Would you give Jack a bumper pay rise?

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Happy good morning to you all!

Guess what, Diaby is a doubt for tomorrow… because of another injury.

Bloody hell. He really is blessed by having a manager like Arsene who is likely to keep him on. It’s really charity stuff, which is sweet, and it makes me feel all warm inside to know at £3.5m a year footballer is being given more money for nothing, but it does waste a squad number.

I think another notable absentee is Arteta. Not due back until the 17th of May. Should he be signing a new deal? Maybe. If he has coaching in mind. Those La Masia boys do pretty well as managers. Could be one of the future.

In other news, we’ve sorted a deal with Chile so they won’t pinch our superstar so he misses the world cup final. I still find it amazing that clubs don’t have power to overrule FIFA on stuff like this. It’s where the money is. Apparently the Champions League Final could cause even more problems with international managers well within their rights to keep people from playing in it to join up with their international camps.

Arsenal don’t feel they’ll have to give Jack W £150k p/w this summer. Would love to hear that conversation.

‘We want £150k a week for Jack?’


‘Cause he’s English and stuff’

… because that’s the only way the conversation can go? He’s nowhere near a £150k a week player. We should under no circumstances cave to pressure unless it’s related to exceptional performance. He’s injured too often, he’s not doing it on the pitch and he earns a tonne of cash already!.

I won’t bloody have it. No way.

What else is going on?

Not a lot.

Enjoy your day today and stop putting meeting notes in people’s diaries for Monday. It’s a no work day!

Laters x

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  1. karim

    Sanchez missing the start of next season would give Arsene another excuse for a slow start.

    Oh and I seriously hope Jack and Theo will take a good look in the mirror and stop asking for more money !

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    No, Jack would go out on loan abroad in order to learn how to play football and not get injured. Next!

  3. qna

    Pedro: Would you give Jack a bumper pay rise?

    No. He is not even worth the £90k/week he is already on. Ask him to take a pay cut.

    Fuck this British Core. Its rotten.

  4. useroz

    Ivan should walk the talk to make us all proud of what we do and how we do it. Sack Diaby. His 3.5m a year could hire around 100 ground staff FFS! At least the staff keep the grass lush and place clean!! Wenger really thinks it’s Arsene Plc??

    Pay rise for Jack? Having a Diaby probably last fill our 10 year quota for CR work. Enough is enough. Jack should consider himself lucky if we don’t seel him. His case is at best 50/50 … Any nornmal manager would upgrade at this opportunity. Wemger??

    And what about Flamini, Arteta, Sanogo?? Similar bucket.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Wilshere’s turning into a bit of a Podolski, in the sports columns if you see him in there it’s because he’s taken a picture of his shopping, or himself getting a haircut, or meeting some famous person, or attending an event.

    Really just not feeling it with Wilshere.

  6. goona

    Jack is crap never was or never will be worth what we are paying him, he’s the new diaby always injured and earning a fortune literally doing nothing.

  7. nasri's mouth

    1. The story is that ManC are prepared to offer Wilshere £150k, not that he’s asking for it.

    2. If the above us actually true then his agent isn’t doing his job if he doesn’t at least try to get a comparative amount ft m Arsenal.

    3. It’s entirely up to Arsenal to say yes OR no as they see fit

    4. What’s the problem ?

  8. vicky

    if Jack is really asking for that much, we better sell him to City for a hefty sum, reportedly 30m. One may wonder whether he deserves even the 90k a week. He has the potential but performances are missing. This season is probably the season where he needs to prove he really is a quality player, no more Walcott like situation please where we wait almost a decade to see a player realize his potential.

  9. Goondawg

    Every footballer does it CA, Jack is just more high-profile than most the other english players. He must be bored that he isnt permitted by injuries to do his talking on the pitch, needs to keep himself relevant.

  10. Arsene's Nurse

    Wilshere is contracted until 2018. If Man City want him then they will have to pay a hefty premium for him.

    That 2018 date also means he isn’t asking for more money from Arsenal. This story is newspaper nonsense and click-bait. Don’t believe everything just because it is on the internets.

  11. vicky

    Apparently , Cavani has handed in a transfer request. Would be interesting to see whether top EPL clubs show any interest in him.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Not as much as him, I’ve seen pictures of cereal of a morning, all sorts, the fact he isn’t really worth a lot to the team just irritates me a bit when I see him constantly popping up all over the place, that whole speech he gave as well after being caught smoking again, I think he might be a bit of a knob.

    He seems more obsessed with Jack Wilshere then he does football. Which would be fine he was relevant.

    £90 000 is more than enough for him, that’s an extremely generous wage for his value to the team and considering he’s constantly injured.

    Really hope we don’t cave on this. He’s frankly not that important. Diaby, Arteta, Wilshere, like dominoes.

  13. Thomas

    Your Comment HereIf City want to pay £30m it’s a no brainer. £30m for an overrated player like Wilshere is a great business. Also £150k a week? Hahahaha.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    £30-35 Million, would that give Wenger something to think about?

    I know Wilshere is poster boy for project British youth, but that sort of offer would be big money for him.

    I actually think Wilshere could be quite a decent player at another side where there is a role specifically crafted for him. Just not sure about here.

  15. Shay

    Nonsense speculation about Wilshire, total nonstarter “story”. Pedro, any updates about Wellington and likelihood he’ll be any where near the first team squad next year? While we’re at it, how about Zelalam? Boy looked a real talent preseason, and then didn’t hear a thing afterwards, what’s the story with him? Cheers for the sterling blog mate!

  16. Drey

    Who else saw The Ox’s selfie with Tyga on instagram this week? God I missed that boy

    Pedro.. Jack can fuck off to Siberia for all I care. This whole British core rubbish annoys me

  17. vicky


    Zelalam is not quite making the stride that was expected of him. Wellington finally eligible to play for us but first team place very unlikely imo. A loan to another EPL club more likely.

  18. Shay

    Cheers Vicky, that’s a shame, I was really hoping for good things for Zelalam, perhaps next season or two himself and Gnabry might step up a gear or two (although Gnabry has been injured for quite a bit I know). I haven’t seen much of the younger players to be fair, u-21s or u-18s for example, anyone you fancy in particular who you think might step up next season?

  19. Redtruth

    Why is Wenger still allowed anywhere near the club.
    Bellerin is in the side because Debuchy is injured and Coquelin is in the side because of the two misfits being injured.

  20. David Smith

    With proper coaching and injury management, Wilshere will be an excellent player. Just hope he can get both at Arsenal, and learn to curb his bravery in going into some tackles a bit

  21. Santos

    Haha haha

    150 million pounds for a pile of crap. We should be investing that on a De Bruyne type of player, who delivers the goods.

  22. Santos


    Bellerin has been a revelation though. He’s always been a burgeoning talent when he was at the reserve team.

  23. vicky


    Zelalam is top of the pile and even he has a long way to go to be considered for the first team squad. Martinez, the keeper, is one good prospect. Crowley, Toral and Issac hayden may make it but still nobody as impressive as Bellerin was in the reserve team.

  24. Bigper

    I can’t see Wilshere going, arteta, flamini, diary and rosicky will all be going this year or next and possibly cazorla too so I think there is a need for him as a squad player until hopefully he can prove he is worthy of the first eleven

  25. Bamford10

    No, Jack does not deserve more money, and Walcott deserves more money even less.

    Walcott should be sold. Completely and totally expendable player. We haven’t needed him or really even used him in the last two months and we’ve been quite fine. Not a genuine CF, not a genuine wide player, technically limited, tactically limited. Sell him. Worth far more to some other sucker than he is to us. And there are plenty of better players who would cost

  26. bennydevito

    Hmmmm. I’m not sure about Wilshere. On the one hand I feel he hasn’t progressed how we’d hoped and is a bit of a party boy and seems to be injury prone, but on the other part of me can’t help but feel he’s been mismanaged in his development on and off the pitch and that somewhere in there is a quality player just waiting to burst through and I would absolutely loath that to be at city, or more likely Chelsea. He’s still young and at the end of the day English, wish is important with these homegrown rules.

    It’s a tough one for sure.

    Afternoon Grovers.


  27. Santos

    Yeah BennyDevito

    I dont want us to regret selling Wilshere when he starts smashing it at , say, Manure or Man City. I always have that feeling he has been mismanaged by us and could go on to become great in another club. He could easily improve under the tutelage of Klopp, Pep or Conté.

  28. Goonergirl

    Don’t think Wilshere deserves a pay rise. Hasn’t really done anything to warrant the money that he earns now let alone 150k.

  29. Santos

    Newcastle are in danger zone. Leicester have been on a good run recently. Not replacing Alain Pardieu appropriately might come to hunt them in a few weeks time.

  30. Santos


    Precisely, Arsene gave him an unwarranted payrise in the first place. The hype of the “British Core” was just too much back then in 2013. The supposed core has not really lifted the team in anyway. The more consistent one is Ramsey, the rest havent delivered.

  31. Goonergirl


    Yeah he first needs to sort out his injury problems and perform consistently before he can even think of getting a pay rise.

  32. Redtruth

    We would see how loyal Wenger is to Arsenal if he was put on a results related salary.

    He’d be off like a shot citing a shopping list of excuses for his departure.

  33. bennydevito


    Bit rude that was. What do you mean nobody reads my posts? Well, you just did!

    Santos, snap snap! I’ve been thinking the very same thing….

    ….. Redtruth … Jagyouar… Is that you? Could it really be you? After all these years?

  34. Danny

    What a crap weekend with no match till Monday and the same again next weekend – fuckin’ hell.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah shocking that.

    I didn’t know she was sick, was it kept out of the media? Says she suffered a ‘short’ battle with cancer.

  36. WengerEagle

    Not sure Cesc tbh, they had 3 kids together too so can’t imagine what they’re going through right now.

    Cancer really is as horrible as it gets for the family having to watch them slowly waste away.

    Heart goes out to Ferdinand and the kids.

  37. qna

    Like some posters have mentioned. JW has a long contract. We should not be thinking of who to sell, but rather, who could we upgrade. If you consider wages and transfer fee. We would be better off with:

    Wilshere for Isco (net positive deal for afc)
    Gibbs for Gaya (net positive)
    Schezeny for Leno (net positive including wages)
    Walcott for Dybala (net positive)
    Walcott for Reus (net cost £15m to £25m)
    Arteta, Flamini, Diaby and Rosicky for a top CM (net cost of transfer fee, net saving from £295k/wk of currently wasted wages)

    Unfortunately few of these simple moves can be expected as long as Wenger is in charge. A minimum of two more years of 3rd or 4th place finishes and quick exits in the CL. He is a great manager, but is too arrogant in trying to prove what he can do with mid tier players.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah agree.

    The sooner we cure cancer/find a way to destroy it/both the better. Sadly there’s not really any money in curing diseases.

    Makes you think though when something like this happens, what thousands of families go through every single year, because it’s not just the dying, it’s the treatment that sucks the life out of you as well, having to watch that slow descent of a loved one toward death.


  39. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Sadly there’s not really any money in curing diseases.

    Actually there’s plenty of money for diseases that affect people in rich countries. The issues tend to be where the market is either very small, (which can be the case with some cancers) or it can’t afford to pay, (or will release a generic drug before the patent runs out)

    There’s massive amounts of research going into cancer and there are big strides being taken into curing it, but because it comes in so many different forms it will take time.

  40. Goonergirl


    Yeah I agree with you. The sooner we find a way to end cancer the better. A close friend of mines lost her mother to cancer. It was terrible to watch her go through that and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help. It really is a horrible thing to go through.

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    Ozil the better player, Coutinho better value.

    Ultimately it depends on what market you’re shopping in, and what you’re aiming for

  42. Bamford10


    I’d say Coutinho was nearly 5x the signing, as he is arguably just as good a CAM as Ozil, yet cost 1/5th the price.

    As for your certainty that Ozil is the better player, many would disagree (at least with the idea that Ozil is clearly the better player). Far less space between the two than you imagine, I think, and a decent argument for Coutinho actually being the more well-rounded dynamic player. Voted into the PL XI by his peers over Ozil this year. That’s something.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    Not really.

    Because there’s considerable research being put into ‘curing’ cancer by eliminating it from genetic code whilst still in the embryonic stage…so, that would eliminate the need for future treatment of any sort.

    In fighting disease there is money, in eliminating the disease altogether, not so much.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I cant even imagine, watching a loved one just be taken to pieces, being wasted away by a disease whilst the treatment seems to just make them sicker as well.

    Cancer patients bodies can just become a battle field, with the disease on one side affecting the host and the treatment the other, also having a negative effect on the host whilst fighting the disease.

    Terrible illness.

  45. Goonergirl


    I think it’ll come down to personal preference. For me I’d rather have Ozil in my team than Coutinho.

    I see Benteke scored again for Villa. Wouldn’t mind signing him though.

  46. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t pay much attention to the voting. Often players who have missed chunks of the season through injury don’t get a look in despite being the better player when they actually played.

    And often emotion gets in the way of a realistic view of the quality of the players

    Would you have Kane ahead of Aguero for example ? No, of course not.

    Is Cahill better than Koscielny ? No, of course not.

    Ozil had a patch where he wasn’t playing very well, though he wasn’t as bad as the media were making out, and has been injured a lot. No surprise that Coutinho got in the PFA side ahead of him. Ozil is playing better now than Coutinho and played better last season than him too.

    Coutinho is a very good player and very good value, but he’s not at Ozil’s level

  47. Bamford10


    Fair enough, but at a fifth of the price, I’d take Coutinho over Ozil and use the difference on a proper CDM or CF, like Benteke.

    When you think Benteke, think Bamford, btw.

    Nasri – Am being friendly here, I promise, but am I still “dumb” to rate Benteke?

    Benteke is better than Giroud, actually. Can give you everything Giroud gives you and more. That’s my view at least.

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    That’s simply one area of research though. There are dozens of different methods being looked at, from genetics to drugs to advanced chemo to individualised treatments.

    Massive amounts of money are being poured into research to find cures for it.

    Ultimately it may be that we can find a way to prevent it from occurring in the first place, but for various reasons, esp. because there is not one single reason why it does occur in the body that’s a long way off.

  49. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: Nasri – Am being friendly here, I promise, but am I still “dumb” to rate Benteke?

    He’s playing really well at the moment. Sherwood’s got him very well motivated.

    I’m not a fan of Sherwood as a person, suggestions of backstabbing, and from a coaching perspective he’s very limited, but he can get players motivated very well in the short term

  50. Bamford10

    Agree with Nasri re investments in medical r & d: the decisive factor is whether the disease is a first-world or third-world problem. First-world problems get money because there is profit in it; third world problems not so much. It’s all about profit.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Oh yeah.

    But my point is, the powers that be would much prefer treatment, even treatment that will have an almost perfect recovery rate, as opposed to a cure.

    As you say, there’s unlikely to be a one size cure because it arises in multifarious ways, but I don’t trust the big companies or governments to do what is right, they will do what is most lucratively right.

    Same way I feel about the energy firms, might think I’m a conspiracy nut, but I think we found alternative energy systems a long time ago, but if you have 40 years worth of gold underground basically, worth trillions of dollars, why would you just sweep that to one side?

    Sad, but human progression will always be held back y concerns of profit, corollary, entrepreneurship and capitalism leads to great advancements as well…it’s a bit of a paradox.

  52. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    It such a complicated subject that it’s pretty impossible to discuss,

    Ultimately pharma companies are answerable to their shareholders and no doubt there diseases that are not ‘viable’ to cure, because the cost of research will outweigh the gains from selling the treatment.

    If a new drug is developed it has a short period of time before generics can be sold and while this ultimately brings the drug to a wider audience through cheaper selling, it also stops dead the profit for the original developer.

    If the market for the new drug is small, then the sales will not recoup the cost.

    If the chance of the drug not actually working, or not being any better than an existing product then the research may well be cancelled because of financial restrictions.

    But cancer is a world wide issue which has billions being poured into research for cures at the moment,

  53. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Same way I feel about the energy firms, might think I’m a conspiracy nut, but I think we found alternative energy systems a long time ago,

    It’s a common theory, but when it comes down to it, for every CEO trying desperately to save his company by paying off people when they find out they can run their car on water there are a million and 1 entrepreneurs wanting to make their fortune by discovering the new super fuel, as well as dozens of governments wishing they could remove their dependence on fossil fuels.

    If anything the opposite is possibly true. Green fuels have been over promoted and pushed in ways that ultimately harm their advancement.

    (Example: offshore wave farms using substandard cabling to keep the initial price down to make them politically worthwhile, while making them more expensive in the long term because of servicing costs.)

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah it’s immensely complex.

    The thing is though, you get these genius, independent people who can change the world. But most of the time markets are dominated by big firms with bottomless pockets. They have the supply lines and the infrastructure as well to put some new resource form into everyday life.

    Deck is stacked.

  55. MidwestGun

    Coutinho vs Ozil now? Hahaha come on. Over the last 2 years Ozil has more assists and the same goal totals as Coutinho on less appearances. Not to mention an FA Cup possibly another. Additionally, he opened the spending ceiling so we could bring in Sanchez. Plus he has greater commercial appeal, Careerwise not even close on production. Coutinho is 22, had we signed him instead of Ozil, people would have freaked out.

    Also, you can’t go back in time and say I would have bought Coutinho and used the savings. It doesn’t work like that. Coutinho isn’t worth 8.5 now….. try buying him for that. Come on Bamford…… this is as bad as Eriksen comparisons, imo. Coutinho is a young player, who might someday get to Ozil’s level but talentwise as far as assisting and passing it’s not close, in my mind. Does Coutinho raise the overall level of Liverpool’s play?

    Liverpool looks like k….. rap to me. Brenda looks near tears.

  56. Bankz

    In other news Messi-Neymar-Suarez have now scored 108goals.
    I had them to score 110goals before the season started.
    I think they’d hit 120

  57. Marc

    Always thought Rio Ferdinand was an arsehole but it puts things into perspective when you hear what’s happened.

    His wife was 34 years old with 3 young kids, it just doesn’t’ make sense.

  58. Redtruth

    Stats are meaningless and you can distort and twist them to fit your agenda.

    What about the meaningless stat that Arsenal have been the best side in a calendar year lol

    We all know Arsenal are not s top side so who comes out with all this drivel.

  59. MidwestGun

    Course they are playing Qpr. Lol

    Anyhow, i do agree with cancer sentiments, my brother is battling testicular cancer, now. Looks like he will beat it. But it’s scary as he has 4 children.

  60. Bamford10


    You’re Team Ozil, so I’m not surprised by your vehemence. One, I’m really only saying that Coutinho cost 1/5th of what Ozil cost and is arguably just as good a CAM. I recognize that Ozil has achieved more and is more productive, though I’m not as sold on his superiority as you or others.

    And I was one who was an immediate fan of Coutinho’s two years ago. Immediate.

    Does he improve Liverpool? Are you f***ing kidding? He has been their best player by far, has outshines Sterling and has been key to any success they’ve had this year.

    My unstated point is actually that some here imagine that Arsenal can only improve with 30-40m signings, when in truth there are players between 10-20m who can also improve us. It’s a matter of good scouting, good sense. While I agree that we may need a 30-40m signing to improve, I also think there are 10-20m players who can.

    And I also don’t think there’s as much space between a Coutinho and an Ozil as some of you do, but that’s a little subjective.

    Happy Saturday to you.

  61. Marc


    There was an episode of The West Wing where a lobby group are trying to get drug companies to donate HIV medicine and someone says these pills only cost 10 cents each, this is countered with the 2nd pill cost 10 cents the 1st cost $100 million.

    If we want the research done by private company’s we need to accept that they are there to make money.

  62. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Lol.. damn straight I’m team, Ozil. I was talking about lifting the overall play of his teammates, not his contribution. Anyhow, I wouldn’t trade the two, no way.
    Happy Saturday to you to, my friend. Glorious day here, gonna try to possibly get in some golf later or tomorrow.

  63. Wallace

    looking at the table and i bet Mike Ashley’s squirming a bit. feel sorry for Newcastle fans.

  64. Redtruth

    Admittedly Ozil has some pretty average players around him but where are his gears to take a game by the scruff of the neck, i’m afraid he has not that in his locker which demotes him to an average to good player.

  65. london gunner

    Whose talking of trading Coutinho for Ozil?

    I personally would love Coutinho on our left as the playmaking/creative winger to Sanchez goal scoring dynamism.

    If you look at some of Coutinho’s best play its coming from the left into central a bit like how Cazorla plays on the left except Coutinho has enough acceleration to beat/bet away from is man.

    If we can’t get Reus then for me its firminho or Coutinho for the left. Firminho has more pace and goal scoring ability, but Coutinho is a better passer and prem proven/adapted.

  66. MidwestGun

    Rollen… Haha I don’t know. Anyhow, the Ozil debate is sort of moving into the laughable/tedious category. I get the point about value for production but sometimes you have to pay for quality and the other characteristics star players bring to the Club like Ozil and Sanchez have to be factored in to cost.

  67. Wallace


    “I personally would love Coutinho on our left as the playmaking/creative winger to Sanchez goal scoring dynamism.”

    has Sanchez said that he prefers it on the right? a few people on here talk about the LW spot, but Wenger doesn’t usually switch his wide men once they’re settled.

  68. MidwestGun

    I’d take Coutinho over Ozil and use the difference on a proper CDM or CF, like Benteke.
    London, I was refering to this. Bamford said he was making an unstated point about value. Ok… I guess.

  69. vicky

    I remember Wenger talking about South America producing all the top class strikers in the world and not Europe some time ago and he cited the example of Suarez, Falcao, Cavani etc. So, it is clear he rates Cavani as a top class striker. The guy has been having a tough time at PSG and has looked out of sorts. But I guess, now that Cavani has handed in a transfer request and his price supposedly has gone down, Wenger might take a punt on him.

    Wenger tried to sign Suarez and Higuain. So, for sure, he does realize he needs another striker. Is Cavani that man ?

  70. MidwestGun

    Redtroll –
    No worries, nobody takes you seriously,either way. You have a hall of fame of stupidity. Excellent achievement considering Le Grove’s troll history.

  71. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Deck is stacked.

    As it is in every form of commerce, but it’s impossible to hide new advances for very long at all. Because of the way research works, it’s normally a race between various groups of people to reach the next pinnacle. If you hush someone up, then someone else makes that breakthrough on the other side of the world

    Goes back to Darwin and Wallace and further back from them too.

  72. kwik fit

    I would have Cavani in an instant if available for less than 30m, He could play on his own or with Giroud/Welbeck. I’m sure he still has the quality he showed at Napoli. He just needs the right environment . Ibra may be a great player but he would squeeze the life out of any rival.

  73. Byo

    You must be one sad little prick.
    No insight,
    No self-reflection,
    and totally lacking in self-awareness.

    Get a life!

  74. Cesc Appeal


    Is very true.

    But the money on the line with this is staggering, beyond comprehension. I just think there are so many barriers for anyone attempting to break through with a new idea, plus again it’s that infrastructure thing, not just having to concept, but putting into practice will require enormous investment, where would that come from, or who has that kind of infrastructure? The firms already well established.

  75. Nasri's Mouth

    Marc: If we want the research done by private company’s we need to accept that they are there to make money.

    In an ideal world, drugs would be developed by non profit making publicly run organisations.

    However we live in the real world, where shareholder driven decisions are ultimately more efficient even with the payment of dividends, art collections and wonderfully extravagant buildings taken into account

  76. london gunner


    Ahh I see.

    We shouldn’t even entertain the topic of selling Ozil as he is just coming into his own. I think next season bar injury we may have the best playmaker in the league.

    I personally would jizz my pants at the prospect of coutinho, Ozil and Sanchez interchanging.

    I also think it wouldn’t even make us suspect defensively as Coutinho actually has a quite high defensive work rate he is the type of player who will actually track back and has a fairly high successful tackle/interception rate for an attacking player.


    Coutinho is pretty two footed as is Sanchez I think we could easily fit two South American players in the team. What I love is they both embody different qualities of a South American player as well as share some of the same. Sanchez is the tough, crazy work rate, flair based but warrior like player, coutinho is the traditionally silky, creative maestro with flair and also a fairly decent work rate.

    Also it would be interesting having Coutinho, Ozil and Sanchez in the first 11 because each player can be play centrally and on either side. So we would have a fluid dynamic interchangeable team without a sacrifice in stability, would also make for a great way to counter certain teams set ups, say Sanchez is having no luck on the right he can switch to the left where he may be better suited to the opposition fullback and vice versa for Coutinho.

    Also say Ozil is getting marked out of the game in the centre well if he shifts to either wing and lets one of Sanchez or Coutinho in the middle it will drag the oppositon players that are marking Ozil out of formation/position maybe only for a moment, but enough time to stretch/overload them and expose them ruthlessly on the counter attack.

    Me likey!

  77. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah agreed.

    At the right price I would take Cavani in an instant. Get him back to his best and we could have one of the best strikers in the league.

    Wonder what he will go for though, PSG won’t want to take too heavy a loss, with FFP they will want funds to move for players as well, at the same time they aren’t going to get massive offers for him I don’t think.

    Could well be an opportunity for someone there.

    If you had a choice, Cavani, or bringing in a LW/LM player…which would you go for?

  78. Arsene's Nurse

    Just setting up some stuff on the phone and it prompted me for Wi-Fi. In the list was a router with the name
    Virginmedia are useless bumholes!

  79. MidwestGun

    Cavani would have to be a risk reward type of transfer, it would totally depend on pricetag. In form, he would seem like the perfect fit. However, over the past 2 seasons he has been in an awful vein of finishing form including at the International level playing with Suarez. . And he’s not a young developmental player so …. hard to say. Could be disastrous, could be amazing.

  80. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Energy companies are vast organisations, but they can’t stop everyone, whether they’re individuals or smaller upstart companies who are looking to make a move in the market, nor can they stop governments esp. overseas ones.

    There are countless diverse organisations who would happily revolutionise the energy supply business if they got the slightest sniff of something

  81. vicky

    For me, Cavani under 30-35m is worth taking a punt on. There are not many strikers around. Cavani is more like an Arsenal kind of striker. He can pass, keep the ball, link up and hopefully will get back to his goal scoring form back, I just have this hunch that Wenger will go for him.

  82. kwik fit


    If I was Wenger I’d go for 4 players down the spine of the team;

    Cezh/ Llorris
    CB , maybe dragovic/
    CM Morgan/ Carvalho
    CF Cavani / Higuain
    All of the above are very much achievable as we could off load Ches/BFG/Art/Flam/Pod/sag all leaving more than sufficient room in the squad and providing funds to boot..
    If we sell Walcot then a reus would be icing on the cake .

  83. Nasri's Mouth

    If we were going to sign Cavani, it’s not just his transfer fee, but also his wages

    Would it be a good idea to pay him £50k/wk more than our top earners when there’s a good possibility he wont reach his pre PSG peak?

  84. Cesc Appeal


    I guess we’d have to see what his wage demands were. Too high and he can forget it, but if he wants £150 000 a week, the starting striker role and a chance to get back to his best with a team that is excitingly on the up, he might climb down a bit.

    Who knows. Well worth investigating that though.


    Yeah I agree.

    I would prefer a LB to a CB though, Monreal is doing a great job, but he’s 29 and who knows what kind of Monreal will come into next season.

    I just don’t like Gibbs very much, decent going forward, rubbish defender, injury prone, poor positioning, no brain for defence, incredibly naive and 25.

    Someone would take him though, I’m not saying rob Monreal of a starting place because he has earned that role, but get someone in who you can point to the future and say he could be something special.

    Schneiderlin and a keeper for sure though.

    Clear out some rubbish, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Sanogo, Podolski, Wellington, Jenkinson and then cash in on Walcott I say.

    Cech, Schniederlin and Reus would just be a perfect summer for me, a LB would be a massive bonus.

  85. Wallace

    Cavani’s 28. the Premier League’s not histirically the place for older strikers to see out their careers. Drogba at 26 is the oldest i can think of, and he was made for the PL.

  86. Nasri's Mouth

    @cesc appeal

    Yeah possibly.

    I’d be wary of giving him a long contract though, otherwise we’d be absolutely stuck with him if he has turned into another Negredo / Soldado.

    (I’m not saying Negredo or Soldado were ever as good as Cavani before someone claims it)

  87. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    No… it would definitely not be a good idea… so good point. But would he take
    that kind of pay cut to get a fresh start? Or would he even want to play for Arsenal? I don’t know. Imagine we will be linked in the media regardless. Lol. So doubt it will be the last we hear of it. If it were to somehow work out. It wouldn’t upset me. But it doesn’t seem very likely to me.

  88. vicky


    He is a risk, absolutely no doubt about it. Although, it is to be seen whether he will ask for the kind of wages he got at PSG now that his stock has fallen down. Putting in a transfer request means he is absolutely desperate to leave. We would be in a strong bargaining position if we are interested.

  89. kwik fit


    I think a CB to upgrade a departing BFG is important but my next position would indeed be a LB. Love gibbs but he is too hit and miss. The problem is that there are not many top lb’s available. I’ve heard we looked at the Valencia LB who is highly rated , so maybe Wenger is thinking the same.

  90. Cesc Appeal


    Neither Negredo or Soldado were ever as good as Cavani, I would claim that before anyone says I shouldn’t.

  91. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah perhaps.

    A lot of people go on about Kurzawa as well…not really seen a lot of him myself, maybe Karim could give us an opinion on him

  92. london gunner

    “Energy companies are vast organisations, but they can’t stop everyone,”

    But they can strangle off competition till it dies or never really gains life.
    They can leverage/dominate the market and goverment institutions to hinder it.

    Its naive to think these mammoth global corporations wouldn’t do everything they can to hinder any future rivals.

    But above and beyond why we don’t have serious green energy and wont have it any time soon is because people/business is to focused on short term results. Green energy in a big revolutionary way isn’t cost to profit efficient, but in order to make it so you have to fund the research and incorporate the tech before it becomes and actually utilize it on a large scale and trouble shoot/ find working solutions to bring costs down while its in practice.

    You don’t just get a scientist/engineer out of the lab.factory going dadada we have the perfect green energy solution. You have a lot of waste a lot of failure and then success.

    But to have that success you need investment and that investment will cost you dearly in the short term for you/ the planet to reap the rewards of it in the long term and that’s the problem with the share holder is the most efficient form of decision making point of view because it only looks at the selfish perspective of those present and not of those in the future (with which I mean the next generation or the generation after.

    It’s this share holder quartely mindset that has actually lead to many calamitous mistakes in the global market and actually damaged/slowed down the rate of progress in significant areas by significant levels.

  93. MidwestGun

    Redtroll –
    I’m waiting. .. Messi is over-rated. Aguero a headless chicken,Ozil average, Di Maria rubbish, Cech and Schneiderlin rubbish.

    Go ahead…. name your fantasy team, that doesn’t exist you would consider worthy. The world awaits your stamp of approval.

  94. Drey

    “While I agree that we may need a
    30-40m signing to improve, I also think there are
    10-20m players who can.”

    True words. Players like Eduardo,Koscienly,Alexander Hleb. What Arsene has lacked was supplying the necessary supporting cast.. this has been Ozil’s bane up here.

    Red truth just called Cech rubbish?! hahaha