Cech and Milner close? | Sterling: London DNA by chance?

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Happy good morning to one and all.

MAJOR talking point yesterday evening was the news that Raheem Sterling told Liverpool to do one. The super small and extremely fertile Liverpool inside forward has dished out the middle finger to the scouser board and told some journos it’s not about money.


It’s always about money. If I were Sterlings advisor I would have stated it’s all about London DNA. You can see his point to a degree when he talks about trophies and Champions League football. Who doesn’t want those things? You can also see why perhaps Arsenal preempt big contracts in special talent circumstances. Liverpool wildly misjudged Sturridge and his £140k special deal… that’s clearly impacted the demands of Raheem who rightfully wants more.

What Liverpool are learning here is that your reputation doesn’t hold with young millennials. A big name only works if you’re doing big things. Liverpool are not doing big things, nor are they close to it. It also teaches them a thing or two about young mercenaries. If you pick off children with promises of big money, don’t be surprised when they grow up, they leave for money.

It’s why I don’t trust stray cats anymore. Their loyalty is never pure.

I’d take Sterling. He’s an amazing talent. You really can’t knock him on the pitch. Great thing about him is if he moves to Arsenal he won’t have desires on Madrid because he’s a London boy.

He’s a bad boy though. He probably listens to loud music and I have a feeling he’s a 35mph in a 30mph zone. My fear is that he’ll lead Theo astray.

‘No Theo! who told you to set that bin on fire? Arsene will be furious!’

Fans saying his stats aren’t good enough forget his a kid and he’s been playing with a dog awful strike force all season. He could be a machine for us. Hopefully he’ll want a move back to London. Gut feel says he’ll probably end up over at the Manchester Money Slags Crew.

I think Santi will move on this summer. That’s an interesting player to replace. Because what are you replacing. A deep-lying playmaker, a DM or someone who can play in the front three? Imagine replacing him with Reus?! That’d be enough to warm the cockles. It’d also kick us on another level.

I was discussing DM with a few pals. Morgan Schneiderlin or Geoff Kondogs? What are you saying? One is more cultured than the other. One has Champions League experience. One Premiership experience. Both very good. BOTH FRENCH. Perfect.

Also, how’s this for banter. Michel Platini:

“I think that the regulations that have been made are fine. The Financial fair play was voted by the clubs . The French press called that because it is not normal (…) In France, one can not buy players, and on the other hand, French want stricter enforcement if Qatar buys AC Milan, ”

Thus, Michel Platini said that “things will be eased,” but said that “it will be the executive committee of the decide. You’ll know at the end of June . “

So Qatar come sniffing and PSG go crying… and all of a sudden, things might be eased? FFP, brought in to secure the big clubs, stop small clubs making a go of it… and now a big club is in trouble, things might be eased?

I think they should scrap FFP. I think clubs should absolutely be aloud to make a hash of their finances. I also think if you scrapped it, you could do something to lower ticket prices. At the moment, every penny of revenue counts towards more FFP belt loosening. The fans get it stuck to them. That has to stop.

What a waste of time FFP was. But, who, bar Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger, truly believed FFP would actually work? Interesting that Platini’s son is a lawyer at PSG. Scuzzy set up.

Couple of tasty morsels before you leave, Michael Cox (master of tactics writing) stuck a big middle finger up to all of those who slated me yesterday for looking at the positives of a team that is thinking about how they play. Must read here. Also, Jose said he’s powerless to stop Petr Cech moving to Arsenal.

“Big candidates to win the Premier League. I would never let him go. But it’s not in my hands. My perfect scenario is that he stays with us, I think he belongs to this club, this club belongs to his history and to his life, too.

Sweet. That’d be a Jen Lehmann like masterstroke. Also, rumours we’re in for Milner. We were in for him last summer but we shit out pants when we heard he was on £130k a week. Good player. Would be a good squad move.

Right, that’s your lot. SEE YOU TOMORROW. x

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  1. MidwestGun

    Blsany –
    I know. .. my original point that he just wanted to argue a strange position (losing in my mind). But that’s Keyser for you.

    Anyhow, must be a slow news day… if we are discussing Sanogoal.

    Milner – no
    Sterling – yes.
    That’s my vote on the poll.

  2. N5

    Keyser, so are we not allowed to discuss Sanogo because people before me didn’t discuss Wreh enough?

    I don’t understand why you shoot this conversation down. No one is being disrespectful to the man, just honest. Jenson was discussed at length for not scoring! and then he scored and it became I joke! I was there when JJ scored shirts were released. Can you imagine a CF with a worse record than JJ?

    Can you imagine any other top club buying him?

    Can you imagine any other poster defending the reasons why he was a shrewd bit of business?

    Did Pedro ask you to get the post count up?

  3. london gunner


    Coutinho and Firmino are both brilliant centrally or on the wing. So you not only have imo better players, but more versatile ones .

    Fekir is another player who we should be looking at 13 goals and 9 assists . Voted young player of the season. France are really producing some super talent.

    Might sound biased, but I think English players have inherent flaws in their game because they haven’t grown up with the proper quality/standard of football education that there European counterparts have.

    I see players like Sterling as fairly flashy falir players with above average technique, but I don’t think they will reach Reus, Hazard, Gotze, Pogba, Neymar kind of levels.

  4. Keyser

    Midwest – No he bought Sanogo as a punt, on a free, then spent the summer trying to break our all time transfer fee record.

    If you can’t see the difference in between, there aren’t words to describe how at a loss I am in explaining it to you.

    There’s possibly 5-10 players who’d be worth taking 40 million plus shots on, how many players could you buy on a free ?

    If he buys Sanogo and he doesn’t work out, what’s the downside ?

    If he buys Suarez and he doesn’t work out what’s the downside/ ?

    Your inability to understand this is amazing.

    We didn’t buy Suarez, we bought Ozil.

    We bought Sanogo ? Who did he stop us buying ?

  5. MidwestGun

    He didn’t stop us buying anybody. … because AW thought it was a safe fallback option. Not exactly hard to figure out.
    The downside is you now have to use him in case Bendtner goes crazy.
    …. which he did. And he did.

  6. N5

    Wenger feels he’s going to pull an Anelka with Sanogo but I’m not sure Anelka was a 2 goal in 30 striker, even when he was at school.

    Doesn’t Kos have a better conversion rate than Sanogo?

  7. Keyser

    N5 – I asked you specific questions, just actually read them and try to work it out.

    You can discuss Sanogo, how about you actually think about why you’re spending soo much time on him.

    Think about this.

    We play Bayern.

    Ozil misses a penalty, Sczcesny gets sent off, Giroud is seemingly out because he’s in all the papers. Why are people still talking about Sanogo ?

  8. N5

    Keyser they did discuss those things too though. You’re just trying to censor the bits you don’t agree with.

    I’ve not spent much time on him other than when I’ve made a comment to another poster and others have disagreed with me on them. I don’t dwell on it and if you read my comments, at no point do I demand that anyone agree with me. They are my opinions that I’m free to have.

    Ozil has been given shit all year, did you miss that?

  9. Dissenter

    You’ve got to feel for sorry.
    He’s coming from the Herculean heights of Mardid where he’s training with Benzema and Ronaldo only to end up in a situation where hes starting a key CL game with Sanogo.
    That’s a fall from grace, me thinks.

  10. Dissenter

    You’ve got to feel for sorry for *Mesut Ozil*
    He’s coming from the Herculean heights of Mardid where he’s training with Benzema and Ronaldo only to end up in a situation where hes starting a key CL game with Sanogo.
    That’s a fall from grace, me thinks.

  11. N5

    “Why are people still talking about Sanogo ?”

    If the comments had been about Wenger not having adequate cover to provide anyone better to start the game you would have defended that based on “he tried”.

    What exactly can we discuss? if we’d said about the sending off you would have made us consider every last sending off that has ever happened to decide if this one was real or just a figment of our post Dial imaginations.

    If we’d discussed Ozil missing the penalty you would have compared him to a million other missed penalties and said we’re not looking at this one miss objectively.

    I’m not sure what we can and can’t discuss anymore?

  12. Keyser

    Midwest – This is now worse than your 0 shots on goal, mental block.

    Sanogo’s a back-up to Giroud, Wengers chasing after players that would allow us to actively compete against the teams above us.

    It’s almost inconsequential.

    I’ll put it in even simpler terms.

    If we buy Suarez ? Do we have a shot at the league ? Yes.

    If we’ve got Sanogo didn’t it make us any worse than we were before ? No.

  13. N5

    “If we’ve got Sanogo didn’t it make us any worse than we were before ? No.”

    When he starts, yes it does. Do you honestly not see that?

  14. shad

    I believe Wenger exact words were” This guy Sanogo is going to worth 49 million rupees just like a new born Giraffe”


  15. Keyser

    N5 – We paid 42.5 million for a player, we bought a player on a free.

    Sanogo is soo far down the pecking order, that you continuing this conversation highlights my point.

  16. Willow Wilson

    Jeez, some of you guys are really funny. Bloody Nora, there are one or two of you that will make wonderful wives one day because you certainly know how to moan!

    Getting Sanogo in for virtually nothing was a no brainer. The lad had a big reputation as a youngster, his scoring record was superb in France but his career stalled due to a couple of serious injuries. It was basically a ‘free hit’ a gamble. Did anyone moan when Wenger bought in the unknown lad called Anelka? These are gambles worth taking. Some fans get caught up in transfer fees and reputations like those who were complaining we weren’t signing the likes of Balotelli and Soldado.

    Suarez was the big deal, the clause was triggered and we assumed we had him but Liverpool chose to ignore it. Liverpool knew they could never sell Suarez because they could not replace him (as has been proven!), so they broke his contract and got away with it. As Emirates stroller has said, Liverpool are not the club they were and they know it, so recruiting the very best players is difficult. Hence why they gambled on screwing Suarez and Arsenal. Fair play to them for that.

    We do need better up top though, Giroud has done a great job and deserves praise but his lack of pace is a problem imo.

    Our squad is improving and but for the poor start to the season, who knows. Fitness levels seem to be improving under the new team and the start of next season we should have all our players fit and raring to go. Our players will have a proper rest, there is no Cl pre-qualifier and the squad will have a full pre-season with their team mates.

    Bring in a couple of additions to strengthen further and we wont be far away from the big trophies. Good times are round the corner.

  17. MidwestGun

    Personally, I think we should be discussing N5’s cousin who has made more of an impact at CP then Sanogo.

    Video footage evidence would be helpful.

  18. Keyser

    N5 – Lol go on then.

    Compare the season before Sanogo and with.

    Then point out how we were worse.

    That’s all it comes down to.

  19. N5

    “Sanogo is soo far down the pecking order, that you continuing this conversation highlights my point.”

    You’re the one continuing it Keyser, I’m happy with my opinion. What do you want me to do, be rude and ignore your replies to prove I don’t care?

  20. TOLI83

    Playing Devils advocate here however would anyone be happy Berahinho from West Brom?

    He has potential still, has scored against decent teams and has pace and good control – plus English and only 21? Ian Wright type qualities.

  21. N5

    “Lol go on then. Compare the season before Sanogo and with.”

    OK with L’Oreal in the starting 11 we are better than with Sanogo in the starting 11. That is a fact because L’Oreal can score whereas Sanogo can’t!

    FACT, we are better without Sanogo as there is more chance of us scoring.

  22. MeGunner

    ‘When Ox becomes mature and starts hitting his potential at 25, he’ll be like Yannick Bolasie’

    This is just too funny. Too funny

  23. gambon

    “Sanogo is soo far down the pecking order,”

    He wasnt so far down the pecking order when Wenger threw him in against the CL champions in a knockout game that ended in humiliation.

    lets not rewrite history and pretend he was never in Wengers plans.

    Wenger tried to be too clever then abandoned that plan when (I would imagine) everyone around him told him that Sanogo was fucking useless.

  24. Keyser

    “If we’ve got Sanogo didn’t it make us any worse than we were before ? No.”When he starts, yes it does. Do you honestly not see that?

    N5 – Try again.

  25. N5

    Keyser, I don’t need to try again! I know you don’t like this one bit, but you’re wrong here. Sanogo isn’t good enough for us and if it doesn’t effect us having him, why bother?

    He’s been played in massively important games, yet he’s insignificant? it can’t be both ways. Did he play in the CL? yes, did he play in the FA cup final? yes!

    So is he important or not?

  26. Blsany

    “Jeez, some of you guys are really funny. Bloody Nora, there are one or two of you that will make wonderful wives one day because you certainly know how to moan!”

    Why not just say Redtruth or Thomas ? 😀

  27. gambon

    “Getting Sanogo in for virtually nothing was a no brainer.”

    Getting a kid in who CANNOT KICK A BALL PROPERLY is in no way a no brainer.

    And its not for “virtually nothing”

    When you condier compensation for Auxerre, agents fees, signing on fee and wages, he would have cost us £millons.

    In a world where teams like Chelsea and Man City have overtaken us off the pitch, spending millions of pounds on a 5pastic kid in a desperate attempt to prove your hipster knowledge of lower league european football is not a good use of resources.

  28. salparadisenyc

    I’d love to see Sanogo come good and add to the quality of the team, i’d also love to have a naughty Ukrainain mistress aged 22.

    Reality should be cut from usage.

  29. Keyser

    N5 – You do.

    Compare 2012-13 to 2013-14.

    You can out however much importance on it you want.

    You said having Sanogo in the side makes us worse, he’s only in the side because Giroud’s out.

    Compare the seasons.

    Compare last year to this if you want.

  30. MidwestGun

    Actually, I make a terrible spouse… i tried a couple times. Lol
    But basically you are moaning about the moaning, no?

    That you think we need better up top, is progress enough for, me, tho. Welcome to the Club.

    Re:the Suarez thing… i think he was always off to Barca no matter what we did. .I don’t think he would have come to terms. I agree however the whole thing reeked of dishonesty.

  31. Willow Wilson


    Re: The Sanogo hate

    To be fair, the gamble on Sanogo was based on his stats at the time he was signed. You cannot use hindsight to prove a point. The reason Wenger bought Sanogo to Arsenal on a free, was because of his reputation in France and these numbers:

    2009 -2012 Auxere B 15 goals in 31 games (1 in 2)
    2010-2013 Auxerre 11 goals in 21 games (1 in 2)

    2008-2009 France U16 18 goals in 18 games (1 in 1)
    2009-2010 France U17 9 goals in 16 games (1 in 1.7)
    2012- 2013 France U20 5 goals in 10 games (1 in 2)

    Total 58 goals in 96 games (1 goal in every 1.6 games)

    So at the time, getting a player in with these numbers despite a couple of serious injuries was a no brainer. With prospects and youngsters you never know how they will turn out, even the bunch of managers and scouts on Le Grove don’t know that!

    The way some of you are acting anyone would think we had spunked £30 million on him. He was a kid bought in on a free and he does not deserve this obsessional hatred from a few Grovers. Move on.

  32. N5

    Keyser, so for arguments sake lets agree that he doesn’t make us worse, but does he make us better? noooo he certainly does not? so I ask, what’s the point in him? is there no one out there that would be a better option as back up to L’Oreal. Is Akpom worse than Sanogo really? I can’t think of a single forward in the prem that is, so why bother having him on the books?

    As gambon said, let’s not pretend that free means free in the footballing world, on top of the fees he and his agents and old team have had, he also draws a wage and I can bet you Palace don’t pay at the moment.

    So we are paying for a player that a) isn’t very good and b) isn’t playing for us. Does any of this make sense?

  33. carts

    “Getting Sanogo in for virtually nothing was a no brainer.”

    Not quite sure how his transfer was a no brainer.

  34. N5

    Willow I don’t hate Sanogo, I made a throw away comment about something a Palace fan had said and the time before this was when I said I don’t think he won us the FA cup and find it a little silly that people suggest he does.

    I never bad mouth our team or manager, yet, me saying I don;t think Sanogo is very good seems to upset everyone?

  35. Cesc Appeal

    “Getting Sanogo in for virtually nothing was a no brainer.”

    Without a doubt, brains left firmly at home when that one was done

  36. Willow Wilson

    Agree. The fact remains that Suarez would have made a big improvement to our team. Arsenal thought that was a done deal, once you trigger the buy out clause it should be smooth sailing. As you say, it reeks of dishonesty but they got away with it and Suarez agents were rail-roaded. I admire Liverpool for digging their heels in and trying it on, they knew they couldn’t lose him for any price. As you infer, he probably would have been with us one season and then played up for a big money move to Spain.

  37. Keyser

    N5 – He’s on a free, he’s a 6ft 4 inch target man.

    I’ve explained why he works soo many times.

    The point is, people don’t say the obvious, the rational, the objective.

    You didn’t say ‘ Well he hasn’t made us worse, and on a free you could’t expect too much more from him’.

    First you said he actively made us worse, which is bollocks, so why did you say it ?

    Now you’re saying this :

    “but does he make us better? noooo he certainly does not? so I ask, what’s the point in him? is there no one out there that would be a better option as back up to L’Oreal. Is Akpom worse than Sanogo really? I can’t think of a single forward in the prem that is,”

    He came on a free as a back-up to Giroud, no Akpom wouldn’t be better, because he doesn’t offer us what Giroud does.

    Think about it ?

  38. gambon

    “Total 58 goals in 96 games (1 goal in every 1.6 games)”

    Thats 1 in 2 at youth level and ligue 2 level.

    Ligue 2 is the equivalent of League 2/League 1 over here.

    That is not in any way impressive.

  39. igbo amadi-obi

    I really don’t know why the obsession with Carzola leaving. The author has been at it all season, and one would begin to ask if there’s more to it.

    why should we release one of our most influential players this season when we have had Rosicky and Arteta doing absolutely nothing all season, only to be rewarded with the promise of a contract extension?

    I do not believe that Santi is staying in the way of us hiring anyone. So get whoever pleases you, and have him compete with Santi for a position in the midfield. The club will be the better for it. He’s definitely not older than Iniesta.

  40. Blsany

    ” He’s on a free, he’s a 6ft 4 inch target man.”

    Who can’t control a wet fart when he is not doing his best new borne Giraffe impression.Let alone a football.

  41. N5

    Keyser, I notice you missed out the beginning where I say for arguments sake. I’m still of the opinion he makes us worse.

    Put it this way! are we better with L’Oreal up front or a bag full of dog crap? obviously we’d be better with L’Oreal.

    So how can you say that Sanogo being in the team isn’t a detriment to the overall quality is beyond me?

    Anyway let’s leave it now, I’m not that fussed on what others think about Sanogo, I don’t think he’s good enough and when he becomes consistently good then I will take the abuse you all have to offer.

  42. Willow Wilson

    Fair enough N5.

    I don’t like some of the very arrogant fans we have on here who seem to enjoy preening their feathers and passing judgement on everything based on hindsight, assumption and deluded self worth.

    They seem to have convinced themselves they are some kind of footballing equivalent of the messiah.

    Signing a young kid with a big reputation who scored 58 goals in just 96 games, was a no brainer. If Wenger had not signed him and he ended up at a rival scoring loads of goals, Wenger would have received dog loads of abuse. Only a small number of youngsters make the grade, its a numbers game.

  43. N5

    Willow, this is it really. I don’t often say I don’t rate a player at 2 times I have (Ramsey and Nacho) it has well and truly bit me on the bum, so me saying Sanogo isn’t very good will make him better. You just watch 😀

  44. Cesc Appeal

    “Who can’t control a wet fart”

    You make this sound easy, it’s a skill that takes years to learn, you have to earn it through the embarrassment of copious failures.

  45. N5

    Chamakh could at least score Daz and to be fair he’s looked alright at Palace which is more his level, but is Palace Sanogo’s level?

    That was the basis of the original comment. It just snowballed as always.

  46. MidwestGun

    Signing Sanogo wasn’t the problem., only signing Sanogo was the problem.
    Regardless of the Suarez or Hig situation you simply can’t put all your eggs into the Giroud, Bendtner, Sanogo basket. We left the negotiations to get Suarez up to the last minute also, as per usual leaving us no time to sign another CF.
    Leaving us with probably one of the worst CF groups ever….altho there was talk of switching Theo to Cf then, also. A bad idea if you ask me then as it is now.

  47. gambon


    The problem is there are a lot of Arsenal fans who just cannot comprehend that every Arsenal player is not the best in the world for their position.

    Its just basic fan psychoogy – “our GK is the best, our CBs are the best, our reserve winger is the best, our 15 year olds are the best, our stadium is the best, our shin pads are the best”

    These people find it very hard to accept that Gnabry, Akpom, Crowley, Zelalem just will not make it at this level.

    I still remember one very active and deluded poster on here proclaim that Denilson was better than Xabi Alonso.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    I remember the Chamakh transfer and being quite excited for that season, Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, Arshavin, Chamakh, Vermaelen…Wilshere erupted onto the scene as well.

    He was a massive disappointment. So I will say him, at least Sanogo provided some comedy value and gave us #NoSanogoNoParty.

    My favourite Arsenal team of the s**t Wenger era that 2010/11 side…he blew the January transfer window and it all went up in smoke…still remember that feeling after the Kozz, Schez clanger at Wembley…

  49. Insomnia

    Higuain is a good player and worth having – there are others better than him no doubt but are they available.

    Ps the guy who keeps having a go at Karim should be banned, again

  50. Dissenter

    “Which signing was worse sanogoal or chamack daddy?”

    Chamack carried the team on his back for a short period in the Autumn of 2010 when RVP was injured.

    Sanogo is not half the player Chamack is. Chamack played a big role in Bodeaux winning the ligue un title in 2009.

  51. N5

    gambon, there is loyalty and then insanity. I love Arsenal but I can see that Sanogo shouldn’t be in the team or anywhere near it.

    I’m still shocked how many posters still rate him. Each to their own and all that but post injury or not a 0.2 goal per game ratio this far afterwards for a 22 year old CF isn’t anywhere near good enough.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Sanogo was an injury prone gamble, which has not paid off.

    He did not cost us a transfer fee. The only issue now is how long is his contract and what is the potential cost if we are unable to get another [mug] club to pay
    his wages.

    Hopefully Wenger has seen the light and will either loan him out or offer him on free transfer to French League Club next season. He has absolutely no future with us.

  53. Insomnia

    I have in some ways a mathematically superior record to Sanogo:

    0 minutes – 0 goals that’s perfect, and speaks of untapped potential

    I also have a little bit of mental strength…

  54. N5

    Marc, all of them are getting there. My wife and son are strong little sods and back to pretty much normal.

    Thanks for the comment mate.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Just seen that according to Transfermarkt Sanogo’s contract expires in June 2017.
    Another 2 years potentially on our books. What on earth was Wenger doing when he signed him?

  56. Keyser

    N5 – Then you’d be able to show it, you can’t.

    If our first choice striker is out then obviously the second choice one wouldn’t be better would he.

    I mean fuck me, if Sanogo was that bad, you’d be able to show how he was detrimental to team results, we’d finish lower achieves less, but you can’t.

    This isn’t about abuse, it’s about people who can’t think objectively. That’s all, look at how polarised people are on almost every subject, each time it’s he’s World Class or it’s never seen someone worse.

    Like people keep mentioning the Bayern game.

    Who the fuck are you expecting more from the 42.5 million pound signing or the dude we signed on a free as backup to Giroud ?

    At no point have I said I rate Sanogo, or he’s great or he’s better than so and so, but look at your responses, your almost rabid, you can’t help yourself.

  57. gambon


    I dont think its that people rate Sanogo, clearly there is nothing to rate. He is a CF that doesnt score, and offers nothing other than the ability to win a header.

    Its more the inability to even consider that an Arsenal player is substandard.

    The extreme of which is the untold guys thinking that its only the refs that stop us from winning everything, completely incapable of accepting that we dont have the monopoly on good players.

  58. Keyser

    “The problem is there are a lot of Arsenal fans who just cannot comprehend that every Arsenal player is not the best in the world for their position.”

    Lol typical gambon bullshit, because this is the only position people take.

  59. N5

    “your almost rabid, you can’t help yourself.”

    What on Earth are you going on about? what do you read?

    Keyser, do we score more or less with him in the team? you tell me! does having him in the team give us less avenue to exploit? you tell me!

    You talk about polarised comments and then suggest Sanogo is the adequate back up to L’Oreal because he’s not as good! what about the million players in between those two? then you should ask, is L’Oreal what we should have had, or should he be the back up to someone better?

    But you’ll always have an answer Keyser as to why we didn’t sign someone or why we should be happy with what we have etc. Sanogo isn’t good enough yet you continue this debate.

    You seem to be the rabid one as I’ve said numerous times, I’m happy with my opinion, you seem to be the one hoping to make me change it or you’d just drop it.

  60. Honest Bill

    It’s pretty common for young players to look out of their depth, but usually you see flashes of their talent and can see what scouts/managers are thinking with regards to their development.

    But i’m sorry. I just can’t see what they saw in Sanogo which made them think he would ever be good enough to play for Arsenal. He played a good few games and i never saw a single attribute which made me think he’ll be an asset to us.

    What do they see in him?

  61. Willow Wilson

    “Total 58 goals in 96 games (1 goal in every 1.6 games)”Thats 1 in 2 at youth level and ligue 2 level. Ligue 2 is the equivalent of League 2/League 1 over here.That is not in any way impressive.”


    “some fans think Every Arsenal player is great”

    Grow up mate. Seriously.

    Whoever said Sanogo was great? The debate was about whether or not getting him in on a free at the time was a gamble worth taking. It was based on the numbers and his reputation.

    You go around insulting people with that ‘hindsight’ weapon of yours tucked snugly under your arm.

    Considering you rate yourself so highly you do write some crap. Seriously, it’s like you have your own pipeline of the stuff. Disagree with you and your narcissism comes to the fore. Deluded self worth.

    I am no expert but I have some experience of the youth academies and let me tell you this, at any level for a youngster to score those numbers is impressive. A 16/17 year old who scores 27 goals in 34 Youth Internationals is going to be looked at as a serious prospect. This was why he was rated in France.

    Scoring goals at any level is not easy mate. It is true that most of the youngsters don’t make it but you just don’t know. It’s called a gamble for a reason. Sanogo was a gamble, that’s all.

    PS: If it is so easy to score goals in youth football do you know what Messis numbers are? 11 goals in 33 games for Barcelona A and B teams.

    Based on your ‘not impressive’, no doubt you would not have taken a gamble on Lionel Messi?


  62. Keyser

    N5 – Because it’s simple logic, either you have a mental block or well..

    Sanogo’s back up to Giroud, I didn’t even say it was adequate, you’re the one who said he makes us worse.

    We spent the summer chasing Higwhine and Suarez, so are they adequate back-ups to Giroud or were they players that would’ve replaced him ?

    Think about it.

    If Sanogo is back-up to Giroud, you can only say he’s adequate because we didn’t finish any lower, we didn’t finish any worse off.

    You seem to be confused on your point.

    We bought a young player on a free, he’s 6 ft 4 so gives us the outlet Giroud does.

    At worse he did what was expected of him.

    Wtf were you expecting ?

  63. Willow Wilson

    “We bought a young player on a free, he’s 6 ft 4 so gives us the outlet Giroud does. At worse he did what was expected of him. Wtf were you expecting ?”


    I do wonder whether the hindsight specialists are just arguing because they enjoy it or whether they really are this stupid.

  64. daz

    To be fair I would say sanogo was worth a punt given his size would fit the lone striker role but it hasn’t worked so we need to move him on

  65. N5

    WTF was I expecting? a player that could trap a ball, a player that could shoot.

    I don’t want a player at Arsenal that makes the teams around us laugh! I don’t want a player on the team that doesn’t improve us when coming on to the pitch or at the very least adequately cover the person he is replacing.

    A 6ft 4 hatstand offers the same currently and you could ricochet a ball of that to score as well if you were Alexis?

    I know fully what my point is, you are the one that appears confused.

    Here is my point again to avoid ambiguity. Sanogo isn’t good enough for Arsenal! now forgetting every other aspect of the club that I’m being made to consider to come to that conclusion, the fact is, he isn’t good enough.

  66. Keyser

    Willow Wilson – It doesn’t help pushing people into corners, the only reason I’m making the point is because people can’t help but polarise their comments and each argument.

  67. N5

    “I do wonder whether the hindsight specialists are just arguing because they enjoy it or whether they really are this stupid.”

    Considering I’m not being offensive I’m unsure why you’ve made this dig at me. It’s not hindsight to say that Sanogo isn’t currently good enough. It’s just sight. Is it foresight that has you so confident that he’ll return to his former glory. Or are you just calling me stupid because I don’t agree with you?

  68. Keyser

    N5 – You are confused.

    Sanogo’s a 6ft 4 inch player we signed on a free as a backup to Giroud.

    Next time we sig a back-up to Giroud on a free, wtf are you expecting ?

    Did he make us worse ? No, did he do what was expected ? Yes.

    “I don’t want a player on the team that doesn’t improve us when coming on to the pitch or at the very least adequately cover the person he is replacing.”

    This is just funny now.

  69. N5

    “It doesn’t help pushing people into corners, the only reason I’m making the point is because people can’t help but polarise their comments and each argument.”

    The original comment was just that though, it was whether Sanogo was good enough or not for Arsenal. It was a yes or no question. A polarised point wasn’t disguised.

    Why does their have to be middle ground in every statement?

  70. Keyser

    “Considering I’m not being offensive I’m unsure why you’ve made this dig at me. It’s not hindsight to say that Sanogo isn’t currently good enough. It’s just sight. Is it foresight that has you so confident that he’ll return to his former glory. Or are you just calling me stupid because I don’t agree with you?”

    This was offensive, but then soo was Willow Wilson.

  71. Keyser

    N5 – Because the question is fucking bollocks.

    Will Arsenal win the league ? YES/NO

    – Well we might have a chan..

    YES/NO you cunt..

    – erm Come o..

    YES/NO you cunt..

    – No then.

    Yeah, well don’t you fucking forget it.

  72. N5

    Keyser, You are a nice guy, but your condescension is uncalled for and getting on my wick a bit and as I’ve always liked you as a poster and don’t want that to change. I chose to remove myself from this debate.

  73. Willow Wilson

    “To be fair I would say sanogo was worth a punt given his size would fit the lone striker role but it hasn’t worked so we need to move him on”


  74. Keyser

    To be honest I don’t really care now, it’s a simple case of logic, if it irks you, and you can’t discuss things objectively or rationally there’s little point in posting here.

    All you’re going to do is repeat the same bollocks some other day.

  75. reality check

    I think…. i say i think i get what keysers saying.

    N5, you made your point as clear and respectable as you could so no dig at you.

    im guessing here. But what keyser means is… (deep breath)

    Giroud wasn’t available for the bayern game so sanogo being the only back up becomes our norm. Due to the option of Giroud being nonexistent. It doesn’t factor into the equation. Sanogo does. He performed to the level expected.

    Premier league-
    His inclusion in other games again, keyser isnt saying hes good or adequate. Just that, he’s our 2nd striker so he’s in effect our level. He doesnt make us worse. He makes us… us.
    That (unfortunately) was us at that time. Our level overall.

    We can dream of being better with suarez ect but they were not real selectable options so comparisons are irrelevant.

    The ozil thing is basically, why doesnt he get more stick for his crap performance, when he cost 42Ms. He gets less stick than sanogo for that bayern game.

    I think that was his objective point??

  76. N5

    RC, I get fully what his point was. I just don’t understand why he waded into a conversation others were having and made it the Keyser show.

    You read the comments from Willow and Keyser. One said I was rabid the other said I was stupid and yet my original comment was this (regarding my brother in law watching him at Palace) “He said when he is on the pitch he looks just awful. What did Wenger see in him other than him being big?”

    It was neither offensive or critical just a question! ironically it was those moaning about the discussion that made it one in the first place.

  77. reality check

    Now, could some one please tell me to shut the f**k up, you dont what you’re talking about…

    because the thought of me understanding how keysers mind works.. scares the shit outta me!

  78. Willow Wilson

    Rumoura about Sterling to Arsenal.

    The issue with Raheem Sterling is whether the lad and his agents can be trusted. Remember, not long ago he refused to play for England because he said he was tired. Obviously this was BS. In addition, he has a bit of a rep for some of his off field antics.

    This is the difference with the British kids and their foreign counterparts, I guess. Is Sterling worth the risk for us?

  79. Willow Wilson

    I did not call you stupid!! Apologies if you think that. I was not referring to you, I was generalising about those using hindsight to judge Sanogo.

  80. Willow Wilson

    Reality Check 17:26

    I think you have explained that perfectly mate, that was how I read it (after several attempts).

  81. N5

    RC also Ozil has had more stick than anyone on Le Grove and his price tag has been the biggest reason.

    So free or 42m makes no odds on whether a player should be judged good enough or not imo.

  82. Thomas

    N5May 19, 2015 13:20:37
    Thomas you’ve never experienced racism so you have no idea how much it must angry karim. Also it’s ironic you tell him to stop crying, yet you gripe about the state of Arsenal day after day after day


    How do you know if I have experienced racism or not? My point was “wah wah he’s being mean to me Pedro”

    Like really? Stfu.

  83. daz

    WW I would say most young players are up to no good just the British press love to make a big deal out of English players up to no good

  84. reality check

    No no N5 i saw your origianl comment. It was innocent. A palace fan didnt rate sanogo. I get it. No dig at you. Sometimes i like to give keyser the benefit of the doubt and see if he actually has a point. He does. The nob. Just delivers it in the wrong way. Doesnt let things go.

    You kind of need a keyser though. Imagine a bunch of chavs spuds and yoonited fans infiltrated the blog. Chattin shit. Its the crazy ones like keyser you need on your side that will debate and debate and debate them into submission.

    problem is its only gooners vs gooners most times on here.. weird.

  85. Keyser

    If we bought Suarez would he be first choice ? Yes.

    So the hierarchy would be as follows for basically one position, or as a front 2, but then we have other options anyway :

    1. Suarez
    2. Giroud
    3. Sanogo

    We were looking at that bracket for players, we ended up buying Ozil.

    Yet people concentrate on the 3rd choice player for a position.

    Sanogo didn’t hold us back, he doesn’t stop us from improving, there’s no downside at all, it’s a punt.

    Whats the argument against ?

  86. N5

    RC, I like Keyser and he entertains me no end when he’s debating with others. I hate being on the receiving end of it though. I still love the fat fucker regardless of todays conversation. He’s nearly always polite and just gets a little snappy when he’s not eaten for an hour.

  87. Lee


    What happened to your family?
    Whatever it is, hope you’re all ok.
    Football and banter aside.

    Weighing Into the Sanogo debate now,
    I’m think Midwest (for once) put it nicely.
    It wasn’t tht we signed him, it was tht we only signed him. He should have been an alternative not THE ALTERNATIVE.
    That said. I believe he was and still may be a gamble worth taking.
    Look at coquelin. What a shining example of a player who was considered less then adequate, turning common consensus on its head and delivering vindication of why he was brought to the club in the first place.
    Not all players come good an succeed but I’d rather Sanogo becomes a coquelin than a chamack for us.
    I also believe he does have quality. Adebayor played a similar way. It took him a while to find his feet. While he’s not exactly an arsenal legend, he dominated the league for a season and scored some wonderful goals for us.
    Sanogo could be better.
    The point I’m trying to make us, don’t be so quick to write off a young player before we really see what he can do

  88. N5

    Keyser, him not being a 3rd choice striker isn’t my fault, it isn’t his fault, but you play him in the first team his hierarchy position isn’t going to matter when people are judging him.

    IF there was a 1st) 2)L’Oreal 3) Sanogo you’re right it wouldn’t be discussed, but it did get discussed because that’s not how things panned out.

  89. N5

    Cheers Lee, it was 2 separate things, my wife and daughter were in a car crash and my wife had a few broken bones and then the following weekend my son fell of his bike and fractured his skull and had a bloodclot for a few days. It was a scary month to say the least.

    They are all much better now though thanks mate.

  90. Keyser

    vicky – This is pretty simple logic.

    It’s like Midwest being concerned about the first half shots on goal, rather than the whole game or the result.

  91. N5

    PS I always like Coq ha ha.

    Even when others were putting him down I always said I thought he was underrated and those comments can be dug up in Le Groves archives from 2011ish. I’m not saying what I’ve said about Sanogo to be mean and I’d be pleased to be wrong. I don’t take pleasure out of saying I don’t think someone is very good.

  92. Keyser

    Of course it fucking matters, if you’ve got Ian Wright, Nicholas Anelka, Dennis Bergkamp and then Christpher Wreh, at some point you have to accept that if you’re playing Christopher Wreh you might have less of a chance.

    If it pans out like that, then it’s got almost fuckall to do with Sanogo, it’s about why it panned out like that.

  93. N5

    “If it pans out like that, then it’s got almost fuckall to do with Sanogo, it’s about why it panned out like that.”

    Didn’t I just make that point? Didn’t I say that it wouldn’t be discussed if it hadn’t panned out like that? obviously the reasons it panned out like it did should be the talking point, but hasn’t that been done to death too?

    Do you think Palace fans give two shits about where Sanogo stands in our hierarchy or how he got there? I think they couldn’t care less and just count down the days until they can send him back to NL.

  94. Thomas

    He was a kid bought in on a free and he does not deserve this obsessional hatred from a few Grovers. Move on.


    Yes he does because he’s fucking terrible.

  95. Joe

    Who said sanago was going to great?

    Wenger did. Said he was going to be our $50 m striker. Trying to justify the signing and not signing anyone else

    I blame wenger. For the whole fiasco

    Sanago should of been. 4th/5th choice but due to wenger he started against bayern in the CL

    What a joke. And you wonder why I want wenger a million miles away from arsenal

  96. Keyser

    ” but hasn’t that been done to death too?”

    Lol so they’re just ranting in hierarchical order.

    I don’t really care about Palace fans, the point was about why people make pointless polarised comments, you’ve chosen to take a Palace fans point and then extrapolate it to us, that’s your problem, and it has little relevance to us.

    Sanogo did what was expected of him for us, you can’t argue otherwise, and therefore haven’t tried, instead of you’ve just meandered along pointlessly, making increasingly polarised comments about Sanogo, in effect proving my point.

  97. Joe

    Did what was expected.

    He was Arsenal’s 2nd choice striker!!!

    That means a hell of a lot in my eyes.

    He did nothing for arsenal. A second string striker for a club as great as arsenal should be scoring goals.

    Again. Not sanagos fault. Who wouldn’t sign for arsenal when offered the chance

    It’s again down to wenger

    So no Keyser. He did not do what is expected of a striker playing for arsenal. A potential 50 my striker

  98. Lee


    Glad to hear they’re ok. Got a similar situation in my family right now. Waiting for results
    Scared shitless and finding myself in the pub a lot.

    If you don’t rate Sanogo then you do t rate Sanogo. I don’t particularly rate debuchy much
    Can’t stand woj being at arsenal.
    Think Gibbs has hit his ceiling. But players can surprise you.

  99. N5

    Sorry to hear that Lee, it’s really easy to sink into a pint when you have lots of worry. Keep strong brother!

    Regarding the rest of your comment. I hope so, I’d love for him to turn on the scoring and become the next Adebayor (minus the nobhead).

  100. vicky


    I guess you are missing the point. Nobody has any lofty expectations from Sanogo after watching him in a couple of matches. The debate is not about whether he did his job for a striker signed for free. The issue is why the heck was he even signed ? To be honest, he is very very raw. Us giving him a chance made us a laughing stock.

  101. Lee


    Wenger did not say Sanogo was going to be our £50m player.
    He said he can’t he be?
    And he has a point. Who are you to put a limit on what Sanogo can achieve. I’m not saying he is a £50m forward. I’m not saying I think e will be. But why can’t he be?
    Suarez wasn’t at the level he’s at while in uraguay.
    Why can’t Sanogo step through the gears and go on to be a successful forward for a top club?

  102. Ughelligunner

    This sanogo argument, was is not when we wanted to loan ba on the last day from chelsea n recalled bentner? Surely wenger was just taken the piss with a 50m comment?

    Even sanogo didn’t play for about 5months when he signed for arsenal. No need mentioning his name cos he never hindered us. I used to laugh when i see him in our line up and used it to rile up chelsea fans with Toures for 50m and they really hated it during Epl games.

  103. N5

    I think Wenger said Sanogo won’t hit the headlines because he isn’t a 50m player. It’s one of those soundbytes that’s changed quite a lot since being said.

  104. Lee

    There’s another point.
    Look at Torres
    I bet his goal to game ratio is worse than sanogo’s.
    Eagle, I need you to dig into your stat file and prove me right.
    Anyway point is, if a £50m striker can go from what Torres was to what he became then it puts the Sanogo signing into perspective. If rather a free kick with potential
    Torres £50m
    Mutu £17m
    Shevchenko £32m
    Crespo £30m

    If Chelsea can ruin world class forwards like that and Jose gets away with it then why is wenger lopping such flack for signing someone who in comparison to goals/pounds is worth more

  105. Ughelligunner

    During match days over here we gang up on any team among the big four playing. And chelsea fans got it from us arsenal/ man utd fans with sanogo vs toures. You know 50m vs free. And they end up delivering the same results lol.

    Chelsea fans always feel like getting underground anytime we started this. And remember when their total away goals scored by all their strikers was not up to a giroud’s. You need to be mouthed for you to be an arsenal fan here. It helps

  106. MidwestGun

    Haha. Had to step out for a minute or 3.
    N5 – you got sucked into the Keyser vortex.

    Keyer always takes your point to the extreme so he can argue against it.
    For example the 0 shots on goal thing. I said it’s not a very good indicator of progress and therefore relevant. It’s not veru good, in fact we have played like crap 2 games i a row after lots of progress talk. I never said it was the end all be all

    But Keyser tries to make evrrything out like your the crazy one he makes you repeat the same thing over and over so he can pick minutia apart.

    Long story short. … don’t sweat it. Hahaha.

  107. vicky


    Big signings can flop. Happens all the time, But, in my opinion to play for Arsenal, there must be a bare minimum level of talent. I am not slating Arsene for signing him..may be there is something there and he may come good, Who knows. But to give him a chance in a CL game is taking it too far.

  108. N5

    All points on players values vs production are valid but a players cost shouldn’t be the determining factor in their judgement.

    Some freebies are great (Sol Campbell) and some expensive are gash (Falcao) but some freebies are gash (Yaya Sanogo *currently) and some expensive are great (Lewandowksi).

    My point isn’t how much he cost the club, I don’t really care about that, my ticket costs them same regardless of Ozils or Kallstroms signed. My point isn’t about risk, my point isn’t about how much extra work the rest of the team do when he’s on the pitch to plateau performance. My point was just whether Sanogo was good or not to which Keyser already said no so the rest of the debate was pointless.

  109. N5

    MWG, this is what I couldn’t understand though, I was called Rabid and pointless but as my last comment just stated the “bigger picture/middle ground” stuff wasn’t my point. It was just that Sanogo isn’t very good and I wonder what Wenger saw in him. Other than someone answering with “potential” the rest of the debate was silly.

    Not to mention the question was rhetorical so didn’t really need a reply.

  110. vicky

    regarding first half performance debate, I am on Keyser’s side. One half of a match can never be the indicator of “progress”. We beat Bayern at their turf and they went on to win the CL. Would be absurd if anybody said that victory was a harbinger of things to come…….like Arsenal winning the CL next season.

  111. Ughelligunner

    lee you are forgetting this player from dutch league anybody remember his name? lukaku, ba,

  112. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Lol…, ya.., it does pass the time tho, and sometimes it gets the frustration out. Like Scream therapy or something. Rather talk to Keyser then Redtroll.

  113. Lee


    Don’t you remember Anelka getting his chance v Chelsea in97?
    Merson, bergkamp and wright out us 3-0 up but he still go a chance at 17 and went on to help us to the league next year.
    If you don’t play them or offer them the chane then how can they take their chance?
    They can’t
    Sanogo actually do we’ll be bayern
    He also do well against Liverpool in the FA cup.
    He changed the final for us and played well against cut in the charity shield.
    He was worth the punt.
    Still may be

  114. N5

    On another subject can any of you guys recommend a good perfume. It’s the missis birthday on Sunday and I don’t have a clue about this sort of thing.

  115. MidwestGun

    Would be absurd if anybody said that victory was a harbinger of things to come……
    I get your point. .. but people did use that victory against Bayern second leg to make a point as well as the Monaco second leg.

  116. N5

    Agreed Lee and I said as much earlier, I think Wenger hoped Sanogo would be Anelka MK II obviously playing styles would be different but similar happy endings.

    Wait, does Sanogo have any brothers?

  117. Ughelligunner

    Yeah lee. United had strikers that delivered.

    But i meant we usually ganged up on chelsea on their match days and it was really dire comparing sanogo to toures. Lol. They literally wanted to bury themselves.

  118. Keyser

    N5 – You asked if I thought Sanogo would make it at Arsenal, I said probably not.

    It’s like anyone asking whether Coquelin would make it at any point in that last 5 years. It’s the sort of pointless question midwest resorts to when he doesnt have an argument.

    I asked you for downsides to Sanogo, come up with some.