EXPENSIVE CARL | Rip off stadium deals | Redzonin’ our way to glory?

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Wayne Rooney birthday party welcome


I’ve had a pretty tame week, amazing how much you get done when you’re not hanging out your ass 70% of the week.

Get this, I’m being harassed by a seagull. No joke. I woke up to a sound a few days ago, which I assumed was foxes going at it. Really irritating, last time it was foxes, I woke up the block by telling them off and asking them to go elsewhere. Which sweetly, the did.

This time, prepared to give a dressing down again, I opened my window, there was indeed a fox there, perched on its own… WITH A SEAGULL FIGHTING IT.

No drugs were consumed. No alcohol had been touched. No inception style dreaming was going on. A seagull,  genuinely fighting a fox.

Then, I get home yesterday, I can hear noise again, I open the window, look out, and the same seagull is eating a robin redbreast!

Witness the horror

Witness the horror

What sort of fucked up world are we living in, where seagulls are cannibalising their own species and fighting foxes?

So much to deal with, good job I was sober.

Anyway, not much going on with Arsenal, as per usual.

I always feel like Wenger is a bit like a little boy when asked about transfers. You know, when you tease them and ask if they have a girlfriend…

‘No, no way, I hate girls. They’re stupid’

Arsene, have you special players lined up?

‘No, no way. I’m not paying a billion billion for a player. Not even if they’re special. So there’

So, so boring…

Still, it’s interesting looking around the league at what’s going on. Madrid apparently bid £21m for De Gea. Presumably because he’s Spanish and Spanish clubs think they have the right to any Spanish player. Like a medieval land owner had rights over all the peasants wives.

Manchester City are also kicking off their summer with bids for Sterling that are laughable. They have a real tough job ahead because they have about two home grown players… they’re finding it so hard, they’re considering Barkley (who looks a talent, but not at that level right now).

If you’re into tech porn in the footballing sense, STATSport shared an article about how they’ve been a silent partner in helping Juve and Barca get to the Champions League Final.

It talks about periodization of training and how you have to keep you best players, fittest, for longest if you’re to achieve success. All pretty basic right?

They also talk about this fancy Viper system that sets Smart Thresholds… to tell you when players are fucked. So, kind of proof, if you needed it, that the redzone exists. Real time fatigue benchmarks… so cool. I’ve e-mailed them and asked if I can get one for the office that measures work stress over booze intake.


Anyway, these guys work with Arsenal, so worth checking out. I still think the most interesting part about next season is whether we’re capable of running a full year without a car crash balls up on fitness. Mesut blames bad luck, when we know it was more than that.

“We had bad luck with injuries this season but next season we can win the Premier League and go further in the Champions League,”

We had the fittest players in the second half of this season because our best players were all injured in the first half. There were signs that Wenger was back to his old ways when he barely rotated over most of the back end.

Will Wenger learn from teams like Barca and listen to his experts? Or will he shoot for glory and play all his best players all of the time.

We’ll find out next season, won’t we? All we know is this, we have the right tech in place, we have a world cup winning fitness coach… but it’s about whether we have a manager will to listen to data over the really obnoxious voice in his gut that makes him do bad decision tings.

West Ham are apparently baulking at the loan fee Arsenal want for Carl Jenkinson. £2m is a lot, well, when you consider that cost is about 66% of what they pay to use a £200m stadium every year.

Now, I don’t mean to bitch, but is it not an absolute outrage the Government basically gave away an Olympic stadium for free? Arsenal had to pay £400m. We generate £3m a game. I think it’s an absolute disgrace that we give away a tax payers asset for nothing for a club to basically make elite athletes incredibly wealthy?

How did that £3m even make it onto the table? They should be paying at least £20m a year, like we did, until the full cost of the stadium is repaid.

At the very least, they should have been forced to share it with Spurs. So we were getting maximum use out of it and taking in double the fee. These politicians are so greasy… because you know later down the line, whichever group of people struck that deal will probably take kick back somewhere. Whether it’s a exec board job, or funding for something in their council.

What a joke. I hate politics.

Right, I think I managed to carve quite  beast there considering I started out with seagulls?


P.S. Kangaroos fighting people. Sad history of it here.

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  1. gunnergetyou

    “Nothing wrong with accusing Wenger of overplaying some of the players, but then lets be fair about it, and point out that Mourinho does it more than Wenger.”

    Yes but Chelsea dont seem to rely on injury prone players staying fit like we have done over the years.

    The Injury records of some of our players are very poor so instead of relying on them staying fit its alot safer to have a contingency plan.

  2. gunnergetyou

    “Does anyone know exactly what Chambers agent is supposed to have done?”

    Apart from getting a Premier League club to part with £16m for a 3rd choice RB i’m not quite sure.

  3. Lee


    Our squad depth is fine. Arsene wenger is not a fitness coach.
    It’s no coincidence that since Gary Lewin retired our injury list has grown. It is our fitness coach that keeps the players fit. Not the manager.
    I can’t say wenger is completely faultless but to blame him entirly is a ploy to serve your own anti wenger bias.
    We will have more clarity next season.
    Now shad is calling the shots fitness wise and the squad have had a full season for his routine to be implemented I’m sure we will see a totally improved season(fitness wise)

  4. Lee


    So let’s sell out whole squad and start again then.
    And let’s not sign Young talent. Chambers could turn out to be a top drawer centre half. He’s only 19 but fuck it. Sell him too.
    What a warped mentality some “fans” have.
    Either you love the club and support the players or you’re a le grove wierdo

  5. alex cutter

    “Either you love the club and support the players or you’re a le grove wierdo”

    The irony of an AKB with multiple accounts calling others “wierdo”…

  6. MadeToLoveMagic

    Our squad depth is fine…………………………….

    i was talking about 2009 to 2013 period, and if you think our squad depth was fine then, you need help

    bTW im totally pro wenger and have never once wanted him sacked

    I just try to embrace what I see as a crazy little thing called objectivity, which i recommend you try one day

  7. Keyser

    “That’s why we needed an over haul. To break this injury cycle.”

    Or just greater squad depth, I mean this is as blatant as any comparison to Chelsea.

    We’ve pushed our team/squad further relatively than any other team.

  8. MidwestGun

    That’s it I’m declaring a fatwa on Magic…..heresy.

    I’m also declaring a fatwa on anyone wanting to sign El Shaarawy. Hurting my eyes playing for Italy. If he misses another sitter, Pirlo is gonna bitch slap him.

  9. Samesong

    Lukaku to partner Benteke upfront for the second half. Belgium going for itThis could get interesting

    Well that combo didn’t work.

  10. Lee


    I’m sure he did more than just dish out massages.
    They were called physios ten but lee in was responsible for keeping players fit was he not?

  11. Cesc Appeal

    That’s one striker down, wouldn’t have been my personal choice anyway, wuld prefer Higuain to Martinez and of course Benzema.

    But that is one gone, I don’t want us going into another season with Giroud as first choice. Can make a safe bet of not winning the EPL if that happens from the off, likewise with the GK situation.

  12. salparadisenyc

    That mirror article funny.. says AC milan is the players choice ‘should AC Milan meet the buyout’. Is it done?

    Poker summer where the Arse concerned going to wait and see whom becomes available. Although a move for Schneiderlin seems wise.

  13. Lee

    Yes but don’t you think it’s more than just coincidence that without lewin our fitness seems to have plummeted.
    No I didnt know tony Colbert was in charge of fitness way back when wenger took over. I honestly thought it was Gary Lewin

  14. Keyser

    “Can make a safe bet of not winning the EPL if that happens from the off, likewise with the GK situation.”

    This should be a pre-requisite for next season, and all the IF only muppets who turn up halfway through the season.

    Opposing sides of Arsenal will/won’t win the title, simply try to make the same amount of money betting for or against.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    salparadisenyc: Poker summer

    Blackjack maybe?

    Martinez is a 6
    Higuain is a 10

    Benzema mightthen just be a 5…

    (but he’s probably a jack)

  16. Keyser

    Lee – Lewin didn’t retire, he left to be England’s physio/doctor whatever, this was ages ago, he probably earns a lot more, at least when he started.

    No, I don’t think that has had much to do with it, we’ve simply pushed our team/squad to it’s limits, we were already playing catch-up with United, when Chelsea came along the effects simply grew exponentially.

    Not only were our chances of wining shortened but Abramovich didn’t simply invest in a better team, he kept investing until he won.

    This is a key difference because you’re not planning to win efficiently, you’re simply extending pressure until other teams break.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I think Wenger might try to play that out with Benzema, see what Benitez is doing. He’s always wanted Benzema.

    If it comes off, genius, if it doesn’t…oh dear, Giroud again.

  18. salparadisenyc


    Looks like Aguero is this summers Bale.
    We shall see.

    United could end up with DePay, Firmino, Benz, Schneiderlin and Lloris.

    Christ spend some money boys… may even throw a CB in there.

  19. MidwestGun

    It’s more like draw poker. You keep drawing til you get a good hand. The ante to get in isn’t the same for all players tho. And Arsene Wenger doesn’t draw he keeps his hand running a bluff that only he sees.
    And Diaby is the Joker.

  20. Keyser

    Blackjack is the players.

    Then teams take out little monopoly style hotels on the roulette wheel to divvy up the numbers, or monopolise the numbers if you will.

  21. MidwestGun

    Just helped my neighbor put in a swimming pool and a privacy fence this week. Hotter then 2 rats screwing in a wool sock.

    Rolling with vodka tonic myself.

  22. tunnygriffboy

    Wooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo

    Cymru am byth
    Cymru am byth
    Cymru am byth

    Enzo Scifo, Jan Huelemans, jean claude van damme, Eden Hazard, Maroune Fellaini, Jan Vertonghen, Toms Vermalean, Romelu Lukaku, Hercle Poirot, your boys took one Hell of a beating

    Yaaahoooooooo !

  23. Willow Wilson

    Fact: Pedro is mistaken Wenger did not over play players this season. I proved it.

    That was the point not a bloody inquest into historic injuries.

    I agree with MTLM. Of course, in the period wenger had to balance the books, therefore not a lot of quality in the squad, so he had to play players more than perhaps he would have liked.

    But the Mourinho numbers are no different than all the Managers.

    Comes back to the bleeding obvious. Managers play their best players as much as they can. Not sure Why some fans don’t get this and talk rotation all the time. Fantasy football fans.

    Pedro is also wrong about what Ozil said about unlucky injuries, as I proved with my list.

    Ps: did you see Benteke tonight? Looked as bad as he did in the cup final. Not sure about him. Proves Giroud is better than a lot will admit.

    Had all this over hype and hissy fits when we didn’t bid for Balotelli, Michu and Soldado. And £40 m for Sterling, a one season wonder, with 7 goals in 34 games and a dodgy agent. Must be crazy. Man Utd spent that on Di Maria.How did that turn out?

  24. Willow Wilson

    Congratulations a great performance with a lot of heart. I was in Cardiff Bay a few weeks ago on business and all the Welsh guys and gals were talking about these two games but didn’t expect that.

  25. MadeToLoveMagic

    Burnnnnnnnnn himmmmmmmmmm………………………………………………………………

    Our Wenger Who art in heaven
    Hallowed by thy name
    Thy Emirates come, thy sustainable policies be done, at Arsenal is it is in heaven

  26. Willow Wilson

    “Nobody can eat 5 egg McMuffins”

    And you’re supposed to be an American?

    In Man Eat Food this guy ate a two foot burger made made in some American joint. Who other than Americans would make a two foot burger?! :-))

  27. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    Still say your over -reacting. Don’t think your stats proved it as fact. How many times were players subbed out early, how many minutes did they play in training, how many miles did they run. Like Pedro said a whole host of data goes into determining red zone. … hence an expensive computer program. Your burden of proof lot lower then mine. Giroud looked jaded to me but maybe he just sucks. So I’ll give you that.

  28. tunnygriffboy


    My son went up. Said the atmosphere was like a Wales v England rugby game. Not uaually heard of in a Wales football match. It’s often been about the Swansea v Cardiff thing. Could have easily filled the Millenium Stadium but players wanted to play in a smaller compact ground they used to playing in

    Great result, given ourseelves a chance but like Arsenal have a propensity to mess up when we favourites.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    “McDonald’s is just what we feed tourists.”

    Heart disease, obesity and diabetes…brought to you by the American tourist board

  30. Willow Wilson

    Correct decision playing it there, much noisier and intimidating.

    20 odd games and overplayed? Ridiculous mate, it really is rubbish. Just to find something to moan about. Now they’re playing in the euro qualifiers qualifiers or the Copa America.

    Ps: Like the tourist comment, you certainly introduced the world to fast food and obesity.

  31. salparadisenyc

    From the people that brought you Dow Chemicals, the Vietnam war, Blackwater security and the Bush family which seems to have no end.

    Mickey Ds!

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Never mind Wenger in or Wenger out.

    I say Coleman in 🙂 🙂 🙂

    He’s mustard 🙂 🙂


    Cheers guys. It’s a massive night for Welsh football. Probably go and lose to Andorra and Cyprus now loooool ! ! ! !

  33. Willow Wilson

    If Belgium are the ‘second best team in the world’ then Kelly Maloney really is a bird and not a weird bloke in a Wig and a dress.

  34. Willow Wilson

    Didn’t McD’s get caught donating money to the provisional IRA ? I think so.

    Anyway I thought you would all prefer Whoppers from Burger King.

  35. luke

    Saw some post on here earlier – made me want to go down memory lane with all the players people on here shouted for Wenger to buy.

    Huntelaar, Felipe Melo, Lorik Cana, Luis Muriel, Chris Samba, Aly Cissokho, Junior Hoilett, Yann Mvilla, Ballotelli, Kevin Doyle.

    Still not as comedic as Wenger signing/playing Andre Santos, Park, Denilson,

  36. salparadisenyc


    Its all about the local spots in the u s of a. And there are many. Currently America is having a massive food wave or farm to table goodness.

    Similar to London town.

  37. Willow Wilson

    A massive food wave?!

    Must be a Tsunami. I have never seen so many obese people and fast food joints any where else in the world!

  38. Willow Wilson

    Pizza. Nothing beats the ones in Italy. Had my best ever pizza on the island of Capri, over looking the sea. Incredible.

    It’s quality over quantity, unlike in America whete it’s a race to 20 stone.

  39. Willow Wilson

    Women’s football is boring. Blatter was right, they should be wearing tight shorts, stockings and push up bras.

  40. MidwestGun

    Here’s the thing tho, Willow. .. we have a fitness obssession in parts of the country too. It’s just that compared to many countries we just have so many people we have more of everything. More fat people, more thin people. More pretty people ,more ugly people. It’s not called the melting pot for nothing.

  41. salparadisenyc


    To be fair you sound pretty regional to me, teetering towards naive.
    I’ve lived in quite a few places and fat’s not hard to find, borders don’t change that.
    You may surprise yourself if you travel to the right sections of America.

  42. MidwestGun

    No worries… all about the bantz.

    Eagle –
    Not sure the commentators were a little perplexed by the roster. Basically, saying it was trying to develop youth similar to US. And basically conceding they don’t have much chance even with Sr. Players.

  43. WengerEagle


    Yeah it’s strange alright, heard it might be something to do with saving them for the Gold Cup later in the summer.

    Didn’t even know that was an important tournament tbh.

  44. salparadisenyc

    You girls play nice, Red stuff that tampon nice n snug before bed.

    Willow this country’s and insane place…. larger than europe and everyones related.
    Thank fuck my old man was English.

  45. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Hmmmm gold cup winner gets into the Confederation cup. So I suppose its about money. Plus bragging rights. Always comes down to US or Mexico usually. Costa Rica outside chance.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal confident of landing Petr Cech for £11 Million by the end of next week…we will see. Would be a great first signing, top rate.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Debuchy, Mert/Gab, Kozz, Monreal

    Has a pretty solid feel to it, all experienced players, maybe less so Gabriel but I feel there’s a first rate defender in Gabriel, needs to be broken in properly though.

  48. Kiyoshi Ito

    Willow The Wisp-“The Cultist”

    This crusade of yours, that one must defend your deity-Wenger at all costs is absolutely vomit inducing. .

    Just wondering, are you normal?
    Or have you been released from Wormwood Scrubs,after serving 10 years for beating up an innocent bystander, who dared question Arsene Wenger on selling Patrick Vieira? ..

    Just saying. ..

  49. Cesc Appeal


    I think on loan, I would be totally shocked to see Wenger sell him. Maybe on loan to someone like Palace? That sort of team.

    I can see a GK shuffle this summer in the EPL, De Gea out, Cech moving, Lloris moving, I can see Begovic moving as well…

  50. Ces1ne

    Speaking of the Copas/Bolivia……whatever happened to that “wonderkid” Galliando from a few seasons back??? He was on the same hype train as Wellington, bunch of duds that crop of hyped kids turned out for us…..

  51. Ces1ne

    Ffs, he’s 23 now and we are still his parent club….he’s on loan with a team in the illustrious Bolivian 1st Division, from us

  52. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Arsenal’s fitness record in first half of season was POOR as was the
    case in last few seasons.

    However, I do think that the situation turned around in the second half of season and that was reflected to a large extent with improvement in our game performance.

    1. The only players in second half of season who got seriously injured were
    Debuchy [could have happened to any player], Arteta,Oxlade-Chamberlain
    and Welbeck.

    2. We played more or less a settled team in EPL after Southampton game.
    9 of the positions were more or less settled with only left back position being
    interchanged although Monreal was mostly preferred choice and the right
    wing position being allocated to Ox-Chamberlain until injured, then Ramsey
    and Wilshire.

    3. I have always maintained that far too many of Arsenal’s injuries were
    attributable to some degree to our style of play. Personally I think that we
    did change our game in the second half of season with less short passes
    and tendency to dwell on ball.

    4. The players looked also significantly fitter.

    Moving on to the Jackson Martinez decision to move to AC Milan. I raised the
    issue yesterday that I found it difficult to believe that he would moved there
    factoring in transfer fee.

    It was pointed out that the club had new owners. In fact as I suggested they do
    not have at moment new owners, but are in discussions. I am always suspicious about Far East Consortiums. More often than not they do not practice
    what they preach and I have yet to see one which proved to be a success. Just
    take a look at those which have operated in England.

    When I read what is being proposed at Milan from a business perspective it
    does not make sense. The idea that Berlusconi is keeping control of club with
    51% majority shareholding and the consortium is willing to buy shares for £300-400 million as minority shareholders + pump in a further £50 million for
    transfers does not make sense.

    Yes you could argue that we have a similar situation at Arsenal with Uzmanov
    as a minority shareholder. However, this is an entirely different situation, because whilst he has pumped money into shares he has not spent money on the

    The agent has made it clear that Milan is Martinez preferred destination, but
    is dependent on the transfer fee being paid. At the moment that is not by any
    means a certainty.

    From my perspective I am not disappointed that he is not coming to Arsenal.
    He may be a decent striker but spending a large transfer fee on a 29 year old
    does not make sense. Man Utd got one good season out of Van Persie when
    we sold him at similar age. Today he will leave them for a very small transfer
    fee if they are very lucky when they factor in his wage bill.

    If Arsenal are going to spend large transfer fees of £20 million+ on players
    then I would prefer to see it invested on those who are in 23-26 age range where at least there is a potential resale value if it does not work out.

    Several posters have criticised the Welbeck deal last summer, but spending
    £16 million on a 23 year old player who is current England International was a
    no brainer even if he is not the prolific striker we need. We would find no shortage of clubs in England and elsewhere who would give us a profit on that

  53. RayGooner

    In: Cech, Höwedes, Kondogbia, Vidal, Benzema.

    Out: Szczesny, Jenkinson (loan), Chambers (loan), Flamini, Arteta, Podolski, Miyaichi, Campbell, Wellington, Sanogo (loan).

    Full Squad:

    Martínez (HG)

    Bellerín (U21)
    Gibbs (HG)

    Coquelin (HG)
    Ramsey (HG)
    Wilshere (HG)
    Oxlade-Chamberlain (HG)
    Gnabry (U21)
    Bielik (U21)

    Walcott (HG)
    Welbeck (HG)

    17 Foreign & 8 Homegrown players over the age of 21.
    3 players under the age of 21.
    Total of 28 players.

  54. RayGooner

    Someone said Manchester City will struggle with the “Homegrown” rule….and they were right….

    Man City’s Squad as it stands now:

    Hart (HG)
    Wright (HG)

    Clichy (HG)
    Richards (HG)
    Facey (U21)

    Evans (U21)


    That’s 20 Foreign & 4 Homegrown players over the age of 21.
    And 2 players under the age of 21.
    26 players in total.

    and they’ve already lost 3 homegrown players in Milner, Sinclair & Lampard.

    So they will have a problem, that’s for sure…

    They will have to sell at LEAST 3 foreign players.

    And to be able to buy a foreign player they need to sell one more a.s.o.
    Otherwise they can only buy “Homegrown” players….

    Speculating, they will sell Touré, Demichelis, Negredo, Dzeko, Fernandinho & Sagna.

  55. Leedsgunner

    Firstly may I congratulate the Welsh. That was a result. You made the 2nd best team in the world (according to FIFA world rankings (LOL)) look ordinary.

    Secondly, I along with many others are relieved that Martinez seems to be heading away from Arsenal. Decent player, but I think it would have a lot of money for someone unproven in the EPL. If he was 21 that’s one thing but a 28 year old? Thanks but no thanks.

  56. Wallace

    “…boss Arsene Wenger is also hoping to seal a new deal with Walcott and with contract talks understood to be progressing well he now seems certain to stay. That is a major boost for the north Londoners, who are also very confident of completing a deal for Chelsea keeper Petr Cech – potentially within the next fortnight.”

    – Mirror

  57. Lee

    It doesn’t matter who we sign. Wha we really need is a true captain/leader.
    We can sign benzema, MS,cech, Reus.

    What we need is a john terry. A gerrard. A caragher, Adams, Campbell, keown, vieira.
    Someone who will drag us to victory against the likes of Swansea and Southampton as well as barca and bayern.
    We need a leader. Mertesacker with all his best intentions just isn’t capable of galvanising the whole defence in the same way as terry.
    The only player we have in our ranks who fits the bill (potentially) is JW. He is steeped in arsenal. Loves the club. And once he gets fit it think he is the only one capable of driving us to victory and galvanising and inspiring the others.
    Would really love to see hummels added.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    Interesting report in today’s Daily Telegraph

    A] The FA’s charge against Arsenal relating to Chambers sale. Has nothing to
    do with dealings between club and Southampton or the agent. These
    transactions were absolutely amicable and correct. Apparently the com plaint was made by disgruntled third party who clearly did not get cut of deal.

    B] Cech deal will be completed next week. Apparently the suggestion is that
    plan is to keep Szczesny as his understudy and loan out Martinez.
    Uncertainty about future of Ospina. What is reaction to such a

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    Lee: The only player we have in our ranks who fits the bill (potentially) is JW


    Mertesacker is a better leader and organiser than Wilshere, and is more of a 1st choice too.

  60. Emiratesstroller


    I would tend to agree. Perhaps under Cech tutelage he will improve and obviously if he is prepared to stay as understudy keeping a Home Grown player would be preferable.

    Having said that Ospina is more “reliable” at the moment.

  61. relieable sauce

    Ideally WS needs to be loaned to a decentish club that is going to play him regularly. Easier said than done though.
    Southampton would be good but they probably dont need him. Everton need to upgrade on Howard so that could work well but not sure Martinez is the best man for the job.
    Needs to be taken out of his comfort zone but tbf that probably happened last season,question is, has he learned anything. new GK couch may help him also…

  62. Lee


    That may be the case right now.
    But mertesacker can’t play without kos mopping up behind him.
    Real leaders raise their team mates standards.
    If per can’t play without kos ten how can he be our leader?
    Gerrard, Adams,terry. Try could play with anyone and inspire them.
    Per can’t. Kos is too quiet.
    Jack is vocal
    He wears his heart on his sleeve.
    He never hides
    He is arsenal through and through and would throw his body on the line to Inspire us to victory.
    Keane wasn’t captain until he was 25-26.
    He want even a midfielder until he was wilshire’s age.
    There’s no reason why jack can’t go on and become our leader.
    Cech will add leadership qualities too.
    However per is not the leader we need. If he was we wouldn’t be throwing away ties at monaco

  63. Cesc Appeal

    If we need someone to show the teams how to roll a cracking joint or snort lines off a stripper’s arse, Wilshere is certainly the leader in the dressing room.

    But I tend to agree with NM, Mert is the leader on the pitch, Arteta probably a strong voice off of it. I wouldn’t describe Wilshere as a ‘leader,’ he’s probably very enthusiastic and very Arsenal orientated for sure, but Ramsey will be captain and leader before Wilshere.

    You look back to 2010/11 and the promise a young Wilshere had, pretty much everyone was convinced future England and Arsenal captain…partly due to injuries, partly due to the manager, partly due to his own attitude he’s regressed and just never taken that step.

    He looks like an Arsenal player for the foreseeable, so I really hope he bucks his ideas up and starts behaving like a grown man and really trying to push on with his career.

    Forget Jack Wilshere the persona this season, and start focusing on Jack WIlshere the footballer.

  64. leon

    So far there is allot speculation and talking but no signings yet. All I know is both the Manchester teams will be adding to there squads and do will Chelsea so I am just hoping it’s just talk with Wenger

  65. Lee


    I disagree
    He does possess leadership qualities. He’s displayed them for arsenal and England as you alluded to earlier.
    Did frank lampard not get into trouble in his formative years and go on to become vice captain/leader/lynchpin
    Did John terry not have similar experiences and then go on to become the finest Chelsea captain of all time and best England captain since adams?

    Point is, jack smoking the odd fag or partying with hot girls is just him being human.
    Plenty of captains before him have done it and plenty will after.
    Look at Beckham before he became England captain. It changed him.
    Jack is no Rooney
    He’s a nice bloke with a big heart
    Loves kids
    Goes above and beyond the call of duty for sick children.
    This displays an admirable side to the young Man and it is my belief that he will make a fine captain and true leader of this arsenal side

  66. Arsene's Nurse

    Wilshere is a mouthy chav twat. He has no leadership qualities whatsoever. Giving him the captaincy would only go to his head and increase his overinflated ego, with disastrous results following.

    Mertesacker is a far more rounded and intelligent person who marshals the back four. He may not be the world’s greatest, but he’s light years ahead of Wilshere.

    Wilshere has a lot more growing up to do before he’s ready to take on a captaincy.

  67. Lee


    Why is wilshire a chav??
    What exactly makes him a chav?
    Because he’s cockney?

    I’ll tell you who’s a chav sterling

    They are chavs
    Wilshire comes from a good family and was raised well.
    Who the hell do you think you are? Did you go to Eton or something? Fucking snob