Can Wenger out think Mourinho in Arsenal vs Chelsea classic?

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‘Arsenal have not beaten Jose Mourinho in 12 attempts’

It’s a pretty shoddy stat considering Mourinho is hardly a young pup at 52.

Today is the day we make the difference. Jose will come to the ground armed with a beastly game plan. That’s what I’m most interested in really. This time around, he has so many considerations to contend with.

Mesut Ozil

Sure, Chelsea have their own superstar tearing up the league, but so do we. Ozil is a special player, he’s hard to track because he lurches around the pitch like an extremely productive ghost. I’m looking forward to seeing what the plan will be for him. It’ll be difficult for Jose to be too prescriptive because Mesut can play all across the field, he’ll move to where the opportunity is. Will Jose look to bully the German, or will he look to stem the flow of balls coming his way?

Alexis Sanchez

I think we’ve seen teams over the past few weeks deal with Alexis by hitting him up with a bit of two man marking. We’ve also seen him struggle with form a touch as well. I know he’s been in a bit of indifferent form of late (bar the goals, I thought he was out of sorts for the semi last week). I think there’s only one tactic for Sanchez, that’s to hit him hard and put him off his stride. Wenger said as much on the main site.

“Secondly, I wanted someone who has a fighting spirit in the Premier League, to adapt, and to give something to the team on that front. That was needed – someone to say ‘come on, I’m ready for a fight’

Trouble with Alexis is he doesn’t give up. I’m not sure you can put him off his game. He’ll have had a pretty easy week on the training front, hopefully he’ll see today’s game as a stage to show the world he’s the man.

… well, as long as he’s not playing the Roy of the Rovers king maker today.


Now, I’m wondering whether Chelsea will try and test the Columbian today. He’s not very tall and Chelsea have a lot of threat in the air. Could be a possible chink in our armour. This is a massive game, there could be nerves and there could be a chance to rattle his cage.

Chelsea Game

Part of me likes to think Jose is going to come at us and bring their A game. The other part of me knows this is a unlikely. They’ll come to spoil our winning streak. They’ll keep things tight. They probably won’t be too fussed about not having all the possession. They’ll give us the opportunity to expose ourselves and then they’ll kill us.


So surely we have a plan to counteract it? How can we not have a plan for the back four? They’ve conceded 6 in their last 6. So we can get at them. They couldn’t turnover PSG in the Champions League despite them having 10 men. I mean, come on, we can do this!

Quick word on Cesc. Can everyone stop picking on him like he had a choice about coming back to us? I’d heard two seasons ago that we waited so long to sign a big name because Wenger was very much waiting to find out if Cesc was going to leave Barca. When he didn’t, and Cesc used us to gain assurances with his DNA side, we signed Ozil. That’s your man. We didn’t need Cesc last summer. So can we please stop all the ‘he turned us down’ because he didn’t.

Also, before I sign off. My pet hate at the moment is that Barclays advert where Newcastle fans claim they’re the best in the world. It seems to come up regularly. Yet, from where I’m sitting, they appear to be amongst the worst.

1. They hate their owner because he’s Cockney. Righto, is that acceptable? If you hated someone because they were from another country, that’d be pretty bad. I’m not fan of Ashley, but come on, how is it acceptable to double up the hate because he’s from London?

2. They drove their ‘cockney’ manager out of the club despite restrictions. They wanted one of their own at the club despite Pardew doing pretty excellent job there.

3. They get their home grown lad in charge, he has a win record lower than 12%, now they’re giving him dogs abuse as well.

They have a history of this. What makes them the greatest fans? How is this myth perpetuated around the world? I hope they are relegated. Their fans deserve it.

Back to the game today. I’m expecting us to play with discipline. I think we might line up in a similar fashion to the United game. We’ll be utilising our pace moving forward and we’ll be looking to get a John Terry. We need to unpick the blockade that CHelsea will have in front of their back four, we just need to be very careful of that counter attack. Coquelin and whoever partners him are going to have to play with incredible discipline today. That’s a key area of the field we need to own. No kamikaze football today. We have to be the best and the smartest to take the points.

Finally, it’s a massive day today. It’s all about bringing the atmosphere. We need to make the ground a cauldron of energy. We need the players to know we’re here and we’re behind them for the full 90minutes. This game today is massive. It’s another signifier of progress. It’s another opportunity to show the world we’re back. It’s another reminder that change has arrived and it’s replaced the Arsenal of old.

Today is massive. Hopefully the result will be as well.

Have a good one! x

“Secondly, I wanted someone who has a fighting spirit in the Premier League, to adapt, and to give something to the team on that front. That was needed – someone to say ‘come on, I’m ready for a fight’

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  1. gary

    So what if subs weaken us defensively..least we’re trying to win the game .. Hunter don’t know what game ur watching

  2. Cesc Appeal

    We just can’t do it.

    He’s always got Wenger’s number.

    Welbeck should have started, looked so much better with width.

    Shame. 0 for 13.

  3. Arsene's Nurse

    Welbeck – hmmm. Most strikers can anticipate a chance. The ball just seems to surprise Welbeck and he never gets in a position to hit it properly.

  4. Ozy

    This was our chance to finally beat Mourinho’s Chelsea.. we didn’t take it.

    We don’t has enough quality in this team. Not enough game changers. Nobody in our bench would have made a difference. Need to heavily reinforce..

  5. Bamford10


    Exactly what my words say: Giroud is a limited player and therefore a limited striker. His lack of pace and inability to beat players off the dribble limit what he can do in a game, limit what he can give to the team. Hence his limited effectiveness in a game like this.

    Fairly obvious point. What are you confused about?

  6. Al

    That is your Premier League Champions…Over half a billion spent and play that football…Well Done.

    ANyway. On to Arsenal and i see a lot of positives from us. Not as naive anymore.

  7. Marko

    Fucking unbelievable. How the fuck do you celebrate a 0-0 in a league game? Terry celebrating winning the world cup there

  8. alex cutter

    “For this game, a draw will have still been good for our momentum.”

    I can imagine the post-match talk: “Way to go boys, we’ve made so much progress that were able to hold Chelsea to a draw at home, and I still haven’t beaten Mourinho.”

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t think Chelsea were celebrating a 0-0 draw. I think they were celebrating the fact they are now a pubic hair away from the title and continue their unbeaten run.

    Just don’t feel we did enough, tried to be too cute, too intricate, lacked pace, wanted too many touches.

    They were there.

  10. Joe

    That sure set the time for next season.

    Jose must be shitting himself in fear

    We will never win the pl or CL with wenger in charge.

  11. Nasri's Mouth

    We played pretty conservatively today. Giroud was surrounded pretty much all the time. Memories still strong I guess. Takes a while to recover from results like 6-0.

    What was good to see was that we played with a lot more common sense and a fair bit more cynicism (several yellows towards the end)

    Just need to keep this going

  12. Paulinho

    “Fucking unbelievable. How the fuck do you celebrate a 0-0 in a league game? Terry celebrating winning the world cup there”

    It’s like us when we drew to Spurs at White Hart Lane in 2004, I mean why the hell were we celebrating a draw?

  13. Joe

    Celebrating winning the league

    Don’t worry, you want to see pathetic celebrating. Watch wengee celebrate another top 4 finish

  14. useroz

    Welbeck is shit most time and when we needed him most.

    Bad bad goal mouth miss.

    Inside the Last min he still tried to dribble and lost the darn ball.

    Like Ramsey like an idiot.

    Well, never quite thought we’d win. No pain. But if the ref manned up….. We had a clear cut pen. Cahil’s hand was up and blocked the ball!

  15. Dissenter

    I guess we have to disagree
    For the umpteenth time, Giroud is average but he’s in upper echelon of Strikers who aren’t world class but good enough.
    The problem is our other strikers are just poor.


    That’s where the problem is.
    I’ll rather have us with one excellent striker with different attributes to Giroud that all the dross we have, unfortunately the dross is mainly English so Giroud gets picked on.

  16. Ozy

    I can’t hate Fabregas. He clearly loves Arsenal, no matter how much of a cunt he has been.

    Anyway. 1 shot at target for Arsenal. We need more attacking options. Sanchez and Giroud can’t carry us for an entire season.

    Walcott is shot. Oxlade is forever injured. Cazorla no longer has goals in him. Ozil assists, doesn’t score. Ramsey tries but it’s not enough. Wilshere can’t score. Welbeck can’t score.

  17. Marko

    People do love pointing out our record against Chelsea but honestly that second half they had absolutely no interest in playing football. Sure we played with some caution but for Chelsea are sometimes disgusting to watch. Somebody should tell them if they were to really go for it more in the big games they’d win a lot more

  18. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Defending is easy.

    wenger was right.

    Does anybody wants to see this kind of football.

    Complete waste of time.

    Both teamz played poorly.

  19. Paulinho

    Same old shit really.

    No third man runs, no decoys, no layers to our play. The sort of things you need to do and have to score against a team like Chelsea.

    Superficial basic garbage.

  20. Wallace


    wouldn’t you expect a little bit more adventure from a side that have spent a billion quid in the last decade? and don’t say it was a one off. they’ve been playing like that since Christmas.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: We need to add a bit more quality this summer and we could be away. Just lacking a bit

    Being able to bring on someone else other than Walcott for Giroud for example.

    I’m guessing Giroud was knackered, but Walcott wasn’t the answer at that point

  22. Keyser

    Bamford10 – Chelsea sat deep and in numbers, there was no space in behind, we matched their midfield, sacrificing a bit of width, had enough possession, but couldn’t pick our way through, contrast this to the Liverpool game where we had 3-4 pieces of clinical play.

    It isn’t about Giroud, any new player would still have to build understandings and rely on other players to be as clinical as needed.

    Pick a striker, any striker, and then say he lifts everyone else to the level required, because that’s what you’re asking for and it’d still leave the rest of the team as inefficient as they have been.

  23. Johnty79

    Ozil giroud sancez

    This is totally wrong forward three.

    I would of played

    Sancez welbeck Walcott

    We would of won this match. Wenger just doesn’t get it.

    Next season sell Walcott and carzorla to raise cash.

    Buy begovic and or kondogbia/scneiderlin. But wenger won’t as he is clueless.

    Next season

    Sanchez welbeck ox
    Kondogbia coqelin
    Montreal mert koz debauchy

    Title challenge end of.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah Monreal had a good game I think. Ozil had a strong first half, faded a bit in the second then came back to life.

    I thought Cazorla was poor today. Don’t know what others thought, thought he was very sloppy in possession gave it away on quite a few occasions in the middle needlessly.

    Pretty standard result really. Don’t know why but I thought we might pull one out today.

  25. Ozy


    “That’s where the problem is.
    I’ll rather have us with one excellent striker with different attributes to Giroud that all the dross we have, unfortunately the dross is mainly English so Giroud gets picked on.”

    This. We need better attacking options.

  26. BacaryisGone

    Well, pretty much what we all expected.

    The one major change is that we have no problem taking a yellow card in order to prevent a Chelsea break. Thank god for that because even though a 0-0 is disappointing, seeing Drogba a late winner would have been far, far worse.

  27. Joe

    Everyone slates Jose for playing boring football.

    What did wenger bring to the table

    Jose was missing his top 2 strikers as well

  28. Cesc Appeal



    I think just having someone in that LM/LW position to be honest, a marquee sort of buy. Someone who can still dribble well at reasonable pace but who has that play maker, ball retention ability that Wenger clearly desires out there.

    I actually thought Ramsey had a good game, but he drifts in the middle, we become so constricted and the middle becomes congested which just plays into teams like Chelsea’s hands.

  29. Keyser

    There’s promise, which is a position we have been in before, with Sanchez having been here a year and Ozil in his second season, we’re not close to 08′ or 11′, but there’s promise.

  30. Paulinho

    Marko – Of course they have you cock.

    Who were the closest challengers? We were and we needed to win.

    You seem to have zero grasp of context.

    Did Chelsea go for it when they beat us 5-0 last season?

  31. Bamford10


    I’m not sure we actually disagree. It’s just that I think a CF who has pace and who can create from the dribble — think, say, Tevez — would give us even more than Giroud does.

    I agree we could use better than Ox and Theo wide, but I think Ox wide with a better CF would be better than a better RW with Giroud as CF.

    Minor difference of opinion, really.

  32. BacaryisGone

    I think Coquelin proved today that we have a beast on the team. Absolutely love the guy and he’s also pretty dominant in the air. Hopefully, it won’t mean that Arsene will try to get by without another DM but whoever we do bring in will find it hard to displace him.

  33. Zeus

    I hope Walcott’s agent blows so much smoke up his arse that he actually believes he is good enough to play elsewhere.

    We need some guy out there with pace, work rate and technique. That guy isn’t Walcott, nor is he Welbeck.

  34. Johnty79

    I repeat wenger will not sign a defensive midfielder which will cost us the title. Next term mark my words.

    Chelsea next year

    Hazard costa William
    Cesc matic oscar
    Azepiletea terry Cahill ivanovic

    Chelsea win the league again. No question.

    That’s all folks!

  35. Paulinho

    Would like to see us go to Stamford Bridge and do what they did if Chelsea needed to win.

    They would put about three past us in half an hour.

  36. Cesc Appeal



    We were far too central for most of the game.

    Chelsea were there to be beaten today, when we turned up the pressure we looked like we might steal one.

    You have to give credit to Chelsea, that is how you defend. Their back four is just so organised.

  37. useroz

    Welbeck is shit most time and when we needed him most.

    Bad bad goal mouth miss.

    Inside the Last min he still tried to dribble and lost the darn ball.

    Btw Chelski celebrated like they won the WC. Terry looked pathetic as always

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, midfield was congested, but with no Chelsea striker, I think we have to match them with numbers when we can. Ramsey’s energy should allow him to cover more players.

    We kept Hazard very quiet considering.

    It’s one of those tricky games, where a draw isn’t a bad result at all for us, (given where ManC and ManU are), whereas a loss could be painful, so going a bit more for the win might have been expensive.

    Hate saying it, but Terry played very well indeed today.

  39. Dissenter

    When you place Giroud on the pedestal expected of a world class striker, he will come up short.
    Neither his transfer fee nor wages are typical of what’s expected of.a world class striker. Why they do you keep making the same, if only…., if only comments?

    He’s a late bloomer who’s worked his way from playing French third division at the age of twenty to becoming a regular at London’s biggest club and for his national team. He’s like oliver Bierhoff.

    I really find your constant reminders grating. We all know he’s not an epitome of world class but he has his strengths and always gives his best on the field.

    Most knowledgeable neutrals I know regard Giroud more than Arśenal fans like you do.

  40. Marko

    That’s the point Paulinho. When they do go for they stand a good chance of winning. Today they played particularly in the second half shite football and then they celebrated after it. Even if they lost today they still winning the league but how you can see celebrating like that after a second half like that is unbelievable. It’s worst than when we celebrated beating Wigan last year in the semi-finals and got criticized by the likes of Carragher for it

  41. Nasri's Mouth

    Having a go at Giroud for today’s performance is laughable.

    Watch the game again, and see how many players he had to deal with.

  42. vicky

    We need pace and power in the middle. Ramsey. Cazorla. Ozil are technically good but none boasts the power and pace needed to beat teams like Chelsea. We could not get behind their defenders. Players like Ramirez and Willian have pace and power, can run throughout 90 mins without any drop in intensity. Schneiderlin is not quite the answer to our problems, I guess.

  43. Wallace

    must be a nightmare for Giroud playing alongside Sanchez when Sanchez plays like he has recently. you can’t be that wasteful against a side like Chelsea.

  44. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Fuckin hate John Terry but dude knows what he is doing. Big letdown, kind of like getting excited about a new release movie and it turns out to be boring. I mean at least Drogba didn’t score. .. i would have had to break something.

  45. Paulinho

    Marko – Yep fair enough about Chelsea’s cynical style, but Terry wasn’t a celebrating a 0-0 draw or a point, he was celebrating the league.

  46. Bankz

    Starting Ramsey on the wing was the 1st signal we weren’t even serious to win as the Chelsea defence were pretty comfortable until the introduction of welbeck.

    You can’t beat them in the air or out muscle them. The only way that we could have scored today was to make use of pace and get behind their defence or push/force them into making mistakes.

  47. Marko

    A league they haven’t won yet. Fair enough but I’d honestly be embarrassed celebrating like that after a second half performance like that. I mean it was a mixture of crab football and I can’t go past the halfway line I’ll get a nosebleed football

  48. Relieable sauce

    Is that 1 (one) shot on target against the chavs in the 2 PL games this season?

    Thats very poor if true, Arsene really is in Morinhos pocket.

    Specialist in failure out!

  49. Danish Gooner

    Walcott what a shit player,welbeck what a shit player,Giroud what a shit player.If ever Wenger want to win that illusive CL he really have to get rid of some of his shit players like Walcott,Giroud,Welbeck,Gibbs,Wilshire,Ox,chezzer etc.What the fuck have happened to Walcott ?????? such a shit player,once he could run really fast,now what is his point ?????

  50. Ozy


    I don’t think we have made any progress.

    This Chelsea side would have battered us in the first half of the season. They are exhausted and out of ideas. Their main striker is out, their creative outlet is shot.

    We had one shot on target. We played well and it bodes well but we are nowhere near them.

  51. Bankz

    Nasri’s mouth

    I’m not sure because we all knew Chelsea were coming for a point or a lucky win. They got their point so it’s logical to think they allowed us do our thing without hurting them.

    If Chelsea needed a win today, I’m almost certain they would gotten the 3 points.

    We needed to win to seal 2nd & banish the Mourinho ghost but we couldn’t due to psychological /starting team factors.

    As much as I appreciate our undefeated streak, I don’t think we did anything outside the ordinary to force issues.
    Chelsea were comfortable in the 90 mins IMHO…….until Welbeck & Walcot came in

  52. Wallace

    seems like Chelsea have been more vulnerable at home this season, when the onus is on them to contribute to the entertainment a little bit. they can do this 8 behind the ball shit until the cows come home.

  53. karim

    Actually I agree with Paulinho they were right to celebrate

    But I also agree with Marko that Terry’s cynical smile leaves a bitter taste.


  54. Nasri's Mouth

    Ozy: This Chelsea side would have battered us in the first half of the season.

    Why would they ? They hardly battered us at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season. They controlled the game very well, but they had something like 3 shots on target when we had Chambers at RB, Flamini in the middle and Gibbs at LB.

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    Bankz: If Chelsea needed a win today, I’m almost certain they would gotten the 3 points.

    Meh, impossible to say that. If they needed a win, they would have left themselves more open at the back, could have gone either way. You’re speculating and nothing more

  56. Swissguns

    Mourinho parking the bus, playing defensively and looking to hit us on the break at ours doesn’t mean he has wenger’s number.
    A Game like this comes to individual moments of brilliance or mistakes.
    When Chelsea truly want to defend there’s no team better at it.

  57. Wallace

    Mourinho –

    “We want to win. We tried to win. But the game was difficult, against a very good team and it was not possible to win. We had a game plan – in the first half we were very dangerous, in spite of Arsenal making lots of fouls to stop counter attacks.

    “Second half we were less dangerous. But the team was very solid. We know we need five points (it’s actually six Jose) to be champions. It is not for us to gamble at the end of the game. Arsenal took off Olivier Giroud near the end and maybe Arsenal are happy to be second and happy with a point.”

    the man’s a c*nt.

  58. Ozy

    NM, they won comfortably 2-0. We’re much better now than we were in the first half of the season but this Chelsea side played for a draw and had key players either out (Costa) or out of form (Fabregas). We did well to neutralize them to an extent – Bellerin played well, as did Coquelin .. but we were never going to win this game. Chelsea made sure of that. Not sure that’s progress.

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    R.S.P.C. Arsenal: Wenger has lost the knack of winning the league…

    The ‘knack’ was that Wenger didn’t have more than 1 team with a bigger budget than him.
    Now he’s up against 3.

    If we clinch 2nd, that’s pretty good really

  60. Gogz

    I am so so disappointed. Mostly because the title is basically a write off now. There’s no catching them. Even an implosion will not help.

    But what I am most disappointed is that this was the biggest chance to beat Chelsea in a long time. No strikers available, and hazard was basically non existent. And we were pretty much at full strength at home. And we still couldn’t do it. Wins against the big teams this year is a start for sure but there’s tons of work to be Champions.

    So depressed.

  61. dennis

    Spunk all the savings and then some on Pogba and Reus…
    Surround Ozil and Sanchez with more Ozil and Sanchez quality players. Ramsey is not that.


    Good times

  62. David Smith

    Chelsea really have become the most boring team. Yes they are winning, and yes wenger has his faults, but if I were a Chelsea fan, watching what they have become, week in, week out, I would adopt a lower league team, take up a new hobby or start an affair just for a bit of excitement.
    Eternal shame on the rest of the top teams, Arsenal included for allowing such football, if that’s what you can call it to prosper this season.
    I long for the time , hopefully very soon wenger calls it a day, but please replace him with a Pep, not a Mourinho, I ve done my time watching negative football at Arsenal.

  63. Swissguns

    Actually think if Chelsea had needed the win we would have had a far better chance of taking the three points.
    Games where it’s sink or swim haven’t exactly been kind to Chelsea this season.

  64. Ozy

    Coquelin and Bellerin’s emergence, Walcott and Chesney’s exclusion from the first eleven, Ozil adapting to the league game by game, Sanchez going into his second season with us..

    Finishing 2nd and winning the FA Cup would be a decent season and signs of progress. If we can build on it, get rid of a few players and reinforce key areas, I’ll be optimistic about next season.

  65. Al

    There’s a lot of positive to find today. Thought the players are playing a lot smarter…..fouling when we have too. ..

    Both fullbacks were excellent today. Coquelin is just proving himself to be elite through every game…he is doing his job.

    It was simply the case of our attack coming up against a great defence and a manager that had no interest in playing football.

    We clearly still need that additional wide player and we need a striker that has the ability to be a match winner on his own when the team play doesn’t work

  66. goona

    Lots of huff and puff, but we just don’t have the class up top to score against well organised teams. We take far to long, far to many touches getting the ball into the oppositions box. We are far to predictable and easy to defend against.

  67. Samir

    Chelsea – boring as usual.

    Pogba, Reus/Dybala and Cech
    Kondogbia, Reus/Dybala and Cech

    Sell Walcott.

    We’re set for next season.

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    Ozy: NM, they won comfortably 2-0

    Today, Chelsea had 1 player missing, in the first game, we were missing 5. We’re learning, we’re playing better against them.

    Look, Mourinho is a borderline psychotic but he’s also a very good manager.

    Wenger is also a very good manager, and if we can add the right players to our squad (and I don’t think we need that many) AND more importantly get the fitness issues sorted out and we’re very close.

    after 7 games, we were 9 points behind, since then we’ve only dropped 1 more point, just need to sort out certain issues

  69. Keyser

    Lol cutting the crap..

    Sky have been desperate to inject any enthusiasm they can into the run-in, Chelsea had the best team/squad they won the league, some bookies were paying out in November.

    Objectively you’d have to say they should’ve done better last year, and they should be quite worried about what happened against PSG, much like Citeh and United, these questions will be brushed away and you’ll have these hollow celebrations at the end of the season.

    Fuck has this been a waste.

  70. Bamford10


    I’m going to try to be nice, but I say many, many different things on here. My criticism of Giroud is just one of those things. He is a limited player and he ultimately limits what we can do in attack. This is a basic truth.

    I couldn’t care less if you don’t like me pointing it out. I only point it out every few weeks anyways.

    Is there someone in our XI you think inadequate? If so, would you stop pointing this out?

    Thanks for your input, though.

  71. Ozy

    Alright NM, I agree with you on that. But like I said, Chelsea played for the tie and accomplished it easily. They kept us quiet. A tie at home against an exhausted team that’s crawling to the title? One shot on target?


  72. Keyser

    Ozy – Shouldn’t you be wondering why the best team/squad in the league is exhausted and crawling their way to the a title, they are 10 points clear though.

  73. Paulinho

    “Peoples fears about Mertesacker were unfounded”

    You always hear the same thing before every game with him, a couple of weeks ago it was Sturridge/Sterling, and before that it was someone else.

    It’s true that if isolated he can be vulnerable but there’s too much focus on the negative traits and not enough on what he does well.

    He stops alot of these attacks(designed to isolate him) before they even can get off the ground, so to speak, with his reading of the game and being strong in the challenge.

  74. Cesc Appeal


    That’s the key. Making the right additions, I agree Coquelin and Bellerin look like they could be really important for us going forward. But we need to add, get rid of some of the dross, try to get as much value as we can out of players like Walcott and Schez and then add a few quality players to the side.

    We’re close, but that has been our motto for the last decade. Need to see it through now, no excuse not to, all comes down to Wenger.

  75. Jim Lahey

    Players who we can let go in the summer.

    Wojciech Szczęsny, Jack Wilshere (sorry guys!), Theo Walcott, Mathieu Flamini, Abou Diaby, Lukas Podolski, Yaya Sanogo, Carl Jenkinson, Joel Campbell, Ryo Miyaichi.

    I guess you could get 60-65m for all those guys,

    add another 25m out from underneath the mattress, thats 85-90m to bring in 3-4 big players.

  76. Dissenter

    No one is asking you to participate in a popularity contest.
    When you say Giroux is limited on a game like this, it just makes one wonder if you were watching the same game as everyone else.
    It was Alexis who had a poor game today, his link-up and final pass were off today.
    Giroud was playing against Terry and Cahill as well as Ivanovic, probably the best axis defensive axis in the world. He was crowded out by a food defence.
    Did you factor that in your perseverative criticisms?

  77. Paulinho

    Wenger is the biggest ‘wastage’ around. Repeating the same old stuff every season, making excuses why his team continually bottle it in the final third.

  78. Dissenter

    Is there anyone who still Bellerin needs Dubuchy to hold his hands.

    This kid is ready. He’s the first choice for me.

  79. Al

    As much as I rate schneiderlain I think we should be looking at better.

    The obvious one to me is kondogbia…gives us that complete dominating physical presence that schneiderlain wouldn’t necessarily bring

  80. Keyser

    Ozy – Because it’s just a bit of a contradiction, they’re 10 points clear, so what are you saying ‘They’re crawling..’ But have been dominant..

    They don’t have a small squad, they have 30 players on loan, Mourinho’s chosen to do what he has, it should also show you how far away we are.

    So yes it’s hard to gauge progress but it’s a bit more complicated than you’ve stated.

  81. Ozy

    Keyser, and out of those 30 on loan, who is good enough for a starting position? The 30 on loan indicates how small Mourinho’s kept the squad. It’s no secret Chelsea has a small squad. A lot of talented players and brilliant prospects but there’s a reason Mourinho’s kept the starting eleven relatively unchanged for the majority of the season.

    They’re crawling to the title because they’ve been beasted all season. They’re 10 points clear because they started brilliantly and were almost unstoppable. Now they’re scraping by wins and playing for draws. So with that said, to say we’ve made progress having tied against a team, with one shot on target, who is running out of steam while we’re in our best form is something I don’t necessarily agree with.

  82. tunnygriffboy

    Hazard £30 million. Willian £ 30 million. Oscar £ 30 million. £ Fabregas £30 million. Hell of a lot of talent. We’ll play 6 at the back and give you the ball and see if you can produce a bit of magic. Michael Clarke the Aussie cricket captain reknowned as on of the best in the world for hiss attacking instincts has said ” in order to win a game you sometimes have to be prepared to lose “. At least we worked hard to get the win.

    Chelsea defended really well as usual. Mourinho said in all the years he’s seen Teryy play that was his best performance. Lots of good performances but well done Bellerin keepinf Hazard quiet. Ramsey was inventive but we could do with a wide playmaker with more pace. He needs to be in the middle. Missed the Ox.

    Can’t fault the effort. Breaking that Chelsea block down is difficult. Point not the worst. Interesting to hear Mourinho mentioning our tactical fouling in the end after Ivanovic kicked Sanchez all game. It’s something we’ve not really done in the past. It happened last 10 minutes when we were trying to win the game.

  83. Ughelligunner

    Paulinho, will winning chelsea have any effect to the league winner? No?

    We played conservatively and drew what are you guys expecting. This is chelsea.

    If they had attacked we would have nickel a goal don’t you think?

    Them needing to win would make us change our attack. Maybe starting welbeck or walcot to catch them on the break. But knowing they would defend, we needed ball players to keep the ball tickling while they had runners everywhere.

  84. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: Agreed. Who/what do we need to add?

    I doubt we can get an upgrade on Giroud, so he’s probably our first choice CF.

    There are definitely options when it comes to replacing Walcott if he goes though, OR getting Welbeck to be more efficient (which is something we shouldn’t be ignoring)

    Then someone to challenge Coquelin for that central DM role and if Wenger thinks Szczesny is gone, a new keeper.

  85. Bamford10


    Did I say Sanchez had a good game? No. He was poor, and I pointed this out throughout the game.

    This doesn’t change the fact that Giroud was ineffectual and was ineffectual in part because of his own limitations. A player with the pace to get in behind Chelsea’s back four and with ability to beat players off the dribble would’ve caused then far more trouble.

    BTW, I think Paulinho said above that Henry said Giroud isn’t good enough after the game, so I’m in good company.

  86. Paulinho

    Bamford – Henry was going for it. Said we needed a goalkeeper, central defender, holding midfielder, and another striker if we’re actually serious about winning the league.

    It must be the criticism he’s gotten recently for being a platitude machine but it was refreshing to see. He’s spot on as well, although I like Ospina.

  87. Rustygunner

    The celebration of the Chelsea players shows that they came expecting some beating because Mourinho knows the AFC has all it takes to make a winning team. Our recent format is there for all to see. More over the Manchester United loss earlier should have meant that we play with less fear of our own possible loss to Chelsea. Therefore we should have been more aggressive and creative. We were the more aggressive but Chelsea managed to deal with our attacks, hence their clear jubilation. A distant 2nd place is becoming more realistic for us,but it’s a clear improvement.

    We need to be ruthless next season. Please.

  88. Ughelligunner

    Paulinho did you listen to mourinho’s comment? He said they wanted to win, but we both know they came for a draw.

    Every big game chelsea plays the same way, with hardworkers and try to nick a goal.

    We played with a hardworker in ramsey today and people still moan because we didn’t win?

    When mourinho does this every game. You choose to blame wenger.

    If i was a coach of a big side, i will just do what mourinho does, give back possession and play for a counter anytime i play his side, because at the end of it all its three point that matters to people. And we would see what boring means.

    People saying we should have gone for it would see be the first to moan when we are scored on a counter.

    I think the best solution for these group of person is for them to follow any team mourinho coaches since they what goals.

  89. Paulinho

    Lol, how much overpaid garbage did we have out on loan a few years ago before Wenger’s vanity project was reined into stop us wasting millions.

    Chelsea have nearly sold everyone that was bought for decent money and loaned out.

  90. Paulinho

    “When mourinho does this every game. You choose to blame wenger.”

    Agree. It’s like when they beat us 6-0 last season, if they had really went for it, and Mourinho wasn’t so negative, they could have beaten us 15-2 or something.

    Anything he celebrates this season will have a hollow feel to it with that in mind.

  91. Keyser

    Ozy – Mate, Felipe Luis has barely played, he was first choice for Atletico last year.

    What reason is there for Mourinho playing the same players repeatedly when he’s had a ridiculous amount of options. ?

    We didn’t have Chelsea team/squad/options at the start of the year let alone now, you’re not making a very good argument.

  92. Goondawg

    Gotta say Alexis was a bit wasteful second half, kept giving ball away. Much worse than Giroud who had 4 defenders on him challenging him, yet people are calling him out.

    Why does it seem we start crossing the ball after Giroud gets subbed?? Baffling one, even mourinho commented maybe Arsene was happy with second and one point.

    Yes Welbeck should have sorted his feet out, but God Ozil should have put that away first time

    Also personally wouldn’t have applauded Fabregas. Fuck no. Even if he hadn’t dived in the first half

  93. Ughelligunner

    I remember a very good Barcelona side always find it hard to break a mourinho side. And he nicks a goal and people are happy it is tactical.

    The only sides that beat a mourinho side easily are underdogs who mourinho come out to play against and they are caught on a counter or defensively.

    But in the big games, only one person comes to play and the other looks for a chance to poke the ball in and retrieve and you call that football?

    Somebody comes against you with two buses packed and a ferarri up top to speed up a chance and people praise this?

    It is like fighting your equal from behind a wall and when you succeed in hitting him you are declared a winner.

  94. Ozy

    “What reason is there for Mourinho playing the same players repeatedly when he’s had a ridiculous amount of options. ?”

    The argument I’m trying to convey is that a tie at home against an exhausted Chelsea side does not exactly indicate progress.

    When it comes to their squad options, you bring up Felipe Luis. Every time Luis has played, he’s been completely out of depth. He has not adapted well. Chelsea have options, like I said. They have incredibly talented players and brilliant prospects and they have chosen to let go excellent players such as Schurrle, but Mourinho has rotated very little because he does not trust the players outside of his first eleven. So his players have been beasted. They played well today. They were a unit – but they’ve been scraping by wins. A tie today against that side is not cause for celebration.

    This was probably the best chance in a while for us to beat a Mourinho’s Chelsea side but we just did not have enough in our artillery to do so. That does not belittle certain players’ performances today, however. Our 20-year old right back keeping the inevitable Player of the Year quiet comes to mind.

  95. tunnygriffboy

    Guys. Just what space were quicker CF going to be able to run into today ?. When we got wide Terry was immaculate in dealing with them. Thought our final ball wasn’t quite good enough today but at least we were a bit more pragmatic in ensuring we didn’t lose

  96. Ughelligunner

    Paulinho, Jesus do you have a shot memory? We were hit on a counter for the first 2 goals and arteta could’nt keep up Oscar. Third was a penalty.

    And from then we played with a man down. What do you expect.

    A man down losing 3 nil and then you have nothing to lose, what is the expected result.

    How many teams did chelsea beat 6 nil last year even the poor teams? We just gave the ball away and were countered.

    Just like the goal Costa scored in the first leg, it was an over ball which only kos was not able to deal with, is it that counter enough?

  97. vicky

    This season is almost over for us. Will finish at least top 3, so no CL qualifications to deal with. FA Cup is ours to lose now. I hope and pray AW does not lose the sight of what he needs to do to compete for the title next season if we finish strongly. We all know he is prone to getting blinded by a good little run of form.

  98. london gunner

    My biggest problem is the British core.


    All not good enough and two boot 4 of these players are increidbly injury prone

    Oxlade is still a question mark for me and is injury prone.

    Its testament to the fact English players are simply not as good as the european competitors.