Cech and Milner close? | Sterling: London DNA by chance?

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Happy good morning to one and all.

MAJOR talking point yesterday evening was the news that Raheem Sterling told Liverpool to do one. The super small and extremely fertile Liverpool inside forward has dished out the middle finger to the scouser board and told some journos it’s not about money.


It’s always about money. If I were Sterlings advisor I would have stated it’s all about London DNA. You can see his point to a degree when he talks about trophies and Champions League football. Who doesn’t want those things? You can also see why perhaps Arsenal preempt big contracts in special talent circumstances. Liverpool wildly misjudged Sturridge and his £140k special deal… that’s clearly impacted the demands of Raheem who rightfully wants more.

What Liverpool are learning here is that your reputation doesn’t hold with young millennials. A big name only works if you’re doing big things. Liverpool are not doing big things, nor are they close to it. It also teaches them a thing or two about young mercenaries. If you pick off children with promises of big money, don’t be surprised when they grow up, they leave for money.

It’s why I don’t trust stray cats anymore. Their loyalty is never pure.

I’d take Sterling. He’s an amazing talent. You really can’t knock him on the pitch. Great thing about him is if he moves to Arsenal he won’t have desires on Madrid because he’s a London boy.

He’s a bad boy though. He probably listens to loud music and I have a feeling he’s a 35mph in a 30mph zone. My fear is that he’ll lead Theo astray.

‘No Theo! who told you to set that bin on fire? Arsene will be furious!’

Fans saying his stats aren’t good enough forget his a kid and he’s been playing with a dog awful strike force all season. He could be a machine for us. Hopefully he’ll want a move back to London. Gut feel says he’ll probably end up over at the Manchester Money Slags Crew.

I think Santi will move on this summer. That’s an interesting player to replace. Because what are you replacing. A deep-lying playmaker, a DM or someone who can play in the front three? Imagine replacing him with Reus?! That’d be enough to warm the cockles. It’d also kick us on another level.

I was discussing DM with a few pals. Morgan Schneiderlin or Geoff Kondogs? What are you saying? One is more cultured than the other. One has Champions League experience. One Premiership experience. Both very good. BOTH FRENCH. Perfect.

Also, how’s this for banter. Michel Platini:

“I think that the regulations that have been made are fine. The Financial fair play was voted by the clubs . The French press called that because it is not normal (…) In France, one can not buy players, and on the other hand, French want stricter enforcement if Qatar buys AC Milan, ”

Thus, Michel Platini said that “things will be eased,” but said that “it will be the executive committee of the decide. You’ll know at the end of June . “

So Qatar come sniffing and PSG go crying… and all of a sudden, things might be eased? FFP, brought in to secure the big clubs, stop small clubs making a go of it… and now a big club is in trouble, things might be eased?

I think they should scrap FFP. I think clubs should absolutely be aloud to make a hash of their finances. I also think if you scrapped it, you could do something to lower ticket prices. At the moment, every penny of revenue counts towards more FFP belt loosening. The fans get it stuck to them. That has to stop.

What a waste of time FFP was. But, who, bar Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger, truly believed FFP would actually work? Interesting that Platini’s son is a lawyer at PSG. Scuzzy set up.

Couple of tasty morsels before you leave, Michael Cox (master of tactics writing) stuck a big middle finger up to all of those who slated me yesterday for looking at the positives of a team that is thinking about how they play. Must read here. Also, Jose said he’s powerless to stop Petr Cech moving to Arsenal.

“Big candidates to win the Premier League. I would never let him go. But it’s not in my hands. My perfect scenario is that he stays with us, I think he belongs to this club, this club belongs to his history and to his life, too.

Sweet. That’d be a Jen Lehmann like masterstroke. Also, rumours we’re in for Milner. We were in for him last summer but we shit out pants when we heard he was on £130k a week. Good player. Would be a good squad move.

Right, that’s your lot. SEE YOU TOMORROW. x

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  1. Bamford10


    I wasn’t making a case for Smalling on one game alone. I was simply pointing out he was better this weekend, when most Arsenal fans, like you, would’ve had Kos with the better game. Clearly Smalling was better, something that was obvious to anyone watching with objective eyes.

    Le Prof

    While I believe stats can sometimes be misleading, tackles, aerial duels won, blocked shots and interceptions are not “bullshit stats,” nor are WhoScored analytics anything to scoff at. Check out their game reports if you doubt me. Very useful.

  2. Frank Mc

    Staunch Manc in the office just said Arsenal have been a better team this season, were the better team in the F.A Cup game but they just edged it on Sunday.

  3. Dark Hei


    You have indeed great stamina arguing Smalling’s cause. But WhoScored will probably have Kozzer with the better stats for the entire season.

    Ramsey is a very good box-to-box. He has also better goal scoring potential versus Carzola. Moving him into the middle compensates for Ozil’s goal shyness. It has also the potential to recreate the 2014 combos. Moving Carzola out wide is now ok, as we have Sanchez’s pace and risky play to balance things out.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Are the messages coming from Wenger a “diversion” or does he believe seriously that Arsenal does not need to make any serious investment in transfer market?

    Wenger falls always short as we saw last summer when everyone apart from him knew that we needed a new Centre Back and Defensive Midfielder. Coquelin may have proved since January that he is a good replacement for latter but the question you need to ask is why Wenger did not recognise this earlier?

    This Summer we need a minimum of 3 new players if only to freshen up squad and replace deadwood. Noone apart from Wenger believes seriously that our squad is complete for next season particularly since most of our
    rivals will be making serious investments in transfer market.

  5. Wallace


    “Good to know, Frank. That’s really persuasive.”

    yeah, just like your Smalling’s better than Koscielny argument.

  6. Bamford10


    Except I didn’t say he was better. I said he was his equal and that he will be better in time.

    And given his statistical superiority on Sunday, I don’t see how you argue he didn’t have a better game.

    And Dark Hei, WhoScored has them as near equals for the season as a whole: 7.35 overall for Smalling, 7.38 overall for Kos. Given Smalling is 3 inches taller, four years younger and still improving, I think I’m on pretty solid ground saying he’ll likely be the better CB next season.

  7. daz

    ES Wenger knows we need reinforcements he never talks about transfers, on the point of last summer mourinho let 3 defenders go but only brought in 1 yet no one questions him IMO he was very fortunate his back 4 avoided injury all season

  8. Dark Hei


    Fair enough. There were rumors last season that Wenger wanted Smalling as a swap for Vermaleen. LVG said no. Looks like both managers know what they are talking about. I don’t think Smalling is “better”. He strikes me more as a leader/organizer than a man marker. I think Jones is generally the man-marker for United. Kozzer is a different kind of CB. More a Keown than an Adams type.

  9. Frank Mc

    It’d be like commenting on a match that you haven’t actually seen, just purely based on a stats site……unbelievable really!

  10. Ankle-biter

    We have played at least 10 highly competitive games more than united, they had more time to prepare for their league games and their players less fatigued.

    They have invested around 200m on their squad and yet their player of the season is their GK. I don’t think they would have made top4 without him

    I think its fair to say we’ve been better than them this season.

  11. Emiratesstroller

    My worry at the moment is not so much that he will not bring in new players, but they will be cheap options such as Milner.

    What Arsenal needs to do is find upgrades. The priorities this summer should
    be in following order:

    1. QualityForward who can score consistently goals as replacement for Walcott.
    2. Central/Defensive Midfield. I had hoped that he would see through acquisition of Schneiderlein, but I am beginning to think that he will go for cheap option e.g. Milner.
    3. Goalkeeper. He should be making serious effort to buy Cech. My gut feeling
    is that the player will now go elsewhere.

  12. Bamford10


    No one is arguing that we haven’t been better than them this season. The q is who has the better XI and squad at moment. I think they do — granted, just by a little — and that this has been evident in our matches, which IMO they have dominated.

  13. Alfie

    Man Utd squad better?? Do me a favour man!

    I would choose De Gea and that’s it over our first team. Maybe Rooney at a push.

  14. daz

    Bamford I think you was leaning towards saying they had been better but have changed the goal posts to suit your argument

  15. daz

    “It hasn’t changed [my mind about transfers] a lot, but what is for sure is that he has shown he has the capacity to play for us and play a big part in the success of the team.”

    That’s Wenger on coq so let’s hope he was planning a DM and as that suggests he is still after one

  16. Wallace

    ” The q is who has the better XI and squad at moment. I think they do — granted, just by a little — and that this has been evident in our matches, which IMO they have dominated.”

    they dominated possession in both games at home, although the FA Cup tie we were clearly the superior team, we dominated the game and should have been 4-0 up after 20mins in the game at the Emirates…were you defending us then?

  17. daz

    Gregg yeah let’s hope the wages put him off Milner, gundogan would be my preferred option and have heard he could be available for around 20m which would be a bargain imo

  18. Gregg


    I think the one he’s wanted for years is lars Bender but with Leverkusen always qualifying for the champions league he’s never been able to get him.

    Milner is a strange one, he’s a bit Parlour’esque in that he has an incredible engine and can do a decent job in multiple positions, without pulling up trees. An honest lad. That said he appears to be a real’ Northern’ boy and hasn’t ventured any further south than Birmingham throughout his career.

  19. Romford Ozil Pele

    Gregg, I always find it funny hearing Welbz’s Mancunian accent amongst all the Southern English lads at Arsenal. Feels so out of place!

  20. Dissenter

    We’ve been better than United this season. The league table doesn’t lie.
    It really doesn’t matter because this is Van Gaal’s first season. They are in transition.
    Wenger, shouldn’t be compared with Van Gail in that regard.
    Is there anyone who believes United won’t improve next season.
    Van Gail didn’t even get a full summer to prepare because of the WC.

  21. Wallace

    i think a Milner-type player is what he’s looking for. someone with the versatility to play alongside, or instead of Coquelin. but surely there are better options out there.

  22. Romford Ozil Pele

    Smalling better than Kos? Bamford, go home, you’re drunk. I actually quite like Smalling, but Kos, alongside Terry, are the best CBs in the league.

  23. Dark Hei

    Guys, I wouldn’t worry too much about Milnar.

    For the record, I rate Milnar. But I am not sure if he is a good fit for the deep lying playmaker role. If he comes, it is probably as a cover for the right side of midfield with the option of playing centrally. In other, a younger version of Rosicky.

    But Milnar IS getting games at Man City. He is a fan favourite and a manager’s pet. Why is Milnar going to Arsenal as a squad player when he is a valued squad member at City who is desperately pouring oil $$ on his head?

    If Milnar moves, it will be to Liverpool as a replacement for Gerrad. Period.

  24. Gregg


    Not sure mate. Alan Smith is convinced it’s a done deal. I’m sure if he was t remain at City he’d have signed an extension by now. As for Liverpool? no champions league for them and already next season doesn’t look likely a good bet they’d qualify either, given their current woes.

  25. Ankle-biter

    ” I think a Milner-type player is what he’s looking for. someone with the versatility to play alongside, or instead of Coquelin. but surely there are better options out there”

    If santi is leaving for Atletico Madrid, him plus cash for Koke?

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    Koke signed a new contract last season. Both City and Chelsea have been chasing him but he said a few days ago that he doesn’t wanna leave. If he is to leave, I think it’ll be to Barca. They seem him as Xavi’s heir.

  27. Dissenter

    Why does Welbeck get a free pass here.
    Giroud gets bashed a lot for not been good enough. In my opinion, He’s worked his way to being the solid number two central striker for Arsenal.
    Welbeck has scored 4 league goals in 27 appearance which is pathetic for an England international.

  28. Wallace


    yeah, maybe, think it’d be tough to pull off though. i’d prefer Gündogan, and i like the Chilean Aranguiz.

  29. gambon

    “Why does Welbeck get a free pass here.”

    Welbeck isnt first choice.

    You say Giroud has proven a good second striker….well he isnt, he is our leading CF.

    I agree, i would rather Giroud was backup to a WC striker than Welbeck.

    Welbeck can be 3rd choice.

  30. Dissenter

    We need a defensive midfielder with different attributes from Coquelin.
    Why are we even been linked with James Milner. I thought Chambers was supposed to have a role as utility player?

    We have a round hole problem. Wenger finds a square solution.

  31. Relieable sauce

    Good to see Jenko & Chambers going to u21 Euros, good experience for them hopefully. Ex gunner Afobe part of a good strikeforce as well.

    Dont know who the favourites are but I guess the Frenchies will be up there with the talent the have available.

  32. daz

    I can’t see why giroud gets so much stick yes there are better strikers in the world but just from goals point Costa has 20 in 38games giroud has 18 in 34 games. So if Costa is so highly regarded can’t see how giroud is slated surly he is not as far behind Costa as some suggest

  33. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Why does Welbeck get a free pass here.”

    He doesn’t. Plenty critcise him on here. Like many of our players, he’s a work in progress with questions hanging over his head.

  34. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I can’t see why giroud gets so much stick”

    Compare to previous strikers we’ve had and there’s your answer. We haven’t even got onto the fact that he can’t run. He has his strengths and considering the make-up of our team currently, we need a pivot like him to play from. But his limitations do rear their ugly head when we need it least.

  35. Dissenter

    Thanks for proving the bias.
    Giroud isn’t good enough to be first choice striker but even ardent critics like Bamford will agree that he is good enough to be the back-up striker.

    Welbeck earns the same 100k salary as Giroux but is insulated from criticism for whatever reason.
    Wasn’t he signed to score goals too?

  36. gambon


    In his first PL season Costa has 5 more PL goals than Giroud.

    Costa came to the PL at the same age as Giroud, and has scored 19 PL goals. At the same age Giroud scored 11.

    Costa is quicker, more mobile, works the channels, better passer etc.

    Costa isnt the top level of CF, but hes certainly a better player than Giroud.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    I know that Wenger likes to recruit players who are “versatile”. We have already got a lot of so-called “utility” players on our books.

    What we need now is to bring in top quality players who are “the best available” in those positions, where there is perceived weakness or where we find an upgrade.

    I could live with Milner if it meant that Arsenal were going onto market and
    buying a top of the range forward. Sterling would not be that choice, because
    for all his talent he does not score enough goals for me. His goalscoring potential at the moment is not better than Welbeck.

  38. gambon


    So basically you have a bit of a sexual thing for Giroud, so you are going after Welbeck, and imagining he is some hero on LeGrove?

    I have seen very few people praising Welbeck. Very few.

    But since its Giroud that is starting as CF whenever he’s fit, its natural that he will take criticism.

    Do you also want to start diverting criticism onto Akpom, Ian Wright and Cliff Bastin?

  39. Dissenter

    This next comment might grate some of out wonderful London fans but is it possible that you don’t criticize Welbeck enough because he’s English.
    Romford, “work in progress”?. He a united product who’s played at the very top already. It maybe that a more plausible explanation is that he’s not good enough.

    Does anyone still think United made a mistake selling him? We all know they have a goal scoring problem but Welbeck wouldn’t have been the solution.

  40. Romford Ozil Pele

    “but is it possible that you don’t criticize Welbeck enough because he’s English.”


    I’m not sure why people think us English fans have a bias towards English players. If a player is shit, i’ll out him irrespective of his nationality. I used to give it to Jenkinson all the time. I don’t really like Kieran Gibbs. But I like Ox, I like Wilshere and I like Welbz.

    “He a united product who’s played at the very top already”

    Soooo…? It doesn’t mean he’s a complete player. He was never a full starter at United. He’s played in various systems/formations and is still learning the game himself. He might not be good enough but then again there’s been so much upheaval in the team over the past 4/5 years that it’s hard to make that kind of assertion. Don’t ever think he’ll be WC but the notion that he can’t contribute/have an impact is silly.

  41. Dark Hei

    Welbeck has a role in the club. As a backup for Giroud and to provide width when Ox is out.

    The Secret Footballer has us signing Schneiderlin. Smith says its Milnar. I just don’t believe why Milnar will reject that kind of $$ when he has a clear role to play in City. Hack Pellegrini even played him as striker. And he scored!

  42. Dissenter

    Sexual thing for Giroux??????
    I’m the first to acknowledge that he’s not good enough. We had a French donkey who wasn’t good enough on a long term contract.
    What did we do?
    We bought an English greyhound who has scored 4 league goals in the last 34 goals for United and Arsenal.
    The French donkey gets stick all the time, often times, rightly so.
    The sterile English greyhound hardly ever gets criticized.

    Your reaction just conformed my suspicion.

  43. Dream10

    I think we’ll sign three players. A GK, DM/CM and CM/AM.

    Cech or Leno
    Kondogbia or Gundogan

    Clement Grenier is the interesting one. He is a creative midfielder but like Cazorla, he has the ability to play as a CM. He will increase the technical capacity of the team (an AW requirement), value for money (contract ends in 2016) and is coming off a long term injury. He was replaced by Schneiderlin in France’s 2014 WC squad after he withdrew.

    Cech (Leno), Kondogbia, Grenier and Vietto will be an 8/10 summer

  44. Dissenter

    Dark Hei,
    We didn’t need a backup to Giroud.
    We needed an upgrade of Giroud. That’s all I’m saying.

  45. daz

    Gambon I’m not disputing Costa is better than giroud but I don’t think he is as far behind as some suggest. Costa’s mentality is something that gives him an edge giroud can be a bit soft for a big CF

  46. Romford Ozil Pele

    “giroud can be a bit soft for a big CF!

    He is. For someone who is 6ft4, I want him to eat alive every CB he plays against. He just gives off this soft vibe. Being a handsome fekir doesn’t help 😉

  47. Dissenter

    Do you think Jenks has a place in Arsenal because it seems he’s coming back next season.
    I’m in the minority here because I rate him and I think Dubuchy might be in trouble if he doesn’t stay healthy next season.

  48. qna

    I totally agree that Welbeck basically gets a free pass on LG. People may not think much of him, but very few people come out and give him the criticism he deserves. More than that, heaps of people jump out to defend him. Sonogo too.

    Welbeck’s record is 4 goals from 18 in the PL. He has 3 in 6 in the CL, but it was one hatrick against the worst defensive setup we have come up against. That ridiculous suicidal high line. Sonogo (who has 1 in 2 in the CL by the way) would have scored a hatrick in that match. Welbeck also has that 1 goal against United in the FA cup (1 in 3). Now he did put it away, but it was a defensive error, not a strikers goal. So in my judgement, he is a 4 goal in 18 game striker. This is from 42 shots. People say, but he adds so much to the team play – well he has only 3 assists in ALL competitions. The real clincher is that this is not his first campaign at a top club, he has played 92 games already for United and scored just 20 goals.

    There is absolutely no question (ZERO) that he is not a top striker. He will keep getting goals for us no doubt, at a similar goal to games ratio as he has in the past. But what is more important than the goals he scores, is the opportunities that he misses. These missed chances really drive daggers through the team and halt our progress.

    This is the same thing with Sonogo. People on here arguing that why pass up a free lunch when he was free and had an ok youth record. Well its the opportunity cost of playing him over a better striker that is the cost. No such thing as a free lunch.

    Look at what we have been playing as our CFs the last few years. With the exception of RVP, we have had 2nd class players in order of ok to terrible: Giroud, Walcott, Podolski, Welbeck, Gervinho, Bendtner, Sonogo, Chamack, Park.

    This is a list to be ashamed of. Arsene needs to pull is fucking finger out and spend 50m on a proper striker. The fans are paying top dollar at this club, and for that you need to have a top calibre striker as the most basic thing you do for the fans.

  49. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Do you think Jenks has a place in Arsenal because it seems he’s coming back next season.”

    In the immediate term, no. Because next season I expect Debuchy to reclaim his spot, despite Bellerin’s emergence. Jenks won’t want to sit on the bench again after playing a full season in the PL. So the way I see it, we have two options: loan him again or sell him with a buyback clause. Either of these two are viable. Don’t think Debuchy is in trouble at all.

  50. Le Prof


    ‘I totally agree that Welbeck basically gets a free pass on LG. People may not think much of him, but very few people come out and give him the criticism he deserves. More than that, heaps of people jump out to defend him. Sonogo too.’

    He’s our player, an English international that scores goals, is a team player and has the right attitude.

    He’s not even completed a full season yet but yet fools like you want to get on his back and have him sold? Get a grip.

    Where are you from qna?

  51. Le Prof


    ‘This is the same thing with Sonogo. Well its the opportunity cost of playing him over a better striker that is the cost. No such thing as a free lunch.’

    Where is he this season? On loan.

    And last season when he did start a couple of games Giroud had been shagging in hotel rooms and Bendnter, is well, Bendnter. Which better striker did he stop from playing exactly?

    He played in the FA Cup games and if you haven’t forgot, we won that…with him playing.

  52. Dissenter

    Well said.
    I just noticed that when people lament of our striking problem, not too many even bring up Wellbeck.
    It’s as if he’s a ghost, a ghost when earns 100k weekly.

    qna said it better than me, 4 goals in 18 starts.
    Even his running around is donkey stuff because he only has three assists all season.

    If you look at it, adjusted for the financial cost of bringing Welbeck in, he has been a disaster in his first season.
    The 16 million transfer fee and 100k weekly CPU,d have been kept in the piggy bank to sign a proper striker. He’s been a ghost at Arsenal.

    People disagree, I get that.
    Its just that we cannot go after Giroux, slate Sanogo, criticize Walcott and ignore Welbeck.
    FFS, he’s a senior England international. He has the Euros and WC under his belt.

  53. Dissenter

    Le Prof,
    I know you’re an eternal optimist, I give you credit for that.
    The point is fairy simple.
    If people are going to critic Giroud, Walcott and Sonoco, then Welbeck deserves more stick.
    He’s not paid three times your average annual wages for a family of four, every week to have a good “attitude”
    I hope you get this before you become all UKIP on us lowly foreign fans.

    “qna, where are you from”
    Why do you want to know that?
    So you can insult him like you do to Karim?