Abou Diaby has left the building…

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… no he hasn’t, he’s pulled up. SOMEONE CALL COLIN!

Big thanks to Geoff for wading in with bombastic post yesterday. Everyone clearly enjoyed it!

The blogging world is starting to dry out, we’re like California… so could everyone stop filling their f*cking pools up.

The big news today is that Arsenal have released Abou Diaby. This caused much consternation in my ‘Arsenal Banter’ Whatsapp group. Mainly because people have such an absurd viewpoint on Abou.

Here’s the deal, 15 starts in 3  years. £676K per start people. Think about that as you’re asked to clear the mess in trap two today just before your average Pret lunch.

Now, I totally get that he signed a contract with us for that long.

But here’s my slight issue with it all. Abou Diaby, even before his horrendous challenge, was always an injury nightmare. He’s never been a 50 game a season player. We gave him a new deal, on massive money, basically as a ‘sorry you got injured’ offering. That’s fine… BUT A 6 YEAR DEAL.

It’s kind of one of the worst contract offerings we’ve ever dished out and look, we’ve dished out some monsters.

Some say it’s a sign of class, I’d say it’s a sign of manager who’d lost grip on reality.

He’d not have landed that deal with any other manager in the world. We gave him £3.5m a year. I don’t mean to harp on, but that’s more than most people will ever earn. I don’t see it as a class act… there are plenty more people who could benefit from that. Local hospitals, local charities, local schools… or how about we look even closer at the poor bastards who work at the club and don’t get a living wage?

So, on the one hand, you can see that Wenger is just looking out for his boys… on the other, you can see that he’s done it in a hugely grotesque manner

This is sport. Not charity. If it was charity, then it’d be a majorly elitist fucked up charity.

Anyway, he’s gone. He’ll still get a deal elsewhere. He’ll never need to work together. Sweet that we’ve looked after him, but sweet like a bunch of mega rich stockbrokers getting together to make sure their ill colleague can pay off the mortgage on his £6m house and pay his butlers salary for the forseeable.

Right, in other news, there’s loads of desperate news sites trying to pull in you in the vortex that is the transfer window.

Sanchez was not pleased with the season.

“It was an OK season, but it was bittersweet. I would have liked to have been in the Champions League final, to have won the Premier League title,

GOOD NEWS. We don’t want players pleased with a cup win. We want players who want to win it all. We need to be taking the Premier League. We need to be competing at the highest level in the Champions League. The whole reason clubs exist is to win things. Those trophies are indelible imprints on fans lives… we need more of those marks. Hopefully next season we’ll line up and be able to compete.

Had a chat with some pals the other day about the Lionel Messi trial for tax evasion. What are the chances of him being put away if he gets found guilty? If he was a normal businessman, he’d be gone… but would a government throw away the key on a player that great? You kind of feel there’d be a way of making sure his best years weren’t wasted in prison. Which is kind of shocking, but I accept this… you can’t jail world class talent. Isn’t that an odd way to think?

It is.

Finally, you thought our stewards were bastards, United taking it to new levels by taking Arsenal fans walking sticks

Have a bloody great day! See you in the comments!

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  1. carts

    Illaramendi is basic. I’m not sure whether he stood out in Sociedads team cos they were particularly great but only God know what Real were smoking when they paid that money for him

  2. Insomnia

    Has the crazy teen echoing his own inanities gone away or are his sloppy arse dribblings continued. Jesus wept, he’s like a drumbeat of Phil Neville themed nonsense….

  3. salparadisenyc

    Eagle you can laugh.

    Hip hop Asian birds… whom dress the part. NY filled with them, saw several Cav tops today with full corn rows!


  4. relieable sauce


    I have high hopes Coq can at least improve a decent amount in that department.
    Him & Alexis have been excellent for the most part & its exciting to see the capacity for improvement in them. Would be nice to see Ozil add another aspect to his game, goals being the most obvious.
    Need to be treated right though & I do think a screening/ball winning DM is needed with the current balance.

  5. MidwestGun

    Ahern –
    You haven’t lived till you’ve been to Nascar race. Crazy.200 mph is unbelievable to see. . But ya television viewing is pretty lame I’d imagine F1 is cool too. . Golf I like playing moreso than watching but I like watching the majors. The open, Us open, Masters, etc….
    RedTorture should be a sport. Lol.

  6. Dan Ahern

    N5 — You’re a natural. Just tell ’em that when you take the citizenship test, they’ll let you right in and bring you to VIP. You can take Sal’s spot.

  7. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Ha….. you have to up your arrogance level before we can make you full American.

    Practice this….. I Believe….. I Believe. ….. I believe that we will win! I Believe that we will win!

  8. N5

    Dan that’s so cool, I’ll take Sals spot and he can come and live in “cheery ol London town guvnor”. He’d have to lose a few teeth first though and get his haircut like Richard Ashcroft.

    Eagle, for me it’s Football and Boxing only, I know nothing about any other sport. I like watching the NASCAR like Mid but only for Danica Patrick.

    Ohhhh, I’m a fan of womens gymnastics too 😀

  9. N5

    Mid, I will shout Whoooooooo a lot too because it seems (at least on TV) that Americans love shouting Whooooooo! I’m just not sure when it’s appropriate.

    Presidential speech Whoooooooo! Funeral Whooooooooooooo! kid crying over lost pet Whoooooooooooooo!! (Rick Flair style).

  10. WengerEagle


    Same mate, footy stands out by a mile as my favourite though, it’s the only one I couldn’t do without.

    Crazy Golf is ridiculously fun to play mind.

  11. N5

    That’s great news to hear Mid. Sal pack your bags mate and leave your keys under the mat because Glen5 Affleck is coming to the Big Crabapple to watch me some B-Ball!!!

  12. N5

    Ha ha Eagle that’s because we’re childlike. These guys don their checked trousers and pink tank tops and take on 18 holes, me and you try hitting a ball through a windmill and a massive ape and still class it as a sport!! 😀 😀 😀

  13. N5

    Eagle I love it, this is why I love Americans!! they are the worlds most optimistic people surely! so positive and full of energy!!

  14. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Damn straight… and if you don’t like it we will tell you so… lol

    Except for Kroenke. … how the hell is that dead fish an American, Wtf ?

  15. El Tel 1


    You will have to google Mate.

    BT got the gig in UK this season so not been able to see live races. They are usually every second Sunday.

    Proper racing with some serious accidents.

    Valentino Rossi is a legend

  16. El Tel 1


    Next race on Sunday. Catalunya GP

    Usually on around 2pm UK time.

    The Aliens are Rossi, Marquez,Lorenzo and Pedrosa.

    You had a legend in Kenny Roberts a while back.

  17. El Tel 1

    I started watching Moto GP about ten years ago. Back then they were knee dragging, now they touch elbows when leaning over. Insane. The camerA’s on the bikes also have gyroscopes. Great TV

  18. tunnygriffboy

    So city have bid £30 million for Sterling. Lpool want £50 million.

    In all seriousness if £50 million is the going rate for Sterling ( personally I think it’s way too much ) then we have any number of £30 million plus players in our squad.

    This tv money will change nothing for the fans. As expected it will go into the players and agents pockets.

  19. salparadisenyc


    I meant comic gold them birds aren’t for real men… Asians sure., just not the hip hop hybrids. Funny to watch though.

    Poland nearly killed me as a younger man… so many options.

  20. El Tel 1

    Yes Mid.

    Laguna Seca too.

    I went to Cali in 2012 and checked out the corkscrew on the track. One of the best corners of any racetrack. Try You tube Valentino Rossi overtake against Casey Stoner. Unreal. Then Mark Marquez did the same thing to Rossi two years ago.

  21. MadeToLoveMagic

    El tel

    its the perfect type of fitness. You get strong, you get tanned, its an insane rush, beautiful places etc. Best thing about surfing though is you can you go holiday purely to find surf breaks. You travel around, surf then all you want is some food and some beer afterwards, then sleep. Boredom is impossible on a surf trip.

  22. El Tel 1


    Another crazy sport. Used to love Ski Sunday a few years ago.

    BBC were the best for Sports.

    Sky etc ruined it for viewers who don’t want to pay through the nose.

    I dumped Sky years ago as they fund the Mancsum., the team I hate more than Spurs.

    I was not going to contribute to them and their anti Arsenal agenda

  23. El Tel 1


    I am to old and out of shape to surf. I drove down the Cali 1 and stayed a few places. What’s not to enjoy about surfing.

    If I could afford to live anywhere on the planet it would be west coast by the Big Sur or close by

  24. El Tel 1

    Been to the States many times. It is very hard to go holiday anywhere else to be honest.

    Can’t wait till my next visit.

  25. MidwestGun

    Magic is a surfer? Cool. I tried it on the Gulf Coast a few times. Smaller waves. Love the lifestyle tho.

    Copa America Opening ceremonies a bunch of flying acrobats now. Its like the freakin Olympics or something.

  26. MadeToLoveMagic

    El tel

    id love to surf (or try) in Cali….

    Im actually planning a trip out to the states next year. Me and a mate are contemplating taking a year and walking from east to west, ending up in San Francisco. A completely insane idea, his i’ll add. The more i think about it though the more fun its sounds. Bit worried about the Visa part of it though!

  27. WengerEagle

    Haha N5 it’s pretty sad, I prefer Crazy Golf to the proper thing and Go-Karting to driving.

    Darts is good too, you really do need that protuding gut to maximise accuracy though, a skinny Darts player is like an obese footballer, not much use.

  28. MidwestGun

    Magic –
    Long walk. Hot as hell and mountainous as hell in places. Plus traffic is insane. Rent a car and stop a lot at all the little cafes and towns.

  29. Frank Mc

    I’m a sporadic poster on here and enjoy reading the majority of the comments.There’s some super knowledgable people on here, there’s posters from over the pond and people from all over the world…which is fine, BUT redcunt what is the point of you? Digging out Mid, who seems a good man…try running into a brick wall you cunt! #hadtobesaid

  30. Frank Mc

    Ask yourself this question…why are you such a negative, repetitive, boring, flatline cunt?? Then do Juan…

  31. Frank Mc

    I’m not going to blow smoke up your arses BUT please the boring cunt needs to get a length of stout rope and a large ice cube…

  32. MadeToLoveMagic


    Its the traffic thing that concerns me the most..

    I’ve read a few accounts of people doing the walk, some of them say the traffic is horrific, some don’t. But yeah. that’s what scares me.

    i was looking at the american discovery trail , but even that it seems involves a lot of road walking..

    The point of doing it as a walk was to take a year out and experience something so different from daily life, the idea of driving doesnt have that same appeal to me.

    Ive ordered a book from Amazon about a guy whos done it, and if after reading it i get scared i’ll suggest we hike across europe instead. The idea of doing the USA is maybe more romanticised in my head than in reality! WHere bouts are you in L’America?

  33. BacaryisGone

    Very nice Frank.

    Bamford-agree with you on the Warriors. I think they’ll roll over the Cavs the next 3 games but then I would never have thought the Cavs would be 2-1 ahead right now.

    If the Cavs do win, Lebron will go down as having the single greatest performance by a player in an NBA Finals. All you have to do is look at how hapless the Cavs were when he took a 2 minute break at the beginning of the 4th quarter in the last game.

  34. MidwestGun

    Ok… walk parts and drive parts. If you are doing the whole thing. Distance between places is immense in some spots. I’m basically right in the middle if you threw a dart at the US, between St. Louis, Chicago, and Indianapolis. Closer to St. Louis.

  35. BacaryisGone

    For all of Arsene’s detractors, there have always been a small handful of managers who could have done as well or better than he has for Arsenal. Mourinho is one of them but his approach to the game is so toxic I would find it hard to enjoy the improvement.

    As for the other ‘hot for a season’ managers like Rogers, Laudrup, Coyle and Martinez (probably there were were one or two Paul Jewell and Phil Brown fans along the way too), we can see how they’ve ended up.

    If we’re looking for a manager who has a achieved consistent success and conducts himself the right way (ie. not poking other coaches in the eye, not causing a referee to quit through hateful comments) then Ancelloti and Klopp come to mind and then a guy like Koeman would have to be considered if he continues to shine.

  36. MadeToLoveMagic

    Nice, Mid!

    Yeah , its not the length of the walking that worries me, you can start at like 10 miles a day and build yourself up to 20 over time. It would take about 9 months at around 15 miles a day apparently. Im experienced at hiking and will be taking a lot of money so i can hopefully always afford to pay for somewhere to sleep.

    But if it is just going to be endless days of almost getting run over , then that doesnt sound fun..

    Dont want to drive though, wanna say i’ve walked the mother fuckin USA baby! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (sorry N5)

  37. Cesc Appeal

    Marchisio to Arsenal is starting to get some inches out there, wonder if there’s anything to it, sort of all round midfielder I could see Wenger opting for as opposed to a strict CDM like Krychowiak.

  38. MidwestGun

    Argentina 2 -1
    Brazil 3 -1
    Chile 3.5 -1
    Colombia 6-1
    Uruguay 10 -1
    Mexico. 20 -1
    Ecuador 33 -1
    Paraguay 40 -1
    Everyone else screwed.

    Uruguay would be my darkhorse. Defending champions. But Argentina’s to lose.

  39. MadeToLoveMagic

    obviously we would be camping out most of the time, not just staying in motels. Im aware that there aren’t motels in the middle of nowhere….. Bears on the other hand…. :/

  40. salparadisenyc


    I hitched from LA to NYC when I was 22… that took several weeks.
    Brave mission… you’d wanna take the old roads like route 66. Many options.

    Well do a night in NYC… Aherns buying.

  41. MidwestGun

    Magic –
    Good thing is there are campgrounds everywhere with water and restrooms and whatnot if you have a tent. (Koa’s) Kampgrounds of America. Like 500 of them. Google it.

  42. Dan Ahern

    MTLM you speak the truth, I used to surf in my younger days and you couldn’t beat it for a weekend activity. Alternate between relaxing on the ocean and adrenaline rushing for a few seconds. And paddling out constantly makes you tired enough that any meal afterwards tastes amazing.

  43. MadeToLoveMagic

    Much obliged Mid,

    I’m sure we’ll be relying heavily peoples kindness as we go through…

    If we were doing the southern trail i’d definitely be taking my ” If you don’t love Jesus you’ll burn” T shirt

  44. MadeToLoveMagic

    Dan , You know what its all about bro!

    Sal, For sure, that would great!

    I’m sure , like you say with a bit of careful route planning we could avoid being too scared by cars the whole time. I hope. Much research needs to be done. Apparently east to west mid march is the only real time you can set off, to maximise your chances of avoiding extreme weather a long the way….

    Mid, I shall certainly google that, Cheers!

  45. Marko

    MadeToLoveMagicJune 11, 2015 22:35:22
    El tel id love to surf (or try) in Cali….Im actually planning a trip out to the states next year. Me and a mate are contemplating taking a year and walking from east to west, ending up in San Francisco. A completely insane idea, his i’ll add. The more i think about it though the more fun its sounds. Bit worried about the Visa part of it though!

    Plane on taking a month or so myself next summer drive up and down all the west coast take in Cali, Frisco and Vegas maybe even some Mexico.

    Also like to point out the people (me included) freaking out about Diaby signing with us earlier on the basis of reports in france and apparently there’s other french reports sayin PSG are interested. What is the world coming to i ask

  46. Dan Ahern

    MTLM — Not to squash your walking plan but there are massive swaths in the middle of the country where there is genuinely nothing at all. Maybe consider a hybrid trip where you bus across sections so you still get to the major sites.

    Standard tourist vista is 30 days. Dunno if it applies for UK but google ESTA.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Liverpool want over £50 Million for Sterling…


    Don’t think they will be able to mug anyone off for that amount to go on a shit-shop spree like last summer.

    It all comes round though, say they get £50 Million and come knocking for Walcott, well we would end up saying if Sterling is worth that, we want £30 Million then.

  48. salparadisenyc

    Its comedy Cesc.. the Sterling stuff.
    He’s going … I bet they get Ozil type money for him as well.

    Sheik Mansoor is laughing right now.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    I think £30 Million is fair…only City will go beyond that, if they go way over, £40-50 Million territory they are either desperate or stupid…or both.

    You could be looking at landing Reus for that sort of money.

  50. MidwestGun

    We have the cash, seriously who we gonna splash on? . We need a goal scorer. Relying on one or two of Welbeck, Sanogo,Ox, Theo, Giroud or Wilshere to step it up big time scoring goals along with Ozil to freakin shoot. Seems like a long shot. Maybe it’s me … watching Chile miss too many chances.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    That’s why I wouldn’t have a problem with Wenger going in for someone like Higuain, I get the arguments people put forward and the problems they have with him, but he’s still streets ahead of Giroud I feel.

    Will be worth watching Cavani in this tournament as well up top without Suarez.

  52. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Ya… Higuain doesn’t do much for me. But he probably would score more than Welbeck. I think Giroud will probably score similar if rotated. Theo would score more. Wilshere 5ish, Ox 5ish. . Ramsey is a wild card but he is being played out wide. Santi can’t score from open play anymore. .
    Ozil 5 – 9 goals.
    My God Chile can not score. Lol. Plus it’s killing me. I just need Sanchez to score first.

  53. Cesc Appeal


    Really have no idea what Wenger is thinking this summer. I’m inclined to believe he will try to convince everyone he doesn’t need anything, then again he could go out and make a big move in keeping with the last couple of summers.

    But then again, the Ozil summer was total frustration the entire way through until a 3-1 embarrassment at home to Villa.

    Last summer whilst the best Wenger window in a while, still left glaring holes, unnecessary holes in the side…

    We can but wait.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Would be an excellent acquisition for us, just all round midfield action man. I found it staggering the other night that some were trying to argue against his signing…like, really?

  55. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Yep… too old apparently. Lol. I get that if we are talking about winning in 3 years. But sometimes got to have a few end products to mix in. Plus dude is practically telepathic with Sanchez. And as always its price vs reward potential.

  56. MidwestGun

    2-0 Chile, highly entertaining match. Boom red card on Chile.
    Hard fought.
    Tunny special redcard bet pays off. … Thanks Tunny! Lol

    Vidal motm on Bein. But mine was Sanchez. Literally ran himself into the ground.
    Too bad y’all couldn’t stay up. Watch the highlights.

  57. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Sweet. . Ya I think after cost of bets I ended up winning about $70. I’ll take it. 2 -1 score would have been huge. Damn crossbar.

    Bamford –
    Switching over now. Curry hitting shots?

  58. Bamford10


    Yup. And Cavs look tired, just as I figured. I think they’re going to have to work hard just to keep it close tonight, but they’ll be back to themselves Sunday night for Game 5.