Tactics Wenger bosses record breaking cup final!

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What a day!

Just a short post  because I had a pretty major one last the whole of yesterday.

Wenger did everything right. The first trophy I’ve ever see him win by totally out thinking an opponent. He bossed Tim Sherwood tactically.

The decision to play Theo centrally over Giroud completely threw any game plan they had out the window. Villa most likely had been practicing all week to play against a big lump incapable of stretching them with pace. When Wenger threw out the predictability, he kind of killed Villa.

What made the move even better was when he changed up the tactics during the game and moved Theo out wide. The result was Theo latching onto a Sanchez header and opening the scoring.

The second goal was an absolute monster, Alexis Sanchez cut inside and let of a shot so fierce I think it left burn marks in the back of the net. One of the best FA Cup goals we’ll ever see for the sheer spectacular nature of it!

The third goal was a well worked Per Mertesacker header. He out maneuvered Benteke and put home his header with ease.

Finally, Giroud came on to slip home a deft flick for our fourth!

What a game. Total dominance from start to finish. Villa were out classed, out fought and out beaten. Yeah, I said out beaten. I’m not even sure that makes sense!

As for the day, what an afternoon and evening! Villa fans were great, the Arsenal fans were all having loads of fun and the beer flowed.

I literally can’t remember much past Wembley way! I’m sure my phone photo gallery will tell a different story later!

Hopefully some people managed to get down to the parade today, that looked fun. Good to see the boys looking a little bit jaded!

Right, see you tomorrow with something more coherent!

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  1. Emiratesstroller


    I have actually made an analysis of Walcott’s performance level. The following is perhaps the most damning statistic based on information provided by Transfermarkt.

    This is number of starts made by him in EPL games and where he was substituted.

    2007/8 27 starts [subs 14]
    2008/9 16 starts [subs 6]
    2009/10 12 starts [subs 0]
    2010/11 19 starts [subs 9]
    2011/12 32 starts [subs 3]
    2012/13 24 starts [subs 8]
    2013/14 9 starts [subs 4]
    2014/15 4 starts [subs 4]

    Overall he has started in more than half games in only 3 out of last 8 seasons. For a player on £90k pw that is hardly an impressive stat even if opinion
    of his performance when he plays is subjective.

  2. Willow Wilson

    Arsenal do not need load of additions. Bringing in too many players does indeed destabilise, everybody who knows anything knows that.

    Wenger is right, he has far more knowledge than any of us amateurs.

    Lets look at this logically.

    For around ten years we were a selling club. We bought second tier players and when we improved them we sold them on, mostly at a profit. That is never going to earn you success, especially when billionaire owners are doing the opposite, as well as taking your best players.

    So lets fast forward to our first big signing Ozil. Then the follwing year Sanchez. Throw in amongst that mix some of the other new faces and we have drastically improved the side.

    12 points behind Chelsea?
    Yes, we finished 12 points behind Chelsea. 4 points behind Man City and 5 ahead of Man Utd.

    The table may not lie but it can be misleading. It does not reflect the team that started the season to the one that finished it. We lost too many key players at the start of the season to injury, fact. This upset teh chemistry within the team, as we were chopping and changing too many players. This is a very important point that fans miss, the need for a team to gel and train and play together.

    This is why Mourinho rarely rotates and his big players play 34-38 PL games. Players learn the runs each other make, they train together and work on positional play and movement, this is all very important for any successful team. You lose a lot when you are unable to do that.

    We Lost Giroud, Debouchy, Kos, Ozil, Jack, Ramsey and had no Theo for most of the season. Le Coq arrived late, after we lost Arteta. Am I making excuses? Yes, I am making an excuse for why Arsenal dropped so many points in the first part of the season and how that has artificially given the impression we are 12 points worse than Chelsea. We aren’t.

    So if we start the season with the same team that finished the season, I believe we will be a lot closer than Chelsea for the reason stated. Factor in the fact that our players will have a decent break and a full pre-season together and you can see the difference already. We also have competition for places. We can change the way we play, we have real options now. If people cannot see that, they must be blind.

    You also have to consider the stability. We wont have key players leaving as we have in the past, we are no longer in that financial situation. . We have the luxury of being able to do what Chelsea and City could do with their money. We can add quality to our existing team.

    So I do not believe it is true that we need 3 world class players, as I keep reading on here. Who are these players? Who is to say they are world class? Are we the only ones after them? We need to strengthen the squad with the right players.

    FA Cup success
    The two FA Cup wins are very important. Winning back to back trophies like these is never easy. It builds confidence and belief and increases desire to go to the next level. The way we played in the Cup Final and in the second half of the season was because we had players fit and had been playing and training together.

    If Shad and the fitness team can keep our players fit and keep them training and playing together regularly, we will go very, very close.

    This is a very strong team we are building and it is no coincidence that as we buy better players, two trophy’s arrive.Two trophys that add belief and a winning mentality to the team and provides the platform for further success. Isn’t that what we all want?

  3. Willow Wilson

    “Interested to see what Chelsea do this summer, essentially have a perfect side”

    No they don’t Cesc. They were stuffed by Spurs and League 1 Bradford (at home), a perfect team does not lose like that.

    Chelsea benefited this season from weak opposition. Man City were terrible for periods, we screwed up the first part of the season and Man Utd were rebuilding under a new manager. So Chelsea had little competition from their rivals and were never really under any pressure from start to finish.

    They were the most consistent team and deserved their title but lets not pretend they were ‘perfect’.

  4. SomeRandomGunner

    @Bamford Being a favourite for BPL / CL is entirely different to whether “we can win” BPL or not. I will leave CL out , there are few teams which are just too strong and whatever investment we make we are not going to catch up.

    Another way to ask your question is ,
    Did we loose all the points at the start of the season because of a lack of 2-3 signings
    Could the same team have managed 10 more points in the same fixtures ?
    Then the problem looks entirely different.

  5. SomeRandomGunner

    @ES I already agreed he is injury prone. But Arsenal as a club have always been loyal to players with injuries. RVP / Rosicky / Ramsey / Wilshere whether this is right or not is another question.

    Regarding performance IMO Walcott has been very consistent and he is an unique attacking threat in our team. That is why he is able to rake up the goals/assists numbers from wide.

  6. Blsany

    I said Alexis was not Worldclass couple of months. oh how stupid did he make look with that goal.That will go down as one my most cherished moments as an Arsenal fan.Is there nothing this Chilean don cant do?Absolutely brilliant just wished i was at Wembley.If this is a yearly think in the words of Ozil iam coming over next year.Someone get me a ticket now 😛 You know what this means now we are going on another unbeaten season now.The old man belly is burning with ambitions i tell you sirs.