Sensational mental strength from Arsenal

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Not going to lie hear ladies and Gents, I had my doubts about yesterday’s result. We don’t do things the easy way. Arsenal this year, so far has been all about ease and simplicity. Could we really maintain our focus?

Hull were and are firmly in the mix of a relegation battle. Arsenal are all but secured for top four with only the FA Cup to fight for. It could have been messy.

Thankfully we bossed the game pretty much from start to finish. The starting 11 had very few surprises, our best back four was set up, in midfield Santi and Coq pinned, Ozil through the middle with a front three of Sanchez, Rambo and Giroud.

We controlled the tempo and played with all the swagger of a team that finally found its balance. Our first two goals came with a dollop of Frank Lampard like fortune. Alexis Sanchez whipped a freekick in off Michael Dawsons head for our first. The second came when Santi picked out a blistering Aaron Ramsey run, the Welshman stunned the ball, turned inside his man and rifled off a shot that pinged in off Brady into the top corner. Exquisite regardless of the balls final journey.

We capped off the half with Sanchez rounding the keeper with a clean / zero deflections kind of goal.

Hull had the chance to make us worry, Santi lost the ball through the middle, Koscielny was crunched in what looked like a brutal crunch tackle, the ball was whipped into the box and they headed home for the consolation.

So, 1-3 up North. A touch closer to Chelsea in the finished title race. Well and truly in the mix for second.



Absolutely breathtaking at times. He blends in and out like a clockwork ghost. His touches were nothing short of mesmerising at times. He’s adapted to the pace of the league fully and he’s toying with it every week. If we bring him back after summer in this form, we’ll be in for a treat next season.


Strong performance in that deeper role. It’ll be interesting to see what the manager does with one of the seasons unsung heroes. Can he pin a midfield at 31? Does he have a strong future in our starting 11? A superb talent, I just wonder how influential he can continue to be. Have we reached peak Santi? A big question this summer, especially as contract negotiations have apparently stuttered.


A much stronger showing over the last month. I still wonder though. He’s kind of the opposite of problem to Ozil. He’s all action, spectacular but quite wasteful. He wants life through the middle, he wants to score all the goals but often at the expense of the team. He’s great to watch, I think he could do with a bit of mentor time with Ozil. He’s going to have to craft his talent over the next year to grow his importance in the starting 11.

Next up:

We have a lovely few days off to prepare for Swansea at home. The return of Fabianski. I hope we all boo him mercilessly for his betrayal. Gary Monk is doing a sterling job over there. A very likeable character. Then it’s United the weekend after. They play Palace before us and have an extra day of rest over us (CONSPIRACY). That should be a fun game. A real tough match against a team who I have no doubt we’ll be tussling with next season after they blow another £150m on players.


Here they are >>> Arsenal player ratings

Geordie Fans:

Enjoyed this read about Geordie fans not being the most destructive entitled fans in the UK. Kind of reminded me of the feeling I used to get when journalists who dip in and out of Arsenal would tell us how grateful we should be of a manager who injured all our players and didn’t engage in tactics. Not sure if I’d agree with the article though, little bit too much innocence in there. I’m reminded of them bringing in Alan Shearer, with zero experience to oversee a relegation… pushing Pardew out and replacing him with a man who can’t stop telling the world he’s ‘one of them’… fans singing about the fat Cockney in charge relentlessly. It’s all a bit, well, Newcastle…


Finally, so sorry I forgot to mention this earlier, but if you could spare a few moments to make a donation to help the disaster effort in Nepal. (DONATE HERE). A lot of good people in a lot of trouble, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Dissenter

    “Yeah I’m not sure why people get their knickers in a twist over what Wenger says. It’s pretty much the same comments every summer”

    Because sometimes, Wenger is honest to a fault.
    Did you think he meant it when he called Sanogo a potential 50 million striker.
    It’s plausible that Wenger does believe the quote that was credited to him.

  2. Blsany

    Stop this nonsense.If you had an option between Welbz ,Benteke and Lukaku. Who’d you choose? Be honest!

  3. Willow Wilson

    Leeds Gunner
    “Wenger obviously trusts what he has at his disposal. And we’ve shown we can be consistent…” when the PRESSURE IS OFF”

    Not true.

    We have been consistent when we had all our players fit.

    When we lost to the games you mention; Swansea, Man Utd, Stoke and Spurs, Monreal was at CB with Chambers covering at RB. No Kos. No Giroud. Ozil was in and out of form. Sanchez adjusting to his team mates etc.

    As I said earlier, the first 12 games we only took 17 points, compared to 31 in our last 12. That run with missing players lost us the title.

    Nothing to do with pressure being off – all to do with us having players back and being able to field our strongest team. The team can train together too and practice team play. The competition for places, improves everyone’s effort and performance.

    Don’t believe what you read from the mischief makers in the press.

  4. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol can’t legislate for AW talking about Sanogo but you would think people don’t read to much into blanket statements like the ones about transfers. There are certain quotables he brings out on many occasions. I don’t read too much into it. I think we’ll buy a couple in the summer. Where those are is anyone’s guess.

  5. Dissenter

    Willow Wilson,
    The word twit is reserved for you because you failed to read the post before hurling invective.
    “Frankly, I hope that rumor is true that Welbeck went on strike because he’s not getting games. [ it’s unlikely]”

    What parts of “rumor” and “it’s unlikely” don’t you understand?

  6. Le Prof


    ‘HOWEVER, we also won at Man City, won big at Liverpool, knocked Man United out of the FA Cup so the season had high and low points…’

    High and low points during a season? Who’d of thought it eh? It’s only what happens in every season ever.

    ‘Sounds unpromising when you hear Wenger talking about not strengthening in the summer though, the same mistakes being all over again.’

    Did you miss the part when he mentioned strengthening if WC players were available? Ozil and Sanchez should be evidence enough now to know that’s the case and we’re prepared to do it.

    As mentioned before why get so worked up about things?

    You must be one of the most gullible people on here.

  7. Dissenter

    The summer might not be as busy as you hope for based on the winter window we had. Wenger already brought in a central defender. We might only have one defensive midfielder to take Flamini’s role.
    Don’t forget he has to make a decision about many of the loaned out senior players, all of who flopped in their loans, I must say.

  8. Joe


    How did we do with all our players fit in a huge pressure game v Monaco?
    V Chelsea last week?

    We beat a 17th place hull and you all think we will win the league next season.

    As long as wenger is in charge we will never win because he can’t lead in high pressure situation which has been shown to be true the last 10 seasons

    We are a crossbar away from being down 3-0 last year in the fa cup v hull. Lucky we won it

  9. Willow Wilson

    I apologise for being a ‘twit’. I had my tongue firmly in my cheek mate, it always amuses me how much crap gets re-cycled.

  10. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter, like I say, don’t know who we’re chasing. We have a very heavy squad in terms of players so we do need to be getting rid of quite a few. The players we bring in need to be ones that improve us. What will happen, I don’t know. It’s all guesswork really?

  11. Le Prof

    Dried your eyes yet Joe?

    Still can’t take the piss been ripped out of you by your other glory supporting mates?

    Did we lose against Chelsea? Im sure we didn’t.

  12. Romford Ozil Pele

    “We beat a 17th place hull and you all think we will win the league next season.”

    Who has said we’ll win the league? People say we have a chance and we do. Doesn’t mean anything really.

    Also I need to shut this down about people saying we only beat shit teams. If the league is compromised of more shit teams than good teams, isn’t that what we should be doing. Makes no sense to beat Chelsea and then lose to Burnley. Chelsea lost the league last season because they couldn’t beat the supposed turgid sides. 3 points is 3 points at the end of the day. Nobody is doubting that we need to improve but you can’t go pooping on everyone’s cereal because they wanna enjoy a victory.

  13. Willow Wilson

    “How did we do with all our players fit in a huge pressure game v Monaco?
    V Chelsea last week”

    Your point is what exactly?

    We threw the home game against Monaco because we forgot to shut up shop. Nothing to with bottle, utter crap.

    I would argue that we were under more pressure in the away game in Monaco.

    As for Chelsea, I didn’t see any bottling. We were an Ozil/Welbeck scuff away from 3 points.

    How did Chelsea do in their high pressure game with PSG?

    How did Chelsea do in their home game with Bradford when they were two nil up and lost 4-2? Did their bottle go?

  14. Le Prof

    Joe is just like Titty is pissed off because Wenger is stopping us from being Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich all rolled into one…..just like we used to be obviously…

  15. mysticleaves

    Two things:
    1) You misunderstand my point. I know players contribute daily, buh how many of it is taken onboard?

    Wenger said in an interview that the players made that decision to play like they did against Man City and he agreed to it. Now that’s not some “player power” whatever. Its just that Wenger agreed to take the players suggestions on board. Funny enough the suggestion was a counter to how Wenger wants to play.

    2) Serious things still do happen on twitter.

  16. Le Prof


    There’s plenty of those sort of dickheads kicking about. Perspective and reality wouldn’t go a miss sometimes.

  17. Pedro

    Le Prof, I ban you, you wait in the wings for weeks asking why I ban you and I come back and you’re behaving like this again?

  18. Drey

    I think most public opinion and judgment of Arsenal is loosely based on our antecedent of previous years. You won’t see anybody bitching on about how Chelsea lost 2-4 at hone to Bradford or City drawing at home to Burnley after 2 goals. This is because these teams have been known to deliver when it matters most by showing the trophies at season’s end.
    Winning the FA and taking second would go a long way in ensuring people start seeing Arsenal as winners. The more we make winning an habit the more people will be inclined to forgive bad days in office. That’s why I don’t get offended at trolls saying we beat a 17th placed team or we lost to Monaco.
    We are getting there

  19. Le Prof

    It’s been relatively peaceful.

    Yet you let various trolls run riot.

    The Arsenal are progressing and I agree, if other people don’t think so then lets debate..

  20. Redtruth

    How have Arsenal faired were it really matters against top 7 opposition.

    Drew with Man City at home.
    Drew away to Liverpool conceding late on as usual.
    Lost away to Southampton.
    Lost at home to Man Utd
    Lost away and drew at home to Spurs.
    Lost away and drew at home to Chelsea.

    Arsenal are lamentable against decent opposition and it’s contemptable to suggest progress has been made

  21. Pedro

    Stop with the snarky comments. I don’t let the trolls run it over here. But everytime i come on, you’re bitching at someone.

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    I wouldn’t worry about Le Prof having a dig at Joe. Apparently Joe can take the banter…

  23. GS88


    Good win last night. But when are we going to win by 6 or 7 goal margins against these teams with a clean sheet?

    I remember back in the day Liverpool beating Palace 9-0 and Utd beating Forest 8-1.

    We have never scored 8 under Wenger have we.

    Feel our defence isn’t good enough even when we play against weaker teams such as last night.

    Every man and his dog know we need a keeper and Petr Cech seems to be the name on everyones lips. Even Glenn Hoddle a Spud, has said we should go for him.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    Drey: We are getting there

    Good signs this season. Previously we’ve had some pretty stupid results, but we managed really to limit it to a terrible 45 mins (much better than a whole 90) against Stoke and a Monaco game that was basically decided by a moment of madness

    As you say, at least we didn’t lose 4-2 to Bradford after being 2-0 up or lose 4-0 to a bunch of gypsies from league 1

    That’s progress 😉

  25. shad

    “Our good run of form has coincided with playing 10 teams out of the last 12 matches who are below mid table”

    Sigh. So should Arsenal formulate their own fixtures to prove you wrong? Muppet.

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: Because sometimes, Wenger is honest to a fault.
    Did you think he meant it when he called Sanogo a potential 50 million striker.

    Wenger is rarely ever honest about his transfer dealings. He was asked about his quote where he was he had to re-evaluate his summer dealings after the good run of results, and his reply was that he only said it to avoid some searching questions from journos.

  27. salparadisenyc

    Anybody can win on any given day.. thats the beauty of the game and particularly this league. Last nights win was vital against a side fighting for its life, having just turned Liverpool.

  28. shad


    Yesterday we could have scored many more, barr the usual trying to walk it home. 2nd half the lads took their foot off the gas big time and it was more of training drills and trying to take the sting out of the game – letting Wilshere come up to speed and all.

    The team has a more professional approach now IMO. Get the 3 points, job done. Would have loved AW to bring on Welbs or Rosicky at least though.

  29. GS88

    Its not being disrespectful towards lower teams, but for the amount of chances we carve out we should be scoring heeps more.

    We stopped at 3 by half time. We should of racked up a further 3 or 4 by full time. And we then conceeded a sloppy consulation as we usually do.

    Feel that Sanchez’s high energy and closing down as transpired to the other players, and we look a lot more better on that front. But we still concede too much chances at times.

  30. Nasri's Mouth

    GS88: Feel our defence isn’t good enough even when we play against weaker teams such as last night.

    I suspect that if you looked at results where we’ve played our 1st choice defence we’ve done as well as anyone.

    I thought we looked defended pretty well against Hull, can’t really remember more than 1 cross troubling us.

    As for big scores, a list here:

  31. Le Prof


    Welbeck didn’t even travel and Rosicky is more than likely leaving. Made sense to continue JWs rehabilitation.


    ‘Good win last night. But when are we going to win by 6 or 7 goal margins against these teams with a clean sheet?’

    It’s only 3 points for a win and it’s top flight football not Sunday league. This team is gelling and building relationships and the goals will come it’s just a matter of time. 100 goals this season isn’t too shabby is it?

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    GS88: And we then conceeded a sloppy consulation as we usually do.

    Surely it should have been a foul in the build up though.

    On another night, the ref would have blown for that and he’d have given a pen for the handball from Wilshere’s shot

  33. GS88

    Get your point Shad as ever you make good points.

    A thing that irks me is this: Chelsea fans, ex-players and staff are always baiting us.

    Who the hell are they?

    When we won the title up at Anfield in ’89, they were’nt even in the top flight!

    In December 1990 or thereabouts, that me and my dad came home after a day out before the days of the internet, to a maulding by us at Highbury on Chelski we were going for the title which we won.

    Teletext read Arsenal 4-0 Chelsea.

  34. northern gooner

    Just read the player ratings from last night.

    Ramsey 8……. 5 at best.
    A deflected goal and an assist maybe but he is the moat wasteful player when it comes to the easy ball and also i dont think he is quick enough with a forward pass.
    Other than that spot on.

  35. MidwestGun

    Hmmmm rewatched the collision.Hull defender got the ball first. Didn’t think it was a foul. . But all our players stopped playing like it was. And that was the issue. It was pretty fluky.

    As for the handball, i thought it was 50/50. Didn’t look intentional, but i guess you could argue it was an unnatural arm position. But Wilshere’s shooting still leaves a lot to be desired. Passed up 3 opportunities earlier also.

    I thought the score was about right. Actually, that was my prediction 3-1. But had we better finishing , probably 5-1. I don’t think the Referee really factored in, all that much.

  36. GS88

    NM thanks as usual. I’ll take a look soon.

    Durham having is usual go at us. Going on about a tweet from Özil in relation to us reaching 70 points.

    We as a big club we should be aiming for 1st. Just hope that we don’t give Chelsea the upper hand and be become secondary like we did to Utd in the day.

    As for signings we should make I’ll come back soon on that.

    However I agree with ES that we need to recruit the very best, but feel we need more than just 3 players. More like 5.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    Midwestgun: Didn’t think it was a foul. .

    You can get the ball first and still foul someone though. I thought it was at the time, and both Neville and Carragher seemed to think it was too.

    The thing about the handball was that had he not handled it, it was going in, so intentional or not, it could well have been given

  38. salparadisenyc

    I was alongside Insomia in hoping for the 23 goal scoreline which didn’t come.
    To be fair, agree with GS88 we were a bit woeful in the second and half and should of buried them increasing the GD.

    That said, Wilshire had a clear cut penalty with the hand ball and potentially another when he was pushed on edge of box.

    Unlike the new resident Debbie downer in Joe, I found loads of positives in that display. Wenger get is right this summer, we’ll go closer than 08 next year.
    That is progress.

  39. shad

    @Le Prof

    Is Welbz injured? I’m not updated on the team players availability. Pity bout Rosa. It will be a travesty if we let him leave and retain Arteta and/or Flamini. Both should be gone before him.

  40. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    I suppose. Neither was clear cut, imo. Koscielny ran into the Hull player after the ball was gone. Momentum and they collided. The handball was a little more likely to be called but it was a shot very close to the defender. Not sure he knew anything about it. Regardless, I think it evened out in this case.

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    I thought the Ozil tweet was a bit weird, but trying to read much into it… meh. There’s nothing wrong with setting yourself little targets, so…

    but of course Durham wants the controversy. I heard him talk about it, but the Sanchez part was even better
    Someone texted in to say that Sanchez has more non-penalty goals/assists etc. etc. than Hazard per mins played so he should be the Player of the season.
    That’s an ok argument, but Durham managed to turn it around to say that if Sanchez IS a better player than Hazard, then because Chelsea ARE ahead of Arsenal, it must mean Mourinho is a better manager than Wenger.

    And then said, ‘thats logical isn’t it?’ which made me laugh.

    I like Durham, does a good job. You just need to see him for what he is

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    Midwestgun: Neither was clear cut, imo. Koscielny ran into the Hull player after the ball was gone

    Not quite, Koscielny was hit by the follow through. I don’t think there was anything malicious there, so no yellow, but could well have been given.

    I guess my point is that with that performance last night it’s fine lines between a 3-1 comfortable win and a 4-0 hammering.

  43. shad

    Indeed we were more wasteful especially in the 2nd half. But that I think is more of easing off the gas with the assurance of the 3 points rather than going gung-ho and leaving gaps at the back as we have been susceptible to do in the past. No more FBs bombing forward in the 90th. That said I do think we need that clinical striker who will snatch at half chances and bury them and just be ruthless all through. A Ruud Van Nistelrooy kind of fox in the box. Not to take away anything from Giroud but we need that selfish CF badly.
    I’d love me some Jackson Martinez or Lacazette.


    I’d give Ramsey a 7. He was good, not great. Tremendous engine, brilliant recovery. He still tries to be over elaborate at times and force passes but I can’t excessively fault him as he is not playing in his natural position. I love that Santi kept drifting right to cover for him and maintain the balance. What I don’t understand is how Pedro gave Santi a 6 on ESPN. I think he was an 8.5 along with Ozil and Sanchez.

  44. GS88

    Don’t know what you all out there feel, but whatabout a bid for Coutinho?

    Really like him and feel he is not going to fullfill his ambitions with Pool. He also has PL experience.

    So: Sanchez-Özil-Coutinho

    Not bad.

  45. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    True… I actually thought it we made it look like a pretty simple professional win with a bit of flair thrown in. At one point we completed about 30 passes in a row almost culminating in a goal. So I enjoyed it for what it was, wasn’t too bothered about the scoreline for once.

  46. Nasri's Mouth


    The problem is that with the new TV deal, it’s going to be harder and harder to find someone to buy the club who wont want it as an investment

  47. Willow Wilson

    “I like Durham, does a good job. You just need to see him for what he is”

    I can’t stand him. Not only his voice but his condescending nature.

    You are right in saying you need to see him for what he is.He has made a name for himself on the back of our club by creating an anti-Arsenal persona. He is the perfect example of what has become known as a ‘click baiter’.

    He knows he talks rubbish, the problem is football fans tend to be a bit thick and they feed him. If they just ignored him, he would move on. I can imagine him sitting there with an imaginary fishing rod reeling in all the clowns as they vent.

    He is a troll, nothing else.

  48. MidwestGun

    Blsany –
    That would be sweet… but to my knowledge Kroenke has never sold any of his sports investments, unfortunately. I know the people in St. Louis would like to string him up at the moment. If there is a more disinterested sports owner, I don’t know who it is.

  49. Willow Wilson

    “Indeed we were more wasteful especially in the 2nd half. But that I think is more of easing off the gas with the assurance of the 3 points rather than going gung-ho and leaving gaps at the back as we have been susceptible to do in the past. No more FBs bombing forward in the 90th”

    Exactly Shad.


  50. GS88

    Shad, yeah I get you.

    I suppose getting home the 3 points. Its that would be nice once in a while us putting 5-8 goals past weaker teams.

    I know we are not Barca, Bayern or Real, but we should just win ethatically against these teams on occasions.

    A Hull supporter just came on TS and said Arsenal will win the league next year due to being a poor side. After we beat them like that? Would he have said that if it were Man Utd or Chelski or Man City?

  51. Lee

    Don’t feel ba le prof.
    Joe is acting like a toss pot. All you did was point out that we didn’t lose to Chelsea and we weren’t real barca and bayern rolled into one before wenger so why would we be now?


    I find it far more offensive when people like joe slag off our team after a season of hope and Improvement than le prof pointing out the obvious. Banning him is out of order.
    People like le prof are/were in the minority on this site.
    There are/were so many posters being abusive to people who wanted arsenal/wenger/this squad to succeed together.
    They seemed to have crawled back Into theit crevice recently. Or changed their tune. Can’t think why…..
    Banning people like le prof
    Nasri willow and so on only stifles a balanced following of your blog and dissuades those with an alternative view from wading into the world class debates of the site.
    You should be encouraging diversity not banning it.

  52. BacaryisGone

    Nice post Pedro.

    One other thing. Jack looked very good in his cameo. A little slow defensively and still got caught once or twice, but his burst of speed over the first few yards is still there and he looks strong.

    Very encouraging signs for next season.

  53. Willow Wilson

    “A thing that irks me is this: Chelsea fans, ex-players and staff are always baiting us. Who the hell are they?When we won the title up at Anfield in ’89, they were’nt even in the top flight!”

    This is just the way Johnny come Latelys act” For years they were an insignificant yo-yo club. Abramovich came in, pre FFP and just as we were rebuilding the club.

    They know what they are. They are in an artificial position, created by one mans wealth. They can no longer go out an outspend everyone else, so they are about to level off because of FFP. Our new financial power is not artificial, so ot wont be long before they are history. Something they have never had.

  54. Blsany

    I hope Lewandowski doesn’t wear that awfull Mask they all wear.Some say it makes you go the way Torres did.

  55. GS88


    Yeah I heard that Sanchez v Hazard comment, then he said is Wenger better than Mourinho for not winning the league and so fourth.

    He is a good spinner and minipulator. I remember years ago maybe 06/07, he said have Spurs finally caught up with Arsenal.

    Suppose it makes people listen more and call in.

    He though, has a consistant fixation with us doesn’t he? I mean every day virtually he criticizes everything about us.

    He will soon criticize our crest, logo or the colours we wear.

  56. Rockypires

    Hi guys being while since last post being very busy.

    Team is going great is so good and proud to see.

    I wouldn’t worry about wenger s comments. Most likely Bruce said to wenger at full time whistle “you will give me sanogo next year won’t you. ”

    Summer transfers will be intersting
    For me Morgan Schneider is ideal as he can be the anchor in coqs role but he can also play alongside coq. As you say if santi isn’t in form or if you need more steel for the away days.

    A gk would be good to with handovic of inter, Begovic, Cech and possibly the PSG goalies all available it would be hard not to buy one of them.

    A CB of top quality would be great as Per can’t have another full season and kos does get few injuries.
    I do like Gabriel and chambers with debuchy as backup but again if good enough cb out there will be hard not to buy.

    LW/st to replace Joel /podolski. A speedster with a finish and superstar in making. I think grenier thauvain and fehir are all ideal for the role and anyone of them would be better than Joel /podolski.

    I would like to see Joel on loan on the premier league.
    Jenkinson could have another year on loan before deciding to sell debuchy

  57. Nasri's Mouth

    Willow Wilson: Our new financial power is not artificial, so ot wont be long before they are history.

    I doubt it, they’re here to stay for the foreseeable future.

  58. MidwestGun

    They are in an artificial position, created by one mans wealth.
    I agree with you to a point Willow. I don’t think it’s artificial tho, because they now have a large fanbase a recent history of winning and big commercial deals. I mean if I was an owner with billions and there was no rule against it, I would have done the same.
    I don’t like the way they continually push rule boundaries or their fans or players not to mention Mourinho but I don’t think it was artificial. They just had an owner with means, similar to City and it wasn’t against the rules at the time.
    I doubt they will ever be relegated let alone bottom of table at this point, altho I would welcome that.

  59. Lee


    It will be us and united at the top again before long. Liverpool third
    Order restored
    Don’t forget we went a season unbeaten AFTER abramovich came in. Either way they don’t care right now. They’ve just won the league. It won’t be long before Roman tires of parking the bus and brings in te new flavour of the month.

  60. Lee


    See forest, Leeds, Blackburn, Newcastle, villa.
    Chelsea can be relegated
    What a day that would be. I swear I think I’d celebrate more than our invincible season

  61. Cr0 Gunner

    It was interesting hearing nev and cara yesterday talking up chelseas youth teams how 3 or 4 of those guys could step up supplemented with one marquee signing like bale.

    Do you think Maureeen will be able to bring youth players and integrate them whilst trying to win cups ?

  62. MidwestGun

    Lee –
    I’m aware of that history. But that was pre-huge international tv deals and commercial deals. And Ffp actually makes it harder for others to do what they did, now, if not impossible. So harder to fail, miserably.
    Anyhow, I got no love for Chelscum,but i doubt I’ll live to see them history.

  63. Joe


    It’s fans like you who keep us from achieving what arsenal are capable of

    Hope?? We were out of the league by Oct. out of CL before it really began.

    Progress. 10 points. Back of league leaders. 7 last season. The most points we can gain on last year is 3. and that’s if we beat united. Which wenger won’t do.

    I have a different view than you and if you and let prof can’t hahdle it go somewhere else.

    We didn’t lose to Chelsea? That’s all you have ?? I thought the idea was to win. Especially in a must win game that was going to set the mood for next season.

    You keep being happy with status quo and wenger. We will never win the league or CL with wenger. He can’t even challenge.

  64. igbo amadi-obi

    Peter seems to now be somewhat restrained in his agitation for Santi to be moved on. Understandably so. If he has performed so well this season, playing nearly every game, I don’t see why he should perform any less next season, just because there has been a summer break in-between. I think we will still get two seasons of top performance from Santi. With several people ripe for moving on already (Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo, Jenkinson, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Diaby), I believe we will be cutting too deep if we move Santi on after an outstanding season. We need him both for performance and experience. And why isn’t there a strong case being made for Per to move on? He’s about as old as Santi.

  65. Joe

    And I never hide
    Wenger out now. Last year. 7 years ago

    We will never win league or CL with wenger. I have never said I want us to be bayern etc

    We don’t even compete

  66. hitman

    4 wins out of 11 against the best 7 teams. Hardly title winning form is it. Still cant beat Utd or Chavs.
    Were miles away. Any who underestimates the task is a fool or doesn’t understand football. Probably both. Serious injection in quality is required to make the step up to champions.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    It is interesting to refer back to the Southampton game in January when we lost 2-0.

    That game was for me the one which forced Wenger into making significant changes in our starting X1, formation and the way we play tactically.

    The team that day was Szczesny,Debuchy,Gibbs,Mertesacker,Koscielny,Coquelin,Chambers,Ox,Cazorla,Rosicky,Sanchez. Both Walcott and Akpom came on as subs.

    Only 5 of this team started against Hull.

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    Lee: It will be us and united at the top again before long. Liverpool third
    Order restored

    Why would it be ? Both ManC and Chelsea make more money than us now, without money being injected by their owners.

  69. Leedsgunner

    I plan to have a cheeky pint to celebrate tonight… 😉 Harry Kane, you might be the young player of the year but it still doesn’t change the fact you play for a team of wishers and hopers.

    Note to any transfer targets deliberating between our two clubs — there really is no contest. (So Morgan make the right choice!)

    Up the Gooners!

  70. Leedsgunner


    I plan to have a cheeky pint to celebrate tonight…
    Finally, my pro-alcohol agenda is paying off!

    That’s mighty kind of you Middy to offer to pay… 😉 Putting your winnings to good use! 😉 You ok buddy?

  71. Arsene's Nurse

    Man City and Chelsea make far more money than us. The aren’t going anywhere. Both will happily fall in with FFP .

  72. Lee


    When has arsenal fc ever dominated, unrivalled? Never!!!
    Why do you think we are entitled to now??

    You obviously don’t remember what wenger did for this club
    We wouldn’t be singing Ozil or sanchez if it wasn’t for him.
    You are obviously a young fellow so you are pardoned

  73. Joe

    Because klopp or Diego wouldny be able to attract anyone

    Wenger is the only manager in the world who can’t attract players

    We are the Arsenal. Not arsene fc

    I guess when wenger leaves we may as we’ll dissolve because we won’t be able to attract any players and be relegated to beer league

    Oh wait. Didn’t GG win a European trophy before wenger???

    Yes, yes he did.

  74. Joe


    How about we compete? We have the resources to compete every season.

    And without wenger are the helm we would win the title. Right away

    Must kill you what cesc said about Jose today

  75. Lee

    Hey joe……
    Where the hell you goin with that attitude???

    Look kid. Anyone can google graham winning the cup winners cup. He couldn’t, didn’t, deliver what wenger did. No manager has. Nobody has gone 49 games unbeaten.
    Now for a manager who only plays one way that’s pretty amazing.
    Jose couldn’t do it. Not with all the roubles in the marvel multiverse. So shit your pie hole and cram for your GCSE’s

  76. Leedsgunner


    “Wenger talks about only signing world class playersToo bad we need a wc manager to take us to the next level…”

    Ouch! You’ve stirred the hornets nest now. Prepared to be called a Spud, Chav etc, just because you’ve doubted Wenger’s World Class credentials…

    What we all must not forget is no man is greater than the club — not even Wenger. Long after he’s gone Arsenal will go on.

  77. MidwestGun

    Hornets nest? … meh… same old debate that’s always on here, is AW great or not, some peeps like to continually debate it. And nobody ever changes their mind that I’m aware of.
    Personally, I hope the next manager is great and AW is average the next 2 years. Wish he had signed a shorter contract. Hopefully, the end looming is motivational and things continue on an upward trend.

  78. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: And without wenger are the helm we would win the title. Right away

    Possibly, but pretty unlikely. (unless your idea of ‘right away’ is in the next 10 years

    It’s also quite possible that with a new manager we’d do worse than under Wenger. There are very few managers who stay at a club without underperforming quite seriously at some point

  79. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: Prepared to be called a Spud, Chav etc, just because you’ve doubted Wenger’s World Class credentials…

    Does anyone on here do that though?

    I know there are some that get accused of it, but that’s generally because they’re miserable and critical after a win rather than simply enjoying it for what it is.

    Like Joe last night…. oh…er…

    as you were 😀

  80. salparadisenyc

    Do love if when someone levels the “how many games you been to card.”
    Clearly a very young man, Joe.

  81. salparadisenyc


    Graham, certainly culled the best out of what he had a fine example of that would be 94 vs Parma as Lee said. They had that very potent front three of Zola, Brolin, Asprila and a better overall side. Italy was THE league back then. But Dixon, Bouldie, Adams and Winterburn defended their arses off for the better part of 70 minutes and secured the win. With it our only European bit of silverware. Credit to Graham, he was the man for the time.

    Never in my wildest did I think the Arsenal would soon turn into that flashy Parma side and Wenger did just that. Gave us style, silverware and legends. Now it takes an ignorant man to ignore that. But unlike Parma whom are bankrupt and just relegated out of the Serie A, when Wenger leaves this club will most definitely be in a better position than when he took it over, moving forward at pace.

    I may of lost patience with Wenger in the back half of the last decade but he’s weathered the storm, delivered a cup and put us into another final. If you can’t see the progress, you’re blinded by the Wenger rage.

    I for one am glad to see him finding his legs again, going out a champion would bring it full circle and i’d love to see him do it. Any supporter worth his salt would hopefully feel the same. Thats not to say if Pep came a calling I wouldn’t pine in a very large way for him…. but the fact is the only reason a Pep, Klopp or Ancelloti would come a calling is all down to what Arsene did for the club.

  82. SpanishDave

    Wenger will not buy 4 good players that we now need.
    He is too forgiving to our crap players and the regular injured ones.
    He is not ruthless so he will fiddle about as usual leaving it to the last minute.
    By the way look how Madrid and Juve stretch play freeing up the midfield to operate. We ball watch and bunch up around the ball. We need some changes to move on.

  83. kwik fit

    @Mattspiro says Abdennour & Fekir on Arsenal shortlist this summer. Wenger a big fan of both. Would be decent additions but not quite the areas we need to strengthen imo

  84. kwik fit

    As anyone noticed that RM seen to ignore Bale and all play seems to go through Ronaldo. He must be totally pissed off.

  85. kwik fit

    I have a feeling that Ronaldo controls the RM camp and Bale is his biggest treat. They’re afraid of a Ronaldo hissy fit

  86. MidwestGun

    Entertaining half…. both sides could have scored a few times. Pirlo long passes, thing of beauty must say. And the beard majestic as always.

  87. daz

    salparadisenycMay 5, 2015 18:52:24
    Couldn’t agree more

    Yeah ronaldo is such a cunt I just hate his face I’m rooting for juve on this one

  88. Marko

    Kwik Abdennour and particularly Fekir would be fantastic additions in the summer. Though with Abdennour someone would have to leave you’d imagine but fekir would be brilliant

  89. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Yep… Vidal makes me tired just watching him. Add in an Aguero type striker …. would be something to see. Tevez has found the fountain of youth too, must say. That said RM look to have too much. Funny watching Pirlo press.

  90. kwik fit


    Exactly his ability will soon fade and then what will happen his ego


    Abdennour is contacted to 2019 but really impressed against us. Perhaps he could be a replacement for BFG
    I’ve heard alot of positive stuff about Fekir without seeing him play, so I suppose we’ll have to trust Grimandi.

  91. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, I don’t get the CB link

    Fekir has been linked before. I actually think he’s more likely than Abdennour, despite what Spiro says, (who clearly knows lots more about it than me)

  92. kwik fit


    I wouldn’t read too much into the link at the Spiro guy has linked us with many french players in the past and nothing came of it plus the Lyon manager categorically denied that Fekir was being sold, for whatever that’s worth.

    We should have picked up Tevez for 8m

  93. salparadisenyc

    Tevez was a steal… although Pirlo should be taking PKs at all times
    The Don at large, could convert Bieber into a straight man.

  94. Leedsgunner

    “Vidal and Sanchez both in an Arsenal shirt would be some sight eh?”

    Shame Vidal wasn’t five years younger though. Isn’t he thirty this year? Unless he comes with a knock down price I would pass on him… as a good a player as he is. I think we need to look at players aged 19-25 to get our monies worth.

  95. Bamford10


    Le Prof has actually been very well-behaved since returning. Honestly. Like a different person. Even when he has probably wanted to tell me or someone else to go f*&* themselves, he has played nice.

    Le Prof

    I’m well aware that one can’t judge a player’s performance based on highlights. I was actually simply asking the question of those who did watch the game: in a game where several other attacking players ran riot, what exactly did Giroud do? Did he even have a shot on goal? I’m aware of your answer to the q of what he did — he occupied the CBs, he made runs off the ball — but I continue to believe that a more mobile CF would do much more than Giroud does in game like this, indeed in any game. I mean, the guy cannot even create his own chances.

    Whatever. I’ll leave it for today. Not a big deal.

  96. Leedsgunner


    Why look at Wiki when you have Le Grove? 🙂 Much obliged lads…

    Hmmmm…. I’m not watching the game — does he look like he’s over his knee troubles?

    To think Bayern Leverkeusen sold him to Juventus for €10.5m I think?

    What a steal.

  97. MidwestGun

    Bale had been pretty bad to be honest, isolated yes, but he keeps trying to beat 2 or 3 players by simply pushing the ball past them and running. Agree,Isco was much more useful.

  98. WengerEagle


    He’s a terrible CF, I’d have Welly over him everyday of the week even though he’s a poor finisher.

    There’s a reason that he was the 4th choice CF at United.

    I’m just amazed that Real even loaned him, suppose Benz never really gets injured.

  99. WengerEagle

    Good result, should make for a great 2nd leg.

    Have a feeling that the away goal for Real will prove crucial though and that they will sneak through.

  100. Bamford10

    Who was the AKB on here a week ago saying that Arsenal are better than Juventus? That we would’ve beaten Juventus in the CL? Complete nonsense.

    Could we do what they just did? No.