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“Sometimes I think: ‘What does he do all day?’

That’s Arsene talking about retirement and referencing Alex Ferguson. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s planning on extending his contract. But, it probably does. I’ll crack into that at another time.

Today, it’s all about the big one. Manchester United away. I think the story is about both teams and how far they have to go to challenge Chelsea next season. Wenger thinks we can challenge next year…

“We have that feeling in the squad,” “But I understand that it is still a question. We are far behind Chelsea. We are in a pack with Man City and Man United, but then you go into the uncertainty, how strong will they be next season? Nobody knows that.”

“But I understand that it is still a question. We are far behind Chelsea. We are in a pack with Man City and Man United, but then you go into the uncertainty, how strong will they be next season? Nobody knows that.”

I think what we know is that United will spend whatever they need to spend to get back to the top. Rumours that they’re going to buy Paul Pogba are strong. That would be a worrying addition.

Arsenal are ahead of United squad wise and I think we’re ahead of them as a team. We need to prove it though. Because next season is going to be far more competitive. I think we missed a good chance this year to catch the pack. What we can’t do is expect others to regress next year.

“Who doesn’t want a good spine? But to know each other, to play together at the back, in the middle, in the heart of the game, is important as well. To add to the extremes, it is sometimes less risky but to add to where the heart of the team is, playing together for a long time is very important.

“We just spoke about Chelsea. They have a stable defence for two or three years now and they conceded less goals than the other teams. You feel the strength of the teams when you play against them. It will be tight next season. Liverpool will respond as well.”

Comments like the above indicate we’re not going to go wild this summer. But with a raft of players heading for the exit door, it’s hard not to see how we can avoid bringing in a few names. I think we have a good base to work from. We can streamline some of the squad deadwood and churn that money back into key positions.

This summer has to be progression. I just hope we’ve learned our lessons of summers past.

The game today is important. 3 points pretty much clears the way for a top 3 finish… and it’ll mean we avoid the indignity of a qualifier.

As I said yesterday, I think this is going to be interesting tactically. We have players out of form and we’re not looking good for pace. I’m looking forward to seeing what the manager has to go with later!

Right, enjoy the game.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. daz

    “It’s like talking to a dumb dog abc wondering why he doesn’t understand you”

    My sides are hurting oh shit Joe you take the piss, no one understands you ha ha ha

  2. Keyser

    Joe – Lol at Double, I can’t even remember who Chelsea played in the Carling Cup, anyway you cut it, if Wenger hasn’t made the most of what he has, there’s no fucking way Mourinho has.

  3. Joe

    Your mocking Chelsea winning the carling cup. Yet you praise wenger for being a perennial loser.

    Of course you don’t remember who they played. No one cares who lost

    Enough said.

    Jose wins the double and you mock him

    Wenger has 1 trophy in 11 seasons and you praise him

    I’m done chatting to the dumb dog

    Chat to Daz He’s more your level.

  4. daz

    Joe, yeah he understands me just fine as I do sign language for him wouldn’t want to stop half way you know what I mean 😉

  5. Wenger Optimetrics

    May 17, 2015 21:11:06
    It’s cyclical logic, the only conclusion/solution, is that we need to focus on improving ourselves, and we must utilise areas they don’t.

    Relentless twaddle. Do you ever stop and consider why you spout the mindless drivel you post?

  6. Relieable sauce

    I had a scary thought earlier. Varane + Bale + £50m for Hazard.

    Whoever Chelsea buy next season (#2GK, CB?, CM, CF) theyll be very strong & we will need a great summer & a huge dollop of luck if we are even to get a sniff at the title.
    …Even then i think that could be pushing it.

  7. Relieable sauce

    Proven quality players for at least 3 out of 4 positions of GK, D/CM, LW, & CF are vitaly needed IMO. Players who possess physicality &/or leadership &/or intelligence.
    Its not radical or new…Will they address it this summer though!?… & wtf is it taking them so long!!!???

  8. tunnygriffboy

    Reason why Chelsea won the league this year wasn’t their attacking acumen but the fact they had the best, most experienced and non injured defence in the league. They stuck Matic in front of it and it was mega hard to break down

    This talk about Chelsea breaking even is just a smokescreen and Mourinho is already moaning about ffp affecting them and that city should be docked points. Oh well I suppose he’ll have to dip into the best youth team in the country for players but will also have good funds to bring in marquee players £30 mill on Cuadrado

    Speaking of Chelsea and breaking even. Two weeks ago Abramovich increased his loan to Chelsea and it now stands @ £1 billion ! Though it doesn’t seem likelybut if he wanted it repayed the club would have to do it within 18 months.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    There is absolutely no question that Chelsea,Man City and Man United will upgrade their squads this summer and on this basis alone it is imperative that Arsenal do likewise if we are going to be genuine challengers for League Title next season.

    LVG made the valid point in post match interview just how difficult it becomes to find the right calibre players in the market and even if you do so there is no certainty that the current clubs will release them or indeed that the players
    themselves will wish to come. Throwing money at the problem is not necessarily a solution.

    Personally as I have said many times before I don’t believe that Arsenal needs to make wholesale changes to their squad. The absolute maximum is four, but
    a more realistic target is two to three, but they do need to be “quality” and an upgrade on what we have got.

    An absolute priority for me based on recent performances is a “goalscorer”. Sanchez and Giroud do score goals but not with the level of regularity they should be doing. If we watch Barcelona and Real Madrid they have now two
    to three players in their lineup capable of scoring 20 goals+ in league games each season.

    We don’t have one and that is a shortcoming that we have now seen in games
    against Chelsea,Swansea and Man City. It is not lack of opportunity, but lack of
    clinical finishing which has been the problem.

    Again I do think that we need also a world class box to box player. There is still
    a lack of physicality in midfield as we saw in the first half yesterday. We lost the ball far too frequently in this game and there was a lack of control.

    The goalkeeper is not for me as critical as the other two requirements, because I do think that Ospina is a good player despite his size. It seems that De
    Gea is likely to go to Real and if that is the case Man Utd will be also looking for a top grade goalkeeper. Frankly the options are very limited particularly if
    Chelsea will not sell Cech to us. What we may land up doing is offloading Szczesny and replacing him with a similar quality player, but perhaps a little more reliable.

    What I do know is that our Manager needs to be decisive if we are to buy right
    players. He must not dither as he habitually does. Frankly the decisions should be made now and not left as too often in past until latter stages of transfer window.

  10. tunnygriffboy


    What are your thoughts on yesterday ?

    I thought we were looking to keep it tight and not get hit early. The result was a timid performance attacking wise. Sanchez, Giroud were to far from our midfield and we relied on too many long balls. They pressed us well, we gave the ball away too often Santi had a nightmmare and Coquelin was unable to dribble and pass to any positive degree. Whether that’s because he’s a bit nervous, is under instruction not to do it or is unable remains to be seen.

    We wanted to play counterattack. Difficult when you have Giroud and Ramsey as your outlets and Alexis giving the ball away a lot. We missed Ox and Welbeck for this.

    In games gone by we would have thrown everyone forward after conceding that goal but yesterday we remained solid. 2nd half we grew into the game more withbetter links between the mmidfield and attack. The game really change when Santi came off, Coquelin went to right back and Ramsey and Wilshere went into CM. Wilshere was excellent at making the half turn, driving at the opposition drawing defenders to him. Ramsey carries the ball and showed a wide array of passes. No one has mentioned his pass to Walcott for the goal. If Gerrard had done it it would have been on loop on ssn.

    Agree with you. We need another DM with goood passing ability and another forward to compliment Girooud

    Does Wenger need to give Santi a rest and give Wilshere and Ramsey a run in CM ?

  11. Emiratesstroller


    Agree more or less.

    Ramsey is not suited to wide position. Cazorla is too fragile in central midfield against physically strong opposition.

    Ramsey is a better option in central midfield at moment. He is certainly wasted in a wide position. The problem is that Walcott is not good enough to play there and Welbeck and Ox are injured.

    Giroud does have some value as a player but his lack of pace is a problem when there is absolutely no other goalscoring outlet in team. In recent games we have struggled to score.

  12. Dark Hei

    Stroller & Tunny

    The reason why Ramsey is not playing in the middle has nothing to do with Walcott. It is due to the limitations of Coquelin. Coq needs Cazolra next to him in “Pirlo” mode or we are reduced solely to having our CBs pushing up to pass the ball out.

  13. Dark Hei

    “We need another DM with goood passing ability and another forward to compliment Girooud”

    Oops just read that. I am very much in agreement.

    Don’t think Ospina cuts it though, sorry!

  14. tunnygriffboy

    Dark Hei

    Ok, I’ll go with new keeper as well. We go for a CDM who is good physically but passes the ball better than Coquelin but can, in certain games , play on his own with Ramsey or Wilshere. We then go for a forward with pace and slightly different skill set to Giroud. All these have to be top class.

    Is it enough for next season ? I can’t see any more coming in. Also Ramsey and Wilshere have potential. Noticeable Carragher and Souness have both given Ramsey high praise in the lsst fortnight. He’s 24 and could be a special player. The ball he hit for the goal yesterday would have been on the repeat loop on ssn had Gerrard done it

    Still think thatwhen Wilshere grows up he will be a talent too.

  15. Wallace

    hmm, Joe’s an absolute lunatic.

    and Bamford…still trolling an Arsenal blog with his Man Utd bollocks.

  16. Thank you and goodnight

    Mirror journalist David McDonnell has a slight dig at Arsene today and says in a roundabout way we underachieve. His headline goes “so rich in talent yer wenger settles for 3rd”.

  17. tunnygriffboy


    It’s tough going on here at the moment. Don’t come on so much as I used to. It’s the black and white that get’s me. No shade of grey. Yeh, I agree it’s troll city on here, less and less people posting.

    Rewatched the game. Too timid in first half. We started to press but they were able to get around it so we had to defend resolutely. Their press was more effective and they won all 2nd balls. Santi had a shocker bless him

    2nd half much better and we got stronger longer game went on. Subs were good though should have been made 10 mins earlier. Jack looked good as did Ramsey in CM. In fact for all their posession we had the better of limited chances in the game.

  18. tunnygriffboy

    Ty ag

    Hello buddy not seen you here for a bit but I”m onnly on here sporadically. Hope you’re well

    Not sure Wenger settling for 3rd. Yes we have talent but need a bit more to get nearer to winning it. Did he mention the chronic repetitive injury list we had first half of the season ? That a part of why we hit third along with no cover at CB and DM. I don’t think we’re underachieving per se but we’re not overachieving either. For our squad atm we’re about right

    3 top class players in the summer, natural growth in player development along with greater understanding of each other in combination play and an improvement in fitness and conditioning management and we’ll kick on. A good pre season with all available should help as well, and no CL qualifier which wrecked us last season.

  19. Wallace


    yeah, i thought when we upped our game that a goal was coming, which in the past when we’ve gone behind in big games hasn’t always been the case. and yeah, Ramsey looked excellent in th middle. wonder if Wenger’s ever though of playing him and Jack in there with a DM behind them…. 😉

    pleased for Theo. hope he and Jack start the next two games.

  20. tunnygriffboy


    Need a point to get 3rd. I’m not sure but if we win our two games and Southampton turn city over can we get second ?

    Either Jack or Ramsey alongside Coquelin maybe Welbeck if fit or Theo. Wouldstick with Giroud, he wasn’t bad yesterday held ball up well and brought others into the game. Had a couple of 1/2, or 1/4 chances but again not the pace to make them a bit easier. Changes again for West Brom game.

  21. bennydevito

    The comments section has become a breeding ground for morons and trolls. This particular comment has no place here and goes against the rules of the blog:

    JoeMay 18, 2015 00:10:17
    DazDoes your dad understand you when you have his cock in your mouth?Mmmmm daddy

    How hilarious. Such insight, such wit. Really adds to the class around here.

  22. tunnygriffboy


    I think he see’s those two as the future. Jack has looked strong when he’s come on. Both of them have great potential but getting to stage where we need to see it every week. Souness said yesterday that Ramsey goes under the radar a bit at a7 or 8 each week. He said yesterday he was a 9 or 9.5. Not saying I agree with those scores but Souness does know a bit about midfielders. Carragher was praising him afterr the Hull game as well

    May see Jack and Ramsey improve due to competition particularly if we bring another defensive midfielder in. They’ll have to fight for their places.

    Poor santi looked knackered yesterday. He’s been brilliant this season. Still think he’s not quite robust enough to play there against big power ful sides particularly if he’s jaded. Needs to be rotated. I would rest him Wednesday and give Jack or Ramsey a run in midfield with Theo wide

  23. tunnygriffboy


    It just gives others ammunition to slate the blog saying it proves that we’re all a bunch of idiots. There are a fw who post that have nothing constructive to say. Less and less people are posting because of it

  24. Rockypires

    Lads done well yesterday. Didn’t set the world alight but that’s 2 draws a win and a lose against the top 4 away so can’t really fault it.

    Was impressed with kos as ever what a player he is. Per done well also but always have this idea how good would a kos and humells be.
    Coq was solid as ever.
    Ramsey done well to get into the game.
    Ozil worked hard but hadn’t much time. Great skills to skin blind Herrera and Valencia in one go before Herrera fouled him.
    Giroud held it up well and also showed some good touches.

    Alexi bellerin were good too.
    I thought monreal coped well with a tactic of putting Fellini on him.
    I know we conceded off that but we would have shipped 3 or 4 if it were Gibbs at lb.

    For the Sunderland match I think jack should come in for santi.
    Theo in for a rested Ramsey.
    Ramsey has taken some heavy knocks the past few weeks.

    Maybe chambers or Gabriel to also get a run out.
    Would love to see rosicky start and captain us as I feel it may well be his last meaningful game for us at the emirates.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    Just read article in today’s telegraph written by Alan Smith suggesting that most of the pundits who criticise consistently Arsenal now believe that we are getting close to a title winning team.

    However, Smith acknowledges that we are behind Chelsea and he pinpoints what many bloggers on Le Grove have been suggesting that we need three new players specifically Goalkeeper, Deep Central Midfielder and Striker. His suggestions are nothing original i.e. Cech, Schneiderlein and Benzema.

    Cech is of course a ‘no brainer’ apart from the fact that Chelsea might refuse to
    sell him to us. My view as I stated above is that this would be my third position in team to improve. Reflecting on Ospina’s performances this season you can
    argue that there were very few goals conceded that he was responsible for or
    might have saved. Perhaps the goal conceded against Swansea is the most noteworthy in recent games.

    Schneiderelein may not be a world beater, but he is a solid all-round player and set piece taker. He is affordable and plays in England. Also recruiting him
    would be a step up from Southampton. He would join a club who are in Champions League. My only concern is whether Wenger will ‘fall between two stools’ as usual and dither.

    I am not personally a fan of Benzema. He is of course a very good footballer and has played for a top team, but is he the ‘prolific goalscorer’ that we are
    seeking. Evidence suggests that he is not such a player. Rather like Pedro another player previously touted I don’t believe that he would have same goal
    potential if he came to Arsenal as they had at Real and Barcelona.

    My personal preference when looking at goal scorers as opposed to footballers would be to look at their potential ‘in spite’ of the team in which they
    play. Benzema is supposed to be the striker at Real, but he falls well short of the goals scored by Ronaldo. You would assume that playing in such a team which
    scores consistently 100 goals+ per season that he should score more.

  26. Wallace


    Benzema’s quality. he’d score more if Ronaldo wasn’t in the side. as it is everything goes through Ronaldo.

    Schneiderlin’s okay for squad depth, just don’t see Wenger paying 20-25m for a back up DM.

  27. daz


    I would like to apologise if my posts have spoiled peoples enjoyment on the site, I tried to be civil with people like Joe but was instantly labeled an akb idiot I dropped down to their level and mocked them for their ignorance I will try to rise above it but am not to big to admit I can be a dick

  28. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah, good mate, cheers. Not on as much as I used to. I can understand any opinion on the manager or team even if I don’t agree with them . However there’s some loony’s on at the moment and they spoil any proper chat. They’ve nothing to say either way and post a load of garbled rubbish. Yesterday was case in point 🙂