emgland yet nobody would ever say he was a bad player. Same with Veron. Even Falcao now I still feel is a fantastic goalscorer but whether he’ll make it work now at Chelsea remains to be seen.

  41. DUIFG

    Got a nasty feeling in my stomach that wenger will get scared in the dying moments of the transfer window about our cf options and pick up dzecko from city. Hope somebody picks up that turd before wenger.

  42. Romford Ozil Pele

    DUIFG – Nah Wenger will avoid Dzeko like the plague. His wages are astronimical and he isn’t too different from L’Oreal. He’ll also be turning 30 in the next year so it’s a big fat no!

  43. Leedsgunner

    “Due to fear of Roman , Mourinho can’t even whine much about Cech coming to us :)”

    lol… not unless he wants to lose his tongue… ;))

  44. Romford Ozil Pele

    If he wasn’t such a crock, I’d love Jovetic. That said if he wasn’t such a crock, he’d be starting up top with Aguero.

  45. DUIFG

    You would think romford, I’d feel a lot more well in myself though If somebody fromgermany dealt with him so wenger didn’t have the option!

  46. David Smith

    Good luck to Roberts, Fabianski has become a good keeper. I have also read that Chez liked working with Roberts.
    If true about Cech and his coach , excellent news, though I would rather have this guy in a dual role with Mad Jens, surely Peytons time has been and gone….quite a while ago. People should have been sacked over Almunia, a certain game against Barca aside.
    The question I keep asking, who or what has got to Wenger?, board? Senior Pros? Kronke or Son? Because it sure as hell is not Wenger.

  47. azed

    Perception is an amazing thing though. Like we hold DB10 as one of our top 2 players yet Inter Milan thought he was dog turd/weak mentally/a loser (ring a bell?).

    Yeah, you boy Gervais “forehead” Gervinho the ultimate Braviorian.

  48. Lee


    When (dzeko)he plays he plays wel. How is he turd? there are hardly queues of top class strikers out there.
    Personally I don’t think we should sign him but to label him tied is not only crass and classless it’s totally wrong.

  49. Dream10

    After Cech is signed (hopefully) within the next week, the CM position needs to be sorted by late June, early July. Kondogbia linked to Milan. So AW needs to choose between Schneiderlin and William Carvalho?

    Have we been linked with Adrien Rabiot in previous windows? His mom is his agent and runs his career.

  50. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Have we been linked with Adrien Rabiot in previous windows?”

    Yeah but he signed an extension at PSG, didn’t he?

    “You don’t think we can get Jackson Martinez?”

    We can definitely get him. Whether Wenger wants him or not is another matter. You’re looking at 30 million euros for someone who turns 29 later this year. For someone who’s never played in any of the major European Leagues, it’d be a very un-Wenger move and then you have to question how long he has at the top. He has pedigree though and has scored lots of goals. We’ll see.

  51. Paulinho

    The complete bullshit spouted about Ospina is incredible.

    In what way is Szczesny more talented? More talented simply because he’s taller and ‘looks’ more like a goalkeeper?

    He’s an averagely talented goalkeeper, and physically he’s not even that impressive anyway. He hasn’t filled out enough and at his age now he never will. He’s also incredibly thick; and being somewhat intelligent is important in his position.

    Really enjoyed watching Ospina. Great to see someone who has probably battled against pre-conceptions since the start of his career go out and show that smarts and positioning can triumph over the superficial bluster.

  52. Highbury4ever

    “Woijcech Szczesny wants to stay at Arsenal and battle Petr Cech for the No 1 spot, should Cech join from Chelsea”
    ==>> lolololololol ???

  53. Lee


    Hate to bust your bubble but wenger isn’t in for a midfielder. Not with coquelin’s emergence.
    The best you can hope for is an old has been as an alternative. Why’d more pressing is that we find someone who can put the ball away regularly. Someone who scares the shit out of defenders.
    I’m sure wenger has something up his sleeve

  54. Dream10

    I’m fan of Dzeko. Prefer him to Giroud as a #9. I would think his wages would be an issue for AW. He has to be on at least 140k per week. Don’t think he would sanction that type of move

  55. Highbury4ever

    “Tottenham are hoping to persuade Morgan Schneiderlin to move to them over Arsenal or Manchester United.”

    That’s what is cool with the transfert window, always a lot of LOL!!

  56. Leedsgunner

    I don’t know why Tottenham even bothers… speaking objectively, if you were a player comparing the two clubs, and deciding where to go — surely there’s no contest.

    Better Stadium: Arsenal
    Better European Competition: Arsenal
    Better Manager: Arsenal
    Recent Trophies? : Arsenal
    Better Record in the League? :Arsenal
    Better Blogs: Arsenal
    Better Training Facilities: Arsenal

    I mean unless one’s ultimate ambition is to go play for Manchester United or Real Madrid — Tottenham has nothing on us.

  57. Jim Lahey

    @Leeds –

    Wanting to keep your Tuesday and Wednesday evenings clear: Tottenham
    Getting to play with £28m, 7 goal Roberto Soldado: Tottenham
    Keen interest in having to constantly wear a winter coat because its cold in Arsenal’s shadow: Tottenham
    Playing for a club who I have heard from a reliable source are “shit”: Tottenham

    Its all about what you want really!

  58. Leedsgunner

    “Have we been linked with Adrien Rabiot in previous windows?”Yeah but he signed an extension at PSG, didn’t he?

    Was that before or after Veratti came? Man, now THERE is a player worth a few bob… and plays like it too! 😉

  59. shad


    Indeed Jackson Martinez hasn’t duked out at a major European league but Porto are no push overs. Besides he has a physicality and pace to him suited for the EPL and has very good finishing (definitely better than Giroud). He was one if not the only player to turn up when Porto played Bayern and played his nuts out in both legs. He’s be a dream given the service he can get from our midfield.

    As for age and resale value, Wenger has broken the norm when he re-signed Arteta, Flamini and Per. At 28 and change he is in good shape physically and is more mature mentally. Wenger must still be smarting from selling RVP and literally gifting them the title..and RVP was 30..

  60. Leedsgunner


    ha, ha, lol. Perhaps we should keep the list going and send it to Kongodbia and Schneiderlin’s agent… and any other player considering the two clubs…

    “It’s happppened again, it’s happppened again, hey Tottenham it’s happened again.”

  61. seg

    Please could someone post a link to the Cech is almost news? It will too make much sense, and Wenger doesn’t do sense.

  62. Cesc Appeal


    Agree totally with you and said similar yesterday.

    Can’t stand this protectionism, we have one CDM in Coquelin who’s done fantastically well for one half of a season, what about injuries, what if form deserts him, what if he suddenly just goes to pot, in terms of our midfield options in terms of physicality and control we don’t have a lot.

    Arteta and Flamini shouldn’t even be mentioned. Wilshere will get injured a lot and doesn’t play that role anyway, Ramsey sort of can but again, that isn’t his job…also he likes an injury as well.

    Buy someone to compete with Coquelin, if he’s good enough he will rise to the challenge, if not, we don’t want him.

    Compete with, rotate with, play with…

  63. Romford Ozil Pele

    Shad – not disputing Martinez’s attributes. Difference with Arteta/Flamini/Per is that they cost a pittance. Is Martinez worth that amount is the question? For that kind of investment, i’m expecting years of service. Goal record is impressive but it could just be another Falcao scenario. Generally speaking, strikers who come to the PL in their late 20s don’t tend to do to well.

  64. Cesc Appeal

    If we sign Ki I honestly might jack it in and support someone local like Pagham. Moved to the Emirates stadium, suffered through years of financial restraint because of it, club milks the fans dry, finally have an abundance of money…sig someone like Ki.

    No thank you. We’re not good enough as it stands to be talking about back up players, we still need to be buying players better in some positions or on par in others with what we have currently.

  65. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Benedikt Howedes reveals he’s turned down a move to Arsenal.”

    I think this was a while back. Anyway, no real big loss. Schalke leak goals from all angles so not exactly a ringing endorsement of him.

  66. Jim Lahey

    @CA – Germany defender Benedikt Howedes has revealed that he has turned down a move to Arsenal to stay with Schalke.

    The 27-year-old told kicker-Sportmagazin: “Milan and Arsenal have really been keen on my services, this is what I am able to confirm.

    “Still I have not opted against them, I have decided in favour of FC Schalke 04. My job is not done here yet. And, especially after last season, I told myself I do not want to leave this way. I am a key player of this club.”

  67. Marko

    Used to have such a woody for all the Dutch players back in the day. Loved Overmars but my one true love was Dennis the Menace. Absolute genius who was so before his time. He’d be one of the best today too. Could play in any set up. So good.

    Also disagree about Ospina. He kept like 8 or 10 clean sheets in 18 league games and while not a worldie he certainly outperformed Chesney with ease in his first season. Considering Wolly has an attitude problem, a mouthy father and we could probably get more for him I wouldn’t of been gutted if he was to leave

  68. Blsany

    ” Schneiderlin or William Carvalho?”

    That’s a vo brainer then.MS all the way.Carvalho is fucking shite .

  69. Leedsgunner

    We should allow competition and form dictate who the “back up” player is rather than buying someone to be specifically a back up. How crazy is that? You are deliberately buying someone not good enough than your first choice player?!? One way street to Complacentville.

  70. relieable sauce

    Could we be waiting to finalise another signing before announcing Cech?

    Seems like its pretty much a done deal.
    I would expect it confirmed very soon, today or over the weekend unless we are waiting make a duo/trio unvieling….
    : /
    OK, maybe not.
    Signing Cech is a great start to the window & it has got Mo more than a little concerned. Lets not stop there though, onwards & upwards for a real crack at the title.
    Chelsea are not unbeatable by any stretch of the imagination & it would be good to see Wenger end his Mourinho hodoo before he retires.

  71. Marko

    Yeah the defender rumours are strange. I’d personally say Howedes was talking about past interest from us but there’s still links to Abdennour and Moreno of Espanyol. But why?

  72. Blsany

    Yeah i hear you but that’s not how AW works is it?If a player shows a bit of a promise he doesn’t buy a player to challenge him.He either dithers till the TW is closed or doesn’t even bother buying a back up all together because it ” would hinder their progress”.That’s what i think but would be happy to be proven wrong again by AW.

  73. Marko

    Krychowiak for me. Also think Carvalho has a lot more to come from him whereas Schneiderlin might already be the finished article. But Krychowiak probably before Kondogbia too for me (but after Lars Bender) I’ve just got a feeling he’ll be considered the best DM in Europe soon

  74. leon

    I am really hoping wenger learns from his mistakes and does not turn the peter cheche into a huge transfer saga pay the asking price and have the first bit of business done and not start haggling for 1-2 million. Lets face its that long ago wenger messed up signing hingium and surez because of that very same thing and he bought ozil to save face

  75. Leedsgunner

    If we were to go for an older striker in the Dzeko and Jackson Martinez range I would rather have Carlos Bacca, Martinez’s teammate in the side… great finisher and poacher… and would be cheaper than Martinez and proven in a major European league.

    Realistically though we should be looking at someone much younger. Lacazette, is the ideal but a player that I’ve kept an eye on for a long time is Domenico Berardi… lovely lovely player.

  76. jwl

    Cant believe DB10 was twenty years ago, time flies.

    In summer of ’95 I was a canadian that just arrived in london and who knew nothing about soccer, it was a communist sport for girls where I from, and I was working in pub on essex road Angel.

    Many of our regulars were gooners, a term i didn’t understand for while, and I remember many heated and angry arguments about george graham and whether he should have been fired and was rioch good enough. I quickly learned to mention DB10 and conversation would turn on dime from angry to happiness and joy that great player choose Arsenal.

    A regular at pub, an old fella with two season tickets and one poorly friend, took me to see two matches against Boro and Nottingham Forest and I was hooked on Arsenal and football. That was a good summer.

  77. Marko

    Rom I guarantee Cech won’t be considered the marquee signing either. Who is anyone’s guess at this point. Benz? Lacazette? Reus? Fekir?

  78. Leedsgunner

    “A regular at pub, an old fella with two season tickets and one poorly friend, took me to see two matches against Boro and Nottingham Forest and I was hooked on Arsenal and football. That was a good summer.”

    Cue Bryan Adams — Summer of ’69

    Not mocking you! I have a great fondness for Canada, great country, great people! A lot of my family live there 😉

  79. Romford Ozil Pele

    Marko – Cech is likely to cost over £10m. For a GK at 33 that’s still a lot of money. And this is a WC GK we’re picking up here. Some would argue that he’s the best GK of the PL era. Assuming he joins, he’s also likely to break all the time clean sheet record too. This is marquee on a lot of levels. Just because it’s a GK shouldn’t detract from that.

    Obviously i’m hoping that a marquee attacker comes in but i’m not holding my breath, especially as Theo is now likely to stay.

  80. leon

    I feel arsenal need a goal machine 25 plus striker a real beast who play lone striker someone like diago costa

  81. jwl

    I hate Bryan Adams but I deserved comparison, Leedsgunner. Where are your family? It is amazing how many Brits are here in Canada, and how many Canadians in UK.

    Canada seems to produce bands that are huge worldwide but no sane person would acknowledge enjoying – Bryan Adams, Celine Dion and Nickleback.

  82. Marko

    I hear you but I was thinking more money wise I expect a marquee signing still to come.

    I hear Simon Kjaer has said he turned down Liverpool cause he wanted to win trophies with Fenerbache. Everyone’s just shitting on Liverpool these days

  83. WengerEagle

    Don’t know what Juve are playing at signing Mandzukic, lad has a massive attitude problem and he doesn’t have the talent to back it up, overrated lump.

    Tevez must be off.

  84. Leedsgunner


    Your boy Firmino missed an absolute sitter the other night! What was that about? You need to sit him down and tell him your Le Grove rep is at stake! 😉

  85. jwl

    I remember reading last summer that Mourinho does not have say in who is sold where at Chelsea. Financial fair play rules make it more difficult to be choosy about who u do business with, the accountants have much influence now. And there is also what Romford Pele mentioned, Cech class act over past season and will be treated well by Chelsea.

    I wonder about our keeper situation. If Cech does arrive, I thought it would be more likely Chessers leaving, not Ooooooooospina. Szcz has been number one goalie and playing regularly, how long can you expect Chessers to be number two to Cech? He could be here for 4 or 5 years, not realistic to expect Szcz to wait that long once he’s had taste of being number one.

  86. WengerEagle


    Haha I know I was watching it, horrendous miss, fuck knows why he leaned back as he hit it.

    Still a great talent, expect him to step it up vs Venezuela in Neymar’s absence.

  87. DUIFG

    why has there been no season round up pedro? surely a pretty valid post for player of the season?

    sanchez is thre obvious one, but caz dec to march was incredible, coq obv post xmas, the only truly consistent performer was old nacho for me!

    Performance of the season cazorla v city. Delightful.

  88. Thank you and goodnight

    I watch clips of Dennis to this day and still get emotional watching him. The guy was a legend in every sense. Wengers first 10 years we were privileged to watch many greats pull on the red and white Jersey. …….but king Dennis was the dogs.

  89. Marko

    Probably just long enough for Damien Martinez to step up. He’s highly rated no?At the very least looks like he’s worth keeping an eye on

  90. WengerEagle

    Would have loved to be at the Dennis Bergkamp day match vs West Brom in ’06, class act that he was he managed to score a worldie.

    Was anyone on here at that match?

  91. jwl

    I am near toronto, Leedsgunner. The women world cup here in Canada this summer and Edmonton is hosting many games. Maybe your family members are watching the matches. I am taking my niece to quarter final match in ottawa next weekend. Should be interesting, curious to see the best female players and how good they are. Never watched female football before.

  92. WengerEagle

    My top 5 players of the season:

    1) Cazorla
    2) Sanchez
    3) Monreal
    4) Coquelin
    5) Ozil

    Performance of the season:

    Arsenal 4-1 Liverpool

    Goal of the season:

    Ramsey vs Galatasaray

  93. Blsany

    How is his Managerial career going ?Is he still a number 2 at Ajax?He has to be in the running post Wenger’s era.I know that former Strikers, dont make for great managers but he is so special and intelligent coud break that habit!

  94. Leedsgunner

    DUIFG @1146 (see above)

    Good call mate, and agree with your choices too.

    What about goal of the season? I have two contenders… one for for its sheer beauty (Sanchez goal in the FA Cup final) and one for its importance to us psychologically (Welbeck goal versus Manchester United, FA Cup)

  95. Leedsgunner


    Hope your niece enjoys it… the BBC coverage has been decent and I’ve watched some of the “Best Goals” highlights and I have to say… amazing… absolutely amazing.

  96. Marko

    His fear of flying will always hold him back with regards to management. Holland pretty convenient travel wise for him.

    Good list WE even though I’d have to have Koscielny in there somewhere or dowe just take it for granted how solid and consistent he is. Alexis number one too

  97. Leedsgunner

    Breakout star of the season – Bellerin

    Shame that Calum Chambers petered out though… he announced his arrival on the season like a BOSS.

  98. Kane

    Love the 2nd choice goalkeeper debate – I honestly do not care whether midge or fag breath stay or go so long as neither of them starts ahead of Cech!

    I’d say Chezzer has more potential – IF he learns from Cech and IF his attitude improves….

    But fuck it – just be buzzin about having a top quality GK for the first time since Lehman!

    DCM – Like it or not guys, Coq has done enough in Wengers eyes to start next season as first choice. However, there will be games we play 2 DCMs or Coq needs a rest so we absolutely need another player of quality there.

    Finally – a pacy frontman a la Jackson Martinez would complete our Summer business and see us go into a new season with a squad capable of challenging for the title.

    A title winning squad is one that has the tools to cope with any scenario and the depth to cope with a lack of form or injury.

    If we get the 3 signings we need this summer – then we will have those tools and the rest of the league will know it !

  99. peanuts&monkeys

    @leonJune 19, 2015 11:26:51
    I feel arsenal need a goal machine 25 plus striker a real beast who play lone striker someone like diago costa

    you are 200% correct. But the WengerMFArsene will still love his donkeyGiroud

  100. relieable sauce

    “communist sport for girls”

    DB10 makes my top 3 best & favourite Arsenal players. Only player to do so.

    best- TH, DB, FF.
    fav- IW, TA, DB.

    Just my opinion of course & only players from my time watching (mid-late 80s).

  101. Blsany

    Gabriel paulista was also a good signing but not so sure about Chambers.Hope he comes good.Personally prefer Stones to him but it’s done now.Still got time on his side.

  102. Hitchy

    Just in case some of you haven’t read it. READ STILLNESS AND SPEED!

    DB10 book, explaining why he was like he was, and why he struggled at Inter. Gave me goosebumps reading some passages of it – especially the way he speaks about simple things like kicking a football, and trying to always be perfect. Makes total sense why his technique is so good, to read about his mentality when playing after school in the Netherlands as a kid.