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Yesterday felt like progress for Arsenal. The result didn’t go the way Arsene Wenger or the fans may have liked, but sitting in the ground on so many occasions in the past when it’s felt like the club are a million miles off Chelsea’s pace, well, I felt like yesterday was far more positive than the negative post-match press surrounding the draw.

Many seemed to forget that most teams that head to The Emirates to play in the fashion Chelsea played have a quarter of the wage bill and 10% of the talent pool.

When world-class players come to stifle a game, it’s always going to be tough for teams like Arsenal to take a positive result. At the highest level, it’s a game of marginal gains and the smallest details make the difference. Yesterday, it just didn’t quite click moving forward. The North Londoners attacking players were a few percentage points off their usual and it cost them two points.

For me, the positives mostly centred around the fact that Jose Mourinho didn’t have a game plan built around Arsenal weaknesses. Last season he could focus in on our lack of pace in their frontline and sluggish centre midfield. Not yesterday.

The result wasn’t there, the Jose hoodoo is still intact, but one result (a draw against the Champions elect) shouldn’t throw away all the positives the second half of the season has brought so far.

More reports later:

GK David Ospina, 7: Made a fabulous save in the first half when Ramires was in on goal. Perhaps guilty of napping when Oscar broke through, definitely had lady luck on his side when the referee didn’t pull a red card for the clattering he dealt the Brazilian.

DF Hector Bellerin, 6: Performed admirably at the back in the main, his finest moment coming when Oscar chipped the keeper, his recovery vision allowed him the time to clear wide with a diving header. Going forward, he was pretty average. Slow in his decision-making and generally confused in execution. A few moves broke down in dangerous fashion in the second half.

DF Per Mertesacker, 7: He read the game well yesterday. He threw himself into the physical battles using his height well and the made some valuable interceptions. He and Koscielny used all their experience to form a mean partnership that kept Chelsea very quiet. Per even has a chance on the edge of the box that he dragged defenderishly wide. The fans forgave him.

DF Laurent Koscielny, 7: Dominant on the ground, he made time to cover his full backs and he mostly dealt with the pace and trickery posed by Chelsea. The one exception was the misjudged foot he threw out for the Oscar chipped chance

DF Nacho Monreal, 8: One of his best game in an Arsenal shirt. Assured, confident and productive at both ends. His true value for me was going forward. He was always in the mix for an overlap and his crosses merited more than the 0 goals Arsenal produced.

MF Francis Coquelin, 8: One of the single most important discoveries of Arsenal’s season showed he can cut it against whoever he’s up against. His power and pace through the middle gave Chelsea so little time on the ball yesterday, a key factor in keeping chances at a premium. The fans love him, he’s the most exciting player in the role since the not very exciting Gilberto Silva.

MF Santi Cazorla, 6: Not his finest performance in an Arsenal shirt. The game didn’t arrive for him and he made a bit of a hash of a good chance in the second half.

MF Mesut Ozil, 6: Faced a bit of a press room backlash post game from Thierry Henry and to be fair, from a number of angry fans in the ground. I feel for him, he’s at the mercy of his forwards. Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez were awful, Arsene Wenger didn’t opt for pace until very later on, so the German didn’t have much to play with. A player like Mesut is only as good as the people he can feed

MF Aaron Ramsey, 5: Deployed out on the right for the most part, it was a real mixed bag for him. He played some stunning back heels, a move as synonymous with the Welshman as step-overs were with Cristiano Ronaldo in the early days. However, it’s the wastage elsewhere. He was guilty of holding onto the ball for too long at times, he broke up moves with sloppy play and he didn’t offer much threat on goal. Did a solid job holding the centre of the park when Coquelin was subbed out.

MF Alexis Sanchez, 5: Very average game for the Chilean. He huffed and puffed but to no avail. He looked tired and out of ideas.

FW Olivier Giroud, 5: Spent most of the game in the pocket of an inspired John Terry. He contributed very little to the game.


Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott, NR: Bold move from the manager to bring these two on. Their pace could have been utilised far earlier. They were both pretty rusty so not much impact felt.

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  1. Mo

    I thought Coq and Nacho were outstanding yesterday. The best thing, and for me, proof of progress, was the nice cynical challenges we made to stop them breaking. To hear Jose moaning about Arsenal “fouling and fouling again” was fantastic 😀 Wish we did more of that! One of my favourite Arsenal players was Lauren, who never had a problem with just chopping people down if he felt it was necessary, always followed by a “what? me?” look 😀

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Very few teams break Chelsea down. That defence has been all over Europe and stifled teams. We got into good positions but our final ball wasn’t the best, also Mourinho said it’s the best game he’s seen Terry play. It says something

    Think some of the player ratings were harsh especially Ramsey, Ozil and Santi. Agree with Alexis, missed simple passes to an overlapping Monreal on a number of occasions. I thought Ramsey played well but he’s not as effective wide. Either play him in the middle or bench him although I do understand the extra midfielder to match up with their numbers. Him and Bellerin did a good job on Hazard. Giroud had a tough day being doubled up on by Terry and Cahill.

    The only time Chelsea had to chase a game this season was spurs. First goal is vital against them. I’ve rewatched the game and we weren’t bad.

  3. SE Gunner

    I agree with tunnygriffboy, I think your scores are a little harsh for us. I thought everyone gave it a good go but the wrong decision was made around their box. We tried to overplay in such a small congested area against one of the best defences in Europe this season. I wish we would shoot more from outside the box. All 3 goals against Liverpool came from outside the box yet we opted not to shoot most times yesterday.

    I do agree with Coq. He is turning into a monster in that middle. I have always liked him but had doubts whether he could make the step up but he is showing he is more than comfortable.

  4. Blsany

    Mourinho’s worked out that a point vs any top 4 club is the same as two points denied to the same. He lives to fight another day and win away on rainy Tuesdays nights at [insert mid-to-lower-table provincial hinterland].

    He figures all he needs to do to win the title is to get to 84 points. To do that he merely needs 6 points from the other three top-four clubs, 48 points off the bottom 8 and 40 from the remaining 8 which can be done by winning the home games and drawing the away ones.

    Its a special kind of genius. Dull as fuck of course but he’s paid to win silverware.

  5. Thank you and goodnight


    He’s also paid to entertain Chelsea fans and roman abramovich. So yes he might have the title, but I don’t think he’s exciting roman and I reckon if chelsea don’t improve entertainment wise next year, he could be given his p45 again from Mr Abramovich.

  6. Blsany

    Footballing history didn’t start this season. Mourinho has consistently refused to play football against good teams whilst spending bucket loads of money in any country he has managed. Fine if it is a Tony Pulis avoiding Stoke from getting relegated. But when you spend £1bn, refuse to play football, and then expect us to applaud him on his “wins”? I suspect Roman is just waiting for Pep to leave Bayern.

  7. Bigper

    Yeh I was pretty pleased with the performance overall. We have a much better balance defensively. It is difficult to get the balance between defence and attack right in such a big game, but I prefer the cautious approach to the gung-ho approach of last season where we got annihilated by the big teams

    And tbf Chelsea’s produced probably the best defensive performance I’ve seen at the Emirates, there was literally no space In behind. People slagging off giroud for his lack of pace are just wrong , there was basically no time in the game we could of got in behind them anyway, if anything that game was made for giroud but he was out muscled and marked out the game by a brilliant defensive display. Sanchez, our best player at making chances for himself had no luck at all. Sometimes you just have to accept that the defensive side of the game won yesterday. Sometimes big games are cagey much like the Madrid champions league games recently. I’m just glad we put in a professional performance that matched them.

    I think it is a positive result for next year also. Really We should be looking to win every home game next year bar Chelsea where I think a draw home and away would be good results. If we don’t fuck up,against the small sides next year then we can challenge with a few new additions over the summer

  8. Dark Hei


    And I think we are more consistent against the smaller budgeted sides than Chelsea. Now that we have gamesmanship in the bag against the bigger sides, I think next season might be a contest. All hinges on Shad, he needs to keep the guys fit.

  9. Micheal

    Thierry was dead right on Sky last night – we are still 4 players away from challenging for the title. We need top class ‘keeper, top class centre back, top class defensive midfielder and world class striker.

    I am not taking anything away from those who played in those positions yesterday – Ospina, Per and Coq all had good games, though Giroud was anonymous.

    But add people of this class: Cech/Lloris, Hummels, King Kong and Suarez. Everyone can add their own favourites potential buys, But the fundamental point is siple – we are 4 players away from challenging.

    Apparently, we have the money. Do we have the ambition?

  10. Danny

    “Eight minutes before half-time here, Willian, Eden Hazard and Ramires constructed a lovely thrust down the left that led to the Brazilian almost prodding the ball past Ospina. At the time Fàbregas was 40 yards away, chugging gamely upfield like a three-legged dog”.

  11. Bigper

    Dark hei

    Yeah fitness of the players is a big factor too, there a positive signs that we are handling the players fitness better now so hopefully that will continue next season. With a few more signings in the summer we will have a strong squad of players with good competition for places so we should be able to rotate better next year and keep everyone fresh

  12. YoungMurphy

    A draw was probably a fair result. Say what you want about JT but that Chelski backline was immense. It was really going to take a true bit of genius to break them down. It’s always dangerous to go two up top but Giroud was always going to struggle to win anything in the air with those two. However I would say our set pieces were particularly poor.

    Random thoughts:

    • Also while I love Rambo, I think yesterday we should have started with Welbeck out wide. That pace to trouble Cesar A coupled with the fact that you know he’s going to put in a good defensive shift may have given us a second option.

    • Could have done with Walcott a bit earlier as well…just felt like we were trying to do too much through the middle of the park. Ever since the Monaco game, I’ve developed an obsession with wide players ‘keeping their toes on the line’ and stretching the back 4 as much as possible

    • Ospina very lucky to still be on the pitch. Michael Oliver the ref had a pretty poor game tbf, can’t believe he missed that. Same could be said that Ivanovic could have gone as well

    • Interesting you gave Nacho 8/10. I felt his crossing was a bit wayward but he was very solid defensively. That’s what you need rather than a gung ho Gibbs.

    • Sanchez did struggle vs Ivanovic, but maybe Ivanovic is just really that good (grrr)

    • Agree with @tunnygriffboy – you need to score first vs Chelski otherwise they will just grind it out

    • Also as much as I would love Dybala or Sterling, for the way we play (4-2-3-1) I’d like Jackson Martinez. As big as Giroud but with a bit more pace. Having those two up in a 4-4-2 if we’re chasing a game would be a handful for any back 4.

  13. roaaary

    Spoke to my mate at the weekend about coq. He is a Charlton season ticket holder (bless) but said when coq was there he stood out like a sore thumb.

    He was telling me he was shocked he didn’t get a game at arsenal as positionally he was perfect and was always calm on the ball.

    Personally I’m so glad he has made it as I feel he is arsenal through and through

  14. peanuts&monkeys

    WTF has budget and wages got to do with winning and playing a game wherein there wasn’t one single REAL HARD shot at goal? Why are Arsenal losers cribbing about how well the Chelsea players are paid and all that. Jose won because Arsene Wenger forgot telling the boys to shoot at the goal.

    Change the manager and get the forwards some shooting practice for God’s sake. Arsenal is the ultimate Tik-Taka team who would even tap in a goal and not shoot a goal. Recipe for failure. Specialism in failure!

  15. Thank you and goodnight


    Everytime a questions been asked of le coq he’s come up with the answers. We still need another DM for squad depth and strength, but in every aspect as it stands I think coq is our no 1 DM going into next season.

  16. Chris d

    I thought bellerins rating was a bit harsh considering that’s the most I’ve seen hazard being practically redundant yesterday . As soon as the chavs won the ball back yesterday he was on hazard like a rash .
    I remember a few years ago when cesc played for us after a game ( Stoke I think ) he asked mark Hughes did he really play for barca after they parked the bus against us . Wish the interviewers after they matches against Man U and us yesterday asked cesc did you really play for barca

  17. Blsany

    i know i will come off as Sanchez basher again but he has to use his fullback more.This coming in field at every chance is getting old and tedious.

  18. Jim Lahey

    “WTF has budget and wages got to do with winning and playing a game wherein there wasn’t one single REAL HARD shot at goal?”

    I find it pretty ironic that your handle is peanuts & monkeys, considering I’m sure its from the phrase “If you pay peanuts, you get Monkeys”.

  19. london gunner

    So people actually think Coq’s good enough?

    About time.. I have been saying this all season and I don’t think this is a one season wonder like Ramsey.

    Ramsey during his purple patch was dribbling like zidane and scoring outrageous goals things that are way out of the norm of players unless they are utter worldies

    Coq has never been playing on that kind of level. He has just been intelligent, efficient, dedicated and has used his natural pace and athleticism to excel.

    Sure his form will dip and at some stage and he will have a really bad game(this happens to all players) but I don’t think he is somehow playing above his level right now.

    The only thing that can hinder him is injuries or a change in mentality (if he believes his made it now, so doesn’t have to prove himself, but personally I think Coq is a natural born warrior who will fight to the death for his spot in the first 11.

  20. bob

    if we didnt have a poor start to the season foe sure this would of bein the year. we had ozil and giroud out for long time aswell

  21. Blsany

    Exactly that mate.It’s really frustrating plus he knows yet he stiil comes infield.Me thinks he has ythat wilshere selfish streak.But who am i to moan he made it against al the odds.

  22. alex cutter

    “Yesterday felt like progress for Arsenal.”

    Which part? Not having scored against Chelsea in FIVE matches, or that Wenger still hasn’t defeated Mourinho?

  23. peanuts&monkeys

    @Jim, you are partly right. My entire stress was on Arsenal not being able to shoot at goal at opportune times all thru yesterday.

    Can anyone send Sanchez, Ox and Rambo to train under Roberto Carlos the great? I swear…you get trained from him for two weeks and see how transformed this team will become in terms of scoring.

  24. Highbury4ever

    Maureen came to play the 0-0, and he has succeeded!!
    He knows perfectly that our attack is not strong enough to cause problems to his defence.

    Once again, Ozil, Sanchez and Giroud were transparents in a big clash…
    We didn’t beat the scum since 13 games now…

    @alex cutter : great point mate!! 😉

  25. Blsany

    “Can anyone send Sanchez, Ox and Rambo to train under Roberto Carlos the great?”

    Yeah… he was a defender ….sort of 😀

  26. Ashwin Gunner

    Coq is the find of the season. This spree of games which are winning are due to defensive stability. Arsene’s teams were always known for their attacking play. Arsene never ever had a defensive setup. Even on big games, with more superior teams,Arsene would attack. because he never had players who were physically strong, and not afraid to go for a tackle. all his mid fielders were light weight and injury prone players. Coq has given a new steel to the defence. we have to buy another DMF if we plan to win anything above FA cup next tiem..

  27. TitsMcGee

    Ifs and buts.

    That’s all we ever have to talk about.

    Bottom line it’s another test failed vs Mou. Another example shown of why Wenger will never contend for EPL or UCL. He just can’t beat the big clubs when it matters.

    I appreciate we will never finish 7th or 8th with Wenger but we’ll never win the league either. He’ll do enough to not get sacked (4th place, beat up on the weaker clubs) but as long as he is here better get used to the whole “not contending” thing.

    (No I don’t consider 10 points behind the league leaders contending)

    Arsene underachieving.

  28. SpanishDave

    With a core of Walcott, Ramsey Wilshire Welbeck Gibbs we aint gonna win the league, these are the upgad areas. Wenger will do nothing this summer except buying a couple of French cheapos.
    This is why we are 4th and 10 points behind.

  29. shad

    How boring were Chelsea yesterday? Funny thing is they still mustered more shots on target than us.

    I agree with Henry re the transfers needed to win the EPL. We can’t afford to do it with a thin squad and we shouldn’t beast our key players to the ground.

    Was quite disappointed in the set up (Ramsey on the flank, Santi deep). The game needed pace and a quick thinker in the hole but I feel Santi thrives better in small spaces than Ozil. Ozil will pick the pass but yesterday we needed a bit more ingenuity that Santi could serve with his ambidexterity. Ozil needs runners and we didn’t put have any to put pressure on their full backs so much of the criticism is unfair.

    2nd and an FA cup win is very marginal progress.. With new signings and (wishfully) a new manager. We will NOT win the EPL or UCL under Wenger and he can not tactically out-maneuver Maureen

  30. TitsMcGee

    2nd and an FA cup win is very marginal progress”

    When you consider that the only reason we are in 2nd is because City has had a god-awful season it’s hard to call ithe progress at all. I guess not getting dismantled 5-1, 6-0, 6-3 in one season is progress though. Funny part is I’d be willing to bet £100 we are no better than 3rd next season.

    Wenger doesn’t do “progress” . To him playing pretty (or trying to v the big clubs) and coming in 2nd is better than playing ugly and winning the league.

    Chelsea have 2nd most goals scored and 2nd best goals allowed. I’d take that over pretty failure.

  31. shad


    Hence the phrase “very marginal”..vis a vis the seasons past. We are 10 points adrift due to poor management in the early parts of the season and as usual being 1 to 2 players shy of really competing. Wenger will of course take credit for some of the players emergence, more out of necessity than choice, but I think he is really at his end. Of course the board doesn’t see that way, as some fans – but I’d rather a fresh manager, new ideas and tactics..

  32. TitsMcGee


    I agree.

    No matter who we sign this summer it will be woefully short And we will be saying the same shiiite next season at the same stage I. E “we are just 1-2 players away”.

    He’ll probably win the FA Cup get another 1-2 year extension and the circus will continue. Best case scenario is he wins FA CUP this year and does the admirable thing and just walk away off the back of a repeat FA CUP victory.

  33. SpanishDave

    Logically if as a manager yiu have done the same old thing for 10 years and failed, how on earth can you expect to suddenly win? Wenger has no new ideas if he suddenly did the it would show. The failure to sign last summer demonstrates the fact that he thinks that the squad is good enough. Many fans have forgotten the crap we played for the first third of the season.
    What happens if we loose the cup final and slip to 4th?

  34. Blsany

    “. Best case scenario is he wins FA CUP this year and does the admirable thing and just walk away off the back of a repeat FA CUP victory.”

    No his gaelic pride won’t let him do that.In his head its 04 again and he is plotting his assault on PL title.

  35. foxy

    “When you consider that the only reason we are in 2nd is because City has had a god-awful season it’s hard to call it progress at all.”

    Actually the reason we are in second is because we have taken 34 points out of a possible 42 available since the 1st Jan 15.

    I wont say whether this season has been progress until after the fa cup final but to totally ignore our run in the league since January is quite pathetic really.

  36. Blsany

    Just think about it. You’re playing at home and knew your main rival for auto entry lose to Everton. You have a free shot at Chelsea the league leaders and you end up with ONE SHOT ON TARGET (and a mamsy pamsy one at that) and commit 15 fouls.
    That’s pathetic.

  37. TitsMcGee

    And still 10 points off of Chelsea and City have been terrible just to have us a few points ahead of them.

    Bravo. 10 whole points off the top. 1 point out of 6 v Chelsea but we are the best since Christmas. Bravo.

  38. TitsMcGee

    Sounds more of the same from last season.

    “We were top of league for the most weeks”

    At the end of the day it’s all just rah rah BS.

  39. foxy

    In what way does my comment have anything to do with yesterday?

    I was referring to the subject of why we are second not why we couldn’t score against Chelsea.

    You clearly have a limited intellect for not being able to grasp this.

  40. Blsany

    “You clearly have a limited intellect for not being able to grasp this.”

    And you my friend ride the”We were top of league for the most weeks” shaft.

  41. Keyser

    So have United, but Citeh have two points more, and they know we still have to play United, it’s just wrong, it’s like something Tits would come out with.

  42. TitsMcGee

    And you my friend ride the”We were top of league for the most weeks” shaft.”


    Shhhhhhh not so loud.

    It’s okay. We have the best record since Christmas. It’s okay.

  43. TitsMcGee

    “You know, I think boring is 10 years without a title. That’s very boring,” said Mourinho, who criticised Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger for not doing more to win the game.

    “You support the club and you’re waiting, waiting, waiting for so many years without a Premier League title, so that’s very boring.

    “But maybe they were not singing to us. Maybe, when you want to win a game and you’re at home and you take your number nine [Olivier Giroud] off, maybe the home fans want more.

    “Maybe they want to play Giroud and [Danny] Welbeck together up front to try to win the game.”

  44. Bankz

    Like I said yesterday, I don’t see any progress. We’d still not beat Jose next season & probably get tanked at Stamford Bridge.

    I ask again, if Chelsea needed the 3points yesterday ,they’d have gotten it.

    We needed a win for various reasons more than them. They needed 1 point to keep Mourinho’s unbeaten streak vs Wenger intact & they did just that.

    After yesterday I came to a conclusion that we’d never win against Mourinho so long as Wenger is in charge.

  45. Carts

    The Arsenal v Chelsea games aren’t even billed as ‘Big Game’ these days. After yesterday’s affair you can kind of see why.

    Individual match ratings are probably about right although I think Bellerin and Ramsey deseve slightly higher. Wit that said, playing Ramsey as this right attacker doesn’t bode well with me at all. I feel he’s definitely wasted.

    Sanchez’s performance was a bit abject…

    Giroud, for all his endeavours, didn’t get a sniff. Cahill and Terry, the best CB pairing for several years now, showed how to deal with Giroud’s threat and form.

    Ozil was alright; bit weak in the tackle though. No surprises there,of course.

    2nd place finish has to happen