FA Cup Final: Arsenal look for record against Aston Villa 💛💙💛💙

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The biggest day in our season has landed.

FA Cup Final

Arsenal vs Aston Villa

Kick Off: 530pm

It doesn’t get more exciting than this. FA Cup final day. A full squad to pick from. Chance to win back to back silverware. A chance to become the most successful FA Cup team of all time (12 wins). The weather looks like it’s come out to play, which is going to make for a spectacularly boozy day the world over.

But how are people feeling?

Well, I’m nervous. Wembley isn’t a happy house of fond memories. Even when we win, we don’t win at a canter. I don’t know whether it’s the monster pitch or just the team’s big game fight, but whatever it is, we don’t come out flying.

We were sluggish against Reading in the semi, we were also pretty ropey against Hull and Wigan the year before. This game is tougher than all three. Aston Villa are a bigger team. They might be hugely inconsistent in the league. The Lambert team was garbage, a terrible side. The Sherwood interpretation is in midtable form (well, they’ve been playing great football and winning) and arguably, under him, they’d have had a chance at finishing in the top half of the table.

So we have to be cautious today. Cautious, but not embarrassingly so. I don’t want to see us flustered by a high press or a bit of early aggression. I don’t want to have to wonder if Ozil is up for it. I don’t want to worry that the players look jaded because our prep hasn’t been on the money. We need to be the clinical scary Arsenal we know we can be.

Villa are hopefully going to play the high line against us, which saw them smashed by Southampton and us. If tactics Tim has taken those results on board, we could see the bus firmly parked. Great thing about that is Villa aren’t exactly we placed to defend like, say, a Stoke.

How Arsenal line up is also going to be intriguing. If we think the bus is going to be parked, do we slip Jack Wilshere on over Coquelin from the start so he can try and drive through the wall? Or do we play a similar side that has seen us have a lot of 2015 success? Does Theo land a start so we can utilise his pace on a massive pitch? What will Giroud’s role be today considering his poor form over the last month or so? Will we see a more motivated Sanchez (he said he is more motivated than ever!).

The backline is going to be interesting as well. Who is going to be the preferred line up? Bellerin, you’d imagine, because Debuchy is short and he was pretty woeful in the semi. Then I’d imagine it’ll have to be Monreal, though there are rumours that he’ll be benched?! Kos and Mert at the back. Then in goal… well, it’ll be a big decision. If he opts for Ospina, that’s it for Chezzer (who apparently is a target for Liverpool!).

I hope we play Coquelin in midfield. I think we’ll be taking a massive risk not having the enforcer in the middle of the park. I’d like to see him flanked by Cazorla, Ramsey has looked good in that more central role, but I think Santi deserves his place with Ozil through the middle. Ramsey should start on the right, Sanchez on the left with Olivier through the middle.

That should be enough. If we come out of the traps, disrupt their game plan with a powerful display of beautiful direct pasing. We need to test the keeper early, we need to push Villa back and we need to make them nervous. This Villa team have been better of late, but if things don’t go their way, that weeping child of a team quickly breaks down into a ball of fear.

We simply have to win today. I can’t face anything else. There’s literally nothing more horrible than trekking back from that stadium without the main prize. I’ve experienced it twice, once was Chelsea in a semi, the second was Birmingham, which was incredibly depressing… I nearly landed myself in a fight, accused of being an AKB by a group of fans!

Imagine my face.

The glory makes it all worth it. Last seasons win was something special. On a day like this, the football is secondary to the fun you have before and after. It’s days like this that make you fall back in love with the game. You realise that actually, despite all the money, the circus sideshows and the greed that engulfs every corner… that people make the game. The community around the club is what makes football so special.

What makes occasions these days even more special is the globalness of the game. Fans from Bolivia, America, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia (Shout out to my Sydney quarter final crew!), Germany… you name the country, there’s a supporters group pissing off the locals with their red and white shirts drinking beers at god knows what time. Doing their bit to be a part of the Arsenal.

That’s special. Today is special. So wherever you are, sing your hearts out and savour every minute of the day.

This is what being and Arsenal fan is all about!

Follow the day in realtime here .

Have a good one! XXX

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  1. northern gooner

    And for the final time……..

    What did he wear ??
    he wore, he wore,
    he wore his lucky undies,
    He wore his lucky undies,
    In the merry month of May!
    And when, I asked,
    Oh why he wore his undies,
    he said it’s for The Arsenal,
    And we’re going to Wembley!
    We’re the famous Arsenal,
    And we’re going to Wembley!

  2. Davido

    I haven’t commented for a while but I really have to give Arsene his props- I was pretty down on him from the end of the transfer window last summer and in truth, the general criticism about not getting a DM, CB or striker was fully justified. But since the start of 2015, he’s been absolutely awesome for the most part. Yeah, he got lucky with Le Coq and all but his semi-ruthlessness has improved the team for the better. Sticking with Le Coq and Monreal (another player who’s been absolutely immense and has shown Gibbs up every single time), managing the CB rotation when Per lost a bit of form, pushing Cazorla back a bit to the deep-Pirlo role, sticking with Giroud and then dropping him for the final etc.
    So serious shout out to Wenger and for once, #WengerIn. But it’s time to build on this and mount a serious assault on the title next season. We all know where the team could benefit from either a different type of player or quite simply, a star. Wonderful day to be a gunner!!!!

  3. tunnygriffboy

    Coquelin was his usual self defending today. However did anyone think his distribution and passing was excellent as well. Didn’t he hit a 40 yard ball to Theo just before the first goal ? He hit a couple of good long passes and he carried the ball forward more today

    Santi/Ozil toyed with Villa, completely controlled the tempo of the game.

    So pleased for Theo, after missing out last season the joy of him scoring was evident on his face
    Sanchez unplayable. They tried kicking him but he’s like a rubber ball and bounces up all the time. At least Moss started booking them for niggley fouls

    Ramsey work rate is immense. Still going after 90 mins.

    Defence and Schez solid

  4. tunnygriffboy

    Did anyone hear Ox after the game. He missed out last season with injury. Just scrapped onto the bench this year. Said he conned Arsene to get on. Said he just got up and started warming up on his own of his own accord and told Arteta to tell Wenger to get him on. Said no way was he missing out 🙂 🙂

    What a fairy tale for le Coq and Bellerin the cockney/Spaniard/ Chilean Spanish interpreter. 🙂 🙂 Alexis first post match interview. 🙂 🙂

  5. salparadisenyc

    Put these on the Le Grove tab

    Pint and shot of love for Tunny, Marko, Northern, N5er, Cutter, Davido and whomever else is on here.

    Keyser I love.

  6. salparadisenyc

    The spurs could never handle the Kinks… Like Sherwood Davies was a gooner to the core.


  7. N5

    Sal, it was amazing. Sanchez baby!! what a boy!! what a fucking boy!! I could have kissed Theo!!

    We are the Arsenal and we are the best, we are the Arsenal so fuck all the rest!! fuck em all, fuck em all, West ham, Tottenham, Liverpool.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Never in doubt.

    Well done the Arsenal :). Let’s enjoy the win, no make it a hat trick next year.


  9. N5

    I’m a little bit worse for wear, but its made my fucking night seeing all the happiness the FA cup has brought Le Grove. I fucking love that this club brings us all together. Chatting or arguing we all love the hell out of that club and a win can make it all alright.

  10. Adam

    That was a wonderful game. Watched it in a packed pub in Las Vegas. Arsenal villa ratio – 98 :2

    If you ever get to Vegas during the season, stop by the crown & anchor on game days.

  11. Keyser


    “It was not quite a case of master and apprentice, but the contrast in managerial personalities was captured by everything from their game plans to their post-match refuelling orders.

    Wenger demanded the delivery of celebratory champagne, and eight cases of beer, to the team bus. He had dictated they would be dry in the event of defeat. Sherwood (pictured) insisted on the same quantities of drink being ferried to the dressing room, win or lose. There was much to forget.”

  12. Emiratesstroller

    Probably the most one sided FA Cup Final in last 20 years.

    Aston Villa played to their true potential as their Manager more or less acknowledged and were very poor in all departments.

    Arsenal were excellent playing fast direct football. It was a pleasure to watch.

    I thought that most of our team had excellent games. The midfield was excellent and the more I watch Coquelin the better he looks. On paper he was weakest link at start of season and surplus to requirements. Today he is absolutely

    Sanchez was brilliant and he is so refreshing and inspirational for rest of team.
    The goal he scored was absolutely stunning. Undoubtedly the best buy since Thierry Henry.

    Wenger’s dilemma is now who to offload from squad and who to buy. Frankly
    I don’t think that despite all comments from pundits he needs to tinker too
    much for next season.

    We do need a “clinical finisher” as striker, and probably another defensive/holding midfielder, but very little else. Sometimes you can unbalance your squad by bringing in too many new players.

  13. Jeff

    Excellent win yesterday. The momentum continues. We just need to make sure that we have the necessary additions next year to lift ourselves onto higher plains. It’s not before time.

  14. Leedsgunner

    What’s this I hear of MONREAL rejecting a new contract?!? NOOOOO….. For what is worth, the Nacho man has my Unsung Hero of the Season Award.

    I would like Ricardo Rodriguez of Wolfsburg but I can’t see Wenger spending £20m+ on a LB — although as if we did the LB position for 12 years or more (at least) because of the player’s age.

  15. Leedsgunner

    Don’t get me wrong I wish Alexis all the very best but I hope Chile gets knock out in the group stages so he can have a big rest. I wouldn’t be surprised if he suffers a long injury next season…

  16. Rosicky@Arsenal

    People here love Mourinhio for his boring style of football should open there eyes after such an attractive display of Wengerball.

    Dont know why people at Le grove prefer Mourinhio over Wenger all year long.

    I can bet if chelsea would have been playing in place of Arsenal we woud havr seen a Mourinhio style defensive display and the score would have been 2_0
    Where as Arsenal would have atleast scored 2/3 more goals with a bit of luck.

    The deabte which is a better style

  17. Nasri's Mouth

    So many impressive performances yesterday.

    Ramsey was probably one of the quietest, and he was still excellent.

    Brilliant, simply brilliant

  18. Wallace

    yeah, Villa were poor, but that was mostly because we were so good. very pleasing to see a performance like that on such a big occasion. when Cazorla and Ozil are on their game we’re a very sexy team.

  19. useroz

    Want Monreal to continue as 1st choice LB. Should extend his contract; worth it.

    Anyone believes the sotry Welbeck walked out when leanred he wasn’t in 18 to face Hull, and has since a knee injury?

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Gareth Bale ‏@GarethBale11 21h21 hours ago
    Good luck for today lads in the #FACupFinal ! @theowalcott @aaronramsey
    11,775 retweets 7,997 favorites


  21. qna

    Now that the season is over, we need to get any deals done early. We should no longer be looking for last day surprise buys. Its very difficult to know who is actually available, but seriously how long does it take to find out? Put in offers now and move on, if that person becomes available later and you are not sorted for that position yet, go back for him.

    We are short in quality for next season in front of goal – I know Theo is “like a new signing”. Makes me sick we are still seriously saying this. But Welbeck is a waste of time and opportunity. I hope we look at Vietto here, its the type of gamble we should be making. Of course we could first make some serious bids to genuine “marquees” first. If they are, as expected, rejected we could quickly move onto securing the best young talent available – like Vietto.

    Marquees: Lewendowski (#1), Marco Reus (#2), Cavani (#3), Benzema (#4). All these players are likely not for sale. But why not put in offers of £50m for the first two, and £40m for the two older players.

    Other than these “marquee” players, I can only see marginal improvements from the next level guys like Higuain. If we can’t get one of those four “best in class” strikers, then I hope we look to a high quality youth policy. Guys around 22 years old that are doing big things with their clubs. Fekir, Calhanoglu, Vietto.

    Also, since we beat out Spurs for Welbeck last year, I wonder if they would be interested in a swap deal for Lloris. Welbeck would be perfect for Spurs and its actually an unthinkable win-win. Most people on both sides would have too much pride to do something like this, but where can Spurs get hold of somebody like Welbeck this summer, and where can we get hold of a world class 28 yo keeper? I know I dont rate Welbeck for Arsenal, but he is still going to be a hell of a mid-teir team striker and is perfect for Spurs/Liverpool/Everton/Southampton and his wages of 75k/month are also affordable for them all.

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    Some of Ozils touches yesterday were wonderful to watch, sending players the wrong way, making space. superb, and the way he pressed, the way the whole team pressed was great.

    Need to watch the game again, but seemingly Coquelin had more than enough time to pass the ball around. Either down to Villa thinking he wasn’t a risk, or Arsenal moving players to allow him the space. Worked very well

  23. qna

    useroz: Want Monreal to continue as 1st choice LB. Should extend his contract; worth it.

    Definitely need to re-sign Monreal. You mentioned Ricardo Rodriguez. I heard he was very good as well. I really like Jose Gaya from Valencia. I have been watching him when I can and he is perfect for us. I havent seen much of Wolfsberg. I did see a bit of last nights match. What a goal by De Bruyne. That kid is bloody good. Chelsea really screwed the pooch there. Looks like it will be City’s gain and Wolfsberg’s profit.

  24. Wallace

    i’ve got serious worries about the overall size of the team when Giroud’s left out, especially if Gabriel moves ahead of the BFG next season, but can’t deny how dangerous we’ve looked the last two games with Theo up top. Ozil, in particular, is head up and looking for the killer pass a lot earlier than previously.

  25. qna

    NM: Some of Ozils touches yesterday were wonderful to watch, sending players the wrong way, making space. superb, and the way he pressed, the way the whole team pressed was great.

    Yeah. Ozil is just on another level.

  26. Nasri's Mouth


    Rather than worrying about transfers, try just to enjoy the win. It’ll be a long long summer, plenty of time to think about which players will and wont join. FA Cups don’t come around every year

  27. Wallace


    i got the impression the Villa forwards were trying to press us early, but they had no support because the Villa defence couldn’t play a high line due to the Theo/Sanchez pace threat, and thus their midfield was too deep.

  28. qna

    Wallace: i’ve got serious worries about the overall size of the team when Giroud’s left out, especially if Gabriel moves ahead of the BFG next season, but can’t deny how dangerous we’ve looked the last two games with Theo up top. Ozil, in particular, is head up and looking for the killer pass a lot earlier than previously.

    I am concerned too. But Coquelin wins a lot of headers as well. Kongdogbia is 188cm and Giroud is 192cm, (although I suspect Giroud is much better in the air). I really hope we are putting in a bid for Kongdobgia and I think that he would pretty much be our third tall in the box to defend set plays and corners. Monreal plays tall too. So does Debuchy.

    I think Giroud will be quite effective off the bench next season.

  29. Nasri's Mouth


    Agreed, seemed as though Coq dropped a little deeper to take the ball, while others pushed up a little, meaning Villa had to cover them. Allowed him to get him head up, and meant he didn’t have to pass under pressure.

  30. qna

    NM: Rather than worrying about transfers, try just to enjoy the win. It’ll be a long long summer, plenty of time to think about which players will and wont join. FA Cups don’t come around every year

    I am enjoying the win. Agreed. They dont come around very often. Back to back FA cups even rarer and this is an incredible achievement. I am thoroughly chuffed and impressed with the team and the manager. You know me well enough to know I dont say that often.

    I am now dreaming about more. And for more we need to strengthen, which is why I am looking forward to transfers.

  31. Dream10


    I’m with you on new signings being done quickly. Vietto is likely to sign with Atletico, as Simeone wants him to replace Mandzukic. An astute signing.
    A goalscorer and a CM with an expansive range of passing should be the priorities.

    A GK needed as well, but I will be disappointed if we don’t sign a goalscorer.

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    Other half has to get up at 4.30 am tomorrow morning to catch a flight. Seems like a great opportunity for me to watch the game again in bed before getting up

  33. Willow Wilson

    What a day in the stadium. It was unbelievable. Well done Arsenal Wenger for your 6 Fa Cup wins and thanks for that performance. Wenger has won as many fa cups as Arsenal had won in the previous 100 years. Wenger has his mojo back, 2 Fa Cups on the trot, no coincidence it is because he can hold on to players and spend on players like Ozil and Sanchez.

    Unlike on the Internet, where you get a lot of moaners following the club, in the stadium and at Wembley, you get to see how happy Gooners are and how much they live Wenger and tge team.

    There is a feeling that Wenger is building another great side.

    All the players that the Internet Grovers have been caning proved a point. Ozil was immense and our BFG had the over rated Benteke in his pocket all game. Sanchez scored one of the greatest goals in a cup final, Theo looked lively and Le Coq showed why he deserves his place. Santi controlled the tempo of the game.Szchesney was a great choice.

    Giroud, what a great finish.

    Great to see all the subs and the injured Wellbeck celebrating after the game, this is a united group.

    Well done Arsenal.

    Thankyou Arsenae Wenger for another great day out, another trophy, another record and for that entertaining football.

    Great to be a Gooner.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    First of all the key to success is to have a solid core of players who get on well together and want to stay at the club. My view is that the atmosphere in club at moment is probably better than it has been for a long time and maybe that was demonstrated yesterday by “class leadership” of both Mertesacker and Arteta.

    What you want is that our best players want to stay at club not for the money or necessarily trophies, but because the enjoy playing in team.

    At the moment we have a “huge” squad, which is frankly a dilemma and that was actually highlighted by Wenger in interview before yesterday’s game. The
    biggest achievement since January is that we now have “fewer” players injured
    which camouflaged the problem.

    Wenger does need to address that problem particularly since it is important to freshen up and improve team/squad each year to maintain momentum.

    I suspect that there were “non playing” reasons for extending Arteta’s contract as some posters have previously suggested. He is clearly “coach or future management” material as is probably the case with Mertesacker as well.

    Whilst Arsenal have scored a lot of goals since January it is also clear that we
    squander also far too many chances. Obviously in games against opposition like Aston Villa that is not critical.

    However, when you see how we played against Swansea and Sunderland you
    realise that our current crop of strikers whilst good are not special enough to
    make the difference in games which are tight or perhaps where our game is
    not quite at its best level.

    Similarly we have in Coquelin a player with the right game to break down teams of the calibre of Chelsea, but what happens if he gets injured or if we need more defensive discipline in midfield. Frankly there is at moment no
    other option.

    The goalkeeper remains also an issue. Both Szczesny and Ospina are decent goalkeepers, but neither is the best.

    My view in recent weeks has been refined. I disagree with most of the so-called pundits including Thierry Henry who keep on talking about recruiting three or four new players as though such players as we need grow on trees or that Arsenal can undertake a “bulk buying” venture. We are not the “only pebble on beach” nor do we have “unlimited funds”

    If a realistic budget for new players is £50-60 million I would rather spend it on
    one genuine “World Class” player than on 2-3 very good players, but who will
    realistically not make a great deal of difference to overall performance of team.

  35. MadeToLoveMagic

    Big Love to All connected to Arsenal, what a day. There’s a real spirit and buzz within the team and its nice to see after nearly 10 years of re-patchings and reworkings. Big shout out to Monreal , most underated player of the season….

  36. Bankz

    Special shoutout to northern gooner’s “lucky undies”
    We’ve worked every game the lucky undies has participated in.

    More power to your elbows northern gooner, keep the undies washed, starched & ironed for next season.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    MadetoloveMatgic: Big shout out to Monreal , most underated player of the season….

    Took a couple of long ball passes out of the air with such skill.

    Been great this season

  38. Bamford10

    A great performance, no doubt, and much to be happy about, but last time I checked, this Arsenal team finished 12 points behind Chelsea and was bounced by Monaco in the CL round of 16, so clearly there is still much room for improvement.

    The question is what improvements, if any, Wenger will make to the squad this summer. This remains to be seen.

    My players of the season awards go to Coquelin, Cazorla and Mertesacker, players whom I have not always believed in but who were, for me, the true spine of this team’s success. Well done, boys.

  39. gunnergetyou

    If reports are true that Monreal could be on his way to Bilbao after turning down a new contract I’d be very disappointed. It shows we’ve still got work to do before we start boasting about being able to hold onto our players.

    We couldn’t get Sagna to sign a contract, Bellerin’s already being linked to Barca, Cazorla to Athletico? And now this.

  40. Insomnia

    Isn’t it lovely,
    Isn’t it wonderful

    When it clicks – the players the style the speed of passing and movement.

    Do you remember when you were a kid playing football and the joy of just playing, making the crowd noises and doing the commentary like it was a big match?

    Well that simple all encompassing pleasure is the same for me as when arsenal play like they did yesterday. It felt like a dream.

  41. MadeToLoveMagic

    Coq has emerged like a bulge in a dwarve’s trousers, nobody expected it to be so big. Think the main thing we need to do is sign a player to replace Welbz as i think his position is vital and he lacks what you need to be a truly great player

  42. Emiratesstroller

    I think that potential departure of Monreal will be disappointing but not critical.

    His departure if confirmed is understandable. He is a Basque and as everyone knows Athletico Bilbao recruit only Basque players and their recruitment is therefore limited. Monreal is now 29 and one suspects that he wants his final
    transfer to be to Athletico.

    Monreal is a good left back, but I am sure that Arsenal will have no difficulty finding a similar or better calibre player if required to do so albeit it will be a shame to lose him.

    However, the idea that he is going, because the grass is greener elsewhere is
    on this occasion ridiculous.

  43. Willow Wilson

    If any one watching that game, like Bamford, does not think we have improved from last season, then they are deluded and don’t know what they are watching. They say the table doesn’t lie but it does. The start of the season we did not have yesterday’s team available. Some was bad luck, some was the usual injury issues. But this team is much better now; sanchez, Wellbeck, theo, Le Coq, Bellerin all added and playing together for the first time in the latter part of the season. Gabriel signed. It is moronic to say we are no stronger than last season.

    We have only been able to invest in 2 years and invest we have. If we can keep players fit, we will be close despite the billions they invested over the years. I would accept we need to add but we do not need 3/4 players. You cannot keep rebuilding by adding those numbers. Our bench yesterday was strong. We have a good mix of youth and experience. As emirates stroller said, the way the players all get on should not be underestimated.

    This is a very, very good squad of players. If we can start the season with the same team and correct the injury problems we will be very close. Add one or two players and offload those like Podolski and our chances improve.

    Please do not compare last seasons team to the one that we saw yesterday, how can a team with the additions I listed not be stronger? At least this time there is no World Cup and players can have a full pre-season. But the key issue will be the fitness of the players. We cannot start with the same injury numbers.

    Wenger is building a great side again. Support him and the club and those of you that think you know better than him and just want to find something to moan about, take a deep intake of breath. You keep embarrassing yourselves.

  44. northern gooner


    Thanks for the mention. Cant believe Pedro has never added a paragraph about them in any of posts.
    They are wanted by Arsenal to go into the museum but i think they will be staying in the safe until August.

  45. Al

    Would be a huge step back losing Monreal…he has been excellent and the balance of the back four including him had been a great base for the side. He has developed a great understanding with Kos and Sanchez in front of him.

    Also huge props to Bellerin. He should undoubtedly be are first choice ahead of Debuchy. They level of performance from Bellerin imo is at a better standard than Debuchy has shown in his career.

    No need to stunt his growth.

    Coquelin….that was a masterclass is playing that holding role..the number of interception and shielding he did yesterday was a joy to watch

  46. Wallace

    i could understand Monreal returning to Spain in a few years time, but now, in the prime of his career, and finally established in the first team, champions league football every season….i’d be astonished if he wanted to give that up for mid-table obscurity at Bilbao.

  47. northern gooner


    Gambling wise its shite but nothing new there haha.
    Arsenal wise couldnt be happier.
    How you getting on.

  48. alex cutter

    “If any one watching that game, like Bamford, does not think we have improved from last season, then they are deluded and don’t know what they are watching. ”


  49. gunnergetyou


    You say that you disagree with Henry but you yourself have just highlighted 3 key areas that we need to strengthen. GK, DM, CF. Yes our squad may be big but it’s clearly not good enough as we still ended up 12 points behind Chelsea.

    “If a realistic budget for new players is £50-60 million I would rather spend it on
    one genuine “World Class” player than on 2-3 very good players”

    Why would our budget be as little as £50-60 million. If this is the case then the club are still holding back funds. We know Man Utd and City will both spend big, and Chelsea are likely to improve again.

  50. rollen

    Lol Willow u can cry as much as u want
    We need few WC players and better management to compete with big boys.
    And maybe just for once spank Moureen.

  51. alex cutter

    “Not sure why the day after FA cup people are talking about us being so behind Chelsea etc”

    Because bell-ends like Willow and Rosicky think that a comfortable win over a relegation-level team means we are now title challengers?

  52. Il avataro di Napoli

    Peds in the same way that we need to dump the likes of Diaby and Gibbs to move on as a club now it’s about time that this forum bombed out weirdos like N4 the post code boy from here to uplift the clicks to this forum. Weirdo faux moderator stinks the place out….

  53. Wallace


    “Whoever said Ozil was in god mode yesterday was so right.”

    check out the little flick at 3:26. him and Richardson chasing the ball into the corner….so smooth and easy on the eye.

  54. Marko

    Apparently some Italian publication or website is reporting Vidal’s agent was at the final last night and held talks with him. I dunno how true it is but considering he’s also Alexis Sanchez’s agent I’m sure the guy was there

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, maybe he was there to see Sanchez in a prestigious final and everything else is just BS.

    You’d think that maybe the day of an FA Cup final might not be the quietest and easiest day to do complicated contract negotiations…

  56. Joe

    Sanchez could of been scoring goals like that Liverpool.

    But he said fuck Liverpool , who the fuck are they? I’d rather go to arsenal and score at wembely!

  57. N5

    First, Napoli/River or whatever name you’re going under next! you really need to move on, your fixation is creepy. It’s been going on for way to long, get a hobby. Second, N5 isn’t my real name so I’m not sure why you think keep changing the number bothers me, it’s quite frankly odd.

    You’re a grown man, how about you start acting like it.

  58. Rustygunner

    I luv the addiction to success.

    And when our turn at the top of the pile arrives we will be the gold standard of a true champion, good football and a humble bunch of players and fans who know their football.

    Patience pays. I have to eat my humble pie. Thanks Wenger and we’ll done on equalling the record.

  59. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I have said many times that Arsenal need to strengthen three positions.

    However, you do not always get what you want and realistically there is no guarantee that you will find the right replacements.

    Gazidis has indicated earlier this year that our transfer budget will be £50 million. I thought that this might be increased if we made sales specifically Walcott, but that now seems unlikely.

    Wenger has also said in an interview that he was only interested in world class players, but would not buy for sake of it.

    My guess is that Wenger will probably buy a maximum of 2 players this summer. One is likely to be Schneiderlein if they can buy him at the right price.

    The other will be a forward, but that is a guess. Personally I don’t believe that
    Wenger will buy Jackson Martinez who will be 29 at start of season. Wenger’s
    major purchases in last 2 years have all been aged 25 and under.

    We might land up buying a left back if the story about Monreal is true.