FIFA day of reckoning?

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I’ve sat back many times over the pat few years, jaw dropped to the floor in amazement, that FIFA executives seem to be flagrantly oblivious to the fact they need to abide by the same laws everyone else does. 

The corruption isn’t even discreet. The coverups are about as effortless as a teenage hairdresser dressing for Boujis on the understanding Ashley Cole is there.

But they always get away with it. Like football is bigger than big oil or something.
Well, yesterday, the world could rejoice as Switzerland (via US request) arrested 6 Exco official on corruption charges. There isn’t much detail other than they can volunteer to be taken to the U.S. on trial or the U.S. might have to apply for their extradition. I’m guessing if the request has been made, chances are, these execs are fucked.

Either way, it’s a positive step. Hopefully the start of other countries following suit. There’s always a way to take down corporate pigs. Would be great if the organisations leadership collapsed and a new regime could be installed in its place.

Dreams. But this is football. Dreams can come true.

Today is going to be a short post. I’m lucky enough to have an invite to the press conference this morning. What a treat. Shame I fucked my trains. But at least I’ll see the players for a sweet 15 minutes.

Hopefully I’ll have some positive news for you. Maybe news on WELBZ and Chambo. Maybe some comments from Wenger on Theo and Jack starting. Maybe the announcement of a £50m signing. Who knows.

It’ll be interesting to hear what Wenger is thinking on David Ospina after the Colombian had a less than impressive final game of the season. Obviously he won’t be playing the FA Cup final, but the question will be around whether he keeps his place next season, especially with Petr Cech stories wafting through the club at the moment.

Right, that’s me done. I’ll start warming up with some FA Cup goodness tomorrow!

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  1. WengerEagle

    Agree Erase, for me Takeover > Ether.

    Ether was mostly Nas angrily shouting playground insults at Jay whereas in the Takeover Jay took Nas apart in a colder, more calculated way without resorting to childish insults.

    I love Nas for the record, just think that Ether is hugely overrated.

  2. Erase

    So true WE I love nas and Jay too as the are two of the greats but I prefer jays more relaxed style in takeover to ether childish insults

  3. Thank you and goodnight


    Bless. Bet he was made up with his pressie. Hope you have a good night tonight mate. All of you

  4. Wenger's Plastic Bottle

    Wow. Big Daddy Kane getting dropped on le-grove by Kiyoshi

    Take a bow son.

    How you doing?

  5. Thomas

    N5May 27, 2015 16:33:07
    The fact you keep mentioning beastie boys and then claiming to know hip hop speaks volumes.Didn’t take long for cunter to retun did it.


    What’s wrong with the Beastie Boys? Definitely one of the big influences in hip-hop.

  6. mysticleaves

    No disrespect, i just heard it now from you now.

    I just said I don’t put him there cos he hasn’t been good enough over time. BP 1 and 2 are his legacy.

  7. WengerEagle


    Half of the song was calling Jigga gay despite him smashing arguably the fittest female in the music industry.

    Wasn’t very creative.

    The bit about the karate class was funny.

  8. Wenger's Plastic Bottle

    Some of you guys forget.

    Mobb Deep
    Big L
    Rah Digga
    KRS one

    The list goes on…….

  9. Thomas

    alex cutterMay 27, 2015 18:50:01
    “Beasties continued to make good albums after that. ”Yep. But not “great”.Apropos of nothing, I took Mike D’s death much harder than Cobains


    I think you mean MCA. R. I. P. Adam Yauch.

  10. northern gooner


    Cheers mate. Much appreciated.
    Yeah he loved his hulk hands. He gave me a good hiding.
    Getting an early night as my mrs needs to catch up on big brother…….

  11. Sancho Monzorla

    London Gunner

    I’m not sure who wound who up, as you disappeared for a couple hours to prepare that point by point response.

    Real gangster of you, by the way.

    Look, you can go around spewing all the shit you want about other men feeling inadequate, obviously that’s always gonna get a rise from people. It’s such a primitive way to look at it though.

    If you really, truly believe that’s what being a man is about, more power to you. I’m of the opinion that you will change your mind at some point in your life..

  12. Kiyoshi Ito

    Yah…That one is for Arsewipe…

    Arsene divides the fans..
    Unite us all Arsene..Win the EPL &bow out with a European Cup to your name..

    To a man, you will unite us all..

    #Wishful Thinking.

  13. Kiyoshi Ito

    Wenger’s Plastic Bottle

    I’m good..You?

    Miss you dude..Hope you keeping well. .

    What have you been up to?

    Le-Grove has changed a bit..It seems, bar your usual suspects. .

  14. salparadisenyc

    “Literally sniff goals.”

    Apparently Colombian’s are trained to sniff many things, goals being one of them!

  15. Danish Gooner

    Mentioned Carlos Bacca two years ago and now look at him 28 goals he would be a serious upgrade on Giroud but also rather expensive.

  16. MidwestGun

    Hmmm not sure how Bacca missed that last one. Konoplyanka is too good to be playing at Dnipro…. no offense to Dnipro.

    Also, What happened? Dude just went down?

  17. Dream10


    Don’t think Jackson is as much of a predator as Bacca and prime Falcao.

    Teams prefer the all around centre forward. But does hide the fact the finishing of this type of player is poor?

  18. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dream, don’t think it means players are poor finishers. It’s just that teams rarely play with two forwards these days because they don’t wanna lose the midfield battle. That means more is expected from strikers. More than just being in the penalty area, they have to do a link up play as well as score goals. I think it’s a good challenge and the cream always rise to the top

  19. N5

    Thomas nothing is wrong with beastie boys but we were talking gangster and then it all went over the top. There was no need for the elevation as its all only a matter of opinion.

  20. Kiyoshi Ito

    Alex Cutter

    Is right, about Jay Z being a product, not an artist. .

    Going off on a slight tangent…
    Michael Jackson was an artist and a product.By gosh a global phenomenon. .

    Slightly veering off again. .
    Arsene makes me want to…..

  21. Dissenter

    The “weak” league with two strong teams and the rest just became the first league with five CL spots.

    The only premier league clubs strong enough to win the UEFA cup are the top-four teams.
    Every one else is rich and gash.

  22. Dissenter

    “Champions league is already devalued and now more so with the inclusion of Sevilla”

    Sevilla have more right to the CL than the third or fourth place teams in England. They are actually CHAMPIONS of something.

  23. Dissenter

    “Bacca is exactly like Jackson and Falcao. These guys are thoroughbred poachers. Literally sniff goals”

    I’m sure there’s a pun in there, somewhere.
    Wasn’t he born in Medellin?

  24. Dream10

    Seven years ago Carlos Bacca sold fish and was an assistant on a bus.
    Quite a journey.

    The dude is ruthless in front of goal

  25. Dissenter

    I can see Liverpool going after Bacca with the Raheem Sterling money.
    I can see the agent saying, You cannot provide him with CL experience.

    Can’t we just sell all our dross and combine the proceeds with next summer’s transfer money to buy Bacca.

  26. Sancho Monzorla

    I feel like the UEFA Cup felt so much more valued than the Europa League title. Europa is basically relegated CL teams at this point.

    Congrats to Sevilla though, their mastery in that competition is impressive.

    Would you take 4 UEFA/Europa trophies over the past ten years or 19 yrs of CL football?

  27. Kiyoshi Ito

    A couple of tunes for Arsene & his fornicating shenanigans as a manager over the last decade..

    1st. .On fans hearing him sign an extension to his contract. Or outstaying his welcome party. .

  28. Dissenter

    “Champions of a Competition that teams avoid like the plague”

    You meant *Champions of a Competition that [ENGLISH] teams avoid like the plague.

    That’s why the Premier leagues’s UEFA coefficient is dropping like a stone. If we have a replica of this year’s Premier league European performance and Italian teams perform exactly the same way, The Premier league could lose the fourth place CL spot by 2017.

  29. Sancho Monzorla


    Yeah, Muamba had a cardiac arrest playing for Bolton a few years back. Scary stuff. I remember he was an Arsenal youth so a bit more of a connection, felt horrible when it happened.

    Though torn scrotum sounds nearly as bad lol.

  30. Dissenter

    Daily Mail: “Tottenham have had a £12million bid accepted by Burnley for striker Danny Ings”

    I know our season is not yet over but I hope we get our deals through very early.
    No CL qualifier excuse.

  31. Kiyoshi Ito

    2nd….On his love child Diaby & 2nd rate striker Giroud who struggles against top flight opposition.

  32. Redtruth

    It would be good if 4th place was taken away from the Premier league.

    Only winners should be allowed in the Champions league .

    It would increase competition in the Premier league with teams fighting to clinch 1st place.

  33. Kiyoshi Ito

    And lastly on seeing Arsenal top of the league January 2014& doing the best he can to blow both his feet off
    with a magnum(broke back Kallstrom)..To finish a respectable 4th..

  34. Dissenter

    The fourth place trophy is actually a great idea.
    Have a play-off between 4th-7th and play in on a foreign venue.

    The trophy will be called the Wenger trophy
    “In loving memory of the great manager who made the 4th place so special”, we decided to make money out of it.
    That trophy will be more meaningful than the FA cup.

  35. MidwestGun

    Hahaha Hall and Oates. ……..I remember the 80’s…. barely. Now, all we need is some Prince. .. Little Red Corvette and I can relive my ackward teenage years.

  36. Bamford10

    Sevilla in La Liga since Jan. 1:

    Sevilla 1-2 Madrid (Feb. 4)
    Sevilla 0-0 Atletico (Mar. 1)
    Sevilla 2-2 Barca (Apr. 11)
    Sevilla 2-3 Madrid (May. 2)

    Are Arsenal (3rd) or United (4th) that much better than this team, Marble?

  37. Bamford10

    A few questions:

    1. Who/what could possibly cost us the game this weekend? (If you had to pick someone/something.)

    2. Argument against starting Ramsey wide right? (As this seems to be the consensus thought here re what Wenger will do.)

    3. Starting RM next season? Ox, Theo or Walcott?

  38. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Szczesny in goal.
    Giroud missing in action.
    No tactical adjustments til the 70th minute should things go bad.

    My off the top worries.

  39. Bamford10

    My point is that that would mean that you think Arsenal and United devalue the CL as well. Perhaps you do.

  40. Bamford10


    Why do people think Wenger would start Shez this weekend? Because Ospina looked iffy this past weekend?

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    I actually have to agree with red truth for once. Now I know people will rip me a new one but I do honestly believe CL should be just for the champions of their respective leagues. Maybe then you might get clubs genuinely trying to win the leagues rather than being just happy with CL qualification.

  42. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Not sure… most likely, it’s his last performance. But one lazy punch on a corner and a knuckling ball he stopped, just in a dodgy manner and I still have more confidence in Ospina then Szczesny. He hasn’t played either. One thing I do know is a keeper needs games at full speed.

  43. MidwestGun

    Also, Ox most likely starts Rm next season unless injured. I also expect Sanchez will need some games off. So unless we uograde, I expect, Theo will start also.

    So…. Theo,Ozil,Ox

    In the opener. Hence why, I feel we need an upgrade.

  44. Relieable sauce

    The UEFA cup is only regarded as a pathway to Champions league ($£€) which is a shame IMO. The winners will not even defend their title unless they finish 3rd in the group stages of the ECL. Makes a mockery of the whole competition turning it into a CL play off.

    I guess UEFA still want a Euro super league so we are stuck in this limbo until it happens or someone comes up with a better idea.

    …Reducing top flight leagues to a max 18 teams with all non CL (excluding promoted teams) teams going into UEFA cup & stop 3rd place CL teams from entering???

    Not saying this is the way forward & its probably not even workable with some of Europes lesser leagues, I just think the current set up is far from ideal & needs an overhaul.

  45. MidwestGun

    Off topic:
    But how in the Hell does Sepp Blatter get off from indictment? He is acting
    As if its a minor thing they have already taken steps to correct. Plus dude is 79 years old….keeps getting elected. Pathetic.

  46. Dissenter

    “Off topic:
    But how in the Hell does Sepp Blatter get off from indictment? He is acting
    As if its a minor thing they have already taken steps to correct. Plus dude is 79 years old….keeps getting elected. Pathetic”

    The same way the Bank CEOs got off for crashing the global economy trading complicated junk.
    The same way, no US president will ever get caught like Richard Nixon.

    have a minion do the dirty work and withhold key documented information from the boss.

  47. Swiss guns

    Don’t think UEFA would be all that keen on a champions league comp consisting of about 24 teams, 4/5 of which would be meat for the top teams.
    Forget the premiership, would you like a champions league with one of atletico, Real Madrid, or barcelona? No Dortmund? I think the champions league is fine, English teams just need to smarten the fuck up in this competition.

  48. Bamford10

    Juventus, who play in the CL final in 10 days, have already signed Dybala for 28m and Khedira for free.

    We got bounced in the CL 16 and signed Flamini on a free.

  49. Relieable sauce

    I like the idea of an end of season Allstars cup comp between the major European leagues. A bit fanciful but it would be lapped up by a global audience & be worth shed loads.

  50. salparadisenyc

    Nice to see the old lady active, historically amazing club. Don’t think many give em a chance vs Barca… i’d love to see me hold out and win.

  51. Dissenter

    West Ham and Newcastle do not know their place.
    They expect a manager who’s one of the hottest properties in world football to leave Sevilla and come to lowly English teams.
    The dude is preparing for CL next year and is probably on the Real Madrid queue at some point in the near future and he’ll leave all that for loser teams.

  52. Kiyoshi Ito

    Lastly for the night…
    An apt tune for Arsene .The shattered dreams he heaped upon the following & vice versa (Diaby)

    1) Cesc
    2) RVP
    3) Nasri
    4) Viera(coaching role @ the very least)
    5) The fractious r’ship b/w Arsene &WOB

    6) & Diaby-Arsene’s lovechild

    “Could be better, should be better, lessons in love”

  53. Kiyoshi Ito

    Sorry bloggers for crashing in, on the evening match talk.

    Just thought, I’d end it with one last vid.Love this tune..

    So from-me to you, you to me, me to you, you to me.Tippy tappy bollocks we witness under Arsewipe..

    It’s Alright ….Every end has a beginning&every beginning has an end..

  54. salparadisenyc

    Having a hard time wrapping my head around cutting shot of Ancelotti for Benitez, Benzema to United or Arse depending on which paper you read and that Ito loves the above Jamiroquai video.

    I need a beer, the silly season is here.

  55. Kiyoshi Ito

    I’ve always admired Ozil…Don’t care if he cost 42.5 million.

    Any fan, worth there salt, or any purveyor of football, would admire the stuff he does as much off the ball, as on it..

    Shame, his talents are wasted at Arsenal.

    For sure Ozil is a strikers dream.
    I’m sure Ozil wakes up in cold sweats, ,reliving the horror of supplying L’Oreal, as opposed to Benzema&CR7.

    Got to feel a tad sorry for the fella.
    Even he has been indoctrinated into the Arsene mentality..Hence his tweet-“Top 4-Job done”

    Sigh. ..

  56. Dark Hei

    Sepp hasn’t gotten away yet.

    There are 2 concurrent probes. The US probe has to do with how money was transferred on US soil.

    The Swiss probe however, hasn’t even named anyone. You can bet Mr Blatter is in there somewhere.

  57. Dark Hei


    I believe Wenger knows this as well. I think the intention for Sanchez was to play in the middle. But then the coaching team found out that Sanchez is dropping too deep towards the ball. They decided to just leave him on the left and have the entire team change their style to suit him.

    Hey it worked. But that means we still need to go out and find that striker. Ozil’s assist stats dropped this season, I think, because there is no Ramsey rampaging through the middle. And before you go puffing at Giroud, don’t forget that it is the Ozil-Ramsey-Giroud combination that knocked 11 straight wins at the start of last season.

  58. Wallace

    ” Most of the time the heroes are the people who come on in an FA Cup final – they make the difference. That’s why it is important as a reward for the whole team who have fought very hard the whole season to get there. Let’s deal with it as a whole squad.”

    – Wenger

    looks like Theo and Jack will start on the bench…

  59. Nasri's Mouth


    For every player that goes to the World Cup in Qatar at least 2 workers have died building the stadiums for them to play in…

    …so far…

    …still 7 years to go.