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“Sometimes I think: ‘What does he do all day?’

That’s Arsene talking about retirement and referencing Alex Ferguson. I hope that doesn’t mean he’s planning on extending his contract. But, it probably does. I’ll crack into that at another time.

Today, it’s all about the big one. Manchester United away. I think the story is about both teams and how far they have to go to challenge Chelsea next season. Wenger thinks we can challenge next year…

“We have that feeling in the squad,” “But I understand that it is still a question. We are far behind Chelsea. We are in a pack with Man City and Man United, but then you go into the uncertainty, how strong will they be next season? Nobody knows that.”

“But I understand that it is still a question. We are far behind Chelsea. We are in a pack with Man City and Man United, but then you go into the uncertainty, how strong will they be next season? Nobody knows that.”

I think what we know is that United will spend whatever they need to spend to get back to the top. Rumours that they’re going to buy Paul Pogba are strong. That would be a worrying addition.

Arsenal are ahead of United squad wise and I think we’re ahead of them as a team. We need to prove it though. Because next season is going to be far more competitive. I think we missed a good chance this year to catch the pack. What we can’t do is expect others to regress next year.

“Who doesn’t want a good spine? But to know each other, to play together at the back, in the middle, in the heart of the game, is important as well. To add to the extremes, it is sometimes less risky but to add to where the heart of the team is, playing together for a long time is very important.

“We just spoke about Chelsea. They have a stable defence for two or three years now and they conceded less goals than the other teams. You feel the strength of the teams when you play against them. It will be tight next season. Liverpool will respond as well.”

Comments like the above indicate we’re not going to go wild this summer. But with a raft of players heading for the exit door, it’s hard not to see how we can avoid bringing in a few names. I think we have a good base to work from. We can streamline some of the squad deadwood and churn that money back into key positions.

This summer has to be progression. I just hope we’ve learned our lessons of summers past.

The game today is important. 3 points pretty much clears the way for a top 3 finish… and it’ll mean we avoid the indignity of a qualifier.

As I said yesterday, I think this is going to be interesting tactically. We have players out of form and we’re not looking good for pace. I’m looking forward to seeing what the manager has to go with later!

Right, enjoy the game.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Bamford10

    I’ll add you to my wager, then, Rosicky, as I wagered three weeks back that United would win this match. Of course I figured Rooney and Carrick would be in the lineup, but I’ll hold to my word.

    Only Ozy and Drey took me up on this bet; everyone else, I guess, agreed with me that United were a better bet.

    Without Rooney & Carrick, I’m thinking this will be a draw — and possibly a rather dull one. We will see.

  2. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Wenger’s competency as a top flight manager will be brought into serious question, yet again. Count on it – but it won’t be because of him, of that he will most certainly let everyone know.

  3. Bamford10

    If Wenger is publicly saying that we’re “far behind” Chelsea — hard to know if this is precisely what he was saying (was he saying this is the “question”?) — that is a good thing. If we’re far behind, then surely we need to do a few things this summer to catch up.

  4. Bamford10

    Looks like Everton may beat us to Virgil Van Dijk. Personally think he’s better than either Paulista or Chambers, but they’ll probably do just fine.

  5. qna

    Bamford: Yeah, while Bale is obviously a very good player, I don’t think he makes sense for us at all, especially if Giroud remains our CF.


    Bamford. You dont think that would work? I dont see why not. Of course Giroud would be the weakness in that front 3, but given his age, we could look to buy a CF next summer.

    Bale is made for the PL as well. I think he would be really motivated to do well and prove a point after the way he was treated by Madrid. I keep harping on about us following Chelsea and City and only having 2 or 3 top top British players in our squad in order to compete with them. Bale fits this description as well. He could be a future captain of our club. And at 25 he is coming into his peak years now. Of course Pogba would be the sexier signing, but I think its a 3 or 4 way battle for Bale and our circumstances are pretty good as he fills exactly the position we need with Welbeck and Walcott firing blanks.

  6. MadeToLoveMagic

    Thanks for the post Pedro…

    part of me thinks if we batter united today then wenger will see that as a justification to not sign players, but as pedro stated, we will have many outgoings, so theoretically there will be room in the squad anyway.

    I think we are need Rues and Vidal,, yes please.

  7. Rich

    Add Cech, Schneiderlin and Bale and we’re good to go, three players who need minimum adaption period, all know the language and the league and are in positions we need improvement in.
    You can argue all day about Bale messing up our pay structure, but if we don’t do it someone else will, I see him as a potential striker!

  8. Highbury4ever

    SAF Himself, before the game, in the dressing room of the players :
    “Listen to me very carefully, bunch of suckers. If you make the mistake to lose twice against those cunts, in the same season, and in our home, I swear to God that you will regret it.”

    That’s why we won’t win this afternoon.

  9. Highbury4ever

    @Rich : so now Bale is coming to Arsenal ???
    More and more ridiculous the speculations around here… lol

  10. Highbury4ever

    “I just hope we’ve learned our lessons of summers past.”
    Of course!! We always do!! (lol ?)

  11. Bamford10


    One, your front three there are three completely different types of players, two of whom (Sanchez* and Bale) don’t play in combination with others as well as an Arsenal player should. You’re essentially recommending that we wear three different colors of socks, something I do not recommend. A team must be coherent and built around similar types/styles of players. And an Arsenal team must be built around players who play well in combination.

    Two, as talented and explosive as Bale is, I don’t think he is clever enough to play well in our system. Just not an Arsenal-style player.

    Three, Bale would be far, far, far too expensive and is likely going nowhere. Arsenal are not spending upwards of 65m on any single player, and certainly not on Gareth Bale.

    Again, you need to ditch ideas that are in no way shape or form realistic. They’re just not interesting to discuss.

    * Obviously Sanchez has made up for this with individual brilliance, but we don’t need another such player. We need more chemistry, not less. (Though we do need pace and dribbling as well.)

  12. Rich

    I didn’t say we would sign him?
    I was saying we should at least attempt it, if Arsene believes we can convince him? And if his impact would warrant his wages eclypsing both Alexis’s and Ozil’s?
    I don’t see him moving anywhere else but the PL, and regardless of what the club feed the telegraph as our war-chest, we’re one of the few clubs who could finance such a deal

  13. Insomnia

    Right my last two predictions were:

    Hull 1 – 23 arsenal
    Arsenal 11 – 1 Swansea

    Pretty impressive as I got both opposing scores right – splendiferous!

    So for today:
    Man Utd 2 – 8 arsenal
    Ozil assists 5 goals and scores 3

  14. Marko

    Only Ozy and Drey took me up on this bet; everyone else, I guess, agreed with me that United were a better bet.

    Or people just didn’t notice your comment. I bet you see silence as proof of God’s existence too. And totally disagree about Van Dijk being better than Gabriel. We shouldn’t touch any player from Scotland. Besides no defender is coming unless Merte leaves or we just had to move for someone like Kurzawa

  15. MadeToLoveMagic

    pretty sure i could guess at what wenger does all day,

    He starts the day by drinking magic mushroom tea, then spends the next 3 hours watching the trees smiling at him and listening to their wisdom on life. Then he has lunch which consists of a bowl of brown rice topped with a hearty portion of righteous indignation. As this meal brings him down from his morning trip he makes his way to training and talks to the players about Spinoza and mathematical patterns in nature for a while , he then administers green potions to the squad and goes home for a 6 hour nightly montage of all the latest french and african league action. rinse, repeat

  16. qna

    H4E: @Rich : so now Bale is coming to Arsenal ???
    More and more ridiculous the speculations around here… lol

    It is not even speculation, its a wish list. Our suggestion as to what the team should do. Do you not ever make suggestions like who to play, or who we should buy?

    And what exactly is so ridiculous about buying Bale? I take it you are talking finances and not whether the player is good enough? We could release/sell Podolski and sell Walcott. That would cover his wages and 1/3 of his fee. Its more than possible. Its a joke how lacking in ambition some fans are. I bet you lol’ed and rotfl’ed when Ozil was first mentioned too.

  17. Insomnia

    Bale would be a great signing but I really can’t understand what he is saying because of they mask he wears…

  18. Bamford10


    Nah, I’m an atheist. 😉

    And people were livid with me the day I proposed said wager: no chance they missed it. Indeed, seven or eight other guys took me up on my wager re the league — i.e., I said United would pip us — but these same folks didn’t want the Old Trafford match wager.

    Thus it is perfectly reasonable to conclude that these guys didn’t want to bet on Arsenal winning again at OT.

  19. Arsene's Nurse

    @Bamford – we could pay cash up front for Bale even if he cost £100m no problem. Too expensive is only a mindset.

    You could argue whether it’s value for money, but he is someone we could easily afford and still buy another 3 players this summer.

  20. Rich

    The only reasons we shouldn’t be buying Bale.
    1.Madrid don’t put him on the market.
    2.We decide it’s not financially viable to compete with Utd.
    3.Arsene thinks his talent doesn’t warrant destabilising our current wage structure.

    Me personally, I think he could play as a striker and kick us on to win the league.
    The only chance you can’t afford to take.. Is to not take any!

  21. qna

    Bamford. I dont know why a talent like Bale wouldnt be able to play our system. I understand your concern in general, but dont think it applies to Bale. Also, its not true that Sanchez and Giroud are “different coloured socks” since they have what 50 goals between them in all comps this season? I am not exactly sure who you picture playing in that role that was occupied by Welbeck and now Ramsey, but I dont agree that Bale could do it much much better than both of these players.

    I also dont agree that he is not clever enough. He is as good a British player as you get really and is more suited to the British game than a lot of other top wingers that you could try to bring here. He would also add a lot to the team defensively. He was initially a right back after all. I agree with you on price.

    We have not yet spent anything close to 65m, but we hadnt spent anything close to 43m before 2 years ago. But I agree, it is huge speculation to say that we will start spending those big sums on players. United will not hesitate to buy him if they need him, but they dont actually need him, they need to replace RVP and Falcao and especially after having bought Depay their one position that they dont need is really that winger position. City may decide to buy him and if so, then it will be hard to compete, but if they decide their priorities lie elsewhere then they can’t afford him with their current FFP issues. Chelsea can afford him. So it boils down to whether Mourinho rates him, or if he wants to put faith in this squad that he has now established. I think it will be a matter of whether any of the three big clubs actually want him and the answer this summer may be no.

  22. qna

    Marko: Of course we’re not going to sign Bale. I’d still argue Reus is better and would be cheaper.

    I would agree with you. But I dont see him moving this summer. Dortmund will probably sell three or four players who want to leave – like Gundagon, Hummels, Aubameyang and Mikthriyan. They will not be forced into the sale of Reus since he only just re-signed this year. Last summer was the time to go in and offer them a deal that turned their head. Window of opportunity closed. Plus I think that he will wait until Madrid or Barca come calling in my opinion. I wouldnt be surprised if the PL is not very attractive at the moment. The PL is very close to losing its 4th CL spot to Italy and is already a long way behind Germany and Spain.

  23. YoungMurphy

    I feel good about today because ARSENAL KILLER Wayne Rooney isn’t playing. Think Le coq will handle the Belgian bean pole Fellaini as he did in the cup semi.

    Shame Welbz isnt around as we’ll miss his pace but with our midfield and especially Rambo out wide we’ll hold the ball well.

    I only ask that the team take advantage of their chances when they come. Yes De Gea is good but make him earn it. None of this shooting straight at the keeper nonsense.

    Let’s get it

  24. Al

    Would love Bale and more than likely would be that world class player in the attacking third that would push us to win the title Through his ability, the fear he would strike in opposition and the boost/ belief he would give the club

    Just think we still have that “make do” attitude within the management and board that will see him to much a luxury and expense when they could get someone half the price and has the “potential” to have the same impact. ..

  25. roaaary

    Not sure about others but i read wengers comment as he is aware we need a stronger spine.

    Id take that as a positive.

    Obviously he surroundd it with the usual we wont sign many malarky

  26. kwik fit

    Cech ’99 per cent’ sure he’ll be an Arsenal player next season get in you little beauty!!!

  27. Bermy boy

    This is Arsenals very last chance to beat Manpoopoo at home because the Dutchman will buy like a mofo for next season.We can field a more complete first team than they,alas we still act like deer inna de headlights when we play them away.

  28. qna

    roaaary, I read it as it was too risky for him to mess with anything that kind of works. Unless its horribly broken, dont fix it.

  29. gonsterous

    Where have these bale stories come from ? Real are never gonna sell him.. he’s the second ronaldo for them.. younger and just as effective !! The stats don’t lie but the fans of the bernebau are not easy to please !!!

  30. kwik fit


    Daily star have quoted Cech saying that he’s ’99 per cent’ sure he’ll be an Arsenal player next season. I’m a believer in the quality of the journalists down at the star , so that will do for me.

  31. qna

    gonsterous. They havent come from anywhere. We wont be buying him. Keep your hat on. But I dont agree with you that they wont sell him. Have you seen the abuse he keeps getting from the fans. They wait for him in the car park to call him Cabron and other insults. I am sure not speaking Spanish helps him a little, but I think the whistles and jeers from the crown are universal language. They got rid of Ozil and then Di Maria, who had similarly done nothing wrong. The club is run by politicians who stay in power by appeasing the fans. I dont think Bale is accomplishing this.

  32. kwik fit

    Fabianski has gone from saving everthing at Arsenal to saving nothing against city Nice one Fab. Why does that not surprise me

  33. Marc

    I think I started the Bale thing – I commented on a link Bamford put up on yesterdays post earlier on about us letting 8 or so players leave with a footnotethat this will allows us to go for Cavani and Pogba. It was a throw away comment that was half wish list half sarcasm as I can’t see us getting either of the other two.

    Chill people – personally I think the Bale stories are the press trying to wish something into existence. They love sucking on ManU’s cock.

  34. Marko

    qna sorry I didn’t see your comment but mate you think Reus will want to stay another season if he sees Gundogen, Hummels and others leave? No way. Thatnew deal anyway was more to get rid of his 20 million release clause let’s be honest. About 35-42 million would be enough to nab him

  35. DaleDaGooner

    So where is the Swansea that beat us? Look at them rolling over for City….Fabianski isn’t saving them now….pffft 3rd it is then.
    We need better striker, Aguero just makes it easy….oh and the Ramsey and Wilshere show needs not be prime time in games we need to win

  36. Marko

    It’s also not the same set up. They’re actually playing a striker today and showing occasional attacking intent and not 11 men behind the ball

  37. gunnergetyou

    “So this is how terrible Swansea are when they don’t Park the bus? I knew it was all a fluke”

    Yeah right. So how do you explain them doing the double against us?

    It was no fluke, it was same old same old.

  38. Marc

    People seem to be re writing history regarding the Swansea match, we weren’t turned over 3 / 4 nil. We dominated the game and got sucker punched on the break. If one of our attempts early in the 2nd half had gone in i.e. a deflection like Toure’s it would have been a different result.

  39. Marc

    We need to give Bellerin protection today as I can see Fellaini and Young doubling up on him. He also needs to be careful around Young aka Divey McDive, the ref in the cup game got it spot on today we’ve got Mike Dean.

    I might not watch it come to think about it.

  40. gunnergetyou

    “It’s also not the same set up. They’re actually playing a striker today and showing occasional attacking intent and not 11 men behind the ball”

    This is not completely true. They played this same formation for the whole of the 2nd half where the game was alot more open, but unlike City we just didn’t have the quality to punish them.

  41. kassim

    If Wenger plays his possession soccer and intricate passes,Arsenal will lose.
    I don’t know why Arsenal take so long to shoot compared to other teams.
    And with the cf in 2 weeks ,don’t expect AV to roll over.I believe TS will play defensive and hit on the break because Wenger is too obsessed with
    possession and attack.

  42. daz

    City struggled to break down Burnley earlier in the season aguero missed some easy chances it happens get over it

  43. SpanishDave

    Wenger says we are far behind Chelsea, so what will he do. Give a new contract to Lionel Walcott, yeh that will frighten them.
    The mans a joke nowadays..

  44. daz

    Swansea back in it, its only a matter of time before city BEND OVER lol lol lol lol redtruth lol lol lol lol

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Would like to go with a bit more pace today, not a fan of that CM out wide thing, but if Welbeck isn’t fit to play very likely the team will remain unchanged today.

    Important that Ramsey gets back and helps Bellerin and that Coquelin is alert to that cross field lob to Fellaini who will try to nod it down into the box.

    In the FA Cup they played that a good 5-6 times, we didn’t learn and then they equalised off of it. Must shut that down today.

    United are far from spectacular, if we’re solid, and don’t waste our chances when they come we should turn this lot over.

    Bellerin, Mert, Kozz, Monreal
    Coquelin, Cazorla
    Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez

    That’s my prediction, unchanged. Would have liked Welbeck fit, have a more solid centre and then Welbeck and Sanchez providing pace wide but, got to deal with what you’ve got.

  46. Sukky

    Bradford 10,
    When you wrote about United finishing above us and beating us at old Trafford, I didn’t reply because a guy said you have already said Liverpool is a better team than us before we blattered them. I love ya ego but sometimes it’s mature to say ‘am wrong’.

  47. Thomas

    dazMay 17, 2015 13:30:44
    City struggled to break down Burnley earlier in the season aguero missed some easy chances it happens get over it


    Lol “it happens”. Typical akb loser mentality.

  48. Danish Gooner

    Seriously,i wouldnt spend 1 pound fifty on Bale.He is just as Rosicky very good when the rest plays to his tune but awful when it gets down hill,we need players to take games by the scruff of the neck when needed.

  49. Bamford10


    It’s “Bamford,” not “Bradford”.

    And I’m not averse to admitting when I get something wrong. I got Coquelin a bit wrong and, as you say, I thought Liverpool were beginning to look like a form team a month or so ago. Was wrong about that. These things happen.


  50. daz


    Nah just someone who lives in the real world, you need to take the dildo out your ass and come back down to earth

  51. Berg

    If Ramsay plays he won’t provide any protection to bellarin as will try and be Roy of the Rogers and try and get a goal to the detriment of the team

  52. Bamford10


    Nonsense, though he and I do agree on a number of things.

    You’re an echo-chamber, on the other hand, for all manner of ugly and backwards right-wing thought, e.g., misogyny, homophobia, etc. Vile language, vile thought.

    If Pedro paid closer attention at certain times, you’d undoubtedly already have been binned.

  53. Ben D

    Watching this game, am I the only one to whom it appears Swansea are finding playing Man City easier than they found playing Arsenal? Even their approach appears to suggest they were more worried about going toe to toe with the Arsenal than they are doing so against Man City….

  54. DaleDaGooner

    Well done Swans, City looks likely to get the winner though….would be nice if City losses.

  55. gunnergetyou

    Cracking game of football So far.

    The difference in our game is that Swansea are at home so they’re more more likely to go for it. Also the fact that City scored the first goal. And although Wenger accused Swansea of parking the bus, the game did open up in the 2nd half.

    Toure exposes Fabianski again Lol

  56. Danish Gooner

    Just know you are in a weak league when a player like Gomis can dominate,slow as a turtle but built like a brickhouse.

  57. gunnergetyou

    I like the way how the Wenger apologists are trying to use this result to justify Swansea doing the double against us.

    You should at least wait until the final whistle.

  58. Bamford10


    Not without Rooney and Carrick. But in general, is their existing best XI (if healthy) better than ours?

    Very close. Fine margins.

    I’d say our back four are stronger, though they have a much, much better keeper.

    Their central midfield (Carrick, Fellaini, Herrera, Mata) is probably equal to ours.

    And their front three is also probably equal to ours, given that Rooney is better than Giroud, but we’re better wide. If Di Maria were in form, however, he’d be equal to Sanchez, which would give them the edge.

    However, this is a very different question when one considers where each of us will be after the summer window. United have already signed Depay and will not be messing about. They will spend and improve.

    Will Wenger? Remains to be seen.

  59. Wenger Optimetrics

    Flapihanski back with a vengeance. Typical bad keeper from an ex Arsenal goalkeeper. AS has been said before keepers have the game of their lives against us. We need more variation in our game and learn to shoot at range.

  60. Ben D


    Assessing teams should be based on how they match each other’s play. Final scores are not the final evidence of whether teams are more equally matched or not. Fluke scores happen in football…Joe Hart has made world class saves, otherwise the results could be very different.

    And, why do some of you have to reduce every conversation to whether one supports or doesn’t support Wenger?

  61. Bamford10

    Looks like United will be:

    _________De Gea

  62. useroz

    What a hit from bony. That’s how strikers should strike, not at the keeper. Unlike what our forwards did at. Swansea.

    To befair, podolski, arshavin could do that too.

  63. Joe

    Now all that we’re saying…

    We lost at home to Swansea

    City just beat them away.

    Let’s hear all the excuses

  64. Bamford10

    10 goals in 18 starts for Bony. Not bad. And that last goal there scares me. That was REALLY nice.

  65. Redtruth

    The difference between winners and losers: Pellegrini takes off his main Midfielder for a Forward whereas as choker Wenger would replace a Forward for a Defender.

  66. Joe

    So again proof we bottle it as soon as there is pressure on us to win

    After happening year after year and now with players like ozil and Sanchez, the reason comes down to one man

  67. Honest Bill

    Keepers don’t have the game of their lives against us. We sometimes make it seem that way by being crap at shooting and fannying about in front of goal. Our players sometimes confuse each other more than the opposition.

    Commentators were wanking over Fabianski on monday but all our shots were right down his throat.

  68. gunnergetyou

    Ben D: Joe Hart has made world class saves, otherwise the results could be very different.

    These are the fine margins that make the difference at this level. If Joe Hart was in goal for us we probably don’t lose that game and it’s still in our hands to finish 2nd.

    You could also make the same argument for City’s clinical finishing.

  69. Ben D

    What excuses are you expecting and for what? @ Joe

    If you are suggesting that this result proves that City are way better a team, then you probably don’t even deserve a response. You can’t draw conclusions on just 2 games… Do you think there are any teams we beat that City failed to beat this season? What excuses do you have for those?

  70. Bamford10

    Robbie Earle thinks Falcao is still not 100%. Said he saw him run out on to the field and that he didn’t look quite right.

  71. Thomas

    gunnergetyouMay 17, 2015 14:07:38
    I like the way how the Wenger apologists are trying to use this result to justify Swansea doing the double against us. You should at least wait until the final whistle.


    Lol akbs desperately clutching for straws to excuse Wengers failings.

  72. Ben D

    Amazing how even when other teams play, the results show Wenger is crap…. It must hurt some of you when Arsenal is doing well…. Oh no, of course, when we do well, it’s in spite of Wenger!!!

  73. Ben D


    The table shows they are better, but not ‘way’ better. It’s a 6 point gap and we have two games in hand…. They have a better goal difference, so they have been slightly better than us so far….

    Do you disagree?

  74. Joe


    There is always an excuse.

    11. Seasons of it

    Swansea parked the bus, what was wenger to do??

    Why would a man who gets paid 8 m pounds a season know how change tactically when facing a team that supposedly parked the bus?

  75. Bamford10


    One, that’s assuming we win our two games in hand, no?

    Two, if you wanted critics to adjust their view of the Swansea loss if City struggled against Swansea, what say YOU about a 4-2 City win in Wales? Does your view of the Swansea loss change at all? Does the City win affect how close you think we are to them at all? Am curious.

  76. Marc


    Robbie Earl’s a piss poor pundit – He’s been rejected by terrestrial tv over here. While I’d like him to be right I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  77. Bamford10

    Ben D

    No, I don’t disagree. I think they are better than us — though not WAY better. Definitely better, though.

    And they’ll be spending this summer, no doubt.

    And if Bony keeps playing like that? Trouble.

  78. Joe


    Are we doing well?

    We are 14 points behind the champions.

    That’s your definition of doing well?

  79. Bamford10


    Maybe, though based on the comments on Le Grove re English pundits, sounds like they’re even worse than the American/NBC teams. 😉

  80. Ben D


    Even if we lose the 2 games in hand, that means after 37 games, they have 6 points more…. You feel that’s statistically significant difference that shows they are way better?

  81. TheBayingMob

    If we shank this today it will tell you everything you need to know about Wenger’s Arsenal. I expect 3 points, United have been pony this year. With Shity winning I think 2nd has gone but if we end up 4th then our 10 game renaissance will mean little imo

  82. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    A rejuvenated United will grumble us…

    Loss on Monday showed he needs to freshen up the team….

    So what’s he do ?

    Jack all

    Lazy incompetent management … Cue first sub 70’mins if injury don’t get there first .

  83. MadeToLoveMagic

    No Bamford, because you cant make sweeping assumptions based on one game.

    So what if city beat swansea away? We beat city away, so by your logic we are better than city but worse than swansea, but hang on city are better than Swansea, so how does that work? You need to be subjective… So the fact that city beat swansea away holds no baring on my opinion of arsenal. Football doesnt work that way.


    Its about the whole season and yes if we continue the great form of this year then we will finish above city, so i really dont get what you are trying to say….

  84. Marc


    We’ve got a couple of good ones but most of them range from awful to biased morons. Then there’s Michael Owen he’s almost enough to make me give up my season ticket and emigrate to a country where he doesn’t feature.