Can Wenger out think Mourinho in Arsenal vs Chelsea classic?

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‘Arsenal have not beaten Jose Mourinho in 12 attempts’

It’s a pretty shoddy stat considering Mourinho is hardly a young pup at 52.

Today is the day we make the difference. Jose will come to the ground armed with a beastly game plan. That’s what I’m most interested in really. This time around, he has so many considerations to contend with.

Mesut Ozil

Sure, Chelsea have their own superstar tearing up the league, but so do we. Ozil is a special player, he’s hard to track because he lurches around the pitch like an extremely productive ghost. I’m looking forward to seeing what the plan will be for him. It’ll be difficult for Jose to be too prescriptive because Mesut can play all across the field, he’ll move to where the opportunity is. Will Jose look to bully the German, or will he look to stem the flow of balls coming his way?

Alexis Sanchez

I think we’ve seen teams over the past few weeks deal with Alexis by hitting him up with a bit of two man marking. We’ve also seen him struggle with form a touch as well. I know he’s been in a bit of indifferent form of late (bar the goals, I thought he was out of sorts for the semi last week). I think there’s only one tactic for Sanchez, that’s to hit him hard and put him off his stride. Wenger said as much on the main site.

“Secondly, I wanted someone who has a fighting spirit in the Premier League, to adapt, and to give something to the team on that front. That was needed – someone to say ‘come on, I’m ready for a fight’

Trouble with Alexis is he doesn’t give up. I’m not sure you can put him off his game. He’ll have had a pretty easy week on the training front, hopefully he’ll see today’s game as a stage to show the world he’s the man.

… well, as long as he’s not playing the Roy of the Rovers king maker today.


Now, I’m wondering whether Chelsea will try and test the Columbian today. He’s not very tall and Chelsea have a lot of threat in the air. Could be a possible chink in our armour. This is a massive game, there could be nerves and there could be a chance to rattle his cage.

Chelsea Game

Part of me likes to think Jose is going to come at us and bring their A game. The other part of me knows this is a unlikely. They’ll come to spoil our winning streak. They’ll keep things tight. They probably won’t be too fussed about not having all the possession. They’ll give us the opportunity to expose ourselves and then they’ll kill us.


So surely we have a plan to counteract it? How can we not have a plan for the back four? They’ve conceded 6 in their last 6. So we can get at them. They couldn’t turnover PSG in the Champions League despite them having 10 men. I mean, come on, we can do this!

Quick word on Cesc. Can everyone stop picking on him like he had a choice about coming back to us? I’d heard two seasons ago that we waited so long to sign a big name because Wenger was very much waiting to find out if Cesc was going to leave Barca. When he didn’t, and Cesc used us to gain assurances with his DNA side, we signed Ozil. That’s your man. We didn’t need Cesc last summer. So can we please stop all the ‘he turned us down’ because he didn’t.

Also, before I sign off. My pet hate at the moment is that Barclays advert where Newcastle fans claim they’re the best in the world. It seems to come up regularly. Yet, from where I’m sitting, they appear to be amongst the worst.

1. They hate their owner because he’s Cockney. Righto, is that acceptable? If you hated someone because they were from another country, that’d be pretty bad. I’m not fan of Ashley, but come on, how is it acceptable to double up the hate because he’s from London?

2. They drove their ‘cockney’ manager out of the club despite restrictions. They wanted one of their own at the club despite Pardew doing pretty excellent job there.

3. They get their home grown lad in charge, he has a win record lower than 12%, now they’re giving him dogs abuse as well.

They have a history of this. What makes them the greatest fans? How is this myth perpetuated around the world? I hope they are relegated. Their fans deserve it.

Back to the game today. I’m expecting us to play with discipline. I think we might line up in a similar fashion to the United game. We’ll be utilising our pace moving forward and we’ll be looking to get a John Terry. We need to unpick the blockade that CHelsea will have in front of their back four, we just need to be very careful of that counter attack. Coquelin and whoever partners him are going to have to play with incredible discipline today. That’s a key area of the field we need to own. No kamikaze football today. We have to be the best and the smartest to take the points.

Finally, it’s a massive day today. It’s all about bringing the atmosphere. We need to make the ground a cauldron of energy. We need the players to know we’re here and we’re behind them for the full 90minutes. This game today is massive. It’s another signifier of progress. It’s another opportunity to show the world we’re back. It’s another reminder that change has arrived and it’s replaced the Arsenal of old.

Today is massive. Hopefully the result will be as well.

Have a good one! x

“Secondly, I wanted someone who has a fighting spirit in the Premier League, to adapt, and to give something to the team on that front. That was needed – someone to say ‘come on, I’m ready for a fight’

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  1. Paulinho

    “Jesus do you have a shot memory? We were hit on a counter for the first 2 goals and arteta could’nt keep up Oscar. Third was a penalty.”

    And yet it’s funny how Wenger teams have such a problem even countering with conviction in big games isn’t it?

    We ‘lack freedom in our expression’ because we ‘ve conceded a few goals in the past. According to Wenger that is.

    Henry even said today when we countered today a few players stopped in their tracks and slowed the move down because they were so scared of what would happen if they lost the ball.

    Must be self-fulfilling prophecy kicking in, because we still bloody lose it anyway.

    It’s about defending and attacking with conviction. Mourinho teams do, Wenger teams do not.

  2. Jim Lahey

    @London – How dare you! Its all them foreigners fault. Coming over here, taking our woman, playing our football!

    But I agree with you with the exception of Ramsey, we’ve seen that he can play to a very high standard that we really haven’t seen from the others. Chambers could be a very good CD in years to come.

  3. tunnygriffboy

    Thought Ramsey had a good game today. He’s a b2b midfielder though. Not a wide player. Choices will have to be made next season though. Understand wanting a extra ball player today with them defending their 18 yard line but it’s not the long term answer.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Do you rate Sturridge?

    I personally think he’s massively overrated. I like Kondogbia, him or Schniederlin will do me fine. Cech, absolutely.

    Then a LM/LW I think. Then a LB, not to replace Monreal, but a real promising youngster, Gibbs is rubbish I think personally, injury prone, naive and 25.

  5. Ughelligunner

    Man for man against chelsea, they are the better team.

    But these guys had a plan against us and they managed a draw and people moan they are there for the taken?

    They had caudrado, cech, zouma, old drogba, mikel on the bench not counting the worldclass players on the pitch and we match them strength for a draw and you think we have right the to win?

    Over the years we all know how mourinho team plays even with worldclass players against our average lot and ignorant people still wonder why we have been losing against mourinho and the big guns?

    I think they don’t know why we have started to manage to win the big games yet.

    They think it is the tactics.

    Ask matic and flamini to play by a rule and see who will come out top.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: This doesn’t change the fact that Giroud was ineffectual and was ineffectual in part because of his own limitations. A player with the pace to get in behind Chelsea’s back four and with ability to beat players off the dribble would’ve caused then far more trouble.

    I doubt any other striker would have had any joy today. Chelsea didn’t play a high line, so his lack of pace wasn’t a ‘limitation’ to him.

    The fact that Chelsea covered him with players showed exactly what a threat they thought he was.

    He actually made some good runs, and had him and Alexis been on the same wavelength he might have had some good fortune

    Criticising him on today’s game is bizarre really.

  7. Keyser

    Ozy – It’s a poor argument because to be exhausted now, and that’s if they are, it’d be completely their own fault, compared to us they have far greater resources and considering the players we’ve blooded this year you’d also have to say they used them poorly.

    Yet they’re 10 points clear and are cruising to the title.

    If you’re making excuses for them, how many could you make for us, at best it’d simply be a moot point.

    Our progress won’t be defined by one game, it’ll be defined by the other things that have changed, we’ve blooded numerous players, have a deeper squad and have maintained some semblance of the same position.

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Do you rate Sturridge?

    A fully fit and match fit Sturridge can be very good. Haven’t seen that for a year now though

  9. Keyser

    Ramsey wasn’t really playing wide, he was a bit more tucked in. He’s a right midfielder there not a winger or a wide forward and almost gives us a midfield diamond.

    Cazorla drops deeper making a two in midfield and Ramsey’s energetic enough to cover a fair amount of area.

    As long as Chelsea weren’t allowed to switch sides quickly, it mean’t we overloaded one side and could also win the ball back quicker if play broke down.

    Worked quite well.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    I’m just not sure on Sturridge, he was obviously very good last season, but how much of that was the Suarez effect as well?

    Would need to see him leading this average Liverpool side.

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    I actually thought Chelsea played better today than they have for a while. They’ve looked shaky at the back in the games I’ve watched them in. Definitely tightened up today.

  12. vicky


    Well, Sturridge has got pace, can dribble and can score goals. Agreed , he is selfish and at times wasteful. But you ask yourself – Welback or Sturridge ? For all the work that Welback puts in, he does not quite looks threatening enough. I think Sturridge and Giroud will tick all the boxes.

    Giroud- Physicality , link up play, goals ( not many though)
    Sturridge – pace, dribbling and goals.

    May be overrated as you say but I can’t think we can get any better in the current market.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    If I remember rightly he (and Liverpool) played really well when Suarez wasn’t available.

    But he has to be judged on his overall availability and with Rodgers making his recent statement about his fitness it looks like it’s going to be a long term issue.

    So I guess you’ve got a £30m player with a 0.5 injury modifier making him a £15m player

  14. Cesc Appeal


    I just think Welbeck occupies a niche role in the squad, I’m not saying he’s good enough for us, before I get accused of being a Welbeck fanboy or wanking over his calender again.

    But, what Welbeck does for us, in a way is sort of similar to Willian, I think.

    The problem is, we have Giroud and then that’s about it. In the striker role, unless Welbeck can learn composure and pretty fast we have nothing, only players who ‘can’ play there if they must.

    I think it’s more likely we will get a wide player, but one who is more of a play maker than Sanchez whilst still being quite direct. I would love Reus, if the Gundogan stories are true, and the Hummels ones, maybe there will be an exodus there and we can nip in. Sanchez, Ozil and Reus is pretty great to be honest, and Reus will bag you goals as well.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention to him, but I’ve never been sold on Sturridge really.

    I don’t think we will get a striker anyway, more likely a wide player, a wide play maker/forward.

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: if the Gundogan stories are true

    Dunno which of the Gundogan stories you’re talking about, but they’re very likely not

  17. Danish Gooner

    Look fellow Gooners,we could cake walk this league with the right tools,Wenger simply put isnt the right tool.Look at the current set up in the cl semis teams that over 90 minutes almost make zero mistakes defenesively teams filled with players that are far superior tactically and technically to us.Lets face it we have half a team and no bench,especially the english contingent is a sad state of affair Gibbs insecure and tactically inept and injury prone,Wilshire the english bulldog,give me a break extremely limited ,no vision,accident prone and cant score a goal to save his life,OX supposedly the new Rooney always injured,no vision lacks common football intelligence and cant keep hold of the ball.Walcott such a shame no football intelligence ambles around like a blind horse,once gave somethiing to his team, nowadays pathetic.Welbeck,a dud should never have been bought terrible finishing and misses far to much.Basic fact Arsenal will have to something very bold in the transfer market this summer Giroud simply isnt up to it in the big games to easy to nullify,we need to lay down the law and sign a vibrant attacker with real purpose, i give you Benteke of Aston Villa.Get Dybala a real firebrand,Kondogbia or Paul Pogba and trade Walcott with Sterling,if Wenger cant set up that team to at least become champions then sack him.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    There’s been a fair few, I think they will lose a few players this summer. Reus would be the dream signing. Perfect player, and Arsenal DNA in terms of those injuries.

  19. vicky

    Gundogan is a crock though a very good player. Reus if available will be targeted by every major club including the likes of Madrid. So a pipedream as far as I am concerned. Do not think AW will spend much on a CB if at all he does. He will look at Koss. BFG and Gabriel as his first 3 choices. Chambers a back up option. So. I don’t think he will spend big in that department which rules Hummels out.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    I wasn’t saying us for Gundogan and Hummels, I was saying as in they are linked away from their, so we may be able to try for Reus if there’s an exodus of talent. We have the money no problem.


    Just not sure on him. Seems a proper crock and I would like to see him leading that Liverpool line consistently well with no Suarez and for a Liverpool side that isn’t really plying well.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    The whole Gundogan to ManU turned out to be a pile of BS, (though that doesn’t mean ManU (or us for that matter) won’t open negotiations in the future.

    I suspect the Dortmund players will wait till the end of the season and see what’s going to happen with the club, no point in rushing it before then

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Well they know who their manager will be next year, doesn’t look like they will be in the UCL either. I think a fair few will be off.

  23. Ughelligunner

    is this the kind of arrogant coach that people who call themselves arsenal fans still have the gust to defend on an arsenal site?

    Hitting the arsenal fans cos they were unlucky the wrong billionaire bought their beloved club.

    Don’t blame him, blame Abramovich.

  24. Dissenter

    If it were possible to reverse time, I woudnt have bought Welbeck because he’s everything but a goal scorer. Van Gaal was right about him. WE have him now so I guess we have to support him.
    It is howeverossible to be ruthless for the present, let Theo go with all the gratitude of this great club.

    If Theo had any pride left to be called a top footballer then he should seek a transfer. The manager will rather play a b2b midfielder on the right than start with Theo.

    We need an upgrade up front, someone with the energy of Alexis that can run at defences.

  25. Baartil

    So poor that it hurts.
    Not going for three points, true AW-style.
    Giroud … Arsenal only team in the world to have him as first choise striker…
    Fabregas – from legend to asshole.

  26. Dissenter

    I wonder why people here can’t just let Mourhini be.

    They have played better offensive football than us all season long. There are six Chelsea players in the first eleven voted by their fellow professionals.

    Wenger has a big role in the Mourhino bashing, people point tomMourhino’s arrogance,but forget the Wenger jibes that instigated his boastings.

    Wenger recently alluded that Mourhino’s stick in trade are 1-0 victories as if there is anything wrong with that. It turns out that since Mourhino’s return from Madrid, Chelsea have had eight 1-0 victories and Arśenal are a close second with seven 1-0 victories in the same period.

    When Terry celebrated after the draw, people here mocked him forgetting that we celebrated fourth place in 2013. I saw the Chelsea celebration as proof of how much progress we have made .

  27. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, Liverpool are underachieving a little, but they overachieved last season, so sacking Brendan would be a little mad.

    I was listening to pundits on the radio saying because he hadn’t won anything his job was at risk. Crazy talk. Liverpool winning the league is almost an impossibility (even Suarez wasn’t enough to help them to do it) and the FA Cup is a real lottery. Liverpool are £100m a year behind the big guys,

    What do they expect ?

  28. Dissenter

    France definitely have all the tools to win the Euros at home next summer.
    There are like 3-4 very good players in every position.

    Think the French have something to teach you English. 🙂

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: If it were possible to reverse time, I woudnt have bought Welbeck because he’s everything but a goal scorer.

    Well, I think if Ox had been fit 100% of the season (and we could have done with him today) we wouldn’t have needed him half as much, but simply as a back up to Giroud.

    But there was so little around. ManU failed with Falcao, Liverpool failed twice with Balotelli and Lambert, Spurs didn’t even try, and ManC waited till Jan to overspend on Bony.

    I don’t think many people thought he was a perfect solution, but actually of the forwards signed this season, he was probably the most useful

  30. London gunner


    “Maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention to him, but I’ve never been sold on Sturridge really.”

    Yet you’re sold on welbeck whose half the player Sturridge is.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    No I’m not, stop making these bullshit things up about Welbeck and try reading what I actually write for a change.

  32. David Smith

    Dissenter, as for Wenger and Mourinho jibes, think you will find Mourinho opened hostilies with his voyeur comments. Mourinho is a deeply unpleasant character, as the late Tito Villanova will attest, Jose matched only by his assistant, Rui Faria.

  33. gazzap

    Once again I thought our shape in the final third was all wrong today. Ramsey on the right wing is awful. It means we play in two thirds of the pitch. Bellerin is doing the job of two players. Ramsey is a good central midfielder but not a winger and cannot and should not play that role. Welbeck should have started right wing.

    We just cannot beat chelsea can we.

  34. Dissenter

    Welbeck’s contract should have had a clause inserted surreptitiously:

    The player will wait behind for two hours after every training session to work on his composure in front of goal to earn his weekly wage.

  35. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,
    Fair point about availability of strikers the last window.
    It’s just that right now, there is a glut of excellent strikers that can be had for £15-25 million.

    Like I said, if only I could just reverse TIME, anyone has a TARDIS.

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: It’s just that right now, there is a glut of excellent strikers that can be had for £15-25 million.

    There is ?

  37. northern gooner

    Fuck off mourinho.

    Even the special undies could not beat the special one.
    Cant knock him for what hes won but hes still the biggest c*nt in football.

  38. Ughelligunner

    Desenter why are you so one sided in this matter as always?

    It was people given mourinho and his chelsea team a benefit of doubt and same time written wenger off without looking at both clubs to ask deep reasons why? And people come out to question them and all you have to say is let him be and the same time blaming wenger?

    The media do this often, why should arsenal fans do it too?

    You shouldn’t have said anything if you would be onesided.

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    Anyway, completely off topic but this is something I found funny

    My son (4.5 years old) goes to a private school, (privileges of wealth etc.) which is generally marvellous, but they are slightly more religious than I’d like, so at Easter, he came home talking about the whole Jesus rebirth story. I wasn’t mega happy about it, so we did the whole religious discussion, going into creationism etc.etc.

    So yesterday we had one of his friends and his mum round and because they’re Hindu, told them what Sam had told me, and asked whether they’d had the same thing and whether it was an issue.
    Turns out they hadn’t, but when they’d been at the Temple, at a point where things were silent, their young son (also 4.5 years old) stood up and announced loudly “I LOVE JESUS”

  40. Ughelligunner

    Dissenter, are you serious comparing our 1 nil wins to chelsea. Lol.

    Teams purposely pack the box against us, compared to chelsea even them knowing they have a better squad and all you say is they were attacking all season and we are almost the same with all their 30m each squad? You talk as if you are expecting less from mourinho chelsea and extra more from wenger ‘s arsenal.

    Well i promise you that is the best you can get from us until we can match them player for player again. Until then keep dreaming.

  41. northern gooner


    The boil wash has been completed.

    There is the united game and the fa cup final left in them.
    Leave old trafford with something and win the fa cup and they will be on the open top bus before getting framed going to the museum.

  42. Ughelligunner

    Nasri mouth, lol. But you cant really blame the school. It’s either time and maybe a child popped with the question or not, they deserve to know why we are going on holidays during the period and @ Christmas.

    It’s like Christmas which is celebrate with flare in Europe and America but the true story behind it in the first place have been forgotten.

    Telling a child that a guy called Jesus was beaten and died for mankind, and is celebrated tends to work marvelously on the conscience of the young mind.

  43. Marko

    NM I don’t envy you when you have the birds and the bee’s talk or about death.

    Also Mourinho reverting to type again. A truly loathsome creature. God forbid people should criticize his side when they pass sideways and backwards for 35 mins straight

  44. kwik fit

    In the deserts of Sudan and the gardens of Japan
    From Milan to Yucatan, Fuck off Mourinho

    In the wilds of Borneo and the vineyards of Bordeaux
    Eskimo, Arapaho, move their body to and fro Fuck off Mourinho

  45. Nasri's Mouth


    There’s a lot of good in religion, but not when it comes to creationism.

    Anyway, it wasn’t a big thing, it was the reaction of my son’s friend that was funny

  46. Relieable sauce

    We’ll need a ruthless clearout of a few “big” names & 2/3 serious upgrades on the 1st 11 before I’m convinced we are ready to compete for top honours.
    I do believe we have improved slightly but that is the very least we should expect given our manager has had so long in such a privillaged position. City & Pool have gone backwards, MU are still rebuilding after fergies neglect & even chaski arent as formidable as they were under mo the 1st time round.
    Finishing 2nd was always feesable imo & with the the right signings made at the right time ie. the beginning of the summer TW, I think we could have genuinely challenged for the title, as we could have last season. Next year, who knows. I will expect MU, MC & possibly Pool to have improved a fair bit though, we need decisive action in the summer & early.

  47. leon

    I think the chelsea manager is a arrogant ass whole but when it comes to his abilities as amanger and the ability to win trophies is one of the best managers around.

  48. Eltel2

    Bent over and fucked up the arse by Chelsea again

    13 and counting

    anyone for 14 and 15 next year?

    Still… least we’ll get 4th or 3rd…..etc etc fucking etc

  49. Arsene's Nurse

    @Nasri’s Mouth – I like it. I’ve got a nephew who is the same age. They are brilliant around the age of 4. He’s got a vivid imagination:

    All the 4 1/2 year olds were sat in class listening to the teacher read Paddington Bear – you know marmalade sandwiches, dufflecoat, hat, suitcase, the Browns, etc.

    Anyway half way through, my nephew gets up, wanders over to where all the “dress up” clothes are, picks out a hat and puts it on, then gets a suitcase and returns to his spot on the floor.

    The teacher being rather puzzled asks him what he’s doing to which he replies, “I’m waiting for Mr and Mrs Brown”.

    He was pretending to be Paddington Bear.

  50. Goondawg

    Lots of people riding Chelsea and their cunt of a manager, but we have no excuses today. This is a team, missing their two top strikers and they still managed to have more shots on target than us. Easily Oscar’s should have been a penalty, when Ospina wiped him out. 1-0 down to Hazard, we would have pushed for an equaliser and gone down to 2. Cahill’s pen shout, too close to call… We bottled it. All that tippy tappy and couldn’t fashion a shot on target. Subs were bad from Wenger. 80th minute and 85th minute. What the fuck do we expect? These guys need at least ten more minutes to feel the game and acclimatise to the match

    “But maybe they weren’t singing to us. Maybe, when you want to win a game and you’re at home and you take your No 9 [Olivier Giroud] off, maybe the home fans want to see Danny Welbeck and Giroud up front.” Mourinho schooling Wenger on what to do when you are the home side, chasing a goal.

    “‘You support the club and you’re waiting, waiting, waiting for so many years without a Premier League title, so that’s very boring.” Very true. But fuck me, if I was a chelsea fan and watched that second half type of performance week in week out, I would give up football.

    The commentators and pundits have to ride Chelsea’s dick, because if they slated their style of play, then what does that say about this weak-ass league that let these pricks win at a canter. With players like Hazard, Oscar, Willian and Fabregas, playing that kind of dull football, brings the beautiful game into disrepute.

    Henry was shitting on the squad. First blow was dealt when he said personally, he would bench Ozil for Fabregas. This got disregarded by me, since they are known to be very good friends, and Cesc put many a assist on his plate. Henry when asked how far Arsenal are from winning this league, doesnt hold back, mentioning we need a new GK, CB, CDM and a top top striker. He compares us to Chelsea last year who identified the problem and went out bought their spine, Courtois, Matic, Fabregas and Costa. Do you see Wenger attempting this???

    We will not win the league under Wenger. Doesn’t have the tactical nous nor the will and desire. Its embarrasing how easily Mourinho can mock him now.

    13-0. Cant even fucking remember the last goal we scored against a Mourinho side.

  51. Arsene's Nurse

    Fucking twats on MotD think the contact on Fab was a penalty – Savage being a cunt, but both of them ludicrously think that Ospina should have had a yellow and a penalty. These people have no understanding of the laws of the game.

  52. London gunner

    We fucked up with the welbeck purchase.

    We could have and should have gotten javier Hernandez.

    With his performance tonight he made a team full of superstars look on or below his level.

    Love his movement, first touch and gorgeous finishing. Not to even go on about his link up play and passing with James and ronaldo was a delight to witness.


  53. Ozy

    Karim, your knowledge of the French league and French players is unrivaled in this blog so no offense to LG, please do carry on.

  54. Goondawg

    I can finally understand now why that plastic chelsea fan Thomas would rather choose to watch our games… So frustrating to watch today. They parked it hard

  55. Goondawg

    How many more chances will Welbeck fluff…

    That guy moans how he is a top striker that needs chances in his favourite position to score. But when the chances come, he just fluffs it up completely.

    Even Sanogo is finding the net, albeit only to have it wrongly disallowed. Has happened twice now, remember last year against Everton. His goal yesterday for Palace was a wicked header.

  56. karim

    Cheers Ozy
    I like what you said last week about Lyon being potential champions next season.
    Lille was rather useless vs Psg yesterday. Still hoping a miracle strikes.

    Watching the nba, looks like Clippers might win at San Antonio tonite

  57. London gunner


    So useless that he scores a goal a game at real when he starts?

    Welbeck is a striker who can’t score how useless is that.

    Yeah his first touch, dribbling movement, awareness, the timing of his run and clinical finishing from a tight angel wer so “useless”

    His absolutely astounding first touch that all the real fans are raving about, his acceleration over 40 meters and his great fun here capped off with a cool calm finish is certainly useless ozy

  58. London gunner

    Cro gunner

    What’s reactinary about stats?

    Hernandez gets a goal a game when he starts. While welbeck is an utter donkey in the final third.

    Welbeck is dogshit and I have said this all season so how is this a reactinary stance?

  59. Ozy

    Haha Hernandez has been at Real Madrid all season and he’s just now starting a few games. He couldn’t even get a game at Man U. The Mexicans don’t even rate him.

    Yeah, don’t rate him. Impact sub is about his level.

  60. London gunner


    You have eyes fella?

    Have another look.

    He scores from a tight angle nut megging the keeper.. Pretty gorgeous.

    If welbeck or giroud scored that you wouldn’t shut up about it.

    Also interesting to note that Hernandez “poacher” is involved in the build up and creates that goal with some brilliant interplay.

    Real fans commenting how Hernandez has great chemistry with ronaldo and James more than bale..

  61. London gunner


    Never said he was world class just that he is far better than welbeck at being a STRIKER aka scoring goals.

    Hernandez goal a game he starts welbeck not so much.. That stat want from YouTube

  62. Ozy

    Yeah, Karim. Lyon have been very impressive this season. Lacazette a beast.

    Clippers look like they’re about to win it. I’m backing the Warriors to win it all.

  63. London gunner


    When a team like Real Madrid takes a player on loan they must be at least some what decent.

    Would they take welbeck on loan fuck no.

    My argument isn’t that Hernandez is great just that he is a much better striker than welbz.

    Also the fact he struggles to get a game at Real Madrid with the likes of ronaldo bale and benzema as competition hardly means he is a shit layer.

    Oh and he could get more games at man united than Welbeck

  64. London gunner


    And where is your stat saying he gets more goals in less minutes? That he scores more in more starts..

    I’m waiting…

    Welbeck is a donkey of a striker Hernandez has his limits but is better at what a striker should do.

  65. Dream10

    If we had Hernandez in the squad in addition to Giroud and Welbeck, we certainly would have been closer to Chelsea, perhaps even ahead.

    He was sensational today. Fabulous touch, great acceleration and clinical finishing.

  66. Goondawg

    Pretty nice assist. Yh was a class finish too. Didnt realise he scored two today, thought you were referring to his el classico goal.

    He is a very polarising player though, when it comes to people’s opinions of him. He’s not really that good on the ball, even that shoulder pass looked awkward as fuck.

    Also obviously if Welbeck or Giroud scored that I would be gassed, seeing as I am indeed an Arsenal supporter.

  67. Cesc Appeal

    Hernandez’s work ethic, tracking back, stamina and physicality mean he’d easily takes Welbeck’s role in the squad…oh no wait

    Ahh I see, we’re distorting facts to suit an agenda…carry on

  68. Goondawg

    Its not that difficult to have better chemistry with Ronaldo and James when you are speaking Spanish not Welsh

  69. Ozy

    Not sure where the Hernandez vs Welbeck comparisons came from but both players are kind of useless. I’d still take Welbeck over Hernandez any day of the week.

  70. Goondawg

    Does Chicharito ever play the full 90?

    He is more of an impact sub player against mentally fatigued and tiring legs, which is where he is more effective IMO

    Welbeck brings more physicality and athleticism on the table, whereas Hernandez gets you goals. I dont like either, and prefer a better solution to our striker woes.

    If I had to pick one of the two, Welbeck edges it because he offers more with his tracking back and ability to lead the line and play on the wings. Whereas Chich is one-dimensional and prone to disappearing in games.

  71. Goondawg

    Conceded though, Lil pea is the better goalscorer.

    Fucking Welbeck tries my patience, he would be absolutely quality if he could finish. He needs to massively step it up

  72. Dream10

    Signing a goalscorer who can make runs in behind from a central position is essential. Giroud does not have the pace and Sanchez, while having the ability do so is reluctant to do so.

  73. mysticleaves

    Hernandez has done fuck all for 2 seasons. One good game doesn’t suddenly change him to something he’s not

  74. SpanishDave

    Our Englush core is crap.
    Over paid johnny wannabees.
    We see today where we really are we desperatly need 3 wc players.
    Wenger doesnt see that he is not ruthless and wont spend, he will never win the pl hes done for.
    Ramsey just drifted around as does Walcott. Welbeck is no more than a sub.
    Giroud is a second tier player .
    Wenger muddles on in his own Walter Mitty World

  75. mysticleaves

    I couldn’t help but laugh myself.

    Also RM took Faubert from WHU on loan. pretty gash statement to make from LG

  76. Thomas

    April 26, 2015 16:55:35

    Fucking unbelievable. How the fuck do you celebrate a 0-0 in a league game? Terry celebrating winning the world cup there


    They were celebrating the fact that they almost have the league wrapped up, not the draw itself. Unbelievable comment.

  77. luke

    I think Welbeck is Theo’s replacement. Pace off the bench. We need to first choice CF and I think his name is Edison Cavani

  78. John T.

    To answer your question, NO. Until this team beats Chelsea and Jose’s collective arses they will NOT challenge for this title. I remain unconvinced that Wenger will BUY the 4 necessary players (an Henry suggestion) to win this thing. NO excuses either put up or shut up.

  79. tunnygriffboy

    I’m glad Ramsey refused to shake Piers Morgan’ hand. Piers Morgan is a massive bellend and generally can be relied upon to make our club derided. He talks shite about football. He also bad mouthed Ramsey frequently when he was coming back from career threatening injury. I hope he told him to fuc.k off as well. They team must be embarrassed by Morgan the drivel he comes out with.

  80. qna

    SpanishDave and John T. Agree with both of you. It is like groundhog day at Arsenal. We string a few wins together, many unconvincing, many against teams that any top 8 side would win comfortably and then all of a sudden we are real contenders. Just two or three mediocre players such as Schnederlin away from the title. Its getting a bit boring really. I do wonder what some Arsenal fans see when they watch football. I imagine they think much the same as my mates dog does when he watches tv.

    I don’t want to praise Chelsea, cause they are fucking cunts. Lucky for us the EPL is so shit right now, that we are still going to play CL football next season.

    Arsenal have so much to do its ridiculous. Step 1. First they have to scrap this British Core bullshit. I really thought that Wenger had his hands tied a bit and wouldnt be making those mistakes anymore after Ozil and Sanchez. But buying the fucking useless Welbeck blew that wishful theory out of the water. Fucking nuked it. We need to model around Chelsea and City, who only have a couple of British players in their main squad. I think Milner is a dud, but Hart, Terry and Cahill are certainly players that you dont lose quality by having. Then with the remaining 17 non-hg slots and the under 19s they try to optimise their wage and transfer budgets. Its really not that fucking hard. So fuck the British core is step 1.

    Step 2. Have a fucking clue what talent is. We know we dont have an unlimited budget, but the money that we do have is fucking wasted. If you can’t find somebody better than Welbeck, Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs, Schezeny, Arteta, Diaby, Podolski etc on the ridiculously massive wages that these guys are on, then you have no business being in control of the worlds 8th wealthiest club. For every Kosceilny there is 10 failures. The scouting and recruitment is shit.

    Step 3. Fucking implement a better health program at the club. Dont fucking bury your head in the sand and blame bad luck. Change what you have been doing to get rid of these injury problems. Last night Sanchez got fucking kung fu kicked in the hamstring. This fucked up league refs wont protect him, so its up to the club and the manager now to do the scans and treatment and even rest him so that doesnt turn in to a 6 week hamstring tear. Right now Southampton are doing this brilliantly. Its expensive and takes organisation, but its just as important as a new money spinning stadium.

  81. tunnygriffboy


    Think you’re being a bit over dramatic with some of your points there

    Wilshere is a very good player any team in the league would be happy to have in their squad

    Welbeck has been good for us this season. He needs to stay and improve next season

    The culling of players started last season and there is no reason not to think another lot of players will go at the end of the season

    Gibbs is not a bad player

    Chelsea have a super efficient very experienced defense. Put two 25 miilon pound players in front of them as a shield and then add 4 30 million pound forwards and you can see we are playing catch. We are getting there albeit slowly

    Who looked the better side yesterday ?

    Yes Ivanovic is a dirty shit.

  82. Thank you and goodnight

    Steven Howard reckons Chelsea should of been out of sight by half time. Now I didn’t see the full 90 minutes, more like 65. But from what I did see I thought we were the better team. Anyone else think Steven Howard is right? Also while mourinho is right, 10 years without a title isn’t great, ( I never thought I’d say this) I’d much win the title playing good football than being a team that wins playing anti football. Mourinho and his teams are everything that is wrong with modern day football.

  83. tunnygriffboy


    Steve Howard is talking shite. They had one shot on target 1st half, two dives for penalty claims and claim when ospina collided with Oscar whose foot was head high when the collided. Could have been a pen

    We played some good stuff. If I’m honest we didn’t have our finishing boots on, Ozil created 4 of our chances, more than anyone in the game. More concerning was our final ball, not always the right one our quite good enough. Add to that Terry cut so much out at the near post with Mourinho saying it’s the best game he’s seen him play.

    No point in having a paddy about not winning yesterday. We played ok but couldn’t find that killer touch. Some good individual performances and we need to move on and try and get second.

  84. Ivan

    Well we all knew that Mou will set up his team to defend, i just couldn’t quite believe that with all that point advantage and really good team he has, he played first half without striker.
    Good thing was we shut Hazard off. He was crowned PFA player of the year and couldn’t do a thing yesterday, before he would probably score 2 against us.
    It would be great if we beat them yesterday but their time will come and that will be another monkey off our back.

  85. Thank you and goodnight


    I’m not having a paddy for not winning,but I thought we were the better team from what I saw.
    As for mourinho, well I for one wouldn’t want him at Arsenal. Yesterday they came to us with title virtually sewn up but played with no striker and 11 men behind the ball. Truly boring boring football

  86. tunnygriffboy

    If every team played like Mourinho’s we’d end up like Italy in the 80s and 90s when football became so boring people stopped going and attendances really slumped. He relies on teams trying to win the game leaving his plethora of 30 million plus players to nick a goal on the break. They very lucky Hazard didn’t have a long term injury this season.

    His whinging and pithy comments after the game suggests to me he rankles when called boring. He craves the rspect Cruyff, Ancellotti, Ferguson and Guardiola get. Yes they had money as well but they produced attacking teams who won things with being positive even against other good teams. Look at Mourinho tactics v Us, man u, City and lpool home and away. Two banks of four hoping to nick a goal. Don’t think the Arsenal fans would be too impressed with it game after game.

  87. tunnygriffboy


    Wasn’t inferring you were having a paddy. Just think it’s not worth anyone getting wound up about it. Players gave 100% but just weren’t quite accurate enough to break down their wall. I do think we are capable of beating them now, something I haven’t thought for a while.

  88. Thank you and goodnight


    Totally agree with you. Barring a meteorite smashing into their Cobham training centre and wiping out their entire team, the title is theirs. So surely going into a derby against your rivals knowing title is yours, you’d want to put on a show for your fans. You’d want to put seeds of doubt for next season into your rivals physche by smashing them at their ground. Instead he parks the bus, yachts and private jets in the hope of nicking the game 1 nil. Fuck me your meant to be champions elect not a team just up from the championship hoping to grind out a point. Boring boring chelsea

  89. Wallace


    agree with you that the ‘boring’ tag riles Mourinho. i think it genuinely baffles him that people expect more from his side than this overly cautious, grinding out of victories.

  90. tunnygriffboy

    We actually made tactical fouls yesterday which ironically was brought up by Mourinho saying Wenger is against them. Perhaps if we’d done it more last season we wouldn’t have been battered as much away from home. Ivanovic kicked the shit out of Alexis

    Been linked Kondogbia, Gundogan, Lacazzette and Bolasie today loooooool

  91. nasri's mouth

    Great comments overnight.

    Apparently Hernandez would have won us the title, half the team is utter shite because we only drew against the champions and Wenger will never spend any money

    Brilliant Stuff!

  92. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah. Few knee jerk reactions and toys out of the pram about

    I rewatched the game last night. We got in really good positions but the final ball wasn’t great though Terry was immense for them cutting out loads of dangerousballs. I don’t think there’s much between us now. First time I’ve thought that in

  93. Dark Hei

    Let’s give credit to Mou and to Wenger.

    It is a game that Mou do not need to win and a game Wenger cannot lose. So 0-0? Secretly I can see Mou and Wenger doing a mental handshake while snarling on the outside (loving one another is bad for TV; sometimes, I wonder if the 2 are briefed by TV folks to talk shite about one another). Especially so since United contrive to lose at Everton.

    The way to beat Mou is clear. Don’t let him get ahead of you in the league. If they need to come out to beat you, you get a chance. If they get to turtle, its lights out. Unless you have Messi, Neymar and Suarez on your first team. And even so, its 50-50.

    Since this is a league game, the scenario is scripted. If this was a one-match knock out competition, perhaps the game would be played out differently. I think that will be the time where we see if Arsenal truly have progressed. A 0-0 draw? I am sure Wenger rigged the team not to lose. But can he beat Mou in a fight which requires a clear winner? We will find out next season.

  94. Dark Hei


    Lol. Yeah, maybe you are right. Chelsea had nothing to lose, they could afford to put on a show. But Mou hates us so much that he set things up to bore us to death; out of spite. Look at how JT celebrate that draw like the heavens have opened up on him. (He is deluded, the only way the heavens will open up to him is to throw a giant meteorite on his head)

  95. Thank you and goodnight

    @David Smith

    He’s a bell end. First time in years I thought we genuinely competed against them.

  96. Bankz

    Gibbs isn’t a bad player but Ivanovic is a shit player?

    Apart from Bellerin, I’d have Ivanovic over all our full backs & Mertasacker.

    This deluded reasoning that anyone who plays for Arsenal is too good or world class needs to stop.

    This is the exact reason idiots still feel or think Sanogo would transform into world class at some point.

    Question is if he wasn’t an Arsenal player, would anyone here recommend we pay even €10,000 for him?

  97. Wallace


    “Question is if he wasn’t an Arsenal player, would anyone here recommend we pay even €10,000 for him?”

    give both a full season as the no. 1 striker and i’d back Sanogo to score more goals than Welbeck who cost 16m.

  98. Leedsgunner


    “Yeah I will give you that, John Terry makes having a pint with El Hadji Diouf seem appealing.”

    He would spit in your beer though when you were not looking.

  99. Bankz


    I don’t agree to this “competed with them” lines.
    If Chelsea needed to win that game to ensure the title,they’d had won it despite their injuries.

    We needed the win more than them as all they wanted was not to lose.

    We needed the win to cement 2nd place & to banish the “Arsenal can’t beat Mourinho” ghosts but we still somehow failed to do so.

    I think our greatest undoing was starting Ramsey on the right & Wenger making subs way too late in the game.
    We didn’t look threatening until Welbeck and Theo came on.

    Yesterday was our greatest opportunity to beat Mourinho and we flopped it. There were nackered before the game,struggled to win games in the last 2months,we were on an 8 game winning streak, we had or have a good home record & mentally Chelsea didn’t need to win so everything was in our favour but we still couldn’t.

    After yesterday’s result, I tweeted this ” is it now safe to say Wenger will Never ever beat Mourinho in his life?”……I believe he missed his best chance to so I think he won’t get a second chance ever again.

  100. Leedsgunner

    “give both a full season as the no. 1 striker and i’d back Sanogo to score more goals than Welbeck who cost 16m.”

    Shhhh… Wenger is fully capable of coming up with half baked completely bonkers challenges — don’t give him ideas for goodness sake! 😉

  101. Dark Hei


    Nah. Chelsea and Arsenal and Man City team are quite close in terms of quality. Just that Man City aren’t motivated while Shad needed time at Arsenal to work his magic.

    And no racists on our playing staff roster please.

  102. Bankz


    Sanogo will not outscore Welbeck if they’re both given a run of games as the main striker.

    I’m not a Welbeck fan as I called him average after we signed him in the summer but Sanogo on the other hand is dogshit.

    Like I said Sanogo has more chance succeeding as a gangster rapper than as a football striker.

    He’s a joke.
    Can’t run in a straight line & can’t control a simple pass a 7yr old kid would likely control + his finishing is diabolic.
    Absolutely nothing in Sanogo suggests he’d be a successful footballer talk less of a central forward.

    I think Welbeck other than composure in front of goal is a better player than even Theo & as Theo improved in front of goal 2 yrs I hold hopes for Welbeck to do same.

  103. Dark Hei


    No. Welback can become a good striker. He has all the ingredients. Just need to work on the tactical aspect of a lone striker.

    Sanogo on the other hand needs to get his technique up to the requisite level. Otherwise he is just a convenient battering ram. An admittedly effective wild card. He is the type of guy to throw into last night’s game. But as long as his touch is rubbish, he will always just be a single purpose player.

  104. Leedsgunner

    “I think our greatest undoing was starting Ramsey on the right & Wenger making subs way too late in the game.
    We didn’t look threatening until Welbeck and Theo came on.”


    The reason for the late subs were I think, Wenger was trying to nick a goal late late on.

    If this is true — that just tells you what confidence he has in the defence to hold a lead versus a top side. He should have made changes much earlier in the game — yesterday was the best chance we’ve had in a long while.

    Giroud worked hard but thet fact that a 34 John Terry had him in his pocket tells you that we needed more pace up front. Ramsey, bless him, is never a winger in a month of Sundays.