Defensive midfielder drops Arsenal hint

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The season is over for many but for Arsenal, it’s just beginning. Well, it’s not. It’s just finishing, only a week later… hopefully in a blaze of red and white open bus glory!

We have a huge opportunity this weekend to defend our FA Cup. We have an exciting chance to finish the season like absolute heroes. We have the chance to give the fans something to remember for the rest of their lives.

I’m excited. So excited, I’m not going to start talking about it until later on in the week. No one needs 5 FA Cup final previews.

So, in other news, Wenger is complaining about FIFA and the latest tournament after a World Cup.

“I’ll watch [the Copa America], but with a little bit of fear.

“Sanchez has played 50 games for us and goes there again, having already played in the World Cup last summer.”

You do kind of feel for clubs a bit. The players are treated like cattle. They have country committments that they can’t escape without being branded a traitor. They have club committments they have to adherre to because that’s who pays them.

It’s all a bit shite.

I don’t really know what the solution is, outside playing all the continental cups in the same summer. It’d make a lot of sense. An orgie of football around the globe. However, you can imagine sponsors taking exception to such an offering.

I still don’t quite understand why clubs can’t take more control over the whole FIFA process. If all the major outfits turned around and said, we own the players, let’s force change at FIFA, why couldn’t that happen?

Why are FIFA so powerful? Why couldn’t clubs render FIFA invalid, based on a whole number of legitimate reasons, then run the World Cup independently?

I’m sure there are answers to my ill thought out plan, but I don’t get it.

I was reading about Brendan Rodgers keeping his job earlier. I agree with it. He’s tanked this season and his signings were pretty drab. I like him as a coach, but you have to perform. It’s been a bit of a circus over there this season. However, he has to make good next season to keep with his job.

As part of the article, it stated that Juventus’ expensive outlay last summer was Morata at £14.7m. They’re in a European Cup final, what, 8 years since being relegated? They’ve also moved stadium. We’ve had 18 cracks at that trophy and never won it. When is our turn to hit it hard? How can we bring our football up to that level? How can we find players that can play out a plan and act smart on the pitch in the way they do at clubs like that? What are we missing? What are all English clubs missing at the moment?

Many questions.

I mentioned Allegri as one of the talented stock of managers in their forties to a bit of derision last year. He’s gone in at Juve under a bit of a cloud and he’s emerged a hero after taking them to another level. Just goes to show how much of being a great manager is about circumstance.

Then you have Carlo Ancelotti out on his arse the other side. Unbelievable that Perez sacked him despite players and fans speaking out for the club to keep him. Absolutely crazy short term thinking. Where you have Barca on the other side making all the smart moves and building round two of their empire.

Morgan Schneiderlin ramped up speculation around his impending move to a Champions League playing club.

“I learned a lot last season. The goal is to stay in England. It is a championship that I like and where I have a lot of fun. If I leave Southampton, it is for a club that plays better than the Europa League.

“There are ongoing discussions but nothing is done. But of course the Champions League is my goal. If I leave Southampton it will be for a club in the Champions League.

“I have a two-year contract. If a club pays the right amount for me, it will be time to leave.”

Sorry Spurs, that sounds distinctly like he ruled out a move to White Hart Lane. Spursday Night football never caught on.

He wants a move to Arsenal, I just hope we make an early play for him.

Right, that’s your lot. See you tomorrow! x

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  1. Thomas

    May 26, 2015 22:53:07

    Yeah, but we can imbed now Thomas and you failed at that. What an absolute bellend.


    It’s actually “embed”, not “imbed” lol.

  2. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    Ya…sounds like it has been hard to get tickets. But definitely should be worth it. You have my permission to bitch slap any Chelscum fans there trying to get a rise.

  3. N5

    Actually Thomas both are acceptable, but thanks for yet another pointless contribution.

    I guess if Jabba isn’t here your Salacious Crumb routine isn’t very good.

  4. Thomas

    May 26, 2015 22:58:23

    Ha ha Thomas was that seriously your best comeback? not only are you a troll but your simple.

    Do your best mate, actually give me your best!!


    Haha I wonder who’s the simple one who doesn’t even know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Mong.

  5. Willow Wilson

    Thomas, seriously mate you are one of the saddest football fans on the planet. just like Mourinho you can’t seem to enjoy your title win without obsessing on us. And you wonder why fans of every club dislike your club and your fans the most?

  6. Willow Wilson

    Thanks. Bitch slapping a Chelsea fan would be an undeniable pleasure. Never met a decent one.

  7. N5

    So Thomas’ idea of a comeback was “I know you are but what am I” and incorrect pull up on imbed/embed and a your instead of a you’re.

    Lololololol If only gambon was here for you to hide behind a!! what a cretin.

  8. Honest Bill

    Good old Alexis. Also Hazard’s game is based solely on trying to con the ref in to giving a penalty. He’s the next Robben.

  9. Dark Hei

    “Midwest, what’s amazing about Untold is their whole editorial policy is about getting into bed with the club… yet I’ve never seen any of them at their media events”

    My belief is that Untold means exactly what they say; no ulterior motives. They are nuts.

    Which is a shame because their ref reviews are very good. They break down the action, minute by minute; very comprehensive and detailed.

    Arsenal will not invite them to the party. Doing so will be getting into PGMOL and the FA’s big book of boo boos.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    In the last few weeks there has been a lot of discussion about what the club needs in terms of positions and players, but rather less in terms of characteristics of players.

    So I will open by saying that in recent years the team has been lacking of the
    1. A genuine captain [ie a genuine leader on field]
    2.Match Winners [footballers like Sanchez who will bust a gut for team]
    3.A Central Midfield Holding Player with good defensive discipline and
    concentration [footballer like Coquelin]
    4.World Class goalkeeper [someone who can win a game]

    There is absolutely no question that our squad even now is one of the most talented in the EPL and in many respects more complete than many of our major competitors.

    However, it still lacks many of the personalities needed to ‘control and deliver
    results’ when we are not playing particularly well or as we saw in recent games
    the opposition parks the bus.

  11. Howard

    Arsene Wenger!
    He keeps on extending contracts of players we don’t need

    Rosicky 34/35 good player but his legs can’t allow him to play twice a week. Often not selected on the bench. Even though we have players like Wilshere and Ox to replace them. AW has extended his contract for one more year.

    Arteta same

    Diaby can’t play regular football again but expect AW to give him another contract. Pay per play will still cost money as the player will still earn a basic salary.

    He willingly signed Flamini for 3 years so we should expect Flamini to stay for a further year like Sqillacci dd. No DM will come in

    Sanogo is hopeless but will keep him because he’s offloaded Afobe who is better

    For AW, being French always helps

    In the long run AW will not bring in any player and we can’t win the league again.

  12. SomeRandomGunner

    @bnsp it is the same circular arguments about how much we can/could/should have spent. …..

    Was there any official confirmation on Arteta / Rosicky extending their contracts ?

    Everybody seems certain about it. I dont know about Arsene , but Rosicky seemed to want to play and was not happy to get 15 mins in 15 games.

  13. qna


    So they just wait till they all go to Switzerland for the FIFA conference and arrest them since Swizterland has yes-extradition when ever you want treaty with them. Pretty ingenious. I guess Bin Hammam really lucked out by being kicked out of FIFA because he didnt get sucked into this trap. Ahh, the guys at the top always get away with it huh.

    What I dont understand it why are the US arresting them? The corrupt bastards all need to get whats coming no doubt, but has this got to do with US law. Can North Korea just start arresting FIFA officials because they broke some of their laws? Get my drift here?

    And by the way America, if we are going to give Qatar 2022 to anyone else, its going to be Australia so back the fuck off.

  14. tunnygriffboy


    Leaders are certainly neededin our team. We have experience but many of them appear to be nice quiet guys. They say Per organises on the field but it doesn’t mean that he’s vocally going to scold anyone and bawl at them to get intoposition. Kos and Monreal though intelligent footballers are much to quiet. Ozil is not a leader and Bellerin is a pup

    Who could be our leaders. We have some potential prospects. Coquelin is vocal and has admitted he does get on peoples backs when they don’t track back into position. Long term I think Ramsey and Wilshere have the potential to lead. I’ve been impressed with Wilshere since he’s come back and as Ramsey matures as a footballer he has potential to be a captain

    However we have no John Terry, Vincent Kompany or Gerrard or Lampard. Wilshere and Ramsey may develop into those characters in the future. Perhaps this is why he’s keeping Rosicky and Per in the group. As our young players gain more experience so their lleadership qualities will be enhanced. We could do with a natural leader to add to the team this window.

  15. tunnygriffboy

    Ok then guys. Who gets the nod for our right side on Saturday ?

    Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere or the Ox ?

    I think Ramsey will get the nod with the others to provide fresh legs in second half. Think Walcott would be useful if Villa try to attack us and I think
    Sherwood will.

    Will he go for Walcott or Giroud ? We have good options available to us.

  16. Emiratesstroller


    Leaders do not need to shout, but they need to command respect and direct the team on field particularly when they are struggling.

    In recent years there has been an absence of tactical naus both on and off the field.

    Personlly I think that Mertesacker could make a good captain if he is guaranteed a place in the team. He is articulate and seems to be a fairly intelligent guy.

    Also he seems to be someone who conducts himself professionally both on and off the field.

    What seems to be changing in the team in recent months is the work ethic. I
    do feel that a lot of the current crop of players are now much more involved in games and prepared to put the boot in when required to do so.

    For all the criticism Ozil is someone who works a lot harder than many assume when you watch him in the flesh. What he does not do is make ‘reckless’
    challenges and that is probably why he is not perhaps as visible as someone like Wilshire who is far more gung-ho.

    The match winning ethos is now the one major ingredient, which needs still
    improvement. I think that it is no accident that Wenger bought Ozil, Sanchez and Welbeck in recent transfer windows. All three come from clubs, which knew how to win.

    Whilst I still think that Arsenal’s priority in midfield is Schneiderlein it could
    be that the alleged interest in Vidal is also for same reason having been with
    Juventus who have won Serie A on numerous occasions and are now in Champions League Final.

  17. Sukky

    I can’t really remember the last time we play well in wembley.And I can’t see any good performance coming on Saturday.Clueless wenger will play Ramsey on the right again and this will affect us again. And this Ramsey on the right is killing Oliver because no one to Run behind as we see Alexie has been playing like a midfielder lately. Walcott on the right will be the best but this is arsenal, we love doing things the hard way.

  18. N5

    I would have Wally on the wing with L’Oreal in the middle Random. I really like Ramsey, but Wally was on fire the other day and I hope he carries it over to the weekend.

    I prefer him on the wing to the centre.

  19. Wallace


    Walcott for me, although like you i think Welsh Jesus will get the nod. the Ox would have been favourite, i think, if he was a few weeks further on in his recovery. and even though there’s an argument for playing Walcott through the middle, i’d go with Giroud.

  20. Thomas

    Gary CMay 27, 2015 07:16:34
    David Dein. “Arsene has silenced his critics” Really David?


    Haha he actually said that? Link?

  21. SomeRandomGunner

    @N5 i would like Walcott to start but i dont see Wenger changing anything.
    Sanchez and Giroud is not working. Sanchez and anyone else is in attack is also not working. I was very happy when he started making runs behind instead of hogging ball and dribbling till end of time. But in the last 2 games he reverted to ball hogging and dribbling.

    But individually Sanchez is too good to be dropped .

  22. tunnygriffboy

    I think he’ll go with Ramsey and Giroud, a bit of a safety first , comfortable selection. Santi has played so well this season but long term it will be Ramsey and Jack that will play there but not on Saturday though.

    Thing is I’ve been impressed with the cameo’s Walnut and Wilshere have had in the last few weeks and they were outstanding against West Brom.

    Personally I’d find a way to get Theo in whether it be up top or on the right to give Villa defenders the worry of him running behind. I think it’ll be safety first though. Whatever happens we’ll have excellent options off the bench.

    My biggest concern is Benteke and crosses, freekicks and corners. You can just see him pull onto the shoulders of our fullbacks.

  23. N5

    Agreed Random. The combination currently isn’t working but like you say, you can’t leave someone like Alexis out because he can have a moment of brilliance that will change a game.

    Tunny/Random, we all know Wenger, he very rarely surprices, from planned subs to formation/team selection, very rarely (unless injured) is anything changed.

    We’ll probably see the same as every week. It would be odd to see Wally in the middle though… from the start.

  24. Sukky

    This will be different from league matches, it will be very open and we all know if a team play with confidence and little mistake against arsenal, they have a chance.

  25. tunnygriffboy


    Re increased work ethic. Influence of Alexis ? Genuine competition for places meaning everyone has to up their game if they want to start ? I bet training is intense. We haven’t had this in a while, it’s got to be good. Add a couple of top players in the summer at DM and upfront and we have bases covered.

  26. Willow Wilson


    Swiss Authorities are investigating money laundering in connection with Russia 2018 and QATAR 2022 World Cup bids.

    FIFA is about to be unravelled.

  27. Wallace

    watching games recently and while Giroud takes all the heat on here it must be incredibly frustrating to play with Sanchez when he’s not on top form. rarely sees the pass, always getting caught in possession…as great as he’s been at times this season, there’s still a lot he could improve.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Aston Villa may have improved marginally under Tim Sherwood, but they are
    defensively a poor team who have conceded more goals than any team in EPL apart from QPR.

    Of course past results mean absolutely nothing in a FA Cup Final as we saw last year against Hull.

    Aston Villa have a potent attack, which needs to be properly controlled, but
    somehow I cannot see them beating us in Saturday’s game. I watched them
    lose 4-0 against us earlier this year and frankly they were very poor and folded once they conceded goals.

    Our game against WBA might be the right formula to play against Aston Villa.
    Walcott is more mobile and less predictable than Giroud and frankly we do need some pace in the team. Also Giroud came on from bench in a number of
    earlier Cup games so my preferred team on Saturday would be:

    Ospina [Wenger may play Szczesny]
    Monreal [Wenger may play Gibbs]

    Arteta [ not my choice but as club captain might be selected if fit]

  29. tunnygriffboy


    Re Alexis that is the scary thing. He can get better and improve his combination play. There’s room for improvement in a lot of players at the club. A combination of this improvement, proper rotation, better fitness and condition plus a few additions and we’ll be very competitive.

  30. Willow Wilson

    Sanchez was a fantastic signing and surpassed the expectations for any player in his first season in the PL.

    He played 34 PL games and scored 16 goals, providing 8 assists. All of this while often playing wide and providing defensive cover.

    What do some of you want? Serious question because all some of you do is pick holes in our players.

  31. Willow Wilson


    The two big decisions for Wenger is whether or not to recall Sczesney and Giroud.

    I have a feeling he may use Walcott as an impact player and start Giroud. We know how energy sapping the occasion will be and that big pitch, so Theo’s pace when Villa are tiring may be what Wenger goes for. In addition, Villa are a threat from set pieces and Giroud does a good job for us in those situations.

    I cant wait to walk into the stadium, I have a feeling we are really going to turn it on Saturday.

  32. Sukky

    I’d go for WS01 in goal. Ospina should sit this one out. I don’t even trust him neither woj too. But with crosses and Ariel dominance, I’d choose woj.

  33. Thomas

    @Willow Wilson

    People are saying Sanchez can even get better, which he can. What’s wrong with that?

  34. WengerEagle

    Sanchez has had a fantastic season goals and assists wise, he can definitely improve in his comination play and decision making though.

    He should be rested more as well. He has noticeably dropped a couple of levels since December.

  35. tunnygriffboy


    I am not picking holes in Alexis. I love him. He carried us first half of the season when the squad was ravaged by injury and we had numerous key players out with injury. He’s the best signing we’ve had in years. Scary thing is he can improve in terms of movement away from the ball and in combination play.

    Hazard 17 goals 11 assists
    Alexis 23 goals 9 assists

  36. N5

    Spot on Stroller. Isolate Benteke and Villa are gash. There is no way we should be going into this game with fear. We’ve been far to respectful to garbage teams.

    Get in there and destroy the f-kers, no tippy tappy tikka takka rubbish, shoot at the goal, repeatedly!!

    Villa are awful!! We need to shake the Hull/Monaco/Birmingham monkey from our backs and get out there and play like the bloody team we are!!

  37. WengerEagle


    Tbh mate Hazard has been the best player in the BPL this season, goals/assists stats don’t tell the whole story.

    Sanchez/Aguero have been a close second for me.

  38. N5

    Willow, you do seem to take things personally! Asking whether certain players work better together isn’t being mean about a player! suggesting a player has weakness in certain areas and strengths in others, isn’t being mean.

    I’ve read and reread the comments today and not a single one would I say is being out of order about Alexis.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    tullygriffboy/Willow Wilson

    Before Tim Sherwood arrived AV were relegation fodder. Not only was their defence poor, but they had also a goalscoring problem as well. If you discount Bentecke’s recent goalscoring form they could not score a goal to save their life.

    Even now they have the second worst goalscoring record in EPL. They have scored only 31 goals all season. Key is to keep Bentecke under control as we did earlier in season at Emirates when he had hardly a kick at goal.

    Also to get the first goal fairly early on and then control match. My instinct
    is that Wenger might start with similar team as Sunday apart from perhaps
    including Coquelin rather than Wilshire. Coquelin would be important to
    cover counterattacks.

  40. Sukky

    He had a really great season but we lost some points because of his selfish play. He’s good but Hazard is better base on this season performance.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    Not disagreeing with you re Hazard. He has been their major danger and has produced magic when needed. Plus his team won the league. He has also the advantage of playing with Costa

    I put the figures down because Alexis has been phenomenal considering it was his first season and his numbers match up to Hazard’s.

    Imagine if we had Aguero playing alongside Sanchez in front of our midfield. *** Sigh ***

  42. WengerEagle

    Hard to believe that Real Madrid have actually sacked Ancelotti, even their star men like Ronaldo and Ramos were calling for him to stay.

    Have to wonder what goes through Perez’s head, especially when he replaces him with Rafa Benitez.

    Horrible club that go against everything good in the game.

  43. Dissenter

    There’s no way the WC can be stripped off Russia or Qatar. It’s far too late now and besides we have a large military presence in Qatar,

    I really wish this new US Attorney General did not fall into this silly trap. Let the UK media keep writing expose after expose about FIFA corruption. We shouldn’t be wasting away money, playing world’s policeman.

  44. Dark Hei

    Best Coach 2014/2015 (IMO)

    1. Alan Pardew – Here is a coach that saved 2 clubs from relegation in 1 season

    2. Ronald Koeman – Nuff said

    3. Garry Monk – Flew under the radar. But think about it. Swansea were never rocked even after selling Bony in Jan.

  45. Willow Wilson

    Wenger Eagle

    Yes mate. Two things happened this morning:

    1. 6 FIFA members were arrested at dawn and will be extradited to the USA on charges of corruption covering 100 million US Dollars.

    2. The FIFA headquarters was raided and data and correspondence was removed, part of a separate investigation into Money Laundering involving the Russian 2018 and Qatar 2022 World Cup bids.

    It would appear these were conducted simultaneously to avoid tipping off anyone in FIFA and was a combined investigation between the USA and the Swiss authorities.

    It is almost comical the way FIFA have been so blatantly corrupt. From Jack Warner to the numerous other officials that had to resign, it is rotten from top to bottom. These investigations date back to the 1990’s. This will be the biggest football scandal of all time.

    Some interesting back gound info:

    Chuck Blazer – Concacef
    Picked up by the FBI on tax evasion charges. This obese crook lived in two apartments in the TRUMP Towers, one was home to his cats. I kid you not. The FBI presented him with a dossier which showed his failure to pay tax for a decade on many millions of dollars of ‘secretely’ acquired income. Chuck became an informer to the FBI and it has been alleged he carried a bugging device with him to FIFA meetings.

    Jack Warner – former vice-president of Fifa,
    Investigated by the FBI. Alleged he was paid $1.2 million (£720,000) from a company controlled by a former Qatari football official, shortly after the decision to award Qatar the World Cup. Most of the money was paid to Mr Warner’s sons. A further $400,000 (£240,000) was paid to one of his employees. He was already implicated in various other scams and bribes including World Cup ticketing.

    Michael Garcia – Former American DA
    Conducted an investigation into corruption. When he handed his report to FIFA, they changed it. He complained publicy that FIFA claimed his report cleared Russia and Qatar of any wrong doing.

    This is a massive scandal and is the start of the opening of a very large can of worms.

  46. Jim Lahey

    Wish me luck, tickets go on general sale for the Emirates Cup this afternoon, perfect chance to bring the family over for their first game at the Emirates!