Wenger: Kill FFP, it’d make things more competitive < EH?!

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Some Arsenal fans are living in 2012 with their views on what’s going on at the club, and it seems Arsene Wenger is living in 2012 with some of his tired sound bites.

“The world has changed,”

“The appreciation today of the quality of a player is just down with the money you spend. If we had bought Coquelin at Christmas for £40 million, everyone would say ‘What a signing’. I am sorry he didn’t cost any money, he is still a good player.”


Come on Arsene, that sort of comment is so off key. No fan on the planet is giving you grief about not buying Coquelin for £40m. What we’re upset about is is that it took you so long to 1) work out you needed a player in that position 2) you didn’t realise it was Francis. Save your ‘people don’t appreciate players unless they’re expensive’… because we’ve spent 20 years appreciating players that cost very little.

Anyway, I love Coq and so do you.

Apparently Wenger hasn’t ruled out moves for Sterling, Milner and Cech. Three signings that would make it very hard for me to stand up from my desk to make a tea. Imagine the scenes next season. We’d be title contenders with those three alone.

I’d also imagine we’ll sniff around Reus again this summer. We nearly landed him last year, we had the deal agreed with Dortmund… the player had eyes on Barca… then Barca snared Suarez. Sad times for Reus, but could be good times for us if Dortmund want some funds to fuel a crack at the Champions League next year (they won’t qualify this year).

Tonights game is all about rotation. Arsene Wenger is very much a man who does not believe in the rotation of players. I think it’s impacted our performances over the last few games. Giroud and Santi Cazorla certainly look jaded. I’d like to see Ozil given a rest as well. Our last 6 games have boasted the same starting 11. Not a good plan to continue that if we want a full compliment of players to choose from in the FA Cup final.

I’d be looking to bring some of the fringe players in from the cold gutter of the sidelines.

Hey Jack? I’m giving you a game old boy. I reckon we could do with his surging runs and Roy of the Rovers antics. He’s looked hungry of late and he’s certainly looking very fit.

Tomas Rosicky won’t be staying on this summer as he looks for game time in the twilight of his career. Swapping him in would be a nice gesture, he never lets us down, he moves the ball at pace and he’s incredibly positive going forward.

I also think it’s time to give Theo a start. Wenger said that the reason our English contingent hasn’t seen much game time of late mostly centres around rehab and easing players in. This is either the truth, or it’s a big fat lie to soften the impact of ‘you’re not good enough’ vibes. Giroud looks dead at the moment, could Wenger offer Theo the chance to shine centrally tonight? It’d be a curve ball… but look here Arsene, don’t say Theo can play centrally if you don’t think he can… it’s mean. No one should be mean to Theo. He’s easily hurt.

Final words of today are geared around Arsene Wenger’s laughable turnaround on FFP. He’s gone from talking about it as the saviour of global football… the backing the prospect of the regs being loosened… TO ALLOW MORE COMPETITION!

Crazy turnaround. But one I agree with. We can all change our minds, right?

If I make £100m and I want to spunk it all on a football club. That’s my right. Part of the beauty of a football club is one day you’re Man City in the second division, the next you’re a grotesque Arab experiment in football domination.

That’s cool. One going from playing Ashford FC one second, the next, you’re not showing up to Champions League games because they’re boring. That’s hope. That’s dreams. FFP killed dreams. FFP killed many fans right to complain about the boredom of group stage Champions League games.

Point here for me is that it highlights this…

FFP was used by the club to disguise the fact that our business model of sustainability was a sham to cover up the obvious fact that Stan Kroenke didn’t want to spend money.

We couldn’t afford players. Stan could afford them. If he’d speculated, imagine where we’d be now? We could have been up there with United for revenue.

We didn’t though. We didn’t and we’re still in a good place, but we’re 5 years behind the major clubs in Europe.

Anyway, tonight, WE DINE IN HELL. Which is a new pop-up Indonesian restaurant on Holloway Road, before enjoying the game in silence, because it’s a boring game.


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    It’s not really about Coquelin in the middle, we went through a spell where we had Coquelin, Ramsey, Welbeck, Cazorla, Sanchez and Giroud as our side. Perfectly balanced, even if you think Welbeck and Giroud aren’t the quality you need.

    We’ve gone back to squeezing people in again as everyone worried we would once particularly Ozil, Wilshere and Ramsey were all fit, then of course Cazorla as well.

    The test comes when Wenger has choice, and he’s reverted to type a bit.

    If he wants to play lots of passers, lots of possession type, clever players, he’s going to need far better than Giroud up front.

  2. MidwestGun

    We’re not guaranteed 3rd yet
    We are unless Man . U, win by 7 goals or something. And we lose. So I guess not guaranteed. But… it’s pretty close to one. Still doesn’t excuse a bad performance. Had we put in 2 fresh players sooner after halftime , i feel like we would have won it. The 70th,80th minute sub thing is grating. Stubborn. Felt the same vs. Man. U. Also. If Rosicky had ten more minutes……

  3. karim

    I know it’s the French league, blah, blah, blah but Lorient actually saved their arse by scoring FIVE goals at Marseille while conceding 3 two weeks ago.

    Parking the bus is more a lack of imagination than a master plan to be fair.

  4. Goondawg

    Karim –

    It’s one of those utterly frustrating games, where the team comes park the bus and Wenger has no answer to it, it even made me wish Podolski was back, just so we could have someone WHO CAN JUST SHOOT.


  5. Paulinho

    Rosicky is still our most talented player that has the all-round abilities/attitude that you need to break down deep defences and bypass teams that press aggressively.

    A 25/26 year old fully fit Rosicky would just lord it all over this bunch week in week out if he were around.

  6. N5

    MWG have you ever seen Ruth as desperate as she is tonight? making little digs at every commenter hoping at least one person bites and not one person has!!

    Lonely, I am so lonely, I have nobody to call my owwwwwnnn.

  7. MidwestGun

    Troll. ….
    ummmmm ya Capt, obvious it is conjecture.., why I said I felt….
    In reality your a pathetic dude, it’s conjecture that you will ever get a life.

    See the difference?

  8. karim

    Yeah, but we should be able to resolve this equation now that’s it’s been proposed a hundred times, or at least try something different…

    Anyway, the saddest part for me is that Wenger had a golden opportunity to instill confidence towards next season, and now we’re left wondering if the Cup final will be another Birmingham…

  9. karim

    I was about to bite but then I saw your post, but then I saw Middy’s and now I really want to bite again.
    Aargh ! Someone help me …

  10. Relieable sauce

    We really should be working the flanks better when facing these tactics, even just for the corners. We had 4 I think around the 80 min mark.
    Our CB’s should be pushing for goals in double figures with our posession stats over a season.

  11. nasri's mouth

    @cesc appeal

    Our attack vs defence balance was off I thought.

    A better ball playing DM would improve that or Ox playing wide, or even Welbeck who will stay wide if asked.

    But meh, I really can’t get too pissed off by tonights result or performance given the circumstances.

    I don’t really get the hysteria

  12. TheBayingMob

    Fuck my old boots, another 90mins of my life I’ll never get back, Crab Football returns … side to side to side to side to side to side …. You really do have to admire the ST holders who have turned out since Top 4 has been secured, what a tame loser the old man has become … no bottle or spirit in him whatsoever.

  13. N5

    Yes Karim, I’m on my way home now. It was a frustrating night mate.

    Wally looked very good from where I was sitting though which was about the biggest plus I could take from tonight.

    The crowd were very restless, it felt like the beginning of the season again!

    I’m not a fan of Sunderland but it did make me smile seeing those guys celebrate tonight. To put up with that kind of onslaught and still take the much needed point must have been amazing for them.

  14. akgunner10

    We lack width and creativity…need someone creative for the LWF slot…Isco would be good…someone who can create and score…

  15. akgunner10

    And as for the CF…we need an upgrade in the summer if we want to challenge for the title…Giroud is a good plan b, nothing more…why did people slate Henry for saying the obvious?

  16. karim

    Yes, relegation battles are a nightmare, they will be even merrier if Newcastle goes down I suppose.

  17. Thomas

    “Parking the bus is more a lack of imagination than a master plan to be fair.”


    It depends on what team you’re playing. Against Arsenal it is a very good tactic.

  18. tunnygriffboy


    I’m with you. Disappointed but not hysterical. Last but one game of the season it’s not a definitive verdict on this season or next. Wonder how much the fa cup is in the players minds

    Sunderland fought for their lives as you would expect. Once again we create chances and don’t finish or keeper has a great game and the ball doesn’t fall to us on the rebound.

    Just got to make sure we’re well organised for the cup, oh, and rested.

  19. Bamford10

    So who should play wide right in the two remaining games?

    Clearly not Jack. It’s got to be Ramsey or Walcott, which means it has to be Ramsey as Walcott isn’t going to track back.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    For me I drop Cazorla and play Ramsey centrally and Walcott RM…I’m not Walcott’s biggest fan at all, but this one pace game we have going on right now is awful, too many possession players…Walcott really is the only viable option with Oxlade and Welbeck injured.

  21. tunnygriffboy

    Yes Walcott on the right for me. Santi has to rest he’s looked knackered the last two games. Also Sanchez and Ozil could do with being bench. My nagging worry is that we didn’t get the win we needed against Swansea or tonight. Know it needs 7 goal swing but heyho !

    I’m not doom and gloom after tonight but a bit perplexed why Theo and Tr7 didn’t start knowing some of our players are feeling it.

    Any news if Welbeck/ox be fit for weekend .? I imagine West Brom be more of the same.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Well it’s a bit rich that Wenger was complaining of tired legs when all day on here people were talking about giving guys like Sanchez and Cazorla a rest.

    Again, managerial basics. Really was no need for him to play guys like Cazorla and Sanchez tonight…Gabriel didn’t get a game either, yet you can bet he will be a reason not to buy a defender in the summer.

    I have nothing against Gabriel, but it’s an example of Wenger not using players then stating they are viable options…

  23. MidwestGun

    Agreed, AW said we looked a bit tired and leggy from energy expended on Sunday. Ummm dude your in charge. Ok… so you didn’t get the starting lineup correct. So make a freakin sub at half or 55 minutes. The preplanned substitution pattern is so archaic. Stubborn git.

  24. tunnygriffboy


    I agree. All for getting Wilshere in and to some extent Gibbs even. Kos had flu, no Gabriel ? Also Theo could have started and Tr7. They good enough to start v Sunderland at home. Wenger does shoot himself in the foot sometimes

    Hopefully the last few games has convinced him that we need a few new faces in the summer. How much have we missed Welbeck and Ox this last month ? I’d say a lot. Will say this for Theo, he has started dribbling at people these last two games. Something he seemed reluctant to do a few games ago.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I think you hit the nail on the head.

    Wenger is boringly predictable, doesn’t rotate, his subs are predictable…he is just predictable.

    You can almost script the summer as well.

  26. Danish Gooner

    Ohhh the dreaded summer it could be horrible if we lose the cup final and he procrastinates the entire summer,ohhhhh what a nightmare,please Buddha make this impossible.

  27. Relieable sauce

    Pulis…Berahinho…hmmm giant banana skin when it shouldve been a dead rubber.

    “Job done”…. Ahem!

  28. Mustang Gunner

    Rosicky is better then Ramsey OR Wilshere yet Wenger does not play him? Wenger is a fool and Wilshere will never be the player Wenger or England want him to be so badly he is NO longer a kid and he is JUST not good enough not enough goals or assists in 149 appearances for the club he has only 11 goals and 11 assists that is piss poor. INJURIES may be why but in the end why does not matter it is the results that matter and Wilshere MUST be replaced with a creative player that produces results. We need a midfielder that can produce goals.

  29. Dissenter

    We will crawl out of this season in third place.
    Our current form has sucked all the noise about momentum for next season.

    I expect Westbrom to also shock us as well.

  30. tunnygriffboy

    West Brom could turn us over. We’ve a 7 goal swing to lose 3rd place. It’s not impossible. Hull could implode chasing a win.

    Should have started Walcott and Rosicky last night. We’ll see 6 or 7 changes for sunday, will be unmotivated and West Brom will be on a high after beating Chelsea. It’s squeaky bum time because we messed up the last 3 games.

    After a fantastic run of form it’s become a damp squib. I think we need a point onthe weekend.

  31. Dark Hei

    What a meh result. Ok we are 3rd, yay.

    Now just rest up for the FA Cup.

    Oh, we won’t get hammered by West Brom. Our guys are not going to kick the ball at somebody or choke someone anytime soon.

  32. tunnygriffboy

    Dark hei

    Our players looked knackered at the end. They put a lot of effort in. Just didn’t happen. Balls bounced away from us hit defenders etc . …. How much is it possible to create when they pack the box. Walcott made a difference.

    Somehow we have to find a way to break sides down. Yes they are organised but they need a slice of luck as well.

    West abrom will be tough. They have a better attack than Sunderland. We’ll have to be on it and we’ll see changes. I’m really worried.

    We have to buy in the summer. Once again we’ve lost key players at the end of the seasonnin Welbeck and the Ox. I feel quite deflated

  33. tunnygriffboy

    We’re back to squeezing Santi, Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil into the team which has made it unbalanced. We’ve lost a player with pace which makes us one paced and predictable

    From being optimistic I’m now deflated and worried.

  34. tunnygriffboy

    We won the Swansea game or the one last night and we could have played a second string v West Brom. Now we have to make sure we get a point because i can see man u battering Hull who have to go for it and will leave themselves open

    West rom will come to us, pack the penalty area and break on us with Berahino. It’ll be a long aftternoon.

  35. Jeff

    It’s the end of season wind down. Champions League is in the bag. It’s a guaranteed 3rd or 4th so what is the point of trying? For years and years now we have not deviated from the primary goal which is to secure CL money. Wenger will be smelling of roses in the board room for doing it yet again. Winning a trophy of any kind is deemed as an overachievment. Deep down, every Arsenal supporter knows this. That is how it will remain until Wenger leaves.

  36. tunnygriffboy

    Wenger has said that we have a full squad to pick from and real depth in quality in the squad. Firstly we do have bloody injuries. Debuchy, Welbeck and Ox were supposed to be back weeks ago. Where are they ?

    This squad you talk about. Bloody well use it to give players a breather. It’s ridiculous. We have enough quality to rotate for games like Sunderland

    With Welbeck and Ox out we lack pace in our forward play. Theo needs to be used more with those two missing. We need another pacy forward in the summer

    Grow a pair of bollox and bench two of Ramsey, Santi, Wilshere and Ozil. When they are squeezed the balance of the side is a crock of shite.

  37. Wallace


    “I did say Wenger screwed up buying Ozil and Sanchez.

    Two A class signings price wise, but two B class players ability wise.

    Now we’re stuck with them.”

    Paulinho really pulling out all the stops last night…

  38. tunnygriffboy


    Aren’t you a bit fed up with the way things have petered out ? I’m always optimistic but I’m trying to understand why the likes of Walcott, Rosicky and Wilshere haven’t been used more especially as some players looked knackered and he admits it himself. Also where are Welbeck and Ox? Finally, this business of playing a CM playing wide has to stop. If he feels we don’t have enough qualitywide men he should bloody well buy one.

  39. Thank you and goodnight

    As everyone knows I’ve knocked Ozils in the past and raised concerns over his performances, but in fairness he’s 3 steps ahead of giroud and I don’t think we’ll get best out of him till we get a top notch striker. That doesn’t mean I think girouds shit because he’s not, he’s a good 2nd choice striker and most teams out of top 7 would love to have him as their main striker. Unfortunately he’s not quite good enough to lead the line for a top 4 club. Even the great DB10 would of struggled with giroud up top.

  40. Thank you and goodnight

    Also it’s not girouds fault it’s wengers for not finding the solution up top or at least GENUINE competition for giroud.

  41. tunnygriffboy


    I’m very much a glass half full type of guy re the Arsenal. I have been optimistic as wehave to be fair an excellent 2nd half to the season. The last 4 games have me perplexed. He’gone back to where we were at the beginning of the season shoe horning Ramsey in on the right. It unbalances the side. Also he could have used his squad more

    The other thing is the last 3 home games 3 sides have packed their area. It’s hugely difficult to break down and we have failed to do it even though opponents have had a bit of luck. Things because we want to win we throw everyone forward so we are susceptible to the counterattack. Perhaps we should retreat and let the opposition have the ball.

    Another thing, I know teams are entitled to park the bus and it’s a legitimate tactic but for me it becomes boring game after game. It’s why I think everytime a team succeeds using it it becomes another nail in the coffin of football.

    Parking the bus is not tactical genius, it is good organisation and luck that one ofthe chances doesn’t go in

  42. Thank you and goodnight


    Parking the bus is boring I agree. But teams have to play to their strengths and coming to the emirates they have to play like that to give themselves a chance of a result. Unlike us in the past where we go away to the top clubs and play into their hands, sometimes boring is best.

  43. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with you about Giroud. I’ll not slag him because he’s a good player. We do need a striker with a different skill set to him.

    Since Christmas he’s played every game and again been flogged. When he came back after his break, he looked really sharp. Now he’s struggling. Welbeck has been injured for bloody months now. If Wenger refuses to rotate we’ll underachieve . If he keeps players fresh we could get somewhere.

  44. tunnygriffboy


    Don’t disagree with you about teams doing it. It does take a bit of luck as well. Plenty of teams do that against us but in the majority of cases we get the goal and the game opens up, we just haven’t in the last 3 games. We’ve missed Ox and his dribbling ability and our shooting has been poor

    On a positive note Theo was actually dribbling past people and taking people on in the last 2 games. He has to play on Sunday and the fa cup if Welbeck and Ox not available.

  45. Goondawg

    Apparently kicking the ball at an opposing player is not deemed a three match ban like ordinary, and FA agree it was excessive and has reduced to one


  46. Thank you and goodnight

    Wenger was right for only wanting to bring welbeck in on a loan. Lovely lad but a west ham grade striker at best.

  47. Wallace


    i think since Chelsea were officially crowned and the top 4 were sorted a few weeks back that everyone’s been in end of season mode, so not concerned about our performances since then.

    not keen on playing CMs wide, but think/hope this is just a stop gap until the Ox returns. i’d have liked to have seen a lot more of Theo than we have though.

  48. Goondawg

    It is a strange one that, Tunny. The manager was far from apologetic and even went as far as to laugh it off and blame the ref for failing to control the game. Cannot imagine FA letting a slight like that go, if it come from Monsieur Wenger

  49. Dark Hei


    Calm down man. The reason why the CMs are used out wide is because the wide players (Welbeck and Ox) are injured. Walcott and Rosicky aren’t given the playing time presumably because they are leaving.

    Don’t get so uptight about yesterday’s result. If Chelsea got it 0-0 everyone will be hailing them as pragmatic winners.

    I can see that the starting 11 is feeling the strain. But yesterday was a must-draw/win result so Wenger stuck with the same folks.

    With the result achieved, we will see something fresh this weekend.

  50. Goondawg

    Wenger does not rotate, he runs players to the ground. Rosicky has been fantastic every minute he’s played for us and never gets a look-in. Cazorla, Giroud, Sanchez, Ozil, they all look legless and jaded.

    In other news, United asked Liverpool for an asking price for Sterling, but were told further communication would not be welcomed. Wish we did that when the big boys sniffed around our players

  51. Goondawg

    Not gonna lie, Yoann is a fantastic footballer, but his injury record is Diaby-seque

    Still anything that keeps Milner away from the squad is much approved

  52. tunnygriffboy

    Dark Hei

    Just thought we had a chance to gain second place and despite what you say we’re not completely clear and we’ll be going into the final on a downer unless
    we get a result on sunday

  53. Goondawg

    No progress has been made; with a lower point tally this season despite adding better players to the squad, with purportedly less injuries on the table.

    Wenger is still the same, naive, tactically deficient, running players into the ground. Sticking with Giroud as a big stubborn two finger salute at everyone who says we need better. Playing Ramsey wide, just because it worked so well against Liverpool. Please Wenger. Just stop already

  54. tunnygriffboy


    Don’t think Theo going anywhere judging by what Wenger has said about him. I was impressed with him last night and last week. Looked to be dribble and beat defenders. Has to start on Sunday along with Rosicky, wilshere , Gabriel and maybe Flamini. Ideally we rest Santi, Ozil, Giroud and Alexis

  55. Gregg

    Dissapointed that we find ourselves in a position where we still need result on the final game, to guarantee a top 3 finish.

    It’s unlikely Utd can turn round a 7 goal deficit but not impossible and it means that rather than giving a much needed breather to players, we’ll be sending them out again. For the record Villa have a free weekend and can play who they want as their game affects nothing.

  56. tunnygriffboy


    Have to disagree about less injuries for 3/4 months at beginning of the season we had half a first team out. We gained 11 out of the first 27 points and still had togo through a period blooding cchambers and Bellerin and playing Monreal at CB. That’s5 why I don’t see the points total as an indicator f improvement. The 25 game run with most of our squad available shows improvement to me. I do feel really flat after the Swansea and Sunderland games.

    If we get the right players there is hope for next season if Wenger rotates appropriately

  57. Gregg

    One thing to point out from last nights match. Dissapointed as I was, you cannot deny the joy and what it meant to those away fans and in particular their manager. The guy was in tears at the end, it meant that much to the man. Fair play to the guy.

    As for us, this is where we need a player that can beat a man. We’re all about moving the ball and we’re very good at it but when teams set up deep against you, then sometimes you need to make your own space. This why I think a player like Sterling would suit us more than Liverpool, would excel with us more IMO.

  58. Gregg


    No mate, we have plus 7 goal difference over Utd who can match our points total should they win and we lose on Sunday. They do need to make up a 7 goal difference, so if we lose by 2 they need to win by 5, etc, etc

  59. Biggus

    All you guys saying Man U need to put 7 past Hull, it’s more a case of Man U putting 3 or 4 against Hull and us losing by 3 goals. Which is more than possible as we were caught napping a few times yesterday bar poor finishing.

  60. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with you. Some of the players will be patched up and sent out again on Sunday. We had enough chances too wrap it all up yesterday and could then have played a 2nd string on Sunday

    We’ve missed Ox and his dribbli ng ability the last few weeks although good to see Theo dribbling in the last two games, taking people on and beating them. I’mperplexed why he ddidn’t start last night or at least come on ten minutes earlier, ditto Rosicky. We need another creative dribbler in the summer.

    This shoehorning in of Ozil, Santi, Ramsey and wilshere unbalances the team imo.

  61. Gregg


    Yes mate, unlikely but it does mean that we still have to be on our toes so that there isn’t a banana skin. In an ideal world and from the position we were in 3 weeks back, this game should have been completely immaterial and a rest day prior to the FA cup final.

  62. Alfie

    Gregg –

    Its the old adage – if this team lose to west brom 3-0 than we don’t deserve the 3rd spot.

    Not worried at all.

    Nothing for WB to play for and Hull fighting to survive.

  63. Alfie

    Jim –

    Agree a poor result last night but it was all about the final ball that wouldn’t materialise. I think most players have got one eye on the FA cup/holidays.

    Although poor, it is what it is.

  64. Blsany

    Wba could stuff us we play like last night no doubt about it.They scored 3 more goals than we did against Chelsea in the last 2 years.

  65. gambon

    “All you guys saying Man U need to put 7 past Hull, it’s more a case of Man U putting 3 or 4 against Hull and us losing by 3 goals. Which is more than possible as we were caught napping a few times yesterday bar poor finishing.”

    Firstly, if UTD win 4-0 and we lose 3-0 we still finish 3rd. So you are looking at us losing 3-0 and UTD winning 5-1 or better.

    Chances of Man U winning by 4 goals?…..10%

    Chances of Arsenal losing by 3 goals? 1%

    Chances of what you said happening? 0.1%

    Not sure why anyone is even considering it.

  66. gambon

    In fact if UTD win 5-1, and we lose 3-0, there would be a play off for 3rd place, which we would presumably have a 50% chance in.

    So for us to finish 4th, you are looking at an almost impossible combination of results in the games.

  67. Wallace

    agree with gambon, for once.

    also, the biggest danger for us against Villa is probably complacency, so the fact we’re struggling a little now i don’t think is the worst thing.

  68. Goondawg

    Just read we had a total of 50 shots against Swansea and Sunderland. With a grand total of 0 goals to show for it. Methinks Wenger needs to delve into the market for a free scoring forward of a top top striker. Realist in me thinks, Wenger will sit on his arse this summer and be content with what we have with perhaps Schneiderlin coming in