Aaron Ramsey out / Arturo Vidal in on the cards?

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Barcelona are back in the mix for one of our players. They want to take Aaron Ramsey for a whopping £50m. Story goes that they’ve watched him, like, 10 times this year (twice on MoTD 2). Not a patch on the 60 times Arsene Wenger watched Yaya Sanogo, but whatever.

It’s an interesting story, because on the face of it, the story makes sense. With a bit more craft, he’s certainly good enough to play for them. I think he’d suit the league, he’d bring a lot of power and purpose to their side. He’d bring goals as well. He certainly has the engine for them.

I just wonder whether they’re shooting too early for him. I think Aaron is a very good player, I’m not sure he’s quite in their league yet. Basically, I think he’d get booed. He loses posession too often and he can be quite greedy. His game still feels like it has a way to go. If we took £50m for him and spent that elsewhere to strengthen, I feel we might be in a superior position. Also, generally, Barca signing a player from Arsenal is a bit of a bad luck omen. I mean, we’ve consistently sold them duffers. Overmars, Song, Hleb… even Thierry found himself shunted out wide!

So the jury is out here. Ramsey is a spectacular player, but £50m is quite a tempting fee when you look at the sort of players you could bring over in his place… like Vidal (omg, I typed this out and there is actually a story in Italy about us looking at him. UPGRADE).

Olivier Giroud had a minor kick out at Thierry Henry and his ‘you’re a fucking joke mate’ jibe.

“I heard he was saying too many dull things. That was a bomb and it had its desired effect,” he toldL’Equipe.

“It was surprising to hear him take apart the team. I say ‘team’ because it wasn’t just me, it was the spine. I think he’s wrong.

“I didn’t enjoy hearing it. Coming from an ex-France and Arsenal striker, it’s a shame. It was a bit easy for him to say that after Chelsea game.

“We were doing well, unbeaten in 10, my stats were good. It hurt my pride.”

“Maybe [Henry] was angry that I needed fewer games than him to score 50 goals for Arsenal.”

I hope you feel bad Thierry…

I can see why Olivier would go down this route. That’s basically a hero of French football and an icon of Arsenal telling you you’re shite when you’re playing some of the best football you’ve ever played.

I think players need to stop defending themselves against pundits. It’s nothing personal. Media makes the game go round. I like that we at least not have explayers in place who will give it some… because they have the right to do so (you know, because they were legends themselves).

I’d guess the reason the critique hurt the most is because there’s a seed of truth about it. He’s not ever going to be Thierry. He probably won’t ever guide Arsenal to a Champions League final. That’s just life… we can’t all be elite at what we do. Just be the best you can and you’ll never be able to look back with regret.

Finally, before I go. I didn’t really have much chance to dissect the game yesterday because I was hanging. However, the line-up for Sunderland really was a bit of a joke. I really struggle with Arsene and how he seems to have no empathy for exhaustion.

My biggest worry is that our 2015 success has basically come from the luck of having most of our squad injured for the first 3 months of the season. They all had a big rest, came back fit and fighting… then smashed the second half of the season.

… but now they’re all tired again. That’s an easy observation that’s now backed by the manager bemoaning the issue.

“We gave a lot on Sunday [against United] to come back and you could see that the legs were not completely there tonight.”

If this was December, which it kind of is for most players (their half season point) we’d be just about to hit our usual injury rut.

Fatigue >>> Soft tissue injuries galore

The most important part of 2015 has been having fit players available.

This is why it always amuses me when people say we’re doing well because we have so many players to pick from.


We’re doing so well because we have our best players to pick from. Wenger has basically played the same starting line-up for most of 2015. He played the same starting eleven 6 times in a row before Sunderland… then when he did rotate players in, he barely bothered.

Why was Santi playing? Why did we need Giroud in there again? When is he going to rest Ozil?

It was Sunderland. They really weren’t coming to do much outside park that bus. If our squad is so good, why don’t we ever use it?

Sirens going off in my head about next season. Because if Wenger chooses the ‘play them all the time’ strategy with his best players, we’ll end up with a broken December again.

Right, that’s it for me. Have a ripping day my beauties. x

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  1. mysticleaves

    “- Bellerin & Coquelin’s emergence”

    And Monreal’s “easter”

    Also I think you should remove “going into the season with 6 senior defenders” as a negative cos chelsea, the winning team this season, started and finished the league with 6 senior defenders.

  2. Gregg

    So todays rumours are; Jackson Martinez has signed a deal in principle to join us, oh and we sent chief scout to Lyon to watch Lacazete and Fekir, readying a £60m combined bid. The fact that Fekir has just signed a new deal doesn’t seem to bother that particular journalist.

  3. kingHenry


    How are we all supposed to believe a study that shows player names and puts percentages next to them….

    Well then all is resolved. Fabregas is the best DM in the world, and let’s all ignore the fact that some of the players on the list are actually playmakers not DMs

  4. mysticleaves

    King Henry
    CMs are also classed as DMs in these kind of cases. Just as wingers are classed as attacking midfielders.

    As for the percentages, am sure if you go to their website, you will see a more detailed explanation.

  5. mysticleaves

    Everyday is a new round of transfer stories. Lol. Jackson Martinez has been agreeing terms with us for 3 years now

  6. Wallace


    “Also I think you should remove “going into the season with 6 senior defenders” as a negative cos chelsea, the winning team this season, started and finished the league with 6 senior defenders.”

    yeah, but it was foolish, and it cost us. the fact Chelsea got away with it doesn’t change that. also, thanks for reminding me about Monreal. he has been quality this year.

  7. Keyser

    “yeah, but it was foolish, and it cost us. the fact Chelsea got away with it doesn’t change that”

    At some point we have to do something the teams above us aren’t prepared to do, take risks they don’t or push areas they don’t bother to explore.

    Citeh have 4 strikers, every one of which people here will say are better than any option we have, at what point would you say enough is enough ? We can’t match that, it’d probably be foolish to try.

    Likewise the centre-back situation, if you went back and looked at Koscielny, someone with little to no top level experience, we took a shot, Mertesacker’s more of your run of the mill acquisition, but Koscielny for a similar price has the chance to improve to a completely new level and he has.

    In the summer we might’ve been able to buy Winston Reid, there’s probably a reason why we waited the 6 months to buy Gabriel.

  8. Keyser

    Walking home yesterday came across a bit of drama, Paulinho clinging to a edge of a building, long enough to take out my camera phone, Bamford came to the rescue..

    ‘Take my hand’ he said.. ‘Take my Strong hand’..

  9. Relieable sauce

    So Wenger unearths a gem then goes onto beast him & doesnt buy a proper CB to partner him.
    We are out of the running for a player like Hummels now because we have Mert & Paulista due to Arsenes bad planning.
    …& what is wrong with our youth system? it seems to offer very little…Coquelin???…LOL.

  10. Berg

    Come on seriously would barcelona really be interested in Ramsay. Now today he comes out with wanting to play in santis position

  11. Relieable sauce

    “In the summer we might of been able to sign Winston Reid”


    Jeez Keyser, like wtf man???

    You dont think we can win the title then.

    LOL. No wonder you never post your transfer targets though. Winston Reid…
    : /

  12. Bamford10

    Ox is back in training today apparently. A shame he missed so much of the season.

    Side note to Keyser: Stop papering the blog with stupid videos. We know you have nothing to say and no one else to talk to. Please don’t make this a dumping ground for the garbage in your mind, though.

  13. Wallace


    and Theo and Jack…although Wenger suggested yesterday that he’d go with a similar side to the Sunderland game.

  14. Relieable sauce

    I guess Arteta is lacking match fitness, again. Thats 3 games at least.
    Hope the captain gets well soon so hes able to sign a new contract.

  15. Spanishdave

    Ramsey says he is fed up playing on the right! Ha bloody ha he never plays there he just goes walk about, screwing up our formation.

  16. Bamford10

    Lebron James had 30, 9 and 11 in impressive win over the Hawks last night. Behind the back passes, singing while he played. Was simply enjoying himself while at same time showing he’s the best on the planet and the best since Jordan.

    Nice to see a great athlete enjoying himself (while doing great things).

    Check out the highlights if you have a chance.

  17. vicky

    Would it be fair to say Ozil is yet to justify his huge price tag of 42m ? 1st season – below average. 2nd season – a few good performances but most of them against average sides.

    Cazorla did wonders in his first season, so has Alexis. Ozil has not set the world alight with his performances, has he?

  18. Relieable sauce

    Manager of the season –

    1 – Mourinho
    2 – Koeman
    3 – Monk
    4 – Pearson
    5 – Hughes/Pulis

  19. Joe

    The difference between our 6 defenders and Chelsea’s is that kos was nursing a Achilles injury

    Wenger gambled and lost. As per usual. Same with the DM. Le fraud gambled and thought arteta and flam would do the job.

    Great decisions by a great manager. Cost us countless points at the beg of the season

    Only reason Gabriel was bought in jan is because wenger knew he fucked up and had to buy. Your trying to tell me Gabriel wasn’t available in summer but only in jan when it’s supposedly much harder to buy. According to wenger??

    And of course Reid was the only other cb available at where in the world. to a team of arsenals stature

    I’m starting to think Keyser and wenger are the same person. Both are as clueless about football as each other and talk shit all say

  20. Bamford10


    Depends whom you ask. Ozil has had 5 goals and 6 assists in 25 games. That’s 1 goal and 1 assist every 5 games, or .2 of either a game. A few comparisons might include:

    David Silva with 12 and 8 in 37
    (1 goal every 3 games, 1 assist every 4.5)

    Fabregas with 5 and 21 in 42
    (1 in 8, 1 in 2)

    Eriksen with 12 and 2 in 41
    (1 in every 3.5, 1 in 20)

    De Bruyne with 15 and 25 in 44
    (1 in every 3, 1 in every 2)!!!

    Each of these is better than Ozil in some respect, but not in every respect. Dee Bruyne has clearly played out of his mind and apologists will say he has done this in an inferior league.

    For me Ozil hasn’t been impressive enough. Yes, he’s clever and technical, but he disappears too often, is a bit soft, isn’t a goal-scoring threat. I expected more from him. He has been better this year, though.

  21. Relieable sauce


    Touch & go really after top 4 but I think Hughes has done well enough for 5th.

    I think I might even rate Wenger higher than Pardew for the cup final alone…but then I suppose you have to give Sherwood some credit. Difficult.

    7 – Alardyce
    8 – Wenger

    think thats about right, sadly.