Banter = Misconduct Charge | Orgie Video = No Misconduct charge

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Footballers have never been blessed with brains, they don’t need them, they shut down to learning anything other than football at a young age… and why not? They’re busting pay checks fatter than Wayne Rooney at a preseason weigh in.

Being an idiot is fine. You’re a footballer. The normal people equivalent is driving a BMW. On the road, you’re an arsehole, and people accept this and forgive.

However, sometimes, you have to say… damn, that was dim.

I’ve not read the article in full, the picture paints the picture pretty well.

It’s just not smart is it? As a footballer, you are not supposed to smoke. It’s a simple rule.

When you lose your place in the starting 11 because you sparked up in the changing rooms, don’t smoke again. Don’t do it outside at a party. People will photograph you.

You kind of feel he’s just signed his own leaving card.

I’ve told you for the last couple of years he’s not the full ticket. He’s not winning popularity contests. He doesn’t have an attitude people gravitate toward. His performances haven’t stacked up. He’s prone to PR gaffes. He loves a fag, and has been busted twice publicly, and even got caught out by a Le Grove reader smoking on his car.

I think it says it all that Ospina managed to take his place. A keeper you wouldn’t exactly say is an ideal choice in a league like our own.

You have to wonder what the future holds now? Can Arsene afford to have that sort of flagrant indiscipline in the ranks? Or does he now have to make a stand?

He has an amazing opportunity to bring in Petr Cech this summer. A player who could lift the quality levels in the keeping area to heights we’ve not seen since Lehmann.

Question is, does Arsene have it in him?

Bigger question, name me a club that’d take an expensive young man who hasn’t really progressed in the last two years onto their books.

I can’t think of many.

You have to wonder what he’s thinking?

I guess that’s the thing with youth. It’s very hard to put what you have into perspective.

In the real world, when you get to the top, you’ve taken 15+ years to get there. You’ve seen people around you make mistakes, you’ve learned the things you do that make people think you’re a fucking moron and you’re in a mature space in your mind.

It’s just a shame for Wojciech he can’t see what he’s doing. Judging by his Dads comments, he’s not helping the situation… and footballers don’t tend to have brilliant support networks. So the likelihood is he’ll be playing for an average team and he’ll never fulfil the incredible potential he has.

There you go. Tis life. Still, he’ll still retire to a beach in Monaco, whilst I’m collecting Butlin’s holiday vouchers in The Sun.

Another player who likes a fag, Jack Wilshere, has been charged by the FA for misconduct. I find it quite laughable. I don’t mean to draw silly parallels, but if we’re charging Jack for singing songs normal fans sing… are they going to charge the Leicester players who were involved in a pretty embarrassing orgie video?

I feel like their actions shine a darker light on the game than a bit of fan banter… but hey ho, what are you going to do?

Someone highlighted the below Per Mertesacker quotes that ladder up to what I was saying about the changes going on at the club being real. I’m excited by this season because though progress in the league hasn’t translated into points, it has in what we’re seeing on the pitch.

I have witnessed it several times that there were questions about the manager in public. That is quite normal at a club that goes for the league title. But we responded well with some results. By doing so, not only the team but also the coach is in a much better position.

It is not like he sticks to his old methods. He changed some things by bringing in new players and by changing his behaviour. He changed his coaching staff, he acquired some fresh, young people. The video analysis has changed. In the summer, Shad Forsythe came in from the [Germany] national team as the new fitness coach.

Those are examples that prove that he is open to new things and that he takes advice. One of his strengths he has never lost in all those years: his charisma. He is the calm center of it all – that’s what he brings across.

I said I didn’t think Wenger had it in him to change his ways. I was wrong. He’s embracing smarter planning and he’s letting his team do the work for him, like all great managers do. He’s managing the process. That’s what smart leadership is about.

That’s why I can’t wait for next season. How will the 2015 magic we’ve seen work if we take the same approach to a full season?

Could be magic. Could be really magic.

Right, have a great day!

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  1. hunter13

    Bamford10June 4, 2015 19:37:29

    hahah whats the matter you pussy? cant accept youre wrong?

    did you really think you could talk shit on arsenal without people putting you at your place yer fucking mug…

  2. hunter13

    redtruth is a totenham fan….there is really no fucking way any true gunner would moan about the 96-04 period…only a cretin like redtruth….

    try and hide next time you wood green cunt….edmonton whatever

  3. hunter13

    oh i see…arsenal won that equivelant of secondary europa league…the cup winners cup …lol ……and you think arsenal is some real madrid that wenger is failing?

    ok little man ..go play with your totenham action figures ..townsend and chicheres and stop talking football please

    not your forte……

  4. hunter13

    well cant blame wenger if players like davor suker miss penalties or strikers like henry miss one on ones ..or where you not watching properly ?

    being a totenham fan and all ?

  5. hunter13

    oh sorry then …. i didnt realise grown men need instructions to score a fucking penalty or a one on one.

    got any more jokes? 🙂

  6. Redtruth

    Arsenal’s biggest game in their history and he sends them out against Barcelona like they were facing Grimsby.

    No homework ill prepared no tactics
    Wenger complete moron

  7. N5

    Paradox: The spider sets the web and in walks the fly, but if both are the spider then both are the fly. Round and round it’ll go.

    The end is nigh.

  8. hunter13

    Arsenal’s biggest game in their history


    not ours?

    …. ok .it only took you 5-6 minuties to show us your true colours….

    thank you. 🙂

  9. Redtruth


    Arsenal”s biggest game in ‘our’ history wouldn’t make sense.

    Grammar not your strong point which is not surprising you being a turd and an AKB’s

  10. Redtruth

    I know Wenger specialises in embarrassing Arsenal but it would have been the mother of all embarrassements if Arsenal had failed to win the FA Cup after facing nothing but dross throughout the competituon.

  11. Bamford10


    Again, this troll Hunter13 must go. I’ll send you a tweet in the AM if necessary.


    Feel free to tweet at Pedro re trolls or other site issues. He is on there more often than here, I think.

  12. Rosicky@Arsenal

    So the troll party continues all night .
    What a waste of time.

    Inspite of Arsene Wengers achievements with the club people here do not recognise them and keep there hatred agenda to flourish on this so callef Arsenal fan sight.

  13. gonsterous

    We don’t need to beat any top 4 sides to win the league.. if we had only defeats against the top 4 team, that would be about 8 defeats. A few draws against the top 8 and all wins against the rest.. I’d say we do that almost every year but drop a few points here and there against weaker oppositions.. leading to our collapse

  14. tunnygriffboy

    So far we have been linked to these players. There are others as well


    People have their individual favourites who they think we should sign. If we don’t sign them sometimes the reaction is one of the club not trying, we don’t want to compete etc . . . If a good player goes to another club indtead of us the anger is increased because we missed out on someone we should be signing. Rationality sometimes disappears

    We have to remember :

    Are we interested in a player?
    Does the club want to sell the player?
    Is the player too expensive?
    Does the player want to leave his current club?
    Would the player prefer to join another club rather than us?

    We are a good option for players currently. However we may miss out on players for any of the above reasons. LG will become madness over the next couple of months and if we have targets in the Copa America the wait may be endless.

  15. Frank Mc

    Bamford the troll police? Your man Benteke was on fire in the F.A cup final and Coquelin is shite….who’s the troll???

  16. hunter13

    hehe bumford stop crying ….. you were wrong all along…so shut the fuck up and grow a pair.

    oh and remember…




    heheeeeee….. read it and weep ….you cunt….

  17. hunter13

    i forgot to add :


    but its ok..we got some lads in england who think he dont know tactics …….bwuahahaha

    i wonder how the manager who tops the money spent/points won ratio is deemed not good at tactics or finance …i guess its what you call…..english humour…

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Wallace


    “For me the “super fan” deserving of ridicule is actually your ilk….Perhaps you do this because you actually don’t know very much about the game. Perhaps it’s your disposition. I don’t know.”

    says the guy who started following Arsenal in 2005 to the fan who’s been supporting Arsenal since, i don’t know, 1953 or something.

  19. tunnygriffboy

    Just watched all of Alexis goals on youtube. Can’t believe we’ve got him. Infedtious and inspirational. I’m sure he’s taking some of our boys up a level.

    Also watched that short documentary of where he came from and how he goes back there. What a star tidy bloke he seems.

  20. Wallace


    yeah, he makes for a refreshing change. as the one Arsenal player not getting a decent break this summer i hope Wenger’s brave enough to let him have a proper holiday after the Copa America. we have players who can cover him, and, like this season, it’d be nice to have fresh legs coming into the team in Nov/Dec.

  21. Willow Wilson

    “For me the “super fan” deserving of ridicule is actually your ilk….Perhaps you do this because you actually don’t know very much about the game. Perhaps it’s your disposition. I don’t know.”

    You do this all the time, when anyone has a different opinion to your own. You say they don’t know football. I have been a youth team coach (quite a time ago) I am lucky enough to visit academies (due to connections) I have also played at a,decent level. None of this means I am an expert or that I know better that someone like Wenger.

    I can speak about wenger being our greatest manager because I was a regular ar Highbury since 1970’s. You supported arsenal for 10 year’s, so you cannot compare the changes, all you know is wenger.

    It’s about opinions.

    However it’s fine to have an opinion. It is something else to always assume you know best, as you do.

    What I do not understand is people like you and that cretin Gambon, criticise everything about the club and trying too Hard to find fault when we win the trophies.

    Bamford, you said Bendtner was better than Giroud, you said man Utd would finish above us because they had better players and manager, you said Le Coq was average and you said wenger would never win another trophy. Yet you accuse me and others of not knowing football?

  22. Wallace

    “I really hope the Higuain rumours are bollocks…”

    yup, not a big fan, and his surname’s a bitch for an Englisher to pronounce without feeling a bit sheepish.

  23. Willow Wilson

    El patron
    It was not cesc who was withdrawn to Bring on a keeper when lehmann was sent off, it was robbie Pires.

    Despite playing with 10 men for nearly 80 minutes in Thecl Final, TH14 had good chances to win us the CL. The chances e he missed, were ones he normally buried.

  24. Willow Wilson

    Frank Mc
    They know we will be looking at strikers, so they connect every one to us. Media trick.

  25. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah he’ll need a rest. We do have people with good quality to cover atm, maybe we’ll have a new signing in to play as well

    I’m not against Higuain as much as you. He’s ok but for that price I’d be looking at other players possibly younger but in all honesty top tear strikers are few and far between and no one will sell.

    Interesting which other sides will lose players after Copa America. City in particular,

  26. tunnygriffboy

    Also re Higuain, Benitez has gone and they’ve no CL. He had a chance to come to us two years ago. It seems a bit rosier than Naples atm 🙂

    Anyone know if Copa America being shown on TV here ?

    The new season starts on August the 8th, 1st for us. Effin jeffin ridiculous. It’s in two months and the boys have internationals to play.

  27. tunnygriffboy


    Got to say like you I am optimistic for the future. We have as good a squad as we’ve had for a fair while. There are obviously areas that need attention but over all we are moving in the right direction. We have a squad of very good players with some experience and a sprinkling of stardust with Ozil, Santi and Alexis. The likes of Walcott, Ramsey , Wilshere etc are gaining experience and while some of them haven’t reached football maturity yet they are getting older and growing up. We also have some good young players coming through as well

    Winning the fa cup two seasons running is bound to increase confidence and belief that we can win things. It’s made the squad hungry I think. A few quality signings where needed and improvement in our injury situation and next season will be interesting.

  28. Leedsgunner

    It’s going to be a “fun” day on Le Grove then. Good grief. Who asked for emnbedded videos? Whoever it is I hope you are pleased with yourself!

    F*** off Mourinho.

  29. steve

    That specialist in failure quote is classic. That’s something that should be printed on t-shirts.

    “Why do you look at me”? Hahaha.

  30. Gregg

    I’d bite their hand off for Higuain. Quality finisher on every stage he’s played. £36m is about right for him. Expect Chelsea to stump it up straight away.

  31. Confidentgoner

    If we get Higuain, it ain’t bad at all. We would now have four or five options upfront.

    Play Higuain, Walcott or Giroud as lone strikers or play a combo of them, dropping one in a 442, or play any one of Theo/ Higuain with Sanchez on the flanks.

    Higuain will get us goals. He is that clinical. Once he is fed, he delivers. He isin the mould of Costa

  32. gambon

    “If we get Higuain, it ain’t bad at all. We would now have four or five options upfront.”

    I would rather have 2 quality options than 4 or 5.

  33. Thank you and goodnight

    I’d take higuain. Let’s be honest there is a real shortage of WC strikers out their, and Suarez and ibrahimovic aside who we can’t afford, higuain is the best of an average bunch. Depends on his fee of course

  34. gambon

    Wenger is obsessed with building big, bloated, disparate squads, rather than small, quality squads.

    Look at our strikers:

    Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott, Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo

    Thats 6 players, earning probably £400k per week.

    Keep one as a back up, and swap the other 5 for one top level player. How hard is that to understand.

  35. Jim Lahey

    “Look at our strikers:Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott, Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo. Thats 6 players, earning probably £400k per week.Keep one as a back up, and swap the other 5 for one top level player. How hard is that to understand.”

    Yes, a thousand times Yes.

  36. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with you re Higuain. He’s not your piss your pants signing like Aguero would be but as you say elite strikers are in short supply and no one will sell them. The alternative is buying a youngster with potental who perhaps hasn’t played in CL and may never hit the heights. It would be a gamble

    Higuain, big experience and will score goals.

    It looks like we’re after an attacker and CM. One thing about Higuain. Napoli missed out on CL and Benitez has gone. Arsenal would be a great club for him and his agent may be dropping hints

  37. Confidentgoner

    Would sell Campbell, Sanogo, and keep the others. Podolski if fed well can get you goals. He is deadly with his left foot. His only drawback is his laziness. He was actually improving on that before the loan deal. You need strikers with different attributes. Most of all you need a solid midfield and defence for quick transition.

    I would add Reus or Higuain. I would buy Schneiderlin or like for our spine. If possible buy a study or replacement for Carols.

  38. tunnygriffboy

    Campbell Podolski and Sanogo will leave. Theo and Welbeck are versatile and play wide. Giroud is our only out and outt striker


    What WC striker is available we can sign. It’s ok saying we should buy one but where are they ?

  39. Gregg

    Interesting piece on Dortmund. They take out insurance against not finishing in the champions league, however that becomes null and void if the manager and one or two players leave in the same season.

  40. Jim Lahey

    @Tunny – I would say over the years there has ben plenty opportunity to purchase great to “world class” strikers.

    Using a qualifier like “we can sign” should no longer be applicable when talking about Arsenal. We can sign anyone (that isn’t Messi…), the board and manager choose not to, for various reasons.

  41. Leedsgunner

    “Reus has just signed a new deal with Dortmund. Very unlikely he’ll move.”

    Maybe, or he just signed it so BvB could get the best transfer value for him IF he did move…

    Remember the rumour was that his old release clause was low as £20m. With the new contract signed BvB was able to take out that old clause and have sky as the limit. Whether her stays or goes I admire Reus for that, because in that he demonstrated he really did love the club. It’s the sort of anction I would have expected from RvP and Cesc — we undersold them for sure… not that they cared. They were too busy wanting out of the club.

    Reus would be a great signing and he would sort out that problematic left wing/left midfield position where we’ve played players out of position there for years. I suspect he’ll be too rich for us, especially if we are splashing someone like Kondogbia as well… oh well.

  42. tunnygriffboy


    I’m not talking about the past. I’m talking now. This summer. We just can’t sign anyone we want, it just doesn’t happen. You don’t really think we click our fingers and players come. There’s a lot of things that have to fall into line for a transfer to happen

    Who is available this summer that we can sign ?

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: Maybe, or he just signed it so BvB could get the best transfer value for him IF he did move…

    Possibly, but there was an interview with the german press recently where he talked about next season and working with the new manager and what their aims were.

    Things can change of course, but it sounded very much like his mind was on Dortmund for next season

  44. Wallace

    wondering if gambon trolling an Arsenal blog with clips of Mourinho being a dick qualifies him as a ‘superior kind of fan’ in Bamford’s eyes….

  45. Jim Lahey

    @Tunny – “We just can’t sign anyone we want, it just doesn’t happen”.

    Okay what circumstances need to occur for Arsenal to sign a player?

    ‘Who is available”

    How many of our players were taken away from us when they weren’t “available”?

  46. tunnygriffboy


    Alexis favourite position is on the left side. Would you move him to the right ?

    Re Alexis. He finished the season with 25 goals and 18 assists. Unbelievable for a first season. Serious man love for him 🙂

  47. Willow Wilson


    This about your hero Mourinho:

    Quote: Ramon Calderon has claimed Jose Mourinho will be remembered as the Real Madrid manager with the worst CV.

    The former Real president said Mourinho’s appointment was the worst decision made by Florentino Perez in his tenure at the club, and that he supported him too much.

    Mourinho was hired as the man to end Madrid’s wait for to win La Decima.

    “Although he considers himself to be special, he utterly failed in his task”.

    Having spent millions on new signings and having one of the biggest budgets in world football, a return of just one La Liga title and one Copa del Rey doesn’t actually make Mourinho look that special really. It is well below par for a club of Real’s size.

    Calderon told the publication: “Florentino Perez has spent around €1bn and the results in terms of titles have not been that good. But his biggest mistake during his two spells as Real Madrid president was his staunch support to Mourinho during a time that was embarrassing for the club”.

    He went on: “Mourinho complained and criticised everything when he lost. The president supported him even when he poked [former Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova] in the eye by backing him. During some games, there was a big banner at the Santiago Bernabeu saying: ‘Mou, your finger points the way’. “It was an outrage and Mourinho eventually finished his tenure at Real Madrid as the manager with the worst CV ever in the history of the club after three years in charge.” , said Calderon

    The traditional Real Madrid supporters saw that he did not fit in the philosophy of the club.

    “He (Mourinho) had that cockiness of someone who believes he is superior to the other and he has that arrogance that for some supporters fits in the history of Real Madrid. But I think it was not like that but the opposite. Real Madrid have always been characterised by a different behaviour, the club anthem says that ‘when Real Madrid lose they shake hands’.” Mourinho dragged Real Madrid down to the gutter with his behaviour, his negative football and he fell out with his players, the fans and the Spanish media. This kind of behaviour seems to be applauded by the English but the Spanish did not like it.

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    Jim Lahey: We can sign anyone (that isn’t Messi…), the board and manager choose not to, for various reasons.

    Sorry, but that’s BS for various reasons

  49. tunnygriffboy


    That’s really simplistic. We pay the fee give them the wages they want and they come ? Sorry doesn’t work like that

    Assuming we want a player

    Does the club want to sell him ?
    Can we afford the fee/wages ? ( you maintain we can. I’m not sure we can at the very top end )
    Does the player want to come ? He may want to stay where he is or prefer another club.

    Players were taken from us because they wanted to move and some created a stink to do so.

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    @Jim Lahey

    We can only sign a player if

    1) The club want to sell him
    2) The player wants to move
    3) We can come to an agreement with the club and the player on fees
    4) Another club doesn’t make a more attractive offer to us

  51. Jim Lahey

    @Tunny – “Does the club want to sell him ?” That doesn’t seem like an important factor anymore, if a player wants to leave there isn’t much the club can do. Sure they can hold him to his contract, but as Cesc showed, they can sulk and be “injured” most the season.

    “Can we afford the fee/wages ? ( you maintain we can. I’m not sure we can at the very top end )” – Why can’t we?! The Director of our board is a multi-billionare! His decision whether to put money in or not.

    “Does the player want to come ? He may want to stay where he is or prefer another club.” – I think you’ll find that a vast majority of players will go to clubs that can pay them the most wages. Now of course some don’t, but I would say they are in the minority. Arsenal are a fantastic club, we are a far more attractive club than most.

  52. Nasri's Mouth

    Gregg: They take out insurance against not finishing in the champions league,

    I’d heard that, but didn’t know the various clauses etc.

    Do they do it every year ?

    I wonder what their premium was…

    …and more importantly what it will be for next season, EEekk!

  53. Emiratesstroller

    I would like to pose a question about who will be leaving Arsenal’s current squad this summer if we are to bring in new players?

    Let’s discount for a moment those players who are currently out on loan and will be apart from Akpom offloaded this summer.

    Wenger has renewed contracts of Rosicky and Arteta. Therefore the only midfielders who might be offloaded are Diaby [end of contract] and possibly
    Flamini [expiring 2016].

    The only forward who could conceivably leave this summer is Walcott if he does not sign new contract.

    Wenger will only sell Szczesny if he finds a new goalkeeper.

    I don’t see any departures in defence.

    So to summarise the maximum number of potential registered slots in our
    squad this summer would be 3-4, but realistically probably only 2 at moment.

    This will limit us probably to just one midfield and one forward assuming that
    Wenger changes slightly mix of squad. Personally I don’t see Arsenal offloading Szczesny unless Cech were to come in.

  54. Jim Lahey

    We can only sign a player if

    1) The club want to sell him – Not really, we have sold many players that the club didn’t want to sell.

    2) The player wants to move – Thats the major factor, and we are in a position where a lot of huge players would come and play for us.

    3) We can come to an agreement with the club and the player on fees – Thats all based on the players desire once again. Just like Cesc, we were bent over a barrel and got a fraction of the fee he was worth.

    4) Another club doesn’t make a more attractive offer to us – Once again we are in a position were we can be a more attractive move than most other clubs.

  55. Wallace


    for South Americans, who seem to be the go to guys these days, i think Spain and Italy hold more allure than the PL. am sure the better weather’s a factor, and also the lifestyle. but it does demonstrate it’s not all about money, as the PL pays pretty much double what they’d earn in Italy or Spain.

  56. Willow Wilson

    “Got to say like you I am optimistic for the future. We have as good a squad as we’ve had for a fair while. There are obviously areas that need attention but over all we are moving in the right direction.”

    Heard a lot of pundits recently saying the very same thing. It seems the team we now have is being appreciated. No coincidence that hanging on to your best players and adding top players has improved us from a couple of seasons ago.

    The stability is absolutely key. You need your core players fit and training and playing together regularly. At the start of the season our new signing Sanchez was not able to play in a team with players like Ozil and Theo, we lost Giroud in the second game and the back four was decimated. We had Monreal at CB, Chambers at Right back (due to injuries to Kos and Debuchy) and we lost Arteta.
    So you can see how we dropped so many points.

    From January onwards, we had our best back four playing and key players like Ozil came back. Le Coq came in and we were a different team. Chelsea had no such problems, Terry and Ivanovic played all 38 PL games, Cahill 36 and they had a number of players that played more than 34 games including Matic, Fabregas and Hazard. It makes a massive difference.

    We have to do this. We need to start the season with the team that finished it. These players will have had time to play together and learn each others play and we can see how they have gelled. They can work on transitions, team play, unit development and set pieces, it’s critical we manage their fitness.

    We have competition for places and as you say, the two FA Cup wins are real confidence boosters.

    For the first time, we will have fresh players and a full pre-season without that CL qualifier.

    People like gambon can piss on the club and the players as much as they like but that’s because they are ignorant and trolling for comment. With Shad having an effect on the fitness of the players, we should be able to avoid the recurring injuries that have become an annoyance. Of course, you cannot do much about freak injuries like Giroud and Debouchy suffered but you can avoid muscle injuries with the correct management. But again, having a stronger squad and more players fit, means you can manage disruptions better.

    My optimism is based on what I have seen with my own eyes and the team that developed over the season – once we had all our best players available. We have competition for places and options to change the way we play if needed. With a couple of quality additions, we will be even stronger. This is why I am expecting a title push and if we keep our players fit, I think we have the team and the Manager to win it. I would however like to see the addition of a top striker.

  57. Jim Lahey

    @Wallace – That may be the case, but plenty have also played in England. Tevez, Aguero, Suarez, Falcao and Sanchez are a few that come to mind, so its not impossible.

    We can’t compete with Madrid or Barca, and maybe Juventus (because of the latest Dybala goings on) but any other club from those two countries; I can’t see use struggling to be a more attractive destination.

  58. Wallace


    i’m pretty sure Dybala could have earned far more coming to the PL. he made it clear early on that he wanted to stay in Italy, and while Juve are definitely on the rise again. i don’t think they can ever outbid us on a player.

    but there are other factors – if two teams want a player, one offers a bigger salary, but the other says they’ll build the team around him…Milner to Liverpool being an obvious example.

  59. tunnygriffboy


    That’s so simplistic. Assuming we want elite players. We want Benzema. We offer him more money but he wants to stay at Madrid. It’s like West Ham offering Ramsey more money. I bet he’d rather stay with us.

    Schneiderlin for example may prefer man u to us.

    Generally we have a chance getting players from clubs smaller than us unless they have other options they choose to make. If dealing with bigger clubs then we have to take their cast offs or players not getting game time

    Our owner has no intention of using his own money to fund us so that is not relevant.