Cech and Milner close? | Sterling: London DNA by chance?

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Happy good morning to one and all.

MAJOR talking point yesterday evening was the news that Raheem Sterling told Liverpool to do one. The super small and extremely fertile Liverpool inside forward has dished out the middle finger to the scouser board and told some journos it’s not about money.


It’s always about money. If I were Sterlings advisor I would have stated it’s all about London DNA. You can see his point to a degree when he talks about trophies and Champions League football. Who doesn’t want those things? You can also see why perhaps Arsenal preempt big contracts in special talent circumstances. Liverpool wildly misjudged Sturridge and his £140k special deal… that’s clearly impacted the demands of Raheem who rightfully wants more.

What Liverpool are learning here is that your reputation doesn’t hold with young millennials. A big name only works if you’re doing big things. Liverpool are not doing big things, nor are they close to it. It also teaches them a thing or two about young mercenaries. If you pick off children with promises of big money, don’t be surprised when they grow up, they leave for money.

It’s why I don’t trust stray cats anymore. Their loyalty is never pure.

I’d take Sterling. He’s an amazing talent. You really can’t knock him on the pitch. Great thing about him is if he moves to Arsenal he won’t have desires on Madrid because he’s a London boy.

He’s a bad boy though. He probably listens to loud music and I have a feeling he’s a 35mph in a 30mph zone. My fear is that he’ll lead Theo astray.

‘No Theo! who told you to set that bin on fire? Arsene will be furious!’

Fans saying his stats aren’t good enough forget his a kid and he’s been playing with a dog awful strike force all season. He could be a machine for us. Hopefully he’ll want a move back to London. Gut feel says he’ll probably end up over at the Manchester Money Slags Crew.

I think Santi will move on this summer. That’s an interesting player to replace. Because what are you replacing. A deep-lying playmaker, a DM or someone who can play in the front three? Imagine replacing him with Reus?! That’d be enough to warm the cockles. It’d also kick us on another level.

I was discussing DM with a few pals. Morgan Schneiderlin or Geoff Kondogs? What are you saying? One is more cultured than the other. One has Champions League experience. One Premiership experience. Both very good. BOTH FRENCH. Perfect.

Also, how’s this for banter. Michel Platini:

“I think that the regulations that have been made are fine. The Financial fair play was voted by the clubs . The French press called that because it is not normal (…) In France, one can not buy players, and on the other hand, French want stricter enforcement if Qatar buys AC Milan, ”

Thus, Michel Platini said that “things will be eased,” but said that “it will be the executive committee of the decide. You’ll know at the end of June . “

So Qatar come sniffing and PSG go crying… and all of a sudden, things might be eased? FFP, brought in to secure the big clubs, stop small clubs making a go of it… and now a big club is in trouble, things might be eased?

I think they should scrap FFP. I think clubs should absolutely be aloud to make a hash of their finances. I also think if you scrapped it, you could do something to lower ticket prices. At the moment, every penny of revenue counts towards more FFP belt loosening. The fans get it stuck to them. That has to stop.

What a waste of time FFP was. But, who, bar Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger, truly believed FFP would actually work? Interesting that Platini’s son is a lawyer at PSG. Scuzzy set up.

Couple of tasty morsels before you leave, Michael Cox (master of tactics writing) stuck a big middle finger up to all of those who slated me yesterday for looking at the positives of a team that is thinking about how they play. Must read here. Also, Jose said he’s powerless to stop Petr Cech moving to Arsenal.

“Big candidates to win the Premier League. I would never let him go. But it’s not in my hands. My perfect scenario is that he stays with us, I think he belongs to this club, this club belongs to his history and to his life, too.

Sweet. That’d be a Jen Lehmann like masterstroke. Also, rumours we’re in for Milner. We were in for him last summer but we shit out pants when we heard he was on £130k a week. Good player. Would be a good squad move.

Right, that’s your lot. SEE YOU TOMORROW. x

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  1. Ughelligunner

    Anybody remember the striker mourinho got from the dutch league that missed chances like… And was off loaded the next season? N5 mid anybody?

  2. Keyser

    We drew at Old Trafford after going a goal down.

    What’s more relevant the scoreline, and our record at Old Trafford or First Half stats.

    It’s not even about sides, unless you’ve got direct reasons why, it’s just a pointless stat.

  3. Ughelligunner

    lee, lol. I remember him when he was bought for 18m and everybody crucified wenger for not buying him to replace chamark and he never played 10games for chelsea. The truth is we don’t have that kind of money to use as trial by error. We need to get it right.

    And no more potential for 30m and above cos the people championing these players will still be the ones discrediting them. Remember ozil vs Erickson and gambon.

    As we say here, only that back heel pass by ozil against hull is worth 2m. That means he is now owing us 40m

  4. Ughelligunner

    Keyser, thank you, you attended the football school. Kezman. I guess few chelsea fans remember him as one of mourinho experimental waste. Lol

  5. Ughelligunner

    I watched a fifa medical video where he was interviewed in training and after the whole thing, they took to the pitch to round it up and he just pass a ball into the net and said to the camera see scoring so easy. I was rolling on the floor with laughter. This was after his chelsea debacle

  6. Ughelligunner

    * mudial not medical fifa mudial. Jeez

    and chelsea fans hardly ever remember him.

    Nothing beats typing on a computer. All this correcting text just makes you mess up yourself in an email to your boss. Geez.

    Is it only me that sees it to be correct word at first until you hit enter and you realise when you gave a space the words typed in changed?

  7. alex cutter

    “Nothing beats typing on a computer. All this correcting text just makes you mess up yourself in an email to your boss. Geez.”

    Computers aren’t for everyone.

  8. Dissenter

    “The truth is we don’t have that kind of money to use as trial by error. We need to get it right”

    We do not have the money for trial and error…
    but we have do have time to waste by bringing a 21 year old with little pedigree [Sanogo] to back up Giroud”

    We fu*ked up so much with our transfers that that 21 year old baby Giraffe gets to start the biggest game of our season against Bayern in the Emirates.

  9. Johnty79

    What you people don’t get is Kezman was a brilliant signing for Chelsea…he cost 5m as no other club could match his wages. At arsenal he might of got 30 goals as we pander to an individual rather then the benefit of the team…..he would never of made it as the lone striker at Chelsea.

    Ffp I don’t believe wenger or gasidas ever believed in it. Just an excuse so they wouldn’t have to spend any money

  10. salparadisenyc

    Going to be interesting to see if Wenger puts Szcz on the market.
    Feel like he has to after the bullshit he pulled earlier in the season… but this is Wenger were talking about so its a nice barometer either way.

  11. Ughelligunner

    Dissenter. That is why we actually had time to wait for free buys in chamark and then sanogo.

    I meant when we buy a 30m player he should hit the ground running and not a hit and miss cos we cant replace him immediately. Geez i made it clear when i supported the list made by lee form chelsea.

    Sanogo was free, nothing to lose and we actually went after others including Ba last minute because even wenger was taken the piss on him. Not again please. The boy didn’t cause us to finish fourth, we have been doing that before he came for crying out loud neither was he around when Milan, barca beat us. Ha

  12. Ughelligunner

    taking* was it the first leg against bayern sanogo played or the second leg when we where already down by two?

    And i remembered we also lost the previous year to this same bayern before he came

  13. Ughelligunner

    One can even say when he came we won the FA cup after so many years without him. Now let it arise again.

  14. Dissenter

    “Sanogo was free, nothing to lose and we actually went after others including Ba last minute because even wenger was taken the piss on him.”

    Stop repeating this “free” line.
    He’s cost us time, time that should have been in vested in a better player.
    His transfer might have been free but what about the agent fees and higher salary that he would command because he’s coming on a free?

    There’s a cost to “free” my friend.

    Do you really thing any other top club would have wasted that much time on Sanogo. It was Wenger trying to re-invent the wheel.

    Alan Pardew nicknamed Sanogo, “chaos”. Do you know why?

  15. Ughelligunner

    Jounty, for the first time you are right about ffp with gazidis/wenger. They gave us a long elongated bone to chew and fight ourselves with.

    It was the better way to tell us we could’nt compete

  16. Ughelligunner

    Time wasted on which player available to us at the time?

    We recalled a rejected bentner, even when wenger brought it sanogo, do you know why? Why don’t you say the same about bentner we recalled?

    And he played until he got injured in the cup game till he started having his home invaded by himself.

    Nobody was available.

    And do you know what? Mourinho was using our strike force as an excuse that chelsea’s were old and little ponies who needed breast milk. Go figure

  17. Dissenter

    I believe it was the first leg of the Bayern tie.
    …and let it be known that I am knocking Sanogo, its not his fault that Wenger set expectations too high. It is not his fault that he was shunted to the front of the line too quickly.

  18. Ughelligunner

    Agent fee? Compared to the agent and parents fee of toures, ba and co?

    Are you comparing the little compensation money we got for him to the millions wasted on lets say falcoa and united fans are still lol at that deal?

    Didn’t you see him wave goodbye? Sanogo was a punt not for now, but it happened he became useful and was used.

    If we had gotten Ba for instance after riding on Higuain and suarez, do you think sanogo and bentner would be starting our matches?

  19. Dissenter

    You are conflating a lot of issues here.
    Bendtner was an arrogant twat but he was a talented arrogant twat.
    He was the highest goal scorer in the last Euros, has scored tonnes of goals for Denmark, led the line well for e brief period at Arsenal and excelled when he was away on loan to Birmingham. They wanted to sign him.
    Do you think Palace will offer to sign Sanogo?
    Sanogo isn’t fit to tie Bendtner’s shoe laces, you obviously disagree.

  20. Dissenter

    You agree that the “free” transfer was not really free afterwards?
    Do you realize that players on a free transfer get paid a hefty sign-on bonus and larger wages, right. Yaya Sanogo’s wages are inflated by his “free” status.

    It ain’t free, bro.

  21. Ughelligunner

    And please no mentioning of Akpom , he has not yet shook his age grade level yet. He is now on zero goals on loan, just like welbeck because of this British bias. Saying he is better than Giroud because he plays for united and scores hatric against thesanolinica and ephesus

  22. daz

    Never mind sanogo, what are peoples opinions on who has been the stronger team this year us or man utd?

  23. Ughelligunner

    Yes you also forget sanogo always scores when he goes back to play for the under 21, in France?

    The 21, world cup remember?

    Like i said he was a punt not planned to start the season with from all perspective that was why we recalled bentner and sanogo was no where to be found for 3months.

    Also you forgot hull Steve Bruce and some club from France wanted him on loan?

  24. Ughelligunner

    Daz, us except maybe degea, Herera. We played more games than them this year and they are looking like they have been playing since 3yrs ago

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    There is no way Wenger will give that much money to get Raheem

    Remember the player turned him down 4 years ago Webber don’t forget that…

    As for Milner

    No chance

  26. Dissenter

    I do not disagree with your assessment of Akpom.
    I believe the vest way to assess these young players is send them all away on loan and see how they perform with frequent games.
    Sanogo should have been signed and sent away on loan after the pre-season was over. Wenger risked not signing a senior player because he really believed Sanogo’s was a potential 50 million transfer striker.
    This is a manager who discovered Anelka and redefined Henry, even Steven Wonder would have told Wenger Sanogo was too clumsy and unskilled to be compared with the the type of players the Wenger of 1999 would have signed.

  27. BacaryisGone

    I truly hope Arsene is playing games and that he knows we need to bring in at least 2 players this summer.

    In goal, I do think we should pull out the stops for Cech, but failing that I’m not too alarmed by Ospina and Sczcesny. At defensive midfield, it really should come down to a choice of 1) Schneiderlin 2) Carvalho and 3) Kondogbia in that order.

    I would truly be surprised if we add another striker or defender, though. Assuming you need 2 players for each of the more advanced positions (box to box CM, attacking CM, RM, LM and CF), we already have 2 for each position if you assume Gnabry returns to the squad. That is also without Podolski and Campbell who Arsene said are returning (which seems far-fetched).

    The key question is…..if we add only Shneiderlin and Cech to the squad, can we win the title?

    We guess is not quite but I think we would stay close right until the end of the season.

  28. BacaryisGone

    Right now, Milner is a heavy favourite to end up at Liverpool.

    The only players out there we are favoured to get are Cech and Schneiderlin.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    We have to get another forward, whether that’s a LM to replace Walcott and take a starting role, or a ST to take Giroud’s place or offer something totally different there like Lacazette I don’t know.

    Cech, Schniederlin and a forward and we will look better. I still think our manager isn’t good enough for us to win the league but we will be closer.

    If Wenger does the minimum it will be a pretty samey season, periods where we look good but ultimate a 3rd/4th place finish.

    We will know at the close of the window anyway. I predicted 4th for us as soon as the window closed last summer so we’ve done marginally better than I thought we would after Wenger ballsed up.

  30. Dissenter

    “Right now, Milner is a heavy favourite to end up at Liverpool.”

    If it’s true that Man City are offering him 135k basic to rise up to 165k [after bonuses], then the dude isn’t going anywhere.
    Liverpool cannot match that type of wages and they have bigger holes to fill i their squads.

    If you were 29 years old, would you move anywhere else?

  31. BacaryisGone

    Also, if you look at our potential budget, it’s fair to say it’s around 30 million net.

    Schneidelin-24 million
    Cech-1 0 million

    We only bring in minimal transfer fees from the likes of Podolski (if any) and the 3 million bonus payment for Vermaelen if Barcelona win the Champions League will go to those infamous Kroenke management fees.

  32. salparadisenyc


    For me we’ve definitely looked better than United, guess the points don’t lie but it doesn’t feel that close. Guess thats what the tables for.

    Need to upgrade our left side, anchor the mid with more talent, and sell Szcz. On top of that buying a more versatile CF would be quite nice but I don’t see it happening. Is Gibbs ever going to cut it as our first choice LB and maintain fitness? Kurzawa could be worth a look if Wenger wanted to go balls out this summer.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    £30 Million net?

    We spent £64 Million net last summer? £34 Million Net the summer before.

    No way is our budget £30 Million net.

  34. Samir

    Cesc is right

    We easily have 60M there to spend…

    We could spend 100M and be fine…As long as we get rid of the deadwood.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    If we’re in 2015 and our transfer budget is £30 Million net then our move to the Emirates was pointless.

    Our budget is more likely anything between £50-70 Million.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly, you sell Walcott, Schez, Campbell, Podolski, Wellington etc and you add £20-30 Million to what you already have.

    I feel like people are trying to get the excuses in early, we can compete as we are, FFP has ruined us now, we only have a small budget…not true, we can easily compete, we could easily have a fearsome side come August.

  37. daz

    “For me we’ve definitely looked better than United, guess the points don’t lie but it doesn’t feel that close. Guess thats what the tables for.”


    That is how I see it “table doesn’t lie” is most pundits go to line.

    As for additions I’m not to concerned with the defence at the moment I think monreal is doing a solid job and Gibbs might not get bk his place, get a keeper seems a good chance of cech coming which I never thought would happen, then a strong midfielder there are good options available it seems, I would go for gundogan myself then a attacker can’t see many great choices for cf at the moment so would go for someone to play on the right like reus

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Lacazette will be an interesting one this summer, a very Wenger signing from the looks of him, but I could also see Mourinho being interested there, they have Costa then it’s a pretty steep drop off.

    Lyon president though, I can’t tell if he’s angling for a bidding war and wants to maximise the profit on Lacazette, or if he’s genuinely trying to avoid selling him.

  39. MidwestGun

    We definately need goal scorers,imo. Sanchez most likely will have to set out a month. And Giroud’s form is up and down….As evidenced by this year we need to get off to a good start. We won’t get a goal scorer with a budget of 30 mill total. Ox and Theo, Ramsey would have to fill the gap otherwise.
    And I love Ozil but dude doesn’t shoot, enough. Jack? Please. …
    Also, Ox may need a hammy surgery.

  40. goonerboy

    It is difficult to assess what strength we really do have and what we could be if we were not plagued with injuries-what we have seen is that even our best players cannot, do not maintain their form over a full season. – however,we do have players who are just surplus who Wenger doesn’t trust to start or at all- Podolski, and Rosicky for some reason latterly Gibbs and Chesney, who are not young players learning their trade. Why shouldn’t we expect them to be moved on and replaced with upgrades who Wenger does trust? It seems obvious that we need more than one midfielder who tackles and more height, strength, power and dynamism in midfield, we do need another better keeper and a top class clinical striker is even more important.- because we do not have even one.

  41. MidwestGun

    I hope we don’t have another summer where we wait for RM to decide what to do…….. with Bale/Benzema rumors until last week of August. I’ll probably lose it…… hahaha.

  42. Sancho Monzorla

    If there wasn’t a downside to Sanogo before, I certainly found one today. His existence caused this stupid ass argument.

    I mean, c’mon.

    For argument’s sake though:

    If you think Sanogo will not make it at Arsenal, what’s the need to come up with another downside for his signing? At that point it becomes a matter of opinion whether you feel his taking up a squad place, wages, and the frustration of watching a skill-less player start against the CL holders is not a downside.

    I don’t know how that’s not a downside though, it was a waste of resources that went to someone who we all agree won’t make it at the club.

    To each their own weird opinion though.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    If we could get in Cech, Schneiderlin, work some sort of Walcott cash deal for Sterling and land Lacazette, that would just be a perfectly executed summer and I think we’d arrive into the season extremely strong.

    Away from home, the counter game with Sterling, Lacazette and Sanchez as your front line…pace to death.

    You’re probably looking at a slightly larger net spend than last summer if we manage to shift the deadwood, but would be well worth it. I still think Giroud is decent, and does provide you with something different, that’s why I like the idea of Lacazette, the exact opposite of Giroud, small, agile, speedy and good finisher.

    Would allow for a lot of alternative combinations up front.

  44. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Certainly wouldn’t be the worst. I kind of wish people would stop with the Gotze thing. . He reminds me way too much of Arshavin. Maybe it’s
    the cherubic build and cheeks. Lol
    but doesn’t he want to play cam too? Rumors of laziness,etc…..

    prefer Sterling to him.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    I can see Gotze to be honest, Wenger likes that dribbler, playmaker in the wide berth thing. There is still a potential world class player in there, but I know what you mean, has those chubby cheeks and a lazy sort of demeanour like Ozil that makes you worry.

    Sterling could be a real star I think, he has that close control, quick dribbling and explosive pace that could make him deadly in the front line at a side like Arsenal.

    If we can work a Walcott deal, we should certainly use the money saved to pursue a ST though.

  46. daz

    I haven’t seen enough of lacazette to make a comment on him but heard Lyon are looking for 35m would he be worth that sort of money? I can see where you’re coming from in regards to the counter attack

  47. salparadisenyc

    “If we could get in Cech, Schneiderlin, work some sort of Walcott cash deal for Sterling and land Lacazette”

    Indeed but you just know well fall short on the CF front. Actually think Wenger fancy’s Sterling quite a bit, i’d guess he’s going to be the big layout this summer if he can work it. Walcotts looks on the outs either way. Said it earlier if Goetze becomes available that puts a wrench in any plans, Wenger goes all out for him. Such a Wenger type.

    As Daz said, Monreal is the business and i’d agree, Gibbs worries me and always has.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    Have to remember as well mate how much of that is posturing and trying to get a bidding war going. Look at Levy’s comments, nothing but £35-40 Million for Lloris. United then looking for £29 Million for De Gea sort of puts Spurs’ position in context.

    Like Juventus saying it will take a world record offer for Pogba…no it won’t.


    Yeah, Wenger also loves Giroud as well. But I agree, you get the sense Wenger likes Sterling.

    I said for ages Gibbs is a total liability, in the summer I said for me he has question marks and a few people had a go, injury prone, he’s actually a poor defender, poor positioning, not the most intelligent player and he’s 25.

    Karim sings Kurzawa praises, 22 years old, Monreal is 29 now, a hand over season next year? Move Gibbs on, not sure who will take him but some mid-table club surely will.

    Gibbs has games where he is really great going forward, but games where he’s defensively competent for 90 minutes are few and far between.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Having said that, if we can get Reus I will walk around with no trousers on for a few weeks…

    Sorry, ‘pants’ for our American comrades 😉

  50. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I knew what you meant. Trousers /pants but I have neither Anyhow.
    Jeans or shorts. .. that’s how I roll…

    Unless, it’s a funeral or a wedding. … which case… i break out the suit.
    Altho some would say a wedding is a funeral. Either way, we sign Reus. .. I’ll probably go all Akb up in here.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Ah! You disappoint me, I thought you’d be one of those guys who turns up to a wedding in a t-shirt tux, or a ‘disco still sucks’ tee…haha 😉

  52. Cesc Appeal


    Not yet mate.

    End of the month, I saw Gamespot gave it 10/10, so I literally cannot wait, getting rave reviews from everyone.

  53. N5

    I just can’t afford it. I have bought so much recently and now we have Witcher, Elder Scrolls online, Arkham Knight, Syndicate and Battlefront all coming out this year! my wallet is screaming!!!!

  54. Cesc Appeal


    I do think Wenger is that bloke, picks up a Mars bar while waiting in the the line to pay for petrol and then thinks 83p is extortionate and puts it down but spends the rest of the wait eyeing it up, to then regret his decision 5 minutes down the road

  55. MidwestGun

    Haha…… was gonna say. ..
    N5. .. Silent Stan called he wants his wallet back.

    What in God’s name is a Witcher?
    Is that a dude who only dates divorcees?

  56. daz

    So you guys are gamers i still ain’t finished dragon age and my back catalogue is a joke I brought alien isolation in the sale ain’t played it yet, what platform u guys on?

  57. Cesc Appeal



    I have the same thing, I’ve got a load of games to start playing, GTA5 (completed it on PS3 but still) and Far Cry 4, got to get the Witcher as well…

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Who invited Grandpa? 😉

    It’s about a guy who fights mythical creatures in a fantasy medieval world but your idea would make an interesting sitcom

  59. N5

    daz, I’m Playstation too. I brought Dragon Age and haven’t started it yet and I also got Alien in the sale but haven’t yet started it. My backlog is so stupid. I just got a PS3 too so I can play heavy rain and beyond: two souls. God knows when I’ll fit it in, I’m working and a family man so have little time for it, but I love it non the less.

    What are you on daz?

  60. daz

    Yeah ps4 the free games keep adding up to, the witcher looks immense I will probably hold off for now I wanted to be on bloodborne by now, I will have to ditch some of the side quests on dragon age and burn through the story if I’m ever going to finish it

  61. N5

    Ha ha Grandpa Middy, I like the sound of that. I can imagine him now in his onesie with an assflap that he’s forgot to button as he rocks in his chair polishing his “gun”.

    I remember when a Witcher was a man who shagged divorcees, this bloody whippersnappers and their fancy words and such! 😀

  62. Cesc Appeal

    “I will have to ditch some of the side quests on dragon age and burn through the story if I’m ever going to finish it”


    Completionist…don’t give in, don’t let it beat you

  63. MidwestGun

    Haha. …….Oh so it’s Game of Thrones. Got you.

    If i stop my gambling addiction maybe I’ll have time for your fantasy game .
    Grandpa’s got to eat.

  64. Bamford10


    You asked me to explain two things:

    1. how I could think United are better than us given we’re above them in the league
    2. how a runner up could be better than the title-winning team

    Well, it’s quite simple: where a team stands in the table at the end of the season reflects said team’s quality over the course of the entire season, not their quality at any given point in the season.

    If a team, for example, had been missing three key players from their starting XI for much of the season, they might finish second. Yet if those players were to return in April, this second place team might be the best team in the league at that point, but still finish second.

    Correct? Yes, that’s correct.

    My claim is not that United have been better than us this season. Obviously they haven’t: look at their point total. My claim is that they are a better team than us now (or would be with a healthy Rooney and Carrick).

    Now if they’re a better team than we are today, why haven’t they outperformed us over the course of the season? Well, for a variety of reasons, including:

    – LVG’s insistence on playing a counterproductive and ineffective 3-5-2 for some 2-3 months at the start of the season. This was a complete debacle.

    – LVG’s inability to find his best starting XI until nearly the end of the season.

    – serious defensive weaknesses that have improved over the course of the season

    – key injuries, e.g., Shaw

    – an oddly ineffective Di Maria (an otherwise fantastic player)

    Further, United dominated our last two matches, IMO, and lost the first on account of a gift to us from Valencia. The draw this weekend was down to two late defensive subs (De Gea & Rojo) and a fluke goal, not to mention they were missing both Rooney and Carrick. If Rooney had played, it might’ve been 2-0 by the time Walcott and Wilshere come on.

    Further, while I think our back four is more solid than theirs, I think a player-to-player comparison of the two starting XI’s will show them to be stronger XI, and I have little doubt that they’ll be even stronger after the summer.

    I’ll do a player to player run down if you like.

  65. N5

    200+ hours isn’t it daz? I’ve only just come over to PS, I was always MSXB but I got the Ps4 for it’s exclusives and now I have the PS3 and Vita too.

  66. daz

    N5 ha I know how that is I’ve got 4 kids I have to wait for the little ones to be in bed before I can think about playing then there’s the missus to get round

  67. daz

    Hi bamford that took long enough, sounds like your saying if they had a better manager they would be above us hats off to Wenger then lol

  68. daz

    N5 yeah I’m on vita aswell my ps3 has become the kids Netflix machine, 6 games a month with PS plus on average can’t complain for 40quid a year, I like to play all the indie titles on my vita when on the train to work

  69. N5

    I just can’t get into the Vita daz, I try but it’s just not as much fun to me. Maybe I’m just playing the wrong games.

    I love the PS4 though and I agree the PSN deal is amazing. So many good free games.

  70. daz

    Bamford man for man I would only take de gea and Rooney for starting 11, and as for de maria as it stands today he ain’t getting in our team were not talking demaria of Madrid its the one who has been shit all season

  71. Bamford10

    De Gea >>> Ospina
    Valencia = Bellerin
    Jones < Mertesacker
    Smalling = Koscielny*
    Rojo Ox/Ramsey/Welbeck
    Young <>> Giroud

    That puts them just ahead of us at moment.

    * This will be controversial to some, but Smalling has improved and matured a good deal this year. If he continues progressing, he’ll be a better CB than Koscielny next season.

    ** The former is 10x Coquelin on the ball, but Coquelin is obviously more mobile and a better ball winner. We’ll call it even.

  72. Bamford10

    Jesus, ignore the above. For some reason whenever I do these player comparisons, they always get fucked up.

  73. daz

    N5 yeah the vita is no good for games like cod, but games like velocity 2x and hotline Miami work well on the smaller screen, if you haven’t tried hot Miami the first one I would highly recommend it but its brutal had me getting mad a fair few times

  74. N5

    I have it daz, but that’s on the backlog too. I probably have 50+ waiting to be started.

    Thanks for the recommendations though.

  75. Cesc Appeal

    Think I’d get a good bit of rotation going tomorrow:

    Bellerin, Mert, Gabriel, Monreal
    Coquelin, Ramsey
    Walcott, Ozil, Wilshere

  76. Bamford10


    It’s less about Wenger being good than LVG being poor. It was also his first year. Wenger has been running Arsenal for how long? And he still needs to be told what to do against City by his players?

    Wenger does a few things well, but too many things poorly. We’ll never challenge for the title as long as he is in charge.

    (Unless he proves us wrong this summer and signs at least 3 class players at CF, CDM and either GK or RW.)

  77. daz

    Bamford no point suggesting who will be better next year, we are talking right now as we speak who are better and its us deep down you know it

  78. Bamford10


    I’m an Arsenal supporter. If I thought we were the better XI, I’d gladly say it. I don’t think we are, I think they’ve dominated our last two contests, and I think they’ll be even stronger next season.

  79. daz

    Bamford also this statement

    “You asked me to explain two things:1. how I could think United are better than us given we’re above them in the league
    2. how a runner up could be better than the title-winning teamWell, it’s quite simple: where a team stands in the table at the end of the season reflects said team’s quality over the course of the entire season, not their quality at any given point in the season. If a team, for example, had been missing three key players from their starting XI for much of the season, they might finish second. Yet if those players were to return in April, this second place team might be the best team in the league at that point, but still finish second.Correct? Yes, that’s correct”

    If someone had come up with that as a defence for why we haven’t won the league they would have been torn apart and you would be one of the people mocking them

  80. Bamford10

    Huh? If we were even close to Chelsea, then that might be a conversation worth having. But we’re not.

    Further, if we had three top class players out for half the season, that would be a conversation. But we didn’t. Ozil was out. That’s it. Giroud is an average striker, so he doesn’t count for enough. Yes, he is superior to Welbeck, but he isn’t a title-winning CF.

    Neither Jack nor Walcott are in the XI, so they don’t count either.

  81. WengerEagle

    Spuds are buying Lavezzi 3-4 years too late, he’s a pretty average player nowadays.

    At Napoli he was quality, he hasn’t been as good at PSG, similar to Cavani.

  82. daz

    bamford I said I would take me hat off to you if you could convince me but you haven’t come close, you are clutching at straws with excuses of injuries and poor management of the team end of the day that’s part of the game. Their best players haven’t performed and the back up hasn’t either making them the weaker side you need to remember the game is not played on paper

  83. Bamford10


    They dominated the game this weekend — without Rooney and Carrick. How are they not the better team?

    12-5 shots.

  84. Bamford10

    Walcott on competing for the title:

    “There was an opportunity in the season when we were getting close to Chelsea
    and people were talking about us competing, but I sensed throughout the dressing room that we were never quite up there.”

    So Theo thinks the players themselves never thought the team was good enough. Seems the players share Le Grove’s realism.

    “We are looking very strong and you never know, he might add a few extra players but we need to be pushing for the Premier League now. There is no excuse.”

    No excuses then next season, except of course for whatever Wenger, Keyser and assorted AKBs come up with.

  85. Bamford10

    Wenger is trolling again:

    “The appreciation today of the quality of a player is just down with the money you spend. If we had bought Coquelin at Christmas for £40 million, everyone would say ‘What a signing’. I am sorry he didn’t cost any money, he is still a good player.”

    The only reason Coqulein is in the side, you fucking fraud, is because of injuries to players you rated above him. Were it not for those injuries, he’d still be plying his trade at Charlton.

  86. qna

    Bamford. Nice comment to pick out. Wenger really believes we are that stupid. It is not that we rate a player by their transfer value at all. Maybe he is completely closed off to the actual criticism that is leveled. Do you think any Arsenal fan thought it was a good idea to spend 35m on Andy Carroll? No fucking way? 25m on Lallana, 30m on Lamela or Soldado. Not me. Not by a long shot.

    The reason that some players values are ridiculously high (e.g., Pogba) is that there are literally only a few people with his potential to be the worlds best player and there are a half dozen clubs with massive amounts of cash to pay his transfer fee. No body is asking to spend money for the sake of it. No body is asking to spend money that we dont have either.

    People here laugh when I say I want us to spend 250m – I can see the funny side of it, if they dont get where I am coming from. I accept that it is impracticle to do it in one window as well. But there should at least be a plan to do this. Also, I am not saying to buy just anybody and in fact 99% of the players that those people that scoff at me for saying this, I wouldnt touch with a 10 foot pole.

    The point about the 250m, is that I want us to stop hoarding our cash reserves and also to shift on players that are not good enough (many of whom have resale value). If we did this in a calculated manner, we would be the genuine article again – both domestically and in Europe. If we can’t convince the players we want to come to us – fine, dont spend. Keep the money in our cash reserves. But dont let the deal break down because we dont offer enough money. No more 40m + 1 bullshit. If Pogba, Reus, Bale are moving. Then I want to hear that we had our offer accepted by their club, and that we matched their wages, but they chose to go to a different club. You cant ask more than that. Once we have spent our cash reserves doing this (only with the top, top players that are needed), then I will naturally lower my expectations. But for now I feel cheated that the club are not doing everything in their power to be successful. I dont think you can ask fairer than that.

  87. qna

    Theo Walcott on challenging for the title: “But I sensed throughout the dressing room that we were never quite up there with Chelsea.”

    This is the reason that the performance in the 2nd half of the season that everyone keeps raving about is not as valuable as people think. We know how we play when the pressure is off, vs when the pressure is on. This goes back a decade, to Clichy’s slip. If the pressure to win every match was on to stay in the lead or within a point or two of the leaders was on since January – I am highly doubtful we would have managed the same run of results as we did.

    Even after all that, we still finished the season on lower points than last season and only managed 14 points from 42 against teams in the top 8. There has been no progress this season, other than the usual unearthing of one or two new players who stepped up. Will they continue that? History says no – Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott, but lets hope for the best.

  88. Dark Hei


    Well I think we need to spend, though I see things differently.

    IMO, the most pressing issue is to move Ramsey back to the middle. That can only happen if we have a deep lying passer. So we need to get one and bench Coquelin as default.

    Next is the GK situation. I would go all out for a GK, keep Ospina and send Sczh out on loan (since I think he is class and just need to grow up).

    For the attack, I say we get an upgrade for OG. Except there is no clear path to getting one. That striker will need to be familiar with a single striker system and able to do teamwork with good technical skills. Even with my layman knowledge, I know that Benzema fits the bill. Except I wonder if he is available at all!

    I don’t think we need Reus, Gotze or another inside forward. If Ramsey moves to the middle, Carzola will move to the right as a wide playmaker in the vein of Mata and Silva.

  89. Wallace


    “There has been no progress this season, other than the usual unearthing of one or two new players who stepped up”

    you mean Bellerin, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Ozil, & Sanchez….?

  90. Wallace


    “Away from home, the counter game with Sterling, Lacazette and Sanchez as your front line…pace to death.”

    pretty sure you’re one of those who’d also like us to replace Mertesacker in which case your first eleven for next season would break records as the smallest team the Premier League’s ever seen. Gabriel at just over 6 feet, Koscielny 5’11 and the rest 5’9 and under. we’d be awesome at corners, eh?

  91. daz


    Their not the better team we knocked them out the cup and currently above them in the league so what if they dominated the game they didn’t win it how hard is it to understand,

  92. Bamford10


    Benteke, Kondogbia and Van Dijk would solve the height issue you mention, along with nearly every other issue we have. 6’3″, 6’2″ and 6’4″, all with athleticism and leaping.

    Would make us contenders over night. 55-60m.


    Life would be better if I ran Arsenal. 😉

  93. Bamford10

    Ok, Daz, you believe what you like. We knocked them out of the cup, however, because Valencia gifted us a goal, not because we were the better team that night.

  94. Wallace


    you really think Smalling’s the equal of Koscielny or are you just trolling?

    he’s certainly improved recently, but given he was one of the worst defenders in the league prior to that…

  95. daz


    I have seen us dominate them in games on a fair few occasions only to lose were you saying we were the better team after those games? Unlikely

  96. Bamford10


    Yes, I do, and I was formerly a big skeptic of his. His game has really improved this season. Not only is he now equal to Koscielny, he’ll be better than Koscielny next season.

  97. Bamford10

    Right, Daz, name those games. I can think of one: the home match early this season, and that’s because they ceded the game to us. Then beat us on the counter.

    Again, believe whatever you like. I’ll trust my own judgment.

  98. Bamford10

    Wenger: “Even if somebody else comes in, Coquelin will stay here. I extended his contract [in February]. That means I believe in him.”

    Better, Arsene. Better. Now say the same of Giroud and Ospina.

  99. Wallace

    Liverpool fans on Raheem Sterling –

    “If he thinks he’ll waltz into City, Chelsea or Arsenal’s first team, think again. I can see him getting 5 PL appearances from the bench plus a run out in the league cup,”

    “He’s 100% not moving abroad and with United signing Depay, I don’t see how this “trophies” line is going to serve him. Arsenal? Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, Sanchez and Walcott are all playing in your position mate.”

    “Contrary to popular opinion Sterling can get game time at City, or Arsenal. At City he could displace Navas or Nasri, or play behind on the right of Silva behind Aguero as Yaya looks to be on his way out. At Arsenal it may be tougher to get a game, as that attacking band of 3 are perhaps the most dynamic in the league, but maybe Ramsey can be collapsed into the pivot along with Cazorla or Coquelin so Sterling can play wide right.”

    interesting to see how we’re viewed from the outside…

  100. daz

    Bamford Jamie carragher had kos in his team of the year find a pundit who has put smalling in their team of the year unlikely

  101. Wallace


    i think people have forgotten how terrible we were at defending set pieces before Mertesacker and Giroud came into the team.


    “Yes, I do, and I was formerly a big skeptic of his. His game has really improved this season. Not only is he now equal to Koscielny, he’ll be better than Koscielny next season.”

    and you wonder why people don’t take you seriously?

  102. qna

    Bamford: “Benteke, Kondogbia and Van Dijk”…… “Would make us contenders over night. 55-60m.”

    I dont agree that we would be contenders, but I would much happier with those players than most that are being mentioned. For me Kongdogbia is the one player, other than Pogba, that I want for CM. I would take Gundagon after Kongdogbia.

    Wallace: “you mean Bellerin, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Ozil, & Sanchez….?”

    Gabriel hasnt stepped up at all. Hardly played, nothing special so far. Ozil and Sanchez are playing at or below the level they played at before they joined us. But yes, I mean Bellerin, Coquelin and Monreal. Cazorla in CM as well, although not as good as he is as an AM. I hope they are not one-season wonders like Ramsey, Wilshere and Walcott.

    Dark Hei : IMO, the most pressing issue is to move Ramsey back to the middle.

    Ramsey has not played well at all this season. His 9.5/10 against United is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard. He was not actually that impressive. He just stood out in a bland team performance. This season Cazorla has been far far better than Ramsey in CM. A surprise to us all. You have a short memory, if you think otherwise. Ramsey is not far away, but is very very inconsistent. I still have high hopes for Ramsey, but he is still only a squad player of a top team in my opinion.

  103. qna

    I posted the other day tongue in cheak that we should only buy 22 year olds and under, because this will give the new coach some decent players in 3-5 years time. It is still not my first preference (I would like us to spend 250m, by raising funds through selling over-rated under-performing players and emptying out our cash reserves). But I do know its not going to happen.

    So, if aren’t going to win the league or progress in the Champions league, I could accept a 4 year plan where buy the best players 22 years or under that money can buy (and we can attract) in every transfer window from now until we are in a position to genuinely challenge again. Not just for the PL, but for the CL. With that strategy in mind, my top targets would be:

    Pogba, Kongdogbia, Calhanoglu, Fekir, Gotze, Icardi, Vietto, Leno, Gaya, Laporte, Rugani.

  104. Bamford10

    Smalling had 16 defensive actions on Sunday, with an overall rating of 8.2. Koscielny had 13 actions, with a rating of 7.0. See WhoScored, where, btw, their dominance of that game is even more apparent.

    Smalling was the better CB on Sunday and will prove a better CB next season. You’ll see. Actually, some of you wont, but only because you’ll refuse to.

  105. Gregg

    Smalling’s problem is his lack of game time. He’s always been a class act in my opinion but injuries and being played in various positions, hasn’t helped him.

  106. daz

    Bamford so were judging them on 1 game, maybe he will become better next year but as far as I was aware we were discussing who is better as it stands not potential and as it stands we have been better than utd that is all you are changing the goal posts to suit your argument

  107. Wallace

    i think if you polled non-Utd/Arsenal fans maybe 85-90% of them would say Arsenal are currently the better side. probably a good chunk of Utd fans themselves would concede the same, i wonder if they’re aware of Bamford, leading the charge from inside the enemy camp.

  108. N5

    I would say there is very little between us and Manure at the moment and as Frank says the table doesn’t lie and the points indicate exactly that. But I would wonder what would be the scenario if we only played United 38 times over a season.

    It’s easy to see why United drop points, but other than the FA cup we very rarely look like we’re going to beat them, even when they are fielding their weakest or most under perfoming teams in a decade.

    I hate to say it, but I do think the gap is minimal and unless we act smart in the summer will be closed and more than likely overtaken.

  109. N5

    I hoped that the FA cup win would take that monkey off of our back when it come to the Mancs. We look a different team against the blue side of Manchester, but face us against United we just can’t seem to capitilise on anything that in any other game would see us batter our opponent.

    I don’t know why Wenger has this strange hoodoo curse when facing either United or Jose, but the past 2 seasons scorelines against MU have flattered to deceive. I think we’ve outplayed them in all of them, yet I don’t think we’ve taken 3 points off of them once have we?

  110. N5

    Prof, you probably used a banned word. There are so many now that Pedro really needs to put on a list so we know. For example, you can’t write the name n.e.i.l (without the fullstops) or it’ll block your post. There are loads of non abusive terms that are banned.

  111. Gregg

    So Sky pundit and Ex Player Alan Smith is certain we’re going to sign James Milner this summer. If this is the case then I don’t see us also getting a Schneiderlin or someone else of that Ilk.

  112. N5

    I hope Smith is talking rubbish. I’m really not excited about Milner, I don’t think he brings anything to the table and really doesn’t feel like a Wenger player.

    I wonder where Smith gets his info?

  113. Le Prof


    ‘Smalling had 16 defensive actions on Sunday, with an overall rating of 8.2. Koscielny had 13 actions, with a rating of 7.0. See WhoScored, where, btw, their dominance of that game is even more apparent.’

    Don’t use b.ullshit stats, you’ll be just as bad as LG. Use your own f.ucking eyes and the last 4 years as a true barometer.

    ‘Right, Daz, name those games. I can think of one: the home match early this season, and that’s because they ceded the game to us. ‘

    This has been a famous triat of Arsenals for years. If you need reminding of the times we dominated games but lost or managed to scr.ape a draw, then I can’t help you.

    Our approach has become more pragmatic in terms of us knowing when to attack and when to dig in.

    And FYI we’re better than Man U. We recovered after to finish 3rd after our worst start in 30odd years, they spent nearly £250m this summer and you’re making excuses for them about injuries? How about all the times we had injuries? Did you give us the good grace then or was that Wengers fault as well?

  114. N5

    Yep that’ll be it prof. Someone must have made a horrible r@pe comment so now any words containing it will be removed.

    It’s so frustrating when you write out a long post and it doesn’t show up!!

  115. daz

    Frank yeah I asked a straight forward question but the reply was a bunch of ifs and buts, then talk of next season which wasn’t the point

  116. Le Prof


    ‘Frank yeah I asked a straight forward question but the reply was a bunch of ifs and buts, then talk of next season which wasn’t the point’

    We can all see obvious faults in our team and club, we’re fully aware of them and it’s been done to death but it’d be nice for a change for certain ‘supporters’ to use the same logic and reasoning about their own club that they do for our rivals.

  117. daz

    Le prof

    Agreed swap our season with utd then have me come out with the ifs and buts as to why we are behind utd what response would get on here

  118. Bamford10

    No non-Arsenal fan who watched the last two Arsenal-United matches would regard Arsenal as the better side. They’ve dominated both, regardless of result.

    Further, if you were to place their best XI alongside our best XI, most non-Arsenal fans would rate theirs higher.

    Yes, we are higher in the table, but as I’ve explained, this is largely down to LVG-transition issues (the 3-5-2 experiment in particular) and defensive growing pains on their part.