Sepp Blatter finally goes | Mega swap deal with Liverpool?

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What a bloody evening we had yesterday.

FIFA call a prezzer… Sepp Blatter chucked his resignation in.

The King is dead!

Long may he rot in an American prison.

This is literally the best thing the United States have done ever, and look, I loved Mad Men.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next. Many in the know think Sepp might be planning his successor. He doesn’t leave until December. I think it should be David Dein for not practical reason. Hopefully it’s not Platini. It will be though, won’t it?

Anyway, the FBI are tracking Sepp, so he might not make it to December without facing the arrest.

It feels incredible that he’s been toppled. That FIFA has collapsed in such spectacular fashion. I never thought the day would come. I even wrote about how amazing I found it that you could be brazenly corrupt, on a global scale and get away with it about 3 days before this all unfolded.

Well, turns out, you can’t evade justice. What I think makes all these arrests even more special is that the reality is, all those super wealthy guys will be scambling to make a deal with the US. They’ll all be looking to throw Sepp under the loving arms of a 6ft7 tender loving lifer called Kenny.

The network of secrecy he’s carefully crafted over the past 40 years is about to break. The main scalp the FBI will be looking for surely has to be the head of the pigs. There’s nowhere for him to hide either.

… well, there is. You’d imagine he’ll be able to gain refugee status in Russia or Qatar. It’ll be interesting to see whether he does free. I mean, this who event has the hall marks of a despotic leader fleeing a failed state.

All very exciting. Mainly because justice looks like it’s going to be served.

The most important item now isn’t what happens to Sepp Blatter. It’s what happens next to FIFA.

You can’t stick a plaster on an organisastion that’s been built on corruption and lies. You have to rip out the cancer. No prisoners. It needs a new leader. It needs new rules put in place. It needs absolute transparency. There needs to be a major splash statement of ‘new era’ intent.

I also think sanctions need to be placed on Qatar around the World Cup. I don’t really care about how they won it. Seems anyone who has landed a major tournament over the last decade has done it through whatever means they had to.

No, the issue I have with Qatar is the disgusting working conditions they have slaves working under to complete construction. Over 1000 people have died during the building work. Savage numbers in this day in age. This can’t continue to be ignored. FIFA should be there to spread good. It should be standing up for peoples rights. It can’t continue to pretend that this travesty is happening in the name of football.

We’ll see though.

I don’t think there will be a boycott, but there needs to be real pressure placed on the organisers. Sponsors need to speak up. Footballers need to speak up. The most powerful brokers in the game need to step up and protect the workers.

In Arsenal related news, Nacho Monreal handed Arsene Wenger a massive boost indicating he’d very much like to continue his journey with the club. He has one year to go on his deal, but he wants more.

“I am very lucky to play for Arsenal, and am very happy to play for Arsenal. If the boss wants me to stay, I will – and I’d like to extend my contract.”

Great news. Nacho had a horrible start to the season at centre back, but his true character shone threw, he built on some average performances, he performed admirably, then when his chance arrived at left back, he at it up.

He really was an unsung hero by the end of the season. Very solid an focused defensively, but also impressively ambitious and productive moving forward. I didn’t really expect him to come of age the way he has done, but it’s been a joy to watch. Everyone loves an underdog story!

The other story doing the rounds is that Liverpool are looking for Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs in a mega part ex for Raheem Sterling.

Gotta say, think this is a case of someone making up a story to shift papers. I don’t think Theo would go to Liverpool at this stage in his career, he’ll want Champions League football. I also don’t think you’d be able to persuade two players of Southern descent that they should go to a broken club up north. It’s just not realistic.

Gibbs needs to win his place back and start improving. His fitness needs to sharpen up and he needs to stop making silly mistakes. He has it in him to be very good, I just don’t think his focus has been there over the last two seasons. Just my take anyway.

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  1. Goondawg

    Funny, if Higuan and Palacios finished their chances, then perhaps some here would be saying Messi is regarded as the better player.

  2. Redtruth

    london gunner

    Messi’s a dribbler because players are to scared to tackle him for fear of being sent off.

    No such fear in Maradona’s day as they wouldn’t think twice to chopping you down

  3. Goondawg

    Redpoof is right.

    Refs were a different kettle of fish in the 70s/80s. Messi gets fouled 60 times all year. Maradonna got fouled 60 times in a WC finals, they hack the shit out of you without fear of a red card ever being brandished. If todays refs called those games, he would be drawing 4-5 red cards a single game

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Looking at Transfermarkt this morning I was shocked to see that only one Arsenal player namely Diaby has a contract, which is due to expire this summer.

    Messrs Flamini, Miyaichi, Wellington,Sanogo amongst others are still on the books with contracts expiring in 2016-2017.

    At present we have 30 players plus Podolski and Campbell who are yet to return from loan still on our books.

    So the question which I would ask is how many players can or will be sold or
    loaned out this summer? Also if they are loaned out what will be the terms?

    When I see how many players we have on our books it poses the question how
    much wastage in wages is being incurred on players unlikely to play for the
    first team next season.

    Also there has to be a concern that this will be an inhibiting factor on bringing
    in new players if we cannot offload some of these players.

    Looking at the list of unwanted players we have:

    Jenkinson potentially saleable
    Flamini probably unsaleable
    Arteta just signed new contract
    Rosicky just signed new contract
    Diaby contract ends July 2015
    Miyaichi probably unsaleable
    Wellington probably unsaleable
    Podolski probably unsaleable due to high wages
    Campbell potentially saleable
    Sanogo who knows whether saleable

  5. Nasri's Mouth


    Of those I’d imagine most will be sorted this summer. I’ve no problem with Arteta and Rosicky staying. I doubt they’ll be on their previous salaries, and we wouldn’t have made anything from selling them.
    Flamini, Podolski and Campbell will be sold
    Jenkinson will be loaned. probably Sanogo too
    Miyachi and Wellington buried in a concrete foundation somewhere

  6. Erase

    Emiratestroller is the best ever n5 comes close gambon is gerd muller atleast that way redtruth will have something positive to say about him……

  7. Carts

    “At present we have 30 players plus Podolski and Campbell who are yet to return from loan still on our books.”

    Are we Chelsea?

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    I accept what you say about Rosicky and Arteta, but I doubt that they will be earning each less than £50 K pw. So we are still talking about a potential annual cost of £5,000,000.

    Podolski is in my view unsaleable, because he has not played particularly well for some time and at 30+ and on £90,000pw will be very difficult to unload unless subsidised.

    I cannot conceive that anyone will pay a transfer Fee for Flamini, Miyaichi,Wellington and Sanogo. In most cases we would have to release them as we did last year with Park, which means almost certainly a compensation package.

    Overall I am sure that the current annual wage bill for the 10 players I listed
    must be close to £15 million.That would go a long way to paying wages for a
    couple of genuine world class players.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    ES: but I doubt that they will be earning each less than £50 K pw

    Based on what ? They wouldn’t get close to £50k at another club at their age.

    ES: Podolski is in my view unsaleable,

    His game was never really based on pace. so he’s got 2 or 3 years left, I suspect we’ll find a home for him, but I doubt we’ll get anything for him in transfer fees

    ES: I cannot conceive that anyone will pay a transfer Fee for Flamini, Miyaichi,Wellington and Sanogo.

    I doubt we will either. They’ll go for basically nothing

  10. Nasri's Mouth


    Adidas are Southampton’s new sponsor though, (and there last one too) and Schneiderlin wears Adidas boots

  11. Nasri's Mouth


    I think Arseblog is making a good point about the direction football is taking.

    (And there’s bugger all other Arsenal news about)

  12. Bamford10

    NM & Alfie

    Got it. Didn’t think that meant anything, but you never know. Funny photo, though, yeah? Footballers’ lives are not like yours and mine. 😉

  13. Bamford10


    Did you not like Arseblog’s player ratings? I kind of like that he was fairly hard on people, with only Cazorla, Coquelin and Sanchez receiving A’s for the season.

    Was that the article you were referring to?

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    Doubt there was any truth in Milner to Arsenal.

    A move that didn’t make much if any sense for either side.

    If the wages quoted are correct, then Liverpool are going to need him to play a lot of games to justify it. Sensible player for them, but not for us

  15. Nasri's Mouth


    I think all you can read into it is that he’s definitely thinking of moving. After his extremely obvious tweet last summer he doesn’t strike me as the type to make vague comments like that 😀

    Good chance he’s goes to ManU IMO

  16. Romford Ozil Pele

    Guys, you know Adrian Clarke presents the Breakdown show for Arsenal player… But does he actually have any inside info? He was on radio yesterday and he reckons one of Kondogbia/Schneiderlin ends up at Arsenal.

  17. Alfie

    Bamford –

    I liked the rating article, talking about the one today. I just think that when there is something to talk about he is good albeit very much on the fence but when news gets a bit dry he just talks a load of drivel.

  18. Nasri's Mouth


    Saw that too, I suspect he doesn’t ‘know’ anything, as both players have been linked quite strongly recently, but he knows what type of player would fit our squad and our needs

  19. Alfie

    NM –

    I just don’t like it when he posts an entire article which he thinks is funny and personally, I just cant get into it.

  20. Alfie

    Here is an extract

    “At this point the silence should have told him everything he needed to know yet, foolishly, and in direct contravention of the Public Order Act 2023 which prohibits the inflaming of any group of people of 10 or larger, he shouted, “My Dad didn’t go to jail for life for this! HOW DO YOU FEEEEEEEEEEELLLLL?!”

    The silence was broken by a young boy of around 10 years of age shouting, “It’s fuckin’ excellent!”

    The boy in question has been taken to the Pentonville Road borstal where he will be treated by doctors for his outbreak of personality which, if not cured immediately, may prevent him from spending his credits on products from our many commercial partners such as: Take a look at me now: The brand new movie from director Vincent P Jones which chronicles the life of Phil Collins, the world’s great musical artist. His success, his heartbreak, the transplants which lowered his real age to 34, and how relentless mockery from some Irish ‘blogger’ made him the superstar he is today”

    Its just boring.

  21. Bamford10


    More and more I’m hoping it’s Kondogbia, though I’d be happy with either. Then Lacazette (or Benzema!). Would be sweet.


    That would be fun.

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s definitely too long.

    But I’d rather that than recycled transfer rumour garbage

    To be honest, I have admiration for anyone who can knock out a blog every day of the year. I don’t always agree with Pedro (or Arseblog) but fair play to them

  23. Dream10


    Clarke may be guessing. But, he must know a couple of people inside the club.
    He’s around Arsenal on a daily basis, so it is likely he hears things

  24. Romford Ozil Pele

    Bamford – been very vocal in my praise of King Kong – think he’s a fantastic player and still only 22. The kind of combative, tall midfielder i’m looking for. Not sure how two left-footed players would work in a pivot but it’d be interesting to see. At least with Jack, Ramsey, Coq, Santi and King Kong, you’d have a very nice blend of attributes.

    Benzema or Lacazette would be great. Hoping the Aguero to RM rumours pick up!

  25. Alfie

    NM –

    True that – although Pedro does it on the sideline, its Arseblogs main job (dude sold his site to Ole for a cool $5m)

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    RP: Hoping the Aguero to RM rumours pick up!

    Good luck with that! 😀

    Better chance of Benitez playing Ronaldo through the middle and signing a new winger if we’re going to have a chance at Benzema

  27. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream – Yeah nobody really knows how much inside info Clarke has. But as you say, he’s in and around the club/staff/players on a daily basis so maybe he’s picked up a whisper or two – hoping so anyway 😉

    NM – Lol Benitez is a mad man but we forget that Perez runs everything there. If Madrid buy Aguero, no chance he’ll be benched. I think it’s a futile debate though. Still think Benz will be there next season.

  28. Bamford10

    France play Belgium in a friendly on Saturday. Two teams loaded with talent. Could be a nice game to watch. Maybe see Lacazette, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin in a different context.

  29. Romford Ozil Pele

    Would be interested to see if we did buy either King Kong/MS. Both are full internationals but if Coq carries on playing the way he is, i’d expect him to get a call-up by December.

  30. Nasri's Mouth

    RP: If Madrid buy Aguero, no chance he’ll be benched. I think it’s a futile debate though. Still think Benz will be there next season.

    I just can’t see Aguero leaving ManC.

    4 years on his contract, ManU have a fair bit of rebuilding to do as it is, massive negative publicity to them, and he’s possibly the 3rd best striker in the world at the moment. Anyone they get to replace him is a step down

    I think Benzema stays too, but if he’s ever going to be an Arsenal player, this is the most likely summer for it to happen IMO

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    RP: Both are full internationals but if Coq carries on playing the way he is, i’d expect him to get a call-up by December.

    Definitely deserves it at the moment.

    If he can play at the level he played against Villa, and add a bit of creativity and improvement when he’s on the ball, then he’s going to some player indeed

  32. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I just can’t see Aguero leaving ManC”

    It’d be incredidbly hard for anyone to buy Aguero, but as we’ve seen in the past, if Real Madrid want you, they do get you in the end. The only major instance I can see where they weren’t successful is Totti.

    Agree with you though, there’s no real WC strikers on the market so it’d be a monumental loss for City. Aguero for me is the best pure #9 in world football so it’s nearly impossible to replace. They’d probably have to go for a youngster with potential (ala Vietto).

    Agreed. Either Benzema joins us this summer or he never comes.

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    It does seem a lot of teams are chasing similar players. From what i’ve seen so far:

    MS (Arsenal, United, Chelsea, PSG)
    Kondogbia (Arsenal, Inter)
    Gundogan (Arsenal, United, City, Barca, Bayern)
    Pogba (Madrid, PSG, City, Chelsea)
    Vidal (Arsenal, United, Madrid)

    These seem to be the names banded about most atm. Be interested to see who ends up where.

  34. Rocky Pires

    Ya I agree Real are the only ones who could get Aguero.
    But why would he not leave?
    Whats keeping him at City?
    He has won FA Cup and League there wont win a Champions League so why not go to Real and have chance of winning La Liga and a Champions League?

  35. Romford Ozil Pele

    Alfie – thought about Verrati but he’s already likely on astronomical wages so only see him moving to Real/Barca tbh. Wouldn’t really say he’s what we need though I do admire his talents.

  36. Leedsgunner

    I think if Aguero goes to Real Madrid, I reckon Man City will do everything they can to get either Sterling, Vietto or Lacazette (to placate the masses) … or if Rafa Benitez was agreeable I could potentially see a Benzema for Aguero swap. It’s probably fair value tbh, Aguero is probably a better player but he is injury prone whereas Benzema is a great striker with a good injury record.

  37. Alfie

    ROP –

    Although the clamber on here from some, I would say that Pogba isn’t what we really need either. I think we have Ramsey for that (albeit not as good version)

  38. Romford Ozil Pele

    Alfie – agreed. Pogba is B2B like JW and AR. Unless we’re selling one of them it’s a pointless signing. Pogba would eat up the majority of the budget.

    TYAG – agree my friend. Bin Sanogo, promote Chuba 😀

  39. Carts

    “about Verrati but he’s already likely on astronomical wages so only see him moving to Real/Barca tbh.”

    The fact he’s probably on e100k pw is why you see him only signing for the aforementioned?

  40. Romford Ozil Pele

    “The fact he’s probably on e100k pw is why you see him only signing for the aforementioned?”

    Probably more but not just that. I think he’d rather play in La Liga than the PL. Not basing that off anything, just a hunch. Chelsea don’t really have a need for him. United possibly though it looks like they’re going for more combative midfielders, same with us. City I can’t see it. I think he’ll be at PSG for another season at the very least anyway.

  41. Carts


    Oh well that changes it then. I thought you were basing what you said purely of finance. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say he’s on astronomical wages.

    According to that recent article, PSG pay the most per head in europe.

    Wasn’t the average wage something like e100k pw? Obviously Zlatan, Silva and Cavani are the highest earners, goes without saying.

    But from purely a choice standpoint, i agree, that Verrati would CHOSE Barca or Real over and other team.

  42. Dream10

    With regards to our situation, I hope we do sign Jackson Martinez. He’s a consistent goalscorer with a 1 in 2 record in European competition. His age is not a big issue for me since he is a finisher in the box. I feel more comfortable in signing a 28/29 year old CF rather than a a 28 yr old box to box CM with an injury record who is expected to run 11 km per match (Vidal).

    Forwards in XI The Ox, Jackson, Sanchez
    From the Bench Walcott,Giroud, Welbeck

    We will have the ability to chase matches by bringing on attackers instead of midfielders when a goal is needed.

  43. Dissenter

    If City let Aguero leave, they might as well just close shop and go home.
    City without Aguero is definitely a 10-20 points lower and -25 goal difference differential.
    They’ll be relegated to 4th/5th place next season.

  44. Carts

    Agreed…City don’t need the money, Aguero is 27 and has easily another 6 year of good playing time if he can manage his injuries.

  45. Rocky Pires

    Will be interesting all the same as Real will buy big, Barca cant buy (for now), Citeh need to buy big and English, Utd will buy big, Chelski will make one or two so there will be quiet a few changes around.

    Pogba will have to go to either PSG or Real and if he has self pride should be Real he goes to .
    Real need another striker too so maybe will go hard for Aguero but Aguero more likely if Bales goes. Perhaps a Augero/Bale swap?
    If they have any sense they will keep Varane, what a player he will be.
    So I could see Real getting
    – DeGea
    – Pogba
    – Aguero

  46. Alfie

    LOLZ at an Arsenal player gets on the back page for smoking whereas a major crime syndicate which governs football being arrested gets a 2 inch column!

  47. Dream10

    Ramsey is a class player. Hope we’ll play him centrally more often in the PL next season. Our attacking play will improve as Aaron has the ability to produce in the final third. He links well with Ozil, Giroud, Walcott and I’m sure he’ll do well with a new #9 as well. We can certainly take more risks in the PL and create more in the final third.

    In Europe, we’ll need to be more conservative as keeping the ball is more important.

  48. Romford Ozil Pele

    “LOLZ at an Arsenal player gets on the back page for smoking whereas a major crime syndicate which governs football being arrested gets a 2 inch column!”


    Not that i’m excusing what Szcz did… AGAIN! But compared to what’s actually happening in the footballing world, it’s a non-issue. Tbh i’m still seething that Jack Wilshere got charged,

  49. bob

    this is shocking your future england captain jack wilshere in 26 games has got ZERO GOALS AND 1 SINGLE ASST HOW CRAP IS WILSHERE

  50. Dissenter

    Nasri’s Mouth,
    You have no problem with Arteta staying, a 33 year old with two recent surgeries that will probably not last a full season.
    Yet you have no problems with Flamini leaving, at least he’s more healthy.

    There’s some kind of mythology about Arteta, what is it that he brings to the table?

  51. bob

    Another example of an overpaid, over rated immature young player who has a lot of growing up to do. A lot of it is to do with the media making these players think that they are better than what they are.jack boltshere

  52. Rocky Pires

    Citeh could well look like this next year if rumours are to be belived


  53. Dream10


    Get ready for another season with Chezzer and Ospina. Think AW keeps faith with him despite his shenanigans.

    Can see us a signing just two first teamers: a CM and a CF
    Bielik and the two French youngsters have been signed in 2015 as well.

  54. leon

    I am not very suprised that james milner picked liverpool over arsenal. At liverpool I feel that he will be the main man which would be so much at at arsenal this has wilshire ramsey cazola in central position and on the wings chaimberlain,welbeck ,sanchez so he would most likely be a squad player.

    I do hope wenger does his business early but I dont see him buying any more than three players. I am very interested to see who will be leaving; , I suspect it will be podiolski, joel cambell ,myachi,sanogo,. Diaby and flamani will not be given new contracts and may be risicky I am hoping chezza will go as well

  55. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream – wasn’t it Chesney himself who said he wants to stay? he seems completely at odds with whatever his dad says. His dad does seem a drunk though lol. I think he’ll stay and battle with Ospina, so yes, looks like a CF/WF and CM will be he main priorities. Would love us to go big.

  56. bob

    wilshere had hes best run of hes career at bolton 1goal in 13games with arsenal over 110 games with 6goals its so cler to see hes playing at the wrong club.

  57. Romford Ozil Pele


    1) Fernandinho is better than Fernando.
    2) I feel sorry for whoever has to play behind Yaya and Barkley in that system.

  58. Dissenter

    Why is “bob” still here.
    You should change your moniker to “Wilshire-hater”

    Do something about this silly bob. Its no longer funny.

  59. Dream10


    His situation with his father is an odd one to say the least.
    He’ll have a chance to start the season as Ospina will be resting after his exertions at the Copa America.

    We’re being linked to Schalke captain Howedes

  60. bob


  61. Dream10


    I think it’s the wrong career move for Milner. He is more suited to being a good to very good player in a top team as opposed to a talisman who has to improve a decent team. He’s not a specialist. City, Utd or Arsenal would have been better options for him

    His agent is certified world class though.

  62. bob

    the lad is a 1st class clown. he is a OK player but HE thinks he is better then he is. he is out crocked half of the time. has 11 mins was it in the final. anybody would think he took them there and won it on his own. even his own team mates looked embarrassed by him. wenger should give the lad a clown suite. because that is all he is

  63. Rhys Jaggar

    The truth about FIFA:

    1. Jack Warner is about to spill beans of an unbelievable magnitude: he’s talking about an ‘avalanche’ of revelations. Given the shit he’s got up to over the years, that’s going to be enough excrement to fertilise the Emirates pitch for 200 years.
    2. Already known: FRANCE BOUGHT THE WORLD CUP HOSTING RIGHTS IN 1998. That’s right, Blazer has spilled the beans on that one. And we also know that Platini begged Qatar to buy PSG and voted for Qatar 2022. So nos amis francais may be shitting bricks about what else might come out about their murky behaviour at FIFA, at world cups etc etc. Arsene Wenger knew that France would win the 1998 final and someone should ask him baldly: ‘how did you know, other than your detailed knowledge of the corrupt match fixing culture endemic within French football in the 1990s?’
    3. Already revealed years ago by Andrew Jennings, the doyen of investigative reporters where FIFA is concerned (his classic quote being: ‘working for 20 years investigating the Sicilian Mafia was an ideal preparation for investigating FIFA’): GERMANY BOUGHT THE 2006 WORLD CUP by paying bribes, TO THE CHAGRIN OF HUGE NUMBERS OF AFRICANS.
    4. Currently under discussion: did the South AFrican FA know overtly that the $10m in redirected FIFA hosting fees to CONCACAF was a bung to ensure CONCACAF would vote for South Africa 2010 or not?? They say no, I have my doubts. If Africa knew what Germany got up to 4 years previously, you have to assume that they said: ‘we won’t make the same mistake twice’ when the 2010 process came up for auction.
    5. TV Rights for Gold Cup tournaments (CONCACAF’s equivalent of UEFA’s European Championships) were bought by bribery on no less than 5 occasions (Blazer admitted taking bribes for that too).

    One does have to ask whether the Americans bought the 1994 tournament – it would after all be a first if they hadn’t.

    Strange how everyone’s so quiet about that but screaming blue murder about removing the hosting rights of Russia. People need to see America for what it is: an out-of-control superpower that bombs the shit out of anyone and everyone that stops them controlling the world drugs trade and the world oil markets. They aren’t the world’s policeman, they are the world’s premier hyperpower who says that they can do whatever they want and no-one should be able to stop them. Saying that doesn’t mean I suck Putin’s cock, it doesn’t mean I like Qatar, it means I’m sick and tired of everyone not investigating America for what it is and punishing them as they should be punished. They are a very anti-democratic, very arrogant and very murderous nation who never get the full comeuppance they have deserved for 75 years now. Their democratic procedures for electing presidents were rigged both times Dubya won and they now have electronic voting fraud hard-wired into their electoral ‘system’. They have a lot of basic change to make in their own nation before they should lecture to anyone else.

    I know you can’t say that Mr Wood as you work for Americans and you’d never work again anywhere if you said that sort of thing, but unfortunately you have the credibility of Jack Warner when it comes to honest appraisals of America is concerned: you’re a hired gun, a paid whore, call it what you will. You can’t tell the truth so your opinions on US global policy is a crock of shit. You have an unchangeable ‘conflict of interest’. I don’t………..

    Then we can ask whether Brazil, specifically Ricardo Teixeira, bought 2014 and whether Italy bought Italia 90. 1986 we can forget as Mexico stepped in when FIFA’s dalliance with the Medellin and Cali cartels came to naught.

    But before we get too self righteous and say that the EPL is clean (it’s one of the most corrupt things out, but there we are), we can put on the table the following:

    1. Wire tapping by EPL sides, including by Arsene Wenger and Arsenal, was rampant in the noughties. Arsenal FC consider it their right to hack computers for commercial gain and are therefore organised criminals. Chelsea were worse, Liverpool you couldn’t expect anything else from and Manchester Utd wrote the book on it. As for Daniel Levy……
    2. Enormous numbers of rigged matches took place since January 1st 2015 but of course it is never reported as such because we are all honest in this country (yeah right). You might like t ask whether you would get a £100k a year contract unless you are prepared to throw a match to order. It might open your eyes to the reality of the commercial world.
    3. You might like to ask whether there is a single UK journalist who would still be in a job if they tried to print stories uncovering match fixing in Rupert Murdoch’s fiefdom. Start by asking Jonathan Pearce, then go on to Martin Samuel, then go on to Henry Winter. Go on, don’t take No for an answer. ‘Which matches have you watched did you know were fixed?’ ‘If your children were to be shot for you telling any lies or refusing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing the truth, would you wish to change your answer?’

    Go on, dream on that English football is honest and free of corruption.

    It’s as corrupt as it comes and none of you have the balls to face up to it.

  64. karim

    Breaking News
    Rhys has escaped his cage again.

    did we also buy the Euros in Holland/Belgium or are these countries also part of the French Mob ?