Cup final on the mind of Arsenal players

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One of my friends invited me to sit with him yesterday.

As my #GoonerFam deserted me, it was a pretty easy decision to go and hangout in the clouds for a game. Amazing how much more of the performance you take in when you have a view higher than row 12.

Pregame was mostly littered with whisky and tequila. Anything to take the edge of the boredom I was pretty certain was coming.

The game isn’t really worth going over.

Sunderland strangled the middle of the park like their Premiership survival depended on it.

Arsenal played like a team with a mind on the cup final and not getting injured.

Wenger mentioned post game that we might have had a bundle of shots, but he didn’t feel we’d score. I get where he’s coming from there. It was a really weird night.

Tactically, I felt we were a touch dim. The more their bunched through the middle, the more we’d try and play through the middle. We didn’t seem to be too keen on hitting the wings, despite having more space there.

We had some great chances, but we seemed 5% off pretty much everything… player sharpness wasn’t there and we didn’t really click. I thought the introduction of Theo added some spice. He looked fantastic on the ball and he looked far more attuned to the team than Jack did.

I don’t think there’s much point in picking the team apart. Bayern are on a losing streak at the moment. When there’s little to play for, players shut down, especially when there’s a cup final in the offing.

One thing that was quite upsetting is that the manager didn’t rotate, then he complained after his players were tired. We’ve come a long way this season, but the manager is still prone to being a bit of a dunce with things like that.

I think the only other piece of interesting news to report was that I called someone middle class in the lift for eating a salt beef bagel… then ate one after. Highly recommended if you’re coming in from the Holloway Road side.

Third is ours, bar a terrible 7 goal swing at the weekend. Now it’s all about the cup final, because the West Brom game is going to be dull as dishwater!

Have a blast, see you in the comments.

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  1. WengerEagle

    Sterling’s agent comes across as a bit of a wanker, Sterling has every right to leave Liverpool and IMO should (stick the development argument where the sun don’t shine Carra) but he’s going the wrong way about it (don’t blame him for this, he’s a 20 year old kid).

    That’s where his agent comes into it. By plastering this all over the front pages it’s Raheem who will suffer the consequences.

    He’ll be a pariah in Liverpool if he leaves in the summer now, if it was done professionally behind closed doors the aftermath wouldn’t be a fraction as bad.

    Then again I hate Liverpool and this is all very funny to me…

  2. Blsany

    “Wenger no doubt was a breath of fresh air when he 1st came to the prem. Now he has become a stale reek that wont go away.”

    briliant courtesy of Reliable Sauce.

  3. qna

    Shiiiiiiiiiiyyyttt … hahahahah… love Clay Davis. I binge watched the whole series in quite a short time. The most classic phrase of one of the best series ever made.

  4. bob

    Arsenal have reportedly agreed terms to sign Juventus star Arturo Vidal, according to Calciomercatoweb??? any news on this?
    plz let this be true £50mil plus jack wilshere

  5. WengerEagle

    ‘The most classic phrase of one of the best series ever made.’

    What about Brother Mouzone’s library card quote?

    Or Omar’s: ‘I got the shotgun, he got the briefcase’.

  6. Lee

    No you took a common phrase and turned it I to something negative about English culture.
    The tone of your posts changed as soon as le prof took a negative turn towards Americans.
    Football is played the world over by lower or working class people.
    The majority of players that make it will come from humble beginnings.
    Most will have experienced gang culture and thuggery inc South americans.
    You made a comment about English being thugs from grass roots and our footballing culture being not only thuggish but inferior.
    To that I say, you are American. You don’t participate in the worlds most celebrated sports apart from football. Which you have never succeeded at.
    And your country was built on thuggery


    Yes I know Midwest isn’t the foreign sec and I’m not responsible for our foreign policy but he has continually soured negative views on the English our culture our football and our players. Constantly calling for our boys to be sold.
    I find his tone turns venomous when the subject of England comes up. And an American labelling any other culture in the world as thuggish…. Well glass houses and throwing stones springs to mind.
    Again I like America and Americans just not liberal, high and mighty hypocritical toss pots.

  7. Dissenter

    “Dissenter, there is a huge leap from the world disliking the British media (which the British hate too) and saying the entire world DETESTS English football. It’s just not true, not even remotely. If that was the case, why would Le Grove be so diverse?”

    I think it’s because you’re misunderstood. People believe what they read in the tabloids and think it is representative of the popular belief.

    You don’t think the footballing establishment is against England. How many countries pledged their votes to England in the last WC only to renege on it.
    If there was one country that can wake up tomorrow and host a world cup excellently, without batting an eye-lid, It is England. You have at least 20 stadia that can host it better than anyone else and not leave a legacy of waste.
    You have every infrastructure ready, why won’t they come close to voting for England.
    You should see the way English fans are portrayed abroad. I know it’s not true because I am well traveled, Many people believe this disinformation.

    The American lack of votes, I get because we burned bridges after September 11,

  8. Honest Bill


    Arsenal have also agreed terms to sign Morgan Schneidelin, Kondogbia, Gundogan, Jackson Martinez, and Higuain.

    We’re going to have a pretty full squad.

  9. N5

    Dissenter, so you’re happy and sticking with your detests comment then? as far as you are concerened “the entire” world “detests” English football?

    Can you now explain to me what’s the difference between Le Profs generalisations and yours?

  10. MidwestGun


    Haha i have not once had a negative view of the English culture, my ancestors are from England/Ireland /Switzerland and Germany. Your grass roots football is not producing the best players. … that’s a fact.

    Again, your ridiculous.

  11. WengerEagle

    ‘but he has continually soured negative views on the English our culture our football and our players. ‘

    *Wraps straight-jacket around Lee’s shoulders and leads him to darkened room*

    Nap time mate.

  12. N5

    Also Dissenter are you also under the impression the world prefer Qatar football then to ours or does money talk and votes should be taken with a massive pinch of cash ridden salt?

  13. Honest Bill

    Can anyone account for the whereabouts of Midwest when Franz Ferdinand was shot?

    I’ver read several eye-witness accounts of the incident and not a single one of them mentions him not being there.

    Make of that what you will…

  14. MidwestGun

    Yes… the tone of my post changed because Le Prof was making a generalization about Dissenter based on his nationality. My tone changed when Redtroll did the same against Karim on numerous occasions.

    I’m the Illuminati and the U.N.

  15. bob

    1st chelsea-manager :portugal
    2nd man city-manager: Chilean
    3rd arsenal-nanager: french
    4th man united-manager:holland

    17 Newcastle-manager:ENGLISH
    18 hull-manager:ENGLISH
    19 Burnley-manager:ENGLISH
    20 QPR-manager:ENGLISH
    lol im super cool

  16. Blsany

    I understand but it’s the way you worded it.Why do you have to bring history in to it?Midwest is just a dude.You cant hold some one accountable for what his country may or may not have done just because he doesnt rate Wilshere,Gibbs or any other English player in our squad. He loves arsenal and wants what’s best for us.Thanks for the reply though..

  17. qna

    So with Sterling basically out the door, Liverpool need to replace and they will be a little desperate. I think they will go for Berehino first. But if they come to us we could offer them Walcott or Welbeck for a huge fee. I really hope the domino effect of Sterling leads to Welbeck moving on before Walcott.

  18. WengerEagle

    Haha Blsany or down in the pub skulling Guinesses in my Wife beater.

    Speaking of heavy drinkers, you’s are pretty hefty yourself if I’m not mistaken?


  19. Lee


    Fuck off
    The only reason you have enough electricity to charge whatever device you’re typing on is through subsidies of the E.U.
    Basically, my taxes pay your bills boyo.
    Now suck the fat one, I’ve got models to screw

  20. Honest Bill

    Midwest advised Raheem Sterling to leave Liverpool…

    Nah not really. That’s taking it too far. He isn’t quite that bad.

  21. MidwestGun

    Speaking of Xenophobic douches…… Ironically Bob picked today to comment. Coincidence? No… it’s all part of my master plan,… to make room for the invasion. Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley. …. get used to it.

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    qna: But if they come to us we could offer them Walcott or Welbeck for a huge fee. I really hope the domino effect of Sterling leads to Welbeck moving on before Walcott.

    You need to get the idea of Welbeck leaving in the summer out of your head. It’s not going to happen.

    What might happen though is that with Suarez gone, Sterling and Gerrard gone, they might need a ‘name’ they can parade in front of the fans quickly.

    Walcott isn’t the best in the business, but then neither are Liverpool, so it might work in our favour. They might offer over the odds just to get someone who gets them goals.

  23. Lee

    Mid west

    So, what has you having a Swiss grand parent got to do with you bashing the English??
    My heritage is half irish and I love bagging on them

  24. N5

    “Midwest awarded Qatar the World Cup.”

    No, it’s because the world likes their football more then the English 😉

  25. MidwestGun

    Haha. .. I’m not bashing anyone. .. bro. I love British culture obviously as I support a team in the Premier League and spend my life commenting on it. Doesn’t change my assessment of your youth system..
    Your confusing my bashing of Le Prof with your country. Is he your representative then?
    As I said, maybe countries should copy whatever they do in South America or France for that matter.

  26. N5

    Lol karim, I know why he left, I’m just waiting for my change from the cigarettes! I’m beginning to think he hasn’t really even gone to the shops!!

  27. MidwestGun

    Y’all won’t think it’s so funny when…. we sign Jozy Altidore the last day of the transfer window.

    And transfer Deandre Yedlin from Spurs.

  28. alex cutter

    “Lee-Haha i have not once had a negative view of the English culture, my ancestors are from England/Ireland /Switzerland and Germany.

    Your grass roots football is not producing the best players. … that’s a fact. Again, your ridiculous.”

    You’re arguing with someone who has multiple accounts on Le Grove?

  29. MidwestGun

    Alex –
    True… hard to know. .. who you are actually talking to, these days..

    Still might be some truth to the theory Le Grove is actually Pedro talking to
    himself in many voices… after a night out on the town. If so…. it’s brilliant work.

  30. hitman

    AFC problem isn’t just the English players who aren’t good enough.
    Bigger problem is senile Frenchman, snake South African & evil American.

  31. alex cutter

    “Lee is a stone’s throw away from making another account as “Lee’s Model Girlfriend” and talking sexy to himself on the blog.”

    You win today.

  32. Bamford10


    Love Omar. And Bubbles. Am sill making my way through the series, though. As Le
    Prof said, I’m a bit late to all good things. 😉

    Can’t believe the characters this series had the courage/audacity to kill. Each has ripped my heart out.

    Two more things re The Wire: one, when riots broke out recently in Baltimore, I had just finished binge watching the first season. Watching coverage of the riots on TV, I felt like I knew those neighborhoods and people well on account of The Wire. A bit misplaced, probably, but not too misplaced.

    Two, one of the funniest things I saw during the riots was a post on Slate, a political website here. People on left and right were arguing about police violence, thugs, etc. and one wag wrote it:

    “Regardless, I hope Bubbles is alright.”

    My thoughts exactly. Bubbles!

  33. Bamford10


    “Now suck the fat one, I’ve got models to screw.”

    Best line ever. Everyone should now sign off with this. Next time I get frustrated with someone, I am so going to this line.

    I’m literally crying laughing at moment.

    O dear Lord, Lee, you are a special case.

  34. alex cutter

    “Can’t believe the characters this series had the courage/audacity to kill. Each has ripped my heart out.”

    Wait till you meet Snoop.

  35. Bamford10

    Now Lee is offended that someone suggested he is half-Irish. Sorry, Lee, is Irish blood inferior to English blood or something? Why would someone’s saying you had Irish ancestry be “so offensive”? Please do explain.

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Can they pick it up for Saturday with west broom ?
    I ve done 2-0 2-1

    But honestly it could be 6-1

    We haven’t clicked all season will we Saturday ?

    Sunday I mean,,,

  37. alex cutter

    “Now Lee is offended that someone suggested he is half-Irish. Sorry, Lee, is Irish blood inferior to English blood or something? Why would someone’s saying you had Irish ancestry be “so offensive”? Please do explain.”

    The Simpsons covered this in some depth:

  38. Dissenter

    You take exception to my use of “entire world”,
    I wasn’t referring to 100% of the entire world, just that a sizable proportion. My use of hyperbole was inappropriate in that instance. I tried to qualify it in subsequent posts.

    I withdraw it, if it’s deemed offensive. It doesn’t distract from the point I was trying to make.
    I cannot afford to offend the sheriff, can I.

  39. N5

    Dissenter you didn’t offend me mate, I know what you meant by it. I just didn’t want certain other posters to use that against you in their retort.

  40. mysticleaves

    “You know nothing Jon Snow”. That’s the best series quote I can think of. From Game Of Thrones.

    Funny how you can replace “Jon Snow” with anybody’s name here and you’d be dead right.

  41. mysticleaves

    Great ‘borussia Dortmund” counter there.

    You see how I’d be right? Everybody counters everybody here.

  42. MidwestGun

    Mystic –
    Haha. True… that’s why i thought it funny yesterday when some were saying
    Welbeck gets a free pass. Le Grove gives no player or no commenter a free pass but if you read everyone’s opinions in an entirety somewhere in there is the truth most likely. But at least here you get the whole picture.

  43. N5

    How can you know nothing, if you know nothing then you know something. 😀

    Also can you be specific, I dream therefore I am, I know that.

  44. mysticleaves

    Yea Middy, just like I thought it funny (not in an insulting way) when qna said Sterling best stay at Liverpool for his development.

    I believe he liverpool is detrimental to his development at this stage. He needs better facilities(?), players and environment to surge on.

    If he ends up at Arsenal, fine but am not calling for him anyway.

  45. N5

    Mystic I tried to be clever and I cocked it up so you were right, no one knows anything Jon Snow!

    PS is it possible to read the line without hearing it in Ygritte’s voice?

  46. MidwestGun

    Mystic –

    I’m not calling for Sterling either but if he comes here… I’m ok with it, as an upgrade to Joel Campbell. Could play when Ox cannot or instead of and to rotate Sanchez. However, if that’s our only signing, I’d be unhappy.
    So I’d have to see it in the context of the entire summer to see how i feel about it.

  47. Relieable sauce

    Benitez lined up by Real Madrid?

    Look like Ancellotti is off anyway.
    City look like their courting Pep but it must be a temting option for them.

  48. N5

    Ha ha sorry NG, Apologies to the little fella from me.

    Surely there is a few braincells missing in that “gang”. The apple one and the nunchuck somersault guy had me doubled up.

  49. MidwestGun

    Ok so…. with all the players we’ve been linked to in the media the last few days we’re good.

    Cech/ Ospina
    Bellerin /Debuchy,Mert/Chambers, Kos /Gabby,Monreal /Gibbs
    Schneiderlin /Coq, Vidal/Ramsey
    Fekir/Ox,Ozil/Santi, Sanchez/Sterling
    Benzema /Giroud/Lacazette

    not even worried. …. done deal.

  50. Dark Hei


    The Vidal rumors are just that. I think we are interested, but the deal cannot be close, not with Juventus concentrating on a CL final. Could be the reason why Wenger is hesitating on Schneiderlin.

    Don’t expect to get both of them though. It is kind of pointless.

    Benzema is an implausible option made possible only by Christiano Ronaldo. There have been noises on ESPN that CR might be made a striker now that he has grown older. That guy is goal-hungry and a striker role fits the bill. Which means Benzema might have to make way.

  51. MidwestGun

    Dark Hei –
    Ya man… I know. ., just having a little fun making up a fake media created roster. You have to admit it looks pretty solid, tho. And it would only cost about $175 mill plus massive wage increase.
    Benzema, Vidal,and a keeper, tho. ……. that’s a pretty damn solid summer in my book. Also, near zero chance of happening. As i said before, I’d prefer not to sit around waiting for RM to decide on stuff either especially if they change managers who most likely won’t know what they want.

  52. gazzap

    I might be outnumbered here but I wouldn’t sell Ramsey to Barca for £50m. The line is never sell your best players. EVER. If you want to be thought of as a top club that players go to to win things you do not become a supplier of players to the top clubs. It’s a mindset that we need to get out of.
    I thought Barca had a transfer ban on them anyway? so surely a made up story.

  53. Samir

    Ramsey for 50M?
    Take the money. He isn’t one of our best players.

    With that money we could put it towards Pogba/Bale.

    But we all know it’s bullshit.

  54. Bamford10

    Odds on Arsenal finishes next season (according to me):

    1st – 20/1
    2nd – 9/1
    3rd – 4/1
    4th – 3/1

    If we added Cech, Benteke and Kondogbia, I’d give us 6/1 odds on the title.

  55. Bamford10

    Wenger extending Rosicky’s contract for a year. Why? Move him on. Thanks for your service, Tomas, but we need someone younger, more productive. Wenger runs Arsenal like a social service, caring for the feeble, the elderly, etc. cannot wait until he leaves.

  56. Bamford10

    Wenger on Walcott: “He’s a special player who has had special tests on the mental front, but has overcome them.”

    Any ideas re what these “special tests” might be?

  57. mysticleaves

    Yes you are surely outnumbered buh you got me by your side. I wouldn’t sell Ramsey except its a world record fee.

    He’s on the cusp of greatness. Superb engine. Posting outputs and numbers that (almost) match (or better) the best B2B midfielders in the world since last 3 seasons.

    Our play now more or less goes through him. Even when he plays badly, he is noticed because he never shies away from being the main man. Future Arsenal captain

  58. Bamford10


    Aside from ground covered, what stats place Ramsey among the best B2Bs in the world? Please cite.

    For me, he’s highly overrated by Arsenal supporters and maybe not even a top ten CM. Loads of technique, but suspect in his decision-making. Less athletic and powerful than some here imagine as well.

    If Verrati is a 94/100, Ramsey is an 84/100, and that’s probably generous.

  59. Bamford10

    Apparently we pay Rosicky 80k a week? What a waste of money. No offense. Rarely used squad player at end of his career. Wenger is frugal when it comes to transfers but wasteful when it comes to wages. But you already know this.

  60. mysticleaves

    He covers ground, yes. But he also gets you goals and assists. His tackling ability is noticeable, his pass % is about 88. I would say he’s up there.

    His decision making frustrates but because he gets on the ball so much. Isn’t he 24?

    If you have watched Pogba closely enough, then you would see that bar the odd skill pulled off the hat and dribbles completed, Ramsey is better than Pogba all round.

  61. mysticleaves

    Veratti is a quarter back while Ramsey moves up and down way more. So the comparison is off. Verratti rarely moves past the centre arc in the opposition half.