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  1. MidwestGun

    Only negatives I can see with Vidal from first half is he lunges into tackles sometimes, rides the edge and he walks with a bit of a permanent limp but doesn’t seem to affect him. But attacking skills are so good. Dribbling, crossing. Powerful. A lot to like. Great freekick taker as well

  2. Keyser

    Bamford10 – Maybe I’m the problem now, I dunno.

    Did your analysis of my post stop there ? Should I expect more ?

    Because you did miss out a pretty key part :

    “I want Sanchez style signings if we do buy big, thing is I honestly can’t see many out there ?”

    You could’ve cited players who serve Sanchez like criteria ? I mean he is a 35 million pound player, but with age on his side and the possibility he could improve.

    25 goals, 13 assists, and he could improve, not only could he validate his pricetag, he could maybe even prove to be greater value for money.

    Did you not read that far ? Like I said should I wait ?

    – Ozil has taken the best part of two years to acclimatise.
    – Cazorla was seen as over the hill as a wide player, who has since been dropped back into a deeper midfield position.

    I say it’s paradoxical because almost every player we have has had people on his back at some point or another, those same people then choose to use those players as reasons why we’re oh so close.

    Every year one player or another steps up or improves, yet you can’t quite fathom this, why ? Because you look at the clubs who do win trophies.

    If all you want is improvement, why can’t the players we have improve ?.

  3. Keyser

    Also to be fair, Sanchez could also decline in his productivity at least, he’s had two consecutive summers playing in International tournaments now.

    I think with time constraints and the way Wenger brings him back, he’ll have a far slower start.

    Though his improvement will mostly be down to his own mind, while his tracking back is admirable it’d be smarter if he learned how to be more efficient in his distribution of the ball, like in the final, if he truly mean’t that, it’s exactly the sort of progression that should help with his chances of burnout.

  4. Bamford10


    Two things–

    One, no, I hadn’t read any subsequent post where you talked about favoring a “Sanchez-like” signing, if we do “buy big”. So now apparently you’re for signing a player, IF he meets the following criteria:

    – is world class (or near world class)
    – is 26 or younger, with room for improvement
    – is not outrageously expensive

    Well, if I were to accept that criteria — I think the first may be a bit much — a number of players bandied about on here would basically meet it fairly well, including:
    – Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Bender, Gundogan, Krychowiak
    – Lacazette, Higuain

    Two, sure players can improve with time, but we’re not going to be better than Chelsea — or City, or United — simply from that type of marginal player improvements. Will Giroud improve? Fuck off. Walcott? Please. Sanchez? Maybe, though I think some of his (bad) habits are a bit too ingrained.

    Regardless, we’re not going to catch Chelsea — or any other top team — through such improvement alone. Not going to happen. One, the gap in quality between them and us is too large. Two, their players will also improve.

    So spend we must.

    The only questions are where in the XI or squad can spending improve us, and which players best fit the bill. Most here agree that to compete with the best we must improve at CF, CDM and GK, so that’s where the discussion begins for me.

  5. Bamford10


    Another thing: I’ve said this before, but you cannot on one hand say that it unreasonable for people to expect Wenger to have competed with big spending clubs and on the other hand say that internal improvement and not external spending is the key to a club’s progress.

    If spending is an advantage, then surely we must spend. If we need not spend to progress and compete with the best, then how can spending be an advantage? The way you often describe it, much spending is actually a DISADVANTAGE. Well, it can’t be both a disadvantage and an advantage. You can’t have it both ways.

    Either spending is an advantage and is necessary, and we should thus definitely spend; or, we don’t need to spend, because spending is not necessarily an advantage or the means to progress.

    The former is obviously the case.

  6. Keyser

    Bamford10 – The top teams in pretty much every league, either dominate through saturation or have at least pooled enough talent to constrict competition and give themselves a pretty decent chance of winning.

    I say this because you see it across Europe.

    PSG, Bayern, Juventus have won consecutive titles.

    Barcelona and Real dominate La Liga.

    The Premiership is probably the fairest, but only because there’s a choice of 3 teams, the most revenue, and the fairest split of that revenue, especially TV monies.

    This isn’t a gradual thing it’s happened over time, look at the transfer market, it isn’t open and free, it actively works against you now, the money you spend doesn’t provide value, it’s inefficient. The more you turn to it the less value you get.

    You cannot argue against this, and there’s plenty of examples. It’s been a steady decline over the past decade.

    In 2008, we had a ridiculously efficient team, and a pretty small cash reserve, we sold players as teams picked them off, our cash reserve grew but the efficiency with how we rebuilt decreased.

    We bought Fabregas for 2 million sold him for 35.
    We bought Nasri for 13 million sold him for 22.
    We bought Gervinho for 12 million sold him for 8.

    As our cash reserves have grown, the chance we get value for money has decreased. The money we have now while it’s as much as we’ve ever had, it’s also a less advantageous time to spend it.

    I said outside investment was our only hope in 2008, and again in 2011, I’ve repeated it numerous times, FFP curtailed spending but it’s now being relaxed, I don’t agree with wealthy investors cornering a sport but it’s the situation we face, have faced, will continue to face.

    Your argument is ridiculous, we have to explore areas others teams aren’t because as we’ve seen we can’t match them in areas where they can simply outspend us.

    Either come up with areas of the market that can provide value other teams haven’t looked at, or accept that as it is our biggest asset is how we develop players given time.

    I picked Sanchez, because he is a rare example of close to value, if not greater value.

    None of those players come close, bar maybe Higuain, and even he has question marks over him.

  7. Dark Hei


    CF, CDM and GK,- I am almost in agreement.

    But I am going to go rouge and say we don’t need a striker! Theo Walcott is our guy, simply because the likes of Pedro is off the market.

    Our 5-man super midfield needs someone to aim at. Someone who is not obsessed in having the ball at his feet. Someone who likes to run off the ball, sitting off the shoulder of defenders. That someone is Walcott. Walcott through the middle is not possible before; but with Sanchez and co dominating the mid, it frees up Walcott to do the thing he does best.

    Here is the big $$ competition that is usually quoted.
    1. Jackson Martinez – Would have been an interesting signing, 2 seasons ago. But at his age, at his price and with his league, it will be too much of a risk. And he is probably owned by 3rd parties.
    2. Lycazette – Off to PSG for big $$ and back on loan to Lyon. Sorry can’t see us stooping to this level. We shouldn’t either. It is just stupid.
    3. Dzeko – He is no longer better than Giroud. One lump for another? At least ours is better looking.
    4. Higuain – For 50M euros? He scores a lot of goals. But I read that his goal/shot ratio is pretty bad. He misses a lot of chances. I will say go for him if he costs half the price. Hack, I will even bump it up to 30M with add-ons.
    5. Mandzukic – Would be an interesting option vs Giroud. But he wants first team football and unless your mid is scoring like crazy, we can’t use him. Not a good fit with an assist addict like Ozil around.

  8. Dark Hei

    Ok, just saw that Benzema might be available on Sport Witness.

    If so, I say let’s go all-in for such a talent.

    It will certainly means curtains for Giroud. He is not going to stay if we get his international rival on board.

  9. shad

    This dependency game is really irksome, if true. It worked with Ozil but I doubt we can do the brace. We have the money so why not spend it? If we want Benzema we shouldn’t be struggling to convince RM or him to come.

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    And we’ve already done the brace. That’s how we got Sanchez.

    Unfortunately we can’t just go up to one of the biggest clubs in the world and tell them we’d like to sign their 1st choice striker and expect them to say yes.

    If they want to keep him, they’ll keep him, and he’ll want to stay, because why would he really want to move to a smaller club with less chance of winning things?

  11. vicky

    “Petr Cech wants to remain in the Premier League, Chelsea goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon has told RMC, with Arsenal apparently the frontrunners to sign the goalkeeper.

    Cech, 33, has said he wants to leave Chelsea after falling behind Thibaut Courtois in the pecking order and was reported to have met with the club on Monday to discuss his options.

    Lollichon said: “We knew that the 2014-15 situation could not go on forever. It’s magnificent to have two goalkeepers of that standard, but it can’t continue. It’s tough for a guy like Cech to be on the bench.

    “He has at least three or four excellent years ahead of him. Given his lifestyle and his desire, and given he loves football and is a perfectionist, the club he goes to will have a great chance to win trophies.”

    Paris Saint-Germain, whose keeper Salvatore Sirigu was criticised by Lollichon last season, are reported to be interested in signing Cech but it appears the Czech Republic international wants to remain in the Premier League.

    “People are talking a lot about PSG,” Lollichon said. “People were even talking about that last year. It’s clear he would give added value. Sirigu isn’t bad, but Cech is better.

    “The problem is that when you have played in England, Ligue 1 seems light. He wants to stay in England, but I don’t know at which stage the discussions are at.”

    Manchester United, who face a battle to keep David De Gea this summer, have been linked with Cech but the goalkeeper indicated earlier this month that, while he is open to a move abroad, he may prefer to stay in London for family reasons.

    Tottenham Hotspur are said to be interested, with their No. 1, Hugo Lloris, having been linked with United, but Arsenal appear to be the more likely destination.

    Lollichon said: “The advantage is that Arsenal is a top club, with a philosophy that pleases him and is based in London.”

    Asked about Spurs, he said: “I do not think they have the same ambitions as Arsenal.”

    Arsenal midfielder Tomas Rosicky, who played alongside Cech in the Czech Republic side that faced Iceland earlier this month, said he had spoken to the goalkeeper about his future.

    He told Sky Sports News: “Obviously I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I had been speaking to him because we have known each other for a very long time.

    “Petr wants a change of scenery, let’s say, so I don’t think he will have a lack of clubs interested in him. We will see how it ends but in this case I will not interfere at all from both sides.

    “It’s his decision or Arsenal’s decision if they want to go in that way. I don’t know if Arsenal really want him or not. That’s not the right question for me but he’s a very good goalkeeper. He’s a proven goalkeeper.”

    Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho repeated last week that he does not want to allow Cech to join a domestic rival but suggested he would seek a part-exchange deal if the goalkeeper were to leave, saying: “For every club that is interested in Petr, I can find players in that team that I like too.”

    Sky Sports has reported that Chelsea would request a home-grown player in any exchange deal for Cech.

  12. Dark Hei

    “Sky Sports has reported that Chelsea would request a home-grown player in any exchange deal for Cech.”

    That is dumb nuts. No way Arsenal will do a deal like this. Recent quotes leaked to the media shows that Cech and his entourage are not going to allow Chelsea’s hanky pankering to spoil his transfer.

  13. Jim Lahey

    I don’t mean to burst the Jack Wilshere bubble that is going on at the moment, sure his performances for England have been impressive.. But can we just take into account who those teams he has played against are??

    R. of Ireland
    San Marino

    Can we just hold off on labelling him the next great white hope, just for a bit?

  14. Northbanker

    I think the only possible block to Cech joining us is Mourinho – whether he can persuade Abramovich its anyone but Arsenal. Or he persuades him to insist on an English player – Ox or Theo. Even the PSG money won’t work in this case on its own.

    Otherwise he’s on his way to the Emirates and that will be a landmark signing for us as we gradually put marquee players into our team.

    I hope then we offload Ospina and not Chez. Chez has 2 years on his side over Ospina – at 25 still v.young for a keeper and could still learn- esp improve his attitude whereas I can’t see how Ospina can improve that much.

    Cech is probably one of the few keepers that someone like Chez would listen to and start learning from. He has it in him to still be a great keeper when he hits his late 20s early 30s.

  15. Jim Lahey

    @North – I can’t remember a time when Wenger has bought a player, spoke highly of him and then sold him on in a year, has it ever been done?

  16. Wallace


    i’m struggling to think of an instance. no doubt Cech’s the best of the three. if he did come maybe Szcz would leave, but i feel like Ospina would be the fall guy. and he could count himself very unlucky if he is.

  17. Alfie

    Jim –

    Re Wilshere, you can only play whats in front of you and the fact that he has six out of the last seven MOTM doesn’t show anything other than he has been consistently good, regardless of opposition.

    Ospinia will go before Schz. Hands down .

  18. vicky

    I think Sczesney will not be sold. He will be sent on loan and probably Ospina will be given another year to prove himself. If it came to selling one GK, it would be Ospina, not Cheezer and that for me would be the right decision.

  19. vicky

    Draxler and Nzonzi rumors picking up. Draxler rumors seems to have some legs. Apparently, AW was always interested in him but in his opinion, Draxler was overpriced. Now, Schalke seems to be willing to sell him for a much lower price which seems to have reignited AW’s interest in him.

  20. Romford Ozil Pele

    Welbeck: “I definitely have more levels to go for Arsenal”

    Gonna need to show this sharpish,mate, or the knives will be out for you.

  21. Romford Ozil Pele

    LOL SRG, there we are!

    Would love Draxler and Reus but numbers wise we’re fine unless Wenger is selling which I don’t see him doing from the current crop.

  22. Lee


    When ronaldo or messi hit hat tricks against levante or Santander they are geniuses

    When zlatan score worldies against Nantes or Montpellier he is world class.

    Some of those teams you mentioned are a lot better than most of the teams barca, real or psg play.
    Also he dominated the Brazil midfield, the barca mid field and the city midfield.
    He may not yet produce the stats and numbers but his talent and all round game has plenty to be excited about for arsenal and England.
    We haven’t had a player like him since Brady and England haven’t had since gazza.
    Also the fact that he has returned to sharpness so quickly can be accredited to sha and our new fitness set up. He’s running freely and without Arsene’s “hand break”.
    Next season is jacks big break out and I feel it’s Theo’s big breakout as a striker too. Just in time for France 2016

  23. Jim Lahey

    @Lee – Please tell me you can distinguish between the likes of Messi and Jack Wilshere!!

    Messi and Ronaldo do it against any team, they destroy the small teams and big teams alike. Sure Jack has had a few great games over the last 4-5 years, but that isn’t enough for the hype, he could be a great player some day, but can we just wait until he is doing it regularly against decent opposition?

    Also teams like Slovenia, R. of Ireland, Lithuania, Scotland, Estonia and San Marino would be destroyed in La Liga, so I don’t think they are a lot better than the teams Barca or Real play each week.

  24. SomeRandomGunner

    Actually we have too many “good players” . In attack we have Ox/Walcott/Giroud/Sanchez/Welbeck for front 3 positions.
    That is 5 decent-good players for 3 positions.

    And for midfield we have Ramsey/Wilshere/Cazorla/Coquelin/Ozil/Rosicky for 3 positions.
    Again 6 good – very good players for 3 positions.

    For LB we have Monreal/ Gibbs , we have 2 good players.
    For RB we have Debuchy/Bellerin with Jenkinson on loan , hard to improve.
    For CB we have Koscielny/Mertasacker/Chambers/Gabriel , very good set of central defenders, this is the best set of CBs for Arsenal in the last 10 years .
    Keeper –> Szczesny / Ospina / Martinez decent – good players.

    As we can see every single position is covered by atleast 2 decent-good players except may be for a DM.

    In any case we already have 2 teams worth of players unless players leave we do not have much of hope for new signings.
    This is not including the loan players like Podolski, Joel Campbell, Wellington, Sanogo.