Nacho and Santi believe we need two top players

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Puma invited me to meet Nacho Monreal yesterday to celebrate the launch of their second home kit. I don’t normally like to get too close to players, it’s a bit like giving names to farm animals…

However, I have to say, it was a total pleasure. What an absolutely top bloke he was. His English was excellent, he was affable, he went above and beyond to give us well articulated answers and he seems to really be behind the club.

Other sites will give you a better word for word than me, but the key points of interest are as followed.

He’d never played as a centre back before. He said he was amazed when the boss asked him too, but he adapted. He said most of defending is in your head, but it was hard to adapt to a new position. He also noted that the first ten games were an issue fitness wise. Kind of makes you feel for him a little bit more when you consider some of the pelters he was taking.

He was very much focused on the fact that football is about being the best in the moment. He said he and Kieran Gibbs have as good a relationship as you can expect considering they are rivals. He also said that they’re very different defenders. He wanted to stress that in this moment, he is winning the battle.

I asked him what had changed at the turn of the year. He struggled….

‘The atmosphere was different. Last season you had separate groups, this year, we are one’

Really interesting. Cohesion is what he points the finger at. He seemed relatively guarded about what had actually changed, smirking before answering.

He also said that Ospina coming in has made a difference. Again, highlighting the moment. He also joked that Chezzer had been relegated to number two because of reasons that ‘were not sporting.’

Oh and we laughed.

He highlighted how fast paced the Premier League was. The strength of players and the involvement you have in the game is more intense than it is in La Liga.

We asked him about what he thought the team needs in the summer, he wants one or two quality players. He thinks we need to bolster out attacking options. Interestingly Santi Cazorla, in his pigeon English, also said we need two quality players.



I think the amusing thing you forget when speaking to players is they see the same things most of you do. They’re all fans. They know what we’re lacking. They’re not sitting there thinking about a protectionist summer. They want to play with the best. It’s a bit of a myth big names cause disharmony. They enhance things because ultimately, a career is judged on one thing, what you won!

The actual launch was amusing, most saw it, but no one really played the puma game, least of all Thierry! I have to say, the kit is lovely. If I were 14, and fucking slim, i’d buy one. Reminds me of that kit that had white block on the back. A touch retro. Much nicer than last years. Can’t wait to see the beer drinkers disgracing themselves in one.

What has to be noted is the effort Puma put into this. The launch was mad expensive. DJs, players, massive festival type set. I think they tried to make a mark. It was a smart approach and I’d imagine it’ll pay off.

Right, I’ll remember more tomorrow, my day is a bitch, enjoy the pictures.

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PUMA Launches the 2015-16 Arsenal Home Kit_Cazorla_Ozil_Sanchez_1

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  1. N5

    Lee, that’s a fair point. Schevchenko was a crock before he came, you’d have had to be Jesus to have got him to come good, he was just a Roman favourite. Torres is a mystery, he was great and then he wasn’t, I think he must have been cursed.

    However, I don’t think we can really gauge how good he is at rejuvenating as two of the three players were nothing to do with him. Also it’s not that Falcao was garbage, he was injured and has been shipped to 2 teams in 2 seasons and we wonder why he’s not firing on all cylinders, it took Ozil 2 years to settle and we all know how good he is.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner: From Pat Riceโ€™s book โ€ Gervinho was bulli3d the most,3 players Frimpong, Wilshire and Jenkinson all had warnings for calling him r3tardinhoโ€

    Which book was this?

  3. N5

    Lee, I don’t hope you’re wrong at all, I hope he does fail at Chelsea as I do anyone who plays for them. I just don’t think he will be the Falcao we saw at Manure.

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Dan Ahern: I like how Chelsea are supposedly after Oxlade-Chamberlain now.

    How do we know he doesn’t mean Gibbs ?

    I can see Mourinho dragging this out and then pulling out

  5. salparadisenyc

    Don’t need to get into CR7 but Benz scored his largest tally for Madrid under Mou at 32, brought Eto over to Milan and he scored around 20 the season they took the Champs league.. Drogba was always prolific under Mourinho.

    How many did Costa score last season?

    I personally don’t want to see the Falcao experiment at Chelsea.

  6. N5

    NM: No they won’t.

    Good argument NM and I agree ๐Ÿ˜€

    It actually cut off the end of the sentence which was his signing fee and his wage would be nothing to them.

  7. N5

    Ha ha, I realised after I pressed comment that I had deleted to much of the sentence, but I was basically saying, Chelsea have so many glory supporters that they will make back in Merchandise the signing fee and what’s another 250k a week to Roman?

    If any club can soak up that kind of loss, its Chelsea.

  8. london gunner

    Actually I somewhat revise my comment on Falcao being a flop as rembering that Falcao’s final season with Atletico Madrid saw him combine in a devastating fashion with Costa…

    Perhaps if anyone can reignite that spark its his former team mate?

  9. Lee

    Drogbas league goals to games.



    If you think that’s prolific then you must NEVER EVER moan about walcott or giroud again.
    Double standards??

  10. london gunner


    Part of me thinks Mourinho has a grand plan here.

    1 Bring in Costa’s former team mate they have history and chemistry perhaps sparks may fly ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2 Falcao is also competition but more than that at AM Falcao was the master to Costa’s apprentice. If there is anyone you really want to prove you are better than you are its your former master. Like a clichรฉ kung fu movie

    Costa goal Falcao assist

    Final Copa Del Rey vs Real Madrid

    Falcao does some nuts skill in the middle of the park

  11. MadeToLoveMagic

    The thing about this Cech business as far as I can tell is, that Roman has made a promise man to man to Cech. If that is true then whole thing has nothing to do with Maureen. Yes he will be kicking off behind the scene, but really there is nothing that now can be done. Cech is allowed to chose his own team and that’s it. It’s all to do with family, they apparently like London, they have settled kids, in good Schools. Boom., It’s done.

    It’s not like Jose can demand one of our players in return. He has no power in this situation.

    The other beautiful thing is that Cech is justified to move. He really can’t be accused of being a traitor. What is he meant to do? sit on the bench be happy? He’s 33, that’s around an age where most keepers have their finest years. He’s won everything with Chelsea and probably feels he deserves a new challenge..

  12. Lee


    What the fuck are you talking about??
    When did I say mourinho is shite? I think he’s class.
    I Acutally like him. I’ve worked for the guy. Top bloke.
    Check my comments before you talk bollocks.
    The discussion is weather Falcao will be successful.
    I say that it’s not much of a worry to me due to the amount of failures Chelsea have had signing world class strikers and runing them due to the style Jose imprinted on Chelsea since 04

    Drogba scored 10/26 and 12/29 league in Jose first two seasons so hardly prolific and come on. He walks ini a real team offering ronaldo, ozil, benzema, di Maria, higuain. You’d think a goal or two might be scored

  13. N5

    london, agreed. The partnership of Costa and Falcao is daunting. If it clicks and I understand it’s a big IF, but if it clicks they could be even harder to catch next year.

  14. nasri's mouth

    Chelsea playing 2 up front? Dunno about that.

    The thing with Falcao is that there’s no transfer fee, you’re not stuck with him if he fecks up and there’s a shortage of top strikers (or at least too many clubs after one), so finding one to play second fiddle to Costa is tricky.
    He’ll do better than last season, but he’ll be back up

  15. Cesc Appeal

    You come to me, on the day of my daughter’s wedding and ask me for a transfer to Arsenal…this, I cannot allow

  16. N5

    Agreed NM, that’s why I was saying earlier I imagine rather than having Costa and Falcao play together they’ll rotates based on match importance.

    But then LG reminded me of their old partnership and you never know?

  17. Redtruth


    You’re the fantasist for saying Arsenal were competing for the title in 2011 when they finished 22 points behind Man Utd lol

    Dimwit also mentioned 2008 when Arsenal COLLAPSED and were out of the title race by mid-march

  18. Lee


    I’m in the building industry.

    What’s that? Another fantasy?mine normally involve a tub of bovril and Rihanna but whateverFloats your boat. The only thing Chelsea managers do is Ruin great strikers every year.

  19. salparadisenyc

    Lee you really are a silly shit, both those years you brought up Drogba’s goal tally they won the league doing the league cup double in 05. Safe to say Drogba was prolific in both campaigns.

    Once Walcott and Giroud can boast what Fat Frank and Drogs did in that time frame then sure ill keep my mouth shut.

  20. Lee

    Na mate
    We finished a a win and a draw from the title in 08. We were the best team in the league that year.
    Gallas fucked our season up. The epitome of wanker.
    Anti captain
    No10 wearing
    Stupid haircut sporting
    You really must be a depressive cunt in reality red truth.
    Bet you live alone with a cat

  21. Lee


    No he wasn’t


    That is not prolific
    If giroud and walcott aren’t then how can those figures e for a world class title winning forward
    He played well
    He brought the best out of lampard duff and robben but he wasn’t prolific.
    Do you mean he profited or profiteroles or is there another meaning to the word prolific that only New Yorkers know?

  22. Redtruth


    You are a ret*rd the title was over many moons ago before Arsebal closed the gap at the top in 2008 due to Utd losing interest and games.

  23. leon

    chelsea are an extremely good team allot of depth and very battle hardened this why its so importantthat wenger adds to this squad because I can garantee with looking to there team even stronger as will manu and city

  24. MadeToLoveMagic

    Lee, how can you live alone with a cat? Surely then you are not living alone right?, unless it happens to be Schrodinger’s cat I suppose, then you would be in a permanent state of supposition as to whether you were alone or not. Either way you are not truly alone. Stupid comment.

  25. Redtruth

    Arsenal have never been in a title race since they last won it in 2004.

    2008 is clutching at straws which to be fair is all what AKB’s can do.

  26. Lee

    It did. Had Eduardo not been injured and gallas not been the total wanker he turned out to be it could have all been so different in the following seasons.
    The psychological impact he had on players like hlen CESC, RvP, adenayor and the rest was profound in my view.
    That side was strolling to the title until then.
    They played the most beautiful football this country has ever seen, better than the invincibles. They just inherited mental fragility from sol Campbell first (West Ham melt down)then gallas.

  27. N5

    Sorry MTLM you fuckface, I’ll stop it right shitting now! also RE the cat, you’d only not know until you looked, so as long as no one looked to see if he lived with a cat, he would live both alone and with the cat so stupid comment.

  28. MadeToLoveMagic

    Haha N5 you shitbag!

    but that’s what I was saying old bean, you’d be in a supposition of states between being alone and not, which is as you correctly pointed out is the same as being both alone and not alone at the same time. Semi- stupid comment

  29. Redtruth

    The team should have been galvanised after Eduardo’s break instead of which they went in to melt down and mental breakdown due to Wenger’s mental fragility.

  30. Lee


    Systematic anomaly. Aergo visa vi concortedly.
    I think you are considered to be living alone unless you share your domicile with another human being according to the electoral role, councils, government,society.

  31. Lee

    N5 noted on the swearing
    I’ve also worked for
    Slacken bilic
    Malouda (prick)
    Robbie Williams
    Leona Lewis
    Michael Caine
    Al Murray
    Harry hill
    Ewan mcgregor
    Shit loads of famous faces

  32. N5

    Fucking hell Lee, my only claims to fame are, I went to school with Gareth Barry and dated his sister. I go to Arsenal with the snooker player Mark Davis and my uncle shared a cell with Reggie Kray, Oh and Jim’ll shagged me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. N5

    Ha ha MTLM, duly noted, but will a car hit me if I’m not looking? Schrodinger’s cunt!!

    PS I’m still laughing at shitbag!

  34. Lee

    Really?? Your uncle shared a cell with reggie kray?? That’s pretty fucking cool. I mean loads of people out there claim kray stories but if that’s true it’s cool.
    What was he like?

  35. Lee

    Oh and mario stanic. His wife is hands down the hottest wag I’ve ever seen.
    And we were working for a guy who was shaghing jakki degg
    I was 18 at the time and have hated the bloke ever since

  36. Lee

    Red truth

    Have we learned the differenve yet or are you asking me for a wank?

  37. MidwestGun

    Haha Speaking of fantasy how is your cousin Kimberley doing? N5

    Anyone watching Redtroll’s favorite team Argentina play Uruguay. Should be on in about 10 minutes.

  38. N5

    Lee, my uncle is a bank robber and spent 7 years in Parkhurst where he became his cellmate and I imagine his willy warmer. To be honest he didn’t tell me much about him but he did get a part in the Krays movie! he’s the blonde fella that gets punched and thrown over the car when he’s chatting up one of the Krays girlfriends outside the shop.

    When my brother died, Reggie sent us a card saying how sorry he was to hear about our loss etc which I guess was nice.

  39. N5

    Ha ha Middy, she’s in Majorca at the moment with a few of the other Crystals. Now I know she’s family (1st cousin) and I know it’s a little Hills have Eyes, but I’d like to have gone on the holiday as their suntan lotion rubberoner if that’s a thing?

  40. Lee

    Hands down where?


    You all twisted cos you tried to claim drogba was proliferic for mourinho amd was systematically dismantled?

  41. MidwestGun

    Serious question how much do you think a flight to Majorca is?
    :smile :

    Ha ha Oh well, send her my love next time you see her, I’m a real fan of her body of work.

  42. N5

    Thanks Marko, it was years ago though mate, I was only 9 and I’m 36 now. TYAG knows him too, strangely that’s how me, TYAG and Invincibles (no longer posts) started talking on here was because we all shared a friend/family member that god goosed by a Kray ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. N5

    Ha ha Mid I’ll tell her, if you ever come to Hastings mate I can even arrange for you to take one of her ballet classes, I bet you’d look great in a tutu.

  44. salparadisenyc

    No Lee I claimed Mourinho always has a prolific striker or striker whom scores prolific goals in his sides that have won a trophy after you said the opposite.

    To name a few Costa, Cr7, Benz, Higuain, Eto, Ibra and Drogba.
    Safe to say Mourinho didn’t get the best out of Robben.

  45. MidwestGun

    Magic –
    Hmm wouldn’t say famous. Usually people know him as the crazy announcer guy. But he did manage an MLS team. Bein does La Liga and Serie A games sometimes French League but I think Ray mainly only does La Liga.

  46. Dan Ahern

    Late to the party but I laughed out loud at the end of this one:

    N5 June 16, 2015 23:00:19
    Fucking hell Lee, my only claims to fame are, I went to school with Gareth Barry and dated his sister. I go to Arsenal with the snooker player Mark Davis and my uncle shared a cell with Reggie Kray, Oh and Jimโ€™ll shagged me!

  47. MadeToLoveMagic

    Cool cheers mid..

    He’s certainly an interesting character..

    I think the reason it works so well is because the other guy is just so passive, and seems happy just to commentate on the boring bits of the game and more often than not let Ray take over when something exciting happens. I don’t think he could get away with that in England, as sad as that is. I think he’d have to be tamed over here and that would be like cutting the hands off Mozart.

  48. MidwestGun

    Lol Redtroll. . Well Uruguay is sucking the life out of this game. . So I’d say not well so far. You should be happy. Altho, Brazil didn’t look all that great either last time out. And Chile got a draw gave up 3, so I’m thinking Argentine still the favorites.

  49. MidwestGun

    It is pretty funny that your arguement is Messi isn’t world class. That’s like argueing Einstein isn’t all that smart. Or Da Vinci was an ok painter.

    But if that’s what you want to be known for Troll on, my friend.

  50. Zeus

    Your Comment Hereargentina now on the back burner since they are boring.

    Fully expect a cavs win, but I wouldn’t mind the Warriors closing it out tonight.

  51. MidwestGun

    Wow…,Tons of fouling, rough and tumble. Fights breaking out everywhere. Dodgy challenges. Lol. Bit of a hockey feel to it.

    Uruguay. ..misses a sitter. . “Sloppy as a soup sandwich”.

  52. Zeus

    The only benefit to Ray Hudson is that I’d much prefer to listen to his rankings than the 2 Americans that he’s normally partnered with on goltv.

    He’s definitely an acquired taste.

  53. MidwestGun

    Messi played great the last 15 minutes too, despite getting the crap fouled out of him. Made the ball disappear on a few dribbles.

    Lol. Ray Hudson said anyone who thinks Messi was on a downturn in his career doesn’t know anything about football. Must know RedTroll.

    1-0 Argentina.. luckily Aguero attacked that header like “Dracula attacks a plate of liver.

  54. MidwestGun

    Zeus –
    Haha ya, little of Ray goes a long way. Anyhow, ya I’m wanting Golden State to win it. Inguadala is local hero in my neighborhood, grew up around here.

  55. Bamford10


    Falcao WAS world class. Anyone who saw him play at Atletico knows this. Absurd goals, in the biggest games, consistently. Pure class.

    Don’t let Marble — who questions whether Messi is world class!!!! — intimidate you. Need I remind you of his remarks re Zidane, Henry, Aguero, etc.?

  56. Emiratesstroller

    I have just read Pedro’s post this morning and his interview with Monreal.

    Monreal highlights one very important point, which is “the atmosphere” at the
    club is good at moment with players getting on well with each other including
    his friendly rivalry with Gibbs.

    Some might argue that life is too comfortable at Arsenal, but it is interesting to note that a similar culture has evolved at Saracens which is England’s leading
    rugby club. They have worked hard on relationships.

    I have always believed that in team sports you need players to get on well with
    each other and more importantly “play for each other”. That is particularly important when you are sitting on the sidelines.

    Arsenal do have now a very good squad and there are some highly intelligent and articulate guys in the team. Mertesacker has clearly emerged as a team
    leader and someone like Sanchez leads by example on the field. Moreover
    there are clearly a number of players in the squad with a charitable and social

    Since beginning of January Arsenal have played on the whole very well with
    just 4 defeats. The game against Southampton resulted in material changes to
    team. Spurs and Monaco defeats were important lessons to be learned.

    However, what became crystal clear is that squad balance and teamwork are
    vital for success.

    Frankly there are not many major changes needed to be made to our squad.
    However, I tend to agree with Wenger that we have already got a large squad
    and it makes only sense in bringing in new players if they are an upgrade on what we have got and I would certainly not bring in more than two or three at
    most this summer.

  57. Wallace


    yeah, sure back to back FA Cup wins helps with that side of things, but there does seem to be a good chemistry between the first team players at the moment. and if Flamini’s keeping Ozil happy away from the pitch it makes keeping him around slightly more palatable.

  58. tunnygriffboy


    Pretty spot on with that comment.

    We do have a good squad with some outstanding players. I also think we have yet to see the best of the likes of Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Walcott and Welbeck. I think there is more to come from them and it’s exciting. Keeping them fit is really important.

    Team spirit is vital. It’s good that all the players say that the aim is to challenge next season. There seems to bea collective ambition to do this. I don’t think it’s always been there

    Re signings. I would love Cech. Also Kondogbia or someone of his ability. Re strikers, I was in the camp that Higuain was a good target. Now I’m thinking is he a huge upgrade on what we’ve got ? I’m not sure. I’d rather we tried to get Benzema or Lacazette. If not available perhaps go with what we’ve got until that WC striker becomes available.

  59. tunnygriffboy

    So Mourinho wants our Ox for 20 million. Bollox to that.

    He’s got a side that won the European Youth league. Why doesn’t he use and integrate some of those lads ?

  60. Willow Wilson

    What do we want from the fixtures being announced soon?

    1. Home games after away CL fixtures. 2. Avoiding playing our rivals in a run of 2/3 games back to back.
    3. Away games to our rivals in the first half of the season.

  61. Willow Wilson

    jose is trying it on, desperation, he has no chance. He is pissed the owner is allowing Cech to choose out of loyalty. Knows he strengthens us. No way will wenger strengthen a rival, those days have gone.

  62. tunnygriffboy


    Pretty much agree re the fixtures. I always look at the last 6/8 fixtures to see our run in. Will we know whether our fixtures stand re CL away games. That’ll be down to luck when the CL games are announced

    CL be interesting this season. Seedings have changed and we’re in pot 2. We could get an easier draw than normal, at the same time it could end up horrendous. It’s a bit like that. Would you giggle if man u lost the qualifier ? I must admit I would ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. tunnygriffboy

    On another matter man city increasing Etihad capacity to 65, 000. Many of their fans are worried they won’t fill it. They struggled to sell out their CL games last season.

  64. Emiratesstroller


    My view is that there are currently very few outstanding goalscoring forwards/ strikers who are currently available or more importantly at affordable prices.

    Spending ยฃ30 million + on a fairly average striker is pointless and will not improve significantly our goalscoring performance. Players like Martinez and Higuain fall into that category. I need also to be convinced that Benzema is an
    upgrade when you look at his goalscoring stats.

    Personally I would be more inclined to go out and buy a Bentecke or Lacazette.
    They would cost less but maybe have more goalscoring potential and of course are young players.

    Mourinho is a WUM. He knows very well that Arsenal are not going to sell Ox
    to Chelsea. It is just designed to feather his ego. I think that it is now likely that
    Cech will come to us, but that deal will not come with strings attached.

    What is increasingly clear is that both Chelsea and Man City have failed to recruit a sufficient number of Home Grown/British players who are considered
    good enough to play in their first team. They are now scrambling to find players and in case of Man City will probably throw silly money at problem.

  65. Nasri's Mouth

    August 8 West Ham United (H)
    August 15 Crystal Palace (A)
    August 22 Liverpool (H)
    August 29 Newcastle United (A)
    September 12 Stoke City (H)
    September 19 Chelsea(A)
    September 26 Leicester City(A)
    October 3 Manchester United (H)
    October 17 Watford (A)
    October 24 Everton (H)
    October 31 Swansea City (A)
    November 7 Tottenham Hotspur (H)
    November 21 West Bromwich Albion (A)
    November 28 Norwich City (A)
    December 5 Sunderland (H)
    December 12 Aston Villa (A)
    December 19 Manchester City (H)
    December 26 Southampton (A)
    December 28 Bournemouth (H)
    January 2 Newcastle United (H)
    January 12 Liverpool (A)
    January 16 Stoke City (A)
    January 23 Chelsea (H)
    February 2 Southampton (H)
    February 6 Bournemouth (A)
    February 13 Leicester City (H)
    February 27 Manchester United (A)
    March 1 Swansea City (H)
    March 5 Tottenham Hotspur (A)
    March 12 West Bromwich Albion (H)
    March 19 Everton (A)
    April 2 Watford (H)
    April 9 West Ham United (A)
    April 16 Crystal Palace (H)
    April 23 Sunderland (A)
    April 30 Norwich City (H)
    May 7 Manchester City (A)
    May 15 Aston Villa (H)

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    Fairly easy start, home game first, and no newly promoted clubs (full of energy and excitement) early on.

    2 home games over boxing day too

  67. tunnygriffboy


    Surely Chelsea are ok with the talent in their youth ranks ? I know Mourinho doesn’t like to develop young players but they are there

    City are a basket case re this. Talk Sterling, Delph, Cresswell and Patrick Roberts from Fulham. Selling teams will fleece them ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    To be fair we have a lot of the best young British players. Many will get better and are yet to reach their peak.

  68. tunnygriffboy


    Really good run in from April apart Man City away lastbut one game. It appears the big games are kept apart. Worse month is January. Fa cup, lpool (a) , Stoke (a), Chelsea (h

  69. tunnygriffboy


    Lol. Either they’ll be coming back from or getting injured ! Hopefully we’ll get it sorted,

    City made 2nd bid for Sterling. ยฃ40 million. World has gone made. They desperate for homegrown talent