Which Arsenal players are leaving?

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Happy good Saturday to ya’ll.

A quick one today, because news dictates it’ll be a quick one.

Aaron Ramsey, of supreme hair / beard combo reckons the landscape at Arsenal looks like it’s been cultivated by a very good landscape gardener. You know, £200 an hour type stuff.

“This team has come on a lot over the last few years and if we can get off to a good start next season we will challenge.

“The club is in a good place where they can afford not to let players go, we’re building on this team rather than seeing players leaving.

“It is a nice feeling and means that the group can stick together. The understanding is there already, so it can only get stronger.”

I think keeping the core squad together is really important, but there needs to be a cull around the periphery.

Players I think we really should be moving on.

Arteta: He might be good in a coaching capacity, and his background in La Masia could come in handy, but on the pitch, his fitness is atrocious and he’s far too slow to be pinning a midfield. He certainly shouldn’t be the captain if he can’t play.

Flamini: Gotta love him. He runs around with such aggression and vision. Outside that, I’m not sure where the value comes from him. He’s an ok squad player, but really, we could be doing better. Time to move on Wenger’s fave 70th-minute sub.

Chezzer: I think he needs a fresh challenge. When I was young, I spent too long working in First Sport, I was number one shoe polish seller, then I got in with the wrong crowd, I started hanging out with he smokers and my selling skillz dipped. It took a move to JD Sport to straighten out my shoe game. But I got through it. Chezzer needs to find his JD Sports.

Abou Diaby: Come on. Surely time is up? This is like the most expensive guilt trip of all time? How much more money do we have to give him? We’re like the drunk dad at Christmas who broke little Tommy’s Game Boy. Give it up Arsene, little Tommy is 29 now, he’s dealt with the ‘incident’.

Santi Cazorla: I heard that Santi might push for a move this summer because he wants to end on a high in Spain. Financially, it’d make sense… he’d fetch a fee, he’s at that age where he’ll struggle with the pace and we could bring in someone younger. However, he might still have another amazing season in him and financial sense doesn’t really come into play nowadays… BECAUSE WE GOTS ALL THE CASH.

Right, who do you think should see the exit door?


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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, we need a better striker without doubt, more clinical, more dynamic, able to effect the game in the same way Sanchez does.

    Giroud is decent, good option in certain games and decent enough for rotation.

    Have never, will never believe Walcott is any sort of answer at ST.

  2. Marko

    That kiyoshi amI right?

    Also on apparently (probably bull) us not being interested in Schneiderlin anymore at 25 million it makes sense considering 25 million would probably get you Lars Bender or Krychowiak or Carvalho or Kramer or Gundogen or Kondogbia and they’re of similar or better level that him. Certainly aren’t just dependant on Morgan for that position