The best strikers Arsenal should target this summer

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When bae found out she had FA Cup final ticketz

Morning! Simone has penned you a strikers blog post, I’ll have more of an FA Cup flavour later on this morning, in the meantime, enjoy the post!

Hello you lovely  Grovers, Pedro got me thinking about strikers, (and by got me thinking I mean asked me to think about). Who would improve us? Who would be an instant hit? Who is genuinely world class?

I’ve been seeing a lot of this on twitter…

“Cech, Schneiderlin and a WC Striker and we’ll challenge for the title…”

Very few people have made their minds up about who this world class addition would be.

Well I have, but let’s first rule out some contenders.


Rafa Benitez has said that when he takes over in Madrid he wants to build a side around Gareth Bale. This would mean that the Welshman would move into his preferred central role. Some people have speculated that this means Ronaldo would move to play as a central striker. I’m not entirely sure that this is true, but for argument sake we’ll pretend it’s a given. That means that Benzema may be surplus to requirements.

My personal opinion is that if he came to Arsenal he would do well. His link-up play is good, he’s strong, quick and can play with his back to goal, but he’s not as good a focal point as Giroud.

I always take the stats of a player at one of the big Spanish teams with small pinch of salt. Having played two more league games than Oli he’s only scored one more goal, and he’s got Ronaldo not only assisting him, but also drawing defenders away from him. There’s also an argument that Madrid and Barcelona are so much better than the rest of the Spanish teams (except Athletico) that it’s easier to score for them than for us here in England.

Overall I still think he’s be great, but I think there’s someone better, but we’ll get to him soon.


He’s caught my attention this year because of the amount of goals he’s scored for Lyon, and what I like the most about him is that he’ll shoot from anywhere if he thinks he’s got a chance.

He reminds me a bit of Aguero in the way that he plays, and of course there’s room for improvement. My worry is that scoring goals in France doesn’t mean he’ll be scoring goals in England. For every Hazard tearing thing up for Lille and coming here and doing well, there’s a Gervinho or Chamakh. You just never know if the player will make the transition successfully. This may be a touch controversial, but I also don’t think he’d bring anything different to the team that a fully fit and firing Walcott wouldn’t bring.


The big Uruguayan seems to fit the bill for the Premier League in terms of speed, size and strength, but does he fit the bill for Arsenal?

He’s been shunted out to the right a lot at PSG to accommodate Ibrahimovic so it’s harder to judge, but I don’t think he would bring anything to the team that Giroud doesn’t.

He has a lovely touch, good accuracy and great hair, but so does our big Frenchman. Pound or pound their stats are similar, and bearing in mind that Oli is proven in the Premier League I have to rule Cavani out.


Another player with similar pound for pound stats to Giroud, but in a undisputedly inferior league, what Gonzalo would offer is an ability to score an ugly goal in a crowded box. He’s also got good vision, but he lacks when it comes to link-up play, which is so important to our game plan.

Raheem Sterling


Finally we come to my choice of central striker. Borussia Dortmund’s beautiful Marco Reus. Aside from being gorgeous, he is an outstanding player, and having watched him on a number of occasions, I think he would improve us.
Now I know what you’re thinking, Reus isn’t really a striker, but neither was Thierry Henry, and he worked out rather well.

He has the pace Giroud doesn’t have. He has the link-up play Higuain doesn’t have.

He has the technical ability Lacazette has yet to develop and he would offer more all across the front line than Cavani or Benzema would as they aren’t quite as effective when they play out of position. For me what Reus would offer as well as pace and technical quality is an adaptability that we sometimes lack against stubborn opposition. He could switch to either side as well as play through the middle, and I get excited just thinking about how he would dovetail with Alexis and Theo, (if he stays).He’s also young and I think that if he’s not already

He could switch to either side as well as play through the middle, and I get excited just thinking about how he would dovetail with Alexis and Theo, (if he stays). He’s also young and I think that if he’s not already world class he will be soon. He does have injury issues, but if anyone can keep him fit

He’s also young and I think that if he’s not already world class he will be soon. He does have injury issues, but if anyone can keep him fit it’s our own Shad Forsyth.

So there you have it. Cech, Schneiderlin and Reus, and we’ll challenge for the title.

Special mentions to Llorente because he’s decent, but too similar to Giroud, and Falcao because in the right system he’s awesome, he’s just been such a failure for United.

Also don’t be surprised if Arsene signs a 12 year old from the North Korean 17th division. He does these things.

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  1. Bamford10


    Where did I say Benteke was better than Benzema? Nowhere. Benzema is world class. Read my comments above. I’m saying Benteke is superior to Giroud — and to Martinez.

    Not sure where you got the idea I was comparing Benteke to Benzema.

  2. Bankz

    N5 is too strong I am not a winner , I am joining Bankz …

    SomeRandomGunner- you’ve made the right choice.
    Welcome to the fold

  3. Carts


    If FIFA are publically traded then that’s news to me…

    I think the fact that the FBI are involved is a display of overreaching power from the US. This issue has sweet FA to do with them yet their flexing like FIFA are hiding ISIS #1 in command..

  4. DM


    That’s not true at all. Being faster and a better dribbler doesn’t automatically mean you’re better, it means you have different attributes. With Sanchez and Theo/Ox in front of him, I think Giroud is really good, as he can hold the ball up far better than anyone else in the team, and can pick them out and link up very cleverly with them. But it’s useful to have other options too, so that we can change it up a little. Which is why I think our new striker should be fast and tricky. Not as a replacement for Giroud, but an alternative to switch around both before games and in the games.

  5. Sukky

    Giroud has the best hold up play in Europe though he’s static and slow but he’s effective with the right players. Benteke is similar but faster and he doesn’t really run into space much like benzema. Benzema is the 3rd best striker in Europe in my opinion (after Lewandoski and Suarez). Benzema run into space, he can create his goals or create for others,he’s a better dribbler than benteke and faster. His hold up play is not at Giroud’s level but definitely better than benteke’s. Benteke is a beast goal poacher. That’s is the difference between the three (have watched them many times and I can say I know about them)

  6. blsany

    I am lost for words mate.Let’s just agree to disagree.Were would you strengthen then?How would you wants to go in to the next season?I am struggling to understand you mate.i ll just let the Claude do the talking-

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    Muslera is one of the worst GKs i’ve seen in the last few years, no joke, he’s horrific. We put 8 past him in the CL group stage. Chesney and Ospina are both much better.

  8. Bamford10


    Giroud is simply not good enough to be #1 for a top team. No pace, no dribbling, can’t create for himself.

    This “in between” position you’re trying to carve out for yourself — Giroud doesn’t need to be replaced, he needs to be alternated — is a bit muddle-headed.

    Giroud wouldn’t start for a single top team in the world. We need better than him, not someone equal to him but “different”. He must become a #2 for us to get to the next level.

  9. Alfie

    Carts –

    For whatever reason USA got involved, and I can only presume it has something to do with Chucky, im glad.

    An old boys club lapping up bribes and kick backs thinking they are untouchable.

    Despise Blatter.

  10. Romford Ozil Pele

    So from the sounds of it, seems like the lads have been shown past FA Cup wins to gee them up even more for tomorrow’s game. Theo said Arteta gave a really good speech. Regardless of whether you think he’s good enough or not, he’s certainly someone who commands a lot of respect and has good insight to offer.

  11. DM


    Honestly mate, I would sign a GK (Cech if at all poss), a DM (Schneiderlin, otherwise Vidal or Bender would do a good job) and a pacey CF who can also play out wide when needed. Basically an upgrade on Welbeck. That would be my ideal.

  12. Bamford10

    To reiterate, regardless of one’s opinion of this or that player, the real question is whether Wenger will take substantial steps to improve the team this summer, or whether he will instead go more or less with what he has.

    I fear the latter, and if he does this, this will show that he:
    – has learned nothing
    – has changed not one iota
    – is actually an impediment to our moving up in the table and in the CL.

  13. Carts


    Granted – it may not automatically render Giroud inferior, but what you’re suggesting seems more complicated and pointless than it needs to be.

    “Change it up a little” is something that rarely happens, and when it does its more due to giving player x a rest as opposed to looking at the oppositions back 4 and think “fuck me, Benzema has no chance, let play Hernandez instead”.

    Let’s take, say, the top 6 teams in Europe:


    From the above, who incorporated your hypothesis deliberately? I’d probably say Juventus, as their the only one who go 2 up top.

    So, what did they actually do different to others? they rotated Llorente with Morata, to play alongside Tevez, in the final third of the season. Llorente wasn’t really on form.

    Everyone else went with their strongest forward line, unless x was injured. For e.g: Costa for Remy/Drogba, Benzema for Hernandez, and the odd rotation: Pedro for Suarez/Neymar.

  14. Marko

    Carts the Americans had every right to be involved if money passed through any institutions on American soil. But let’s be honest if they didn’t get involved all we’d have is heresy and rumours of corruption but now we know

  15. Bamford10


    And importantly, Juventus’s CF — Tevez — is much, much better than Giroud. Giroud would never be Juventus’s #1 CF option. Never.

    And if he were, they wouldn’t be in the CL final.

  16. Carts


    No dount FIFA been running a mock. Blatter holding on for dear life like his life depends on it. I think the only real solution behind all of this is to:

    a) Blatter steps down/ loses to Prince Ali
    b) if evidence suggest malpractice, re-run the 2018 & 2022 votes.
    c) set up an impartial auditing committee, comprised of top 5 leagues, to oversea FIFA practices.

  17. DM


    Fair point, and I hear it. But the fact that teams don’t do it often doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Also, your point “everyone went with their strongest forward line” – this is the thing for me, the strongest forward line may change at various points in the season. Players have bad spells, and purple patches. Giroud may be getting a lot of hate on here but I guarantee there were times this year when no-one would’ve benched him for someone else. When he’s on form, he adds to our all round play extremely well and does score good goals too. When he’s not, we need a different option, not someone who’s similar — just my opinion!

    And if we look at united, they have different options for CF:

    Rooney: power power power
    rVp: technique
    falcao: f**k all

  18. blsany

    That’s pretty much exactly what would like to see.Kondogbia,Krychowiak,or one of the Bender brothers for Dm positions,Reus for Lw.Also i’d keep Welbz and get rid off Giroud. Sign a Benzema.Just because Welbz is younger and might learn thing or two playing with an actual world class Cf.

  19. Carts


    I guess they’re using the likelihood of something happening in continent of Americas as a precursor then? Either way, FIFA had it coming lol

  20. karim

    Nothing to add re Benz/Giroud, you were spot on of course mate.

    Em Stroller
    Chamack was recognised as an intelligent, selfless striker, very good with his head too.
    He was nowhere near Gervinho to be fair. The latter was a real disappointment.
    All in all, Chamakh was good until Robin came back and that was it, really.

  21. Carts


    Tevez is a beast. Pocket rocket. Hold up play more impressive than most 6′ plus players, clinical from in and outside the box. Top player.

  22. Bamford10

    Current rumors re Ki and Martinez are not inspiring — the former being especially uninspiring. Hope these are empty.

  23. Alfie

    Carts –

    Pretty much agree with all of that re. FIFA.

    It would be tough to poll for 2018 and 2022.

    Those ruskys will go into nuclear mode and the financial implications just don’t make it plausible.

  24. Carts


    Giroud has his enemies, no denying that.

    I personally dont “rate” him.

    I acknowledge what he does for the team, and it’s Wenger who entrusted Giroud with the role of shooting us to the title. Can I get a lololol?

    As I said before: he’s not a bad option playing second fiddle to a superior striker. He’s got a few decent faecets to his game – link up , hold up and the odd instictive finish – but he isn’t upper echelon. Nor will rotating him with a superior striker make much sense as you’re affectively giving yorself a lesser percentage of winning…unless your blatantly playing a weaker team.

  25. Alfie

    Im off to Vegas in 2 weeks. Staying at the Excalibur (a bit ‘meh’ but hey ho) – is anyone about at that time for a beer?

  26. Sukky

    All said, am not excited about any players coming in. You guys don’t still get it, do you? Wenger is not good enough for 21st football, no matter how many world class players we have,Wenger will find a way to screw it.

  27. Carts


    Going to be hot AF out there, no?

    I’m yet to sample Vegas. Couple of my pals been recently and loved it. Might do it for my 30th I think 🙂

  28. Bergkamp63

    gambon May 29, 2015 09:28:48
    “I still think Benteke could be incredible for us.

    Hes better than Giroud, much more complete.

    Has a lot to improve, but I could definitely see it happening”

    I would go along with this, my only worry would be his injury, if he avoided an occurrence, he would be hard to beat given his age and PL experience for £32m

  29. Cesc Appeal

    If you sign Reus he will play the other side of Ozil to Sanchez. I love Reus, and if we sell Walcott I would love us to be in their like a shot.

    But if we’re serious about winning the league we’d need a great ST as well, Giroud just isn’t dynamic enough, decent enough plan B striker and he has a good player, but he’s not good enough if we want to win the big trophies.

    Can’t let myself get excited about these Vidal rumours, he is essentially the perfect midfield player at just about everything, would get into any midfield in the world, him and Ramsey as a base, with Sanchez ahead, Gabriel and Kozz behind, press to death.

    Cech is a must, just no brainer.

    So if we’re daydreaming and being super greedy. Cech, Vidal, Reus, Benzema…it even looks ridiculous to type it…but I doubt Mourinho would be smirking much anymore if he saw that arrive at the Emirates.

    Debuchy, Gabriel, Kozz, Monreal
    Vidal, Ramsey
    Sanchez, Ozil, Reus

    Haha….absolutely disgusting

  30. Emiratesstroller

    The reality is that none of the players discussed is currently a “World Class”
    30 goal a season players. Those will cost £50 million + and now £250K pw wages.

    What we are talking about are 20 goal or potential players who are likely to cost £30-40 million and perhaps £100-150K pw salaries.

    My view is that Arsenal will not spend £30 million+ on any player who is aged now 27+. If they are going to spend that sort of money then they will want a
    resale value at end of contract. Looking at players like Martinez,Benzema and
    Cavani they will all be 31-32 at end of 3 year contract.

    Van Persie was a 30 Goal a season player in his final year at Arsenal and aged
    28. He was sold at a much more modest price and as you can see is now even
    more injury prone than he was when sold. I doubt that Man Utd will get more
    than £10 million for him based on this year’s performance especially when you
    factor in his wages.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Back to reality, lots of debates about selection tomorrow, I think I would go for:

    Bellerin, Mert, Kozz, Monreal
    Coquelin, Ramsey
    Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez

    When Walcott is in scoring form you play him, no question, milk that form. Cazorla has looked really off the last few weeks and tired, can’t have that against a Villa side who will surely just go at us with nothing to lose.

    Gives us some good options from the bench though, Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, Oxlade…please Wenger, do not play Gibbs tomorrow…or make any kind of weird team selection, like dropping Coquelin and trying to cram Wilshere, Cazorla, Ramsey and Ozil into the side.

  32. Alfie

    Carts –

    Yeah it will be a little cosy.

    The wife is American and her famalamalam live out there.

    Pedro should work out a way we can attach pictures on here. Id update you.

  33. gambon





  34. toniboy


    Why is that dreaming?

    That’s not unrealistic. its what you need to compete for top trophies now. Chelsea looks like that…Real, Barca…better even

    Thank God someone else recognizes Tevez…I think l heard he’s leaving Juve. If so I think he’s ideal

  35. blsany

    Toni boy
    Tevez is never going to happen.Purely because he has BIG COJONES and would have say something to Wenger!That will never happen but one can only dream eh?

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Perhaps it’s ‘doable’…but I mean in terms of facing the reality of the way Arsenal is run, no way Wenger shows that much ruthlessness and ambition.

    I would probably pass out.

  37. Bergkamp63

    Can’t see us buying any striker that’s 28 now let alone 31 !

    Lacazette & Benteke are both 24, would imagine this is the age of a striker we would be looking at.

  38. toniboy

    blsany…..absolutely….we need cojones though.

    Cesc, I would be on the floor passed out ALREADY.

    However, apart from weapons like pace etc…we need a player to make a real difference. I don’t think in goals…I think about beating Chelsea…or rather not being weary of playing such competition. As is deep down, we know what the result will be….we need to go play away and player X can deliver on the 1/2 chances we get in the 1st half….Done!!!! better than playing 70 mins before 1 shot at goal. thats what can improve us

  39. peanuts&monkeys

    If Greizzmann is not in that shortlist, its not worth reading LG today. Link-up play my foot. We mneed a striker who can score goals like which Sanchez scored yesterday – yards outside the box and can head-in diving like Rooney. Greizzmann is the 2nd-best header in Spain today after CR7. And, he has speed and he is direct. Get him Ivan!!!