Mesut Ozil likes kebabs

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Today really is a desperately poor attempt from the media outlets at getting me to click things that aren’t true.


Jackson Martinez? Give me strength, I was bored of that two weeks ago.

Raheem Sterling would be nice. He could be our mega signing of the summer. I’d be happy about that. A class player who is very advanced in his development when you consider his age. I find it amazing how many people don’t rate him… mostly because he’s English and a bit of a brat. He’s a very good player, could be an incredible player.

Mesut Ozil has dropped an interview with Bild. He talks about eating kebabs with hot sauce, taking selfies with Merkel and receiving text messages from famous people when he wins world cups. Just your average twenty something.

I watched the highlights reel from his game against Gibraltor… a team that had never gone more than 18minutes without conceding. Ozil seemed to run the show. It was a bit embarrassing really. I understand that football is inclusive etc etc… but really, should countries that weak be fighting at the highest level? Not really sure what purpose it serves.

England play tonight. Can’t wait. Will be a thrilling watch. I’m quite looking forward to seeing the Inter keeper Handanovic play. He’s very good. A keeper I expect we’ll see in the Premier League at some point.

We might see Jack in the middle of the park. That’ll be good.

Right, there’s really eff all going on today. Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. gary

    Cornish gooner… Arsenal fans the most passionate in the league LOL..have u ever been to an arsenal game

  2. Jim Lahey

    @WE – “arguably the worst national league in Europe”

    You won’t see me arguing that! The state of football is shocking here, the teaching is rotten to its very core. I could spend the entire evening ranting on this subject, its a disgrace.

  3. WengerEagle

    Yeah Jim it’s beyond a joke, every Irish league match I’ve ever went to has been Pub football quality, the gulf is literally ridiculous. Keith Fahey looked like Mesut Ozil over here ffs.

  4. London gunner

    Ki is a good player and would make a decent back up…

    Or should we spend 25 mill on a back up schniderlin? That doesn’t make sense

  5. relieable sauce



    A bit thin on quality & reliability as it stands, without AR & FC in midfield we’d have minimal physical presence.
    A super top quality forward & a good CM/DCM is the bare minimum we need to improve.

  6. Arsene's Nurse

    June 14, 2015 18:42:54

    Gooner dave

    Tks again

    Also explain to the bloggers here that we sold our star players to fund the stadium debt let alone the tranfer budget.
    No we didn’t! The stadium debt was planned, structured and affordable because the increased revenue from match day tickets over the revenue generated from Highbury pays for the debt of building the stadium over the period from 2004 to 2029.

    We had to raise capital in order to start this project. That capital came from sponsorship, which is why we had such a long term deal with our sponsors. The sponsorship money was mostly paid upfront in return for a longer tenure.

    That’s one of the reasons why Arsenal’s increase in commercial revenue has not matched that of other top teams. We were hampered by the capital costs.

    We sold our star players because they wanted to go elsewhere and were offered better terms than Arsenal could offer. We didn’t sell them to fund anything because the money went into the bank.

    The Emirates stadium is funded through a bond issue for 25 years. The stadium pays for itself through an increase in capacity from 38,000 to 60,000 including a greater number of corporate boxes. That’s the whole idea. It would never have been funded otherwise, because the people lending the money would never have had a return on their money if Arsenal were forced to sell their players to fund it.

    Honestly, it’s when I presented with this crap that I want to scream.

  7. salparadisenyc

    “Red you implying Spanish and Barcelona players are drugged up?”

    Think quite a few have, notably Lance Armstrong and many other cyclists popped in Operation Puerto.

  8. Lee


    Look mate at least Ireland have an excuse.
    Half the youngsters in Ireland are either playing GA, hurling or pissed.
    In England football is the national sport yet we still can’t produce an actual football team.
    It seems we are only able to turn out half decent full backs.
    The half being that they can maraude forward but can’t defend.
    Tricky wingers and inconsistent forawrds
    I mean look at the Orem in the 90s
    Le tissier

    These boys couldn’t get into the England team.
    Half of them would be captain material now.
    They say it’s nothing to do with foreign imports but I just can’t agree.
    Although I do beleive that young men in today’s society are a differ breed.
    I say men but really they aren’t growing up any more are they?
    It shows with footballers
    They’re spoiled brats. But it’s not just footballers
    How many Young men turn up for new jobs thinking they are above it. Displaying terrible attitudes.
    There’s a sense of self entitlement that just didn’t seem to be there befoe but also a lack of responsibility, ownership and accountability

  9. Keyser

    “What is encouraging for Arsenal is that they are no longer so reliant on player sales or property development to make money, so the core business is improving. In previous years, much of the club’s excellent financial performance has been down to profits from player sales (e.g. £65 million in 2011/12, £47 million in 2012/13) and property development (e.g. £13 million in 2010/11, £11 million in 2009/10).”

    “Excluding those once-off factors would have meant that Arsenal actually made substantial losses in the previous two years: £31 million in 2011/12 and £45 million in 2012/13. This is now down to a far more manageable £3 million loss in 2013/14.”

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    If we’re up against PSG, then the changes to FFP will be important.

    L’Equip seem to think that this summer they’ll still be fairly hamstrung

  11. Marko

    Also NM PSG ain’t buying a striker or Fekir really they can barely give game time as is to Cavani or Lucas Moura. In Cavani’s case being played out of position

  12. Keyser

    May 31st 2011

    “As Wenger’s budget covers both transfers and wages, just because money is available to him does not necessarily mean that he will use it to purchase new players. Indeed, there is already talk of extending the contracts of Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy and Johan Djourou this summer.”

    “On the other hand, he sometimes implies that his hands are tied financially, “Even if people say you have to spend money, we have to be realistic. We can’t buy players for £50 million. That is a fact.” However, there are several arguments against this perspective: (a) few sensible supporters want Arsenal to spend that much on one player; (b) very good players can be bought for much smaller sums, e.g. Mesut Ozil, Nuri Sahin and Rafael Van der Vaart; (c) as we have seen, money is available to improve the squad, probably around £50 million.”

    Swiss Ramble, does ramble a bit here, but like the papers, the AST, and himself with a little rounding up he estimates about 50 million to spend that summer.

    That summer we bought Gervinho and Ox relatively early, we had a wagebill of 124 million and a team that was laden with potential.

    What happens ? Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Ebway leave.

    We buy in Jenkinson, Arteta, Mertesacker, Santos, Park Chu-Young.

    The point isn’t the money we made, but the difference in the quality of the team before and after, the problem wasn’t replacing the players we’d lost, it was losing them to begin with.

    Whereas we started the summer with a decent amount to spend, and the chance to increase the depth of the squad, we finished the summer having turned a profit, but also significantly reducing the threshold of the team.

  13. Wengerites Be Damned !

    Just saw the goals Wishere scored. Nice! No urge to watch football lately, though I’ll try to see some Copa America matches.

  14. Pedro

    London Gunner, why not sign someone as good, if not better than Coq? Why lower our ambitions?

    I love Coquelin, but if we can get better, we absolutely should.

    Same on the keeper front.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Exactly. If a player is that good he will shine through, and rise to the challenge, never understood this protectionist stance, just lowers the quality and competition in the squad.

  16. Keyser

    Zelalem’s quite odd, if you watch him, it’s hard to tell whether you should be worried about how many times he shuns the more attacking option or whether you should be impressed i how he recycles the ball to retain possession and open and more space for himself.

    It does limit his options.

  17. Keyser

    If you watch his compilations, he has skill and decent techique, but he contiually wastes attacking situations by turning back on himself instead of truly committing.

    He recycles possession, not sure that bodes well for his future with us, unless Wenger has a specific Hleb like role for him.

  18. alex cutter

    “There’s a sense of self entitlement that just didn’t seem to be there befoe but also a lack of responsibility, ownership and accountability”

    Back in Lee’s days, men were men, and everyone had multiple accounts so that they could discuss things between themselves.

  19. MadeToLoveMagic

    Good shout Keyser, it does seem he uses his ball trapping/ space creating technique in a more defensive minded way. Always turning back and looking for the pass.

    He does it well though.

    There will always be room for a player like that in any team. I admire what Zelalem does. For his age it shows maturity.

    It will be interesting to see how he progresses

  20. relieable sauce

    His awareness was what struck me when I 1st saw him a couple of years ago. Looks to have come on physically since then & is running with the ball more. Bit Yaya Toure like I thought.

  21. karim

    It basically says we have enquired about both players, that Psg also have, and that Lyon want to keep them and intend to meet Lacazette’s agent this week to
    find an agreement for him to stay.
    Fekir said he also wanted to stay for now.

    Think they will.

  22. mysticleaves

    ” ‘If he played for anybody else, a lot of Grovers woukd be
    demanding we buy him for £50m.’
    That’s simply not true mate I’m sorry.”

    well that’s true cos a lot of people are demanding we buy Pogba for 70m.

  23. mysticleaves

    ” I’m not even advocating his
    sale I’m just saying if we got a good price for a player who’s
    not a key player then I’d probably take it. The only way I see
    him getting more game time is if Cazorla goes back to Spain
    next summer or whenever”

    And yet we are advocating for another signing. No young players that see established like MS or JK will come here as the CM/CDM position is this big

  24. mysticleaves

    ” I think though people deep down doubt Coq can continue his
    high quality form hence the desire to buy a DM who is just as
    good or not much worse than (the current level he is playing
    at) so when Coq isn’t as good as this people expect we have a
    ready replacement in the team.”

    Isn’t this the “Chelsea bias” Willow was talking about? it took Matic half a season to become EPL’s “best DM” from many people here. after Coq’s half a season schooling on “how to be a proper DM in the PL” Arsenal fans are still questioning him.

    might I add that Chelsea has added no other specialist DMs since they signed Matic.

  25. N5

    That works both ways though Mystic, just before Coquelin was loaned to Freiburg I was on here saying about how much I liked him and thought it was sad that he was going due to his potential and I don’t recall a single person defending him other than maybe Romford. I got a lot of, “he’s a hard worker but not good enough” or “he’s already hit his ceiling”.

    Now I’m not saying people were wrong to say that kind of thing, I mean even Wenger didn’t think he was going to be good enough, but my point is that in 6 months all these pro-Coquelin supporters are doing exactly the same as the negative and yet one is more acceptable because it’s not negative???

    If you can remember the dates he left check the Le Grove archives, you’ll see what I mean, no one wanted him to stay.

  26. Wallace

    Zelalem looks to have added a bit more power to his game since i last saw him, but still don’t think he’s anywhere near where Cesc and Jack were at that age.

  27. SomeRandomGunner

    @N5 At that time nobody knew what he was capable of. But 6 months is a good enough to judge especially when he is not being praised for goals a.k.a Vermalen or any flashy play which may or may not come off .

    Of course he can regress but so can anyone may be bar Messi.
    In any case Arteta cannot be our second choice DM. Unless Ramsey is seen as the second choice “DM” we need another DM.

    I would say it is very hard to improve on Coq.

  28. N5

    Random, that’s kind of my point though! you have one camp digging out the other camp because they don’t like that they’ve come to the conclusion that he MIGHT regress.

    It’s silly to say the negatives are wrong as much as it is to say the positives are wrong. I personally wouldn’t sell him and I wouldn’t have loaned him out in the first place (although it made him hungry to prove himself), I would have always had him over the latter end of his career Flamini.

    However, I’m not going to get upset over a few on here that don’t want to keep him, that’s their prerogative.

  29. mysticleaves

    I get what you are saying. but it’s in human nature to try and defend the inevitable. you know, make it seem like the better thing to do.

    it’s the same thing Liverpool fans say now about sterling. he wants out so they come up with stuffs like “money grabber”. (same as us too)

    that being said, I never gave up on Coq and would’ve been sad had we left, as I am with Frimster and Lansbury.

    all I am saying is, he’s the best CDM Arsenal CAN HAVE now based on performance and it’s not sinking well with some fans cos, well, it’s Arsenal.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    For weeks we have been speculating on who Arsenal will buy in the forthcoming transfer window and whom we would offload during the summer.

    The starting point is who is dispensable from our current squad. Obviously those who were out on loan last season are no longer needed and we know that Miyaichi has been released. Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo will also be offloaded either on sale or loan.

    This brings us to the current squad and we know that Diaby will be released.
    Personally I would free up at least 2 of Rosicky,Flamini and Arteta. Frankly
    unless we have a massive spate of injuries they will struggle to get onto the
    bench next season even if we do not bring in a new midfielder.

    Apart from these I would anticipate that a goalkeeper plus probably Gnabry
    and Akpom will be loaned out along with Jenkinson.

    So this poses questions about whom we might bring in. Cech is clearly on the
    radar as a starting goalkeeper if Chelsea release him.

    I cannot see us bringing in any new defenders, because Wenger likes to keep a fairly stable back line and I cannot see anyone being offloaded this summer.

    The more that I think about Midfield the less likely I see any new arrivals. Where are we going to put them? Also how are we going to satisfy the likes
    of Coquelin,Wilshire,Ramsey,Cazorla not to mention Ozil if they are not
    playing regularly in starting lineup. Some might not get onto the bench if
    we bring in a new midfielder.

    We do need a new goalscoring forward, but even so we will struggle to accommodate those who are still on our books. Even if you play three up front you
    need to play regularly Sanchez,Ox,Walcott,Welbeck and Giroud. None of these players are going to accept sitting regularly on bench let alone twiddling
    their thumbs at home.

    Yes you could argue that we will have injuries, but hopefully they will be fewer
    than in recent seasons and more in line with Chelsea who relied upon a smaller squad than us.

    The more that I think about the situation the less likely I believe that Wenger
    will make more than two additions to first team squad. My suspicion is that he
    will invest in additional players, but they will play downstream in U21 and U18

  31. Silverhawk

    If loserpool get kovacic, we should start taking them serious. Ings is just 21,kovacic is in his early twenties.. Both players have avery high ceiling

  32. Wallace


    if you’re worried about Ings and Kovacic i fear for you when City & Utd both blow 100-150m over the course of the next 6 weeks.

  33. SomeRandomGunner

    @N5 I agree with what you say. But my main gripe is with , “he can regress” argument . This argument is a weak one , anyone can regress whoever we buy can regress too.

    If an argument’s basis is “he can regress” it is kind of worth less. We will not get anywhere with this we can recursively apply to everyone.

    We need someone better than Arteta , that is unquestionable .

  34. N5

    Agreed Random and mystic earlier, it’s all ifs and buts. For me though I.just read the comments that I don’t agree with and just think we’ll see and not in a smug way.

    Although I ignore the overly positive and negative people as their opinions are agenda driven.