Taking a pay cut to join Arsenal?

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Man, Wednesday already.


Oh yeah, been hitting morning runs this week. Feeling pretty pumped. You know how it is, I need to be up, experiencing mother nature in the early morn whilst fuelling my dream of slipping into one of those new Arsenal shirts.

Anyway, there’s not much going on really. It’s very drab out there.

Petr Cech has his heart set on Arsenal and is prepared to take a pay cut to move. I love the way people make out this is some sort of mega show of grace from footballers. I took a pay cut to go into an new industry… 30%. No one praised me for being a gentlemen… and let’s be honest, taking a pay cut that big and moving to London meant I was on the marketing poverty line. I had to take packed lunches into work.

Not only are you skint, you’re being bullied for your ham and cheese sandwiches.

‘Look at that jerk, his bread isn’t even artisan’

Millenial’s are the generation that take pay cuts to work in something more substantial. Petr Cech is a millenial. But he’s taking too much credit for going from mega rich, to slightly less mega rich. It’s nice that he’s taking a cut to work at a club with more substance. That, I can get onboard with.

Right, what else?

Arseblog news transcribed the Nacho interview and you can read it here. One part I missed yesterday was the bit about him saying Coquelin was the best player of the second half of the season. His eyes lit up when he was talking about what he offered the team.

The other major change to the side from January onwards was the presence of Francis Coquelin. What difference did he make to the side?

I think he was the best thing for the club! This is football…look, he’s a player who was playing for Charlton in the Championship. At the beginning [of the season] nobody wants him. Then Mikel Arteta got injured, Abou Diaby the same and it was only Flamini. He [Coquelin] came back, but not to play, just to be on the bench, maybe. After, for me he was the best player. He has been the best player, he’s played over 20 games, top every single game. I think he will be a very important player for Arsenal next season. He was amazing.

Powerful words dripping in praise juice.

Also interesting to hear Santi come out and say we need an attacker.

“My only hope is that whoever is chosen will be somebody who can pump up the level of the team.

“When it comes to a position or who in particular we might need somebody in Theo Walcott’s area.

“He’s not necessarily a true, true striker so we might need somebody in his area.”

Monreal said something very similar. I think the feeling at the club from a lot of players is we need better up top. Thierry Henry might be the only one who is being blatant about it. It’s tough for players, they’re slagging off a team mate when they make comments… but I’m sure they know. Especially as a lot of them have played with world class strikers.

Right, not really much to play with today. The fixture list is coming out a bit later which should be super exciting. It’s going to be an expensive year if you’re an Arsenal fan. Three new kits, Champions League now on BT, Premier League on Sky… season ticket renewals. The merry month of June is a kicker!

Right, have a great day. See you in the comments!

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  1. vicky

    In a sane world, 20m is decent for Jack and Sterling close to 25m, may be slightly higher given that he can be an explosive player.

    In the current insane market, 30m should be the going rate for a player like Jack.

  2. nasri's mouth

    Suarez made a big improvement in his last season at Liverpool. He was pretty wasteful with the ball before that.

  3. BacaryisGone

    Alfie-I wouldn’t have Kane to be honest. The Premier League has often had players who have had a sparkling season and then fell back badly. Darren Bent always scored goals but lacked quality at a higher level. Let’s see if Kane can do it 3 straight seasons (even at a slightly lower level). I actually hope in a way he does continue to excel as it would be good for England if not so much for Arsenal. Still, we would never be able to sign him.

    For me, I just hope something clicks with Danny Welbeck and he can start to finish more clinically. He possesses so many other qualities it would be a huge boost for us if he can score more than 1 in 4.

  4. Wallace


    nah, along with Gascoigne and Rooney he’s the biggest natural talent we’ve produced in the last 20yrs. selling him to a rival – no matter what they offered – would be admitting we’re not a serious contender.

  5. BacaryisGone

    Vicky-selling Jack would be a huge mistake. We don’t need the money as we did before and should be at the point where we can add a couple of top players without selling anyone in return.

  6. Wallace

    “Suarez made a big improvement in his last season at Liverpool. He was pretty wasteful with the ball before that.”

    yeah, was thinking yesterday how there was a stage in both their English careers when Suarez & Ronaldo looked like they’d plateaued at ‘almost brilliant’ before suddenly kicking on and moving into the world class bracket.

  7. Leedsgunner

    “To be honest, 50m for Jack would be too tempting to resist. I would bite their hands off.”

    £50m or £30m it’s all for nought if we don’t invest in someone better. If the £50m was used towards the purchase someone like Pogba — yes, definitely worth it. Younger, less injury prone and more dynamic — definitely a step up. If the £50m was used to buy someone like Cabaye and Jackson Martinez (whose combined value is probably close to £50m) not worth it. Too old and no resale value later on… we would be burdened with just 2 more large wages on our wage bill.

    The money has to be reinvested in WC talent that we can build a winning dynasty with back in the playing squad. Young, skilled and hungry.

    Otherwise all we are doing is fattening SK’s coffers.

    No thanks.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    If City offered us the same deal, £35 Million plus £5 Million of add ons I would bite their hands off.

    Provided of course Wenger goes out and makes a splash and we don’t hear about the quality of Zalelem and Arteta whilst the cash reserves grow again.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    When you consider as well the media seem to suggest Pogba’s value is around £58 Million this summer, Liverpool looking for £50 Million for Sterling seems incredible to me.

    I like Sterling and I think he will turn into a great player, still very young, but £50 Million? You could be looking at Reus for that amount.

  10. Leedsgunner

    “I like Sterling and I think he will turn into a great player, still very young, but £50 Million? You could be looking at Reus for that amount.”

    With plenty of change left over to pick up a decent young prospect… does anyone know much about this boy Joe Gomez we are linked with (from Charlton)? If he’s that good, get Jenks on the case! 😉

  11. vicky


    Was about to post the link. You beat me to it.

    I won’t be surprised If he left though. If Cech comes in, he has to leave imo. Sczesney has got a higher ceiling and we have invested a lot of time and energy in him. He is AW’s favorite as well.

  12. Blsany

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