Theo to stay!

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Time to play players in their proper positions Mr Anal!

I read with interest that our leader says he won’t be selling Theo, as at his age he is finally coming into his prime.

Good news indeed, as I think Theo is as good as we’ll get out wide and a great option down the middle.

Playing with your back to goal for me isn’t necessarily the attribute you need to be a top forward, look no further than Owen or Fowler. (Snigger or Giroud!)

So getting back to Theo and his prime, if that were the case, then why has he been in the team for the last 9 years, when at the managers admission, he wasn’t good enough.

Buying ready made is what we should be doing, Arteta, Cazorla, Mertesacker, Sanchez and Ozil proved that.

If you look at players we’ve had in the team too young and not good enough add Gibbs, Senderos, Djourou and Chezzer to that list. And no doubt many, many more.

I would also like to ask why we have the likes of Ryo and Sanogo around when they are clearly not good enough and never will be.

I also rate Welbeck, but he like Ramsey is no winger, so I would like to see some investment in a keeper, a DM and a winger.

We could clear the decks of players that simply aren’t good enough and bring in some world class talents that truly are.

Sanogo, Ryo, Campbell, Podolski, Chezzer, Arteta, and maybe Rosicky should be shipped out.

I would bring in Cech or Begovich, Schneiderlin or Kondogbia and Ruess or similar.

Then I think we could challenge. I would persevere with Welbeck, but down the middle and never let Theo go.

What I would really do then is swap Forwards at half time, not the OCD 67-70 minutes we currently get, this would keep them on their toes, rest them and confuse the opposition.

Think what we could have won if we had had players in when they were ready, and don’t blame money, Theo, Chamberlain and Chambers weren’t cheap.

Finally, Bellerin would be my first choice next season, what a fantastic player we nicked from Barca, ha, ha that makes a change.

That’s it, back to my cell!

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  1. Carts

    Really should’ve just saved this post for tomorrow, Pedro. That way, after the recent players being realised, you could’ve just drop some info in to this post.

    Any whom, re: Theo, I’m confident that I’ll stand corrected . Theo won’t amount to very much at Arsenal – especially if you’re looking for some sort of breakout season, next season.

    You can royally kiss that idea good buy if we sign another forward man in the summer.

    Seem like some of the involuntary ejaculators think that Theo’s hat-trick and goal vs Villa is a sign of more to come. We’ll see.

  2. DM

    “You can royally kiss that idea good buy if we sign another forward man in the summer”

    Clever use of word play there, if it was intended.

    Also I totally disagree with you. Theo is da bomb.

  3. Blsany

    So we can kiss the idea of a Worldclass forward bye- bye now then.I was really hoping we’d sell that one dimensional,injury prone speedster.I could probably swalow it if we do end up getting a Dm ,Lw and Lb.

  4. Sancho Monzorla


    I dunno why you stopped, I was interested to see how far you would go lol

    So Theo is not staying on then, it seems. Can’t ever see him thrive as a lone striker. The squad needs to be balanced out, feel like we’ll be talking about the same lack of balance this time next year.

    I think new players will be coming in, but that’s too big a squad if no one is leaving.

  5. Jude

    The obvious condradiction bothers me so much.. Because I spend so much time reading this blog I guess I just expect better deductive powers from you..

    So get rid of players like theo who aren’t ready when they aren’t ready..

    But then how does a belerin ever enter into our team.. How does any player ever get into anytime.. Think of how many of pm our players have at one time not been good enough..

    Henry, Pires etc

    You either grow or buy.. Wenger is a grower.. Even when he buys.. He buys because he believes he can grow what he has bought..

    Get over it already..

  6. DM

    ” “Also I totally disagree with you. Theo is da bomb”

    Come on, man, don’t go overboard. ”

    Ok maybe he’s not the bomb, but his pace certainly is – wait for it – explosive.

    *boom boom* <–another bomb pun

  7. Biggus

    DM, i think the record was 49 or something by N5. Should have pushed a bit harder.

    I’m quite ticked but not surprised that we haven’t started yet with our transfer dealings. Could it be Wenger is spending qualidee time with Diaby before he jets off to some other muggers for his season spa?

  8. gonsterous

    Hope we get a big name like last season. That’ll galvanize the squad.. and motivate players to win, and also to stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side !!

  9. London gunner


    Welbecj stats

    4 goals in 25 appearances with a shot accuracy of 53 percent for a total of 58 shots.

    Average pass accuracy 82 percent
    Average pass distance 11 meters


    Goals 5 in 14 appearances with shot accuracy of 75 percent with a total of 23 shots

    Average pass accuracy 87 percent
    Average pass distance 11 meters

    Welbecks attacking stats are garbage.

  10. DM

    Biggus, admit it, when you hear the chant “49, 49 undefeated. 49, 49, I say…”, you think it’s about N5’s record, don’t you? 🙂

  11. Dan Ahern

    Theo is a known quantity and it’s good to know we’ll have him in the squad, even if I’d have preferred a switch. I suppose we ought to focus our attacking efforts at improving CF now. Between Alexis, Ox, and Theo our wing options are pretty solid.

    AW will be happy. I think he will focus on retaining everybody (except a GK perhaps) and then see if can get lucky again after all the big clubs do business.

  12. S Asoa

    Hey Jude
    Don’t be so naive. If Wenger is a grower he should be sowing potatoes , not dissent , anguish and confusion at AFC.
    Bellerin , we can see is a balanced package , being young who can get better in a reasonable time. Walcott is a one-dimensional headless chicken with occasional outstanding touches. No contradiction in that but fluke maybe. Is Walcot a good piece then? Yes his pace serves a purpouse of throwing opposing team defenders back thereby blunting all out counters in numbers which might be difficult to contain.
    Pedro spoke in context of wenger’s statement. That guy is paid 8 mil to ensure he does a job worth the money.

  13. Alfie

    “Was this post actually written by Pedro?”

    Seems a little rushed agreed but during these slow times its just a staring block for the comments section I presume.

  14. Dan Ahern

    Yeah Welbeck is completely average. He achieved near-legend status for wrecking United but beyond that he doesn’t add much, at least not offensively.

  15. Bamford10

    Pathetic, Pedro. Theo is as good as it gets wide? Theo is a quality CF? CFs don’t need hold up play?

    Fuck sake. Complete nonsense.

  16. Dan Ahern

    Diaby’s overrated due to nostalgia imo. But we all acknowledge he’s decent. He just could never play. It’s tragic, but at some point the ride has to stop and you’ve got to get off…

    I feel bad for him, but let’s be real, he’s well compensated and got to taste bits of glory most can only dream of.

  17. relieable sauce

    I dont mind keeping TW so long as the fitness team have a better understanding of his injuries & feel confident they have/can resolve or manage them.
    Great attacking option for us when he’s available.

    Even the worlds best defenders fear pace the most of any attribute an attacker has.
    Opposing managers have to cater for this so it can often mean changing their gameplan.

    TW is a forward for me, can only see him working on the flank with a more defensive & diciplined FB, ie. dirty bastard Ivanovic.

    His fitness remains the biggest issue in my view.

  18. Rocky Pires

    Players to be loaned/sold
    – GK – Martinez needs loan,Season up at Celtic to get Champions League experience or Championship team
    – GK – If we sign Cech – Schz will go

    – Def
    -Jenks – Another Loan season in EPL, probably Westham best shout if not Swansea
    – Hayden – could do with a loan spell see how he gets on

    – Mid
    – Flamini – surely L’orient will stump up for him
    – Zelealem – Loan to Championship – harden him up

    – Podolski – Monaco/Turkey move most likely
    – Campbell – to loan or to sell that is the question . Sell as part of sweetner otherwise worth a loan in the Premiership, see what he can do . Offer him to Palace

    – Akpom – Extended Loan at Championship , see how he goes
    – Yaya – Loan to Celtic/Championship team
    – Iowibi – Loan
    – Ainsley – Loan

    I would keep Gnarby as I think he is a real talent and offer something different on RW, I expect a big season from him this coming year .

  19. kel

    If walcott stays no big deal if he goes no big deal but noone can convince me that we dont need a world class striker

  20. ScoobyDoo2

    Why even bother going on about “we need this player, that player, etc….” when we all know exactly how AW works. The point is this, we all know what we need to push further and compete for the title in 2015-16 but AW doesn’t think that way, I’ll be surprised if he even buys anyone, well at least of any name that is. Also on Bellerin, I agree he should be our starter next season, I wonder if he puts up fantastic season if Barca won’t be squawking about Hector’s Barca DNA ala Cesc?

  21. Dan Ahern

    Rocky — I think wings are bit congested to keep Gnabry. To me he’s in a place where he should be playing week in week out. At the least we should send him somewhere where’s he’s frequently subbing in.

    I wonder if midtable clubs like Everton or Swansea would be interested in adding him. I think that’d be best if it could happen. It’s a bit tricky b/c he has Premier League talent but with Arsenal he’ll be stuck doing 5 games a season unless we have big injuries again.

    Maybe he could find a Bundesliga club too.

  22. Dan Ahern

    Zelalem is the next trickiest I think. He’s progressing big time and actually added a bit of body mass. Agree a Championship loan would be good.

  23. Blsany

    dan Ahern
    Yeah iam with you regarding Gnabry needing a loan to a decent Pl team.Everon would be ideal imo also they will need a winger.Martinez is good with young players but that would depend on whether Everton get Deulofeu back on loan.Swansea would also be awesome for him too.

  24. Arsene's Nurse

    You can’t buy ready made all the time – a mix is always good to have.

    Sometimes it’s best to grow the ingredients yourself and then cook them nice and slowly to make that ragu rather than buy that dolmio shite. You can splash out on a fancy jar when you haven’t got the ingredients or time.

    We just need to consolidate what we have by getting rid of the dead wood and bringing in better to strengthen the team/squad.

    Diaby and Ryo Miyaichi have gone. Podolski, Campbell, Jenkinson and Sanogo are all on loan. Unless Campbell has improved all of these are surplus.

    Rosicky has had his contract extended for a year due to Arsenal activating a clause and Flamini has a year to go too. I suspect Thomas may go because he’s not getting any football, which is a shame. We really should move Flamini on.

    This Bielik lad is no36, in the squad but very young at 17 or 18 so I can’t see him being a proper backup to Coquelin. He probably needs a loan to help him develop.

    My greatest fear is injuries to Sanchez and Coquelin because we really don’t have players capable of filling those two slots.

  25. relieable sauce

    Can we get a genuine WC #9?

    Very doubtful I would think.

    Ibrahimovic ?
    Cavani ?

    Tier 2/3 ST’s who are most likely to improve look the best option for us as many grovers have already said.
    That or a WC wide forward who scores regularly.

  26. WengerEagle

    Carlos Tevez is on the move from the looks of it, Atletico Madrid have declared their interest.

    If we had any sense we’d be straight in there, don’t care what age he is he’s top notch.

  27. WengerEagle

    Simeone has said that they’re already close on Vietto, if they snagged Tevez too they’ll be a huge threat next season.

    Tevez and Vietto are a huge upgrade on Mandzukic.

  28. relieable sauce

    Southampton would be a good place for Serge to go on loan.
    Good to keep the feeder club sweet.

    £20-22m + SG = MS
    £10-12m = PC or fuck off
    £40-45m = Marquee/many viable options

  29. MadeToLoveMagic

    Yes but Keyser,

    Arguing with you is like trying to play tennis on a cobble stone court.

    It is irrelevant that he used to use video analysis, it’s relevant that he chose not to until recently.

    The only thing that I’m trying to convince you of is that wenger has made mistakes, and even though wenger himself has said the same, you refuse to admit it.

    It’s pointless trying to engage you in rational debate, as your angle is coming from a position of what you perceive as absolute truth, whereas I am just telling you how I felt during that period.

    How you can’t see that wenger could have pushed earlier for transfer funds than he did us baffling. Ivan said he can have more money, how much us debatable, but the fact is that more than he chose to use was there.

    How you can argue that wenger was not rigid in terms of game plans, subs, and rotation is beyond myopic of you Keyser.

    The period 2011 2013 showed a period where yes he had factors against him, but his anger and dogged belief in his method’s began in my opinion to outweigh his good points.

    Your assertion that this was when he had most restrictions on him is just false. he could have pushed the board harder for money to replace at least one of them properly.

    Van poison was one we didn’t have to let go. All he wanted was a couple of reassurances that some money would soon be spent, which it ultimately has been.

    Wenger said less than 2 years ago that the injury curse was getting worrying and a huge investigation had to be done. It is no coincidence that now during wengers change or reversion period we are starting to see less injuries. new coach new wenger, no more injuries. Simples.

  30. MadeToLoveMagic

    Oh sorry I forgot Keyser,

    Wengers always been predictable according to you, just it was more laid bare during this period. Wenger needed to evolve some of his ideas, and he seems to have done that, so fair the fuck play to him.

  31. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal do not need to buy wingers if Walcott signs a new contract. We have
    already on books Sanchez,Walcott, Ox and Gnabry. I mention the latter, because apart from Bellerin he is the most talented young player on our books.

    You have to consider also that Welbeck is likely to be used by Wenger in wide positions. His problem is that as a striker he does not score enough goals and the club needs another striker on its books as alternative to Giroud.

    I remain to be convinced that Wenger is going to spend £20 million + on a new
    midfielder although I would like to have seen him buy Schneiderlein. He will
    now make Coquelin his starting line up DM with Arteta as his option. All the
    other midfield positions are well catered for. Wenger is not going to destabilise his current squad in these positions.

    Goalkeeper is obviously a position where we could do with upgrade, but it will
    depend on who is available, the price and also the terms. Cech would be a good
    choice, but not at any price or for an exchange deal.

    As I have suggested before I don’t think that Wenger will do a lot of business
    this summer when it comes to first team squad. Perhaps just two players.

    More likely he will invest in young players for U21 and U18 squads which were
    quite weak last season.


    With ll the players we have,providing ,they are kept FIT.I think only a World keeper is needed,while keeping ALL THE OTHERS

  33. Goonergirl


    Lol if he’s the next Viera why are we wasting time. Sign him up what’s the worst that could happen

  34. Keyser

    MTLM – Did you read Pedro’s post and the responses to the Quotes I gave ?

    I’ve given you a point of secondary reference, yes it’s Pedro relaying info from his visit to the training ground, but I think that’s fair enough.

    You’re the one who’s sticking doggedly to your opinion, Lol which is now what you ‘feel’, and what’s worse is you’ve given up trying to even debate it.

    This is now funny.

    Lets take the injury situation :

    Has Wenger changed tact ? Maybe.

    Is the most likely reason that we’re simply not selling first team players anymore ? That we’re actually adding to the team and squad ?!

    I mean, fuck me, there’s like massive, and I mean MASSIVE clues here.

    Actually not even clues, just MASSIVE reasons.

    We spent more money NET than we’ve ever spent this year, and woah our injury situation has miraculously improved ? Amazing.

  35. Inter YourGran

    Afternoon all,

    Hope everyone’s alright..

    Like what Jude said about wenger being a grower and disagree with some of the sentiment on welbeck. A squad need options for different opponents, in different games. I feel welbeck offers us good options away on the flank or in a game where a team has centre backs more looking for a ruck than a ball in behind. He’s the best option for the cups and when sanchez is rested/injured. He can then have spurts and runs of games where he can play himself in to form. The finishing will improve and his overall record at both club and international level shouldn’t be sniffed at.

    I think we’re probably a more senior figure at centre mid and a top goalkeeper away from challenging.

    A player that is, not only better than coquelin but more of a senior figure that can sit there in a two and dig in when needs be against top, top opposition, will be hard to find. Schniderlin, Kondogbia, Carvalho, Bender are names that are bandied about and some of them are quality, but we have to start going in and making it known we’re serious and taking these players. Out of those mentioned schniderlin seems the ideal fit based on his age, prem experience and game intelligence, but he lacks experience at the top level which kondogbia has more of and at a younger age. Either, or and i’d be delighted..

    The goalkeeping situation is a no brainer, if we can get cech and he wants to come, get him in… But, what do we do then?

    Martinez would most certainly stay at no.3. If you like szcesney you’ll say sell ospina and if your smarter, a loan to southampton to cover for frazier would aid his development out of the spot light. If you don’t, sell him and have done with. I like the kid so i think the loan might be the best option, but it’s only for cech, otherwise stay as we are. Casillas isn’t worth it for me…

  36. Spanishdave

    If we don’t buy a we striker there’s no way we can win anything next year, except the FA cup , wow

  37. Keyser

    Has Wenger ruthlessly changed perspective and approach, did he kick Diaby’s up the arse on his way out, or has Diaby’s contract simply come to an end? You decide.

  38. Inter YourGran

    Hope Diaby can find a club, play, stay fit and show glimpses of what he was once capable of.

    A promising carear ruined and i feel sorry for the lad. But, i can’t deny i’m glad it’s all over. I’ve said some unsavoury things about wages during his tenure out at arsenal i’m none to proud of.

    I should know, there are some tackles you don’t ever truly recover from.

  39. Inter YourGran

    spanishdave –

    i agree we need to buy a striker, but i want to see more of welbeck down the middle, theo aswell based on what we witnessed at the end of the season,.Giroud’s not elite level but a very good option. Also, I maybe want to see a little bit more of chuba akpom, being english…

    Another striker doesn’t work unless we sell one of giroud, walcott or welbeck…

    No, i didn’t think so either..

  40. Keyser

    “Van poison was one we didn’t have to let go. All he wanted was a couple of reassurances that some money would soon be spent, which it ultimately has been”

    Use your head ffs, Van Persie said I want investment now, it’s his last big contract. He’s just scored 37 goals and it’s probably the longest period he’s remained healthy since he made it the Premiership.

    Wenger basically said Van Persie’s impatient, he doesn’t want to wait.

    What happens ? Van Persie gets a fat contract at United, he wins the titles, 12 months on we sign Ozil.

    I’m not even sure what your point was there ? Lol did that show change in Wenger or dogmatism ? If it’s dogmatism, so 12 months later he had his world rocked and spent big money ? Or was it simply then that we re-negotiated sponsorship deals ?

  41. Willow Wilson

    Now we have blatant’ lying’ for clicks under the heading ‘Theo Stays’.

    Jeez, you don’t need to lie to get some people all worked up. You could post a shopping list from the Mrs/Girlfriend/Boyfriend and that would suffice. In fact, for extra spice add to the list one of these:

    Back to lying:
    Pedro: “I read with interest that our leader says he won’t be selling Theo, as at his age he is finally coming into his prime. So getting back to Theo and his prime, if that were the case, then why has he been in the team for the last 9 years, when ‘AT THE MANAGERS ADMISSION’, he wasn’t good enough?”

    Quote: “At the managers admission he wasn’t good enough”

    Did Wenger really say that?

    What Wenger ACTUALLY said :
    “I don’t see why he (Theo) should not be here next season. He is a player who was out for a year – January to January – and it took him a while to come back to his best. I think he is now at an age where it is very interesting. He now has experience, he’s at the peak physically and it’s time to stay with us”.

    Talk about desperation and how to lose all credibility.

    As far as I am concerned, keeping Theo is a great move. Why fans want to beat up all our players is very bizarre and stupid, especially one as good as Theo. But then again, its difficult to take seriously those who lie to support an argument or those who call a top class Manager ‘Anal’. Those two things suggest this is about more than a sensible debate.

  42. YoungMurphy

    DannyJune 10, 2015 16:01:30
    June 10, 2015 15:49:54
    Thanks for that clip.

    No worries mate, watched it twice myself.

    Zelalem been tearing it up for USA in U20 WC. Agreed he needs a bit of strength and conditioning work to build him up. I’d also like to see Gnabry go to a Everton type team on loan. Give him that full year playing week in week out.

    I would say that judging how AW has used him, he doesn’t really see TW14 as a winger. I think he’s been talking him up because he actually sees him as a CF

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    YoungMurphy: Zelalem been tearing it up for USA in U20 WC

    He’s not been quite the star some hoped for in the Arsenal U21s though. Been outshone by Crowley a little

  44. Willow Wilson

    Good luck Abou Diaby

    It was criminal what happened to him. Dan Smith smashed his ankle with that late, atrocious tackle that didn’t even result in a red card.

    This was not dissimilar to what happened to Eduardo and Ramsey. This injury lead to other injuries, which he succumbed to. Shame because he was a talented player.

    Those who have used Diaby as a punch bag need to remember his career was ruined playing for us by a thug. He wanted to be a footballer but he was denied that by a thug. He was the victim of a cowardly late tackle, no red card, so perhaps anger should be pointed elsewhere.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    InteryourGran: I should know, there are some tackles you don’t ever truly recover from.

    He might have actually got over the Dan Smith one, but then got smashed on the same ankle by Robinson and Essien and needed another operation. That might be what finished him off

  46. relieable sauce

    AFC MF core for next 4-5 seasons:

    DCM – FC
    CM/AM – AR, MO, JW, AOC(?), ,

    That was quite sobering actually, anyone thinks we dont need to add a D/CM is kidding themselves IMO.

    MS seems ideal to me but I dont watch any continental leagues.
    He knows the league, the country & the culture; aged 25; lives in the south; can play DM as well as CM & is French.
    IF he makes the step up, our MF has a solid well balanced core for many seasons to come & we can then allow Beliek, Crowley, Zelalem to break into the 1st team with the best chance possible of success.

  47. carts

    London Gunner

    Honest to god, I don’t think word can really express how irritated I was with that Welbeck signing. It was such a nothing signing.

    Its like them ones when you go into Waitrose, knowing full well it isn’t your supermarket of choice, and you buy a whole, free range, overpriced, chicken for no fucking reason 5 minutes before they close.

  48. carts

    “Can we get a genuine WC #9?”

    Do br greedy, we’ve got Theo, Giroud and Welbeck who will deliver NEXT season

  49. Rustygunner

    Please spare Theo the stick. He is not the reason why we finished 3rd. He was injured for the good part of the season. But when he came back he showed the hunger and used his pace to good effect. And he is not the reason we don’t have a top top striker. Wenger has identified the three he needs to shipped to make way for a maquis striker.

    Please gunners let’s not hold a vendetta. Theo and other players are aware of what’s being said about them. You can see it in the effort they put in.

  50. Redtruth

    Wenger made a strategic decision in balancing the books rather than favouring strengthening the team.

    That strategy has put Arsenal back years and only one man to blame: WENGER

  51. gambon

    Lol. Wenger says Theo stays….therefore expect him to be leaving pretty soon.

    Wenger is a compulsive liar, will do whatever it takes to keep the season tickets selling and pay his ridiculous salary.

    He said Nasri was staying, he said Cesc was staying, he said RVP was staying, he said he was taking his chequebook to the euros, he said he wasn’t the French jimmy Savile.

    All lies.

    As for Diaby. Glad that shit is over.

    He could’ve been a top player, but it’s not our job to be his personal charity. We should have moved him on years ago.

    He really is a symptom of the epic mismanagement we have seen displayed in recent years.

  52. Dissenter

    I just saw the list of players Arsenal will be releasing this season, Arteta is not on that list.

    Soft jello Wenger has gone sentimental and is keeping a player who’s done at the top level on the squad to give team speeches and carry trophies he had no role in winning.
    It’s unlikely we are recruiting a top DMF since Wenger [and many here] are besotted with the fantasy that Arteta can offer DMF play at the level we’ve seen Coquelin display recently.

    I expect Coquelin to be run into the ground because France will come calling for him next season as well. Then our season will fall apart again

    Wash-rinse,Wash-rinse, ………

  53. gambon

    Doubt Zelalem will make it

    Great vision…..little else going for him. On the rare occasion the execution matches the vision he looks great.

    The rest of the time he looks physically outmatched, laborious, careless.

    He has time on his side though.

  54. Dissenter

    “Wenger is a compulsive liar, will do whatever it takes to keep the season tickets selling and pay his ridiculous salary.”

    Maybe, its deliberate subterfuge.
    Ever heard of board-room politics?
    Wenger is good at it.

  55. carts

    “He could’ve been a top player, but it’s not our job to be his personal charity. We should have moved him on years ago”

    Think we can all agree on that.

    Wenger even mentioning the possibility of Diaby getting new deal was ludicrous

  56. Dissenter

    Lionel Messi to face trial over alleged €4.1m tax fraud

    I bet that silly judge is a Real Madrid fan.
    He’s paid the tax and huge fines/penalities
    What possible benefit can a trial serve.

    He brings in a lot more to the Spanish economy that he gets from it.

    #Stupid political stunt.

  57. carts

    Some of you think there’ll be a second coming of Walcott next season, don’t cha?!

    Don’t say i didn’t tell, when Theo looks like a lost 5 year old in Ikea when we play any of the top 3 next season.

  58. gambon

    Wenger is also living in a dream world.

    He says we will keep their but he doesn’t address that Theo hasn’t signed a new contract.

    He says we have been talking with Theo’s agents, yet Theo a few months back said it’s not true.

    Theo is a tough negotiator, and keeps asking for big pay hikes. He also seems to time his contracts to coincide with the massively rising TV deals.

    If he is after £140k per week then Wenger either has to overpay because he backed himself into a corner, or look like a fool when he sells Theo.

  59. carts

    Shit how could I forget, those type of games aren’t for Theo.

    Wasn’t that the pathetic response I got from a handful of tits when I asked why Theo didn’t feature vs Utd, Swansea and Sunderland. Fucking pathetic really.

  60. YoungMurphy

    @Nasri’sMouth – Yeah I was a bit surprised at that. Dan Crowley is a special talent but really thought Zelalem was going to be that guy.

    @Gambon – As you say, he (Zelalem) has time on his side. He’s only 18

  61. luke


    What would you do for a CF next season? It just seems like there isn’t a top CF on the market currently, but I’d go hard for Reus personally.

  62. carts

    “Dan Crowley is a special talent but really thought Zelalem was going to be that guy.”

    Can you elaborate? Yes we signed Zelalem along with the weird hype that followed him and every 10 year old, but in every game I’ve seen him and Crowley play, Crowley stands out about the other 21 players. No contest.

  63. Nasri's Mouth

    gambon: Wenger is a compulsive liar, will do whatever it takes to keep the season tickets selling and pay his ridiculous salary.

    Yeah, every season he comes out and says we’re going to spend £100m on new players to persuade fans to buy STs…

  64. carts

    “Any doctors on le grove?”

    A cycle of amoxicillin and you’ll be good to go in 10-14 days.


  65. steve

    Like Diabys career hasn’t been over for the past 4 years or so. The whole Diaby situation is just gross neglect. Embarrassing for the club really.

    “he said he wasn’t the French jimmy Savile.”


  66. Nasri's Mouth

    steve: The whole Diaby situation is just gross neglect.

    Not much the club could do about it unless Diaby agreed to terminate his contract, which would have been dumb from his p.o.v.

  67. N5

    I studied the same type of medicine that Dr. Dre did!

    Dissenter, RE Messi, I agree, but he’s not above the law regardless of how much he makes them and deserves to be Wesley Sniped!

  68. Cesc Appeal


    That didn’t wash with the police, it isn’t going to wash on here, you are a criminal…accept it

  69. Redtruth

    Wenger is not a good motivator, he’s not a good man manager, he’s not a good negotiator and he’s not a good tactician so what is he being paid £8.5m for?

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: …accept it

    Guilty as charged, put the cuffs on me, here you go, I have my own pair

  71. Kiyoshi Ito

    “Amateur gynaecologist”

    More like an Arsene Wenger shirt lifter &tongue tickler…

    Jerk off..

  72. Nasri's Mouth

    Kiyoshi Ito: Jerk off..

    God, how many times do I need to say sorry for missing our date? You just need to let it go

  73. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Not a problem, I have a nice leather mask for you to wear, so no-one will recognise you

  74. Dan Ahern

    re: Zelalem “Great vision…..little else going for him. On the rare occasion the execution matches the vision he looks great.The rest of the time he looks physically outmatched, laborious, careless.”

    Not true, he’s improved many aspects of his game as well as bulking up a tad. His most impressive skill besides his vision is his ability to create space for himself. He’s become very adept at brushing the ball this way and that, quickly turning, and even dribbling when needed.

    You are right his execution is still lacking (sometimes his ability doesn’t live up to his idea) but he is turning into a very good CM. I have higher hopes than I used to for him making it. He is progressing well.

  75. Cesc Appeal


    Phew. We should be good to go then, and don’t even think about running off, I can hit a speeding man with a cat o’nine tails from ten feet away and draw blood. Something to think about

  76. Dissenter

    “Dissenter, RE Messi, I agree, but he’s not above the law regardless of how much he makes them and deserves to be Wesley Sniped!”

    Wesley Snipes had to be taken down because he publicly flouted the law. He stuck a finger at IRS here. It’s one of the worst cases of people goading tax authorities. He REFUSED to pay for a decade then fled to Namibia to hang-out with a bizarre sect.

    Messi has acknowledged wrong-doing and paid the fine/penalties along with monies owed.
    Many Real Madrid players like Alonso, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos did what Mesi did and were allowed to pay back with penalties.
    Why are they treating him differently?