Can Wenger out think Mourinho in Arsenal vs Chelsea classic?

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‘Arsenal have not beaten Jose Mourinho in 12 attempts’

It’s a pretty shoddy stat considering Mourinho is hardly a young pup at 52.

Today is the day we make the difference. Jose will come to the ground armed with a beastly game plan. That’s what I’m most interested in really. This time around, he has so many considerations to contend with.

Mesut Ozil

Sure, Chelsea have their own superstar tearing up the league, but so do we. Ozil is a special player, he’s hard to track because he lurches around the pitch like an extremely productive ghost. I’m looking forward to seeing what the plan will be for him. It’ll be difficult for Jose to be too prescriptive because Mesut can play all across the field, he’ll move to where the opportunity is. Will Jose look to bully the German, or will he look to stem the flow of balls coming his way?

Alexis Sanchez

I think we’ve seen teams over the past few weeks deal with Alexis by hitting him up with a bit of two man marking. We’ve also seen him struggle with form a touch as well. I know he’s been in a bit of indifferent form of late (bar the goals, I thought he was out of sorts for the semi last week). I think there’s only one tactic for Sanchez, that’s to hit him hard and put him off his stride. Wenger said as much on the main site.

“Secondly, I wanted someone who has a fighting spirit in the Premier League, to adapt, and to give something to the team on that front. That was needed – someone to say ‘come on, I’m ready for a fight’

Trouble with Alexis is he doesn’t give up. I’m not sure you can put him off his game. He’ll have had a pretty easy week on the training front, hopefully he’ll see today’s game as a stage to show the world he’s the man.

… well, as long as he’s not playing the Roy of the Rovers king maker today.


Now, I’m wondering whether Chelsea will try and test the Columbian today. He’s not very tall and Chelsea have a lot of threat in the air. Could be a possible chink in our armour. This is a massive game, there could be nerves and there could be a chance to rattle his cage.

Chelsea Game

Part of me likes to think Jose is going to come at us and bring their A game. The other part of me knows this is a unlikely. They’ll come to spoil our winning streak. They’ll keep things tight. They probably won’t be too fussed about not having all the possession. They’ll give us the opportunity to expose ourselves and then they’ll kill us.


So surely we have a plan to counteract it? How can we not have a plan for the back four? They’ve conceded 6 in their last 6. So we can get at them. They couldn’t turnover PSG in the Champions League despite them having 10 men. I mean, come on, we can do this!

Quick word on Cesc. Can everyone stop picking on him like he had a choice about coming back to us? I’d heard two seasons ago that we waited so long to sign a big name because Wenger was very much waiting to find out if Cesc was going to leave Barca. When he didn’t, and Cesc used us to gain assurances with his DNA side, we signed Ozil. That’s your man. We didn’t need Cesc last summer. So can we please stop all the ‘he turned us down’ because he didn’t.

Also, before I sign off. My pet hate at the moment is that Barclays advert where Newcastle fans claim they’re the best in the world. It seems to come up regularly. Yet, from where I’m sitting, they appear to be amongst the worst.

1. They hate their owner because he’s Cockney. Righto, is that acceptable? If you hated someone because they were from another country, that’d be pretty bad. I’m not fan of Ashley, but come on, how is it acceptable to double up the hate because he’s from London?

2. They drove their ‘cockney’ manager out of the club despite restrictions. They wanted one of their own at the club despite Pardew doing pretty excellent job there.

3. They get their home grown lad in charge, he has a win record lower than 12%, now they’re giving him dogs abuse as well.

They have a history of this. What makes them the greatest fans? How is this myth perpetuated around the world? I hope they are relegated. Their fans deserve it.

Back to the game today. I’m expecting us to play with discipline. I think we might line up in a similar fashion to the United game. We’ll be utilising our pace moving forward and we’ll be looking to get a John Terry. We need to unpick the blockade that CHelsea will have in front of their back four, we just need to be very careful of that counter attack. Coquelin and whoever partners him are going to have to play with incredible discipline today. That’s a key area of the field we need to own. No kamikaze football today. We have to be the best and the smartest to take the points.

Finally, it’s a massive day today. It’s all about bringing the atmosphere. We need to make the ground a cauldron of energy. We need the players to know we’re here and we’re behind them for the full 90minutes. This game today is massive. It’s another signifier of progress. It’s another opportunity to show the world we’re back. It’s another reminder that change has arrived and it’s replaced the Arsenal of old.

Today is massive. Hopefully the result will be as well.

Have a good one! x

“Secondly, I wanted someone who has a fighting spirit in the Premier League, to adapt, and to give something to the team on that front. That was needed – someone to say ‘come on, I’m ready for a fight’

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    Before you call someone deluded read what they write . I said Gibbs is a good player, not brilliant. I also said that Ivanovic was a ‘dirty’ shit, not a shit player. I didn’t compare him at all to our fullbacks

    You say that if Chelsea wanted to they would have won the game. By what insight do you come to that conclusion ? They come forward it exposes Teryy and Cahills weaknesses. No way can you categorically say they would have won

  2. Bankz

    Dark Hei

    You can believe that if you want but next season would still have us not competing for the league unless we make drastic changes in the summer.

    The question I asked is do you think if Chelsea were playing at home & needed the 3pts yesterday they wouldn’t have gotten it?
    We missed our chance of ever beating Mourinho & at some point you felt Wenger was mentally okay with a draw.

    We didn’t really make their defence uncomfortable until the last 10mins. Terry & Co were pretty comfortable all game.

  3. Bankz


    My apologies okay.

    It’s just that I see that a lot of twitter when fans make every single Arsenal player a Messi/Ronaldo.

    One even believes Diaby could still become world class for us once he gets past his injuries.
    I had to remind him Diaby is currently 28-29yrs old so the possibility of that is ultra slim.

    As for my thinking Chelsea could have won yesterday if they wanted to is based on the fact that they didn’t really look like they used up all their gears yesterday.
    Their midfield and defence were pretty comfortable all game till Welbeck came on.

    Mourinho is a very calculative can’t of a manager. He didn’t need the 3pts yesterday and certainly didn’t want to lose his undefeated streak vs Wenger.
    I’d say he got exactly what he came for.
    We on the other hand didn’t as we had a near perfect chance to end the unbeaten Mourinho vs Wenger streak & cement our 2nd place position.

  4. tunnygriffboy

    Interesting point made on here yesterday re Ramsey. He tucked in to match up their numbers in mid field the width coming from Bellerin. Problem yesterday was our final ball. Too many were inaccurate and Terry was immense. That backfour is super experienced and ideal for defending their 18 yard line. Put Matic and Ramires in front of them and it’s even more difficult. It’s a case of that base then giving their plethora of 30 million pound attackers the ball and see if they can get a goal

    I’m with TYAG. First time in seasons we were a match for them.

  5. tunnygriffboy


    But by commiting players forward it drags Terry and Cahill into areas where they don’t want to be, away from their 18 yard line where their lack of pace would be exposed. Mourinho is terrified of this. Look what happened when Spurs got ahead of them and they had to chase the game. In all the big games and CL games both home and away he has parked the bus. He’s frightened to get into a football contest against teams even with the ridiculous talent he has.

  6. Blsany

    We cant play atrociously bad football for 3 months in the season then wonder why at the end we are off the pace in the title race. Its a whole season, you have to be consistent throighout it. Hope no plauers leave this off season.
    As for Mourinho, a lot has been said about the 13 games we have failed to beat him in. What is never mentioned is that 7 of those have been draws just like this. Often comes down to who takes the one chance and yesterday if Ozil had connected on that one cross, it would be the sort of thing that wins this game. We played very well, I was impressed and I am never content with anything we do.
    I think we knew Ramsey is never at his best out wide and he struggled yesterday to influence the game. It is never going to be easy for him against the top full backs. I think it is better to play players in their own positions even if you can’t keep all of them happy. I guess that is where rotating a squad comes into play.We need a top class cf for wenger to beat mou’s teams though I don’t think wenger ever will.

  7. Emiratesstroller

    I was at yesterday’s game and as soon as the Chelsea team was announced you knew how they would play and that short of a mistake by the Arsenal Team it was going to be a cast iron draw.

    What we learned from the result is that Chelsea have a very well organised and good defence, which is significantly better than ours. On the odd occasion that Chelsea broke out of defence ours looked very vulnerable.

    The result was probably as good as we could expect albeit that Man City got out of gaol over weekend against AV and sit in second place on goal difference.
    Man Utd had a poor game on Sunday.

    I agree with Thierry Henry that Arsenal need an upgrade in several positions.
    Giroud is a decent striker, but he is not world class and his lack of mobility was
    part of the reason that Chelsea were hardly tested in box.

    We played Ramsey supposedly on right wing. He is not remotely a winger and
    frankly he is no better than a ‘squad’ player as is the case with all our other
    British born players. The truth is that no top 4 EPL team would invest in British
    players if the rules did not require us to do so. Most are very AVERAGE and cost excessive transfer fees and wages for players of their calibre.

    Thierry Henry is absolutely right when he says that the club needs to invest
    in higher grade players. We need to buy a minimum of 3-4 new players.

    We need a new forward with better movement than Giroud and goal striking
    completion than Welbeck. Both are good squad players, but neither is world

    We need to replace those midfield players in our squad who are past their best. The four most obvious candidates are Flamini,Arteta,Diaby and Rosicky.
    None is good enough for a team wishing to win league titles. Personally I would rather spend £50 million on one player of genuine World Class than
    the same amount of money on two or three new players who are no better than what we have already got.

    I am still unconvinced about our CB combination even with arrival of Gabriel.
    Mertesacker had a decent game yesterday, but Koscielny did not.One of my
    main concerns about Koscielny not just yesterday but in previous games as well is his VERY POOR DISTRIBUTION. He gives away the ball to the opposition far too often. You don’t see that with Terry or Cahill.

    Finally we need a new goalkeeper. Ospina is a very good squad player, but we
    do need to replace Szczesny. Goalkeepers who do not learn from their mistakes are a liability. If we are unable to buy Cech which seems likely then we need to find someone else.

  8. Dark Hei


    If the role is reversed, we have a 10 point lead and they needed the 3 points, I think Wenger would have ordered his troops to turtle too. The difference this season is that we showed that we can do that defending bit. It will be the death of football but hey it works. We will probably even win.

    If we are both forced to attack with great abandon, I think we will win. If we are forced to attack and they can afford to defend, clear winner is Chelsea. If we both have nothing to gain, it will be a 0-0 draw. What’s happening is that we are becoming Chelsea-ish. At least for certain matches.

  9. Thank you and goodnight


    I don’t agree with you that if chelsea wanted to they could of won. Chelsea are an ultra cautious team but they ALWAYS play to win. In my opinion we came out of the game with more credit than chelsea

  10. tunnygriffboy


    Think you’re a bit harsh on the game and our players after yeaterdays game. That Chelsea defence has often held the best sides in Europe. They are a tough side to beat. We got in a lot of good positios yesterday but too many of our final balls were poor and Terry was immense for them with Mourinho saying it’s the best he’s seen him play. That says something.

    Ramsey was good yesterday and is much more than a squad player. I understand having to match their players in midfield and why Wenger wanted a playmaker wide with their deep lying defence. However it makes Ramsey less effective. A wide playmaker with pace is required for next season.

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    Look everyone knows I’m not a lover of wenger and still believe while he’s in charge we won’t win the title again. For all of that I’d still have wenger over mourinho all day long.

  12. Dark Hei


    Let’s not over-react towards the match last night. What we need is not to try beat Chelsea when they have nothing to lose. What we really need to do is to have to stop having injury problems.

    Chelsea didn’t win the league because they drew 0-0 with us last night. They won because they were the most consistent performers over the entire season and because they were able to keep key players fit for the entire season.