Tactical problems for Arsenal ahead of Sunday

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Happy Friday you absolute beauties.

It’s the weekend of the big game. Well, not yet, but it’s tomorrow.

Big questions over our ability to go to Old Trafford and secure 3 stunning points.

Big questions over our ability to bounce back from a poor result against Swansea.

Big questions over whether we can be amazing next season.

The team will be without Arteta, Debuchy, Chambo and sadly, no Danny WELBZ.

Not having Danny is only a problem in the sense that Giroud is not looking sharp at the moment. If he has another toothless performance, we’ll be in trouble up top.

A quiet Olivier is a quiet Arsenal really.

I’d imagine we’ll go up there with two DMs pinning the midfield. We’ll look to load the front line with as much pace as possible, trouble is, without Danny, we lose an edge… we also don’t have Chamberlain.

Will Wenger opt for Theo in the front line? Doubtful.

So it does leave us a little tactically exposed if we’re looking to replicate what we did last time.

I can’t imagine Wenger going too wild with his line up. So it does raise a planning issue. What can Wenger do to make sure the three points come our way? How will he play around United? How much of a surprise can we land?

Per reckons it’s all about midfield.

“I think most important are the duels in midfield, around Marouane Fellaini. Francis Coquelin did really well last time. I think that is a major part of their game so we need to try to control this.

“It’s not going to be easy. They obviously want to keep the ball as much as possible. Can we restrict it? Can we get the ball in their half and break? That is what we did last time and we did really well.”

It totally is going to be about how we deal with Fellaini. But I think for us, it’s going to about how we cut open the United backline. I’m confident we have enough in midfield to cause problems. Height is going to be an issue with Fellaini, and it’d be unfair to think Coquelin can deal with that. Hopefully there’s a special plan for the long ball.

I don’t think United have been very impressive this season. This is a good opportunity put them into 4th for good. It’s a good opportunity to finish the year on a high.

You’d hope this is a big one for the players. A good chance for the coach to see who can cut it next year. Can Ospina show he’s got it at the highest level? Can anyone make a stake for the captain’s armband? Can anyone put their hand up and become a hero?

Let’s see how it goes!

Catch you tomorrow.

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  1. Bankz


    I saw what you did there.
    We already have SANOGO who is head but not yet shoulders above everyone else.

  2. bennydevito

    Bamford10May 16, 2015 04:21:07
    PedroNot even a mention of yesterday’s piece and the resulting blood bath? Jesus, mate, take a little interest in your own blog.

    I must admit I was Aldo surprised there was no mention of Simone’s post and the ensuing shit storm it created.

    If Rooney isn’t playing that is a big plus for us. Let’s just hope RVP doesn’t have a renaissance against us tomorrow.

  3. bennydevito


    I didn’t get chance to reply to you the other day and your kind offer of any other help in meeting up for the Emirates cup weekend potential LG piss up.

    If I encounter any problems or need advice with hotels and local transport I’ll give you a shout. Thanks.

  4. Wallace


    “Will you find someone on the equivalent of £100k warming the bench at Atletico or Dortmund? I’d say No.”

    Podolski’s the exception, the one player on serious money who is obviously no longer part of Wenger’s plans.

    but you can’t really compare what we pay to what a side from another league pays their players. i posted a few weeks ago the average salary in Europe’s top leagues –

    1st England – 43, 000 pw
    2nd Germany – 28,000 pw
    3rd – Spain – 25,000 pw
    4th Italy – 23,000 pw

  5. MadeToLoveMagic

    think the wed fixture is harsh on us and sunderland

    We have to play Sunday then wednesday

    and they have to play today, us wednesday and chelsea sunday

    Just because he made it to the fa cup semi sunderland will have a fucked team against chavs