Double Ligue One raid on the cards?

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Hit the midweek feels like I’ve stolen a day. Sweet feeling.

Arsenal news is as usual, at a premium. The season nearly sewn up, much of the focus has centred around what we need next season. Thierry thinks we need a new spine, Gary Neville thinks we need to reinforce the spine and Phil Neville likes One Direction.

I think we need to bolster in certain areas. I think we’ll see a few leave this summer. Lukas, Campbell, Rosicky, possibly Arteta and Flamini. I reckon we’ll see Jenks and Theo move on.

We don’t seem to have a lot coming through the ranks, well, anytime soon. What happened to Zelalem? God like player. Will Toral become anything of note? Will Chuba get over his stint at Forest? ZERO goals and a lot of fan disdain. So many sad questions… as a great man once said,

‘Arsenal kids are best dealt with like farm animals, don’t name them, because it’ll make the process of the inevitable so much more painful.


Still fresh in the mind.

I guess what’s important here is that the senior players mentioned above are barely squad players. They’ve mostly all been ignored this season. We also have Jack and Chambo coming in on the regular, which would give us more options.

So basically, what we’d be doing is trimming wage fat more than anything else. A defensive midfielder is the big one for me. It’d be a tragic mistake to think Coquelin is enough for the year. I’d like to see an inside forward to add more unpredictability to the front line. Reus will surely be available and Sterling, despite Rodgers ‘I’m gonna keep him and lose him on a free’ statement’ will likely be available. You’ll also have the yearly player frenzy around Madrid and PSG.

Abdennour was excellent in the first leg against us. Looks a machine. Not sure who he’d replace. We have four centre backs? Fekir looks exciting as well. Also attracting interest from PSG.

There are plenty of options. The key to next season is a proper start. The second half of the season needs to be built on. More detail, more focus on the right sort of training and a bolstering of technical staff where we need them.

Interesting watching the Madrid game last night. A smart battle between two very good teams. Madrid edged out by a Carlos Tevez goal. Bayern vs Barca tonight, all eyes on a Barca side looking slightly incredible at the moment… and a Bayern side looking, well, a bit lost after two losses on the bounce.


Have fun. x

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  1. London gunner

    “Sorry, but the new badge is a lot better for today’s market than the old one. It’s modern, slick”

    Style is a personal choice, but I disagree I think the current badge is ugly, tacky and to bold like it’s been designed by sports direct.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Hitman49: I was reading only this weekend an article that said he had even changed his mind on a player when that player was at the training ground and backed out of the deal,
    That is hardly very professional and he has had money for Christ sake we are a top club playing at the top level operating in the money capital of Europe.

    Depends on why he backed out though.

    The example you quote may have been M’Vila. It came out recently that apparently he was very close to signing and Wenger changed his mind at the last moment. I’d say that pulling out was the right choice and signing him would have been the wrong one

  3. Willow Wilson

    Looking forward to seeing Neymar, Messi and Suarez interchange. They have scored over 100 goals between them this season which is incredible really.

    It looks like Luis Enrique has changed the way the front three of Barca operate. Suarez usually starts at the top of the front three, as the focal point for the team. Guardiola used to have his strikers play on either side of Messi, who operated as a false nine. Enrique tried to do this at the start of the season but he had problems, as the three would take up each others space and Messi now often starts out wide and comes inside. Must be a nightmare defending against these three.

    Barcelona tend to sit back a bit more now than they did under Pep but when they win it back it goes straight to one of the three. I would say that Enrique has made Barcelona less reliant on Messi for their goals, whereas Pep built the team around Messi.

    Should be a great game.

  4. Willow Wilson

    “Willow Wilson is Wenger’s one man PR machine on this blog.You guys are waisting your time.”

    Not at all.

    I will stand up for Wenger though if I think something incorrect has been said. This is a blog, the only reason we are on here is to give an opinion. If you don’t like mine, tough.

    If anyone thinks a professional manager has an ego that doesn’t actually want to win things, I will shake my head. Because it is absolute nonsense. Seriously.

  5. Dissenter

    My post; “Wenger’s ego will always find a way to screw it up”.

    Keyser’s rebut ; ”Lol and 6 months later he spends 90 million.You could say he saved himself from his ego by not chasing after possibilities simply to try ad sate it.

    Kesyer, 6 months too late after we had lost the title. Hope you get my drift. I don’t expect you to agree.

    Nasri’s Mouth,
    “BUT he’s made mistakes, he’s been too cautious and he’s not reacted quickly enough at times”

    Thanks for the kind answer to Willow.
    What will we have done with a proper central midfielder in January 2014 after Ramsey broke down. We were on top of the league at the time.

  6. Redtruth

    Wenger is an accountant not a football manager as he would have walked a long time ago from Arsenal on the grounds of principle if he were a football man.

  7. Willow Wilson

    Nasris Mouth
    “Some of the criticism on here of him is over the top, (calling him senile) some of it is wrong (people moaning about Ramsey playing wide) and some of it is baffling (such as someone criticising him because they guessed his line up against Hull…errr, so what?) BUT he’s made mistakes, he’s been too cautious and he’s not reacted quickly enough at times.”

    Totally agree.

    I was arguing against the point that his ‘ego’ stops him from signing top players and that he prefers to shop in ‘Aldi’. This is nonsense. If people want to claim the reason we didn’t sign top players when Chelsea and Man City were going mad, is because Wengers ego stopped him, then I have every right to roll around on the floor, holding my ribs in laughter. It is as ignorant as that comment regarding picking the team against Hull. This does not exclude Wenger from criticism for making mistakes.

  8. andaprayer

    Re the badge, the old design incorporated many different parts that had been amalgamated into it over the club’s history. This is what made it so spencil and cool.

    However, it also made it impossible to protect under copyright law and therefore Newby the club had limited recourse against people making fake merchandise. It was billed as modernising the logo but in reality it was part of protecting/improving the commercial operations of the club

  9. SpanishDave

    Looking at the game last night its clear that we do need a right winger. This will spread play and free up the midfield. Also we can pull defences about more.
    Last night also when crosses came over there were two or more players trying to get on the end. We have a lone clumsy striker when this happens.
    Wenger will not buy a quality striker as he thinks our two are enough.
    Thats his problem
    Watch the movement off the ball tonight it will clearly show how far behind we really are.

  10. Willow Wilson

    “My God my autocorrect is crap”

    What does that say about me? I understood every word and was about to comment on your accurate description of why our badge was changed!

  11. MidwestGun

    How’s it going, y’all? Ready for the clash of Titans. Just hope it’s a good match and not a let down, like recent sporting events
    . *cough * Mayweather/Pacman. *cough*.

    Anyhow, I’m going with Barca 2 – Bayern 1

    Messi and Neymar to score along with Muller for Bayern.

  12. karim

    Last player I can remember having a similar effect when he started playing in ligue 1 was Hazard.
    His stats are far better into the bargain.

  13. Willow Wilson

    To get another bore like the Mayweather v Pacquaio you would need to have Chelsea playing in one of the games.

    2-1 is a great shout, just to be different I will go 2-0 (or 3-1)

  14. MidwestGun

    Isn’t every autocorrect annoying?
    Mine changes verb tenses like their and there….. Etc…. annoying. And sometimes on to in and vice versa .. and then pedantic trolls like Redtroll get all upset about it.

    Anyhow, it was invented for drink…commenting. Makes it half readable.

  15. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    Was thinking maybe 2-0 but I think Bayern will go all out for that away goal.
    So i think they will get one at some point. If they score first, I could see them trying to kill the game a bit, slow the pace.

  16. Byo

    You realize that some comments made here seem to come from people who pretend to be knowledgable, right?
    And some are just plain trolling.
    In reality some are just opinions, or made to engender responses.
    They have no more information about the club’s finances; have never spoken to Wenger or his psychologist(to label him arrogant or senile).
    They have never managed even a Pop Warner(as they say in the US) team.

    Hence I just read them and take them for the 2 cents that are worth. Some I enjoy and laugh at, some I shake my head at. And some don’t even pass the smell test.

  17. Willow Wilson

    Midwest, yep agree. Can see Bayern nicking one but they are going to miss Robben.

    As I posted earlier, I love the fluency up top in that Barca side. Enrique uses Messi less as a false 9 now and they tend to defend a bit deeper because of that. Not so leaky as they were before but still as dangerous. So scoring shouldn’t be a problem (I’ve said it now)

  18. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    Haha. If we get a 0-0…I’m blaming you. Honestly can’t see a nil to nil tho. Barca pretty ridiculous in attack and Pique and co. along the backline usually make some mistakes.

  19. Sancho Monzorla


    You can’t possibly be comparing an all time great like Mayweather to this Chelsea team. I can understand where the reference comes from, but I refuse to give Chelsea that much credit.

    Besides, I doubt Mayweather ever fights for a draw :p

  20. Willow Wilson



    Yes, I have come to realise that. A lot of crap is said that never gets challenged and eventually it gets ‘assumed’ as the truth. Assumptions are the windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.

  21. kwik fit

    Believe it or not Mid it happened in a Serie A match. Imagine if Chesney done that ….he’s get Lynched

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    SpanishDave: Last night also when crosses came over there were two or more players trying to get on the end. We have a lone clumsy striker when this happens.

    What does this actually mean? Are you saying we had 2 people challenging for the same cross, or we only had 1 clumsy one?

    Actually I thought our movement was pretty good against Hull. Ramsey (who was criticised before the game on here) turned out to make some good runs, Ljungberg-esque as I’ve read elsewhere.

  23. Willow Wilson

    “Haha. If we get a 0-0…I’m blaming you. Honestly can’t see a nil to nil tho”

    Don’t blame me! Even if it was a nil-nil, it would be entertaining . I just love watching some of those players, Messi, Neymar and Suarez, that is a front three to die for.

    Compare the Barcelona front three to the Chelsea front line against us. Forget Neymar, Chelsea had No-one.

  24. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    I’d be checking to see if that keeper had a bet on the match.
    Even Szczesny wouldn’t have done that with a cigarette in one hand.

  25. Redtruth


    Blind leading the blind, your false teaching has led many to stray from the path.

    Your lies are so tranaparent to those with even a modicum of discernment.

    You need enlightening from your covetous ways.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Linked to Carvalho again strongly, papers suggesting part of the thinking is that he can be deployed at CB as well, a bit like Martinez for Munich.

    Means we could deploy a stronger central midfield in games next season, competition with Coquelin as well and cover at the back.

    Fekir and Lacazette as well, wouldn’t be too shabby.

  27. MidwestGun

    Willow –
    Call me crazy but I was actually disappointed Chelscum didn’t have Costa when they played us. Think they might have opened up a bit more and tried to play a bit. But I guess it’s totally moot now.

    I agree Barca front line is pretty ridiculous, might set records before their done.

    Kwik –
    Alves going with 50’s mo-town look? Lol. Looks ready for the MLS if you ask me.

  28. kwik fit


    Appaently we are closely monitoring Carvalho (£21.5m) & Schneiderlin (£25m); Campbell may be used in any deal. Am I being greedy in wanting the pair.

  29. kwik fit

    Have a feeling that Barca will Ripe Bayern a new one tonight. Bayern are suffering in a league without any real competition . They have themselves to blame however, buying up all the top players.

  30. Sancho Monzorla

    If we sign Schneiderlin I can see him paired with Coquelin in the Wanyama role, sitting back and sweeping up.

    Carvalho I haven’t seen play much but I imagine a pivot of Carvalho-Coquelin would be too defensive, lacking a bit of the creativity that Schneiderlin (or Santi right now) provides.

    Both good players, it’d be nice to have options, but we all know there’s little chance of getting both.

  31. london gunner

    The only problem I have with Carvalho is that he is a bit shit oh and he is shit with really slow pace. Could see him having the problems arteta had in not keeping up with play.

    We might as well go for Gundogan>Kongdobia>Schneiderlin

  32. kwik fit

    Your probably right Sancho but if were getting rid of flam/diaby/art then there would be room.

  33. karim

    Approved ! Very exciting player, won’t suffer from a lack of confidence or tactical awareness ala Gervinho before someone mentions him.

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Fekir and Lacazette as well, wouldn’t be too shabby.

    No way we’re signing both though.

  35. Marko

    Absolutely nothing wrong with us gettingWilliam Carvalho. Potentially a higher ceiling than Morgan Schneiderlin. Very highly regarded and assuming the thinking is him AND Coquelin are the DM options then that’s fantastic imo

  36. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think you’re greedy at all, quite sensible 😉

    We do need to strengthen that central area, going into next season you have Coquelin, Ramsey who suffers with injuries, and then Wilshere who to say he ‘suffers’ with injuries would be a bit of an understatement.

    Would really like an experienced GK as well, I just don’t trust Wenger with keepers at all, not a great record there.

    Fekir is getting rave reviews and Karim rates him, still think we need something different up front as well, if we can’t find a great option who combines the physicality that Giroud has with more pace and a more clinical edge then we should go for a Lacazette type who you can play instead of in certain games or as well as.

    We really are best placed to challenge Chelsea, be a shame if we blew it by having a poor ‘wait and see’ summer.

  37. Thomas


    “A lot of crap is said that never gets challenged and eventually it gets ‘assumed’ as the truth.”

    Yeah like your made-up Eduardo stats the other day.

  38. kwik fit


    I’m starting to get excited. We must finish top 3 to avoid the dreaded playoff and the easy excuse of players waiting to see if we qualify.

  39. Redtruth

    Why even consider a DM when we already have Coquelin.

    Wenger should earn his money and find cover within his ranks rather than giving out platitudes.

  40. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Excellent. .. I like being linked to good young players and not some of the recycled names I’ve been hearing. France seems to be cranking them out. Jealous… y’all have to be one of the favs for the next World Cup.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    That’s the thing, if we have a summer of ‘Coquelin is a new signing, Wilshere is a new signing…we have lots of talented youngsters.’ Forget next season already.

  42. Goonergirl

    Hello everyone. Hoping tonight’s game is going to be a good one. I’m thinking 2-1 to Barca. As for the summer I really hope that Wenger doesn’t mess it up. We’re in a really good position to challenge Chelsea provided we have a good summer.

  43. MidwestGun

    Oops haha set the tablet down to get a pre -match refreshment and it decided to comment on its own.

    Bayern lineup no Dante.., Pep learned his lesson. Looks a bit defensive but still think they will push to get that away goal.

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    There could be some truth in the Carvalho rumours, but it’s likely to be coming from Sporting rather than Arsenal.

    Sporting seem to be keen to flog him off to make some money and they were offering a swop deal last summer.

    He’s not had a great season this time round, so the price is probably lower than it was

    Whether our interest was really serious and whether we’ve cooled since though is impossible to tell

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Where’s Karim?

    I’m keen to know what Fekir’s work rate is like.

    Is he a lazy Fekir, or a hard working Fekir

  46. MidwestGun

    Karim –
    Yes… well the football God’s and I, have a love/hate relationship. 😀

    The Love Boat! Haha. Alves ready for the MLS. ..I’m telling you.

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Is he a lazy Fekir, or a hard working Fekir

    No idea, but apparently he pretends to be injured a lot

  48. karim

    Hard-working Fekir lol !
    He got rejected from the Lyon academy, played in a small club for 2 years and came back more motivated than ever.

  49. london gunner

    using the comparison matrix

    Coq has a defensive score of 366.24
    kondogbia 215
    schneiderlin 203
    kramer 149
    vidal 63

    Important point is playing time

    Coq 19 games
    Kondogbia 20
    Schniederlin 27
    kramer 26
    vidal 28

    total tackles
    Coq 56
    Kon 53
    Schnie 79
    kramer 73
    vidal 74

    Aerial duels won percentage
    Coq 66
    kon 60
    sch 45
    kram 45
    vidal 35

    total aerial duels won
    coq 54
    kon 25
    sch 43
    kram 33
    vidal 35

    coq 70
    kon 48
    sch 63
    kram 60
    vidal 47

    coq 7
    kon 3
    sch 5
    kram 15
    vidal 4

    coq 66
    kon 18
    sch 47
    kram 32
    vidal 24

    Coq is and should be our number 1 DM.

    I honestly don’t think we can get better than him for the pure DM role. (not saying his WC or the best player in the middle of the park)

    so you either get a less talented DM as back up or you bring in a utility player who can play DM and CM and has something Coq doesn’t have aka a better passing game.

    I would go for the later and therefore focus our attention on Schniederlin he is a good option to rotate with Coq when we need more creativity yet he can also function along side him because of his box to box/passing game.

    Kondogbia at this point is a good player, but he is an out and out DM with less talent than Coq. Sure he is young and can and will improve, but he is a year younger than Coq and I don’t like the idea of a Coq/Kon double pivot it just doesn’t turn me on.

    I included Vidals statistics just for fun, but you can see how incredibly gifted he is as he is a box to box not a DM, yet his stats aren’t that far off the others.

  50. Nasri's Mouth


    Apologies, it was just my idea of a terrible pun based on his name Fekir = faker 🙁

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    Guardiola “It’s impossible to stop Messi”

    That’s a fair point, but you’d think he’d at least set up his team to try

    Surely he’s going to get criticised for this set up

  52. karim

    Neuer is so impressive but I still think he’s gonna concede a couple of goals tonight.

    Never mind, I know you were joking about his name but still thought it was a genuine question.

  53. qna

    Bayern have kind of gone all in for the whole tie from minute 1.

    One dead set miss each now. Unbeleivable match.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Awful stuff there 😉


    Good to know, haven’t really seen him but there’s a few making comparisons to Hazard in his style of play, is he a dribbler, playmaker type? Just thinking we need something to counter balance Sanchez’s raw goal threat, his directness and sexiness whilst still maintaining that work ethic.

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    If you’re up against Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo I could understand it, but going 1 to 1 up against the most deadly strike force in the world…

  56. karim

    More like the dribbler, although he made a couple of brilliant assists.
    Can finish well too (12 goals, 9 assists so far)
    I will post a link at half time so you can see for yourself.

  57. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Well… Neuer thinks he’s a CB so…. … lol. Agree, sort of crazy, but clearly they were trying to surprise them or something. Didn’t last long.
    Makes for a cracking good match tho.

  58. Willow Wilson

    This game is like something I see on my sons xbox.

    Barca should be three up, what was that back 3 all about, Pep has gone mad!
    More entertainment in the first half hour, than that produced by Chelsea all season.

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    Midwestgun: Well… Neuer thinks he’s a CB so…. …

    Haha, the old 4 at the back and no keeper tactic

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    Playing against Neuer must cast a lot of doubt in your mind about scoring.

    2nd best player on the pitch

  61. Willow Wilson

    I can’t work out if Bayern are really poor or Barca good. But for poor finishing this could be all over.

  62. Keyser

    It’s been a decent game, I like how Neville sounds a bit like a kid who’s won a prize to watch the game, but then can you really trust him.

    Neuer good save, but where has the chip gone, he’s in acres of space he doesn’t need to give Neuer a chance.

    Lewandowski needs to improve his passing, and if this Bayern team can keep it goalless you wonder what they would’ve done with a full side.

  63. daz

    Fair play to pep a least he has got the balls to go and play moureen would have parked the bus from kickoff

  64. MidwestGun

    Hmmm ya pretty unbelievable that it’s 0-0. (Looking at you Willow). Haha

    1 -1 at the very least. Lewa…. has to score that. Neuer has that hockeylike kick save down to a science.

  65. WengerEagle

    Barca should be out of sight, Pep owes Neuer a lifetime supply of the finest German beer money can buy for keeping this at 0-0.

    Messi has been the best player on the pitch yet again.

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    @willow wilson

    Bayern aren’t great tonight. With no Robben and Ribery, they haven’t got the cutting edge going forward, though it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Muller get a scrappy one.

    Bayern playing very well. If they keep up the pressure, Bayern are going to tire.

  67. Keyser

    Bayern haven’t been especially poor, they’ve pushed out at times to try and pressure Barcelona deep, at least in the forward positions, they’ve trusted themselves individually to deal with Barcelona.

  68. WengerEagle


    Bayern are missing 3 key players in Robben, Ribery and Alaba to be fair.

    Would be much more even with those 3, Bayern could probably even have been ahead.

  69. kwik fit

    What a goalie Neuer is. He should be in the running for balon d’or . But has a goalie ever won it…..doubt it and I wager a bet they never will.
    I’d have a cheeky fiver on it and if it ever happens well redtruth gets lynched 🙂

  70. karaul

    “Would be much more even with those 3, Bayern could probably even have been ahead.”

    don´t think so. also look at their large squad.. this really is not their excuse. their main problem is guardiola trying to be smartest kid in class

  71. Cesc Appeal



    Nice feet on him, and doesn’t mind mixing it up as well which will be a massive plus in the EPL, some nice takes there as well.

    Be interesting, I definitely think Walcott is gone this summer, so Wenger will be in the market for a LM player I think, but more of a dribbler, playmaker type.

  72. daz

    “Barcelona have never faced seasoned pros like Bayern and it’s only a matter of time before they wilt.”

    He’s at it again only a matter of time before they bend over lol lol lol

  73. Willow Wilson

    True they are missing players but they look all over the place. Bayern are going to have to tighten up this half, they have got away with a nightmare 45.

    Midwest, yep that’s what you call putting a curse on it. Mind you, can’t complain about the entertainment. Jose mourinho will be sitting at home calling this boring!

  74. Nasri's Mouth

    Paddy Power keeping the narrative going 🙂

    Paddy Power ‏@paddypower 9m9 minutes ago
    Chelsea fans must’ve been completely baffled watching that half. “This isn’t what football is supposed to look like.”

    Paddy Power ‏@paddypower 7m7 minutes ago
    “Why aren’t the players inside their own half? Why isn’t the striker a bastard? Why isn’t the centre-back sleeping with team-mate’s wives?”

  75. london gunner

    Yeah Bayern missing Robben and Ribery is at least equivalent to Barca missing Suarez/Neymar, its bound to make a crucial difference.

    The drop in quality between 1st 11 players and there back ups even for the top top elite teams is quite massive.

  76. karim

    Coutinho is brilliant but I don’t watch Liverpool enough to make an honest comparison in terms of consistency.
    Fekir playing his 1st season as a starter may mean his ceiling is higher though.

  77. Nasri's Mouth

    @karim / london

    Coutinho is still pretty young, but he’s played a lot of games. Dunno how much he’s going to get.

    Anyway, can’t imagine Liverpool selling him to us

  78. london gunner

    Is neymars ability at beating his man/ dribbling around players slightly overrated.

    Not saying he isn’t good, but messi, inesta, hazard , robben,ribbery or bolasie of crystal palace good

  79. Keyser

    They’re all over-rated, apart from maybe Bolassie, but that’s only because people rarely watch him.

    If they try telling you this was the best game of all time after this second half, you’ll know they’re bullshitting.