The long goodbye 😩

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Happy last day of the season day!

Second season running, I’ve missed the game. 

Last season I forgot my ticket, this season I have family shiz to attend.

… but here’s the thing. I missed the game last year as a sacrifice to the Football gods. You know, in return for the FA Cup win.

I’m basically doing the same thing this year. 

My families selfishness is your blessing.

Be thankful.

So what have we today? Mad bantz online yesterday. People actually pondered the thought that Arsene might be in the running for the Real Madrid job and that he’s been in someway selfless in not taking the role.


The number one goal over there is UCL. If you don’t win that, you’re out the door. Arsene has never won that. The one time he got within spitting distance we took on one of the most powerful teams of generation with one of our weakest teams. 

Wenger doesn’t align with their philosophy, he’s not qualified in the areas they need a manager to be and he’d never get the power or free reign he has at Arsenal. He has the best job in the world. Almost zero accountability, privacy and no pressure to win things.

Imagine him at Madrid…

To be honest. I find it quite bizarre they’re firstly even considering replacing Ancellotti. Secondly, that they’d do it with Rafa. I mean, he has better European pedigree than Arsene and he’s won more over the last ten years. But jeez, Carlo is a god amongst elite managers. Humble, intelligent, huge character and a winner. 

Rafa? I mean, really? I understand he’s a Madrid man born and bred. Just feels like a bad decision.

Jack Wilshere is in the press with another PR hit piece. I hate to be cynical, but the opening few paragraphs are about him looking after a very sick young boy, helping a bullying victim and having a child young reek insincerity.

Sure, Jack’s trying to remedy a poor reputation. I just feel like getting into bed with The Mail is a bit crass. Time to stop with the heart strings stories and start delivering on the pitch. Let the football tell the story.
Anyway, seems he’s unfussed about City.

‘I want to play first-team football. I want to play in the Premier League, the Champions League and I want to continue playing for England. If I’m going to do that, I have to play for my club and put in good performances for my club because there are other English midfielders who are doing that in the Premier League.

‘You can’t stop the speculation or do anything about it. I have not spoken to the boss about it at all. He has not mentioned it to me. I’ve not mentioned anything to him. At the moment, I need to get back in the team. The speculation about my future started when I was injured. You just want to get back out there and get back to what you love doing and just concentrate on that.’

Earlier in the story he said he would be hurt if he was sold. I very much doubt Arsene would be interested in selling a reluctant superstar to a rival in need for quotas.

There’s plenty of chat about Arsenal and Sterling this morning. £50m is being touted. It’s a big number, but for me, he’s a big player. I think people need to stop focusing on the bad PR around him. Liverpool pundits need to smarten up the the reality of Liverpool. They aren’t a big club if they’re not in the Champions League. They poached Sterling, forced Lallana into a move last season. They can’t be shocked a brilliant player wants to leave after a drab season. 

His head has been turned, sure. Doesn’t make him a bad person. He’d be immense at Arsenal. I’d love to see a talent like that move down. All this ‘he’s overrated’ is utter nonsense. He’d blow up in our setup.

There’s also positive news around Cech talking to us and that the Schneiderlin deal is on. The three players above put us in title contention.

West Brom today should be fun. The sun is out, there’s nothing to play for. Hopefully the boss will rest out our key players. It’d be great to see a carnival today!

I’m really gutted I won’t be there. Have a brilliant day and soak up every minute of it, because football is a long time gone this summer.

Big love xxx

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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Falcao on his way back to Monaco.

    No surprise there,

    Would anyone take him ? and what’s the maximum you’d pay for him / to him ?

  2. Thank you and goodnight

    @Nasri’s mouth

    I think falcoa playing alongside someone like Ozil setting him up would rediscover his form and be a big asset for us. But I think they’d want too much for him.

  3. Thank you and goodnight

    @Nasri’s mouth

    Plus his age goes against him unfortunately. If he was maybe 27 then maybe the risk would be worth it as you could Fuck off welbeck and sanogo to offset the his wages at least slightly. But at 29 be too much of a risk for a club with our finances as he wouldn’t be cheap. Someone like chavski, United, psg and city etc wouldn’t be as big a gamble for them with their finances.

  4. Thomas

    N5May 24, 2015 20:14:20
    I promised I would never say, but it was Thomas’ wife.

    Lol do you have gripe with me or something? Did I call you something before? You seem upset with me.

  5. MidwestGun

    If it’s not black Ozy won’t be interested.
    Great so trolling bigoted, comments is amusing and humorous now?
    Ya Le Prof is really classing up the place. I’m sure 35 million Canadians share his small minded views that them not knowing football is just a piss take. Not enough to insult nationality your gonna bring up race now, too?

    Ozy. .. props to you for ignoring it. Very sad day for comments on Le Grove., i must say. The usual suspects.

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m curious as to how he does next season. I have this feeling that he didn’t get himself fully fit after his ACL, and then the pressure got to him.

    I still wouldn’t sign him though unless it was for basically nothing up front and a massively performance based salary

  7. Thank you and goodnight


    Mate I hope I ain’t offended you. I’d so please trust me no offence was meant.

  8. Thank you and goodnight

    @Nasri’s mouth

    I wouldn’t sign him either mate for reasons I gave. No matter how much money some people think our club have, realistically we cannot compete with the real financial powerhouses especially on a huge financial risk like that.

  9. N5

    TYAG, you’d never offend me mate, did I ignore/miss a comment because nothing you said has rubbed me up?

  10. MidwestGun

    I said bigoted. The fact Le Prof brings up color(race) and nationality yes, per the uusual. I came on here earlier to discuss the football match and had to wade thru a mound of that type comment, decided it’s not worth my time.

    The cheap dig was his color. You decide.

  11. Keyser

    Anyone watching Motd ? At first I was thinking the patterns on Stokes pitch looked cool, the I began wondering if we use straight lines to help with offside deicisions.

    I think we can safely blame Liverpools defeat on pitch patterns, the players looked proper confused.

  12. Johnty79

    Pedro u well and truelly are clueless..

    Sterling for 50m is a digrace and sterling is no better than serge gnarbry.

    The spine needs strengthening not individuals.

  13. Thank you and goodnight


    Just me being sensitive mate no worries. Since I’ve had these boobs I cry at the slightest thing and…….DO YOU EVER LISTEN TO A THING I SAY YOU BASTARD. ……fuck sorry mate. These hormone replacement pills are taking their toll…. YOU BASTARD YOU MEN ATE ALL THE SAME 😀

  14. N5

    TYAG, don’t be silly man. Me and you are almost family! also I think your tits are lovely.

    MWG, I hate it too mate, but I’m the new Zen Affleck and I don’t get involved in it now. I got sick of being called the moderator because I asked people to be more tolerant. I hate ignoring it but if Pedro doesn’t moderate the site then why should anyone?

    I’m sorry to Ozy, Dissenter, Joe, yourself or anyone else who’s been offended by xenophobia or racism on here, but even when the people get banned they just come back with a new username anyway and continue it.

  15. N5

    “Give the crack to the kids: who the hell cares?
    One less hungry mouth on the welfare!”
    First ship ’em dope and let ’em deal to brothers
    Give ’em guns, step back, watch ’em kill each other
    “It’s time to fight back,” that’s what Huey said
    Two shots in the dark, now Huey’s dead

  16. Jim Lahey

    Were Boro playing here in London this evening? A couple piss head fans were stumbling around the tube tonight, communicating through a series of grunts and hand gestures that I was unable to decipher.

  17. Marko

    Goal of the season is Adam or Coutinho. Signing of the season has to be Alexis Sanchez overall not just for us. Special mention to Cambiasso too who’s had a very fine season

  18. karim

    Both are fantastic goals to be fair.
    Still think Wilshere’s is the hardest to produce.
    But that’s just me.

  19. Thank you and goodnight

    “Your lucky we’ve scared off all the girls”

    Beg to differ, one man/girl hybrid still remains…. Can’t get rid of me that easily. And lucky for me no surgery required down under either, with size of my fella I can get away with calling it an elongated clitoris

  20. Marko

    Stunning strike for sure. Hoping he can maintain the fitness and maybe have a Ramsey like break out next season. Bar picking up another injury the following season.

    I’d say he probably heard those Man City rumours and it gave him a kick up the backside

  21. karim

    Just re watched Coutinho, should have kept my mouth shut as it’s a fucking beauty of a difficult goal to score.

  22. Marko

    She’s probably just busy N5 you know how these Americans are. It’s all work work and weekends at the cabin and pep rallies and car pools coffee and donuts.

  23. Thank you and goodnight


    I think it’s the missus mate. I reckon she watched that episode of American dad where Stan pops a pill to become more attentive to his wife and ends up becoming a woman. All I know is I’m a sucker for the Bridget Jones movies and haggen daas these days.

  24. Marko

    Really??? I always thought her Mid and Sal were American. My bad.

    Gonna be pretty rough on here the next couple months though. Sure you come on to see what’s what but it’s never the same without an actual game on that matters. In many respect the end of the season is a bit like getting summer holidays from school or getting a new bird. Sure you’ll make all these plans to make time but you won’t.

  25. salparadisenyc

    Props to Walcott today, gave wenger something to think about in terms of the final and beyond.


    Going to have to start calling you whatever meatloafs name was in Fight Club. Man did he have a nice set in that film.

  26. N5

    Yeah Marko she’s from South Africa, but you’re right about Salvador and Middy. Mid is near Chicago and Sal is in NY.

    You think the trollings bad now! it gets unbearable during the transfer window. People get really mad that we don’t sign people we were never really linked with!!

  27. salparadisenyc


    Not bad brother, how about yourself?

    Another season done and dusted…. The cup will hopefully see a good performance, a rare thing at Wembley of late.

  28. N5

    Not to bad man, I know you don’t want to dwell so won’t ask you too, but hope your managing mate.

    Great 1st half today, it was a strange ol atmosphere at the Emirates, but it has been for a few matches. Great goal by Jack, also loved Wallys first.

    Can’t wait for next weekends final!!

  29. Ozy

    Damn. Freiburg were the next big thing a few seasons ago. Finished 5th just two seasons ago.

    Cheers Mid and N5. I have learned the hard way how pointless it is to argue with people like Le Prof. It’s a shame he and the other “usual suspects” populate so much of the blog nowadays..

  30. qna

    Really happy to see Theo look the part again. He still has massive questions about him. But he has had a season of 21 in 42 and in my opinion, he has not had an injury free run since then. Even leading up to the Spurs FA cup injury, I seem to think he was injured prior to that and he just came back into some form again, just before that injury. I have really felt there was a beautiful baby in there with all that bathwater :). But I completely understood where people were coming from who lost patience with him – the truth is, we have never persevered with any player as much as we have with Theo.

    I still believe that our number one priority is still a new goal scoring forward and to do that we arguably have to move on either Theo or Welbeck. Ideally, bring in Marco Reus, Cavani or Benzema as our marquee. But it is now 100% crystal clear that the player that should be moved on is Welbeck. BUT, it is highly unlikely that we will sell Welbeck after one season. This is a real dilemma for the club now. This is exactly the main issue that I raised last summer when I opposed the move to buy Welbeck. We will be stuck with him for three seasons while the club looks at him and comes to the realisation that he is not good enough – a realisation that they should have been good enough to determine before we signed him.

    It would be one thing if we were willing to try him out and move him on if he failed – like United will do with Falcao and Liverpool will do with Balotelli, but when Arsenal signs a player, they refuse to admit to a mistake until the damage is done and opportunities are lost.

    Would anyone here take Raheem Sterling as a straight swap for Theo? I would actually not take it. Theo offers goals and without stats to back me up, I feel he takes his chances and those types of forwards are the ones I value. As opposed to Welbeck, who looks like a duck, and quacks like a dock, but is actually a donkey.

  31. Gregg

    Raheem Sterling is your modern day Nicholas Anelka. What he’s doing to Liverpool he wouldn’t think twice about doing it to his new club as well.

  32. qna

    Lee your a clown. Nobody guarantees goals. Still huge questions as to whether he can deliver that week in, week out. Even in the second half he seemed to have run out of ideas again. They gave him too much space for him to make his little 4-5m runs and the balls into him from Ozil and Co. were excellent (or the defensive line stopping those balls in was terrible). But we definately should NOT be selling him. What about Welbeck Lee – does he guarantee you goals. Or should we sell him? Now imagine that he wasnt English and answer that.

    Walcott is a great finisher and he is as quick as you get. When he finds a rhythm and is at full confidence he is unplayable. But that has been very rare. His critism has been warranted, but hopefully we keep him now. A bit early to say he guarantees you goals. Messi and Ronaldo guarantee you goals. Suarez and Aguero guarantee you goals more often than not.

    If Walcott can get a goal every other game on one wing, while Sanchez gets a goal every other game on the other then we will be strong. But those are huge ifs. We still need a better CF than Giroud and Welbeck aint it. Also, forget about Walcott playing central. That might work in 1 in 5 games, but we need a permanent propper CF. Not one that we are going to convert either – like Podolski, Welbeck, Walcott, Sanchez. These guys are not back to goal CFs that we need. We need a Giroud, only faster with a more lethal shot and better goal return.

  33. Wallace

    i know there’s a year out injured in between them, but that’s now two excellent performances from Theo in the centre forward role(first being the Spurs game). i think the combination play has to be at, or close to, its best for it to work playing him there, and i wouldn’t be confident playing him up top in away games, but he’s definitely a different kind of option to Giroud, and just far deadlier than Welbeck.

  34. Wallace

    “There is a huge difference between the perception that people have of me and [the reality]: I’m not scared to spend money. If you go out with me one night, you will understand that.”

    – Arsene Wenger