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Those are the rumours swilling around the internet this morning. I have no idea where it’s come from, but it’s a pretty crazy rumour.

He’s a legend and he wins major honours wherever he is, just not sure at his age (33), he’s really suited the league. He’d be great fun though. He’s an outrageous talent, just think he was more relevant 5 years ago. Still, he could be our Henrik Larsson? He’d be a great teacher as well…

I took in the Champions League final yesterday (a day late). Great game. It was a lot tighter than I thought it was going to be. Juve gave a good account of themselves, but I didn’t ever really feel they had it in them to compete.

Barcelona just pay with such a fluid pace. I d0n’t think the Enrique iteration of the club is quite at the level it was under Pep, but it’s certainly very functional. That front three are such a sight to behold.

When I was watching it, I did ponder how British clubs get it so wrong? Barca are ALWAY that good, well, it seems that way. Juventus were relegated 8 years ago, now they’re swinging punches at the top table again. Why can’t we get there? If Arsene Wenger is so good, why can’t he make our team like that? What are we missing?

What is it? Why do they just get it right so consistently at the elite clubs?

Morata looked like a big miss as well… kind of a bit like a lighter younger faster version of Giroud. Really good little player. Though Pogba didn’t dominate the game, he certainly looked like the only player who’d get into the Barca team. Really talented specimen. Reminds me so much of Vieira. He just looks so comfortable on the ball.

I wonder if Arsenal are going to raid the mega teams this summer for the cast offs? I mean, I’d love to snap up Cech. PSG are going to have to shift some names on. Madrid always shift on the primest offcuts.

Interesting that Barca, Liverpool (Danny Ings and James Milner. LOL), United and Juventus are already tying up deals. I hope Arsenal are pushing forward with plans. I know a lot at the club bugger off on holiday around now. Hopefully Ivan and co are executing plans that have been formed for a while… that’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

This summer, I’ll be mixing it up with the writing. James and Alex will be taking on more writing and Simone will be weighing in as well. Stops it getting dull in the dry months!

Right, have a grand one!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Ospina is a better back up I feel than Schez.

    We don’t need money, so I would have no issue with loaning Schez out to a club with a tougher manager.

  2. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA – Yeah nothing wrong with trying for Reus. Spoke after the cup defeat the other day about preparing for next season but does he genuinely mean it or is he just posturing? Hard to tell. Reus is approaching his prime so should be looking to play for a top club. Maybe he wants to do a Totti? Who knows, hard to tell.

    Yeah Welbz still has a bit of growing up to do. He got a year’s grace from me because Manchester is all he’s known all his life. He talked about London being a new world to him. That said, I think he’s done ok. Not spectacular but has had his uses. He’ll need to start bringing up his numbers if he wants to be here long-term.

    Don’t know much about Marin. Some say he’s reliable so we’ll see how it pans out. Did truly think that Chesney was off bus his recent comments show that he wants to stay and battle.

  3. Lee


    Pep didn’t have to wake a sleeping giant

    Frank rijkaard and Ronaldinho did. Pep made the adjustments

  4. Alfie

    “In other news Pistourious is been released……..Wait for it…….I’ts not like he can runaway”

    I don’t get it! There isn’t really a punchline, just you saying he cant run away?

  5. Cesc Appeal


    I think Arsenal is the type of club very few players would want to leave, well, of the Schez sort. Was a time when our world class talent just didn’t see Wenger as ambitious enough, but if you’re a Schez, Gibbs, Walcott type…why would you want to leave?

    Generous pay, very generous, manager who is infinitely patient and will give you chance after chance, we don’t seem a particular demanding club, seem to measure players individual success in the same way we do overall success.

    Maybe it’s dawning on Schez that it wasn’t an empty threat and that he could be out on his arse, maybe he’s realising he isn’t as good as he thinks he is through a lack of takers, thought of that pay packet diminishing…who knows.

  6. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Alexis outplayed hazard last season”

    He didn’t. He scored more but his general all-round play needs a bit of work to catch up with Hazard. Not to say Alexis wasn’t great but Hazard was very much deserving of player of the season.

  7. gambon

    I think the idea that anyone outplayed Hazard last season is ridiculous.

    I like Alexis, but its a bit embarassing the way fans ALWAYS think they have the best players in every position.

  8. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Frank rijkaard and Ronaldinho did. Pep made the adjustments”

    More than adjustments. Barca had two trophyless seasons before Pep took over. He also got rid of the likes of Ronaldinho/Deco/Van Bommel etc.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: but if you’re a Schez, Gibbs, Walcott type…why would you want to leave?

    Because you don’t get to play much ?

  10. steve

    “Alexis outplayed hazard last season”


    No he didn’t.

    “Giroud was more prolific than Costa”


    No he wasn’t.

    Clueless as usual.

  11. Lee

    BamfordEnraged at wenger?? How could I ever get mad with him??
    Fact is I don’t think we need benzema.
    I think we need Reus/draxler
    An maybe a def mid.
    I think those players added to this swuad and we can overthrow Chelsea
    Alexis outplayed hazard last season
    Giroud was more prolific than Costa
    Terry is another year older and Hal our team was out for the first half of the season.
    Walcott ox and jack coming back fo and firing.
    Rambo and ozil taking another step up
    There is nothing stopping us from winning the title.
    Four centre halves now
    Four top full backs
    Steve bould coaching defence
    Shad massively improving our fitness
    New big game plan and counter attacking strategy.
    I feel it.
    There’s a 98/02/04 feeling

  12. Romford Ozil Pele

    CA – Yeah I used to think Shez was untouchable at Arsenal. To be honest, i’m still surprised the way Wenger treated him because it wasn’t something i’d seen from him before. Thought it’d be a slap on the wrist and a few games out but obviously smoking gate was a lot worse than initially anticipated. Think Wenger’s forvigen him now but he’s definitely not gonna be as pally with Shez as he once was. I like it personally, more ruthlessness is what we want. Funny thing about all of this is that while Shez is a grade A idiot, i’m still one of those that thinks he’s our best GK and a very good GK when he has his head screwed on. GK situation is something that needs sorting ASAP though.

  13. Romford Ozil Pele

    I’m surprised I never made this comparison a lot earlier but Hazard is actually a lot like Ribery. Where Hazard can make sure he excels and makes a name for himself is to become more decisive from a goals perspective (ala Neymar/Alexis). Whether that can happen in a Mourinho set-up is debatable.

  14. Bankz


    I remember when he was scoring for fun in Brazil and everyone kept saying it was because the brazilian league is a shut league, forgetting he has about 50 intl goals already at 23.

    He’s just a very clinical finisher, a better version of Marco reus.
    I’d be shocked if he doesn’t win a ballonD’or in the next few years

  15. MadeToLoveMagic

    I think we need to stop thinking about Benzema after reading these quotes

    Karim Djaziri (his agent) said: “What is Karim going to do in Manchester? He’s happy in Madrid. Benzema would only leave if Real Madrid told him he was surplus to requirements. He wants to retire at Real Madrid.”

    Where as Morata’s father has just announced that he is on the Market. 8 goals in last 11 Serie A starts

  16. Relieable sauce


    I didnt say Walcott hasnt developed, nor did I list the things that he cant do.
    I agree that he has improved his game & done quite well considering his injuries.

    Resolving/managing his injuries, a more tactical approach & playing in a competitive & balanced team would have got more from his talents IMO, making him more effective. Tracking back is the last thing he should be doing.

  17. Emiratesstroller

    The more I think about this summer’s transfer window the less business I think that Wenger will do.

    I am sure that he would bring in Cech if he was available and the terms were right. In which case one of the existing goalkeepers would leave whether on loan or sale. However this would not make major impact on budget.

    We have technically 5 on books including Jenkinson who could be offloaded.
    Otherwise I don’t see any changes.

    We bought Chambers last Summer and Gabriel in January. He has now a full

    I am sure that he planned to buy a new player this summer, but is that still his
    position when Coquelin emerged and played very well? If that was still the case why did he offer Arteta a contract extension?

    He has Cazorla, Ramsey and Wilshire on books for one slot in team. There is
    no evidence that any will leave. You can add in also Rosicky as back up.

    Ozil is guaranteed a place and if he wants to rest him he could as option play Cazorla or Ramsey there.

    He has Sanchez, Walcott, Ox, Welbeck and Gnabry to cover two positions.

    Giroud is his main player with Welbeck or Walcott as cover. If I was a betting
    man I think that he might look still for a Goal Scorer to add to the squad.
    Neither Welbeck and Walcott are consistent enough.

    Where I do think that the club will upgrade this summer is at U21 and U18 levels. The performance levels there were poor this season, but of course we are
    not discussing big money.

    My gut feeling is that Wenger will try to balance the books this summer and will only use budget made available from Sponsorship and TV monies plus any mother generated from sales. You will not see again £90 million + spent
    as we did in the last financial year.

  18. salparadisenyc

    Benzema was always going to be a wet dream… can’t stop em they just happen much like morning wood.

  19. Bankz

    Alexis outplayed hazard last season

    Exactly what I was talking about when I said most Arsenal fans are incapable of objectivity when assessing clubs/squads.

    Hazard was every bit the best player in the Epl last season.

  20. MadeToLoveMagic


    usually i would agree with you

    but I have this feeling that Wenger has truly realised that he is leaving in 2 years and wants to do well. He knows what has to be done to push us to the elite level. Its not much, but there are clearly 2 or 3 positions in the squad that could be cleared and replaced with Super duper qualidee

    I think we will see at least 1 more big signing this summer but we’ll have to wait and see..

    He may stick with what he has, It all depends on how much he wants to win the elc or champs league before he retires …..

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    MadetoLoveMagic: Benzema would only leave if Real Madrid told him he was surplus to requirements


  22. tunnygriffboy

    Love TR7. One of my favourites. However if he’s not going to play then it’s time to bid farewell and invest in a midfielder with different attributes. However he is actually good enough to do well in a good team if used properly.

    Re Hazard and Alexis. Hazard played in PL winners and was main source of creativity for them along with fartinggas

    Hazard 20 goals 11 assists in all competitions ( inludes penalties )
    Alexis 24 goals 9 assists.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    But where? Walcott might get somewhere decent like Liverpool, but Schez and Gibbs…off a cliff for them, career wise.


    I thought the same, classic Wenger, more for show than anything after Saints, but to be fair he stuck with Ospina and properly punished Schez.

    I do agree there’s a good player in there, but many a great talent has been held back by a terrible attitude. Worry about that with Wilshere as well.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    I’m not saying they have better options, but they might well look around to see what’s available.

    Szczesny and Gibbs aren’t going to be 1st choice at a CL side, but then I doubt whether Walcott is either, but they’d all get top 10 sides, and Szczesny potentially could end up playing much higher

  25. steve

    June 8, 2015 15:45:45


    He did
    He did
    Goals to mins ratio giroud was better.
    Obviously a Chelsea fan


    You’re the type of cunt that believe we have the best players in every position in the world just because they’re Arsenal players.

  26. salparadisenyc

    While Wenger’s at that ruthlessness with Szcz, lets take advantage of Monaco’s situation much like we did with Santi and Malaga except we forgot to get Isco as well. Kongdobia and Kurzawa.

    Gibbs gets sold.

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    tunnygriffboy: Hazard 20 goals 11 assists in all competitions ( inludes penalties )
    Alexis 24 goals 9 assists.

    Alexis has the better ‘statable’ (made up word) end product, but Hazard was the more creative and better player this season, (in just the same way that basic stats like goals/assists don’t show how important Ozil is to Arsenal).

    Second season, and with a bit of positional tweaking, Alexis could be right with him though

  28. Emiratesstroller


    I think that Wenger will make one major signing probably a Striker if he can find the right player plus Cech if he can convince him to come to us.

    However, I don’t think that Arsenal are going to buy a DMF or another CMF.
    If he does there are going to be quite a few of current players in squad becoming unsettled. I don’t see him offloading Cazorla, Wilshire or Ramsey this summer and if they are to stay at club they need to be assured regular football.

    When it comes to forwards he could perhaps send Gnabry out on loan or replace Walcott if he does not sign new contract. However, I don’t see Sanchez,
    Giroud, Welbeck or Oxlade leaving.

    What I am looking at is the mathematics and expectation of existing players in
    the current squad. Wenger is not Mourinho when it comes to offloading and
    replacing players. He is not “ruthless”.

  29. Nasri's Mouth


    “I believe that for what I have done for the club and what the club has done for me, we can arrange so we are all happy.”
    “I look at all the options, regardless of the country. I will decide based on what for me and my family is the best. And it does not matter whether it is England, Germany, France and Spain…”
    “If I move it brings difficulties. We must change everything, looking for housing, a school for children and so on.”

  30. peanuts&monkeys

    Morata looked like a big miss as well… kind of a bit like a lighter younger faster version of Giroud. ”

    @Pedro, are you nuts? Orr you the highest form of an AKB?

    Cud you ever imagine in your wildest dreams, Giroud racing with that blistering pace with the ball for almost 60 yards and yet managing a decent attempt (the one Morata did around the 20th minute)?

    Morata is much nimbler, faster and pacy and more importantly doesnt hesitate taking a shot at the goal

  31. Lee


    And you’re the kind of Chelsea cunt that comes on arsenal forums.

    If alexia wasn’t better then he was on par.
    If he played for Chelsea he would have been player of the year
    Hazard won it by default.
    Terry was better
    So was de gea
    And alexis in my opinion.
    Costa turned out to be a Miserable whiney wanker. Perfect choice for Chelsea
    But more importantly NOT the force we all worried he may become. Let’s hope injuries and suspensions continue this year and Terry’s body finally succumbs.
    When it does I fell the chelski dysnasty will halt if only for a a few years

  32. Keyser

    Reliable Sauce – People take turns with players, either dismissing them or wondering what might have been, tactically I’d say he’s been used well, he doesn’t have to track back like Sanchez he just has to be smart in how he occupies space between the lines.

    Mostly he’s one of numerous players we’ve asked to adapt or develop together, whether he’s good enough is one thing, I don’t think Walcott could complain with the oppurtunity we’ve given him, or how he’s developed.

  33. DUIFG

    Benzema would be erection territory, would put us on an equal footing with our rivals, if it’s on we need to make sure we do out best to land him.

    Very complete player.

  34. Relieable sauce

    What was I thinking, we dont need Reus. We’ve got Pod coming back!
    Should work out well as we can buy Fekir next season if no big clubs are interested.

  35. Leedsgunner

    “Where I do think that the club will upgrade this summer is at U21 and U18 levels. The performance levels there were poor this season, but of course we are
    not discussing big money.My gut feeling is that Wenger will try to balance the books this summer and will only use budget made available from Sponsorship and TV monies plus any mother generated from sales. You will not see again £90 million + spent as we did in the last financial year.”

    How depressing is that?

    Yep… because that’s going to win us the League or Champion’s League next year.

    You can hear excuses, even now.

    It used to be… wait until FFP is fully implemented, now it transpires FFP is unworkable and will not be fully implemented… now the new excuse will be “We have a new generation of U18 and U21s we need to give them time to feed through to the first team — then we will compete and because we spent time to bring them through our club will be even in a stronger financial postion to compete with the biggest in football.”

    The truth is we have the money to compete now and buy the one or two world class stars that we need to be a truly competitive side. Now. Not in 5 years time, but now. After all, what was the point of the stadium if we weren’t going to compete for the title or the Champion’s League. For me, the promises of a golden tomorrow doesn’t add up anymore when I see our rivals strengthening for today not in 5 years time. The truth is if we don’t challenge for the title soon our best stars will start to look for a team that will. Didn’t we already go through this with Cesc and RvP?

  36. tunnygriffboy


    I wasn’t saying Alexis had a better season but his stats were comparable particularly as Hazard took penalities . Hazard was the creative hub for Chelsea, when the going got tough he could pull something out of the bag. If he got injured I believe they would’ve struggled.

    Alexis on the other hand did wonders keeping us competitive first third of the season but had more creativity around him. Scary thing is if he improves his combination play and movement away from the ball then he could kick on again. Gutted he’ll miss pre / start of the season.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    You are right, but “old dogs do not change their spots” Wenger will not change.

    I think that he will spend maybe up to £40-50 million this summer including
    what it will cost to bring in Cech if available. That will be spent on one major signing.

    As I said if I was betting man it will be a forward if he can find right player. However, it is not going to be spent in midfield for reasons I suggest.

  38. Lee


    He was the creative hub for a team that parked the bus for half a season!!!
    CESC was the creative hub not hazard
    The difference between chavs and us is JT, ivanovic, curtoius.
    Not hazard not matic not Costa

  39. tunnygriffboy


    Relax mate. Ozil £42 million. Sanchez £30 million plus 4 or 5 others in the last to summers. £15 million Christmas time. Need to be patient and see what the club do. Way to early to be thinking of the apocalypse. If it gets towards the start of the season we can all start getting twitchy but as no one really knows who we’re sfter there’s no point in going into meltdown. You’ll stress yourself out 🙂 🙂

  40. Honest Bill

    A leopard can’t change his spots. It’s new tricks that old dogs have a problem with.

    I hope Wenger does buy a top class forward. You can see we struggle sometimes to be effective in the final third. We have a lot of players who can score but we just need that extra bit of genius to reach the next level. Benzema would be ideal but i doubt Madrid will let him go. Even if they will, other clubs might be more appealing to him.

  41. Blsany

    Hazard is only better because he received better coaching when they were growing up.Alexis is a selftaught footballer who made it all the way to Barcelona and Arsenal.Hazard’s parents were both pro baller FFs.Can see it with the way he plays.I will take Alexis anyday of the week over Hazrd.

  42. tunnygriffboy


    Post Christmas Fartingas went missing quicker than a back packer in Wolf Creek. Hazard baled them out numerous times with individual brilliance

    Agree that Courtois, Ivanovic ( dirty bastard ), Cahill, Terry Azpilicuetta and Matic secured the league for them. The most experienced, injury free defence in the league.

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    It’s impossible to say how much we’ll spend this summer really.

    So much will come down to which players are available.

    Just a few posts above is a direct quote from Benzema’s agent where he says he wouldn’t contemplate leaving unless Real Madrid say they don’t need him.

    If they want to keep him, Wenger isn’t going to splash out a load of cash on an alternative like Jackson Martinez to give us some possible slim improvement

  44. zeus

    Isn’t Benzema a profligate striker as well?

    Clearly better than Giroud with his skill set, but even in a world as now where there is a death of great strikers about, we could do better.

    Still can’t get over how clinical Neymar is. I would never think he would get close to 40 in one season as talented as he is.

  45. Honest Bill

    I don’t think there is much between Hazard and Sanchez. Each has his own strengths and weaknesses. Definitely wouldn’t trade.

    Sanchez has plenty of room for improvement though. Could be tighter with his passing and stop trying to do too much.

  46. Lee

    His assists dropped off but he turned up with vital goals against qpr and there was another but I can’t remember who against.
    Chelsea have had hazard for 3 seasons without a title
    CESC pulled the string, recycled possession and pinpoints counter attacks from deep. Without CESC hazard is the same guy from the last two years

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    ES: You are right, but “old dogs do not change their spots” Wenger will not change.

    That’s not really true though because Wenger did change his spots. Early on in his Arsenal career, he basically spent what was available.

  48. tunnygriffboy


    Yes agree. We’ve had the filler last summer and Christmas time. Now is the time to add the killer.

    I would imagine we have definite targets and it may be we are working through them in order of preference or availability. After that if a wildcard suddenly appears we may be tempted with that.

  49. Honest Bill


    But he offers top class decision making and intelligence around the box. A player like him makes the whole team function more efficiently. You never know with Madrid. They might just decide he isn’t new and shiny or his name isn’t sexy enough. We can but dream.

  50. Lee


    And he handed over responsibility to a new fitness coach and assistant coach.
    Spent big on new signings
    And most importantly changed the teams style

  51. leon

    I read that podiolski still feels he has a future at arsenal but I just see were he will play he clearly cannot play in central lone striker role and on the wings this team has sanchez,chaimberlain,thoe, welbeck. I have never been a big fan of his yes he has killer shot but he has always lacked consistency and work rate.

    I hope wenger does sign ceche he is a top keeper

  52. Nasri's Mouth


    Wenger has changed the team’s style of play before. When we effectively built the side around Cesc.

    However where he probably wont change is the way he signs players, either dithering or being extremely thorough depending on your view.

    Means we lose out on some players. Sometimes they’re a Mata, sometimes they’re a M’vila

  53. Nasri's Mouth


    “Things can always change, but IF NEEDS BE I will remain at Arsenal next season.”

    translates to:

    “If no-one tries to sign me, then I wont have any choice but to stay at Arsenal next season”

  54. BillikenGooner

    With all the talk of United breaking the bank and City spending again… not to mention whatever the big boys in Spain do, it’s looking like we will be shopping off the discount racks and not trying to pay full retail against them.

    It’s really too bad because this summer could be the one if we were more cutthroat with some players by trying to upgrade Coquelin, Giroud and even Mertesacker with them getting backup roles and letting Arteta, Flamini in particular go (along with the rarely if ever used players), maybe even tough choices on Walcott and Wilshere.

    I think a goalie change will happen, but how big of one, who knows?

    It’s set up with the “being too expensive” and “we just need the right mental strength for a full season” mantras being used again. Hope I’m wrong.

  55. mysticleaves

    We need to remember that this was Alexis’ first season in the pl and a new team.

    In Hazard’s last season with lille, he scored 20 and assisted 20. In his first season with Chelsea he scored 6 and assisted 6. Now (3 years after)he’s scoring 19

    In Alexis’ last season with Barca, he scored 21 and assisted 12. In his first season with Arsenal he scored 25 and assisted 11.

    Going by Alexis’ first season, in 3 years he should be scoring close to 50!

  56. mysticleaves

    We always talk about how we need to sign MS and all these young CDMs. well, its highly unlikely we sign anyone in midfield. Infact I will be surprised if we signed a CDM.

    You need to ask yourself why Aaron is being played on the wing. That’s cos he can’t crack the CDM position yet. Wenger is improvising to keep our CMs and we still want another young CDM? Without guaranteeing playing time!

    If Coq hadn’t come on the way he did, it would have been a must to buy one. Coq doesn’t even play full time when the team needs goals let alone another CDM. Arteta can cover for Coq till we find a way of moving Santi, which is not really an option now.

  57. Nasri's Mouth

    mysticleaves: You need to ask yourself why Aaron is being played on the wing. That’s cos he can’t crack the CDM position yet

    No, it’s because Cazorla alongside Coq and Ramsey wide, works better than vica versa

  58. Nasri's Mouth

    From the Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting

    Walid Arsenal ‏@1Walid1 8m8 minutes ago
    AST estimate spare cash of ~£70m at Arsenal after deducting debt service reserve, instalment on player purchases and on going football costs

  59. N5

    Whomever is in charge of identifying and then purchasing Liverpool’s player transfers really needs firing. They just don’t learn do they!!

  60. Marko

    To be fair to Liverpool they need players and they’re not getting the top class guys anymore so beggers can’t be choosers. I loved how when they got Milner Phil Thompson was saying how great it was to be able to attract him to Liverpool over Arsenal. Thommo you got James Milner we got Alexis Sanchez don’t you forget it you mug

  61. N5

    Marko, I’m convinced they could get better quality than the players they have bought for the money though. They very rarely unearth good players from the lesser leagues. Their scouting for a “big club” is awful.

  62. salparadisenyc

    Not to mention.. does Milner start for Arsenal?
    Not with everyone fit.
    He went to Livepool to try and take over Gerrards role… or at least thats what he’s saying. How his engine is build more for the role… lol

    I bet Rodgers puts him out wide.

  63. N5

    Sal, I was just reading up on a guy that is scheduled to be executed tomorrow, out of interest, do you know what makes a murder a capital murder? Although what this guy did (killed a mum and child) I can’t see what makes this different to all the other murders that happen every day and I can’t find anything that explains the difference.

  64. Blsany

    Le grove Londoners is anyone going to vote for Sol Campbell as your new mayor?i would if I had a chance.london is red after all.

  65. Nasri's Mouth


    I think ultimately Ramsey replaces Cazorla, as B2B, with Coq either improving the possession side of his game or being upgraded

  66. N5

    I guess so NM, the delusions of being a big club become more apparent when you see what kind of players they attract.

  67. salparadisenyc


    Its all down to which state its in… each state has there own laws where as some have the death penalty other do not. Typically coincides with vote map…. the red states are mental.

    Really should be abolished, horrible thing imo.

    Regarding Milner..

    Me as well.. with whom we have its all about singing the next level players, no space for him.

    Really have little idea whom well get this summer, last summers window was much easier to predict. Remember listing it out with Romford and Middy, I had Di Maria, Sanchez or Pedro as the marquee depending on which way Barca went.

    That said I was #Ballosdeep with Midwest.. strictly on web that is. Thankfully that one didn’t happen. Well never know.. perhaps he’d of done better under Wenger?


  68. N5

    Cheers Sal, I couldn’t really see the difference between his crime and others that haven’t been given death but the state thing is probably the reason. Thanks for taking the time to answer me mate.

  69. Leedsgunner

    James Milner is LFC’s version of Flamini… nothing to cry about. I would have given Ings more of a go though… I bet he would have been an improvement on Sanogo!

  70. Cesc Appeal

    We can afford a net spend of £60-70 Million I always thought. Think that’s pretty much agreed, aside from those who either think we have a ridiculous large amount to spend, or equally those who claim we have hardly anything.

  71. Knagg Champa

    Anyone knows how Luis Muriel is doing these days?

    Could remember some folks on here bandying his name one or 2 seasons back.

    Seem to be off the radar now I guess.

  72. mysticleaves

    Just maybe he will improve his possession side. I still don’t see us buying a CDM this TW, whether as cover or upgrade. But then, what do we know?

    And guess what? Ings is even younger than the great french goalscorer Sanogo

  73. Emiratesstroller


    What the article does not cover when you discuss Arsenal’s current expenditure is that the club are currently upgrading training facilities both at Colney and the Hale End Academy.

    My view as discussed earlier is that Arsenal will buy one strategic player to satisfy fans and sponsors but otherwise this will be a quiet year for transfers
    for first team squad.

    However, I do think that Arsenal will be seeking to improve personnel for U21
    and U18 squads, which were disappointing in recent years. Spending money on Bielek and the two French U17 players suggests that this may be happening.

    The club needs to be competing not only at EPL level but downstream as well
    as most of the major clubs are now doing. It is not good enough to just recruit
    one or two players who might breakthrough to first team, but have good programmes elsewhere.

  74. Nasri's Mouth


    No idea whether the costs for Colney or Hale End have already been put aside, but I doubt they’d be massive amounts.

    The youth buying has been going on for a couple of seasons already, but yeah, I think we need to ramp it up a little

  75. Rustygunner

    Thank you Arsene for laying the foundation. It was slow and frustrating. But now is the time to soar. If Juventas can be in the UCL final 8 years fromeemerging from a lower division the AFC can, and even own a place amongst the top 8 in Europe for years. Funny how Juventas did it with the has beens of Evra, Pirlo, Teversham, Buffon.

  76. Nasri's Mouth


    Sounds like we’d like him, and he’d like to come, but ultimately it’ll come down to Mourinho.

    Apparently not only did he stop Ba joining us, but he also tried to stop Gallas from joining us previously

  77. vicky


    Kike Marin’s tweet and Cech and TR7 comments give me hope. I get the feeling Maureen does not have the veto power in this case. Things would not have progressed to this extent If Maureen could scupper the deal. Fingers crossed.

  78. Cesc Appeal


    I love the ‘I will not get involved’ part, aside from starting a wave of internet speculation and rumour you dodged the bullet on getting involved Tomas 😉

  79. Cesc Appeal

    De Gea to Madrid, Cech to Arsenal, Lloris to United, Begovic to Spurs and Schez on loan to Stoke.

    Calling it right now.

  80. Socrates

    Knagg ChampaJune

    “Anyone knows how Luis Muriel is doing these days?”

    He has struggled to get opportunities at Sampdoria and when he does he is highly ineffective with his finishing and link up play. He is fast and can dribble a bit but that’s about it.

    I would rate him as a championship level striker where he would do well against lesser organised defenses, even Samuel Etoo, at his age starts before him!

  81. salparadisenyc

    Not sure you could devise a more full proof way to get a young man to quit smoking.

    A season in Stoke.

  82. Keyser

    I’m guessing the Hale End/Colney renovations are already accounted for before the AST came to that figure, they do come to several million ? But I think that’s over the next 3 years anyway.

    There’s been little media attention over the Lens youngsters we signed, though that’s another 2-3 million.

    Also any wage increase would have to come out of that same figure, obviously dependant on who moves on or who has had a new contract,

  83. El Tel 1

    De Gea- Real Madrid
    Lloris- mancscum
    Chesney- Liverfool as px for Sterling
    Green- chavs

  84. Cesc Appeal


    John Cross is awful, as much as other sites might get stick for being totally unreliable and fanciful, or just simply click bait, Cross’ articles are always loaded with agenda.

  85. salparadisenyc


    Indeed, but this one in particular seems less informed.
    Guess you could say theres a dart on the board.

  86. Keyser

    Have no idea who she is.

    Cross is a Sports Journalist of course he has an agenda, just like the people who reference so and so hoping random twitter transfer rumours have merit.

    It’s a bit like Pedro, all he has to do is say ‘I know insiders’ and because people want to believe, or have faith simply because it’s a natural human trait to be trusting, they’ll fill in gaps no matter how vague or spurious he’s being.

    I do wonder if there’s any regulation at all in football journalism.

  87. Cesc Appeal


    I always enjoy the way Cross peddles the ‘Wenger is trying really hard’ line, but X, Y and Z has to happen first…

    Essentially it probably means the media know nothing, and even those journalists cosy with the club like Cross aren’t being told anything. So it’s a bit of an equation, Arsenal have a lot of shit in their squad, Arsenal need a striker, article.

  88. tunnygriffboy

    Question is, if Cross is right ( guffaw ), would you take Martinez, Cech and a midfielder ? It ‘d be ok for me. One think Martinez does have is power and pace.

  89. salparadisenyc


    Not a bad point… not sure I see Wenger putting that kind of money into a CF whose going to be 29 this fall.. (according to the inter web).

    Definitely gives us another option up front, which many been calling for. I’m still reticent on us signing a CF with the two we have and Walcott’s situation.

  90. Cesc Appeal


    Did write a reply…but it seemed to disappear, try again.

    I would take it, but if the midfield signing was some shite like Ki I would be disappointed, in that lot Cech would probably be the best and most significant signing.

    Martinez is what, 29? Could be wrong but there must be a reason no one has taken him yet

  91. Cesc Appeal

    Not just another option, I would say personally I think we need a step up in class if we’re serious about challenging.

    That kind of striking quality isn’t easy to find, so we need to get stuck in and be ready to pay.

  92. salparadisenyc

    We could name every center forward from A-Z and Wenger would land on a Draxler conversion project or the like.

  93. tunnygriffboy


    Be interesting bringinging striker in with different attributes to L’Oreal. That would leave us with Welbeck and Walcott as well.

    I know your not a fan of Ki but could Wenger be thinking of retaining Coquelin as his number one and bringing in another player as his back up. I’m just posing the question

    Chezzer. If we got Cech perhaps a loan might be good for him. Has potential to be a good keeper. Perhaps a spell out of his comfort zone away from the Emirates may sharpen his mind and make him realise the chance he has at a big club.

  94. Cesc Appeal


    This is the thing, Wenger also has a deep love for Giroud, he can’t see past the hair.

    The whole utility, conversion thing still makes me hold out hope for Reus.


    I don’t think Walcott is good enough, Welbeck hasn’t shown enough development yet either and Giroud is too one dimensional. We need a striker of real quality who Giroud and Welbeck/Walcott can act as an option or occasional partner for.

    If Wenger is sinking to Ki depths I will be sorely disappointed. Coquelin has done fantastically well, but I still think we might need a more well rounded CM/CDM of a higher calibre.

    Yeah Schez can go on loan, really not fussed about him. Potential, but terrible attitude, like Wilshere. We will see.

  95. Cesc Appeal

    Sun journalist claims he was told by an agent Cech is 100% Arsenal bound.

    More gas, but more gas on a fire producing a lot of smoke, too much smoke I feel.

  96. Relieable sauce

    TR is not only Reus bait, his snared Cech as well : )

    Cech by the weekend, Reus before the window opens & MS whenever we chose.

    Imagine getting it done by the 1st week of the transfer window & being able to soak up the pre season with some confidence for the season ahead.

  97. Ankit_gooner

    Its not only about the players.From european perspective,wenger is not good enough.He can win the premier league but champions league,no way.Its too high a bar for him.Its telling that the only time he reached the final is when he played defence first and prioritised the system over player chemistry and partnership.Also,I think since 2009,football has gone to another level,tactically.Wenger hasn’t bridged the gap.He should probably win the premier league within next 2 years and leave

  98. Wallace

    “I’m quite proud of the fact I’m not detached from the supporters,” Wilshere said. “I’ve always had that bond with the Arsenal fans since I was young because I came through the club. I grew up at Arsenal and I love the fans, but I’ve actually got family who are Tottenham fans so it’s nothing personal against them, it was just a bit of fun.

    Asked whether the charge had been hard to deal with, Wilshere said: “It hasn’t really been mentioned. It was the day we arrived. A few of the lads gave me a bit of banter about it. The Tottenham players don’t talk to me.”

  99. nasri's mouth

    Mourinho will have a lot to say about Cech if he wants to.

    Reading the interview with Cech (google translated) he suggests he could be persuaded to stay, and that its not definite he’ll leave.

  100. N5

    Nm good point about spuds and re Maureen Cech could just sit out his contract couldn’t he? How Lin has he got left?