IAN WRIGHT GNOME | Keeper deal nearing?

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A local golf club gave my old man a battered Ian Wright garden gnome, so he painted it (smart paint job). In my opinion, Arsenal are missing a trick not selling these. Ivan, drop me an e-mail, my Dad will do you a deal.

Anyway, feels quiet outside. Like something is brewing. Maybe it’s a transfer?

Who knows. Don’t get too excited about the silence. Embrace it and hope for the best.

So, what’s on today?

Well, Puma have a kit launch event on Monday. I’m guessing they’re going to showcase the new kit… and a £30m defensive midfeilder with Petr Cech?

No? Maybe not?

Ok, but whatever. We all love a kit launch. Amazing how much more interested Puma are in engaging fans over Nike. They’re like a new girlfriend after a souless 10 year marriage. So much attention for us. They’re making it an event, and in exchange, we must buy their products… which, to be honest, are way nicer than the items Nike offered. Far more fashion oriented.

I’ve been invited to their event where I’m going to tell them that football kits ARE NOT FOR ADULTS. They’ll soon realise why my marriage to Nike was soulless.

What else is going off?

OMG. Arsenal are being charged with bad things for messing about in the transfer of Calum Chambers. We’ve breached the rules. We could be in trouble. Someone quipped that Wenger would love a transfer ban… the total pervert.


Arsene, calm down, it’ll be a fine at worst. A bit embarrassing either way!

I’m writing this with Jeremy Kyle on in the background (A poverty Jerry Springer) and I’m wondering how these people get laid so frequently? Currently listening to a woman complain her Napoleon Dynamite lookalike boyfriend dealt with her pal when she walked the dog… plaaaaaya.

Anyway, Jack Wilshere doesn’t want to go to Manchester City.

“I wouldn’t go somewhere just because I’m a home-grown player,”

“I’d want to be wanted by a club; I want to be wanted by Arsenal.”

Jeez, it’s like listening to Mike Skinner song after a heavy weekend. I’m welling up over here. Don’t sell him Arsene, he’s up for an open relationship if that’ll make things work? This is the second time he’s come out about this, so there must be a worry / fear that something might be brewing.

He’s a major talent, he’s just not shown it. So from a brutalist viewpoint, if you can get £30m for him, you’d be inclined to take it… IF HE WAS FOREIGN. But he’s not, he’s English, so I’d imagine we’ll hold on to him. Hopefully watch him blossom into Xavi.

Wenger is apparently pushing through the Cech deal. That’d be a seriously brilliant signing. One of the best since Sanchez. We’re also going to sign up Theo Walcott. Which is nice. Not sure about him through the middle, but he’s a good option through the forward line. He’s also the best finisher at the club.

Right, that’s all I can muster. Let’s chat later. Like, maybe tomorrow? x

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    Yes I do think we could win the league with Giroud up top. Sanchez and Theo will chip in with goals and if Welbeck shows his England finishing then with the goals Ramsey, Santi etc chip in we should get enough goals. A couple of things need to fall into place for that to happen. We have to keep all those players fit and fresh. Giroud has to be rested and kept fresh

    Having said all that if a top CF became available I would get him in an instant.

  2. N5

    Get your head out of Wenger ass isn’t abuse and if you consider it so then I wouldn’t want to be in your protect bubble when you enter the read world.

    I’m not harsh on Wenger and you often make comments like that. I think he’s done an admiral job at times and not so great at others. It’s called being subjective, you may want to try it sometime.

  3. Emiratesstroller


    It is conceivable that we could not have maintained the same level as achieved
    in 2015 had we started the season at same level.

    However, the reality is that Wenger changed the bulk of the team post defeat
    at Southampton. Most of the team in first half of season played very few games
    in EPL after Xmas.

    Ozil and Giroud were injured for most of first half of season. Bellerin and Monreal became established fullbacks after Xmas. Cazorla and Coquelin became
    our deep playing central midfielders and of course we changed the goalkeeper.

    That meant that 7 out of 11 positions had change of personnel in second half of
    season. Also Wenger brought in Gabriel. Whilst he did not play many games
    it eased the pressure on our defence where we worried in first half of season
    whether Koscielny was fit and Mertesacker out of form.

    Looking at our current squad we have in my assessment 18-20 players who are
    good enough to play in starting line up plus another 2 young players [Chambers and Gnarby] good enough to sit on bench.

    There are currently two positions in starting eleven where an upgrade would
    make a real difference to our Title Winning Prospects namely Goalkeeper
    and a goalscoring forward.

    The only other dilemma is what Wenger will do to resolve the issue of DMF.
    Coquelin is good enough to play as in starting line up but it is the one position where we lack a genuine alternative if he got injured or needed a rest.

    I would not want to be playing Arteta, Flamini or even Wilshire in that position
    if we played Chelsea, Man City or Man Utd.

  4. tunnygriffboy


    To be fair to N5 he nrver abuses Wenger. I get the impression that he is grateful and recognizes what he has done for the club. However for a number of reasons he has become concerned with a number of issues that have transpired over the last few years. He has every reason to do this but I have never seen him slag Wenger off for the sake of it. As much as he is frustrated with Wenger he also defends him when he does things right.

    Nothing would please him more than seeing him win the league as he is a true gooner

  5. tunnygriffboy


    Do you think we are looking for a midfielder ? I see Benders name has popped up again today. I think this may take a while to work itself out. We are likely to be looking at top players who are either under contract or have multiple suitors.

    Alternatively he may see Coquelin as definite 1st choice and will bring in an understudy. This however may interfere with Arteta’s role. We will have to be patient.

  6. N5

    Thank you tunny, I’ve often told Rosicky that but he seems to just ignore my comments and goes directly to “you abuse Wenger so I am right” stance.

    I’ve been vocal about lack of spending before (rightly or wrongly) and I’ve been the same about putting round pegs in square holes, but as Keyser said, most of that is just frustration at spending the highest ticket prices and having little to cheer about. As a business we’ve done very well, not remarkably because others on here have shown that we’re quite far behind certain clubs business models, but nonetheless we’ve got a lot to be proud of.

    Now we’ve won 2 FA Cups I’m a happy supporter again and if we could push on and win the league I’d be over the moon.

  7. gary

    Why wenger shd take any credit for le coq is beyond me.. so what if he brought him when no one else had heard of him..

  8. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t know. The problem is that Wenger does change his mind. If you had asked me the question last year or even January I would have said that it was
    probably his number one priority.

    The difficulty now is that he has an excellent and improving DMF in Coquelin
    who expects to play when fit in starting line-up. Do you destabilise this player
    by bringing in someone else who will cost a significant transfer fee and therefore there will be an expectation that he replaces Coquelin?

    My problem is that if Coquelin gets injured we will be left with Arteta, Flamini
    and Wilshire as DMF options and none of them is good enough for position.

  9. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Tks tunny

    Wenger is a human being he is not a super human who cannt commit mistakes.

    He has bring success to Arsenal not any other manager have brought to this club.
    I admire him for this.

    If bloggers here want to change the manager they should take the matter with the Arsenal board or stop going to matches forcing the management to sack wenger when they are hit in the purses.

  10. tunnygriffboy


    That’s my concern. Some like Kondogbia wouldg be ideal as he could rotate with Coquelin and compete for the position. That would be my preference.

    However he might see Coquelin as a definite number one and bring in someone like McCarthy as a secondchoice but is very capable. Arteta is not the answer imo.

  11. Emiratesstroller


    I think that we still have to look for a goalscoring forward.

    The games against Man Utd, Swansea and Sunderland demonstrated the
    limitations of our attack against packed defence.

    Giroud is a very good forward to have on books, but if he is not at the top of his
    game goals do dry up. Walcott is far too inconsistent to be relied upon as a
    regular goalscorer.

    The fact is that we did not manage to score an average of 2 goals per game even when we were playing well in second half of season. We need to be
    scoring 80-90 goals to be in frame to win title next season.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    You can be frustrated with Wenger and talk about it but at the same time still want him to carry on. There are people who see no right in what he is doing and others who see no wrong. Most others are in the middle. Some recognise what he has done and what he is doing now but feel his time has come and it’s time for him to move on. My view is that he has made numerous errors but has continued to get some thins right. I am one who feels he should carry on until end of next season and then assess what has been done. I will be upset with him if he doesn’t strengthen the squad in the summer.

  13. tunnygriffboy


    I think Walcott looks really focused atm. We mustn’t forget we were virtually without him all season. He has and will score us goals. Key is keeping him fit.
    He played 7 games and scored 7 goals this season. Don’t forget Welbeck as well. I’d wager his goal tally will improve as well.

    It’s not to say that if a quality striker/youngster becomes available we shouldn’t get him.

  14. Emiratesstroller


    Noone can or will argue that Walcott can score goals. The real point is can you
    rely on him to do so with any regularity and perhaps more importantly is the
    rest of his game good enough to justify picking him in a starting lineup?

    Personally I don’t think so.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Rob Dra.per ‏@dra.per_rob 22m22 minutes ago
    #AFC have been searching for another midfielder; have made significant bids already but can’t get man they want at present

  16. Spanishdave

    If you remember Walcott got very focussed around contract renewal time, then faded off ack into his comfort zone. He is simply very overpaid for his ability, and nowhere near what we need upfront to win the league. Giroud play his normal game yesterday.

  17. tunnygriffboy


    Who do you think we’ve bid for ? Is it one player or more than one ? It appears then we’re after another mid fielder. Wonder what our list is. Think it’s going to be a long summer. We’re after quality. Those that are available will be chased by many clubs and their price will be like an auction. Those who are under contract will be hard to prise away

    I hope people don’t get their knickers in a twist if things do take a bit of time.

  18. Rosicky@Arsenal


    Well said.

    See whats the difference in approach you have with N5

    You expressed your opinion in a reasonable polite respectful manner as against N5 who chose to use abusive language.

  19. leon

    We did really well to in the fa cup two years in a row I am just hoping Wenger finally makes the signings needed

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    SpanishDave: If you remember Walcott got very focussed around contract renewal time, then faded off ack into his comfort zone.

    And yet he kept getting goals and assists.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    tunnygriffboy: Who do you think we’ve bid for ? Is it one player or more than one ? It appears then we’re after another mid fielder.

    Haven’t a clue to be honest. No idea whether it’s even true or a story put out there to make something else happen

  22. Northbanker

    The Cech signing must be our top priority in the next few days. That will be the foundation to then go hard on the DM (rotate with Coq) and CF. trail

  23. Bamford10


    “Yes I do think we could win the league with Giroud up top.”

    You’re delusional.


    Wenger has brought the club some successes — more in the first half of his tenure than the second — but he has also hindered the club. Yes, his frugality and his loyalty to average and crocked players have hindered the club. And his indifference to tactics has hindered the club.

    Were it up to Wenger, Arteta would’ve been our CDM last season, not Coquelin. Had it been up to Wenger, we wouldn’t have adopted a defensive approach vs. City and wouldn’t have won that tactical victory.

    Many more examples where these came from.

    Yet you think we should only praise the man? Silly. He isn’t the Pope for fuck sake.

  24. relieable sauce

    Which of our outfield player will give us 47 starts next season, without their performance dropping off significantly?
    We need squad players to be fit for purpose at least to help lighten the workload of the 1st team.

    Alexis – will miss begining of season & likely suffer fatigue at some point if not rotated better.

    santi – another year older so we cant expect him to play too many games, will have to use him more wisely & that means having reliable, effective back up…ladies n gentlemen I give you Jack Wilshire : /

    Coq – Our only DM (Flam dont count) & one of the 1st names on the teamsheet. No way he can handle all the games. & in no way will it help him improve his game either. He will get suspended & he will get his nose busted again. Give the kid some decent help.