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Whoooooaaaaaaa… someone pinch me. Was my headline yesterday about Wenger and tactics?

Jeez, it totally was!

So surreal!

Did that really happen? A game totally bossed with smart tactics… tactics that weren’t just smart… tactics that were dynamic.

What a day! I think that’s the first Cup Final I’d ever dealt with where the post match commentary was the worry that the press would rip us for having it too easy.

I wanted to go into a bit more detail about some of the performances on the day, because it really was a joy to take that 90minutes in.

I thought Coquelin was absolutely fantastic. He was a monster out there. Whereas Gilberto was the invisible wall, Coquelin is the visible bulldozer. He’s such a dominant presence. His ability to read the game and his lack of desire to bomb forward has given us a really solid base to work from. He’s a powerhouse, he really stood out for me against Villa.

Theo Walcott really raised a few eyebrows with an interesting performance. Through the middle he was pretty blunt for the first twenty minutes, but his strength comes with the fear he instills with his pace. I still can’t quite work out how he’s going to own that central role, but in a front three of players who are interchangeable, well, he showed what he can do. Superb movement throughout. That finish was stunning considering how out of the game he’s been and that it was on his left foot. I’d be surprised to see him leave the club now. A bit Thierryish after the Champions League final.

The keeper had a very good game as well. I very much have my doubts Ospina could have so easily dominated his box, purely based on size. Chezzer had a very calm game. That said, I still think if Petr Cech is available, we should be in for him. I’m a bit worried Wenger has a thing for the Pole and he won’t be ruthless with his decisions there.

Santi Cazorla had another tremendous game. I wasn’t sure that he was man of the match, but he’s certainly been an integral cog in the winning machine we’ve crafted in 2015. Big questions over whether he’ll stay on in the summer. Ultimately, he’s the wrong side of the thirty and we have Aaron Ramsey coming into the prime of his career. It’d be sad to see someone of Santi’s ability to leave the club, but if he wants to go out with a bang at the highest level, he might try and slink back to Spain now.

I also thought Ozil had a brilliant game, probably my man of the match. He’s the quiet conductor, pulling strings and people out of position. It’s really difficult to truly appreciate him when you sit in the lower tier. At Wembley, I was up in the sky, so I had a full afternoon of watching the beauty of a game in full swing. Really is a totally different experience.

Bit of a shame all the Villa fans left before the game was finished. That wasn’t very sporting. I’m sure Hull hung around last season? Great to see all the players having so much fun. I don’t know if anyone else noticed the Wembley Mascot trying to steal the limelight? Really was looking to Gunnersaurus to deck him. I couldn’t even work out what it was… a horse shaped like a hammer? Whoever he was, he was a wanker.

The celebrations for the parade were pretty amusing yesterday. Jack Wilshere caused all sorts of controversy, by, you know, connecting with the fans in a language they understand.

‘I’ve got one more fing to say…’



I thought it was absolutely brilliant. He was off his face. He reminded me of Liam Gallagher. He did exactly the same thing last year without half the nonsense.

I’ve had people telling me it lacked class. It wasn’t responsible. ‘What would the kids think’.

Look, most kids play Grand Theft Auto, have an addiction to hardcore porn by the time they’re 11. Can access the most disgusting things imaginable at the flick of a switch. Kids are pretty fucked up.



If you think your child is going to be mentally scared by hearing a footballer say the word ‘shit’… you’re raising a very soft child not fit for modern day society.

Jack is having fun with the fans. He’s an Arsenal boy. Talk about class? Jeez. This is football people. Arsenal fans baost incredible class. On the way up to the game, I was chastised for picking up the wrong bottle of whisky. Total scenes because all the off license had was Jack Daniels. Point is, that friend who was demanding Woodford Reserve was singing the Spurs song. No one will be digging him out about class. Because it’s football. You put class to one side and you’re always allowed to banter Spurs fans and tell them the truth about their club.

The press need to get a sense of humour and so do Spurs fans. A Spurs fan demanded people call the police to complain about the incident. Spurs… a club that allows its fans to sing peado songs at Arsene Wenger / sing about Sol Campbell being a homosexual… complaining about player banter at an Arsenal fan only trophy parade. Get a f*cking life.

Onto Arsene Wenger, he’s already out talking about who he’s not going to buy (asked about Paul Pogba).

“We have not spent that kind of money,”

“People forget that for years we had to sell our best players and that was a very difficult period. That is the reality. Since we buy again, we slowly come back to a more competitive level. You speak maybe about stratospheric numbers where we will not be involved – not at that level – for financial reasons. It’s simple.”

Come on Arsene, we spent £43m two years ago on Ozil. Premiership football is what, 5% inflation a year? That takes us to roughly £48m. Throw in the new mega TV deal money? There’s no way we can’t compete in those leagues!

Anyway, the point is, no one is asking us to sign Paul Pogba. We do need players though. Wenger wants cohesion.

“We have to show that next season and we want to do it,”

“I feel that we have moved forward and people think always it’s about buying but it’s as well about cohesion, and cohesion is a very important factor that is a bit underrated usually by people. We have to keep that cohesion and maybe add quality. But the quality we have to add is in short numbers. But the other teams – how good will Chelsea be? Who will they buy? I don’t know.”

I don’t think there’s any doubt that we’ll add quality to the side this summer. I don’t think it needs to be a major overhaul. I think we need to make sure we keep the right players, lose some of the players around the peripheral and most importantly, keep doing what we’ve been doing.

The most important thing we can do  is maintain the fitness work we’ve been doing this season. We need to have a summer of proper, uninterrupted preparation. If we add two or three players this summer, the real killer move we could make next season is by keeping everyone fit. That’s been the massive improvement in 2015. Having a squad to choose from. Well, when I say squad, I mean having a starting 11 we can pick week after week.

This summer is going to be fascinating. We need some smart purchases. I’m not sure there’s going to be a mega signing, but I think there could be a push for some experienced talent. I still think we’ll end up with James Milner. Him, a defensive midfielder, maybe an inside forward and a keeper.

That’d be brilliant.

Let’s see what happens there!

Final bit, as we close of the season. I just wanted to say thanks for hanging around this season. Blogging has been a sideline this season due to life stuff going off in the background, so I appreciate your patience and the fact you come back everyday (especially the nutters in the comments section).  There’s not going to be much to write about this summer, but I’ll be rounding up the transfer goss everyday, so make sure you tune in! I’ll also be bringing in other writers to help with the workload.

Have a good one, enjoy taking smugness to new leves this morning. x

Walking in just in time! #arsenal

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  1. Gilo

    We now, for the first time in years have a decent platform to build from – however, all other teams will strengthen significantly in the summer – City most of all cause their weaknesses are evident, united will spend cash like its going out of fashion and you can be sure that Chelsea will add at least one or two quality players – therefore we need to be active in the market just to stand still.

  2. Bamford10

    Good post, Pedro, except I disagree re Jack’s behavior. I will reiterate two points I’ve made previously.

    First, Arsenal supporters talk a lot about “class”. But is a drunk footballer calling rivals “shit” before a crowd of thousands classy? Doesn’t seem so to me.

    Second, Mourinho was blasted on here for lightheartedly mocking rivals at Chelsea’s end of year celebration. What would you or others have thought of him if he had called Arsenal “shit” during that little performance? Would this be any different from what Wilshere did? If so, how so?

    (And on a final note, one’s “classiness” is not determined by the brand of whiskey one drinks, ffs. Nor is the general degradation of popular culture a justification for bad behavior. Just because there is a lot of un-classy content about doesn’t mean Arsenal should be associated with it.)

  3. Leedsgunner

    Re the Wilshere incident

    We won the FA Cup. We came ahead of Tottenham again in the league.

    Why did they even need to be mentioned during our celebrations? What have they done that’s worthy of any attention?

  4. Alfie

    Gilo –

    I agree about other teams upgrading but for me it seems that there isn’t a HUGE amount of players out there who can significantly make any team so much better.

  5. Alfie

    I think people don’t realise the rivalry between the clubs if you have’nt been bought up with that mentality.

    I think the JW thing was great. Others would disagree.

  6. Alfie

    I think the whiskey analogy was a light hearted look at things.

    So, this blog just remains the same no matter if we win or lose.

  7. Emiratesstroller


    Well summarised post.

    1.Well analysed players summary.
    2.I have posted a few minutes ago on yesterday’s thread an analysis of Walcott’s turnout in EPL where he played in starting Eleven and how many times he was substituted. It does not make good reading. In 8 years he started just 143 games and was subbed in 48. That means that he has played fewer than
    100 full games in 8 years!
    3.I agree that I don’t think that Wenger will replace Szczesny if only to prove
    everyone else that they are wrong. That is his “stubbornness”.
    4. I have said for a long time that I think that our transfer limit on an individual
    player is probably at the present time £50 Million. That will cover most world
    class players, but not the absolute best i.e. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar or Suarez.
    Such players are out of reach.
    5. Frankly we don’t need to spend that sort of money to buy players we need at
    this moment in time. After all I don’t see Bayern Munich spending that sort of
    money on a single player and I bet that they would not do so.

  8. Bankz

    northern gooner- Another shout out to the “lucky undies”.

    Keep it washed,starched & ironed for next season

  9. Josip Skoblar

    “Coquelin’s such a dominant presence. His ability to read the game and his lack of desire to bomb forward has given us a really solid base to work from.”
    That reminds me that Coq is not Song… 😉

  10. Josip Skoblar

    Wishere’s celebration was unnecessary and a bit silly, but this is nothing to worry about compared to Blatter and his gangsters. Footballers are footballers.

  11. Bamford10

    Le Prof

    I’m well aware that it’s the beginning of a chant, but does that in itself make his behavior classy or appropriate? Any chance the chant itself isn’t appropriate for every setting? What would you say if Wenger had initiated said chant? Classy?

    Further, if Chelsea had a chant about Arsenal being “shit,” what would you say about a drunken John Terry initiating said chant? If Mourinho initiated it?


    “So I do not believe it is true that we need 3 world class players, as I keep reading on here.”

    First, aside from QNA, no one here is calling for three “world class” players, as “wc” denotes a very small and very select grouping of players. People are instead calling for three first-XI caliber players, top class players, quality players.

    Second, if you’re suggesting we add only one player to the XI — which I think you are — where do you see this ever-so-slightly-improved Arsenal finishing in the EPL? In the CL? If you do not expect them to finish first or within three points of first, wouldn’t it be a mistake not to add more quality to the XI? If not, why not?

    Third, you say Wenger is right that new players can destabilize a team. OK, but didn’t Chelsea have THREE new players in their starting XI this year (Cesc, Costa and Courtois)? Were they destabilized by this? No, they were excellent — and excellent from the get-go, mind you. So how do you explain that? Just curious.

    And if they can integrate three class players into their XI and win the title, why can’t we integrate three players? Please explain. Thanks.

  12. Danny

    It’s Monday morning, my boss is pissing me off as usual, I would feel naturally down but hey we won the cup so fuck everybody!!

  13. gambon

    Great win on Saturday. As I keep saying there’s so much to build on.

    Fact is, im afraid to say it…..we wont be competing next season. We dont have anyone at the club who wants to go out and do what needs to be done to reach that level.

    We will buy a few players, improve a little bit, just as all of our rivals will, leaving us fighting for the 3rd/4th place positions again.

    Couldnt help noticing City and Chelsea are now doing post season tours, not just pre-season.

    They are no doubt reaping the financial rewards of this which will see them invest heavily into the team.

    We as always, will catch on with this in about 2020, way too late to see any real benefit.

    Man UTD, Man City and Chelsea are all finding new ways to make money, we are always 5 years behind copying them in a watered down way.

    Long term we will just be treading water picking up the odd cup, we wont be winning the big prizes.

  14. robertgreen

    I am surprised you’re defending Jack pedro. I agree its being blown out of proportion but he came a across as an absolute idiot with no class. Our clubs talks about class all the time. He represents England and wants to be Arsenal captain. He is an IDIOT!! He needs to act more professional!

  15. diabyearnshownuch

    What an amazing weekend, Huge thanks to Red Action, the atmosphere at Wembley was brilliant. Met up with my boys after the game, they’d been to the Ems and it seems that was totally rocking too. The train on the way home was bouncing as well. a great day to be so involved.

    As for the Wilshire thing…………well done Jack. We all hate the Spuds. maybe next time leave the “My old man” one at home though!

  16. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    I suggested that we should not buy too many players because of potential to
    destabilise team/squad.

    Of course we should bring in at least 3 new players if only to freshen up squad, but I don’t think that Arsenal will be buy 3 World Class players. Our budget would not cover that UNLESS we are offloading players like Walcott and Wilshire as well.

    Frankly it is unlikely now that we are going to make any significant sales this
    summer. If we realise £15-18 million in sales that will be optimistic.

    In the last financial year we spent over £90 million but after sales our net spend was probably over £60 million and that is unlikely to be repeated unless
    covered by tv and sponsorship.

  17. gambon

    We absolutely do need 3 world class players.

    Chelsea have a better defence than us, and a better attack. Man City have a better attack than us.

    City, Chelsea and UTD will spend £200m minimum between them.

    Leave things as they are and we are once again challenging for 4th.

  18. Biggus

    I was so happy about the FA cup triumph and then Wenger spoils it by stating Arteta will has almost signed..Seriously don’t we ever learn? Arteta is not useful to us in any capacity. He’s only going to block others coming through. My wish for next season if we are to compete is to make sure we tune the partnership between Gabriel and Kos and make Per and Chambers 3rd and 4th choice CB options.

    And for crying out loud, give Rosicky some bloody games!!! He’s more of an asset than bloody eye liner Arteta!!!

  19. Ashwin Gunner


    Nice post.. you have done a great job throughout the season. its been a real pleasure ot come here and read what’s happening with Arsenal. This blog is my only connect of things which happen in and around emirates.. So good job.. you have had your share of criticism and abuse,, but hey.. you got an opportunity to write for ESPN.. so dont complain… 🙂

    Still buzzing with the win the other day. It was amazing. it was completely unlike Arsenal to win in style….

    About the signings, I think Theo will stay. He might no sign da ting in summer, but eventually he will. Szcz might also stay. He was brought into the club at a very young age. and Arsene has this thing about player having graduated out of the academy, he wont want to loose one, He might still give Szcz another season to prove.. That’s just my gut feeling.

    I think Poldi is out, but dont know who will buy a 30 year old striker at such a high wage.

    Heard Man u is stealing the march to sign Schneiderlin.. would be a big miss of us if that happens.. He is a very good player and we have to snap him up, if we are to continue our progres..

  20. Ashwin Gunner


    being a club captain dont mandate you to have a gentleman approach. John Terry, Rooney, Cantona, they are all pricks. but still they are loved…

  21. Leedsgunner

    Personally rather than Jack talking about how Spurs are, I would have rather led the crowd in a heartfelt rendition of Happy Birthday to one Stephen Gerrard — that would have been hilariously ironic.

    PS – Did you watch the game Michael Owen? Did you notice who won? The team that you tipped to be out of the top four at the beginning of the season, and “we wouldn’t win another trophy for years in your opinion”…. It demonstrates again that you know very little about anything.

    I love the fact that since Saturday the Liverpool led media mob have had nothing to say… about their nothing club.

  22. SomeRandomGunner

    @Bamford Being a favourite for BPL / CL is entirely different to whether “we can win” BPL or not. I will leave CL out , there are few teams which are just too strong and whatever investment we make we are not going to catch up. Another way to ask your question is ,
    Did we loose all the points at the start of the season because of a lack of 2-3 signings
    Could the same team have managed 10 more points in the same fixtures ?
    Then the problem looks entirely different.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    If you read article by Alan Smith in today’s Daily Telegraph he thought that
    Wilshire’s response was exactly what should be expected by a “passionate
    Gooner” and was absolutely the norm amongst players in bygone era.

    The fruity language may not be to everyone’s taste but the message to our historic rivals was. Wilshire is not the “brainbox of the year” but his heart his
    personal commitment to club and team is what you want to see.

    Frankly I want to see players in our team for the right reason and not just turn
    up for the money.

  24. Bamford10


    “I don’t think that Arsenal will be buy 3 World Class players”

    Why are you bringing up this red herring again? I explicitly said that “world class” is a dubious designation as it suggests one of the top 11-22 players in the world, which I agree would be unreasonable.

    I do think we need at least three first-XI caliber players — improvements on Giroud, Szczesny and Coquelin — but that is feasible.


    I have a feeling you’re using “wc” in a broader sense than I am above. For example, is Azpilicueta “world class” under your definition? Is Willian? Matic? If so, then I guess I agree: we need at least three players who are as good as their counterparts at a Chelsea or City.

  25. Ted

    Great post. What about welbeck he’s is not being mentioned any where of late.

    Wilshare: I think the context in which the comment was made matters. in this case i think it was purely a joke.

  26. Bamford10


    You keep missing my point. My point is not that we should expect to be favorites in either competition, but that we should do everything we can to raise our level to the greatest extent possible. Anything short of that — i.e., leaving money on the table — is unjustifiable.

    So again, I ask: where do you expect Arsenal with one addition to the XI to finish in the EPL and the CL? Given that we have more money than that, wouldn’t such an approach be wrongheaded? If not, why not?

  27. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    I absolutely agree with you as I have said many times. I think that Wenger will
    bring in three new faces, but not necessarily world class or play regularly in starting X1.

    I would be more than happy with one more “Sanchez” and then a couple of younger but very hungry players like Coquelin and Bellerin.

    Let’s be honest how many “World Class” players are going to be sold this summer? If you are lucky two or three genuine players of this calibre and at least
    a dozen clubs will be chasing them.

    What I don’t want to see arrive at Arsenal are players aged 28+ who are living
    on their past reputation and will cost silly money both in transfer fees and wages. That is not what we need.

    Schneiderlein would have been an excellent acquisition costing between £20-25 million and affordable. Aged 25 he would have been exactly what our club needs as well as being “ambitious and hungry”. At the moment he is not genuine world class but a very good player.

  28. Hitman49

    What a weekend ! ,

    Ok so I don’t feel I have to defend jack but points !

    1, he asked the crowed what THEY THOUGHT OF TOTTENHAM and they responded by saying SHIT.

    2, he then asked them what they though about shit ? ?

    3, he very politely thanked them all.

    That’s all he did ?

    Then he sang a very well know cockney drinking song and changed 4 words,the gathered ladies and gentlemen then sang the next lines for him.

    Your honor I rest my case….

  29. Bigper

    the Spurs chant is sung every game by the crowd so I can’t see why the media are making such a big deal of it

    Personally I’m glad to see a player connect to the fans, plus it’s great to win a trophy and rub it into the spuds, it’s what rivalry is all about

  30. Bamford10

    “Paul Clement, the man Arsene identified as his successor, takes his first managerial job at Derby. Interesting to see how he does.” – David Lane, Twitter

  31. Bamford10


    I’m more interested in the “mood” we’d be in if we were genuine contenders for the EPL title. Imagine the mood at the Emirates and on Le Grove if we had a side that could genuinely challenge Chelsea. That’s the mood I’m interested in.

    Imagine the mood if we were to make a CL semi-final (or even quarterfinal) and believed we had a legitimate chance to advance.

    That’s the mood I’m interested in.

  32. gambon

    “Post-season tours are for clubs that aren’t in an FA Cup final.”

    Absolute bollocks. Our season lasted a whole 6 days longer than our rivals.

    If we keep on allowing our rivals to innovate commercially we will always be behind them on the pitch.

    The fact that you cant accept this shows that you are agenda led (ie – never, under any circumstances criticise the club)

  33. Danny

    You lot have forgotten Krystian Bielik who Wenger signed in January – that’s one new signing for next season…….

  34. Goondawg

    Bloody hell Bamford, you really love taking the buzz off this win. First it was the eternal slating of Coquelin for months despite, him producing top quality performances week in week out. Then came all that United love-in tosh and how we would be lucky to get beat them in the cup and finish ahead of them in the league (Remind me how that went again). Just read your – we would be wise to bite our fingernails in anxiety if Schneiderlin goes to Utd. Fuck ’em. We just won the FA cup bitch! And you wouldn’t understand the rivalry between Tottenham and Arsenal, so I neglect to acknowledge the rest of your clueless comments.

  35. Arsene's Nurse

    Wilshere is a chav. Doesn’t matter how much money he earns or who he plays for he’ll always end up in the newspapers because he’s a thicko. Unfortunately the combination makes him arrogant, obnoxious and aggressive.

    Compare and contrast with Sanchez.

    Wilshere represents the club first and foremost because they employ him. He’s unprofessional.

  36. Bigper

    We definitely need to take advantage of touring the world more in pre season but it’s abit silly to criticise the club for not doing a post season tour when we’ve been in the fa cup. There’s been no time plus now players are going to international squads

    Tbf the prize money from winning the cup, the TV coverage it would of got round the world and the interest we will get from new young fans now we have won back to back trophies is probably earning the club decent money anyway

  37. Goondawg

    Cant believe the media haven’t caught a sniff of the Bangkok Orgy and racial slurring bandied around by NIgel Pearson’s son and a couple of his team mates on Leicester’s tour to Thailand, compliments of their owner. Vile racist orgy takes the backseat from the drunken antics at an ARSENAL FAN only victory cup parade, where the only thing jacky boy is guilty of is having decent banter. Proper buggered the scum off, top lad jacky boy. And I hope he does it again next year

  38. Cloggs

    I also thought Ozil had a brilliant game, probably my man of the match. He’s the quiet conductor, pulling strings and people out of position.
    Exactly my thoughts, 100% faultless (passing) performance, calm, self assured, class act.

    gambon 09:54:13

    Fact is, im afraid to say it…..we wont be competing next season. We dont have anyone at the club who wants to go out and do what needs to be done to reach that level.

    We will buy a few players, improve a little bit, just as all of our rivals will, leaving us fighting for the 3rd/4th place positions again.

    Spot on. business as usual…

  39. underrated Coq

    Good grief, Bamford10, you take football and le-grove way too seriously man. Football is a game, not a question of life or death.

    Take a chill pill, enjoy the the Cup success and just laugh at Jack’s banter 😉

  40. Dissenter

    I agree with you comment at 9:36
    It’s hypocritical to slam Mourhino for using humor at a suit and tie dinner then excuse Jack for inciting uncouth language from thousands.
    Jack was embarrassing. I think he’s trying too hard to prove he’s the local boy.

    You’re the only one that does not think Azpilequeta isn’t world class. He’s been the best RB in the league for the past 2 seasons. He’s also plays the LB effortlessly.

  41. Leedsgunner

    Speaking personally, I don’t think anyone is asking a £60m player. We are asking for players who can do the job professionally, consistently and without a long injury history. After criticising everyone for looking at pricetags versus talent, it looks like Wenger is doing the same thing. If there’s anyone that seems to look at a price tag first — it’s him!

    Please let’s strength the team in goal, attack and the defensive midfield — who knows maybe we can become 2015-2016 champions?

  42. Dissenter

    Agreed about the ubiquitousness of the marketing tours. It’s becoming the norm now and teams are fine tuning how to integrate it into their seasons. There an argument though that regular success that will get us to cup finals in May will make it hard to do the post season tour.
    The pre-seaon tour though has to be mandatory.

    I wonder what people will say when city outbids us by £5 million for a world class player. They’ll whine “oil money”, forgetting that it might be the extra post season income they earned, that’s in play.

  43. Uwot?

    Expect cech(if Maureen doesn’t block it),milner(he’s free)wenger won’t be able to resist it! & pedro(barca to sell cheaply-apparently)top spend there around £25 million mark-the wild cards are schneiderlin/Vidal……..we’ll see

  44. YoungMurphy

    I don’t even pay the media no mind. Jack is Arsenal through and through and this is the EXACT type of thing I want from him. I’d do the same damn thing if I was in his shoes. We don’t like Spuds and they don’t like us. They’d do the same thing if they got anywhere close to silverware.

    The game truly was majestic. Watched it on the big screen @ the emirates which is a more than fitting place if you can’t get a ticket. Similar scenes to the pandemonium last year – just imagine when we win the league!

    The difficulty is how we add to the squad and what exactly AW is thinking of. I personally think he’s just trying to temper expectations. Will we spend? Yes, but he doesn’t want us to get too excited about spending £50m on a player. Ozil and Sanchez were both out of the blue signings. Right now we just need world class additions. Giroud can do a job. Coquelin can do a job. Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain can all do a job. Now lets add to that.

    Only found this blog midway through the season after I used to be a regular on World of Arsenal, however looking forward to the articles we’ve got lined up this summer. Perhaps a review of the youth team, Sanchez Copa America Watch, U21 Euros watch and then before you know it we’re at the new seasons front door!

  45. Beau-Nègre

    This Jack guy is losing it and the club is doing too little about the situation. I’m not english, so I might find it a bit difficult to understand the north rivalry sentiments, but as a football, I must say I do not understand why spurs should deserve all the attention(scorn) when our main rivals live in peace. We’re way above them and we should try to hang around with our peers.

    Back to Jack, his attitude has brought his game down to dust. Fine! He’s an Arsenal boy but for how long are we going to bury our thoughts in this excuse? If Aaron could recover from a leg break and still command a starting birth, what would be Jack’s excuse?

    The FA cup final showed me as an Arsenal faithful that Olivier will never take us beyond where we find ourselves as it is. He’s got the link up play, a big-man striker physique and some crazy touches but he also lacks lots. He for sure doesn’t have Walcott’s killer instincts, though he’s a better ball player, he’s too slow for a modern striker. After he came in for Theo, the game looked dying cos he couldn’t just keep up with the pace of our midfielders.
    We need a complete striker up front, I’m not a big fan of Theo being our lone striker, he could assist, but trust me, he won’t win us the league. We need a veteran in the person of Karim Benzema, he’s a perfect kind of Arsenal striker, a striker so comfortable on the ball, yet so dangerous on the counter.

    We need a Defensive midfielder. Man United lead in the race for Morgan, we can snap up a Nainggolan, he’s like a stronger version of le Coq, has a rocket in his right foot too. Monaco won’t let us have Kondogbia,would have dropped an application there as well.

    Finally we need a central back. I fear for Per each time he does a back pass.

  46. Steveyg87

    Fantastic feeling retaining the FA cup

    I know its a bit early for this but as we know there are a few issues that needs resolving over the summer…

    Is Santi going to Spain?as pedro mentioned he’s getting a bit long in the tooth and Wilshere/Ramsey are both capable replacement though neither can match his efficiency
    What is Wenger gona do with Giroud? I like the guy but as we saw with the games we had theo involved, counter attacking is one of our strengths. Giroud simply cannot fit in to such a system. That said, I don’t know if theo will be consistent enough to be our answer and Wenger doesn’t have enough courage to rotate the team where a bulldozer(Giroud) is required… Stoke,West ham etc…

    Cavani has the right mixture of both components, Speed & strength but I just cant see Le prof doing that deal

  47. El Patron

    Never changes in here… lol.

    It will never be enough. you guys are insatiable.

    Cant even take a week to soak in a trophy. Jeezus

    You know whats going to happen next….

    Win the prem…. well we didnt win the champions league….

    win champions league… well we didnt win the club world cup…

    win the club world championship…. well they need to invent another competition so we can ridicule arsenal right after they win it…. sigh

    could have waited till next week at least.

  48. Dissenter

    To be honest, Ozil would have been a £50-60 million player in this season’s anticipated inflated market.

    If Barca had let a bidding war ensue between Arsenal and Liverpool, Alexis Sanchez could have easily escalated to a £45-50 million pound signing. Talk was they honoured a gentleman’s agreement and accepted Alexis preference even though Liverpool were offering more transfer money.

  49. Steveyg87

    If we are going to look for a Pogba’esque player the Kondogbia deserves special mention. Not too sure what Monaco would want for him

  50. Leedsgunner

    Wenger needs to make his mind up.

    On one hand he says he is only interested in top players and players of super quality and only players who will make the team better will be added. Then with the next breat he says he won’t be in the market for top players because they are too expensive. Which is it? Do you want top players? If so, just cause they so good you might need to pay over the top.

    Top players won’t come cheap. However as Saturday demonstrated, top players are worth it if it leads to trophies.

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    If Coquelin gets injured and is out for 4 months then who do you play instead?

    We’ll be back to the form we showed in October last year without a proper DM.

    Sanchez is going to play in the Copa América between June and July. Who will replace him if he suffers and injury? Podolski? Campbell?

    Welbeck and Oxlaide can but it’s not ideal. The only other solution is to play Wilshere or Cazorla there.

    If we want to win the league then we need a better keeper and a more clinical striker. Sanogo? lol.

    There is still plenty of dead wood to shift and more than enough money to be bringing in 3 players who will push us on.

  52. Dissenter

    Flamini’s contract expires in 2016, he’s not leaving this transfer window. He really had leverage in the summer of 2013, hence a three year contract then.

    Arteta isn’t going anywhere, anyone thinks otherwise?

    Wenger will keep faith with Bilic, if you go by his 19 year record of fidelity to homegrown players.

    I’m not sure there’s any DM coming in tbh, where’s the squad space. There aren’t any departures as at now.

  53. Dissenter

    I’ll remind you of your double standards when a certain opposition manager says “what he want”
    I’m sure you’ll be one the first people to cry “classless”.

    We are supposed the be the paragon of class amongs clubs. The victory parade would have been just as fun, didn’t need any mass crude banter.

  54. Dissenter

    Anyone can see that the difference between Arsenal and Villa was the only one team had top players.

    Of course, not all players cost big money, Coq is an example.
    But good players like to congregate around good players.
    But truth be told, I don’t see any 60-70 million player in a position that we desperately need to fill.
    Schneiderlin or Ki won’t cost more that £25 million

  55. SomeRandomGunner

    Flamini has to go at all costs. But I suspect the amount of times Ramsey took over from Coquelin he might even start at DM when Coq is injured.

    We need a Coq competitor . Coquelin has been great and he has been improving too. His attacking game on the final was very good too. His passing range is good enough to be an attacking threat from deep while maintaining position.

  56. Goondawg

    Lol dissenter why you so butthurt man..

    Mourinho is a prick, Jackys our cunt. Arsenal through and through.

    How can you not love him for this? Future Arsenal captain, what a lad.. Legend

    If you look at the instagram vids, you can see Sanchez and Bellerin all belting away as well. Love it. I mean it’s not as if we don’t have a long-standing rivalry with Tottenham…

  57. karim


    ” Bit of a shame all the Villa fans left before the game was finished. That wasn’t very sporting. I’m sure Hull hung around last season? ”

    Hull fans did stay until the final whistle last year but I suspect it’s because they still had a chance to win it.

    Ion, will people leave Jack alone ?

  58. alexanderhenry

    We can all speculate on transfers; who and how much. Wenger won’t give the fans or the press a straight answer and that’s how it should be. He’s not going to announce to the world exactly how much he is allowed to spend and who his targets are. That would be stupid. I’m confident wenger can get the right players in provided he’s given the funds to do so. Therefore, as always, the most important man in all this is not wenger. It’s stan kroenke.

  59. Keyser

    Mourinho is a 52 year old Manager.

    Jack Wilshere is a 23 year old Player.

    The club even apologised for his behaviour, by behaviour I mean his use of the word ‘Shit’.

    Could there be any more relevant examples of say a Chelsea player to compare Jack to, if so, who ?

  60. Marko

    Bam while I agree with you to an extent on Wilshere purely cause we just won a cup why someone would think of spurs is silly but to compare it with Jose is a bit stupid. One’s a guy in his early 20’s and drunk and a player and the other is an elite manager in his 50’s and been in the business for decades. Jack was just being young and stupid what’s Jose’s excuse? Being a cunt? Probably

  61. Goondawg

    The “my old man” chant is a bit too much with young viewers watching, with the use of cunt and bollocks and telling one to fuck off.. that one can be left at home lol

  62. S Asoa

    Whether we will strengthen at our weakness ?
    Or dither on I love Giroud
    Chezney has world class
    Coq will keep on and on unbroken

    They say masturbation is addictive
    Our Wanker probably will get his usual gratification until Transfer Window closes –
    Deja vue

  63. Goondawg

    How drunk was Jack though??? he was seen exiting the club at 6 with bottles of champagne and then you see him in the morning with a massive bottle of beer

    He’s a fucking stormtrooper

  64. Kane

    What a game, what a weekend – the Highbury Barn was rocking!

    Is that our best performance in a cup final under Wenger’s reign? I’d say so – blitzed them from start to finish – Villa’s midfield didn’t get the memo and with the defence sat deep, there was acres of space for Ozil and Cazorla to work in.

    Magic stuff and a day that will be remembered for a long time to come!

    Perfect end to a great season – one of progress and optimism for the season ahead – get the summer signings in early and improve in the right areas and we will be competing for the title next season for sure!


    Love love love Santi for this!

  65. Marko

    And gambon what exactly do you want while we were preparing for a cup final Chelsea took part in a friendly are you suggesting we take a couple days to celebrate and then go out to Asia or God knows where for a friendly? Believe me if Chelsea were in the FA Cup or Champions league final they wouldn’t be taking part in a friendly. Very weird to be using that to shit on the club. When you consider only a few clubs might do it and they probably hate doing it

  66. Kane

    Re Jack… as an adult and a gooner I love that we have some proper die-hard Arsenal fans in our playing squad and Jack is Arsenal through and through.

    If I was a parent of a child who idolises Jack and was there – watching a drunk 24 year old swearing and being racially abusive would not be ok with me.

    Both sides have a point – but if after everything about the weekend, you want to focus on Jack Wilshires 2 minute cameo – then bore off!

  67. S Asoa

    The chest beating bleating about Willshere is much ado about nothing. One needs all kinds including Agent Provocateurs . So only thing Wilshere should learn to do a calculated aggression , when it is required and called for. Let’s move on

  68. Keyser

    It’s sexists, uses a naughty word like ‘Bum’, and I don’t even want to get into why anyone would use ‘Celery’ to tickle someone’s bum.

  69. up 4 grabs now

    afternoon all, weathers getting warmer, we won the cup final and the big talking point is jack saying Tottenham are shit!

    Loved Tony Adams, but he drove into a wall pissed as a fart and could have killed someone!
    Loved the Merse but he shoved half of Colombia up his nose!
    David Hillier was a Suitcase thieving bugger the list is endless with our own players.
    Let alone other teams players who cheat on there wives (John Terry)
    Shag your Team mates Bird (John Terry)
    Get trashed and piss on a dance floor (John Terry)
    Be a racist Thug (John Terry)
    not forgetting some of the other players with there Sex threesomes and attacks on women.
    But Jack is being hung out to dry by the Media for saying shit!
    Perspective please!

  70. Cesc Appeal


    I thought the same thing…one moment he will talk about only the best for Arsenal if we’re going to sign anyone…next it’s cohesion and not being able to compete at the top for signings.

  71. Carts

    Good performance from the lads. Quite a few stand out performers too.

    I, too, echo the same sentiments that a lot of work needs to be done in order to really have a chance of winning the league. We strengthen a could more areas and work on tactics then there’s no reason why we can be fully in the mix xome May 2016.

    I couldn’t give a flying sit what Jack chants; the same way I couldn’t give a shit about what Mourinho said last week. My advice would be for people to liven up a little.

    Nanny state has got certain adult getting emotional over, what is commonly known as, banter. I’m guessing some of us are thinking “Jack should be acting like a role model yada-yada-yada..” yet the actual role models to these “kids” , being their parents, are more foul mouthed than a bus ful of drunk squaddies.

  72. up 4 grabs now

    “I think he has to apologise and retain that passion for his club but not to cross the line and mock Spurs the way he did or the way he got the fans to do. He has to act a little bit better from now on.”
    Quote From Niall i like a drink Quinn.
    If you read his autobiography he did a damn site worse in his day.
    Guess things are different when your a pundit! Lol

  73. gambon

    “And gambon what exactly do you want while we were preparing for a cup final Chelsea took part in a friendly are you suggesting we take a couple days to celebrate and then go out to Asia or God knows where for a friendly? ”

    Heres the think Marko

    We have a huge stadium and the most expensive tickets in world football, yet Chelsea and man City make more money than us.

    Why do you think that is?

    To win the big trophies we need the best team in the league, which takes money, and if our rivals are all ahead of us off the pitch they will almost certainly stay ahead of us on the pitch.

    And yes, if our rivals have all found a way to make an extra £5m-£10m per season from these post season tours then we absolutely should do the same.

    Alternatively maybe we could actually go out there and break new ground rather than just copy our rivals while being 3 years behind them.

  74. Marko

    Thing is though gambon only a couple clubs have ever done post season tours and its literally only a recent thing. City for example do it cause their owners demand some appearances where they are and they couldn’t necessarily do it pre season I’m guessing. But honestly with the copa america and some international football in a couple weeks most clubs don’t and shouldn’t do it.

  75. Bamford10


    “And you wouldn’t understand the rivalry between Tottenham and Arsenal, so I neglect to acknowledge the rest of your clueless comments.”

    I wonder, then, why the club is officially reprimanding Jack for his language yesterday. Perhaps they too don’t understand the rivalry b/t Arsenal and Tottenham. You should have a chat with them, seeing as you understand the club better than the club itself does.

  76. shad

    Solid post Pedro, and thanks for having us here.

    Good win for the lads,and Jack’s chants were nothing short of hilarious. If anyone can’t see the funny side of taking the mickey out of the spuds at an Arsenal trophy parade..football has become too sensitive. I really miss the glory years when our rivalries with ManU and Tottenham were crazy..pizzagate anyone?

    Hate when Wenger gets all flippant with the summer transfers. We need to strengthen to compete for the league and it is plain as day. Need those 3 signings and Theo to sign de ting or we trade him for a WC CF.

  77. Blsany

    I said Alexis was not Worldclass couple of months. oh how stupid did he make look with that goal.That will go down as one my most cherished moments as an Arsenal fan.Is there nothing this Chilean don cant do?Absolutely brilliant just wished i was at Wembley.If this is a yearly think in the words of Ozil iam coming over next year.Someone get me a ticket now You know what this means now we are going on another unbeaten season now.The old man belly is burning with ambitions i tell you sirs.

  78. Cesc Appeal

    Klopp not taking any job this summer? Interesting.

    Some have theorised that Wenger will leave a year early on his current deal…hmm

  79. daz

    the chair of the Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association Lois Langton believes Wilshere has been unfairly criticised.

    “There has been far too much sanctimonious comment from certain sections of the media following Jack Wilshere’s singalong at the Emirates yesterday,” Langton told Press Association Sport.

    “Much is often made of the so-called disconnect between modern-day players and supporters. It is hardly surprising that players are cautious about wearing their hearts on their sleeves if the reaction to Jack Wilshere is anything to go by.

    “No doubt Arsenal will be obliged to remind him of his duties when representing the club in public, but Jack Wilshere showed yesterday that he totally understands what it is to be an Arsenal supporter.

  80. Bamford10


    Former Gunner Niall Quinn thinks Wilshere was out of line yesterday as well. As he told Sky Sports: “You want passion from your players, there’s no doubt about that, but he has overstepped the mark once more.”

    So it sounds like this has nothing to do with “understanding the rivalry,” but of understanding the difference between behaving like a professional and behaving like a drunken lout.

  81. Leedsgunner

    What Jack said in a drunken idiotic state is so less important than what Wenger while he was utterly sober, re not signing the top players because they may be too expensive.

    Wilshere’s comments to the media have no effect on the future of our club, whereas Wenger’s propensity and desire to be box cleverer than his rivals winning winning league titles should be challenged.

    Defending back to back FA Cups is no mean feat and should be celebrated, no doubt, but winning the league title is where it is at for me. Hopefully it is Wenger playing his usual smoke and mirrors tricks and we will get 2 or 3 top signings in the summer so we can win the League.

    We don’t want to end up like those sad red Scousers still talking about league titles when haven’t won it for 25 plus years.

  82. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly.

    What he said about Kozz before the final as well, about how he gets more pleasure from developing a player, or a player making it who everyone repeatedly says won’t make it and who the fans don’t really like…that’s not what we should be about. We should be about giving ourselves the best chance of winning major honours, not all these side agendas.

  83. Blsany

    What Wilshere said was true though wasn’t it?Why is he being slated on our forum iam sure Scum are busy doing it on their shitty blogs!I thought that was rather classy! We are infact Tottenham haters!

  84. Bamford10


    “What he said about Kozz before the final as well, about how he gets more pleasure from developing a player, or a player making it who everyone repeatedly says won’t make it and who the fans don’t really like …”

    Funny he said this aloud. I have been saying this about him for some time. One of his primary weaknesses is that there are things that are more important to him than winning titles, and these things are often at cross-purposes with winning titles.

  85. igbo amadi-obi

    Nice way to round off the season, for sure.

    Nice also to notice a softening of position on Santi. I was beginning to think it was personal.

    I assure you he will stay.

  86. Redtruth

    Wenger’s not suited for Arsenal.
    You’d of thought Chelsea’s success would goad Wenger to act but theirs no fire in his belly just snails.

  87. Willow Wilson

    “Thing is though gambon only a couple clubs have ever done post season tours and its literally only a recent thing. City for example do it cause their owners demand some appearances”

    gambon is just messing with you. It is how he t rolls.There is a negative to be found in everything.

    Think about this.

    A long season, topped off with a physically and mentally draining Cup final and he is moaning because Arsenal players aren’t off on a post season tour playing even more football, for a bit of PR…..!

    I guarantee you this, if Arsenal were off on a tour, he would be moaning the board were putting PR and commercial opportunities before the teams fitness for next season.

    Wenger said this, via the Guardian:
    “Arsène Wenger has expressed his relief that Arsenal will not embark upon a “nightmare” post-season tour as a clutch of top Premier League clubs will do, while he rounded on the decision of the authorities to condense the summer break with an earlier than usual start to next term. Wenger said post season tours are more PR than Financial”


    Wenger is right. Sending the team off on post season games after they have played 50 games is a terrible idea and would mean we had learned nothing from the start of last season.

    We have just won the FA Cup and the boys deserve time off to rest. Last season with the world cup and the CL qualifier, we didn’t have the chance to do this and look what happened. We had a nightmare start and a bundle of injuries.

    Wenger is giving the players a long rest so he can get them all back fit and ready for a decent pre-season. This is great news and should enable us to start the season in the same way we finished it.

  88. daz

    Wenger saying he takes more pleasure out of developing a player rather than simply buying one is not the same as saying its more important to him than winning trophies, Wenger has shown with buying Özil and Sanchez he will do it when he can what’s wrong with being proud to see players like kos and Ramsey step up after they were written off

  89. Leedsgunner


    “We have just won the FA Cup and the boys deserve time off to rest. Last season with the world cup and the CL qualifier, we didn’t have the chance to do this and look what happened. We had a nightmare start and a bundle of injuries.”

    100% agreed. Mert, Özil and Kos were wrecks.

    Sadly we face a similar situation with Sanchez and Wenger has already said Sanchez will miss the beginning of next season because his national commitments with Copa America.

    I hope for our sake, Chile has a really bad tournament, and they get knocked out after their group stages… cue a nice long rest for Alexis and a welcoming party for Arturo who will be worth a few million less after Chile crash out. 😉

  90. Keyser

    It’s just people trolling, we have no option but to spend time developing players, it is a necessity, not only because we don’t have the money to by ready made players for every position, but because the players who develop over time will have a better understanding of the team dynamic.

  91. Marko

    I’d gladly wait a year for Klopp. Him or Ancellotti for me.

    On Wengers comments I do think people tend to over think everything he says. That stuff about preferring to develop a player rather than buy isn’t him confirming we’ll promote rather than sign this summer especially when you consider forgetting how much developing we done with Koscielny we still signed him in his mid 20’s for 10 million.

  92. Gee

    Who cares what Jack sang……The media are no Angels (phone hacking) Jack always sings the Spuds songs, he’s a proper Gooner to heart. Your always gonna pis them off from down the road, just like they pis us off. I thought it was funny considering they had been up all night. Anyway Saturday was the best day ever & that Sanchez goal was such a blaster, we nearly fell off the sofa. Great post again from you Pedro and the guys that fill in from time to time. Wish you and everyone on here a good Summer and hope, sweet Jesus, we hope Wenger digs into his pocket for some top players.

  93. Willow Wilson

    Yes, we will all be hoping Chile get an early exit, however they have one of the best teams they have had for a while.

  94. Carts

    “People forget that for years we had to sell our best players and that was a very difficult period. That is the reality. Since we buy again, we slowly come back to a more competitive level”

    Yeah, but did we actually have to sell our best players or was it a decision we took cos of the money we could receive..

  95. Willow Wilson

    “Wenger saying he takes more pleasure out of developing a player rather than simply buying one is not the same as saying its more important to him than winning trophies”

    Daz, of course you are right. That was another warped view from someone trolling for debate.

    Developing players is a necessity, it is an essential part of squad building. All managers would take more pride in having developed a world class player than buying one, that is normal.

  96. Gunner2301


    Thanks for all the posts over the season you’ve done a stirling job. In all the FA Cup glory it seems all the players we thought might be moved on will stay. Chesney says he’s staying, Walcott, Jack who we arguably don’t need.

    I can’t see Wenger forcing any of them out which means we may not have the required squad space (wage bill) to improve where we needed to take us to the next level. I think this summer we need to see some intent being so far off Chelsea. Is Wenger up for it or is he just comfortable doing what he’s doing? He’s already providing the groundwork for excuses although I don’t think we need Pogba he’s already pointing to Cazorla being MOM costing 15mill add that to Gazidis talking shit the other day I think we’re looking at more of the same.

    I still maintain as I’ve said for years we will not win the league with a striker of Girouds quality, we need better. We might be able to get through on the keeper front but we need more quality up front. I don’t think Wenger is ruthless enough to make Giroud a backup to someone better.

    Lastly Pedders I think you should consider letting some of the guys on here do some guest posting over the summer many of them have proved themselves over the years and I’d rather listen to someone who is a regular on here than someone from some other blog or writer we don’t really know. Cheers

  97. Redtruth

    Arsenal thimp Man Citu 3-0 in Charity Shield.
    Arsenal 10 Premier league fixtures at thr start of the season:

    Arsenal 2 Crystal Palace 1
    Everton 2 Arsenal 2
    Leicrster 1 Arsenal 1
    Arsenal 2 Man City 2
    Ason Villa 0 Arsenal 3
    Arsenal 1 Spurs 1
    Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0
    Arsenal 2 Hull 2
    Sunderland 0 Arsenal 1
    Arsrnal 3 Burnley 0

    Arsrnal started the campaign with a victory over Palace and then gained a credible draw away to Everton after going 2-0 down
    Leicester away could have been better but a home draw to Man Ciry was the best we could have hoped for.
    Villa inevitably got spanked and a home NLD ended in a draw
    Chelsea made light work at beating Arsenal while drawing at home was dropped points.
    And to round off two victories against Sunderland and Burnley.

    One defeat in 10 games.

    Injuries or no injuries Arsenal should not have dropped points against Leicester or Hull.

    Wenger’s masking Arsenal’s poor performamces with the excuse of injuries.

  98. Cesc Appeal


    The problem is balance.

    You can point to Ramsey and Kozz, but what about the numerous players Wenger has stuck with over the years who were just rubbish?

    Nothing wrong with developing players, but not at the expense of success. You could have argued years ago we had to, no reason to do that any more. We’re not held back financially now, Wenger’s job is to deliver top trophies.

  99. Willow Wilson

    “People forget that for years we had to sell our best players and that was a very difficult period. That is the reality. Since we buy again, we slowly come back to a more competitive level”

    Carts, this is the argument all those nasty AKB’s have been using. We were restricted financially and Wenger was operating with his hands tied behind his back, while the Oil boys made hay. Wenger admits this was his biggest challenge and he should know.

    Funny how all of a sudden he buys Ozil, then wins us the FA Cup, then buys Sanchez and wins us the second FA Cup – in a row. Not many do that.

    So pre-stadium he won trophies, during the stadium project he did not, then the two years after the austerity period he wins trophies.

    I don’t believe in coincidence. He is a brilliant manager that when he isn’t under financial pressure to sell our best players and buy prospects, brings us success. I look forward to many more trophies and more scintillating football under our brilliant managers guidance. I would give him a contract extension today.

  100. gambon

    “He is a brilliant manager”

    Man Utd 8 – Arsenal 2
    Liverpool 5 – Arsenal 1
    Chelsea 6 – Arsenal 0
    Man City 6 – Arsenal 3
    Arsenal 1 – Monaco 3

    Brilliant manager.

  101. Gunner2301

    I think actions speak louder than words.

    Who Wenger buys/sells, who he promotes to the team from players developing, how he uses the entire squad he has and how he manages the team tactically will tell us whether Wenger is serious about challenging anyone for titles or he’s more interested in maintaining the status quo.

    I personally feel we won’t see a step change in intent until a new manager comes in with new ideas.

  102. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I think we will be decent next year, but pretty much at the same standard, Wenger isn’t a ruthlessly ambitious manager, we won’t do quite what’s necessary this summer and end up 3rd/4th place also rans after looking promising in parts.

    We will see though, just my opinion.

  103. steve

    “So pre-stadium he won trophies, during the stadium project he did not, then the two years after the austerity period he wins trophies.

    I don’t believe in coincidence. He is a brilliant manager that when he isn’t under financial pressure to sell our best players and buy prospects, brings us success. I look forward to many more trophies and more scintillating football under our brilliant managers guidance. I would give him a contract extension today.”


    Lol how convenient you say the austerity period ended when Wenger won a trophy. If he had gone another five years without winning you would say we’re still in the austerity period.

    “Brilliant manager”


  104. Nasri's Mouth

    Carts: Yeah, but did we actually have to sell our best players or was it a decision we took cos of the money we could receive..

    Probably a bit of both.

    I doubt we could have kept any of Fabregas,RvP or Nasri however much we wanted, without there being a serious risk of them being a big problem in one way or another.

    But with the way the board have basically given Wenger an open-ended contract he’s been able to look longer term than most managers and sold at the right time, most of the time, when he could

  105. Thomas

    June 1, 2015 14:04:43

    “He is a brilliant manager”

    Man Utd 8 – Arsenal 2
    Liverpool 5 – Arsenal 1
    Chelsea 6 – Arsenal 0
    Man City 6 – Arsenal 3
    Arsenal 1 – Monaco 3

    Brilliant manager.


    Hilarious really. Everton 0-3 Milan 0-4 Wigan 2-3 Newcastle 4-4 Liverpool 4-4 Tottenham 4-4 Tottenham 2-3 etc etc.

  106. Willow Wilson

    Young Cesc
    “We’re not held back financially now”

    Cesc, good to hear that you now know this to be true. This should answer your own question about developing players. Back in the day of the restrictions, he had no choice. He tried to balance the books and in doing so knew he had to gamble. With young players, there are no guarantees. In fact, even big players give no guarantees. This is not fantasy football where Falcao would spank in 50 goals or Di Maria would provide 100 assists.

    As you say, we are no longer reliant on prospects or gambles, we can buy big players and more importantly, hold onto our best players. This is very important. This is the reason why we have two FA Cups wins on the trot to celebrate and celebrate we should. You wanted trophies, you have two so have fun.

    The key to this whole thing is stability. Keep hold of your best players and allow the players to develop together. Bring in the players you need along the way. This is what we are doing and how we have changed as a Football Club. Wenger with funds has proved what he can do.

    We now have better players, options, competition for places, cash and the smell of success and the confidence that brings. Introduce improved fitness management and we have everything in place to be a force again. The two FA Cups are just the springboard that play an important role. Any additions Wenger brings in will just further strengthen an excellent squad of players.

  107. Byo

    @Pedro- Thanks for providing the platform, and your writings.
    One just learns to ignore the “nutters”, pessimists and trolls.

    GK- I really am not convinced we need a replacement here, especially not Cech. I would have taken him 5 years ago.

    Team upgrade- The term “world class” gets thrown around ad nauseum. I would suggest we need a CF to share duty with Giroud, and a CDM to share with Le Coq.

    Post-season tours- Why does it not surprise me that this is the new issue to bash the management with!

  108. Gunner2301


    The 2 year FA Cup will give him enough breathing space for people not to get upset if we win nothing and come 3rd or 4th next season after all we’d be greedy to expect 3 trophies in 3 years. There will probably be calls to back the manager financially in his final season as a send off.

    It would be nice if we punched above our weight just once but it seems were incapable of that and all the excuses will be reeled out to show we are just about where we should be.

  109. gambon

    “A long season, topped off with a physically and mentally draining Cup final and he is moaning because Arsenal players aren’t off on a post season tour playing even more football, for a bit of PR”

    What a load of shit

    Chelsea, City, UTD are streets ahead of us financially, and you think we should shy away from improving in this area?

    A long season? Give me a break.

    these guys earn £2m – £7m per year and work 3-4 hours per day. Asking them to do a 1 week tour where they will mainly sit on the bench is hardly gonna kill them.

    I work 60-70 hours per week, and havent had more than a 2week break since I was 23.

  110. Nasri's Mouth

    Hard to guess where we’ll finish next season at this stage. So many variables. We can’t even guess what the changes to FFP will be, nor how ManC or Chelsea will react to it.

    As important as it is to look at reinforcements that will improve our 1st 11, it’s equally important to sort out the injury issues we suffered last season. Hamstrung our season from the start.

    What we can say is that whereas in some recent seasons the top 4 has looked less than certain at the beginning of the campaign ( look at the number of journos who have had us 5th over the last 5 years), next season we should get there comfortably.

  111. Ozy

    Gambon, can you please explain how a post-season tour that lasts one week help us financially in a significant way? And again, I emphasize, in a significant way.

  112. Nasri's Mouth

    Thomas: Hilarious really. Everton 0-3 Milan 0-4 Wigan 2-3 Newcastle 4-4 Liverpool 4-4 Tottenham 4-4 Tottenham 2-3 etc etc.

    nice to read your comments about how pleased you were that we won the FA Cup

  113. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: I work 60-70 hours per week, and havent had more than a 2week break since I was 23.

    And despite this, you’re in peak physical form at the moment are you ?

  114. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t know who you think you’re condescending to, I understand how the football club works, perhaps don’t write a post fawning over Arsene Wenger and telling everyone you would give him a contract tomorrow and then try to ‘explain’ the state of the club to another…in the same way someone might ask ‘why would I listen to someone who hates Arsene Wenger’…equally, why on Earth would I listen to you?


    I’m with you. I think it’s 3rd/4th and some decent spells where we look threatening for the next two seasons.

    We are in a great position right now, and Wenger gets a lot of credit for that, but he isn’t an ambitious man, he won’t capitalise on it, it will be a summer of Wenger classics ‘Coquelin is a £40 Million player…Wilshere is a new signing…Walcott is a new signing…’

    It’s incredibly infuriating because I think if we just added real quality at either end of the pitch, GK and ST, we would be a fearsome side. I do also believe we need a CDM/CM as well of the same sort of quality.

    But it won’t happen. I don’t think anyway. But then, everyone has their FFP excuses ready, there will be injuries, and I’ve even seen some people trying to start the old bollocks again about us having limited funds…