Double Ligue One raid on the cards?

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Hit the midweek feels like I’ve stolen a day. Sweet feeling.

Arsenal news is as usual, at a premium. The season nearly sewn up, much of the focus has centred around what we need next season. Thierry thinks we need a new spine, Gary Neville thinks we need to reinforce the spine and Phil Neville likes One Direction.

I think we need to bolster in certain areas. I think we’ll see a few leave this summer. Lukas, Campbell, Rosicky, possibly Arteta and Flamini. I reckon we’ll see Jenks and Theo move on.

We don’t seem to have a lot coming through the ranks, well, anytime soon. What happened to Zelalem? God like player. Will Toral become anything of note? Will Chuba get over his stint at Forest? ZERO goals and a lot of fan disdain. So many sad questions… as a great man once said,

‘Arsenal kids are best dealt with like farm animals, don’t name them, because it’ll make the process of the inevitable so much more painful.


Still fresh in the mind.

I guess what’s important here is that the senior players mentioned above are barely squad players. They’ve mostly all been ignored this season. We also have Jack and Chambo coming in on the regular, which would give us more options.

So basically, what we’d be doing is trimming wage fat more than anything else. A defensive midfielder is the big one for me. It’d be a tragic mistake to think Coquelin is enough for the year. I’d like to see an inside forward to add more unpredictability to the front line. Reus will surely be available and Sterling, despite Rodgers ‘I’m gonna keep him and lose him on a free’ statement’ will likely be available. You’ll also have the yearly player frenzy around Madrid and PSG.

Abdennour was excellent in the first leg against us. Looks a machine. Not sure who he’d replace. We have four centre backs? Fekir looks exciting as well. Also attracting interest from PSG.

There are plenty of options. The key to next season is a proper start. The second half of the season needs to be built on. More detail, more focus on the right sort of training and a bolstering of technical staff where we need them.

Interesting watching the Madrid game last night. A smart battle between two very good teams. Madrid edged out by a Carlos Tevez goal. Bayern vs Barca tonight, all eyes on a Barca side looking slightly incredible at the moment… and a Bayern side looking, well, a bit lost after two losses on the bounce.


Have fun. x

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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Somewhere in Madrid a tall man with an excessively long neck stops preening himself in front of the mirror and starts to sob quietly to himself

  2. gambon

    Can’t believe people don’t think Messi is the best ever.

    Miles ahead of players like Maradona

  3. karim

    Neuer pre-game
    ” I’ve shown Messi who was the boss in the WC final and I will try to do the same again ”
    Guardian translation or sheer arrogance ?

  4. MidwestGun

    Hahaha I could make a small fortune betting on the opposite of whatever Redtroll thinks. ……. it’s like clockwork. Rubbish a World class player, they
    score a hat-trick or a brace.

  5. El Tel 1

    Come on.

    Did you ever see Maradonna play?

    He started it all off for the Argies.

    He was sublime

    He played in an average team in Italy not the best team of all time.

  6. El Tel 1

    Not saying Messi is no good mind as he is my favorite player but comparing with Maradonna is not on.

  7. london gunner

    Messi 2 goals and an assist.. in a Semi final against one of the best teams in world football.

    Also neither goal was a tap in, in fact both were individual goals, one of particular sublime brilliance.

  8. gambon

    He is miles ahead of Maradona.

    The only reason Barca are the best club team of all time is Messi. It’s not like he was just a small part of that team, he is that team.

    Messi is Maradona with 50 goals per season, something Maradona couldn’t get anywhere near.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Bayern start with 3 at the back and ends up conceding a goal in the last minute going all out trying to snatch a goal back…

    Not Guardiola’s finest hour (and a half) tactically

  10. MidwestGun

    Barcelona have never faced seasoned pros like Bayern and it’s only a matter of time before they wilt.
    Hahaha ha ha ha haha ha.

  11. Willow Wilson

    Great game, that’s what we fans pay this stupid money for, to be entertained (take note Chelsea).

    Look how happy Messi is that Neymar scored. Compare his attitude to flashy Ronaldo, who only plays for himself. Messi is different class.

    All those idiots going on about ‘big’ players, Messi is not even 5′ 6″. I’ll have him over Henderson and Milner all day long!

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    @Radio Raheem

    Yes, but they were missing players and tactically they went a bit mental tonight

  13. Keyser

    Willow – (Favourite childhood film btw), I think I’d rather watch our game vs Chelsea, at least it was two teams almost toe-to-toe.

  14. Willow Wilson

    lol…! He does say some funny things, he’s a bit of a clown.

    Take a bow Lionel Messi, superb. Messi>Ronaldo, surely nobody doubts this.

  15. MidwestGun

    The deadly trio of Neymar, Suarez and Messi are terryfying Bayern with their lethal finishing. lol
    Lol indeed… then they score 3 goals in minutes. Hahaha. Comedy central.

  16. london gunner

    To be fair on Bayern you can really see how much they are hampered with out the pace and the width play of Robben and Ribbery.

    They looked slow on the counter and played far to narrowly.

    Muller and Lewandowski great players, but didn’t have that pace or explosiveness to stretch the Barca defensive for all their dedication and work rate.

  17. karaul

    always happy to see Guardiola unhappy¨

    messi is pure class. happy to be watching footbal in his time

  18. Thank you and goodnight


    I have to agree with El Tel1. No denying Messi is sensational, but in MY opinion Maradona was better. Plus the amount of shit he snorted throughout his career and he was still a million miles the best player on the planer in his era. Imagine how much more he would of been if he hadn’t abused his body throughout his career. But your entitled to your opinion and your not alone in thinking he’s the best ever. I think otherwise but I still love you oh mighty one 😀

  19. daz

    Maradona was before my time but as far as I’m aware the level of football these days just in terms of fitness alone is miles ahead of those days, most English teams would have a pint pre match and maradona would have a line of coke so messi gets my vote 🙂

  20. kwik fit


    I think you’ll find that Maradona had an addiction aka best, Hence Messi’s stats are much superior. The world never really seen the full potential of Maradona IMO

  21. Willow Wilson

    I know what you mean but I just love the incredible skill players like Messi exude. He really is worth the entrance fee alone. How he moves so quickly , while keeping the ball so close to his feet is unbelievable. I could watch him all day long.

  22. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    You almost had the score. Glad I didn’t have money on 2-0 tho, that last goal would have been upsetting. Cracking match, no offense to Juventus or RM but this is the final to me. Too bad Robben was missing.

  23. Thank you and goodnight

    All you lot crowing about Messi. Wait till sanogo comes back for us next year……then you’ll see a true superstar 😀

  24. Keyser

    Willow – I can’t stand the fanboy stuff afterwards, if it finishes 0-0, ‘ermaguurd Neuer’s the best keeper ever’, ‘ermaguurd Guardiola’s a tactical genius’, whoever scores is going to get it and these teams are soo far ahead of everyone else you’re almost pushed into these extremes.

  25. gambon

    Your Comment Herein think you need to remember that Bayern were in control of the game for 77 minutes, there just isn’t much you can do about the best player of all time.

    One thing is for sure and that is that we are miles off the level that we’ve seen tonight.

  26. Willow Wilson

    Yep nearly. Could have been 5-0 to be honest and Bayern couldn’t have complained. Messi v Ronaldo shootout in the final.?

  27. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    Not sure on all the details, but its over a dispute about the unfair distribution of tv rights.

    Government are playing hard ball and shutting down the league and copa del ray

  28. WengerEagle

    Yeah we’re nowhere near this level which is why it’s annoying hearing Gooners talking as if we can win the Champions League.

    Sanchez couldn’t get into this Barca team and he’s arguably our best player.

  29. Keyser

    Lol did you watch what Neuer did, you’ve got 5 Bayern players around Neymar, he passes to Bernat, and they all have to rush into position.

    You’ve struggled to create anything all game, why are you trying to pass out of pressure 20 yards from goal.

  30. gambon


    By the same token imagine if Maradona had been ask to play modern football, running 12km per game and sprinting 30 times.

    Put Messi in the World Cup 86 and it would be akin to Usain Bolt racing in the Olympics in Ancient Greece.

  31. Willow Wilson

    Sorry to disagree, Bayern weren’t in control for 77 minutes. But for Neur and some poor finishing, that would have been over at half time. There is no way Bayern were in control of that game.

  32. london gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    Sorry scrap that.

    Its federation on strike because of government interference supporting Real madrid and Barca’s monopoly over tv money.

    e Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has announced that all domestic football will be suspended as of May 16 in an argument over government interference in the league’s television rights.

    The dispute centres around a law passed last week which forced the RFEF to sell television rights for La Liga collectively. Currently, all clubs negotiate rights individually, a policy which hugely favours powers Barcelona and Real Madrid financially.

    The government approved the law on April 30, though it still needs to be approved by parliament. Under the proposed law, the RFEF would receive 4.55 percent of all revenue, a figure it considers inadequate.

    The federation said on Wednesday that the legislation “has not resolved any of the problems gravely affecting soccer.” As a result, the federation has called an “indefinite strike” that will “suspend all competitions in all categories” from May 16.

  33. Thank you and goodnight


    We’ll agree to disagree……but I still think sanogo will be better than both of them.

  34. Willow Wilson

    I agree regarding Messi and Maradona. I am a big Maradona fan but Messi for me edges it. however, Maradona did more for the Argentine National team than Messi and lots of people value that. Time has changed, it’s easier now with the pitches and the balls to be fair. So difficult to compare like for like.

  35. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Yes, but Bernat wasn’t really under pressure and tried to beat a man for no reason. He had the ball for plenty of time to not turn it over stupidly. Rewatch it.

  36. GS88

    I’m literally in tears as to how good that guy from Argentina is.

    He is beyond great.

    I’ve been watching football for nearly 30 years and I saw Ronaldo (Brazil) Zidane, van Basten, Gullit, Baggio, Ronaldinho and the end of Maradona’s career, but nothing like Lionel Messi. Nothing!

  37. Keyser

    Midwest – Why do you think Neuer played it out to begin with ? Why do you think Bernat doesn’t instantly hoof it up the touchline ? He’s looking for the next pass, as soon as he gets his head up he overhits the ball just a touch and he’s screwed.

    Watch the wide picture shot, when the balls goes out to Bernat, Bayern’s players who are gathered around Neymar have to rush into position.

    You can either say, ‘Ah well, even with Bayern’s dominance in their own league, players can make mistakes’ or people can start on the team Guardiola a new one campaign.

  38. Loyika

    @ Keyser

    Mate why are you surprised about people pushing the goal post depending on the scores/outcome of a game? That’s just how fickle Footie fans are. If it was Arsenal that pushed up like that after being 2 goals down!? Everyone would have hammered AW!! Pep is what he is, he will never play the “Jose” way, the same way “Jose” will never play like Pep. Football is about winning and losing and you take the bitter with the sweet.

    The key difference i think is that AW would have blamed the defeat on missing personnel which Pep choose not to do (However he sure will get another Medic sacked by morning)

    As for the Messi vs Dieago debate? Messi is a better baller than Maradona, however Maradona represents far more that whatever Messi can achieve and will always be seen as THE GREATEST!! Followed by Pele!! It’s like in France, no matter who comes up, Zidane will always be seen as The Best (maybe Platini comes close)

    Either way, unless Real do something in their tie at Home, i see Barca winning this Cup comfortably!! Only Real can stop them in one game!!

  39. Willow Wilson

    Watching Sky, that has to be the closest Jamie Carragher has ever got to Thierry Henry. I’m surprised he hasn’t fallen off the stall and ended up on his backside!

  40. Keyser

    Loyika – I’m surprised at the passivity, just like I’m surprised you typed that but left this in.

    “The key difference i think is that AW would have blamed the defeat on missing personnel which Pep choose not to do”

    All this shows is bias, and subjectivity.

  41. gambon

    International football is massively overrated when it comes to rating players.

    CL final stages is much higher level football.

    Players play 600-700 career games of which maybe 10-15% max is international football.

    If international football is so relevant then Miroslav Klose is a much better player than Henry, Messi or van Basten.

  42. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Not sure of your point exactly, Bernat was wide open then he tried to out dribble two players, it wasn’t a bad pass, he was dispossessed trying to move up the pitch. That’s on him not Neuer. You might say Neuer got beat to his near post. .. and shouldn’t, more of mistake to me, but Messi is hard to read.

  43. Lebgooner

    This result vindicates Maureen’s approach and philosophy. What’s the point of playing attacking football, a high line and a positive game all round away from if you end up 3 goals down?

  44. Emiratesstroller

    Tonight’s game was at a completely level to yesterday.

    Bayern are a very good team but in the final analysis Barcelona are on a completely different level with three of the best four forwards in world football including Messi whom I would assess is the finest footballer that I have ever seen.

    I have watched Puskas, Di Stefano, Pele, Best,Maradonna, Gert Muller, Kruyff and Ronaldo, but none can match the all-round game of this player.

  45. Loyika

    @ Keyser,

    I am not being biased!? Not saying that anything would be wrong in blaming injuries (afterall if you take the players BAYERN ha out it would be like taking out Messi, Xavi and Neymar from the Barca team) What i was alluding to is that AW would let his emotions get to him and if he is pushed in the Presser would say; “Look at my players missing”

    Pep on the other hand would hold his emotions in and then let rip indoors (thats why i joked that he might get another Medic fired by morn)

    Like i said, football is about winning and losing, if you win fair play to you, if you lose, you dust yourself off and prepare for the next game. There is always a tomorrow.

  46. Keyser

    Midwest – It’s a general point, and I’m almost sure you blamed Sczcesny for passing to Ramsey in the Cup Semi. You’re either told to do this consistently by the manager or you’re expected to see that your teams not in position and it’s pointless playing it out.

    Blaming Bernat ? Why are you absolving Neuer, Neuer still initiates it.

  47. karim

    You don’t face Messi every week so it’s ok as long as you don’t do it systematically, which Mourinho has done in the last third of the league, even against poor opposition.

  48. Loyika

    @ Lebgooner?

    Bayern ripped Barca to shreds 2 seasons ago and they didn’t play the Jose” way.

  49. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Because Bernat was dispossessed needlessly, he obviously thought he could surprise Barca while they were argueing, he might even have shouted to Neuer.

  50. Dan Ahern

    Injury trouble sort of forced Bayern into playing that way. They should’ve given it up after Messi’s two goals, but I think the initial approach wasn’t bad.

  51. Redtruth

    Internationally Messi is tepid because International football is on a different level to club football and he also doesn’t have the luxury of his Country dominating 70% possession like with Barcelona which is a huge advantage to him.

  52. Keyser

    Loyika – Guardiola’s not in the position to begin with, we’re nowhere near Bayerns starting position, they have easily the best squad in their league, so much so they let Shaquiri leave, and they’ve crushed competition in their league to.

    The Bundesliga has been over since about November, Guardiola’s supposed to be getting the next 5-10 % out of the side, he’s not scrambling around fighting for 4th.

    He’s already got the ‘blame the medic’ line in place, he clapped at him during the first leg with Porto, in front of the World’s tv cameras, his out is sorted.

  53. Loyika

    Maradona represents more than whatever Messi will achieve to the Footie establishment. As much as we feel the WC doesn’t matter, it does. That’s why Roger Milla will always be seen as Greater than Eto in Cameroon. Pele will always be seen as the greatest Brazilian export and so on. It’s sad but tha’ts the way it is.

  54. Lebgooner

    Karim, exactly my point, Pep used the wrong tactics especially his experiment in the opening 15 mins with 3 defenders at the back where things were totally out of control. Messi is a genius true, but Guardiola got it wrong tonight.

  55. Keyser

    Midwest – Lol Bernat the tactical genius had been shouting to Neuer all game ? Mate why are you soo keen to absolve Neuer, it’s either both their faults or Guardiola’s.

  56. Radio Raheem


    I take your points on Bayern missing players and the open way they set up tactically. Knowing this could they have set-up differently?

    I think the middle-of-the-road or ‘sensible’ answer to my question is to say “perhaps or it depends on what you are looking at”. In their league, Bayern have set records winning in it in record time, the ‘experts’ claim they are more flexible with opponents unable to second guess how they’ll play etc. Thus, there has been some ‘development’. However, in Europe they continue to underwhelm away from home and in the second successive season it looks like they may be kicked out after a hammering.

    With their near total domination of their domestic competition (although, they got kicked out by Dortmund in the German Cup recently) their true test is in Europe. Bayern may be more flexible, wrap up their league in double quick time but what is the point if they continue to flounder where it matters the most? You’d imagine that any manager that makes it up to Bayern would be very good to excellent so winning the domestic league, with the domination they enjoy, is somewhat expected. If Bayern get knocked again, Pep would be failing at this. So the honest answer to my question is NO, don’t see much meaningful development at Bayern under Pep.

    He does do a very good impression of a tortured “genius” though!

  57. Keyser

    TYAG – I think it was you who used to play this vine or video of one of the Bayern players smiling when they drew us in the Champions League, can’t remember who the player was ?

  58. Willow Wilson

    There is an argument that International football is harder. Players are playing with players they aren’t familiar with and against teams which have the best players in their respective Countries, in each position. Maradona was exceptional on the International stage. As we know.

    Messi gets my nod but we are talking about two exceptional players. If only England could produce these players but then again we obsess on height not technique.

  59. Keyser

    I don’t want to pile on Guardiola because that’s no different to those that glorify him, so to be fair, Bayern do have a nucleus of ageing players and they still have the second leg, or simply teams make mistakes.

  60. Loyika

    I doubt the Bayern establishment would give Pep more than one more season to get the CL!! Jupp did a “Fergie” and left the ship while the band was still playing!! It was always going to be difficult for the next man (no matter who it was)

  61. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Again, not sure why it matters,, not absolving Neuer, even of it was a general point. By the time Messi shot Neuer was in position. He was beaten. It’s not like his rolling the ball out caused the goal. More Bernat getting dispossessed as he dribbled initiated the sequence but whatever. Who’s to say had Neuer hoofed it out, it wouldn’t have returned quickly? But whatever. Your the one initially.who thought it was some revelation. I think it’s barely a footnote.

  62. Dan Ahern

    Where does everybody rank Neuer in historical terms? He’s one of the best I’ve seen, but in my brief experience Buffon and Casillas were both more influential in their primes.

    I don’t imagine any of you were around to see Lev Yashin, were you?

  63. Radio Raheem

    Oliver Kahn was a top goalie. Casillas stopped being a goalie 3 or 4 years ago, he pretends to be these days.

  64. Keyser

    Midwest – Are you serious ? It matters because they were 0-0 and the Nou Camp, there’s 13 minutes left and Bayern can only really blame themselves.

    I find this odd now, you’d have been spitting blood if that was us.

  65. MidwestGun

    So it’s Neuers fault he rolled the ball out to a wide open player who might have been shouting at him to quickly get the ball out? And he still had to be Disspossesed. Ok man. I’d be more mad at Lewandowski for choking in the first half but whatever.

  66. Keyser

    Loyika – Are you a Guardiola fan, Fergus left a team that had eeked out almost everything possible to win their last title.

    Bayern had just crushed Europe, then added Goetze, Lewandowski and numerous others.

  67. GS88

    I so wanted the Argies to win the World Cup last year so the Leo could have his name on it.

    He will be 30/31 at the next WC will he be this good then?

    We shall see.

  68. salman

    I swear Pep’s style of play puts me to sleep at times with all that stupid possession football. I liked the way Bayern played two years ago under Heynckes.

  69. Keyser

    Midwest – Yeah, half your team is 5 yards in front of you gathered around Neymar, and you decide the best option is to play the ball to your left back 20 yards from goal.

    Neuer isn’t a footnote, he’s supposedly the World’s best keeper, and he felt hynotised by Bernat’s alluring voice ?

  70. Thomas

    “One thing is for sure and that is that we are miles off the level that we’ve seen tonight.”

    Don’t worry. Hypothetically we are the 2nd best team in the world according to Emiratesstroller .

  71. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Lol that rolling the ball out is a footnote. Maybe half the Barca team was distracted too and he thought they had a counter on? Barnat seemed to think he could beat 2 players. Bayern needed an away goal…. bottom line… maybe that was top of mind.

  72. Willow Wilson

    There has always been a lot of hypocrisy with the way Wenger is judged. As you say, all Managers should be judged equally and on a like for like basis.

    Fans and journalists are all amateurs but self proclaimed tactical geniuses.

  73. Radio Raheem

    Canizares was another top goalie unfortunate to have the real Casillas ahead of him for Spain.

    Perruggi was probably the best chubby goalie of all time lol.

    Campos the best small goalie.

    Chilavert the highest scoring goalie.

  74. GS88

    Good debate on goalkeepers guys.

    In my time of watching the game, the best goalies are:

    1. Gigi Buffon
    2. Peter Schmeichel
    3. Walter Zenga
    4. Edwin van der Saar
    5. Oliver Kahn

    For me the likes of David Seaman, Peter Shilton, Zubi Zuretta (spelling) and Nevillie Southall are below the top tier of keepers.

  75. Redtruth

    Messi can only dream about what Maradona could do with a football.

    Hysteria on here for Messi is bonkers lol

    Maradona’s skill levels are on different planet to Messi’s and he single handedly won the World Cup for Argentina and won two titles with unfashionable Napoli.

    Keep on dreaming dreamers lol