St Totts day nears…

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Hull City this evening. Excellent news. I do wish miserable Arsenal fans would stop moaning that there’s a 16 point gap at the top of the league. We have 2 games in hand over

We have to win those two games. But now City are pulling away in second, there really is a fight on to make up the ground.

This season has represented progress. I have no idea why so many people are in denial about that. If we finish second and we win the FA Cup, that’s a big leap from last year. We’ve tackled injuries, we’ve tackled big game tactics and we have the most balanced side we’ve seen in years.

However, the season isn’t over. There’s still a big fight on this evening in Hull. We still have to turn up against the little teams.

They’ll be fired up and confident after beating Liverpool. If we’re not on our game, we could end up with some serious egg on our faces. No one needs that. Not on a bank holiday Monday.

I think the side probably picks itself at the moment. I feel like this could be a good game to bring Theo into the fold. It’s important to make sure our players are fresh for the FA Cup final and I think it’s important some of the fringe players feel comfortable and loved… because if there’s a big injury, you need them coming back into the frame in a solid state of mind.

I’d like to see WELBZ given a run out, show his mettle. He’s been a bit of a weird one. On the face of it, I’m not disappointed about his offering this year. I think he has a lot of talent. However, his productivity scores, are, well, very Welbeckesque. He’s either going to break into the next level of striker next year, or he’s going to sink in oblivion and irrelevance.

Good to hear Arsene Wenger talking down the work we’ll be doing in the summer. He’s talking about bringing the loan boys back into the fold. I’m not sure what to make of those comments. All the loan players are bombing at a the moment. Sanogo can’t get a start, the rest haven’t contributed much in the way of goals. I’d imagine we’ll be selling them on this summer.

We just need to focus on the middle of the park and potentially replacing Theo Walcott. I don’t think we need major surgery. We have a very big squad of players. We just need to add elite quality in the middle of the park. I’d like a new keeper, but I can’t see it happening unless he moves on Chezzer… but he won’t move on Chezzer if he’s on £90k a week like its rumoured. That boy will be sitting on the bench for a very long time if that’s the case.

Chelsea landed the league yesterday. Can’t know Jose. He came he saw he conquered… yet again. It was so easy for him this  year. Unbelievable work. I don’t like how they play, but I like how they just get the job done. Hats off and all that…

It’s also St Totts day this evening… well, if we get anymore than a point. They’ve been a bit quiet, haven’t they? Impressively easy this year. I do like their manager though, I think he’ll come good. So we need to make sure we’re always progressing.

Right, that’s me done. Have a bloody great day!

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  1. tunnygriffboy

    Good all round display. Some lovely touches and passes. Players seem to be enjoying themselves, even Mesut has been smiling on occasion in the last few games

    Wilshere nice little cameo. Hope that’s what competition is doing for the squad

    Was there a blatant handball on their line from a jack shot ? I’m sure it was going in.

  2. Sukky

    This is why wenger won’t win the title again. 3-0 at half time and he didn’t change until 68min. Carzola clearly need a rest. Before the start of the match, I predicted wenger will go with the same line up and he did. An opposition coach can predict what wenger will do. Wenger won’t win the title with this Chelsea squad.

  3. nasri's mouth


    Cazorla was playing brilliantly right till the end, not sure why he ‘clearly’ needed a rest.

    As for predicting what he’d do, so what, it worked, and worked well

  4. Sukky

    The great redtruth is here again,
    English is a second language in my country, so am allow to be corrected. You life must be really boring, it’s like you need attention.

  5. MidwestGun

    Pedro should hire me to have the ban hammer, I can’t be corrupted except by bribes of money, booze, or sex. So I’m practically incorruptible.

  6. David Smith

    Rather watch that , especially in the first half , than watch our embarrassingly boring west london bunch anyday. Don’t get the ref decisions Jose’s lot get either.
    Wenger is a stubborn old goat, but he does play nice football.

  7. nasri's mouth


    Can? Yes of course.

    Will? Probably not. Chances are with ManU, Chelsea and ManC all after the same prize, its no more than a 1 in 4 chance.

    He’s not perfect by any means but at present I don’t see a better available option than Wenger

  8. nasri's mouth

    @tenerife gunner

    My concern about Jack is that he’s a no.10 in a no. 8 role

    I need to watch it again, but he didn’t seem too sharp at the boring defensive stuff.

    Going forward he looked lively though. Its just finding the right way to fit him in

  9. Joe

    Ha wanting to get me banned is banter

    Fuck me you are a thick bunch.


    Go to bed mate. Your mom wants to tuck you in.

  10. Wallace


    my first game was the 1983 FA Cup semi-final(vs Man Utd at Villa Pk(Norman f*ckin’ Whiteside)). i was one of the kids juggling my ball at half time. last game was a pre-season friendly 2/3 years ago.

  11. tunnygriffboy

    Did Wilshere look as if he was quicker than before he was injured. Wonder if Shad has had him working on it? He must have done something with Santi otherwise I’d be drug testing him every week 🙂 🙂

  12. nasri's mouth


    Wanting to get you banned isn’t banter but you thinking Pedro cares what Keyser posts definitely is.

    We won, we played some lovely football, there were some genuine WOW moments tonight, enjoy it while you can, someone might have put weedkiller in your cornflakes

  13. Wallace


    Wilshere was certainly zippy. usually takes him a lot longer to get back up to speed. nice to see him back.

  14. nasri's mouth

    By the way Joe, when you start throwing personal insults around its better not to do it after this:

    Joe: “personal attacks. Haha Love how mature you muppets are”

    Its kinda shooting yourself in the foot

  15. Redtruth

    Spurs took 4pts from Arsenal this season and have qualified for the Champions league just once to Arsenal’s 18 times yet both clubs have never won the Champions league so who is the bigger failure in Europe.

  16. Dark Hei

    Good performance from the boys. The passing, flair and balance is back so while we won’t win the league, we did get our Arsenal back in a belated manner.

    Some of our own are speaking the wisdom of frustrated old men. Leave them be. If this performance can’t get them buzzing, nothing will.

  17. Emiratesstroller

    We played well yesterday in what might have been a difficult game against a team fighting for survival.

    Based on recent results nearly all the teams at the bottom of the table are producing some decent results and apart from Chelsea and ourselves none of the top teams are playing particularly well.

    Second spot in League needs to be our goal, because that will be progress at end of season. We have not finished higher than third for a very long time. Also winning the FA Cup in style should be also a target.

    However, I do agree with some of the points made by Gary Neville and Carrager yesterday even if it irks me to do so. Frankly Wenger almost agreed with them in his post match interview.

    The club must not be complacent and sit on its laurels. We do have a strong squad, but there is still room for improvement as has been suggested by pundits and even Wenger himself.

    The art is not to buy players for the sake of it, but to find one or two playerslike Sanchez and Ozil who might make a significant difference particularly in the games that matter.

    We need to be beating consistently Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd. In the case of latter two they are beatable, but results not guaranteed. In case of Chelsea we still struggle. We managed just one point against them and in both
    League games failed to score.

    Some may argue that is down to tactics, but it is also down to personnel as well.
    Wenger made the a valid point in his response to journalist about new players was to forestall questions at this time of year. That is fair comment. He went on to say that there is no point in buying new players unless they are a lot better than what we have got.

    I made the point several times this season that Arsenal do need to make two
    or three changes to squad a] to freshen it up and b] to provide upgrades.

    We are talking now about bringing in players who will improve our first team and not just squad players. Frankly our squad is almost as strong as Chelsea.

    The key difference is not its size but rather its tail. We have still got on our books several players who need to be offloaded such as Podolski, Campbell, Miyaichi,Flamini, Rosicky, Arteta and Diaby who are now not remotely good
    enough to sit on bench let alone play and cost us a huge chunk of money in wages even if they are loaned out. I would be very surprised if we did not pay
    a proportion of wages for Podolski when he went to Inter.

    If you offloaded all these players plus Jenkinson we would need frankly still
    just one new player. If you add in that there are also one or two other positions
    in squad where Wenger might strengthen e.g. replacing Szczesny and Walcott we are still talking about a maximum of three new players.

    When you look around the market at moment there are very few standout players that we can buy.

    Cech is the only realistic goalkeeper target who we could buy if Chelsea agree
    who would probably walk into first team ahead of Ospina. Otherwise you are
    talking about replacing Szczesny with a similar standard but perhaps more
    reliable player.

    We do need an additional CMF/DMF player. The dilemma is are there any who are significantly better than what we have got who are currently available. The standout player who might be available is Pogba, but every other
    team in market will be competing for him.

    Schneiderlein and Gundogan are very good players, but the question which you do need to ask is whether they would walk into first team? It is by no means certain that they would do so and you have to factor in also they are
    injury prone.

    The other position where we could improve is a mobile goalscoring forward.
    If you buy an established player it will cost you big money and there is never a
    guarantee that he will replicate what he did elsewhere. Torres and Falcao were
    very good strikers in their prime but neither merited after moves the sort of fees paid.

    If you are going to spend serious money on a striker it has to be on ‘CURRENT’
    form and not what they have done in past. Standout strikers on good form apart from Messi,Neymar, Suarez and Ronaldo are few and far between. We
    are talking about Aguero,Costa,Kane and possibly Lacazette. In my view only Lacazette is a realistic target of all those which has been listed.

    In final analysis Wenger needs to be for a change focussed on key targets and
    then decisive in bringing them in even if it means paying ‘over the odds’. That
    has been always his major weakness. If you want the best you must be prepared to pay the price.

  18. bnsb

    While everyone expects Chelsea to continue to show current form and dominate, it is possible they would regress next year. ManU and ManC would bounce back. The likes of Totts and Liverpool could play spoil sport. In short it would be lot more difficult for any team to dominate and win the league, the league would be won on short margins.

  19. Gregg

    Morning Emirates, decent post mate.

    For us it’s about being professional and not sentimental. We need to bring I two/three players that are better than what we have, regardless of how well they’ve done this year. In that I’m looking at Giroud, Coquelin and Mertesecker. Chelsea have no problem doing that whereas we are overly loyal. I’m all for keeping those three obviously but we need better. Mikel’s been at Chelsea for 10 years yet it never stopped them getting matic, a better player. It’s what we must do now.

  20. peanuts&monkeys

    “Since Wenger joined Tottenham have managed to finish above every team in the football league at least once. Apart from one team 🙂 :)”

    As long as Arsenal fans are content with such ‘achievements’ (1) Wenger will remain at Arsenal, (2) Arsenal will never ever win EPL.


  21. peanuts&monkeys

    Well, there is another way out BTW. Let Spurs keep improving and move ahead of Arsenal one fucking year. Hope that can ‘spur’ some change in Arsenaloser mindset.

  22. Wallace


    you think we can improve on Coquelin? for me the only reason he’s not ahead of Matic is that he hasn’t played the full season. i think he’s one of our 4/5 most important players now. definitely expect him to be starting the opening game of next season no matter who we sign.

  23. Gregg


    I think we need another one of his Ilk for sure. Competition for places and the option to rotate. He has done remarkably well for sure but we need two of that type in a squad of 25 for obvious reasons, which we don’t have.

  24. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal need to become a club like an ‘art connoisseur’ or ‘stamp collector’. Once you have collected the bread and butter you need to go after the rarities.

    That has been what the top clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona have done over many years. They target the best that money can buy.

    When you look at the current state of EPL at moment I think that Chelsea and Arsenal have now reached the point where they can be selective with their

    I don’t think that is the case with Manchester City or United. The former have an ageing squad and the latter need serious investment in quite a few positions. On the other hand both these clubs have serious money to throw at market.

    Liverpool by contrast for all rhetoric are light years behind. I think that they are more likely to regress than move forward. It is almost impossible for them
    to buy established world class players and they need to rely on bringing in
    ‘rough diamonds’ or second tier players. Liverpool for all their history lack the
    financial clout or appeal. The situation with Sterling proves this. It will be very hard for them to hang onto him.

    I want to make one final point. Arsenal’s problem in recent years has been to hold onto its best players who have moved on to either the top two Spanish Clubs or Man City or Man Utd. This is less likely to happen now. Both Ozil and
    Sanchez have had their experience at the Spanish Clubs and will be less inclined to move on from Arsenal where they are ‘top dog’ and playing well.

  25. daz

    Peanuts your a twat, es nice comment, so Wenger says we will only look to sign top world class players this summer and since the signings of ozil and Sanchez I see no reason to doubt thats the plan, and also were now looking like a more attractive option for these types of players to want to come to us