Is Martinez what Arsenal need?

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Happy good afternoon to ya’ll!

What do we have today?

Well, mostly absurd transfer speculation. So not much really about tomorrow, but loads about who we might buy.

The lead story is about Jackson Martinez signing on a pre-contract agreement from Porto. The Colombian is a pretty spectacular player, but so are  lot of players in the Portuguese league.

He’s extremely fast, he’s creative and he’s been banging them in for years. Arsenal need pace in the forward line, I’m just not sure he’s bringing the quality we need. I also don’t understand the concept of a precontract. Wouldn’t we just sign him on June 1st?

Anyway, I have my doubts about this story. Feels a bit like an agent shaking things up to earn his client his big move away this summer.

There’s a few stories floating around about Fekir and Lacazette and a £60m double move for the pair. Again, not sure I’m buying into that. A pretty unArsenal style move.

Rambo came out and had a veiled moan at being played out of position.

‘It’s a bit frustrating but the manager wants me to play there and I’m doing it for him,’ said Ramsey.

‘Santi Cazorla is playing in my position at the moment. He is the one who plays alongside Francis Coquelin and tries to get forward.

‘I am trying to get that position back because I like to get the ball and drive the team forward.’

 ‘It’s harder to get involved on the wing and that’s why I don’t really enjoy playing out there.’

I’m at ease with these comments, mainly because it’s likely Santi will be off in the summer. Even if he isn’t, he won’t be able to play as many games next season. He’s struggling at the moment. Rambo will move more centrally next season.

I wonder how much of the Barca stuff was related to the comments he dropped the day after?


It’ll be interesting to see who we field in our final game. Will Wenger rest players? Or will the lack of intensity in the game mean he’ll just field the best team and go for the highest points total he can gain?

Pulis doesn’t take his foot off the gas. He spanked Chelsea during the week. So he’ll probably be looking to take three points or at least injure a few of our boys to ruin our cup final.

More on that tomorrow, enjoy your day! x

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  1. Joe

    So Martinez to arsenal is absurd but you wrote a whole article on Ramsey to barca. Hmmmmmm

    Which is more absurd

  2. vicky

    “I am at ease with this comment”

    Santi, a contender for the player of the season, is struggling according to Pedro and he will be happy to see him leave our club.

  3. craszy gunner

    It all sounds like season ticket renewal time…we hear all these rumours that pales into puff …

    JM is actually what we need …like Sanchez..built for the EPL….strong.. pacy… left foot… right foot…good finisher.. decent in the air..

    Pity he has no resale value for very unlikely we will spend so much for him..

    If you asked me he is probably better value for money at £25m that Debuchy for £12m

  4. Bamford10


    You asked if Ozil has underwhelmed.

    Depends whom you ask, I say. Ozil has had 5 goals and 6 assists in 25 games. That’s 1 goal and 1 assist every 5 games, or .2 of either a game. A few comparisons might include:

    David Silva with 12 and 8 in 37
    (1 goal every 3 games, 1 assist every 4.5)

    Fabregas with 5 and 21 in 42
    (1 in 8, 1 in 2)

    Eriksen with 12 and 2 in 41
    (1 in every 3.5, 1 in 20)

    De Bruyne with 15 and 25 in 44
    (1 in every 3, 1 in every 2) !!!!!

    Each of these is better than Ozil in some respect, but not in every respect. De Bruyne has clearly played out of his mind, but apologists will say he has done this in an inferior league.

    For me Ozil hasn’t been impressive enough. Yes, he’s clever and technical, but he isn’t dominant enough, disappears too often, is a bit soft, and isn’t a goal-scoring threat. He just doesn’t do enough, for me. He has been better this year, though.

    Team Ozil, however, will answer differently.

  5. Joe

    I think with ozil you have to write off the first half of the season because wenger shunted him out wide to play square peg jack in a round hole

    And how many more assists would ozil of had if it wasn’t a plunker like Giroud up front

  6. Bamford10

    Martinez would bring pace and athleticism, but based on what I’ve seen of him, we’d lose a bit of technique, cleverness and combination play.

    Might be 6 of one, half dozen of another.

    Higuain, Benteke, Lacazette (and Benzema obviously) would all be better options.

  7. Gregg


    Agree with your comments re Martinez. The only thing I’d counter with is that the combination play etc hasn’t worked against our biggest rivals that often over the last two seasons. maybe the more direct threat/approach is whats needed. I’d like to think that Ozil’s assist rate would improve if he had pace to feed. The guy is a finisher and maybe that’s what we need more of as Giroud doesn’t do it for me against top level clubs. However despite all this, give me Higuain all day long as the better option.

  8. Ankit_gooner

    Why not play alexis as a striker?Buy someone like fekir or sterling to play as a wide forward.(I rate fekir higher than sterling).Its much better for the team.

  9. Gregg


    yeah I thought that might be the case when we signed him. problem we have and as Bamford alluded to, is the technical aspect of our game. Wenger seems to have this obsession of getting Ramsey and Wilshere into his midfield as well as Cazorla and Ozil. Only Ramsey has a goal threat there and that’s why he goes with Girouds combination play. IMO. Given also that we may see a bit of Gnabry next year, maybe the plan is to try Walcott centrally on occasions.

  10. Joe

    Why not just buy a out and out striker like we’ve needed since rvp left. Sanchez is great on the wing. Let’s leave him there

  11. Joe

    I actually like theo on your opposite wing. He knows how to score but would not be upset if we bought a true scoring winger

  12. Joe

    We obviously need to buy more goal scoring threats as ‘park the bus’ and boring Chelsea scored more than us

  13. gonsterous

    Nice read peitro
    Rosicky, flamini sure bet to leave
    Sznzy, arterta and coq.. not sure
    Rest will stay, along with diaby, who’ll get a pay as you play deal which means we pay for medical bills…

  14. Gregg

    Wenger just seems weird to me at times. It’s as if he appreciates goals from midfield rather than a 25 goal a season man. Yes the model of a front three rather than anout and out forward works better, but only if those three players have a goalscoring threat, have pace and movement.

  15. vicky

    In my view, a great striker is more of a necessity than a GK or a winger. If I were Wenger, a CDM and a striker would be the two most important positions to improve upon/strengthen. I can live with Ospina/Cheezer. Also would not be a tragedy if we did not sign a winger. Alexis, Ox, Theo, Gnabry, Santi and TR7 all can play as wingers. but would be criminal to not find another CDM and an upgrade on Giroud.

  16. Joe

    When is the last time a team won a major title without a top striker?

    Costa, augero, rvp the last 3 seasons

  17. KurtF

    Martinez a good player, but not quite the top quality option we need. Benteke or Benzema please, then watch Ozil’s assist stats go through the roof.

  18. Joe

    I think we need another winger so wenger can’t play jack or Aaron out there. One of the worst tactics ever.
    Of course unless we are playing hull and I can buzz over Aaron”s performance.

  19. Relieable sauce

    If we cant get get Lewandowski I think Benteke is our best bet.
    Giroud needs replacing soon & even if Benteke doesnt prove good enough for 1st choice in the long term, he makes a very good 2nd in a season of 50+ games.
    Also has resale value.

  20. gunnergetyou


    Why do you keep on saying that Cazorla will leave? There’s been no indication so far.

    With Wenger hanging on to older heads like Rosicky and possibly Arteta it seems even less likely.

  21. Bamford10

    If things remain as they are, Dortmund finishes seventh on goal differential. Does that get them a Europa spot? I suspect so.

    Where will Klopp go? In my dreams he comes to London and Wenger departs. Parades, celebrations, joy. Christmas in north London every day.

    A smart, reasonable, ambitious young manager who doesn’t stick with average players on account of loyalty or frugality and who actually teaches tactics.

    That would be nice.

  22. N5

    Dortmund sitting 6th and 3-1 up. Klopp/Dortmund have done amazingly well to turn it all around. Shame they left it so late, but still the deserve praise for finishing strongly.

  23. Relieable sauce

    Next season

    Alexis/Ox Reus/Gnabry

    Following season

    Alexis/Ox Reus/Sterling?


  24. Joe

    But what will the akbs have to say when we question wenger.

    They can’t say look how klopp has done…

  25. reality check

    Joe May 23, 2015 14:09:53

    When is the last time a team won a major title without a top striker?

    Costa, augero, rvp the last 3 seasons

    Great point, hopefully wenger can see the way the premier league has evolved. The only reason Liverpool even had a chance last year was because of a WC striker.
    Giroud is good, not great, therefore in todays environment, not good enough.

    bamford – For me Ozil hasn’t been impressive enough. Yes, he’s clever and technical, but he isn’t dominant enough, disappears too often, is a bit soft, and isn’t a goal-scoring threat. He just doesn’t do enough, for me. He has been better this year, though.

    I’m teamozil but I can be objective. I agree, regardless of all the obstacles in his way (Giroud, Injury, Out of Position) Ozil needs to do more. The ‘more’ I’m referring to is, Taking Responsibility.

    Take the defenders on, draw them out, Girouds a donkey he made the wrong run? ok so take the shot. You look up, you see a bus, wanna slip sanchez through, can’t, everybodys marked, ok, take the shot.

    By looking to others to complete the final move all the time tells me he isn’t a Leader, great player but not the one to turn to when things are getting tight.
    At Real Madrid, he had so many other Superstars to carry the burden of finishing off a move, or coming up with a piece of magic to open a defence.

    Great player
    Great stats

    I’m Team Ozil, but objectively, he needs to take more responsibility for his own individual influence on the game.

  26. Relieable sauce

    Suarez was probably worth 2 of the 3 places Pool have slipped.

    Where would 2 extra places put us…?

  27. Bamford10

    You’re right: Dortmund are in 7th and will finish 6th if things remain as they are.

    (The table I looked at before was incorrect somehow.)

  28. Dennis

    This post is delierbately a little shallow/written in haste (understandble i guess with content demands, work/timeetc.., and/or i just disagree a bit….

    At other times it’s been brought up on the blog here that players are spent after having played a lot, particularly in many consecutive games…
    Ramsey can be headless and selfish, prone to lose the ball.. SC drove arsenal /was a lynchpin through a sizable period of the season. And as a pivot he has had a great parternship wih Coquelin. I am not sure the same would apply to Ramsey with his frequent attempts to do very much… A good player and a different player, bu in some sense a poor person’s Sanchez..

  29. Bayz

    Ozil + pacey world class striker = magic

    I have my fingers and hope Wenger for once won’t be a senile and stubborn penny pinching old man.

  30. Bayz

    Ozil + pacey world class striker = magic
    I have my fingers crossed and hope Wenger for once won’t be a senile and stubborn penny pinching old man.

  31. Ankit_gooner


    That’s delusional.Ramsey and jack can’t play together.I am not a fan of jack and would rather see him sold.As for theo,no.He depends on service from other players,we often seem to isolate our striker from the play from time to time,so having a talented soloist up front would be amazing.Also,he requires opposition to play a high line.Alexis>> giroud if we want to progress as a pressing side.Problem with out and out strikers is that there aren’t many in the market.I think alexis has all the qualities to make an amazing striker and with ox on right and fekir/sterling on the left suits arsenalBoth ox and fekir/sterling have excellent pace,movement and a lot of goal scoring potential to be tapped.

  32. Bamford10


    Nah, Alexis is not a CF. One, he isn’t great at providing hold-up play. Two, we ran him there once or twice and he didn’t look right there at all.

    He’s good as a wide player. Keep him wide and sign a genuine CF, one with pace, dribbling and scoring.

  33. WengerEagle

    Klopp’s being linked with Fenerbahce isn’t he?

    Would be a strange move for him with City and Liverpool jobs possibly being on offer this summer.

  34. WengerEagle

    Good analysis on Martinez Bamford.

    He’s a quality finisher and does bring athleticism in the form of pace and strength but he’s a very limited footballer technically. He isn’t a dribbler or the slightest bit creative (not sure where Pedro is getting this from) and he’s also 29 this year.

    No thanks.

  35. Ankit_gooner

    1)Aguero is not good at hold-up play
    2)We only played him once or twice early on in the season.
    He has all the attributes to be a striker in our system.

  36. don

    We need to replace cart horse Giroud but as long as Wenger stays Giroud will.We lack pace and guile up front.Welbeck has pace but is a poor finisher.

    Would get rid of Walcott and Wilshere too.Walcott is a one trick pony.Pace.While Wilshere will never give you half a season of football

  37. Bamford10


    Aguero is good at everything, including hold-up play. You’re now making things up to support your argument. Just because he’s smaller and South American doesn’t mean he doesn’t do hold-up play. Same goes for Suarez, who is also good at hold-up play.

    Sanchez, on the other hand, isn’t. Sorry.

    And no, a player who isn’t good at hold-up play — whether it’s Sanchez or Theo — doesn’t make sense in our system. How long have Arsenal been playing with a target man of some kind? A long time.

    It’s not a big deal: keep Sanchez wide and find a better CF.

  38. Ankit_gooner

    Suarez is,I agree.But not aguero.In fact,one of the reasons txiki can’t force his manager to play 433 is because aguero doesn’t contribute much other than scoring goals.He is probably the best pure finisher in the world and maybe good technically,but he doesn’t get involved in the build up play often.I will see if I can get any article to support this.

  39. shad

    A tepid post Pedro, seems the work load and travel (and peroni) is taking its toll.

    Anyway, it’s obvious that Ramsey (and Jack) aren’t cut for the wing. I hope none will play there ever once we get a decent Walcott replacement and Ox and Gnabry are fit.

    As for a CF we have the money to get a Lewa or Lacazette or Martinez. Just that Wenger’s penchant tp try and prove the world wrong by forcing square pegs in round holes will be our undoing. He won’t do the painfully obvious and would rather see Gibbs play as CF then get a decent striker.

    I hate party pooping before the party has started but I won’t get my hopes up as long as Wenger is manager.

    Bracing for a mediocre 3rd or 4th place, senseless signings and a shitload of excuses. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  40. shad


    2 things:

    1. Aguero is good at hold up play. Just see how many times he holds of defenders or draws out FBs to open up space for Yaya or Silva. He’d be hitting 40 goals if he was in Arsenal.

    2. I wouldn’t touch Khedira with a 10ft pole. Diaby doesn’t need company and especially not on silly wages. I’d tacke Schneiderlin and keep Le Coq erect.

  41. Ankit_gooner

    just that Wenger’s penchant tp try and prove the world wrong by forcing square pegs in round holes will be our undoing.
    Lol.He did spend a lot of money this season.He has changed a lot of things this season.We won’t get lewa.Martinez is someone who relies a lot on his athleticism and he about 29.Not a good signing.Lacazette would be great but doing a deal with lyon’s president is tricky.I prefer fekir though,think the guy has utstanding potential

  42. Joe

    Pep said it right earlier this season when he said he hated tika taka. He said passing for no reason is pointless. You must pass to score.

    Wenger just loves to pass for no reason.

    We need to change our style of play to more direct. Counter attack instead of tippy tappy boring sideways football.

    We need a pacier cf who can score all those chances that Giroud misses.

    No CM on the wing. Is be happy selling jack as he is surplus to requirements.

    We need a Reus on the wing.

    No more tippy tappy crap blast worked for 10 years. Won’t work next season.

    Oh and wenger out

  43. Ankit_gooner


    hold up play is about a lot more than physical strength.It has a lot to do with combining with team mates in the tightest of spaces like a giroud/lewa does.Dzeko does the hold up play part.Aguero plays as a poacher and runs in behind.

  44. Ankit_gooner

    And no, a player who isn’t good at hold-up play — whether it’s Sanchez or Theo — doesn’t make sense in our system. How long have Arsenal been playing with a target man of some kind? A long time.
    That’s a weakness of arsenal.Makes us more predictable.

    Defining a player by his attributes, rather than the position(s) he has played most often, also comes into play when discussing the future utilization of Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal. Maybe, instead of saying he cannot play up front because he has not regularly played there, it may prove more beneficial to look at the attributes he possesses and see if that bundle of attributes can produce value for Arsenal in that position.

    Alexis Sanchez is not tall (5’9”), is not as strong as most top center forwards, and is not great in the air. Alexis Sanchez is quick, a willing and able dribbler (particularly during his time at Udinese and playing for Chile), never stops running, and makes intelligent runs. He can operate as both a creator and a finisher (goal conversion rate the past 3 seasons: 26.09 (11-12), 25.00 (12-13), and 28.79 (13-14)).

    So, on the surface, it appears that Alexis Sanchez could not operate up front in a system that requires him to operate as a relatively static target man, who can hold up the ball like Olivier Giroud. However, as a striker, what Sanchez could provide is a perpetual and unpredictable threat to defenses.

    In a more fluid attack, Sanchez’s movement and quickness could cause confusion among the opponent’s defenders. His technical ability allows him to pose a threat left, right, and center, meaning he can make runs at the back line from anywhere, in any direction. Not only could this confusion lead to goals, but it could also help to pin back the opposing fullback. In the modern game, where fullbacks play a critical role in the attack, the ability to pin a fullback deep can significantly improve a team’s ability to defend their goal (I have a deep love for no center forward, two wide forwards formations with the potential to pin four defenders with just two attackers creating an 8 vs. 6 among the rest of the outfield players).

    His running, combined with his quickness, could also force defenders to play further back, particularly the center-backs (it also makes him a more potent presser compared to Giroud). This could lead to more space in the center of the pitch between the deepest midfield line and the back line, space that plenty of Arsenal players love to exploit (the opponent could start moving midfield lines back, but that leaves space for other Arsenal players and/or moves the opponent further away from Arsenal’s goal). If they do not push their line back, Sanchez’s quickness and finishing will allow him to punish the opponent in a way Olivier Giroud cannot (except against a disinterested Newcastle (4:20)).

  45. Ankit_gooner

    Wenger hates sterile possession.He prefers the attack!attack!philosophy that you like.He just presented it in a very
    We need to change our style of play to more direct. Counter attack instead of tippy tappy boring sideways football.
    So you want to play counter attack against teams like sunderland who come to emirates for 0-0 draw?

  46. shad


    Wenger hates pointless possession?

    Dzeko does the hold up play instead of Aguero? Lol.

    I think we watch different games.

  47. Kiyoshi Ito

    Hiya Bloggers,
    Been a while,since I last posted on here..I did say last year,I’ll see you in the summer.Albeit I’ve arrived a day early, before the curtain finally closes on the 2014/2015 Premiership season..Nothing new to write home about..The usual staus quo has persisted for so many years..

    You could literally copy and past comments from 2008 through to now,as to the state and position Arsenal would end up finishing in the EPL(BPL) and to a certain degree the CL and nothing would change under Arsene.Literally same shite,different year.

    Anyway,I’m not on here to profffer any visionary comments.But to those that are adamant that this season is progress,or there is a sea of change.The last 10 years should be a reasonably indicator of what lies ahead of us.Besides the final positions for the last 10 years(EPL) doesn’t lie.

    So the likes of Keyser,Nasri’s Mouth,Willow Wallace et al..can spin this season,last season and future seasons anyway they want..

    Fact is, Arsene is a reactionary manager..Slow to adapt,slow to change.Scared of winning.In fact petrified of winning.Treats winning the EPL,or CL as if its a contagious disease(well for every other person it is a disease-a winning disease),that will ravage him if he dares attempt to win it.Happy with mediocrity.Content with 3rd /4th place finish.

    A man that was top of the league last season in January..What did he do..??

    Went and sought a loanee in the form of broke back Kallstrom..He found a way,to ensure we toppled from the top of the EPL and finished 4th.Everyman and his dog,could see what was about to happen.

    Failed to do his homework in the previous summer transfer window.Or rather he dithered as per usual,with no real conviction..Funny how it took a 3-1 hammering at the start of that seaon by Villa at home ,that prompted him into action,by way of buying Ozil(to save his neck).And then on deadline day,a last scramble for Demba Ba as a loanee.Couldn’t make this shite up..And we haven’t even covered the Higuain and Suarez debacle prior to all that..

    This season,in 2nd place..And yep trusty ‘ole Arsene manages to butcher up 2nd place,to finish (in his eyes) a respectable 3rd (still mathematically possible for us to finish 4th.I guess Arsene will break out the champagne if that happens).

    The only highly paid manager I know in the history of watching football,that is literally petrified of winning the Premiership and CL,or trying to make a real good attempt.

    In 30 old years of management(from 1984)..Arsene has never won a European trophy of any magnitude…He has been to 3 European Cup Finals and lost all of them.

    i.e. 1)1992 European Cup Winners Cup Final-Monaco 0- 2 Werder Bremen

    2)2000 UEFA Cup Final : Galatasaray 0 -0 Arsenal (Arsenal lost on penalties)

    3) 2006 CL Final: Barcelona 2- 1 Arsenal

    In almost 20 years at Arsenal,Arsene from 2006 till now, still does not know how to win a CL..Despite qualifying for 19 straight consecutive seasons..The mind truly boggles..

    Arsene for almost the last 20 years,has never won a back to back EPL title,even with the invincible squad we had..If anyone of the teams Arsene has assembled and presided over the last 20 years, was going to win the CL,or a back to back EPL title,it should have been them..Yes the Invincible team-Arsene underachieved..In fact he did not utilise his resources efficiently,..(smiles..).Especially at a time,when the only real main threat was Man Utd..

    Arsene for the last 10 years,cannot seem to find a way for all his managerial experience to finish higher than 3rd or 4th place.?Incredible…It seems,his experience and knowledge is not being fully utilised to its full capacity.

    Arsene is the longest serving manager in the EPL-I believe..I believe he is in an enviable position that no other manager in the EPL,or even in Europe enjoys(currently).

    He has the full backing of the board..

    He has the facilities

    He has the city(working in his favour to attract top talent)

    He has the backing of a significant majority of the fans

    He has had time-almost 20 years know how of the EPL

    He has complete autonomy ..

    Maybe,just maybe he doesn’t have the same amount of money as Mourinho,Pelligrini..

    But look at all the factors in Wengers favour..

    The other managers he is competing against may have the money..But they don’t necessarily have the time,or all the other factors that weigh heavily in Arsene’s favour.

    The autonomy

    The experience of EPL(2-3 years max,i.e.Pelligrini,Van Gaal,Mancini)

    The knowledge of the EPL

    The location(London vs Manchester/Liverpool)

    The fans can be fickle..

    You are telling me with almost 20 years experience of the EPL,that it accounts for nothing in trying to navigate ourselves from pushing from 3rd/4th place into 1st/2nd place??

    Begs the question,what are we paying Arsene for?

    To all those that think Arsene is your man..If you happy with 3rd/4th place.Then Arsene is your man.For those that are aiming higher,that want a manager that attempts to challenge for the top honours..That wants to finish higher than the customary 3rd/4th place finish..

    Then frankly Arsene is not your man..

    For me,it’s not about spending money recklessly..Not at all.It’s just working smarter..Paying closer attention to the devil in the details..Being proactive,rather than reactive..

    As long as Arsene remains in the hot seat,the table you see below will remain the same until Arsene’s departure.

    For crying out loud,we bought Ozil a few seasons back and finished 4th.

    We added Sanchez this season and so far looks like we are finishing in 3rd place..

    Quite frankly,left to me..I’d bomb Arsene out of the back door prompto.I would not want him spending any money just to finish in 3rd and 4th place,every year.With an added FAC thrown in to paper the cracks..Not for the money the club charges(season tickets) the fans.The highest in Europe,if not in world football.Extortion..Daylight Robbery..

    And also on the point of principle.The club being somewhat economical with the truth,in justifying the move from Highbury to the Emirates.I believe the rational was to compete with the likes of the Mancs,Chelski’s,Real Madrid’s & Barca’s of the world.

    It appears from the table,that we are not competing so much with the Mancs and the Chelski’s,but the chasing pack below us(Liverpool,Everton,Spurs,S’ton or whoever it is every year) -in us simply consolidating 3rd/4th place every year.We don’t bother with the top 2.Whoever that might be from year to year..So we pay through the nose for the privilege,of the battle for fourth every year..Quite sad…

    In short Arsene is shot to pieces..He is indeed a glorifired specialist in failure..& has never really utilised his resources efficiently,or to its full capacity.Yah, a specialist in failure and a specialist in waste…

    So long,see you over the summer..Sorry for the long winded borefest..One post a year,beats the same crap you guys regurgitate on a daily basis defending Arsene..

    2005/6: 4th
    2006/7: 4th
    2007/8: 3rd
    2008/9: 4th
    2009/10: 3rd
    2010/11: 4th
    2011/12: 3rd
    2012/13: 4th
    2013/14: 4th
    2014/15: 3rd??


    2006: R5
    2007: R5
    2008: SF
    2009: R4
    2010: QF
    2011: R5
    2012: R5
    2013: Won FAC
    2014: Finalists?

  48. shad

    Decent post Kiyoshi.

    Point of correction though: Arsene did win a back-to-back EPL titles in 2002-2004.

    Agree with pretty much everything else. He has a phobia of winning, senile, loathes to change and has an annoying arrogance and smirk.

    We won’t win the EPL or UCL with him there and Kroenke loves the profits Wenger is making by achieving the bare minimum.

    He is 5 years past management and I also keep wondering whether indeed we have made progress.

    What is clear is the invincibles got to a point where they won inspite of him and not because of him. And they still performed dismally in Europe.

  49. kwik fit

    Point of correction though: Arsene did win a back-to-back EPL titles in 2002-2004.

    Afraid not shad , Arsene could never win the back to back title’s he so often striven for.

  50. Spanishdave

    Good summary cannot argue with that, with the owner having no ambition it is hard for us to move on.
    Wenger must hate our club because he wants to hold it back to suit his own agenda, he knows he cannot be successful anywhere else, so he uses us for his own needs

  51. Redtruth

    Lets out the closet AKB’s: Nasri Mouth, keyser, daz, Willow, kwik fit, Le Prof, thank you and goodnight, reality check, WengerEagle, MadeToLoveMagic are just a few of many who polute this site.

  52. daz

    “What is clear is the invincibles got to a point where they won inspite of him and not because of him. And they still performed dismally in Europe.”

    Honestly that is quite the statement if I hadn’t seen the name I would of assumed it was redtruth

  53. Relieable sauce

    NM is actually Gazidas (always calling him very intelligent…& handsome) & Keyser is the SIF himself (delusional, “why do you look at me?!?” moments).

    Kwik is gunnersaurus!…

  54. Thomas

    “Point of correction though: Arsene did win a back-to-back EPL titles in 2002-2004.”


    Erm have long have you’ve been following Arsenal?

  55. Kiyoshi Ito

    Sorry guys,couldn’t help but post this comment from myself in 20129below)…It’s amazing how time flies..People move on,or progress..But Arsene and Arsenal somehow managed to convince a certain section of the deluded fanbase,that progress is happening,in part by dumbing down expectations.
    SDEMay 5, 2012 17:49:26

    I think Arsene has served us up so much shit over the years it clouds our judgement when it comes to players not being good enough.
    Play Fabianski & Almunia and they’ll clamour for Chesney
    Play Squillaci and they’ll clamour for Djourou
    Play Djourou and TV is the second coming
    Play Traore and they’ll be crying out for Gibbs
    Play Gibbs and they’ll be over the moon with Santos
    Play Eboue and they’ll accept Jenkinson
    Buy Arteta and then Ramsey looks acceptable

    The dumbing down continues. How low can you go Arsene?

  56. Redtruth


    The statement makes perfectly good sense.
    Wenger’s team set ups or approach to the game have not changed since his arrival at the club.
    So it stands to reason results are governed by the quality of players rather than any coaching input.
    Wenger falls well short when it comes to coaching acumen as is proved by his fruitless endeavours in Europe.

  57. Redtruth

    If Wenger took charge of the current Barcelona side he would have a 70% chance of winning the Champions league as opposed to 0% chance with this current Arsenal side.

    I would have a 75% chance of winning the Champions league with Barcelona.

  58. kwik fit

    I would have a 75% chance of winning the Champions league with Barcelona.


    Hahahahha Completly mad of course 🙂

  59. Spanishdave

    Wenger is finished he knows it but can’t move on because if he managed anywhere else he would be exposed for his poor decision making.
    His cult following keeps him in a job.

  60. reality check

    Yo dial, me.. AKB?

    I was Wenger Out when vieira left.
    I’ve said this. Many times.

    It was early. To early. Had no real scientific analytical reason to back up that staement back then.

    I dont know, its was just something about how he handled the Bergkamp Vieira pires situations.

    Naa.. naa sorry, Wengers not the one..

    I could feel it in my bones!

    But hey its funny how time changes peoples perspective.

  61. Hitman49

    Hold on hold on

    Wenger has won back to back titles !

    What do you lot know….

    He’s won 4th place back to back !

    Which we all know is the one to win !

  62. Ozy

    Kiyoshi Ito, take a bow. Preaching the gospel truth.

    Yet some will still talk of “progress” and how “tying at Old Trafford after being a goal down” is a point of pride.

  63. salparadisenyc

    Gunnersaurus is actually a smoldering blonde… I shagged her on a big night and awoke to a dancing bear.

    Oh dear.

  64. daz

    Poor reply red the real reason you assumed I meant it didn’t make sense is because most things you say don’t make sense lol lol lol and you know this man!

  65. Kiyoshi Ito

    kwik fitMay 23, 2015 20:47:01
    All we need now is a post from Valerie gooner and the madness will be complete!
    The madness is in following Arsenal under the tuelage of “ARSENE” and expecting a different outcome(for the better) every season.That mindset is beyond madness.In my mind,such fans need sectioning..

  66. Kiyoshi Ito

    GoondawgMay 23, 2015 21:06:02
    Damn SDE, you need to post more
    Why so..??

  67. Marko

    Considering the lack of serious available quality strikers I’d take Jackson Martinez. People who claim his stats only look good cause he plays in Portugal ignore the fact he’s been scoring regularly in the Champions League. He’s after Lacazette for me in terms of who we should be targeting

  68. Relieable sauce

    Although he would improve the squad, if not 1st team, at 28 we’d be looking to replace Martinez within 2 years of signing him, too short term a choice imo.

  69. Kiyoshi Ito

    Since it’s a slow news today..Thought I’d share a post below,pretty much me taking the proverbial piss out of Keyser back in 2012.Three years on,it appears Keyser is more provocative than ever..It’s all good…

    SDESeptember 28, 2012 20:57:47
    Back in Keyserville…..

    Keyser..the pussycat meanders through the fields,smeared in his own shit,having survived another sustained artillery bombardment all week,from the defenders of free market competition..

    Keyser..the pussy..(cat),surveys the wreckage & casualties strewn around him..His fellow comrades,incesc,mystic,are now just part of the soil,pounded into submission..Victims of their folly..

    Keyser the lone survivor,hobbles along with his 3 legs,scavenging for parts of other living creatures to feast upon,in order to survive..
    i.e.a rodent’s tail & the wings of a fly..

    As he meows away,he sees in the long distance, a tall warrior in shining armour,galloping on his white horse towards him…
    A white knight maybe,coming to save the day,for our unloved 3 legged pussy,pussy cat…?

    Keyser sensing impending doom,prays fervently for divine intervention..He meows loudly..The sweat on his face,starts to cascade down his almost whiskless gaunt face,or rather the smeared shit on his face cascades with increasing fervour as the warrior approaches his target..

    The tall warrior,stops in his tracks to greet Keyser & bellows..

    “Keyser..I offer you sanctuary,I offer you life,I offer you a thousand pieces of gold.I offer you a princess,a 4th prosthetic leg & fortunes beyond your wildest dreams ,to come & join my comrades-the lions of the Blue Moon revolution..Defenders of free market competition..”

    The warrior points around him & booms through his gravel-laced voice….
    “Look around you,your comrades-defenders of FFP& the much derided sustainability model,are no more..Where are they?
    What glorious battles have you won over the last 7 years?” he sarcastically laughs..

    “Do not be another victim of your comrades folly,or hostage to your immense stupidity,or I shall cut you to a thousand pieces..& use your pieces as fertile soil,on which to build my new academy& growing empire.”

    “It is your choice..a thousand pieces of gold,that will change your life forever,or be cut into a 1000 pieces..”

    Keyser..pauses for a moment,scratches his last remaining half a whisker,meows loudly& counters..
    “Where have those 1000 pieces of gold come from?
    Do you own those 1000 pieces of gold,or were they loaned to you?
    How will you sustain your model& unfair empire?If you are no longer leader,who will be?You skew the market with your fortunes….”

    Keyser after a 60 minute diatribe,trying to talk himself out of a deal,that would not only save his life,but change it forever,further remonstrates that..
    “I’m sorry,but we will wait till 2014,when our commercial deals& sponsorships are up for renewal..We have done ok for now,we would do better,if you & your other warrior friend over in Siberia,had not embarked on world domination…
    FFP will be our saviour…
    Unless you give us 200 million of your gold pieces,with no strings attached& just disappear into the background.It will not be fair to accept such a ludicrous offer”

    The warrior (& even his horse) growing impatient with Keyser’s,incessant & stupid questions,& nonsensical claptrap,mutters the words..

    “You stupid,stupid,insolent pussy..(cat)”,& unsheathes his mighty sword,glittering in the sun & delivers a mighty swoosh onto Keyser- the pussy cats head..

    Keyser’s last words & actions were- “meow,meow”-interpreted as “I hope your oil well dries up one day”& projectile pissing into the warriors face!!

    The warrior saunters off into the sunset,with Keyser’s pieces in the bag,laughing loudly & proclaiming “FFP is dead, long live free market competition& world domination is here to stay”

    Moral of the story..Keyser

    Adapt,or die!!

  70. charlie watts

    Totally agree with the cazorla comment! Looking out of sorts recently. love the guy dont get me wrong but we need more from him. The amount of times he receives the ball on the edge if the area and hits a tame shot straight at the keeper or over the bar! Really frustrating me now. Rambo scores them chances!

  71. Emiratesstroller

    There does not seem to be much urgency on Arsenal’s part to conclude the signing of a contract extension with Walcott.

    I am beginning to wonder whether there might be some truth in rumours circulating that Sterling wishes to come to Arsenal in preference to Man City and if so there will be then an exchange deal.

    The fact that Sterling’s agent has been so outspoken suggests that perhaps he
    has already reached agreement with another club.

    The question is whether Arsenal would wish to engage once again with Liverpool and be drawn into a long drawn out negotiation with them.

  72. Ankit_gooner

    Tippy tappy as you like it call it,is use of the ball.The thing is,if you want to dominate a game,you need to control space.That’s how tactics have evolved more the years,as a need to control space better.Control of the ball is not necessary.Arsenal did create a lot of chances against swansea and sunderland but couldn’t take their chances.If a player can’t finish his chances,that’s hardly wenger’s fault.How to score goals against teams who don’t want the ball?You need to bait a team out of position and then take advantage of the space opened up.For that,you need the ball,create an overload on one side of the pitch and shift the opposition’s players to one side and then quickly switch play and release your player on the opposite side in space.This is how you score goals.Main spaces that open up are
    1)Space between fb and cb
    2)space on the edge of the penalty box(due to midfielders not tracking back)
    You need to create that space and and take advantage of it basically.

  73. Ankit_gooner

    There is a question of wenger in/out here.He is staying for next 2 years you can’t change that.So why even ask this question?Accept the reality guys(unless of course you can take some construction action instead of moaning).
    Personally,I feel wenger is good enough to win the premier league within the next 2 years.Wenger has spent money this season,he has been tactically flexible,done better in big games.And the big point for me,solved our injury issues.That is worth a big celebration alone for me,That is absolutely HUGE.
    At old trafford,wenger went for it to get the equaliser and once he got it,he brought on flamini to get the draw.Compare this to the monaco game.He is becoming more pragmatic.I think problems that need to be fixed are-
    1)Finishing and reduce the dependency on giroud(if he fails,we fail)
    2)Transitions(counter attack and stopping the counter attack)
    3)Build a coherent pressing system(honestly,I doubt wenger can do this)

    Arsene wenger can win us the premier league.But he can’t give us the champions league.We need to get 90 points to win the league.This season matches against stoke,southampton,swansea and spurs have given us 7/24 points.Against the top 5 big games-We have 10/24 points.That can be improved to 15/24 points.That’s 18 points that we can really really improve upon.And I think wenger can do it.He will be gone after 2 years anyway.But he has shown that he is learning from his past mistakes and that is where so many of us are saying progress.Its not same old,same old.

  74. qna

    We will make very few additions this summer. Yet we have so much work to do. So for that reason, I desperately hope we stay away from Raheem. A great little player, but not worth anything close to 50m. I am not convinced that he is a better player than Ox. You put Ox in that Liverpool team with Sturriage and Suarez firing and I think he would have looked at least as good as Raheem. And carrying on that confidence into this year – he would have backed it up. The difference here is Ox has players in front of him. Raheem doesnt.

    Our priority should be a world class CF. Cavani, Benzema, I would even take Benteke because I cant bare the predictability of another season with only Giroud and Welbeck.

    I would be happy with Reus as an alternative to an out-and-out CF, even though we need the CF so desperately. We should be linked with Bale, not even the fans have enough ambition, so why should the club.

    We also need to beef up our CM. Kongdogbia would be the easy solution here. Of course Verratti & Pogba would take us to the next level, but our fans are happy more or less where we are. Why not take Khedira on a free. Its madness not to be trying to get him. Gundagon as well would be a great addition. Hopefully we stay away from Schnederlin.

    I dont care that much about the keeper. We wont buy any defenders.

    A good summer for me will be Reus and Kongdogbia. A poor summer that will look good on paper to most fans and the media would be Sterling and Schneiderlin.

  75. qna

    TGB: Vidal and Jackson Martinez

    I would take Vidal. BUT. He is 28 and Juve will be asking big money for him. Not sure if that is smart. Jackson Martinez is not at all on my list. I dont rate him at all and would much prefer Benteke. I know Porto do really well in the CL and they are a top team, but I dont think that league is very strong. He is also 28 years old.

    I dont think paying big money for two overpriced 28 year olds will be a good summer. I would rather us spend what is needed and get Benzema or Cavani who are the same age.

    Vidal would make me happy to be fair. Khedira is a quality player. Having a year off football is a plus in my opinion, because he will still be quality and hopefully his body has been able to recover. Although he has been in full training when fit.

    Vidal/Khedira and Cavani/Benzema would be a good summer if we happy to add 28 year olds.

  76. tunnygriffboy


    Agree. Two 28 year olds would be too much. We do need some experience and leaders to be added. A lot of our players are ‘nice ‘ young men which is great. However we need a bit of a dog somewhere in the team, willing to stand up to physically intimidating opponents and stand up for our technical midgets. When one gets stuck in others will follow. Vidal fits that profile and to be fair Khedeira would as well.

  77. qna

    TGB: Yes. I agree with you thats exactly what we are missing in CM. But he also needs to be a baller. Coquelin gives us some bite, but he is not that much of a baller. Verratti fits that perfectly. If there is no FFP pressure then I dont think PSG will sell him now. But if they do have FFP pressure and bring in Pogba or Di Maria then he and Cavani are the ones that will raise the big dollars. I wonder if Juve are trying to get interest in Vidal to allow them to bring in Verratti in exchange for Pogba plus cash.

    I would guess that Verratti would come here and earn maybe 85/wk. So the only issue will be his transfer fee. But since he is 22 you can depreciate that over 8 years, vs Vidal over 2. So if Vidal is going to cost 25m, then Verratti is miles in front even if he costs us twice as much. Verratti is only 165cm though, so he would make us a lot smaller at the back.

    We should seriously look at the other kid from PSG – Rabiot.

  78. Wallace

    3 Liverpool players – Skrtel, Coutinho & Sterling – in Kenny Dalglish’s team of the season 🙂

    also, good interview with Jack in the Mail.

  79. tunnygriffboy


    Agree. Verratti one of my favourite players but unfortunately I can’t see us snaring him for reasons you mention. Rabiot good player. We have the money so I would take the hit on Vidal. He would give us that edge. We could improve his wages, London and big buddies with Alexis


    I read that interview with Wilshere. I hope he has mature. I think he along with Ramsey will have a lot to offer in the next few years. Just need the right signings to push team on.

    Dalglish. Sterling and Coutinho. He’s having a laugh. Typical lpool pundit. They’re the biggest club in the world with the best fans. I’ve also seen Sterling wants to come to Arsenal. I would take him, but, £50million looooooool !

  80. gunnergetyou

    Classy win last night from Arsenal fan James Degale.

    Wenger needs to make a few changes today. I’d be tempted to give the Ox a run out. Get him some match fitness before the cup final.

  81. Emiratesstroller


    On a personal level I would prefer not to buy Sterling on three counts:

    1. I do not think that Arsenal in contrast to Chelsea and Man City need to
    worry about meeting Home Grown rule and therefore pay an inflated

    2. Whilst Sterling may be one of the most talented English players likely to be
    on market I would prefer to spend £50 million on a player who offers good
    value. Frankly there are currently better who would be available at that price.

    3. I think that Wenger offered a clue to what is going on at moment and how
    Arsenal might react by suggesting that the club looks at the full package
    including family and agents. Personally I would be concerned to do
    business with this agent.