United vs Arsenal Preview

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“Sometimes I think: ‘What does he do all day?’

That’s Arsene talking about retirement and referencing Alex Ferguson. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s planning on extending his contract. But, it probably does. I’ll crack into that at another time.

Today, it’s all about the big one. Manchester United away. I think the story is about both teams and how far they have to go to challenge Chelsea next season. Wenger thinks we can challenge next year…

“We have that feeling in the squad,” “But I understand that it is still a question. We are far behind Chelsea. We are in a pack with Man City and Man United, but then you go into the uncertainty, how strong will they be next season? Nobody knows that.”

“But I understand that it is still a question. We are far behind Chelsea. We are in a pack with Man City and Man United, but then you go into the uncertainty, how strong will they be next season? Nobody knows that.”

I think what we know is that United will spend whatever they need to spend to get back to the top. Rumours that they’re going to buy Paul Pogba are strong. That would be a worrying addition.

Arsenal are ahead of United squad wise and I think we’re ahead of them as a team. We need to prove it though. Because next season is going to be far more competitive. I think we missed a good chance this year to catch the pack. What we can’t do is expect others to regress next year.

“Who doesn’t want a good spine? But to know each other, to play together at the back, in the middle, in the heart of the game, is important as well. To add to the extremes, it is sometimes less risky but to add to where the heart of the team is, playing together for a long time is very important.

“We just spoke about Chelsea. They have a stable defence for two or three years now and they conceded less goals than the other teams. You feel the strength of the teams when you play against them. It will be tight next season. Liverpool will respond as well.”

Comments like the above indicate we’re not going to go wild this summer. But with a raft of players heading for the exit door, it’s hard not to see how we can avoid bringing in a few names. I think we have a good base to work from. We can streamline some of the squad deadwood and churn that money back into key positions.

This summer has to be progression. I just hope we’ve learned our lessons of summers past.

The game today is important. 3 points pretty much clears the way for a top 3 finish… and it’ll mean we avoid the indignity of a qualifier.

As I said yesterday, I think this is going to be interesting tactically. We have players out of form and we’re not looking good for pace. I’m looking forward to seeing what the manager has to go with later!

Right, enjoy the game.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Dissenter

    You need to get a life beyond pacing this blog.
    So you picked up on the typo *the name calling is necessary” and ignored the context.
    You really are one of a kind.

    You’ve given me enough chances!
    You really have a brick between your ears. You don’t have a monopoly on nastiness, doesn’t take much to be nasty, really..

    I wonder what’s going on in your life the way you conduct yourself around here. I find myself feeling sorry for you.
    Take care and keep hurling insults.

  2. Thank you and goodnight


    You claim to be a supporter but you know nothing about our club. Before 1995 and united incredible success we were the second most successful club in England behind Liverpool. Bloody comparing us to Everton or Villa…..how very dare you 😀

  3. MidwestGun

    Marc –
    Ya.., that performance was annoying, not gonna lie. I’m happy we drew because I’ve been trash talking since last time we beat them. If you watched that game in a pub half full of Manc fans you’d maybe understand. Anyhow, I’m out of here for today. Nothing personal. I know you didn’t say it.

  4. Redtruth

    One shot on target in two games against Chelsea is progress.
    Drawing at home and losing narrowly away to Spurs is progress.
    Losing at home and drawing away to a rejuvenated Man Utd is progress.
    Thumping teams in the bottom half of the table is progress.
    Winning at the Etihad exceeded all expectations and will live long in the memory in those who witnessed such an heroic event.
    Likewise the glorious failure in Monaco will be forever indelible in our minds and cherised in our hearts for eternity
    We can be proud of our 3rd Place Trophy and shows progress has been made.

    Thank you Arsene for a memorable season

  5. Keyser

    Dissenter – I got the context right, you continually palm off your own ignorance as someone elses problem.

    How the fuck do you come up with 250 million ? Seriously if you’ve just conjured a figure out of thin air, because you can’t make your point without hyperbole, and you do this numerous times, then what option is left ?

  6. vicky


    What’s your problem mate? you have been going on and on about Zero shots on goal in the first half? Have you never seen a team playing shit in one half and then doing well in the 2nd one? Is that really a new phenomenon? What did u expect us to do? Go to OT with all guns blazing right from the word go? Were you not waxing lyrical about Mourinho getting his job done a few days ago? Did we not get the job done today? Have some consistency in your arguments for God sake. Had we been a bit flamboyant in the first half and conceded a couple of goals, you would have talked about us being tactically naive. We are still a work in progress, is that too hard to see?

  7. Bigper

    We didn’t play that bad in the first half, we were just cautious and tried to stay tight defensively, it’s better than going gung-ho like we used to and being four goals down

    Away games against the top teams don’t need to be pretty as long as you come away with a positive result which we did at old Trafford twice now

    Balance between defensive and attack but i much prefer playing like this and getting a result than playing attacking and getting thumped

    We need to work on our transition to attacking phases on the break though and then I think we will be a lot more effective in games like today

  8. MidwestGun

    Vicky –
    No…, i wasnt waxing lyrical about Mourinho, i hate him. Thanks for jumping in the middle of the conversation tho. Again its relevant because of the Progress Debate. Of course I’ve seen a team play bad then better the second half. I expected a shot on goal at some point, hardly guns blazing.
    A work in progress ? Ok…after people saying we need little addition. Looked different to me. That’s my problem. If your happy with that ok, then.

  9. TheBayingMob

    “What did u expect us to do? Go to OT with all guns blazing right from the word go?”

    I’d fucking love it if we went up there and slaughtered them but we’ve never done it. Even our best and most dominant teams have only ever scrapped a win up there while they’ve wiped the floor with us home and away in the league. Really irks me.

  10. Bigper

    Progress is hard to see this year because the first half of the season was so poor and we had so much ground to make up point wise

    We still have a tendency to slip up like Monaco and Swansea etc but I think if you look at the way we are actually approaching games now in terms of tactics and discipline there has been a definite change imo, the balance between defence an attack has changed majorly

    We are far from perfect though and we need to keep improving if we are to challenge

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    Must be such a confidence booster for a defence knowing you have a WC keeper like De Gea behind you.

  12. Keyser

    london_gunner/vicky – If it’s taken you years to become a fat fuck, it’s only fair that it’s going to take some time for you to lose it all again.

    For years, fans have had their frustrations built to crescendo point, I understand that, it’s going to take the club time to change people’s minds, but however way we got ourselves into this situation we’re left with little option apart from what we see now.

    People pointed to our abysmal record at Old Trafford, well our last two games have been a bit different.

    The flipside is that if you’re going to ignore this then take a look at what’s happening around us.

    Liverpool finished 7th, 2nd, back to 6th/7th.

    United were 1st, 7th, 4th.

    We’re more consistent than that, it only stands to reason our progress won’t fluctuate as much. Especially when you consider it took X amount of money for United to move 3 places up the league, they may even improve next year.

  13. vicky


    All I am saying is we are not there yet. We have a lot of catching up to do .we are conscious about not losing badly against big teams and you can sense that in the way we have been playing against them this season. it explains our lacklustre performance in the first half. yet we got one point and sealed the third spot. Imagine going gung ho in the first half, losing the match, finishing 4th and waiting for qualifiers to be over before our transfer activity starts – how good would that had been? the first half today does not define our season but avoiding 4th was crucial.

  14. MidwestGun

    Vicky –
    Ok… I agree. It was an important point. However, I’m not happy with that performance given… all I’ve heard on here is about our progression even from Pedro at times. To me progress doesn’t look like that.
    And to be honest Manc fans around here are asshats. So there’s that. Anyhow, I’ll probably not be as spikey after sleeping on it. Sorry, if my tone
    was personal it’s not. My angst is never personal for the most part unless your Redtroll.

  15. london gunner

    In terms of spending what’s so overboard with spending 120 million?

    £20 bills on a keeper
    £30 bills on a CM player with defensive qualities
    £40 on a WC right winger
    £30 on a striker

    Also with the sale of say Pod/Cambell/Szc/Welbeck you have £30 bills recouped
    As for wages with other faff cut such as miaychi/arteta/diaby/flamini you have some money to reinvest in wages.

    Or we can do it piecemeal and bit part by which time Ozil and Sanchez are to old and we are back at stage 1. You have to striker while the iron is hot.

    You can’t afford to be to cautious and slow and steady because peak performances of players is for a relatively small period of time so the window of opportunity is limited before you have to rebuild and start from near scratch again.

    Lacazette, Reus, Cech, schniederlin

    Why is this so far fetched?

  16. vicky


    We will finish with fewer points than last season.

    We at best can match our cup success last year.

    if you think in terms of tangible outputs, we have not progressed.

    But for me the progress has been our improved performances against big teams and that we finally have a DM who can do his job. Does not guarantee anything next season but we are at least better in terms of balance of our side. That for me counts more than 2-3 points here and there. Once the league is gone, it is immaterial whether we finish with 79, 80 or 82 points.

  17. vicky


    I guess more than the money, it is about availability of players.

    Will Cech will be allowed to move to us?

    If. Reus is available, will we be the only club sniffing around?

    May be lacazette is gettable but again given the dearth of strikers in Europe, one never knows how much will we have to fork out for him.

    There is a real tussle in getting the targets unless you are Barca or RM. Money is not the only issue.

  18. london gunner


    “That for me counts more than 2-3 points here and there. Once the league is gone, it is immaterial whether we finish with 79, 80 or 82 points.”

    Well yes it does matter. Because it means we lost more games or won less.
    This matters. Why wouldn’t it? Why are you pretending that it doesn’t?

    Very bizarre argument. The points total is a reflection of the whole season of the total = performance of the team.

    It doesn’t matter if in some matches we showed more balance if overall over the course of a season we have ended up performing worse.

    Imagine if Chelsea next season start playing free flowing beautiful football and beat all the top sides by huge margins, but yet end up with less points than last season meaning they lose out on the title by 3 points.. it would still count as overall a worse performance

  19. Wallace

    credit to Wenger for the double substitution today. initially looked like it had stalled our getting back into the game, but both were very prominent. Jack, especially, looking very sharp again.

  20. Redtruth


    You must be blind if you believe Arsenal have improved on the big teams.

    Please don’t compare last seasons results debacle

    School team would have put up a better show than Arsenal.

  21. El Tel 1

    I didn’t see the match today.

    I must ask the question.

    Who would have took the point before the match?

    Why so disappointed?

    I hat those Mancscum more than any other but today we put them into fourth place below us. I want them to fold completely into the shit arsed team they were in the 70’s.

    Let’s take the draw and give it to those most arrogant of fans both barrel.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    There’s been progression, but pretty minimal, and it’s the type that has to be built on, we haven’t progressed in a way that means we will be any closer to the title next season, we’ve progressed in areas that mean with a strong summer we might well be.

    And obviously you need to think that everyone else will progress over the summer or attempt to anyway.

    I find the attitude of some Arsenal fans alarming, as if they think we’re pretty much where we need to be as it stands…we really aren’t.

  23. daz


    The points thing can be debatable what if Chelsea finish next season with 3 more points than this season but man city finish with 2 more points than them? Chelsea would have a higher points tally yet would lose the title

  24. london gunner


    But that’s the beauty of it is there are various over extremely talented players out there.

    We can’t get Cech? How about Lloris (he has a buy out clause) or one of Bravo or Ter Stergen (neither will be happy being a second choice keeper even at Barca, or Oblak, or Leno or Handanovic ect

    We can’t get Reus? Firmino, Coutinho, goetz

    Course there is a tussle, but it doesn’t mean we throw in the towel.

  25. mysticleaves

    In the last 4 league games bayern have lost 3 or all, not quite sure.

    So in 3 years what would historians tell you? That they won the league but lost their last 4 games? Or that they won the league?

  26. MidwestGun

    Vicky –
    Like i said earlier to Marc or was it Marko …. lol. I think very small ammount of progress, perhaps not enough given what our competition will do. And today was against a big side. Hence the frustration. Giroud to me is the face of our progress as he was supposedly in a rejuvenated playing form coinciding with our turnaround. Looked awful today.. anyhow Manc fans always get we worked up. 😀

    This summer will be pretty big in my mind.

    El Tel –
    Just watch the 2nd half for your sanity. Hahaha.

  27. Keyser

    One season follows the other, last season we had no International tournament, and the entire squad has the summer off.

    This year we had half the squad at the World Cup, and on top of that have blooded about 6-7 new players.

    This is what’s soo disappointing about this site, how does that not click in your head ? Why are people incapable of objectivity.

    The second year running we’ve also made a Cup Final, we’re actually spending money to, and its like people have forgotten the moans about us spending ANY money at all.

  28. london gunner


    Not really it just shows we don’t exist in a stagnant environment. That teams are liable to improve so we should aim to increase are points tally every season by as MUCH as possible and not in fact end up with less. Like we have done this year.

    We can’t be complacent or lazy and come with the attitude that mediocrity is acceptable.

  29. Relieable sauce

    18 yrs for Wenger to implement a gameplan & a recall for on loan/contract expiring Coq after our threadbare, ageing & injury prone CM inevitably & predictably couldnt cope.

    Doesnt convince me.

  30. mysticleaves

    Chelsea wer praised as “efficient” by Arsenal supporters cos they came and played for a draw by parking the bus and now Arsenal doesn’t even park the bus, atleast they deserved their equalizer, and yet are slated by fans of the club.

    Double standards me thinks

  31. Keyser

    You can either look at us subjectively and wonder how we’ve improved, or you can look at the league objectively and you’ll still come to the same conclusion.

    It’s ridiculous, people say we don’t have enough to win titles.

    Why ? Because they compare us to Citeh or Chelsea, or eve United.

    They also fail to appreciate that not only do they win but they’re inefficient entities while winning, so we can’t follow their example.

    It’s cyclical logic, the only conclusion/solution, is that we need to focus on improving ourselves, and we must utilise areas they don’t.

  32. london gunner

    El Tel

    “1. Cech
    2. Benzema
    3. Reus
    4. Gundogan
    5. Baines”

    I really like this list. Can’t see RM selling Benz tho.

    I think Gundogan is massively underrated think he has potential to in top central mids in the world

  33. mysticleaves

    El tel, it will only really remain your “summer wishes”.

    You have more chances of taking selfies with the aforementioned than Arsenal buying them

  34. vicky


    My argument is simple. For me, there are four major cornerstones, as it were

    1. Win the league

    2 Automatic qualification

    3 4th place

    4 Missing out on CL

    If we automatically qualify with 79 points as against with 81 points, what significance does it have when we look back and judge our performance ?

  35. Redtruth

    Their is a reason why Man Utd finished 7th last season, it’s called being rubbish and likewise this season they’ve been rubbish yet on both occasions, this season and last they’ve taken 4 points off us

  36. El Tel 1


    I would be a serial killer if I lived amongst those Mancscummers as you do.

    I went to a shop this morning wearing an Arsenal Polo shirt.

    This shop assistant, gives it the big un. ” we can’t serve you he says”

    “No problem as its my Wife who wants to buy something”

    He comes out with ” We have got you today”

    I say ” who is WE? ”

    Man U he says.

    I live near Canterbury in Kent, about 300 miles from there.

    I asked him why support them if you live so far away

    He says in his Southern accent. ” I lived there once”

    I says ” go back there then and I will be happy”

    It got friendly after as he deflected things to. ” everyone is a Chelsea fan around here” he asked his colleague who he supported. The colleague says “Arsenal”

    My Wife gets angry because I cu Ted him off.

    I just hate them so much I told her but she will never understand no matter how many times she see’s me get pissed off.

  37. MidwestGun

    It’s cyclical logic, the only conclusion/solution, is that we need to focus on improving ourselves, and we must utilise areas they don’t.
    Exactly, like creating more shots on goal then them.

  38. El Tel 1


    What’s your point?

    Swansea took all 6 against us. Does this make them better?

    We did well against Citeh too. Are we above them?

    Stop beating up the Arsenal Mate as you actually make some decent points when not trolling.

    Same as Joe the Chav and Bamford the glory hunter

  39. El Tel 1


    Any competitive sport has to have progression?

    Let’s hope Wenger keeps us in the top four until Guardiola or Klopp takes over, to drop out of it will cause the same issues Mancscummers have.

  40. Keyser

    “Exactly, like creating more shots on goal then them.”

    Like we did in the second half.

    Have we played like that all year ? No, so could it be an anomaly ? Most likely.

    Will our performances fluctuate maybe even next year ? Yes.

    Why was it promising ? Because after half-time, we actively set about trying to equalise, we took the initiative.

  41. MidwestGun

    El Tel –
    Haha trying not to kill anyone today at the pub. Thank God that ball deflected in. Or I was about to have to fight my way out to the door. This is why I normally watch at home, to be honest.

  42. Redtruth


    Improving? I’d say you’d be hard pressed to equal last seasons criminal displays but maybe next season they’ll revert back to type.

  43. london gunner


    “If we automatically qualify with 79 points as against with 81 points, what significance does it have when we look back and judge our performance ?”

    Its pretty damn obvious man.
    If we have less points it means we have won less games.Meaning over a season we haven’t done as well. Which either means we have actively got worse or the competition around us has improved more so than we have. Either way you have to then ask your self questions for why this is.

    To analyse and quantify ones performance you don’t hand-pick a couple of games where we played well, but instead look at the overall picture of all the games played. So you find out where you lost those 3 points and you rectify that next season.

    3 Points is massive in a league where Man United lost the title on goal difference. Granted this time it might not seem to mean as much, but overall it does if you want to improve consistently season on season year on year. If you go oh well we got less points but we still got CL that’s really lackadaisical approach to competition. You would never see that in the business world and you shouldn’t see that in sport. Its a damaging attitude because it means you avoid the question of how to eek out an extra 3 points here and there which may matter significantly next season.

    Its about attention to detail. Do you think a manager like Fergie and Mouriho have such a blase attitude

  44. daz

    Redtruth lol I thought I wouldn’t start a new argument,
    LG yeah that’s true, but each year the total points needed to win the league or even to stay in the league will fluctuate, I don’t think 1 or 2 points difference really matters when ultimately we will be a place higher avoiding cl playoff

  45. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Ok…. again if you were happy with that performance as a sign of things to come, good for you, your more optimistic then I give you credit for.

    Next year will rely on Giroud, Sanchez scoring the same if not more goals
    If we don’t add something. That game did not give me confidence.

  46. Redtruth

    El tel

    The point is we haven’t won the league in over 10 years.

    Spurs can do the double over Arsenal every season so long as we win the league but we don’t win the league we instead celebrate taking a point at Old Trafford

  47. vicky


    We have not been even close to repeating what we did last season. Last season we took real drubbings.This season we beat City, United, Liverpool, drew against Chelsea once.

    The way you r putting it one would think last time we lost 5 nil and this season only 3 nil.

    Red u can do better than denying obvious facts.

  48. Keyser

    Midwest – Read the questions/Answers.

    Man United spend 200 million to move 3 places, do you understand how mental that is, Liverpool’s last 3 league positions are 7th, 2nd, 6th/7th.

    You either appreciate the small progress we made, you can argue against it if you want, or you work out what would give you confidence, I’m guessing you’d be pretty deluded.

  49. Keyser

    I’m not even sure what you’re arguing now.

    We’ve played better than that for most of the year, the second half we made changes and still gave them problems.

    Honestly what were you expecting.

    Unless you’re whole argument is that one first half defines our season ?

  50. daz

    Talking of managers something Wenger said the other day about monk got me thinking that they are maybe lining up bould to take over

  51. vicky


    Last season whatever points we got was basically the best total we could have got to. We were not better than that.

    This season we would have certainly got more had we managed our injury crisis well. Of course you can blame AW for not strengthening the DM and CB position right at the start but nobody can deny with a fully fit squad, we would have got more points than last season.

    That is why I am not looking at raw totals rather the journey to achieving the total.

  52. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    I’ve already said it’s a small ammount of progress. I will definitely celebrate an FA Cup win like a rock star. But I don’t agree there is nothing we can do to have a chance to win next season, so i guess in that aspect maybe i am deluded. What would have given me confidence was a convincing win or even a draw where we looked like our best players were performing efficiently. 0 shots on goal (sorry have to bring it up ) in the first half and a deflected OG to get a draw did not.

  53. vicky


    A simple question : why for you the first half is symbolically important as far as progress is concerned and not the 2nd half?

  54. london gunner

    If we automatically qualify with 79 points as against with 81 points, what significance does it have when we look back and judge our performance ?”

    Huh? How can you definitely say that?

    “This season we would have certainly got more had we managed our injury crisis well. Of course you can blame AW for not strengthening the DM and CB position right at the start but nobody can deny with a fully fit squad, we would have got more points than last season.”

    But we didn’t…

  55. vicky


    Man U finished 7th last season and will finish 4th this season. So are they not better this season ?

    City is one of the big teams in EPL irrespective of whether they finish 1st or 4th.

    Agree Liverpool have been abysmal without Suarez but still my argument holds. We beat United and City, drew against the Champions.

  56. MidwestGun

    Vicky –
    Because before the match AW was giving an interview about how we how have an injury free squad, a strong bench, and a cohesive (same lineuo for a long stretch) and mentally strong squad which can compete with the likes of Man. U at OT. Then we basically come out and lay an egg. Worst half in ten years. It wasn’t like we were trying not to score either. Anyhow …….. it’s symbolic of a typical AW performance after similar interviews against top sides. Was hoping to see better. That’s all really.

  57. Keyser

    Midwest – If you can’t look at how we’ve played all year, with the ups and downs, and see signs of progress, and instead have to use a half of one football game to analyse our season, you’ll never be at the point.

    We were a goal down at half-time at Old Trafford, you could’ve heard that scoreline any one of the last 10 years and thought nothing of it.

    Likewise if we’d been a goal up, I wouldn’t be basing next seasons’ expectations on it. This is just weird.

    I think we’re capable of putting in that performance, when Ozil and Sanchez basically lose every ball, but over the season we’ve seen both are far better, what was different was how we clawed the goal back, in previous years we would’ve left ourselves open and probably conceded.

  58. Redtruth


    Man Utd beat us at the Emirates and drew with us at Old Trafford they also showed what a poor side they are by gifting us the winner in the FA Cup.

  59. vicky


    Yeah, we didn’t. but you are only focussing on the end total, not on the journey.

    It’s like saying CR7 scoring a hattrick against Espanyol today was a better performance than Messi scoring a brace against Bayern in UCL semifinal because CR7 scored more goals.

  60. Wallace


    slightly puzzled you’re attaching so much importance to the first half performance. a team having a dodgy first half and then improving immeasurably after the break happens all the time. that game goes on for another 15mins there’s only one winner. and even without the Ox and Welbeck, nice to have a bench strong enough to impact on the result.

  61. Keyser

    “Anyhow …….. it’s symbolic of a typical AW performance after similar interviews against top sides. Was hoping to see better.”

    Lol is that it ? Is it because of Wengers interviews, he has to say something, he generally chooses to say something positive, sometimes where he gives the team something to live upto.

    Firstly we were missing Ox/Welbeck, secondly despite the first half we showed all those signs in the second half.

  62. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    I would agree if it was just the score. But not even one shot? Not a corner? That hasn’t happened in a decade, so it’s not typical. And we are supposed to be progressing. I’ll take some solace we didn’t concede more and rallied last ten minutes sure.

  63. vicky


    we gifted 2 goals to United when they beat us at Emirates despite us dominating the whole game. U don’t remember that?

  64. MidwestGun

    Wallace –
    Was that performance what you want to see for progress indicator? Wasn’t for me, luckily we have a few more games I guess but they aren’t against top sides.

  65. Joe

    I love how the line changes for akbs like Wallace and Keyser and Daz

    Fuck on field Progress. We bought ozil and shanchez. Fuck on field progress our medical team is so much better this season.

    We should be happy with a draw and parking the bus and not come out guns blazing

    Jose does it to win the title and he’s a boring cunt

    You lot are so hypercritical it’s beyond words.

    We progress and buy ozil and Sanchez yet our point totals are down. Hmmmmmm. What hasn’t changed. Wenger.

    Fuck off with wenger when he leaves. You deserve each other.

  66. Keyser

    Lol if it hasn’t happened in a decade, the why is it soo relevant, you remember the 8-2 because we were annihilated, there’s plenty of first halves this year or last where we played it safe the first half.

    As a stat it’s pointless, unless you want to analyse it further, and actually draw conclusions, even then you’d be struggling.

    Seriously this is more depressing than your lack of tactical knowledge.

  67. Joe

    Progress. We didn’t lose 8-2.

    Can’t wait until Sunderland when we beat another bottom of the table team and Keyser and jai. Res can be buzzing after. Another bug win.


  68. Keyser

    Joe – Last year we had no World Cup, this year half our squad was at one.

    Ozil, Ospina, Koscileny, Giroud, Debuchy, Ox, have all suffered injuries, do you think that’s a co-incidence ?

    How did we park the bus ? You mean before we conceded ?

  69. Keyser

    You’re guessing again.

    You’re basically saying one first half stacks against a season of form.

    This is a new Le Grove low point, obviously from the middle Earth massive, while you’re not a nutter like Dial or Joe, this is as sad as it gets for me here.

  70. Bamford10


    You are right to be frustrated and you are right that the first half was pathetic. We could barely even penetrate their final third. We were totally and completely overmatched.

    You ‘re struggling, however, with posters who refuse to see Arsenal objectively or critically. Why bother? I don’t get why you continually try to reason with demonstrably unreasonable people.

  71. Joe


    All top teams had the World Cup.

    This summer all the top teams won’t

    Next excuse.

    We didn’t come out and play. We didn’t go at them. We water shit. We parked thee bus. Against the worst Man U team in decades.

    Yet Jose comes and does the same thing and he’s a boring cunt

    He won the league with the second most goals scored.

    We play boring tippy tappy football that even Swansea know how to beat twice I’m a season.

    I know who I’d rather have as my manager.

    But hey we progressed. Look who we’ve bought last two summers

    That’s what matters.

  72. Keyser

    Bamford10 – So you agree with Midwest, that one half of football stacks against a season.

    New low point people.

    How’s the betting going ? Do you still think teams are humming ahead of us ?

  73. daz

    Joe dirt can you explain what the fuck this means?
    ” Keyser and jai. Res can be buzzing after. Another bug win.”

  74. Keyser

    Joe – Yeah, Morini had nothing to lose, his teams 10 points clear, he plays the same game regardless.

    We were poor, Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez kept losing the ball, and we struggled to adjust we did after half-time.

    I’d rather have had Abramovich, better still I’d rather he never came over.

  75. Joe

    You and Keyser et all will be buzzing after another big win

    Is that all you have you cunt

    My I phone typos

    I spell cunt properly. That’s for sure

    Stick it spelling you cunt Daz. You know that a lot better than you know football

  76. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    No I’m saying the overall performance was not an indicator of substantial progress as it’s the last top team we play this year.., its relevant because both teams still had something to play for. The first half is just indicative of the whole performance, really. Top performers were ineffectual. Giroud, Sanchez, Ramsey, Santi.

  77. Bamford10

    A season of form? What a crock of shit. We’ve been mediocre all year, save against weaker competition.

    The first half today was shameful. Ozil looked like he was going to cry at one point, so frustrated he was with our helplessness.

    And the only reason we beat them in the FA at OT was Valencia gifting us the game. They dominated that game as well.

    3-1 to Monaco? 3-3 to Anderlecht? 2-1 loss to Spurs?

    A season of form? More like a decent run of results against weaker competition. We’re still woefully under-qualified against better teams.

  78. Joe

    Did you not watch Chelsea the first half of the season. They played the football wenger thinks he plays.

    They played much better football in the first half of the season than we have in years. They won the title then and shut up shop

    Wish we had ten same choice.

    Wenger shut up shop to get 3rd place and to beat man city away and you thought it was genius.

  79. Joe

    Our squad is improved but our mental strength and tactics are just as weak because of wenger

    We will not truly progress where it matters and the only place it matters, on the field with wenger I’m charge.

  80. Bamford10

    And I love Keyser citing that we were missing Ox & Welbeck. They were missing Rooney and Carrick, far better players than our two.

    Welbeck is a United reject. Despite talent, he is often totally ineffectual. As he was in the first meeting (aside from Valencia’s gifting him a goal). And Ox, while I love him, is inconsistent and only occasionally a difference-maker.

    Simply no question they were missing more from their first XI than we were. No question.

  81. Joe

    Fuck Daz. You really are clueless

    Think I give a fuck about a fat bald wanker who lives at home and get blowjobs from his daddy.

    Give it up bro. You are a cunt

  82. Keyser

    Midwest – Lol substantial progress, that’s the thing you’re not going to see it, and if you do it’ll be more of an anomaly, and No that’s not about ambition or whatever rubbish you can think of.

    It’s because of the way the league is set-up and teams rely on overwhelming others to the point of domination.

    So you look deeper, you look at what’s improved or what we can use more efficiently.

    We needed a draw, we had the worst first half for supposedly a decade, we went a goal down and drew, I’ll take the first half as an anomaly, you’re saying what ?

    Seriously for once explain why it’s relevant, I’ll even give you my version if you want.

  83. SpanishDave

    Been away forr a few hours, looking at the coments ,its clear we are stagnant as a club. Wenger is a drag on the club he simply will not make a leap forward. He is afraid of taking any risks, he lack confidence.
    His paymaster expects the yearly profits so he will not overstep the mark.
    We cannot progress until he goes, and with Wenger making it appear we are makjng progress, Stan will keep him on. Wengers going nowhere its always next year, so he keeps his 8 mil.
    Mr McCawber.

  84. Joe

    Missing wellbeck. A striker who doesn’t score. We were not missing him. What were we missing? His tracking back? His runnkmn hard all over the pitch?

    Ox is good but I think fondness of the oz has grown since his injury

  85. Keyser

    Bamford10 – Lol you did say they’d finish above us didn’t you, and I think you even said ‘Comfortably’.

    ‘Van Gaal has them humming.’

    You cretin of course they’re missing players, they spent 200 million, they can’t play them all, it was mental seeing them cut to Di Maria sitting next to Valdez.

    No Europe, Knocked out of the FA Cup by yours truly, knocked out of the Carling Cup by Afobe, and still Bamford can’t see how hypocritical he’s being.

  86. Joe

    An anomaly???? Have you not watched us the last 10 seasons?

    It wasn’t even anomaly for the last 7 days. It’s par for the course for top 10 teams.

    I would say us coming back to draw was the anomaly

  87. Joe

    Man united have won the CL twice in the last 10 seasons. Countless PLs, fa and league trophies.
    They have one year out of the CL
    And you are trying to compare out successes to them

    I think they are allowed an off season or two. Trust me they won’t have 10 going on 11

  88. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Ummm I did. We had our best starting 11 core of next years squad and we couldn’t manage not even a shot against the stout line of Jones,Smalling,Rojo, and Valencia and that amazing defensive mid Blind.

    Not exactly a stout group known for clean sheets.

  89. Dissenter

    Trying to use the absence of Oxlade and Wellbeck to explain our offensive bluntness is rather lame, so typical of Keyser.
    Wellbeck was rejected at United and frankly, they don’t need him. He’s not good enough for them and sorry to say, Arśenal.
    Oxlade, flatters to deceive, I will be kind and hold off any comments until he plays put a full season without injuries.

  90. Keyser

    Dissenter – I thought you were done with me, Lol.

    It’s more the pace, directness, and their ability to run with the ball, Ox at least, would’ve provided another outlet as opposed to Sanchez.

    Anything else ?

  91. Bamford10

    Despite our not having a single shot in the first half and United having like eight and scoring a goal, a poster like Dissenter tells us that it was an evenly played match “throughout”.


    This is what the Guardian blogger had to say at halftime:

    “Some stern words to be had in the visitors’ changing room. Arsenal have barely threatened, and United are finding overloads all over the pitch.”

    I guess he saw it differently, Dissenter, as did every person with eyes and a brain.

    And while we played better in the second half, esp. in the final 15 minutes, they still finished with 12 shots to our 5. 12-5. That’s lopsided.

    To claim that this was an evenly played match is just absurd.

  92. daz

    Nah Joe dirt, I’ve actually been busy trying to work out what you meant by

    “His runnkmn hard all over the pitch?”

    Is that some sort of sex thing I’ve not heard of?

  93. Keyser

    Joe – They have the best team/squad in the league, they should be crushing teams until the end, they were 10 points clear when they came to the Emirates.

    They had a team good enough to win the Champions League, and what happened ? Why did they start creaking why did Morini revert back to his shitty defensive football, what the fuck happened to the Chelsea of the first half of the season ?

  94. tunnygriffboy

    We were very cautious first half when both teams pressed each other. Was very scrappy. We were much better second half

    Have to say we looked much more threatening when Ramsey and Wilshire went to midfield. More mobility and Wilshere dribbles drawing people towards him creating space for others. Santi had a mare bless him and should have been subbed sooner. We have to get a passing defensive mid though

    Take the point, job done to avoid that play off. Beat Sunderland on Wednesday then give boys a rest v West Brom.

  95. Bamford10

    More gibberish from Keyser. Rooney and Carrick were out with injury, clown, not because they were passed over for other, better players.

    And my views are:

    – United are stronger than we are and were the stronger team today
    – United were missing more quality from their XI today than we were

    Nothing hypocritical there at all.

    Yes, I thought they would win today. In truth they should have. And yes, I thought they’d finish above us. Shit happens.

    Doesn’t change the fact that they’re the stronger team. Nor does it change the fact that they’ll likely have a better summer window than we will.

  96. Joe


    We had the best team in Europe with the invincibles

    Why didn’t we win it?

    Chelsea only have the best team in England not even 3 or 4th best in Europe

    I’ll tell you why. Because wenger is our manager. .

  97. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    The why doesnt matter really. What matters is if this team can get better by next season based on the evidence of this match. I’m leaning to no….

    My why is because we need a genuine goal scoring threat(pace to utilize space on the wing as well as score) on the other wing as well as a box to box with energy and passing range who has more shooting range then Santi as well as a CF with more to offer then Giroud.

    But you tell me why creating no shots is progress. Obviously, us idiots need your tactical genius to sort it out. Ok lads … today I want you to try not to shoot or run in behind those slow lumbering bastards. We will get them in the final 15 minutes when Dea Gea gets injured.

  98. daz

    Oh my god I have seen it all now

    “I thought they’d finish above us. Shit happens.”

    Shit happens shit happens don’t hide your disappointment bamford fuck me could anyone be more down about the fact we will finish above utd I know we won’t get anything for it but damn, well I will be collecting my tenner from my mate and laughing in his face for a while 🙂

  99. Keyser

    midwest – The WHY is all that matters. How can you watch soo much football, write soo much on here and be able to say soo little.

    “My why is because we need a genuine goal scoring threat(pace to utilize space on the wing as well as score) on the other wing as well as a box to box with energy and passing range who has more shooting range then Santi as well as a CF with more to offer then Giroud.”

    Now relate it to the game.

    You miss the point, you’ve venturing into Bamford’s World of bullshit.

  100. Keyser

    Joe – Yeah, we had a team, not a squad, Morini has literally everything he could need.

    Remember that goal against Leicester, 34 year old Bergkamp passing to Vieira ? Why the fuck did Morini revert to his bullshit, why didn’t they beat Bradford, how the fuck did they fuck it up against PSG ?

    If we have no excuses, the Morini should be winning the Quadruple every year, wtf happened Joeseph ? Why does he play such shit football with soo much talent ?

  101. Bamford10


    The “shit” there was my being wrong, not United finishing fourth. I couldn’t care less where those pricks finish.

    The “shit happening” also refers to the fact that the stronger team does not always win the game nor finish above the other in the table.

    I’m of the view they’re a stronger side than we are. You’re entitled to your own view. Cheers.

  102. MidwestGun

    How can you watch soo much football, write soo much on here and be able to say soo little.
    Exactly my thoughts on you Big man. You just ask ambiguous questions and call everyone idiots when they don’t understand your pompous bullshit which conterdicts itself usually.

    So… you tell me Keyser, why no shots? We were worried about Fellaini and Falcao?
    There is a saying….. a turtle makes no progress until it sticks it’s neck out.

  103. Redtruth

    We know Arsenal won’t win the Premier League, Champions League or FA Cup next season but it still won’t stop Wenger from saying “I believe in the solidity and quality of this team” ha ha lol lol

  104. Keyser

    “a turtle makes no progress until it sticks it’s neck out.”

    Then stick your wrinkly neck out, and relate the paragraph I quoted to the game, seriously you’re quite close, it’ll be the first coherent argument you’ve made on here, but you’re close.

    Why No shots and why was it relevant to our season.

  105. daz

    “The “shit happening” also refers to the fact that the stronger team does not always win the game nor finish above the other in the table.”

    So your saying the strongest team doesn’t always win the league?

  106. Joe


    He wind titles. And Chelsea played great football for a lot of this season.

    We play boring tippy tappy football and win nothing.

    I’d rather have Jose. Play great football then shut up shop when needed.

    What do you think people will remember.

    Jose winning titles with so called boring football

    Or wengers trophy drought playing boring tippy tappy football.

    Professional sports is about winning.

    We are playing boring football and winning nothing

    Your arguments are useless

  107. MidwestGun

    Hahaha your one of a kind Keyser. ……. at least we are on the same side in theory …. you should take your talents to South Beach. .. so to speak like LeBron and come on down to the pub with me…. there are plenty of Mancs and Chelscum that would love to hear your tactical acumen.

    You got your wish for the same side for an extended period to develop that fluency and efficency you wanted and we are still struggling. Perhaps minimal progress…….. need better players. Get over it. I’m sure those players are thinking if only we had preseason we could manage a shot on goal.

  108. Keyser

    Bamford10 – Where’s your faith ? We could still lose our last two games ?

    There’s no reason to think they’re better other than their potential on paper.

    They doubled our spending, they’ve played 16 games less, No Europe, No domestic Cups.

    Yet you think they’re better, and yet you expect what from us ?

  109. daz

    Redtruth don’t confuse cup games with the league, arsenal weren’t stronger than utd in 99 otherwise they would have won the league

  110. Keyser

    Midwest – Thats why you’re a idiot, fuckwits like Dissenter should pay attention.

    You had the chance to use your trophy winning accumen, and a paragraph of yours I actually quoted as a clue to explain your thoughts instead you post two paragraphs of your usual bullshit.

  111. Keyser

    Joe – You plum, you think we should be winning titles, that they should be guaranteed.

    Well then wtf should Morini guarantee ? He’s got the better team/squad, Academy, 30 players on loan.

    If you think Wenger should be winning titles, then why the fuck are you creaming yourself over Morini, achieving the bare minimum.

  112. Relieable sauce

    Mo has built a team to challenge for trophies in 12 months & the chavs are now running at a profit.
    11 years since an EPL title & Wenger is still experimenting & we’ve got Ramsey back on the wing & TW upfront.
    Nice work if you can get it.

  113. Redtruth

    Arsenal blundered twice that season to allow Utd to claim the title.
    Bergkamp’s penalty miss and Vivas mistake against Leeds which were both preventable

  114. Joe

    Fucken he’ll Keyser.

    Go yo bed. You spin the same shit day in day out

    We don’t even compete with wenger.

    It’s like talking to a dumb dog abc wondering why he doesn’t understand you

    For the last Fucken time

    Wenger DOES not get the most his squad.

    Say what you want of Jose. He won the double this season.

    CL. They probably are not even in the top 5 of Europe teams

    Double you thick wanker

    He won the Fucken double.

  115. Joe

    No one is guaranteed anything. So Jose winning the double is an achievement you mug.

    We don’t even compete.