Wenger hardly categoric on future of player

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Did you stay up the whole way through to watch the MayPac fight? I didn’t. I went to bed and woke up. Bit of a bore fest. Felt like a Champions League final with Chelsea involved.

… holler if you’ve spent the whole morning removing viruses from your laptop because you tried to get a free feed for the match?


Right. What’s going on with Arsenal today?

Well, Jack is ahead of schedule on the fitness front. Not sure how that works, he’s about 3 months behind by my reckoning.

“At the moment there are 30 days to go. What is my worry is Hull; I don’t care about the FA Cup at the moment. I am careful with Jack but he will play before the end of the season, of course. It is difficult to get in this team, I don’t deny that. If you consider any individual case you can say you are sorry that he doesn’t play.”

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when he returns. Wenger said he needs one to two years of zero problems to regain his fitness.

“You live in a job where you need to trust your body. Jack is one of them who plays with freedom as soon as he’s back. So I don’t think on that front it will be a problem. He needs now one or two years without problems to really get the full confidence and belief back and I don’t see why it shouldn’t happen.”

I’m hoping that a lot of the injuries we suffered at the start of the season were because we didn’t have an embedded shad. Our injury record Jan onwards has been far more impressive and so has our win ratio. If we’re still picking up regular injury issues with Chambo, Jack and Theo moving into next season, then we have a problem with the players. Hopefully that’s not the case.

“He is an Arsenal player. I believe the success of the club in the future years will depend on how well the young players educated here will do. He is part of that.”

Interesting that Wenger has grouped him in with ‘young players’ when he talks about the future. He’s not said that he’s definitely staying. I’d be surprised to see him leave, but if a massive premium bid dropped for him, I’d be surprised to see us say no… if there’s a better option on the market. But we’ll see. I don’t want to see Jack leave, I want to see him focus, keep fit and deliver on his potential. I’m just thankful we’re not in a position where we need to rely on him…

I live with someone going through a relegation battle (sounds dark. Like the follow on sentence shouod be ‘For just £2 a month’), so I’m being entertained by the amount of teams winning at the bottom. Sunderland, Villa and WBA all picking up massive points yesterday.

Even more exciting, watching Newcastle lose heavily to Leicester, then watching John Carver lose his shit after. Accusing two players of purposefully picking up red cards! Amazing. They’re in the relegation dog fight and now their manager has just thrown them under the bus. That could be a terminal blow up. Quite incredible. Even more incredible was watching the ‘greatest fans in the world’ waving red cards and ‘Ashely out posters’… during the game. Also very tasteful to hear them sing a song about him being cockney and fat. Have a pop at someone because of where they’re from, that’s cool, it’s what we do in the UK (regional), but when you have a whole group of people trying to usurp someone for being a cockney, well, it’s a bit grubby.

Even more incredible was watching the ‘greatest fans in the world’ waving red cards and ‘Ashely out posters’… during the game. Also very tasteful to hear them sing a song about him being cockney and fat. Have a pop at someone because of where they’re from, that’s cool, it’s what we do in the UK (regional), but when you have a whole group of people trying to usurp someone for being a cockney, well, it’s a bit grubby.

They deserve all they’re getting and I hope they go down.

Also lovely to see LVG’s run come to a shuddering halt. I’ve been waiting for it for a while, it’s happening, but it doesn’t look like Liverpool have enough to break into the top four. Which is a shame. Nothing sweeter than Robin missing a penalty / Tony Pulis winning with 22% possession.

Big game for us tomorrow. Hull are on a winning streak of two. We don’t want to help them to three. I’m not a fan of Steve Bruce. Nor The Tigers. Let’s take them down. Big game, no let up. We need second this season.

Right, that’s me done. See you later!

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  1. Dissenter

    David Smith,
    “embarrassing way against us”
    You mean the game that Ospina should have been sent off for almost taking Oscars head off. The one Chelsea should have had a penalty for the same incident.
    The game that we had only one shot at goal?
    The burden was on us to win the game, not Chelsea. If it were winner take all, they might have approached it differently.

  2. Dissenter

    Its always sad trying to establish some sanity,, especially you end up emphasizing the strengths of the enemy.

    We are already seeing the prodrome of Wenger’ summer madness. He’s not going to push to the next level but will try to squeeze more out of the current squad.
    He’ll play Coquelin to breaking point by December and we’ll be back to square one because Wenger believes Diaby and Arteta will suddenly become fit enough to play consistently.

  3. Keyser

    Dissenter – My point is simple, Chelsea have greater options than us, that they had the choice to not explore those options is not a good thing.

    If you can afford to have 30 players on loan, and a European Youth Cup winning team, choose not to utilise either, and still win the league, leaves teams like us with little to no chance.

    That there’s no pressure on Chelsea to be the best they can, actively decreases the quality of the league, it’s inefficient and it’s widespread, Citeh and United are almost as bad.

    It’s not about Mourinho doing what he does, his personality, while half illusion, adds to the entertainment, but the Premiership isn’t getting better, despite all the money, all the stars, it’s deteriorating.

    Yes Mourinho deserves credit for winning the league, he also deserves just as much if not more criticism with losses to Bradford and PSG.

    I couldn’t care less about the style, but the PSG game sums it up, in my opinion a defensive pragmatic style has it’s uses, but it is physically and mentally taxing, so once it falls short and you’re expected to make the running, you literally don’t have the energy.

    All 4 teams left in the Champions League, are better, more efficient attacking teams.

    Since 2008-10 the English presence overall in the Champions League has declined, in spite of Chelsea’s win.

    Chelsea’s policy in terms of Youth and the loan system is almost entirely a financial imperitive to work around FFP, instead of making the most of it’s resources on the Sporting side.

    ..and that is key, they didn’t do it to make thmselves the best they could be, they did it so they could still win without having to be.

  4. Keyser

    I’ve explained the above numerous times Dissenter, I’m guessing you either enjoy making me do it, or you’re just going to ignore it anyway.

  5. salparadisenyc


    Wenger’s got money to spend and a few sponsors that expect it. Were in the Bayern territory of being able to land at least one key buy at 30m – 40m a season.

    I’ve no doubt well pull one quality goal scoring threat, currently think thats Sterling with Walcott out. Could change.

    My worry is fact our midfield lacks a bit of balance with the best players in it. We need another option.. many names whom could fill that space… just not convinced Wenger will move in that direction.

  6. salparadisenyc

    If you’re going to put a Zola clip up… go with him at Parma, w/ Adams and Bouldie defending there ways to the Euro cup winners cup victory.

    That back four of Dixon, Adams, Bould and Winterburn… was a machine in that game against a very good front three of Zola, Brolin, Asprila. Out gunned and pulled it off with some help from the woodwork and a majestic Smith volley.

  7. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal are on their way to win the next title….within the next 50 years. Chelsea’s 1955 to 2005 cannot be bettered by Arsenal at the pace with which the club is moving in this tremendously competitive scenario. Hence the sixty years.

  8. Wallace

    since ourselves, City and Utd broke away from the other CL wannabees this season’s kinda fizzled out. nice to see the Ox back in training. think we’ve lost some spark since he got injured and Wenger started playing Ramsey on the right.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    This season we spent a lot of money by our standards in transfer market. We
    have paid over £100 million in transfer fees on 6 first team players.

    Sanchez cost over £30 million and is by any standard a world class player. He was a very good buy.

    Messrs Ospina, Debuchy,Gabriel and Welbeck are players who are good enough to play in EPL. However, only Ospina would be considered at moment
    a regular first team player. It remains to be seen whether any of the others will
    make that level. Most likely only Gabriel.

    Chambers is a young player who cost quite a lot of money. He is a work in progress. On the evidence of what I saw in first half of season it is difficult to
    assess what is his best position. My personal view is that he is not a right back,
    and at moment is certainly behind both Bellerin and Debuchy in that department. Whether he is good enough to play Centre Back is debatable.

    Last season there was a need to beef up our squad so that the acquisitions we
    made in transfer market have been on the whole good decisions.

    However, this summer our requirement must be to improve the first team rather than go out and buy squad players once again. I would rather that we went out and bought a couple of potential world class players who would walk
    into our starting eleven than spend money on players who are likely to sit on

    Clearly such premium players are few and far between and will come at a heavy transfer fee.

    At the moment Arsenal are capable of outbidding most clubs in EPL including
    Liverpool and Spurs, but I need to be convinced that we can or will outbid Chelsea,Man City or Man Utd if they are after the same players as us. We need to be able to do so if we want to be genuine title contenders.

  10. Wallace


    “Whether he is good enough to play Centre Back is debatable.”

    i think people forget just how good he(Chambers) was at CB the first few months of the season. i’m confident both he and Gabriel will prove excellent buys in the long run.

  11. Emiratesstroller


    Chambers played mainly in right back position and had a couple of rather poor games there.

    I do not think that he had more than three games in starting eleven as a Centre Back and those were in combination with Mertesacker. He looked rather average. My real concern is that he is not tall enough for position.He is barely
    6 foot.

  12. Emiratesstroller


    Checking stats he played 3 games at CB in EPL against Crystal Palace and Everton at start of season and Stoke before Christmas which as you know we lost 3-2.

  13. Wallace


    the games i remember him doing well he was playing alongside Koscielny. don’t think he’s a good partner for Mertesacker as they both prefer to play on the right hand side. and while he’s not huge, he’s certainly big enough. similar build to John Terry. and probably partly explains why he struggles with small, quick wingers at full back.

  14. Gregg

    Chambers is an interesting one. personally I think he’ll end up as a utility player that can cover 3 positions if needed. Jagielka isn’t the biggest CB but does a decent job there.

    The surprise package has been Bellerin. Sometimes you buy a player for biggish money but get the performance from some already there as they rise to the challenge.

  15. Nasri's Mouth

    Chambers played CB in a a couple of CL games and the community shield too, and against Hull in the FA Cup I think.

    He’s definitely more of a Per replacement than a Kos replacement IMO, but also very young for a CB. I thought he did pretty well really. With an unsettled squad in front of him. I suspect he’d look even better with Coq etc. in front of him

  16. daz

    Mourinho is having a sly pop at pep ” I should be smarter with my choice of club I could have gone to another country to a team where even the kit man could win the title”
    And this is why mourinho will never get the respect he craves, what has pep said to get this, he never said his name but quite clear who he was referring to

  17. Thank you and goodnight


    It’s why mourinhos ”s hated. Aside from Porto where admittedly he did a fantastic job, every other club he’s managed has been one of the richest and best in their respected leagues. Just like Mayweather sucks the joy out of boxing, so does any of moyrinhos ‘s teams to football.

  18. Emiratesstroller


    Chambers played alongside Mertesacker against Everton and Stoke and alongside an ‘injured’ Koscielny against Crystal Palace.

    Yes he did play also CB against Galatasary in CL but that was a ‘dead rubber’.

    I agree that he is probably a utility player. We have a few of those players now in squad.

    What Arsenal needs now are ‘quality’ first team players to take us to next level, which is to win League. Let’s be clear Wenger has bought only 2 players in last
    2 seasons who were guaranteed a starting place in team and those were Ozil and Sanchez.

    Otherwise we have been buying effectively squad players.

    My preference now is to buy ‘quality’ rather than ‘quantity’.

  19. Wallace


    i’m always excited whenever we raid the Barca academy. it makes you wonder though, Bellerin only really got his chance due to injury, and would he have taken it so assuredly if he hadn’t spent some time at Watford last year? so there’s getting the chance in the first place, and then been ready when that chance arrives. and good on Wenger for having the balls to give kids a chance. it’s something i hope we don’t lose as our financial power grows.

  20. Wallace


    “Let’s be clear Wenger has bought only 2 players in last
    2 seasons who were guaranteed a starting place in team and those were Ozil and Sanchez. Otherwise we have been buying effectively squad players.”

    I think Gabriel will be starting next year, although the competition since his arrival has certainly seen Mertesacker up his game. and Debuchy is a starter, it’s only Bellerin’s excellence that has called that into doubt.

  21. Dark Hei


    Wenger has already hinted he is not going to buy anymore squad fillers. He is going for just 1-2 top level stars.

    I got a feeling Pedro is one of them. We will probably also buy a deep lying playmaker and that’s it.

    I think all that talk about Dybala is just smoke. Same with talk of a GK. Unless Cech is available (he isn’t and even if Chelsea says he is, it is just to screw us) we go get one. But you won’t be able to find a top end GK on the market. And I doubt Casilas is sufficiently motivated to continue performing at the top end.

  22. Emiratesstroller


    Debuchy may have been bought as a starter, but I don’t believe that he can be considered one now. Also I don’t consider him to be an upgrade on Sagna whereas I do think that Bellerin has potential to be so.

    In earlier post I suggested that Gabriel might become first choice centre back.
    However, it remains to be seen if that is the case or whether he is upgrade on

    My real point is that I want to see Arsenal buy proven World Class [or potential] players and not land up with other teams ‘cast offs’.

    I am concerned for example that we are looking at Pedro from Barcelona. Is he
    really what we want or need? He is now barely getting any starting time in their team and is not exactly a prolific goalscorer.

    I would much rather take a ‘serious’ punt on Laczette who scores 30+ goals and can play in ST/LW/RW positions or even Higuain who is a proven striker of real class. I am sure if we pitched offer at right level these are players we could buy.

    There are also plenty of quality MFs whom we could afford to buy who are better than what we have got at moment.

  23. Wallace


    i get what you’re saying, but i wouldn’t class Ozil & Sanchez as ‘cast offs’. even if they weren’t automatic starters at the end they still had too much quality to be warming the bench. Pedro’s definitely a few levels down from them. also not sure Lacazette’s a player who would thrive in our system.

  24. Gregg

    Pedro very under-rated. Never stops running, intelligent runner and finds great positions. Pretty good finisher as well. He’s been sacrificed for the Hollywood front 3. If Pep was still there, Pedro would be playing regularly

  25. Bamford10


    Agree that Lacazette is a better option than Pedro, but I think you are wrong about Giroud: he really is not good enough for a title-winning side. Sure, he scores a decent number of goals, but his lack of pace and mobility make him too static, too undynamic, too predictable a CF.

    Does he make diagonal runs into the corners so as to drag CBs out of the center of the field and open up space for other runners? No. Never. Does he create chances for himself or others by beating defenders off the dribble? No. Never. Can he get in behind back fours from balls slipped through or played over? No. Never.

    Too limited. Would never be the #1 for any top team in the world. Not Chelsea, not City, not United, not Barca, not Madrid, not Bayern, not Atletico.

    We must sign better if we want to compete for a title.

  26. Gregg


    Yep that’s about the size of it. Thing is Chelsea don’t need much but will definitely add another forward so Lacazette will be on the radar, so to probably Higuain.

    Another interesting summer awaits. Wenger already lauding the second half of the season, stressing not much needed for us. But as Bamford says, whilst some players have done well, upgrades of real quality is whats required to take us to the next level.

  27. Wallace


    we’ve got a team of gifted, small-ass midfielders. we need a big lump up top, and as far as big lumps go the only three definitely better than Giroud are Benzema, Costa and Lewandowski, all of whom are probably okay where they are.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    If you read what I have written previously I made the point that Giroud is good
    enough to play in our starting eleven. We have at moment two forwards who are capable of scoring 20+ goals. I would like us to buy a third forward who is either as good or better than them.

    There is in my view one slot in forward line which is currently open and that
    is a right or left wing dependent on where you play Sanchez. I do not consider
    Welbeck, Walcott or even Ox players good enough for starting line up although they are decent squad players.

  29. Bamford10

    I don’t get people who think a wide player is going to transform us. As long as you have Le Lampost in the center, our manner of attacking will remain more or less the same. Whether you have Oxlade wide right or Pedro, you still have a static CF. It just doesn’t change that much.

    The real way to improve is to find a more mobile and dynamic CF, which is why I’m down with Lacazette, who at least has the chance to become the kind of CF we need.

  30. peanuts&monkeys

    Jack is good. But he is simply not that greatly effective for Arsenal. This needs no more tests of time. Arsenaal doesn’t need Jack Wilshere. Wenger must be already aware of that. He should be sold to buy Schneiderlin.

  31. Bamford10


    Yeah, I know. It is precisely that comment I’m responding to. The mistake you’re making, IMO, is that you’re only looking at goals, as if that is the only thing a CF does.

    It is not, and Giroud’s immobility make him too limited a CF for a title-winning side.

  32. Bamford10


    The only “lump” in that list of four CFs is Giroud. The others are quite mobile. No one with eyes would ever describe B or L as lumps, and the notion that this is all Costa is is completely false.

    Only Giroud is a lump.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    The point is that both Lacazette and Higuain can play in all positions along the
    front line if required to do so even if their main position is striker.

    That is actually the one negative about Giroud. You can only play him as a target man albeit that he is quite effective in that role.

    Let’s be clear Wenger is not going to offload Giroud this summer and frankly I
    would not want him to do so.

    However, I would take with a pinch of salt Wenger’s latest statements that Messrs Podolski, Campbell and Sanogo will be returning this summer and offered an opportunity to prove themselves. We have seen enough of these players to know that they are not good enough either to play in first team starting lineup or even on bench.

    What does concern me about Wenger’s transfer policy is his indecisiveness.
    He seems to play it always on the hoof.

  34. peanuts&monkeys

    Is there a debate going on up here about how good Giroud is? oh Fuck!!! What a fucking joke of a debated that is. debate should be whether he is worse than Bendtner.

    He is a donkey. Totally unfit to be anywhere near the top ten teams of EPL. Its wenger’s obstinacy that allows such brainless bodies to be around. He is worse than Bendtner. Bendtner had a mind which his legs could not match up to. Giroud is all weight and width; no brains.

  35. Bamford10


    Who said anything about offloading Giroud? I just think we need a better first option, someone more mobile, more dangerous. Giroud is decent but limited. Wil not lead us to the title as a CF. Would be a great #2, though.

  36. Gregg

    Henry was spot on. We need a better player than Giroud to compete for the big pots. That’s not being disrespectful to Giroud it’s just facing facts. The job Giroud does is solid against the majority of sides but against the elite, he comes up short.

  37. Wallace

    Lacazette’s 5’8. Sanchez is 5’7, Ox is 5’9…factor in Ozil, Cazorla and Coquelin and that’s the smallest front 6 in the history of the world. it’ll be back to the days of being bullied and overrun by pretty much everyone.

  38. Gregg


    Mate are you saying you wouldn’t take Aguero then? again it’s the balance but pace and movement up front is what troubles defenders

  39. London gunner

    Lacazette’s 5’8. Sanchez is 5’7, Ox is 5’9″

    They might not be tall but all those players are extremely muscular and powerful.

    It’s less about height and more about body type.

    Look at coq 5’10 but wins most of his duels both on the ground and in the air