Sensational mental strength from Arsenal

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Not going to lie hear ladies and Gents, I had my doubts about yesterday’s result. We don’t do things the easy way. Arsenal this year, so far has been all about ease and simplicity. Could we really maintain our focus?

Hull were and are firmly in the mix of a relegation battle. Arsenal are all but secured for top four with only the FA Cup to fight for. It could have been messy.

Thankfully we bossed the game pretty much from start to finish. The starting 11 had very few surprises, our best back four was set up, in midfield Santi and Coq pinned, Ozil through the middle with a front three of Sanchez, Rambo and Giroud.

We controlled the tempo and played with all the swagger of a team that finally found its balance. Our first two goals came with a dollop of Frank Lampard like fortune. Alexis Sanchez whipped a freekick in off Michael Dawsons head for our first. The second came when Santi picked out a blistering Aaron Ramsey run, the Welshman stunned the ball, turned inside his man and rifled off a shot that pinged in off Brady into the top corner. Exquisite regardless of the balls final journey.

We capped off the half with Sanchez rounding the keeper with a clean / zero deflections kind of goal.

Hull had the chance to make us worry, Santi lost the ball through the middle, Koscielny was crunched in what looked like a brutal crunch tackle, the ball was whipped into the box and they headed home for the consolation.

So, 1-3 up North. A touch closer to Chelsea in the finished title race. Well and truly in the mix for second.



Absolutely breathtaking at times. He blends in and out like a clockwork ghost. His touches were nothing short of mesmerising at times. He’s adapted to the pace of the league fully and he’s toying with it every week. If we bring him back after summer in this form, we’ll be in for a treat next season.


Strong performance in that deeper role. It’ll be interesting to see what the manager does with one of the seasons unsung heroes. Can he pin a midfield at 31? Does he have a strong future in our starting 11? A superb talent, I just wonder how influential he can continue to be. Have we reached peak Santi? A big question this summer, especially as contract negotiations have apparently stuttered.


A much stronger showing over the last month. I still wonder though. He’s kind of the opposite of problem to Ozil. He’s all action, spectacular but quite wasteful. He wants life through the middle, he wants to score all the goals but often at the expense of the team. He’s great to watch, I think he could do with a bit of mentor time with Ozil. He’s going to have to craft his talent over the next year to grow his importance in the starting 11.

Next up:

We have a lovely few days off to prepare for Swansea at home. The return of Fabianski. I hope we all boo him mercilessly for his betrayal. Gary Monk is doing a sterling job over there. A very likeable character. Then it’s United the weekend after. They play Palace before us and have an extra day of rest over us (CONSPIRACY). That should be a fun game. A real tough match against a team who I have no doubt we’ll be tussling with next season after they blow another £150m on players.


Here they are >>> Arsenal player ratings

Geordie Fans:

Enjoyed this read about Geordie fans not being the most destructive entitled fans in the UK. Kind of reminded me of the feeling I used to get when journalists who dip in and out of Arsenal would tell us how grateful we should be of a manager who injured all our players and didn’t engage in tactics. Not sure if I’d agree with the article though, little bit too much innocence in there. I’m reminded of them bringing in Alan Shearer, with zero experience to oversee a relegation… pushing Pardew out and replacing him with a man who can’t stop telling the world he’s ‘one of them’… fans singing about the fat Cockney in charge relentlessly. It’s all a bit, well, Newcastle…


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  1. Ashwin Gunner

    It was a great game yesterday. we controlled it well. Ozil is class. His back heel pass to Sanchez in teh second half was classy.. and the fact that he has bulked up means that he cannot be physically bullied. He stands his ground..

    Good to see Jack back.. He played with passion.

  2. shad

    I agree that Ramsey needs to find some maturity. He just seems to want to be everywhere a la Wilshere, sometimes neglecting to do the simple stuff.
    Chucking him out on the wing is counter productive in most fast paced games. He has the engine but not the pace.

    About Santi, seems his adaptability has won him a new role. I think we should keep him for his versatility. We should still get a specialist DM to assist/rotate with Coq.

    We are 3 players short of a title winning side: Dm, GK, Striker.

  3. Danny

    It was cool watching Santi, Aaron, Ozil and Sanchez combining together – a real joy to watch BUT it was against a piece of shit team.
    If only they could do this against real opposition.

  4. Highbury4ever

    “Arsenal this year, so far has been all about ease and simplicity.”

    Pedro is definitely a different man nowadays…. lol

  5. AngeAusArsenal

    Talk about sixth sense, those eyes of his allow him to see also 360°. #teamozil.
    Can’t wait for next year. Schneiderling, Regards and Dybala for the chance to win it all.

  6. Highbury4ever

    “Sensational mental strength from Arsenal”

    For winning at Hull… With 2 lucky goals.
    So if we win at Old Toilet we will be the strongest team in Europe ??? lol

  7. Dan T

    Nice Newcastle article there. I live just outside Newcastle and it really is sad to see. There is total dejection now to do with anything football. I watched the Leicester Newcastle game in my local club with 4 other people. 4 people who just shrugged when Leicester scored in the first minute. Even just 1 year ago there would have been 100 people there and they would have been furious when they conceded, people have just given up now. Such a shame for a once ambitious club.

  8. AngeAusArsenal

    We all know this team and the coach are not perfect, but jeeze there are some sad killjoys on here.

  9. leon

    I am not sold on ozil not at all if you look at his performances against top teams it’s too great at all 12 assists in 2 years is not great he needs step up against the the top teams. Sanchez as usual showed what a top player he is

  10. Danny

    Chelsea and Man City used to be just like Newcastle so who knows maybe some rich cunt will buy them.
    Christ I so hate Roman Abramovich.

  11. YoungMurphy

    Cracking game and we could have scored more. Wilshere looked very zippy when he came on. Did he take Rambo’s place directly and play on the right of midfield?

    I would say, as much as I love Santi, not sure if I go with him away @ Barca or Bayern when we’re sitting on a 1-0 home leg win. Still think we need that 2nd DMF to lock down the middle of the park with Coq and allow the front 4 to do their thing.

  12. Alfie

    “This is a football blog. Why do people waste 10 to 15 comments doing silly 1st,2nd,4th stuff is truly beyond me.”

    It bores me as well but I guess its just a bit of fun. No big deal.

  13. Gooner Joe

    Some people on here need to chill, for Christ sake we won comfortably and some still say it’s because the opposition were shit? Come on, Hull City won their last two matches and that was against Liverpool and Crystal Palace.

  14. peanuts&monkeys

    These are the Arsenal players who influenced this season’s performances positively: Ospina (has been solid ever since), Hector (the speed gunner), Coquelin (the fallback DM, finally), Santi (was superb during December and Jan), Alexis (pretty much the icon of Arsenal attack and grit all along except for Jan, Feb and March), Ozil (shone as silk since Jan till now) and Monreal (shadow of Ashley Cole, still was the only crosser this season)

    Worst: Sceszeny, Chambers, Per, Arteta, Giroud.

    We did not miss Sagna at all. Rather we are better off on the right without him.

    Two departments made Arsenal suffer all through the season: Coaching and Striking/Goalscoring.

    Verdict: Change the manager and get a striker.

  15. Highbury4ever

    @Gooner Joe : I’m mostly worried about Pedro, his mind has strangely changed lately…
    Soon he will tell us that we don’t need to buy this summer lol

  16. Danny

    @Dan T
    Your right, I didn’t know that.
    Maybe coz he’s english explains why he doesn’t care!

  17. Pedro

    Highbury4ever, if your defacto position is to be miserable regardless of progress… then I can see why you’d think I’m a changed man.

    Plenty to do, but 2015 has been easy street… breezing through everything bar the first leg against Monaco.

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    some of the passing was superb last night. And while it was ‘only’ Hull, and technically they weren’t the best, they weren’t leaving too many gaps

  19. gazzap

    We can’t expect Ramsey to look brilliant playing from the right wing. He is on form right now but that’s not his best position. His positioning and pace for that role is not right but Wenger finds it hard to drop him and has given the free role to Ozil instead. same for Jack. not a winger either but Santi and Ozil can’t/won’t be moved to accommodate anyone. Only when injury strikes will they get their chance back in the middle.
    For me, if Ox was fit, I would have him on the RW and Ramsey on the bench because you cannot drop Santi when he plays like that. I wonder if Coq gets injured whether you could play Ramsey and Santi in the centre? I’d like to see it.

  20. Danny

    That Ozil flick tho’
    Was great but lets see him do it against Man U and beat them too…..

  21. Dark Hei


    Yup, Ramsey is best played through the middle. But without a natural wide midfielder available, he is the next best option.

    Ramsey is a counterfoil to Sanchez on the left. We put a striker/inside forward on the left, usually we have a midfielder on the opposite flank. Kind of to give balance so that we retain possession better.

    Which means Wenger might go out and buy a wide midfielder instead of an offensive winger or inside forward.

  22. Dark Hei

    Damn. I can’t wait to watch the freebie on later on. Sounds like a cracking match. Yeah, yeah I comment on the match but didn’t even watch it…..hey some folks are just cheap.

    But I am nowhere near Mike Ashley’s epic levels.

  23. zaco

    you seems to be the ONLY one questioning the importance of carzolar, you surely want him sold even when he has proved to be one of the best 3 players in this arsenal team this season. your reasons seems to be centered around his age his age, then you also have to question the likes of alonso, zlatan, pirlo, iniesta, godin, C. Ronaldo. all of whom are well older than Santi. the man even at 29-32 can give us what a 23 year old wilshere cannot give the team. his football is of high quality, he is very experienced, he is a world cup and euro winner and he is hardly injured.

  24. bnsb

    At the beginning of this season what we needed was ” a bit more creativity” and “bit more efficiency and ruthlessness” in the final third. IMO we now have a fair bit of creativity, what we must improve is composure and finishing.

  25. Romford Ozil Pele

    Should’ve won about 6-1 tbh. Need to be more ruthless but what I like now is that we’re creating a lot more which was a main gripe before. Primarily we’re an attacking team and our combinations haven’t been good enough. You can see the potential though there’s still a long way to go. Alexis working more off-the-ball and less ball hogging

  26. Nasri's Mouth


    The time is finally getting to know each other. Alexis is looking more effective…efficient(?) now. Maybe be realises there’s enough class in the rest of the team that he doesn’t have to do everything himself.

  27. Wallace

    the last 30mins with Jack on i thought we looked so fluid and dangerous. everyone in sync and even Sanchez curbing his lone wolf tendencies(apart from the chance at the end).

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Cazorla is still a very important player at Arsenal even if he is now in his 30s.

    My concern at the moment is that we are retaining too many players moving into their 30s particularly in midfield where we have four on books in Flamini,
    Arteta,Rosicky and Cazorla. Personally I would offload at least two of these,
    because they are surplus to requirement costing a lot in wages and also unlikely to sit on the bench let alone play in starting lineup.

    Cazorla is the only one of these four who is good enough to play regularly in
    first team, which is why I would keep him.

  29. Redtruth

    The worst Premier league of all time is the reason Arsenal are challenging for 2nd and we are still as ineffectual as ever in Europe

  30. Nasri's Mouth


    Wilshere looked pretty sharp (could have had 2 pens), though Hull weren’t offering much by then. I’d like to see him start a game where the opposition are still fighting hard to see how he’s focused on both ends of the pitch

  31. Romford Ozil Pele

    NM – Well yeah that was always the thing. I wanted Alexis to defer the middle third to Santi and Ozil and look to be more proficient in the final third – let them find him. He has massive goalscoring potential so should be looking to make these runs more often. Maybe it is just a case of familirisation. Not there yet but it’s getting better for sure.

  32. Ashwin Gunner

    “This is a football blog. Why do people waste 10 to 15 comments doing silly 1st,2nd,4th stuff is truly beyond me.”

    Well. it is a different kind of fun.. something bloggers here look forward to.. Dont believe me.. Ask N5 and Bankz. they would kill to do this…..

  33. Wallace


    experience is important, although of the players you mention i think only Cazorla will be around next season. all the important players are either in the 23-26 range or in their prime. it’s basically a young squad.

  34. Romford Ozil Pele

    Moaning about the first batch of comments?! Is it really that big a deal? Some harmless fun really. I swear, people love to get their knickers in a twist over the smallest of things

  35. Wallace


    yeah, of course. but the pleasing thing for me was that he didn’t look like he was missing that extra little bit of sharpness. he just looked hungry.

  36. shad

    What will be unforgivable is failure to address the squad gaps in the summer. No international football distractions, plenty of money in the bank, Ozil and Sanchez command a need to play with their ilk so here’s hoping to a good a leaner, meaner, title challenging for the title team. Wenger will be under pressure to bolster the team especially IF we nail 2nd and win the FA cup.

  37. gazzap

    Our first target has to be to catch Chelsea domestically. worry about the CL later. aim for regular quarter final and the odd semi in the CL for now. The big 4 of Europe are some way off where we are but it may not always be like this. Even Chelsea are not close to those teams at the moment.

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    Hard to know with Rosicky and Arteta.

    It looked earlier on in the season that Rosicky might get a decent run of games, but at the moment, there’s very little reason to use him and it’s looking more and more likely that when he sits down with Wenger they’ll decide he’d be better off leaving.

    Arteta made a telling comment a while back where he basically said he’ll decide if he can still cut it at the top level.

    You’d imagine that Flamini will definitely be off, but he might just stick around for the money. Unlike Arteta I get the feeling that’s more of a priority to him

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    Ashwin gunner: Telegraph is trying very hard to prove that chlesea are not boring…

    I’m loving it. It started as a throw away chant by fans during the middle of the game, and now it’s become much more than that. The more that Chelsea and others defend it, the more Abramovich will be itching to tell Mourinho to go gung ho

  40. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d agree, but there’s just this niggling worry that Wilshere’s style is kinda synonymous with how we were until recently.

    Great going forward, easy on the eye, not too good at the boring,getting back into position stuff.

    It’s nit picking, and he’s definitely got the talent and the desire, just a slight concern he’s got a slight case of Song-itis.

  41. Ashwin Gunner

    Cazrola is one of the best in PL. there is no way we are offloading him, (unless he wants to leave). Xavi was 29-33 when he won every known football title in the world. Cazrola is the fulcrum of this team. He verstaile and can play from any position in the mid field. He will not be sold.

  42. Ashwin Gunner

    “Moaning about the first batch of comments?! Is it really that big a deal? Some harmless fun really. I swear, people love to get their knickers in a twist over the smallest of things”


    Cant agree with you more.

  43. Highbury4ever

    “Telegraph is trying very hard to prove that chlesea are not boring…”

    Yes they are fucking boring.
    Fortunately we’re not.

    But they are champs.
    We’re not.
    Truth hurts.

  44. Romford Ozil Pele

    NM – I think he will go which is a shame. He wants to play but unfortunately he struggles to make the bench most weeks. Personally I’d be happy to keep him here until he’s ready to retire but Wenger is prioritising the younger players’ development (rightly so) so you can see why Tom wants to move on. Wish him all the best 🙁

  45. Bamford10

    Have only been able to watch the highlights, but looks like Cazorla was fantastic last night, with good performances from Ozil, Sanchez and Ramsey as well.

    Nice to see Jack back. Sincerely hope he can keep his game simple and clean.

    Question: did Giroud do much? If not, does that tell you something? In a game as open as that, when Ozil, Sanchez and Ramsey are charging about, a somewhat invisible CF? As I’ve said before, we need someone more mobile if we really want to challenge.

  46. tee

    @red truth, it .means Chelsea won the league cos its crap right? some people are just irredeemable sadist

  47. Dream10

    AW did not waste any time in giving Wilshere minutes. You contrast that with how Walcott has been rooted to the bench. Marked difference.

  48. Emiratesstroller


    It would make headlines on this site if you could actually say something positive whether about Arsenal or football in general.

    Frankly when I read your posts which is now rare it is a repetitive message that our club is awful and we don’t have any decent players. Everyone else including relegation teams are better than us!

  49. Ashwin Gunner


    I dont think Abramovich cares much. he likes to throw cash to win.. he doesnt care if his team is boring. both Mourinho and Abramovich are shameless. they dont care…

  50. OnlyCameToSeeEboue

    Bamford you watched mere highlights mate, yet want to criticise Giroud. Seems fair.

  51. shad

    Pity if Rosa is really leaving. He should have been given as much priority as Arteta if not more. It’ll be a travesty if we cut him loose and keep Arteta and Flamini. Rosa has so much more to offer.

  52. shad


    I think AW takes contract situations personally. Esp knowing that now Arsenal are on the up, he will deal a heavy hand to any dissidents. Theo, Rosa, Poldi, JC all get the same treatment.

    I expect a decent summer exodus.

  53. Romford Ozil Pele

    We do have quite a heavy loaded squad. We need to streamline like Chelsea so expect more departures than arrivals.

  54. Ashwin Gunner

    Giroud was not in his game yesterday he. he was anonymous. He might be losing his form. that is normal. isnt it.. Give him a break. He is not a 30 goal striker. but he definitely is a 20 goal striker. and add he has scored some crucial goals for Arsenal this term. Like Everton @ home. Accept the fact taht he is no Aguero. But he brings in a different qualitites to the team. you cant play a team of 11 Messi’s. Each player have different attributes and they bring those to fill the gaps in the team. We might not need a WC striker or A WC 100 mil player at every position. . We need a WC team where in people can compliement each other to become a solid unbreakable unit..

  55. bnsb

    NMI dont think Abramovich cares much. he likes to throw cash to win.. he doesnt care if his team is boring. both Mourinho and Abramovich are shameless. they dont care…

    Probably except me- everyone else here would wish Abramovich had bought Arsenal instead of Chelsea, sacked Wenger and appointed Mourinho. Truth hurts 🙂

  56. Wallace


    as long as Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Cazorla and the rest appreciate what Giroud brings to the side i’m sure he can live with your criticism.

  57. Nasri's Mouth

    @Ashwin Gunner

    Roman seemed to care about how his team played, or at least how it’s perceived by others. Hard to know for sure of course, because (slightly ironically) Chelsea’s owner has said even less than Silent Stan.

    But either way, you can bet it’ll get under Mourinho’s skin and wind him up

  58. Ashwin Gunner


    True. we just need to streamline and plug the gaps. we dont need an overhaul. our players are still releatively young. No need to panic as yet. From where i see, Rosiscky and Flamini are definitely out. so is Diaby. Not sure about Arteta and Theo. Wenger might want to keep Arteta and make him our Gibbs. Use him when needed kind of a player. As for Theo, the ball is in his court. he might want to stay and fight for his place. We should definitely listen to offeres for Miyachi and Poldi..

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    bnsb: everyone else here would wish Abramovich had bought Arsenal instead of Chelsea, sacked Wenger and appointed Mourinho.

    Can’t deny I’d have loved the trophies, but I strongly suspect I’d be a lot less in love with Arsenal had that happened

  60. Bamford10

    Wenger’s post-game remarks suggest he thinks he already has the squad to challenge for the title next season. Only interested in “top, world class players,” he says:

    “If we can get top, world-class players we will look at it, but we have a very strong squad already in number and we want to stay together and start well next season. I feel that we have made progress … Let’s finish well, then prepare well for next season and give them a good fight.”

    Unless I’ve misread him, that means he’ll do very little this summer. How many “world class” players are there? Does either a Kondogbia or Schneiderlin qualify in Wenger’s mind? Does Cech?

    Hard to say, but I fear he is overconfident (yet again) regarding his squad. Complacency this summer will result only in a disappointing season next season, IMO.

  61. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lukaku couldn’t trap a bag of sand, let alone hold up a football. I had high hopes for him a few years back but he still looks incredibly raw. He is still young of course but you can see why Benteke is preferred over him for Belgium.

  62. Bamford10


    Dream10 is correct: Wilshere has only been back ashore time after a long absence and yet Wenger finds more time for him than Walcott. Walcott has been back for months and has played very little.

  63. Pedro

    Zaco, most people are about the now. I’m looking forward to next season… is it smart to continue to rely on him? Or do we upgrade. Players seriously dip around his age… look at RVP.

    On the flip side, you have players like Rosicky doing great things at 34.

    A tough decision.

  64. OnlyCameToSeeEboue

    When Theo initially came back he got quite a lot of minutes. You guys are trying to bend the truth to suit an agenda that states Wenger wants to play Wilshere at all costs despite the fact that Wengers most recent comments suggest that he will have a hard time getting to the first XI. Allow yourself to adapt. You’ll feel better for it.

  65. vicky

    Possible departures :

    Diaby (not sure)
    Rosicky ( would be a shame)
    Sczesney ( think deserves another chance)

    So at least 9 players’ career at Arsenal is hanging in balance. Expecting at least 6 of them to leave. Opens up plenty of places for new recruits.

  66. nepGunner

    Dear Pedro,

    THANK YOU for your kind words on #NepalQuake. May this solidarity amongst the AFC supporters grow deeper and spread even further.

  67. DUIFG

    fantastic from ozil yest, been rough for a while, yest was the type of game he could deliver, always knew this, why the apologists for him were so annoying. such a shame the end of the season is here, he looks beastly right now!

  68. Romford Ozil Pele

    Look at Vicky’s list. He didn’t even include Poldi. Nearly all of them can go. Wenger may wanna keep Theo and Chesney. But even then look how much yore saving in wages.

    Wellington to go too

  69. Bamford10


    Who gives a fuck if he can live with my criticism? The question is whether he is good enough to lead us to an EPL title or to a deep run in the CL. Your lot says ‘yes’. Thierry Henry and I say ‘no’.

    As for whomever asked about who could fill our “Giroud role,” as though RVP was just like Giroud, this is nonsense. This is like Walllace yesterday grouping Lewandowski, Costa and Benzema together with Giroud as “lumps”. RVP was no lump. He could get in behind back fours and could beat defenders off the dribble. He was three times player Giroud is. As are L and B. C, I’d say, is twice the player. Those who look at goal stats alone know not of what they speak.


    Nonsense. Walcott has been sitting on the bench for months now. The only narrative for me is that he’s clearly out of favor. This has been evident for some time — without Jack.

  70. gambon

    Good result last night, and really promising future if we get 2nd and win the cup.

    I would say we are the clear favourites to compete with Chelsea in the next few years if we get things right.

    Heard some very interesting stuff about Arsenal this weekend from an insider.

  71. DUIFG

    Benteke schneid, cech,

    That for me would be a splendid summer.

    cazorla needss to be kept at all costs, guy is playing like a dream, we need that subtlety.

    nice cameo from jack yest as well

  72. vicky

    Poldi and Walcott earn 100k while the rest 8 of them easily earn 400k in total. 600k worth of wages. Quite a lot to be honest although I would not count Theo, Rosicky and Sczesney as deadwoods.

  73. OnlyCameToSeeEboue

    Bamford its useless debating with you. You cant see beyond your agenda related blind spots.

  74. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    I think that the points being made are that Arsenal do not need to make wholesale changes, but there will be always places in first team which could be improved.

    GOALKEEPER Cech is clearly someone who would be considered an upgrade
    on those players currently on our books.

    CENTRE BACKS. More difficult to assess, because virtually every top club in
    Europe is looking for better than they have got. They only CB who might fit
    that category and could be available is Hummels.

    CENTRAL MIDFIELD. There are clearly quite a few players in market who could be available including Pogba, Gundogan, Schneiderlein and Yaya Toure.
    I doubt that Arsenal would be interested in Pogba or Toure. The million dollar question is whether Wenger considers that we need new players in this department and those available are an upgrade on what he has got.

    WINGERS/STRIKERS. This could be considered an area of team where Wenger might invest if the right player is available AND Walcott does not extend his contract. If Walcott stays at the club then I don’t think that Wenger will buy. The two players that I would consider are Higuain or Lacazette. Both
    should be affordable and currently in good form. Clearly there are quite a few forwards floating around

  75. Redtruth


    If that was Ozil being beastly in a game then i would hate to see him on an off day.
    Besides doing a few fancy flicks what did Ozil do that was beastly.

  76. bnsb

    Good morning Gambon,

    Is that really you? Come on mate spit it out – are they sacking Wenger finally? 🙂

  77. DUIFG

    coq really is a revelation., we actually win the ball back early in counter attacks now , used to be only after presenting a chance to the opposition did we get the ball back

  78. Bigper

    Why the constant criticism of giroud? We all know he has his limitations but why not focus on the positive aspects of his game for a change?. He has contributed a lot to our good form and adds a different dimension that no other player in our team does

    I think we can challenge for the league with giroud and our other current attacking options. We don’t struggle to score goals, we have many players who can contribute with goals.

    Our problem at the start of the season was injuries, naivety in defence and lack of tactics. We have begun to improve these aspects and the balance of the team looks the best it has for years IMO

    I’d love a world class striker of course but I don’t really agree with the notion that we can’t win the league with giroud. The champions league is a different matter but tbh we are a level below the tops teams in Europe in every department pretty much, however Chelsea did win the cl afew years ago with drogba up front who couldn’t run, but they had great tactics and preparation

    Tactics, preparation, fitness, concentration, defensive and attacking balance are more important than Giroud in our challenge for the title

  79. DUIFG

    Redtruth, hull could not get near him all night, when playing in combinations if you cant get near ozil its trouble for you, so it proved.

  80. Bamford10


    Right. Walcott has been back sice January 1st — four full months — yet my saying he is ‘out of favor’ is agenda-driven. That makes sense.

  81. gambon


    Well the main bit of info I got was that no-one really knows whats going on. Arsene is very isolated at the club, very friendly but doesn’t let anyone know what hes thinking, which means anyone that has “inside knowledge” of a transfer is probably lying. He trusts very few people to evaluate players including a few ex players (non scouts) that he will ask to give a second opinion of a player, Tony Adams being one such person.

    Also was told that Arsenal are very poor at Academy level, and there are virtually no players that have a realistic chance of making it.

  82. Ashwin Gunner


    not everybody’s job is to physically bully opposition. Ozil is sublime. He can sneak through like a snake without anybody noticing him. He contantly keeps moving across the forward line and helps in building the play. Yesterday Cazrola was playing in a deeper role. he was constantly taking passes from Cazrola, Ramsey and Sanchez and helped ball and players move further forward to attack. My only criticism to his play is that he should take more shots no teh goal rather than doing tiki taka in front of the goal.

  83. OnlyCameToSeeEboue

    The overall point youre trying to make is Wenger wants to get Wilshere in the team at the expense of the team. True or false?

  84. Romford Ozil Pele

    He trusts Tony Adams? Interesting?!

    Well the academy stuff is nothing new really, hence the appointment of Jonker but this won’t happen overnight, it’ll take a few years. The only player I like the look of atm is Crowley. Everyone else looks turgid in comparison

  85. Keyser

    gambon – Lol you flop, that would’ve been worth at least a guest post and a £50K cheque from Pedro. Maybe future Royalties.

  86. Redtruth


    Don’t address me it was DUIFG who called Ozil beastly and i reiterate what was Ozil’s overall contribution in the game besides the odd flick.

  87. OnlyCameToSeeEboue

    If thats the case, I hold my hands up and apologise. So many agenda driven comments on this site it gets difficult to keep track.

  88. Keyser

    Our Academy/Reserves have done ok, probably quite well when you consider who has made it through.

    When Jonker took over we basically shifted half the reserves and pushed loads of players up the age groups.

    In 2008-09 ? We won the Youth Cup, Wilshere, Sczcesny and now Coquelin have made it through to the first team.

    Since that year Chelsea have won 4 out of the next 6 Youth Cups.

  89. Wallace


    Giroud’s a smart player. you have to be to play in a side containing players of the quality of Ozil & Cazorla. it’s not always just about who can dribble fastest to the corner flag.

  90. gambon

    Shad has had very little input so far. The training, recovery, conditioning is no different to previous years.