Arsenal focus on a younger DM?

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So the summer is here and the rumours are starting to spice up.

Raheem Sterling is apparently taking an interest in working under Louis Van Gaal. I love this story, because it’s like the agent of the young Liverpool forward has nothing else in his mind outside the pay deal that’s coming. I mean, United, really?

You get into the Ashley Cole zone when you do things like that. Never really loved by the fans because you’ve crossed an unacceptable divide. Sol Campbell did it at Arsenal, but he did it when his contract was up and he didn’t cause much of a fuss when he was leaving.

Anyway, would be a cheaper move for United than Gareth Bale.

There’s a lot of talk surrounding our interest in Geoffrey Kodogbia. A brutal midfielder with Champions League and international experience. I’m pretty sure we had an interest in him when he was over at Sevilla. An Arsene signing for sure, and a pretty good price if £25m is in anyway accurate… he’d also probably represent better value than Schneiderlin considering he’s 4 years younger.

Bad news on Paolo Dybala. The pocket rocket from South America chose Juventus over Arsenal. A real shame, I reckon he’ll be a bit of a superstar. He has so many of the ingredients you look for in an Arsenal player. Explosive off the mark, very strong pound for pound with buckets of skill. You can’t blame him for joining the Juve project. I mean, they’re building / they’ve built something pretty special over there. If they keep Paul Pogba, they’ll be contenders for years to come.

The view that I really can’t stand in football, is this idea that you can only compete if you’re Manchester City. Failing to note that City have spend all the cash and still haven’t got close to the Champions League final. Juventus have spend net £27m over the course of 3 seasons. They’ve built an unbelievable side that’s on the verge of an unlikely Champions League glory.

They play a brand of technical football that’d put Arsenal and most of the Premiership in the shade. Smart, tactical and clinical.

They haven’t spent huge sums to get where they are. What, 8 years ago, they were relegated?

Money buys you players, employing the smartest brains wins you the trophies. You’ll always have the Madrid’s there, but money doesn’t always mean you win out. You have to fight the battle on your terms, not theirs…

Also, what the hell is going on with FAI? Apparently, after Thierry hand balled and scored to knock Ireland out of the World Cup, Ireland took €5m for silence on the matter.


Well, not really. I mean, if Ireland were bitching to me about taking legal action, I’d tell them where to go. Since when can you take legal action against a bad decision in a game? What sort of fucked up precedent does that set? Amazing. They’re like the Celtic fans who tried to get a replay when Eduardo cheated. Or Steve Bruce that time we scored a goal that was naughty and he walked his team off the pitch… total banter.

This whole FIFA thing is so amusing. Jack Warner has come out and snitched so bad on Sepp Blatter. There’s no loyalty in the underworld crime scene it would seem. I just can’t believe how beautifully this is all unfolding. All the pigs scrambling to escape the bolt gun of the US.

I love that the US will ignore many things, but corruption in sport? They’re on it. Good for them. It’s just embarrassing how pathetic Europe has been around the situation. Cosying up to Sepp like he actually ran something more important than a globally loved game.

Those Sepp with politician pictures… a bit like getting caught in a picture with Jimmy Saville, right?

Finally, more corruption in sport as Mo Farah’s trainer has been embroiled in a doping scandal.


Sport is so messed up. I read about that and thought, oh, maybe it’s isolated, then I saw Justin Gaitlin, at 33, is scoring 9.75s in the 100m and is talking about breaking 9.6.

I mean, sport, come on!

I’m just waiting for the mega football scandal to drop. You know it’s coming, don’t you?

Right, have a good day. Big love to ya’ll!

Finally, big thanks to @ManelyFoToes for sending me in a load of pictures he took around Arsenal during the cup final. They’ll be making up my headers for a while!


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Walcott and Welbeck do different things though, if a striker comes in for me that spells the end of Walcott, Welbeck for me is almost a more attacking Milner in a weird way, he puts an absolute shift in, can be deployed across the front anywhere and is reliable to do the dirty work in a big game.

    Walcott isn’t. In form, Walcott’s great, the majority of the season though when he’s not if he’s not scoring he’s not doing anything.

    If a forward comes in, in my opinion Walcott is most in danger. I’ve seen a lot of people talking his 4 in 2 stats over the last two games…two games…how about the last decade?

    I see where you’re coming from, and I know a fair few share that opinion, for me though I would rather keep Welbeck, if we’re going to get in a great forward, Walcott is redundant.

  2. Willow Wilson

    “As long as we’re actually spending and not sitting on our money”

    Not this Unfounded nonsense again! I did try to correct you the other day. Up until when we bought Ozil this may have been true but not any more.Where were you last summer?

    Just as a reminder:-

    2014/2015 net spend = £65m (95m spent as above)
    2013/2014 net spend = £32m (£42.5m spent on Ozil)

    Total net spend last 2 seasons combined = £97 million

    2012/2013 net spend = £8m (Santi, Giroud, Podolski, Monreal)
    2011/2012 Negative net spend = £17m
    2010/2011 net spend = £8.6m
    2009/2010 Negative net spend = £32m

    All the seasons prior to 2011 our net spend was one of the lowest in the Premier League, partly because we were selling players and trying to budget. I think we was somewhere like 16th. In 2009/10 we had a net spend of NEG £32m. In other seasons we also had a negative net spend.

    (We won’t be doing what Chelsea and City did and investing a billion quid, if that’s what you expect you will be disappointed).

    If you look, there is a pattern, which should tell you something.

    I agree with you regarding the lad sterling. We don’t need him. We need to be shopping for better players than sterling now.

    Ps: We had no Theo for most of the last couple of seasons, so he will be like a new player. Wellbecks second season to integrate with the rest of the players. Full pre season, no World Cup, no CL qualifier, not selling players, stability. All big pluses. Top, top striker for me should be the priority.

  3. salparadisenyc

    Walcott boils down to the money more me, if we can keep him on a wage thats realistic and utilize him as an impact sub, start when the form is firing he’s worth keeping. Rumors clearly state the opposite.

    Reality is Sanchez put his Arsenal career in doubt as he does everything Theo does and doesn’t do BUT better. Unless Wenger’s willing to put him in the CF role, he’s already a spent force. Welbeck offers more overall game as Cesc stated and then theres the Ox to consider another well rounded player, not to mention Gnabry. Players are stacking up and Theo’s one dimensionality will be his achilles unless Wenger shifts him into a CF i’d say he’s gone.

    I’m in the camp that would swap him with Sterling… bit harsh considering my FA cup glow, but Sterling’s a better fit with our side. Balanced nicely. Sterling and Sanchez on the flanks is pretty tasty stuff. Not to mention he’s 5 years younger.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Sterling certainly looks as if he could be a very special player as well and it’s clear Wenger likes him.

    Sanchez and Sterling would be the shits up an opposing defence as well.

    Whatever happens, we can name names on here forever, but I just really hope we make the most of this window, Wenger didn’t do what was necessary last summer, the summer before up until Ozil was a total fuck up, we have a great squad, missing a few parts…whether we get them or not will determine how successful we can potentially be next year.

  5. Willow Wilson

    You would be mad to swap Theo for Sterling. Crazy. Sterling is not in Theos class yet. Once Theo has his first full season behind him for a couple of years and gets to actually spend some time with players like Ozil and Sanchez, he’ll be flying. Ozil will find his runs. We need to stop selling players and just add where we need to.

  6. Willow Wilson

    Sterling could be a special player but I don’t want us to keep buying could be players. Especially those who seem to have some behavioural issues. Personally, I think he needs to mature. If we buy him fine but not as a swap with Theo. as that would not make us stronger.

  7. MadeToLoveMagic


    Yeah i can see what you are saying about Welbeck’s defensive contribution but for me that’s quite possibly his only attribute worth talking about.

    For me Walcott is coming of age and I believe that his game/finishing is about to enter another level. I think he has been starting to show flashes of it over the last 2 or three years, when he has not been injured. May be just a hunch but I think we may regret seeing him go, especially at the expense of a player like Welbz; i know he is the top scorer in the Euros but still, I haven’t seen him do anything thus far for Arsenal that would make me want him to stay over Walcott, who we have invested so much time in.

    I think if we do get a striker in , walcott should by rights still be safe over Danny. Yes he lacks Welbecks defensive work rate , but don’t forget he has been playing on the wings for a long time and will still be useful there with his runs, which i think he has over welbz.

    Plus if we get another quality CDM to go with Coq in big games then maybe Welbecks defensive work wont be so needed anyway..

    On balance it’s Walcott for me but its a close one, we just invested so much time in him , it would kill me see him tear it up at another big club and i think he would.

  8. salparadisenyc

    We shall see Willow.

    Looking at the bigger picture not just a player vs player rating think about Ozil feeding either Sanchez or Sterling. Both dynamic on the ball with pace. If we added a WC striker to spearhead that.

    Like I said only way Theo continues for me is if AW plays him through the middle.
    Cause he seems quite reticent to put Theo and Sanchez on both flanks.

    Ideal window for me, Benz, Javi Martinez and Cech… with Theo swapping with Sterling.

    Mou would need diapers.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    Well it’s all personal opinion and supersition really so it’s hard to say. I do agree, prior to his ACL Walcott was starting to look better, not as dumb a player, adding more to his game and effecting a game without scoring.

    I’ve never really been Walcott’s biggest fan, he’s had one stand out year in almost a decade here playing with incredible talent and not really being asked to do a lot more than be a goal threat/operate as a forward.

    We will see. My personal opinion is Wenger is going to totally bottle this summer, it will be a summer of Wenger soundbites and we will arrive at the Community Shield game with the same starting 11. So you will likely get your wish and see how Walcott comes on next year.

    Be a shame. But that’s the way I see it going.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    “Ideal window for me, Benz, Javi Martinez and Cech… with Theo swapping with Sterling.”

    I’d pass out…

  11. tunnygriffboy

    I don’t see Giroud specifically being a plan B particularly if we get in a striker with different qualities. It could then be a horses for courses selection depending who we play. Playing Theo definitely threw Villa. It would make us way less predictable. Also when Giroud came back after Christmas he looked fresh and a real handful. As time went on his sharpness dropped and the last half dozen or so games he’s looked average

    I’m sure Welbeck will improve. He can finish, you only have to look at his England goals and his hat trick v Gala. Just needs to work at it and improve his composure.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    So I can stop placing pillows strategically all around my house?

    Cech, Kondogbia, Higuain…current strong rumours, how would you feel about that as a summer?

  13. MadeToLoveMagic

    Really Cesc? interesting , if not slightly negative opinion 😀 I actually don’t think Wenger will bottle it this summer, but i may be just being swept up in fantasy but I think he will keep the trend of buying at least one expensive player and maybe another mid range price useful one.

    The interview after the FA cup showed a steel in the way wenger spoke that I haven’t heard in years and years. He wants to do well, that is clear enough , and there is enough evidence coming out of the club to convince me that he is changing his ridiculous stubborn streak. The merte interview was revealing in that sense .

    I may just be being over optimistic , but I think we may be in for an interesting summer

  14. tunnygriffboy

    Won’t City go to mental lengths and cost to get Sterling ? They really are desperate for homegrown talent. If they offered Milner 165k they must be. Mind you it’s reported lpool paying him

  15. MadeToLoveMagic

    Haha yeah i did wonder if you meant supposition but superstition seemed to kind of work , espesially seeing as my hope for Walcott’s coming of age may be based on a kind of blind belief in something supernatural, like superstition.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    Well, you are fully entitled to be optimistic.

    I just think, even last summer, he didn’t do enough, left obvious, glaring holes in the side that pretty much everyone except the most ardent Wenger lovers called on here.

    The Ozil summer was actually a total balls up until the Ozil deal, we arrived into the first games having got Flamini and Sanogo on frees…

    We will see. I do have little faith in Wenger to be ambitious so that colours my opinion, I really hope he proves me totally wrong because I will take no pleasure at all in being right because you can write our season off at the close of an unsuccessful window.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Haha! I saw that after and thought I will draw attention to the time and excuse myself 😉


    No Reus rumours currently, the force is strong with the Higuain rumours though

  18. Willow Wilson

    Theo makes great runs and can finish. He is dangerous and in my opinion ahead of Sterling atm.

    Arsenal don’t play with traditional wingers. Players like Theo will naturally be playing between the lines and in between the CB and full back. The width is provided by our full backs.

    Theo is not a winger, as you say.

    Welbeck has done well for us but it’s his first season and he has hardly played with players like Ozil. Yet again, another one of our players getting beaten up on LeGrove, no surprise there. I would buy another striker.

    What excites me most are the options we have and the competition for places. We finished the season strong because we had our players back. Two FA Cups is a special achievement and will give the team that winning mentality and the confidence that brings.

    With good rest and a full pre season behind us, we will hit the ground running., unlike last season where we dropped all those points. We don’t need lost of new players in and players out, you lose the stability and what the players have learned together. We now have a serious chance, I genuinely cannot wait. I admit I am a positive fan and not one of the moaners but if some of our fans cannot be positive with the way we have progressed and the net spend, they need to see a Doctor. Only Barca have a better win ratio in 2015, so the way the team has developed is there for all to see.

  19. tunnygriffboy


    Cech, king Kon and Higuain would do me. Could it be better ? Yes it could but those signings would definitely boost the strength of our team, squad and varying options.

    Cech £10 million
    Kondog £25 million
    Higuain £30 millionmmm

    Pick a few million up for offloading some players and it’s roughly around the 50/60 million mark that people have mentioned our kitty as being.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I think we can net spend about £70 Million roughly. That summer wouldn’t be too bad, wouldn’t be my first choices, Cech aside, but that would impress me in terms of us kicking on.

  21. Willow Wilson

    Agree. £150k per week for 29 year old Milner and he’ll be on a decent contract, smacks of desperation.

    As for all those following the rumours in the media, they never learn. We have never discussed transfers through the media, it’s not our way. This is just the media believing Arsenal will buy a striker and then speculating on every striker that may be available. It’s all guess work. I guarantee fans moods will swing in line with what they read in the media because they believe that crap.

  22. tunnygriffboy


    You’ve not got long to wait mate. Less than 2 months to the Charity Shield. Ridiculous really, players got Internationals this week. How much rest are they going to get.

  23. MadeToLoveMagic

    Cesc , yeah you are right about the Ozil summer, that would have been a total flop right up until a very lucky last day.

    Though I think last summer you are being possibly a bit harsh. Yes there were gaps left notably CDM, but Also many Gaps filled also. A positive summer anyway, especially with Sanch. Hopefully it will continue in that vein. Let us see. Hope I’m right and you’re wrong, for all our sakes, 🙂

  24. Cesc Appeal


    I hope so.

    Yeah Wenger ignoring the CDM issue and defensive cover was just sheer stupidity, no other word for it, poor management. But there were a lot of positives, if you know Wenger his buying Debuchy to replace Sagna could have given you whiplash it was so fast.

    I fully expected Jenkinson to be given the RB place…

    Hopefully we keep it up, if we’re getting our fitness set up right, our tactical approach right now then a few class signings will really help us into the elite.

  25. MadeToLoveMagic


    Yes to Rues, but no to Higween (certainly if we managed to get in a player like Rues who can play striker). For me based on what iv’e seen of him (I admit not huge amounts) he wouldn’t offer the team enough that’d be different from Giroud.

  26. tunnygriffboy

    It’s obvious Wenger wants to kick on and challenge next season. It’s also obvious that the players feel ready and really want to judging by their comments post FA Cup. Wenger has to bring in the quality needed to achieve that and support the players in their quest for the title. As we all say, it’s not quantity but a little bit of quality where we need strengthening.

  27. salparadisenyc

    We’ll see where it all goes… whilst holding the FA cup for two seasons running.

    You be good boys, Cesc, Tunny, Willow and MTLM.

    I say create the Reus rumors.

  28. MadeToLoveMagic

    haha yeah Cesc, Wenger’s behaviour over the last 18 months or so has been quite out of character and long may it continue. I think the fans (and indeed wenger) deserve a positive end to his tenure. He has everything there to compete now, the team is on the up, and as i said earlier the steel is back. Amazing what a couple of trophies can do!

  29. MadeToLoveMagic

    but agreed the DM thing was poor, he got lucky that he had a tenacious coq rock up save his arse for only having Flamini and Arteta. God knows what he had planned! Maybe Wilshere, who knows

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Very true.

    That’s what I’m hoping, as his time at the club draws to a close, I hope he will want to go out with a bang, try to land that UCL he’s always wanted.

  31. Willow Wilson

    “My personal opinion is Wenger is going to totally bottle this summer,”
    And “stuck with the same 11″

    What a surprise. All you do is moan and groan Cesc, it’s a shame you can’t enjoy being a fan. I mean that sincerely, I am not taking the piss. You’re a nice lad but boy do you know how to moan.

    Okay. So what will he ‘bottle”. What does that mean exactly.

    I appreciate you dislike him with a passion and never have a good word to say about him along with half the team but I have no idea what you keep talking about. I know you are in good company with the other Wenger haters but I don’t get your logic.

    Same 11
    You say ‘stuck with the same 11″. What’s the same 11? I thought we now had options and a squad. Also, the squad is a great one, best we’ve had for years.

    This is an excellent group of players. Since January, when everyone was fit and we had players returning, we went on a great run. This team is close. We have Gabriel, Chambers and Debuchy who hardly featured, Ozil back fit and adjusting to the pace of the PL. Theo has just come back. The Ox will be fit. Jack has just come back. Shit, try picking your first 11 with all those players now.

    Factor in the way we finished, the improved fitness, the rest, the full pre-season, no CL qualifier, the confidence of yet another cup win, the returning players, the stability because we aren’t selling key players and the fact Ozil and Theo should play the whole season. If you cannot see the difference and want to convince yourself we are doomed, you are mad.

  32. Willow Wilson

    Ozil wasn’t last day luck that is just more arsenal fans BS. The deal had been long agreed but Spurs and Bale had held it up. The amount of absolute BS that still gets repeated long after it was debunked is off the Richter scale. Just wait for the 40 + 1 m Suarez BS and the Chelsea wages lower than ours bollox. Perhaps Gambon will put another YouTube video of Mourinho on here.

    I’m off before I catch this moaning disease. Half of you can’t even enjoy an FA Cup win for more than a couple of hours or days. What a sad, miserable bunch.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    We can cross our fingers and toes. Wenger has motives we can’t understand though, Gazidis and numerous ex-players have alluded to it, what we see as a great player or as success Wenger doesn’t, or might view something different as success.

    Wenger wants to win his way I always feel, with players that everyone has said he never will be able to as a little added bonus.

    All speculation anyway, the coming weeks will show us what we’re about as a club and what the last couple of seasons of Wenger’s reign has in store for us.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Shut up. For suck sake.

    Either piss off or stop moaning about conversations. It’s getting fucking annoying now. No one is forcing you to read it, no one is asking for your input.

    You have a very agenda fuelled view of the club, you’re so pro-Wenger it’s painful, religious like almost. That’s fine, if you think we should all kneel before him at the Emirates that is your opinion and no one can take it away from you.

    But stop claiming everything everyone says is ‘media BS’ and then try to tell us you know events in gospel fashion just because they make Arsenal or Wenger look great.

    I tried ignoring you, but fuck me. You love Wenger, think he’s incredible, can do no wrong and we’re a pubic hair from having it ‘in the bag’…fantastic.

  35. MadeToLoveMagic

    Willow , chill out mate. I’m not moaning, i’m just trying to be objective. Trust me it’s the best way to be. The Ozil thing could have easily not happened. Levy tried to hijack the deal on the last day, but up until that point he was only concerned with getting as much money as possible for bale.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Not to mention we spent the entire summer chasing Higuain and Suarez…both strikers.

    I highly doubt Ozil was in the workings the whole time. It was an opportunistic grab by Wenger driven by a perfect storm of board pressure, fan unrest and his liking of the player from his days as a youngster.

    Not that I’m complaining about it, as long as the player arrives here. But to try to claim it was some great work of ours that was delayed by others…I rather doubt it.

  37. MadeToLoveMagic


    If always defended wenger on here, under various guises. I can see what he has done for us as a whole and I think the future post Wenger will be a good one, because of him. 2011-2013 for me was when Wenger started making completely bizarre decisions and he genuinely started to lose his outer cool, which was ultimately his complete persona. I think anyone who had total and complete faith in Wenger as a manager during this period is slightly mental. I’m pretty happy that it seems to be turning around, and all he’s had to do really was spend a little money in key areas. There seems to be a far less dictatorial vibe around Arsenal these days. The players seem to be allowed to be more open to the media. It represents a huge philosophy shift for wenger to try and do things the ways everybody else does. What started as brave and enterprising and actually almost worked in the Eduardo leg break season beecame an obsession. I honestly reckon that leg break was the catalyst to so many innumerable negative things. Maybe Wenger will fuck it all up by trying to go back on the cheap this summer, and not push the squad to the level that he and everybody knows we need to genuinely compete for the league and the UCL in his last 2 seasons but I think he won’t. One Vidal style CDM midfielder, Plus one absolutely top quality striker ideally who can play on either side as part of the front three, a real beast of a keeper and I think we are basically nearly there. Lets see what wenger does…………

  38. Duckster

    Hi Chelski, it’s us. The Arsenal. Remember us? Sorry we haven’t been around much over the last decade but we’ve been makng some changes around at our place. Thing is, we’re back now. Noticed you’ve got Maureen at the helm again. We’re really excited about that because next season he’ll be seeing a lot more of us. We’ll start with taking our spot back as the number one club in the country’s biggest city. And would you believe it, we’ve finally made our mind up that we’re going for the title too.

    Can’t wait to catch up!

    The Arsenal

  39. Bamford10

    Yeah, Willow, I have to agree with Cesc: your panegyrics to Wenger (and Walcott!) are a bit embarrassing. Fawning and empty praise, which no one here buys.

    The few people who do praise these two here at least have the intelligence and honesty to note their deficiencies and limitations as well. Not you.

    Please stop with the empty and one-sided praise; it’s fucking lame.

    And if you’re going to respond to Cesc’s saying he hopes Wenger doesn’t leave mounds of cash lying around this summer, you might want to actually address the massive cash reserves Arsenal has reported every quarter for the last two years. Saying what Wenger has spent or not spent misses the point: if the club reports 140m in cash reserves in September —- as it just did recently — then that means Wenger left mounds of cash lying around — loads of it.

    Your (long-winded) response was completely meaningless, because you didn’t take the above into account.

  40. Bamford10


    Well that sounds nice, but let’s recall that our manager has never beaten this Mourinho character in his entire career. And while he managed a 0-0 draw with this nemesis this season, he lost to him 6-0 in his 1,000th game at the helm of the club, a day that was supposed to be a special and celebratory occasion.


    Oh, and in that 0-0 draw, do you know how many shots on goal Arsenal had in 90 minutes of play? One. One shot on frame in 90 minutes.

    So I’m not sure Chelsea are all that worried about one Arsene Wenger.

    Now, if Wenger were to sign a quality CF, CDM and GK — say, Lacazette, Kondogbia and Cech — then, yes, I could see genuine concern in Chelsea eyes.

    But if Wenger does what I expect him to, if he tells us, as he did two years ago, that he already has a “complete squad,” that he has “world class” players at every position, well then I don’t think Chelsea folks will be all that worried — nor should they be.

  41. Keyser

    Bamford10 – Of course you have to agree with him, not because he makes sense, he doesn’t, but because he shares the same flawed reasoning you do.

    How about you address the cash reserves ? How are they ‘Massive’ exactly ? and why should Wenger simply spend for the sake of it.

    How many examples can you come up with where this spend all available cash idea has actually worked ?

  42. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal will make one major signing this summer in the £30 million+ range.
    That will be done to satisfy the major sponsors and will follow pattern of last
    2 seasons.

    Otherwise Wenger will fill holes in squad dependent on who he will be able to
    offload in the summer and the money that he can generate from sales.

    The defensive/central midfield player is likely, because I cannot see him relying on Rosicky or Arteta making any impact next season and we know that Wilshire and Ramsey are injury prone.

    I think that Arsenal will attempt to buy Kondogbia or Schneiderlein rather than Vidal. Arsenal will prefer to spend £20 million + on a player with sell on
    valuation at end of contract.

    The major purchase will be a striker UNLESS Wenger decides to rely on Walcott and Welbeck to back up Giroud which is not beyond realms of possibility.

    Clearly most fans would like to see a World Class Striker come in. The names
    which seem to be discussed increasingly frequently are Benzema or Higuain.
    Personally I am not sure that Real Madrid will offload Benzema. There are
    very limited options for them to buy as replacement.

    I think that Arsenal will only buy replacement Goakeeper if Cech becomes available and is priced realistically. Otherwise I don’t see changes in personnel.

  43. Keyser

    MTLM – I think where you have trouble, much like Cesc Appeal and Bamford10 is that your opinion seems to be wholly subjective centred around Wenger, this isn’t entirely your fault as his persona and the fact an entire board has sold out, plus Dein’s absence, has left him as the sole point of reference for the past decade or so.

    I don’t think Wengers changed, more so the environment he works in and the situation has changed. Whereas Gazidis and his influence was hamstrung by our long-term sponsorship deals, their renewal has not only give him more scope but also Wenger and the club.

    I say ‘changed’ I mean it’s returning to the sort of position we were in before the Emirates stadium and while we were still at Highbury.

    I think that’s pretty much the most obvious conclusion, I’m really not sure why you’d be confused about any period, or the period between 2011-13 ?.

  44. Duckster


    Thank you. Obviously Wenger’s record against Maureen is appalling and I’m not expecting them to hand the trophy to us. You’re also correct in pointing out that we’re still missing a few quality players that will help us sustain a title challenge next season. Some of our supporters believe that we’ve been sold the dream for too long now by a manager that doesn’t have what it takes to compete at the very top. And that’s ok. Others believe that he’s been fighting the good fight for us with one hand tied behind his back. And that’s ok too.
    What if he bought well again this summer and managed to keep his players free of long term injury’s for one season? What if for the first time he beat Maureen? Would they fear us then?

  45. Emiratesstroller

    What could change this season if we bring in a couple of quality outfield players
    as being touted + of course fewer injuries are:

    1. A greater level of rotation of squad thus keeping players fresh.
    2.More varied formations eg 4-2-3-1,4-4-2 or even 4-3-3.

    One thing which has not been discussed much on the Pedro website is the impact of potentially losing Sanchez, Ospina and possibly Higuain at start of season due to International Tournament in America and Wenger’s insistence that players need a proper holiday and rest before start of season.

    Could that influence his transfer business particularly if we land up with tough fixtures against any of the major title contenders at start of season?

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    ES: One thing which has not been discussed much on the Pedro website is the impact of potentially losing Sanchez, Ospina and possibly Higuain at start of season

    Sanchez could be a loss, but hopefully with Walcott, Welbeck and Ox fit, we’ll have plenty of cover.

    Ospina I couldn’t really care about. We’ll either have Szczesny or a replacement, we’ll be fine.

    Higuain isn’t even our player yet and probably wont be.

  47. Wallace


    “Factor in the way we finished, the improved fitness, the rest, the full pre-season, no CL qualifier, the confidence of yet another cup win, the returning players, the stability because we aren’t selling key players and the fact Ozil and Theo should play the whole season. If you cannot see the difference and want to convince yourself we are doomed, you are mad.”

    it’s not the same blog if Cesc Appeal isn’t pissing and moaning and hypothesizing unlikely scenarios in order to wind up the more cerebrally-challenged.

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    though of course that’s nothing more than a subjective view from my own personal position as someone who considers themselves extremely neutral, so it means diddly squat! 😀

  49. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    The point I was making is that it might impact on the transfer business that Wenger might or might not do at start of season once fixture list is published.

    Obviously if we land up with Chelsea, Man City or Man Utd at start of season it
    could be problematic if he goes into those games without some of his key players.

  50. Nasri's Mouth


    Wenger plays the long game, he wont sign someone (or vica versa) for the sake of a couple of games.

  51. N5

    “it’s not the same blog if Cesc Appeal isn’t pissing and moaning and hypothesizing unlikely scenarios in order to wind up the more cerebrally-challenged.”

    Although you’re trying to concur with Willow you’ve actually done the opposite with this comment.

  52. Wallace


    huh? you don’t think the following –

    “We will see. My personal opinion is Wenger is going to totally bottle this summer, it will be a summer of Wenger soundbites and we will arrive at the Community Shield game with the same starting 11.”

    isn’t just Cesc Appeal trying to wind people up? he does it all the time…

  53. N5

    Wallace, no it was that you said he winds up the more cerebrally challenged and Willow was getting wound up by it. I was just saying although you were saying to Willow it was a wind up for the silly, it was in an accidental way calling him challenged.

  54. Thank you and goodnight


    Sorry mate your wrong about Cesc. Unlike some on here who in the past have said some disgusting things about wenger ( no excuses, very wrong), Cesc has never been nasty towards him in that sense. It’s Cescs ‘s opinion and one I also agree with. I also think come September 1st we will still have certain deficiencies in the squad that AGAIN will not be addressed by wenger. If by pointing out wengers flaws, which coincidentally most of the pundits are also starting to realise, means he’s not a real supporter then I for one think it’s bollocks. Willow is also entitled to his opinion even if I don’t agree with it. Doesn’t make either of us right, or either of us more of a supporter than the other.

  55. Thank you and goodnight

    In the past I’ve said some immature childish things which was out of order as well by the way so not excusing myself.

  56. Wallace


    of course he’s entitled to his opinion. but i think he’s also trying to manipulate the conversation by coming out with all this doom-laden stuff. we won’t buy anyone/ Wenger will shoehorn Jack back into the side….i don’t think he actually believes these things, but he knows it’ll get some posters frothing.

  57. Wallace


    ps – by frothing posters i mean the ones who love to bash Wenger and the team, rather than Willow and his like.

  58. Nasri's Mouth

    TYAG: In the past I’ve said some immature childish things which was out of order as well by the way so not excusing myself.

    Drink is a terrible thing…

  59. Wallace


    i wasn’t implying he’s not a real fan because he’s being critical. it takes all kinds. but i would question whether he actually believes what he says, and that we won’t buy a single player this summer.

  60. MadeToLoveMagic


    Im not confused about the period 2011-2013, its just for me al LOT of his decisions became indefensible during that time , and my natural default position is to defend him. I felt during this time that he really wasn’t doing the obvious things and seemed to be retreating more and more into himself. I couldn’t really see him getting out of that funk.

    I can’t completely agree that Wenger hasn’t changed within the last 18 months. It’s clear to me that he is adopting new methods, being less rigid, but I agree with some aspects of what you say. It could just be some external factors allowing wenger to maybe revert back to the way he was in the Highbury days, but I think regardless, he had become obsessed and dogmatic in his approach in recent years, and it has taken a big shift in his own philosophy and personal pride to listen to the staff around and take on board their advice re. injuries and video analysis.

    Before, (and i may be wrong on this) it seemed like that if Wenger thought a player was ready to play, he would play. Optional video analysis is no longer an option.

    I think that you may be right re opinion being centerd round Wenger, if anything it’s Arsene’s insistence on doing things all by himself that has propagated that, as much as any external factor from Gazidis or anything else.

    Wenger for me has had to grow up slightly recently and think about his team and the fans over his great but sometimes damagingly myopic vision of the way things should be.

    I think in reality it is probably a combination of both our arguments, but either way we are all hoping for the same thing.

    There can’t be too many Arsenal fans that would want to see wenger fuck up his last two years just out of spite.

    The team is close. 2 or 3 (including GK) more world class signings for the squad and I think we could be as good as anyone in the world

    Will wenger take us to the next level or will he revert in the summer back to his previous ways..?

    I think we will see wenger spend big on at least 1 player a year until he leaves